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62 FUN Scout Cheers on One Page!

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Almost: With hands far apart, bring them rapidly Good Turn: Stand, clap as you turn in one full circle.
together but miss just before meeting each other. Homerun cheer: "BackBackBackHOMERUN!
Archery: Shoot arrow and shout "BULLS EYE." Ice cube cheer: COOOOOOOOOL!
Avon Lady Cheer: Dinnnnng! Donnnng! Jet flying: ZOOOOOM
Baseball Cheer: Back, Back, Back, Its out of here! Jet flying backwards: MOOOOOZ!
Homerun! Ketchup Bottle Cheer: Hold bottle in one hand and
Bee Cheer: Bzzzzzzzz, Bzzzzzzz, OUCH! slap with other hand to get ketchup out.
Beehive Cheer: Buzz gets louder or softer when Magicians Cheer: Taaa Daaa!
leader's hand is high or low. Mosquito Cheer: Slap face, neck, shoulders, etc.
Bear Cheer: "Grrrrrr!" One hand cheer: Leader: What is the sound of one
Big Hand: Leader says, "let's give them a big hand" hand clapping? Everyone claps one hand.
everybody holds up one hand, palm out. Photographers cheer: Pretend to take their picture.
Blastoff: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 BLASTOFF! Everyone smile. Say Cheeese!
Canned Cheer: Leader opens and closes imaginary Pig Cheer: Suueeee, Pig! Pig! Pig!
can, to start and stop cheering. Politicians Cheer: Pat yourself on the back.
Canned Laughter: Leader opens and closes Popcorn Cheer: Pop! . . . Pop! . . Pop! Pop! Pop!
imaginary can, to start and stop laughter. Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!
Cat cheer: MeeeeOOOOW!!! Relay Clap: First person claps second persons hand
Clam: Fold hands together, interlocking fingers. and then relay it on through all of the Cubs.
Make noise by pressing palms together. Roller Coaster Cheer: Hold onto bar, tip back, say
Class A: Clap in this rhythm: 1-2-3-4, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2-3- Click,click, click, click, click, WHEEEEEE!
4, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2-3-4...(pause)..One big clap. Round of Applause: While clapping hands, move
Cow Cheer: MOOOOO!!! them around in a circle in front of you.
Cowboy Cheer: Twirl lasso. Yell: Yeeee Haaaw!!! Seal of Approval: Put your arms straight out
Coyote Cheer: "YIP, YIP, YIPEEEE!!!!!"!!! together. Clap flippers and say "Ort, Ort, Ort"
Doctors Cheer: Open up, tongs out, everyone say Silent Yell: Everyone stands and open their mouths
Aaaaaah! and screams without making any sound.
Dog Cheer: Woof, woof, woof! Six Shooter Cheer: Point imaginary gun in air and
Drum Roll: Pat knees soft then loud, then one last say "BANG!" six times.
pat. Supersonic Cheer: Wave arms; pretend to cheer. Sit
Duck Call: Make a duck call by making a circle with down wait a moment, then make sounds.
thumb & index finger. Blow like a trumpet. Surgeon's Cheer: Right Side of room: "Scalpel!" Left
Easy Duck Call: Make a duck call as above but Side: "Sponge!" Back: "Oops!" Go faster & faster.
instead yell, Here duck! Here duck! Theater Cheer: Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
Dynamite: Light fuse, "Sssssssssssssss, BOOM!" Thunderstorm Cheer: Pat knees soft them loud, then
Eskimo: Hold your shoulders, shiver, say Brrrr. yell Booom
Ferris Wheel: Like Round of Applause but also say Tiger call: Quietly: "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty." "Here,
"Ooooh" on the way up, "Aaaah" on the way down. kitty, kitty, kitty."
Fireworks Cheer: Look up at the ceiling and say Tony the Tiger cheer: "They're Greeeeeat!"
OOOOOH! AHHHHH! Water Sprinkler: Move outstretched arm in a circle:
Food Cheer: Yuuuummm! Choo, Choo, Choo, etc. Swing back Whee!
Football: Signal a touchdown and yell Touchdown! Watermelon: Hold a big slice in both hands, suck up
Fred Flintstone Cheer: "Yabba-dabba-doo". from one end to the other, spit out the seeds.
Frog Cheer: Crouch down. Jump Up."Ribbit! Ribbit!" Wave: As done at sports, stand, raise hand and cheer
then sit as a wave around the room.
Ghost, fast: "Boo!
Wave of applause: Lie Wave but clap on your turn.
Ghost, scary: Stand, hands up: "Whooooooooo.
Wolf Cheer: Wolf howl: Wooooooooooooooooooo!

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