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Architectural Design_Drawings Flowchart

( Typical Residential Apartment Projects)

below 10 storeyed, without basement and below 10 katha land area

* All time mentioned here concidering one deicated Architect & one
AutoCAD operator for this Project

Design Query_From Management/client 1

Project Program/Initial meetings with client/Management
Final Digital survey of Site (Must) ( by concerned professionls)
Basic FAR Area calculation 1
Site analysis as per RAJUK / Authority rules 1
Design and concept development/ study sketches 3
Preliminary Schematic Floor Plans 5
Meeting 2 1
Preliminary conceptual 3d sketch/ 3d massing 5
Basic Floor Plans with area 3
Meeting 3 1
Final 3D ( basic 3d mesh for visualizer for final finished 3d render
Final Architectural Drawings 4

Getting approval for 3D and Floor Plans ( correction might needed )
Final Detail FAR, Area calculation for RAUK sheetas per client
Approved Plans

Final Architectural Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections 8

Location Map drawing, 250 m radius Drawing, 1
RAJUK sheet preparations and all drawings with dimension as per
RAJUK sheet
RAJUK sheet dummy print and check 1
Final Print and Ammonia and signature and check 1
After getting RAJUK Approval
Send RAJUK approved drawings to Structural, Electrical, Plumbing
and other consultant/Inhouse department
communicating with Structural, Electrical, Plumbing & other
Engineers in reference to their ongoing drawings on the particular
project. Giving feedback and modifications with respect to
Architectural drawings
Getting Final Structural Drawings *
Getting Final Electrical Drawings *
Getting Final Plumbing Drawings *

Preparing Final Architectural working drawings with ref. to received

Signed Structural, Plumbing and Electrical Drawings.
1. Basic Furniture Plan_All Floor Plans 1
2. Slab Layout Plan_All Floor Plans 3
3. Working Plan_All Floor Plans 6
4. All Elevations Presentation Drawings 2
5. All Elevations working Drawings 6
6. All Sections Presentation Drawings 3
7. All Sections working Drawings 7
Typical Kitchen Detail drawings with wall and floor tiles layout
All Toilet Detail drawings with wall and floor tiles layout 6

All Floor Tiles design & Layout drawings in reference to approved 4

design & Tiles in production9 sourcing dept. involves)
8. Diffrent Detail Drawings 6
9. Window & Door Schedule 2
10. Floor and Finish material Drawings 3
11. Stair Rail, Hand Rail, Verandah Grill and Window Grill design &
12. Roof Area sitting, plantation finish material design & Detail
13. Ground Floor Lift Lobby, Reception, Entry Design & Detail,
14. Main Entry Gate Design and Detail Drawings ( in reference to as
built drawings
15. Boundary wall Design & Detail drawings 4
16. Stair, Lift Lobby common area Design & Detail Drawings 4
16. Community hall area design and detail drawings 5
17. As built Drawings for RAJUK ( after construction being done)

* Following subject adds extra work hour for final completion
1.Any Duplex unit on a typical apartment project
2.Variation in different floor plans on different levels on a single project
3.Full fair-face RCC structure
4.Swimmingpool and any other specialized item
5.Mixed use Project ( Commercial and residential mixed)
6.Multilevel parking layout