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SIBM Hyderabad

Academic Year 2015-16

Course Handout
Course Name: Human resources Management P2

Course Code: T2280 Semester: I

No. of Credits: 3 No. of Hours:45

Faculty Name: Ridhi Rani

Consultation Hours: 45

Mobile No: 8969346278 Email:

Course Objective:

1 Define the basic concepts, functions, scope & techniques used in HRM.

2. Apply & demonstrate the skills of HR manager towards employees.

3. Interpret various HR policies and conceptualize a new HR model.

4. Evaluate the various HR functions and recommend the necessary changes.

5. Compare and contrast the Downsizing & corporate restructuring Strategies.

Learning Outcomes: One should be able to know:

1. The meaning of HRM, its essence and significance.

2. Basic concepts of HRM, its functions, scope and its technique.
3. Various challenges HR Managers face in the dynamic environment.
4. Analyze contemporary issues and come up with relevant solutions
5. The position of HRM today.

Recommended Text Book: Human resources Management, Dessler, Gary, Biju Varkkey, Pearson Education, India, Twelfth Edition

Suggested Reference books:

1. Human Resource Management, Aswathappa, K, Tata McGraw Hill

2. Human resources Management, Ivancevich ,J.M ,Mc Graw-Hill

3. Human Resource Management, Uday Kumar Haldar, Juthika Sarkar, Oxford publication.

4. Essentials of Human resource Management and Industrial Relations ,(Text and Cases) P Subba Rao ,Himalaya Publishing

5. Essentials of Human resources Management ,Mutsuddi Indranil ,New age International publishers ,New Delhi

6. Armstongs Handbook of Human Resources Management Practice,Armstong Michael 12 th Edition

Additional Learning Resources:

1. Newspapers, articles and websites (case lets and internet exercises)

2. Journals:
Harvard Business Review
Journal of Human values
Indian journal of Training & development
3. Magazines:
Human Capital
Economic and political Weekly

Course Outline

Sl No. Sessi Topic / Area Covered Case Case details Chapter Reading
Unit 1 1 1. Introduction & Importance of 1 Internet Exercises 1. Use internet sources (specially surfing 1.Human resources
HRM job portals and newspapers like times Management, Dessler,
Ascent)to prepare a presentation on Gary, Biju Varkkey,
2. Evolution of HRM various job openings /career options Pearson Education, India,
available as HR professionals in Twelfth Edition
reputed organization. List the desired
3. Scope of HRM qualities and experience level required
by them

4. Difference between Personnel

Management & HRM
2 A. Role of HR Manager HBR Case study The GE talent machine :The making of a Essentials of Human
Duties ,responsibilities CEO resource Management and
Industrial Relations ,(Text
B. Challenges of HR managers Case id : 304049-PDF-ENG.pdf and Cases) P Subba
Rao ,Himalaya Publishing
C. Evaluating various HR functions
3 Prepare a HR model for a Armstongs Handbook of
Models of HR software/manufacturing/service/technology/s Human Resources
mall and medium enterprise. Management
A Harvard Model, Practice,Armstong
B. Fombrun Model, Michael 12th Edition
C. Warwick Model,
D. Five P Model,

Unit 2 4 Manpower Planning Case study Manpower plan for trading Assistants
Manpower plan Magnum Financial Services Ltd.(a financial Human Resource
Objectives of Manpower Planning services company )page no 128-129 Management,
Estimating Manpower requirements Aswathappa, K, Tata
Recruitment and Selection McGraw Hill

5 A. Succession Planning in practice HBR Case study Colgate Palmolive :Managing International
careers Human resources
B Career Planning Management, Dessler,
What is a career? Gary, Biju Varkkey,
Need for career planning 394184-PDF-ENG.pdf Colgate Palmolive Pearson Education, India,
Career anchors Twelfth Edition
Relation between career planning &
HRP Human resource
Steps in career planning Management,(Text and
Career development Cases)P Subba Rao
Himalaya Publishing
6 Strategies for Downsizing & Case study Down size or Up size :Compliance to strategy Human resource
Restructuring or Adjust the strategy Page no 413 Management,(Text and
Cases)P Subba Rao
Himalaya Publishing
Unit 3 7 Job Analysis, Job Evaluation & Job 1.Experiential 1.Maintaining student records by your Human Resource
Design Exercise institute s administration is a burdensome Management, Uday
task ?Prepare a strategy how this task can be Kumar Haldar, Juthika
Job Analysis its meaning made simple and less complex Sarkar, Oxford 5.

Job description 2.Job Analysis Human Resource

Job specification Information sheet Management,
Aswathappa, K, Tata
McGraw Hill
Job Evaluation- Meaning, Methods Case study Work redesign in an insurance company
.Page no -111-112 Human resources
Job Design- and its importance Management, Dessler,
Results of poorly designed jobs Telecommuting : Empty Cubical vs. Beyond Gary, Biju Varkkey,
Job design Page 412 Pearson Education, India,
Job Enlargement, Job Enrichment, Job Twelfth Edition
8 Internal Test 1 /quiz
Unit 4 9 Recruitment & selection HBR case study Recruitment of a star Human resource
Define recruitment policy Management,(Text and
Factors influencing the recruitment 407036-PDF-ENG.pdf Recruitment of a Cases)P Subba Rao
policy star.pdf Himalaya Publishing
Sources of Recruitment
10 Selection ,process of selection Experiential Suppose you are representing Johnson and Essentials of Human
Selection tests Learning Johnson for campus recruitment. Deliver a resource Management and
presentation to your class assuming yourself Industrial Relations ,(Text
Outcomes of selection Process to be the senior marketing manager of the and Cases) P Subba Rao
company ,Himalaya Publishing
Methods of selection
Unit 5 11- Induction 1.Role play 1. Imagine yourself to be the manager of HRM, Indranil Mutsuddi,
12 Planet M .Recently five Customer New Age publishers,New
Introduction to Induction support staff has been recruited. Conduct Delhi
2.HBR case study an induction program me.
Requisites of an effective Induction
Programme 2. Prepare notes on induction programs
organized by various organizations after
Importance of Induction going through the net and make
Does good induction lead to employee presentation

Steps in Induction 3. S G COWEN : New recruits

402028-PDF-ENG.pdf SG Cowen
Problems and issues in Induction New Recruits.pdf
Unit 6 13 Talent Management & Employee Case study Indian Oil Reinventing the future ..This case 1.The talent management
Engagement Employee reveals how people practices are aligned to Handbook ,2nd
Engagement meet employee needs.(Page 188-193 Edition,Mc Graw Hill
Need of talent management Employee Engagement Trend and cases
Competency framework for talent .Edited by K Sangeetha ,Mukunnan Chitra
Management The ICFAI university Press 2 HRM, Indranil
What are competencies? Mutsuddi, New Age
Benefits of competency based HR publishers,New Delhi

14 Acquiring, Nurturing, Retaining, HBR Case study GE talent machine The making of a CEO Human resources
Developing & Multiplying Talent Case details 304049-PDF-ENG.pdf Management, Dessler,
Gary, Biju Varkkey,
Types of employee engagement Pearson Education, India,
Twelfth Edition
Unit 7 15 Training & Development Case study Training employees of IBM through E Human resources
Learning Management, Dessler,
Objective of Training Gary, Biju Varkkey,
Pearson Education, India,
Training Need Analysis Twelfth Edition

16 Methods of Training Human Resource

Training Evaluation Management,
Aswathappa, K, Tata
McGraw Hill
Unit 8 17- Compensation Management Case study Low salary for nationals and High Salary for Human resources
18 Expatriates for the same job=Halting the Management, Dessler,
Definition and importance wings of the flights page no 412 , Human Gary, Biju Varkkey,
How to decide on the compensation resource Management,(Text and Cases)P Pearson Education, India,
for a profile Subba Rao Himalaya Publishing House Twelfth Edition
Various components in compensation
Executive Compensation HRM, Indranil Mutsuddi,
New Age Publishers,New
Unit 9 19 Performance Management& Case study for 1.Appraising the secretaries at Sweetwater Human resources
Potential Appraisal Performance page no 349 Management, Dessler,
Definition and importance Appraisal 2.Carter Cleaning Company Gary, Biju Varkkey,
Methods of Performance Appraisal Page no 350 Pearson Education, India,
Barriers to effective performance Twelfth Edition
Various bias factors affecting
performance appraisal
Unit 10 20- Employee relations Case study Bhel ,Bangalore Personnel & IR takeover Essentials of Human
21 Defining the concept of employee issues resource Management and
relations Industrial Relations ,(Text
Importance of maintaining IR and Labour Laws. Arun MonappaRanjeet and Cases) P Subba Rao
harmonious relations Nambudri,Patturaja ,Himalaya Publishing
Roles of Various Key persons involved
22 Introduction to conflict management Case study Collective bargaining vs Individual Human resource
Importance of Collective Bargaining bargaining Management,(Text and
Different types of CB Cases)P Subba Rao
Himalaya Publishing
Unit 11 23 Contemporary issues in HRM Case study - Total Chinas Lenovo Takes over IBM Pcs Page no HRM, Indranil Mutsuddi,
quality HR -73 New Age publishers, New
Quality Circle Practices Delhi

25 HBR Case study The Dabba wala system: On-time Delivery Essentials of Human
Total Quality Management (TQM) Every time resource Management and
Industrial Relations ,(Text
Importance of Six Sigma and its role and Cases) P Subba Rao
in HR ,Himalaya Publishing

26 Internal Test 2

27- Presentation /Role Play

29- Work-Life Balance Essentials of Human
30 resource Management and
Spirituality at Workplace Industrial Relations ,(Text
and Cases) P Subba Rao
,Himalaya Publishing
Expectations from Students

To report to classes on time.

Be prepared for the sessions beforehand as per the course plan.
Go through the reading material handed over by the faculty.
Ask relevant questions.
Also participate in class activities, role plays and group exercises.
Be fair while giving exams and making presentations.

Evaluation Timelines

Keeping in line with continuous evaluation at SIBM, the following schedules have been drawn. Students are expected to go through the dates /
sessions mentioned and prepare accordingly.

Component Component Expected slot / due Marks declaration Weightage

Name Number date by
Case study 1 2nd week of July 2nd week of July 30
2016 2016
Internal 2 4th 4th 30
Exam/Quiz Week of July 2016 Week of July 2016
Class 3 1st week of August 1st week of August 30
Presentation/Rol 2016 2016
e play
Internal Total 90
End exam At the end of the semester 60
Total 150
Brief profile of the Faculty Member

Prof .Ridhi Rani is an Assistant Professor at SIBM Hyderabad, a constituent of Symbiosis International University in the Faculty of
Management. She has more than 10 years of experience in both academics and corporates. She has worked for Standard Chartered
Bank in her initial career. After this she moved to the world of Academia. She successfully qualified for UGC NET in the field of
Management and pursuing Ph.D. from BRAB University, Muzzafarpur in Bihar which is currently in the submission stage. She has
completed her MBA from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Luck now and Masters in Political Science from Faculty of Arts, Delhi
University. She did her B.A.(Honors) in Political Science from Daulat Ram College, North Campus, Delhi University. Her areas of
specialization are Human resources management, Marketing Management and Soft Skills.

She has presented research papers in various national and international conferences which have been published as conference
proceedings, renowned journals and in book form.