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National Hispanic Heritage Month WebQuest

Miss K. Thomas
Union High School
Spanish 1

Students will search the web for information about a Spanish-speaking country. Information
obtained will include a history of the country, a brief biography of a famous person from that
country, and food and culture. Information will be presented in a portfolio as well as various
visual products.

 1 Large Brown Envelope (should be handed in to Miss Thomas on or before Monday,
September 24, 2007)
 Construction paper
 Computer Paper
 Markers, crayons, or colored pencils
 1 poster board
 Page protectors
 1” Binder
 4 X 6 index cards


 All information will be presented in a portfolio in 1” 3 ring binder.

 Title pages for each section should be placed in a page protector.
 All sections should be accompanied by photos or drawings.
 A reference section must be included using MLA format (use or ).
 Written work should be free of grammar and spelling errors.
 Suspected plagiarism will be investigated and offenders will be given an automatic zero
as well as an office referral for cheating.
 Include a title page as well as a table of contents page.
 Place evaluation form at the end of the portfolio.
 The portfolio will be counted 3 test grades!
Section 1: Hispanics/Latinos
 What does it mean to be Hispanic or Latino?
 How many Spanish-speaking countries are there? What are they?
 How many people in the US speak Spanish?
 Which state has the highest Spanish-speaking population?
 Which country of origin has the largest number of residents in the US?
 What is the percentage of population of Spanish-speaking residents are in NC?

The following websites should be helpful:

**Include pictures of maps or photos that pertain to this category!

Section 2: About Hispanic Heritage Month

 What is Hispanic Heritage Month?
 How and why was it created?
 When is it celebrated?
 How is it celebrated?
 Who celebrates it?
 Where is it celebrated?

The following websites should be helpful:

**Include pictures of celebrations during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Section 3: Assigned Country

 Provide a map of your country with the capital and major cities indicated.
 Include a picture of your country’s flag including information about who created the flag and
why and the meaning of any pictures and emblems.
 A fact sheet should accompany this section that includes but is not limited to the following
o Capital
o Official languages spoken
o Population
o Religion
o Exports and Imports
o Currency
 Include an interesting fact sheet about the country
containing information that one may not ordinarily know.
 Discuss cultural aspects of the country such as food and
drink, architecture, the arts (museums, musical artists, nightlife, theater, etc).
 Choose one person of historical or cultural significance that
was born or whose background pertains to that country.

**Include pictures of the country’s sights, etc.

Section 4: Famous Hispanic Biography

 Discuss typical background information such as who the person is, date of
birth, family, occupation.
 Include a brief analysis about how the person’s career influences his or her
country’s history.
 Examples of the individual’s work should be included.
 Explain why you choose the person. This part should be VERY detailed
with facts and resources to support your decision. Prove to everyone why your
person represents your country.

Section 5: Personal Reflection

 What knowledge did you gain as a result of completing this project?
 What was the hardest section of the project to complete?
 How does your country compare to the life and ways of USA?
 Would you like to travel to your country? Why or why not?
 Can you relate to the person you chose to complete your biography on? How are
you alike? How are you different?


Product 1: Post Cards

 Create 3 post cards pertinent to your country.
 Post cards should be created on 4 x 6 index cards.
 Each post card must have a different image that invites tourists to your country.
 Include an original slogan (IN SPANISH) on each post card that captures the
essence of your country.

Product 2: Brochure
 Create a tri-fold brochure using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, or original
 Information and pictures should be on each section of the brochure.
 The name of your country, the flag or map, and your name with class period
should be on the first page.
 You are trying to attract tourists to your country so make your brochure
interesting, creative, exciting, and neat!

Product 3: Poster Board

 Should be on standard poster board.
 Include information about country and/or person.
 Title should be large and visible
 Should be condensed with most of the space dedicated to photos and images.

Product 4: Student Choice

EJS. Power point, drawn portrait of person, website, original song or poem, etc.


Each week, students will hand in a progress reports with a detailed outline of what they have
completed for the project. Rough Drafts of sections can be handed in to make sure it meets all
minimal requirements. Also, preliminary layouts can be submitted. Make sure you are working
on your project each day to ensure that you receive a good grade.

***This project can do a lot of making up for bad test grades but does not assure passing of this
class. Continue to study and get help as needed! Failure to complete any portion of the project
will highly likely cause you to fail the class.


September 20: Progress Report 1

September 26: Product 1
September 27: Progress Report 2
October 4: Progress Report 3
October 5: Product 2
October 8: Progress Report 4
October 12: Product 3
October 15: Portfolios Due!
October 19: Product 4


2. Don’t wait until the day before to begin working.
3. Use time given in class wisely.
4. Submit sections for teacher approval ahead of time.

***I am available during tutoring to aid you. If you need time before school, please let me know
well in advance. This includes time to use the computer outside of class time.

***Teachers can reproduce this project but please let me know how it works for you and your students!