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5/31/2017 MMUP Engineer Registration (UPDA)

+470 +1095

1. Engineering Degree certificate shall be attested from relevant authorities of home country and finally to be attested by Ministry of Foreign affairs
- Qatar.

2. Previous experience certificate (Outside Qatar) shall be attested from relevant authorities of respective countries and finally to be attested by
ministry of foreign affairs-Qatar.

3. Previous experience from Qatar (if you were worked in Qatar for more than one company) shall be attested from Chamber of commerce - Qatar
and finally to be attested by ministry of foreign affairs - Qatar.

4. Present experience certificate-Attestation not required. This is to be obtained from your present employer after all above documents are OK.
(Experience date shall be from date of joining to till date)

5. Any training certificate. Verify with UPDA for attestation requirements.

6. Qatar police clearance certificate (Attestation not required)

7. Recently they are asking transcript (mark sheet) also. Pis check with UPDA office.

Note: Pis ensure that in all experience certificate have company rubber stamp impression

E. To obtain Qatar Police/CID clearance

Three documents required to obtain Qatar PCC.

1. Police clearance from home country.

First obtain police clearance from home country ( Indian nationalities can be obtained through Indian embassy/ICC qatar (evening time) and other
nationalities check with their respective embassies for the procedure).

Home country police clearance certificate shall be attested by Ministry of foreign affairs-Qatar.

2. Request letter to Qatar CID/Police.

Then login to website using above hukoomi account. In baladiya website click Arabic or English language option

You can find Engineer registration option.

There you will find an option to generate a letter request to CID to obtain Qatar police clearance (which means for what purpose you need Qatar
PCC). Print that generated letter. The generated letter will be in arabic.

3. Application form for Qatar PCC.

Then go to Qatar CID police office at salwa road.

There is an application form available for applying PCC. In that application both English and Arabic option is there. Just check with them which
language to be used for filling the data's. Fill that application and submit along with your generated request letter, attested Home country PCC and
your photo.

They will inform you to come after seven days to issue Qatar PCC.

Note-1: If you had taken Qatar PCC earlier for other purpose but the date is expired then you may obtain new Qatar PCC using the old one at Qatar
CID office-Salwa road. Just check with them before submission.

Note-2 : Take your Qatar ID original and photo copy, Passport copy and Photograph.

F. Document Formats (soft copy) for uploading

Make the documents in following formats after completes the above procedure mentioned.

1. Engineering degree (PDF-But front side and attested pages should be in single file. Which means in PDF file first page should be your degree and
second page should be attested page)

2. Work experience certificate and training certificate (PDF- same as above)

3. Qatar PCC (PDF)

4. Qatar ID (JPEG - Front and back in single file)

5. Photo (JPEG)
5/31/2017 MMUP Engineer Registration (UPDA)

6. Passport\PDF-lncluding stamped page (if applicable) in single file)

+470 +381 +1095

7. Curriculum Vita ( PDF All pages in one single file)

Note : Give name to each file like Engineering Degree, Experience 1, Experience 2 etc. Don't put serial number at front.

G. Document Uploading Procedure

1. Again login to website using above hukoomi User ID and password. Click English or Arabic language. Then select Engineers
& Engineering committee option.

2. Click 'New engineer registration' option. Then an uploading page will open which will automatically guide you for stage by stage uploading. At
each stage you have to upload the relevant documents.

3. First you have to feed your personal data's.

4. Second Educational qualifications then experience etc.

5. Finally it will ask any other documents. In that you have to upload balance documents like curriculum vitae, passport copy etc.

6. After click the final confirmation it will generate three pages with all data's you feed with registration number. Print these three pages and keep it
with you.

7. Affix your photo in the generated page and sign in relevant locations.

8. After two or three days you will receive a SMS (with date to submit the documents) from baladiya to submit all original documents.

9. Go to baladiya office ground floor (Opposite of city center) on the date mentioned and take your queue token from Engineer registration option in
the token machine and wait for your turn.

10. Then submit your all original documents including documents generated after uploading in a folder type file and ask what next. They will tell you
any moment you will receive a SMS for exam date if everything is OK.

11. Mostly you will receive SMS within a week but generally they will send SMS day before exam.

H. MMUP Exam

1. The exam will be conducted in same Baladiya office at 9th floor.

2. Enter the baladiya office 30 min before exam time and be calm and cool.

3. You have to switch off your mobiles and keep it in outside table with other things before entering exam hall.

4. The exam pattern is objective questions (25 questions) and the duration is one hour. Minimum mark requirements for passing the exam are not

5. You have to study your engineering discipline subjects and project management etc.

6. After finish the exam come outside exam hall and wait in the rest area. After few minutes they will call one by one for results.

7. If you pass or fail the exam immediately they will return your all original documents submitted.

8. If you pass the exam they will tell you to wait for few minutes to issue the certificate and UPDA ID card.

9. Bring your ATM/Credit card for payment. (Fees QR 300).

10. After making payment they will issue the UPDA certificate, UPDA ID card.

Note: This is general guide lines only. Each individual to be verified properly for the procedure before proceeding.