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August, 2017 Chardon High School Issue 20

August 9, 2017

The Learning Center Newsletter

Teach in g Licen se Ren ew al Issu e

License renewal is something we
do every five years, not Ready t o r en ew ?
frequently enough to remember Let's get started. But before we do, be sure your background
the process involved, which check is st il l val id. Once that is taken care of, make sure you
raises many questions when the have an IDPD on file with the LPDC. The LPDC must approve of
time comes. Here is a guide your professional development (PD) goals before any course
meant to help teachers with the work or contact hours are earned.
process. This information comes
from the ODE website. Please Wr it in g PD Goals
follow the hyperlinks for
In developing your individual professional development plans,
additional information.
remember to:
Wh o w or k s w it h Self-assess and examine your practice;
t h e LPDC?
Determine priorities and goals, and align with building and
The Local Professional district plans;
Development Committee's Complete your plans according to the local policy; and
(LPDC) responsibility begins
when an educator obtains a Obtain pre-approval from your professional development
Professional License, therefore, committee (not required at CLS, but the LPDC will advise teachers
teachers in a resident educator who seek this assistance.)
program, those with a
substitute license, and those Guiding Quest ions f or Educat ors
with a provisional license do not Where do I want to extend my knowledge ?
have to work with the LPDC. Content-specific pedagogy?
Everyone else, read on!
How students learn?
New t o t h e dist r ict ? Classroom management?
Welcome aboard! The LPDC will Creating an effective classroom environment?
honor the coursework and other
professional development Leadership?
activities that you had Another topic: ____________?
completed pursuant to an
Individual Professional How can I build upon previous learning?
Development Plan (IPDP) What does data suggest are my strengths? My areas of need?
approved by your former LPDC
prior to employment at Chardon What are my goals?
Local Schools (CLS). However, as
soon as possible and before How does my individual plan connect with building local and
engaging in any additional statewide initiatives?
coursework or professional What are the results of my self-assessment with the Ohio
development activities, you
must submit an IPDP in Standards for Educators?
accordance with the operating
procedures of the CLS. con't. on next page
The Learning Center NewsletterAugust 9, 2017

Guiding Quest ions con't . Let 's recap:

How can my professional ? You submit a new IPDP for approval by the LPDC using
learning be more collaborative?
the Chardon Local School s LPDC Onl ine Form Management
What kind of learning
community would best support
Syst em .
my professional growth? ? When writing your goals you remember to include goals
What is my long-term plan for based on Ohio Standards for Professional Development.
professional learning?
The LPDC recommends a goal rel at ed t o col l aborat ion, a
What is the process for local goal invol ving t echnol ogy, a goal t hat incl udes Ohio Publ ic
approval for professional
learning activities and Works, and addit ional goal s t hat are broad and al ign wit h
individual professional t he t eacher's PD pl ans.
development plans?
? The LPDC approves your goals and IPDP.
What are the requirements for
licensure renewal in Ohio? ? You may now begin your PD.

Im por t an t Lin k s Important! Renewal coursework must be completed at a

college or university approved by the Ohio Board of Regents
- Ou t of St at e Licen su r e to grant the baccalaureate degree, or the equivalent if
- How t o r en ew a 5 year completed outside the state of Ohio.
pr of ession al or associat e
licen se
- Sam ple IDPD The LPDC recommends a goal rel at ed t o
- LPDC Onl ine Form col l aborat ion, a goal invol ving t echnol ogy, a goal
Management Syst em t hat incl udes Ohio Publ ic Works, and addit ional goal s
t hat are broad and al ign wit h t he t eacher's PD pl ans.
- Oh io St an dar ds f or
Pr of ession al Developm en t
The Learning Center Newsletter August 9, 2017

Wh at h appen s w h en
drop-down menu at top right. Then select RENEW My
I com plet e m y PD? Credentials.At the drop-down menu marked Action, select
Go to the LPDC Onl ine Form Renew, Advance or Transition.Complete the three steps of
Management Syst em and log the application. You can save your application and return to
in. Under Complete a New it from the My Applications section if you want to complete
Form you will find links to and pay for it on another day.Click on Appl y.
IPDP, Professional
Develoopment Activity, and
Completion Form. To complete If you wish to apply for more than one credential, repeat the
your IPDP, follow that link. To steps above for each credential.
receive approval from the
Af t er you submit your appl icat ion, it wil l be reviewed.
LPDC for your professional
You wil l receive an email acknowl edgment of your
development activity, click on
the second link. Finally, when submission. Whil e you are wait ing f or your appl icat ion t o
you have met all the be processed, you may l ogin and cl ick on t he STATUS
requirements for your license but t on on t he CORE dashboard f or inf ormat ion about your
renewal, click on the link for appl icat ion. You al so wil l receive an email when your
Completion Form and print it appl icat ion request is approved or denied.
out, fill it in and turn it in to the
LPDC. Once you receive word
from LPDC that your license
can be renewed, go to your
SAFE account . Responsibil it ies of t he Educat or
Get t ing St art ed Be inf ormed: Meet licensure requirements in a timely manner,
including the submittal of the licensure renewal applications;
wit h t he Onl ine Know t he prof essional devel opment and renewal appl icat ion
requirement s f or educat or l icensure, including the meaning of
Appl icat ion license issuance and expiration; Choose coursework and ot her
prof essional devel opment act ivit ies t hat al ign wit h t he
Sign into your SAFE appropriat e Ohio Educat or St andards (available on this page),
account.Click on and Know district goals, particularly as identified in the
ODE.CORE.On the UPDATE district?s Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP)
or the district?s Strategic Plan.
My Information page,
update your contact
information including email
address.Return to the CORE
dashboard using the