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Pennsylvania icon Al Lancaster couples will Sharp-shooting
Boscov, known for growing warm your heart this senior from Manheim
familys department stores, Valentines Day with Township wins L-L
dies at 87 from cancer. tales of love, romance. rifle championship.
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Heartbreak and hope define refugee experience for some living here
To repeal
or not to
GOP faces dilemma on
keeping health law taxes

WASHINGTON Republicans love

cutting taxes, especially if they were au-
thored by a president named Barack
But as they push their wobbly effort to
erase his health care overhaul, theyre
divided over whether to repeal the levies
the law imposed to finance its expanded
coverage for millions of Americans.
Its a trillion-dollar dilemma actually
closer to $1.1 trillion. Thats the 10-year
price tag the nonpartisan Congressional
Budget Office puts on revenue the gov-
ernment would lose if the laws taxes on
wealthy people, the insurance and phar-
maceutical industries and others were
Republicans and President Donald
Trump have been edging away from their
promise to quickly eliminate Obamas en-
tire law.
Still, annulling its taxes would be a par-
tial victory and is irresistible for many
GOP lawmakers and the conservative vot-
ers at the core of their support.
REPEAL, page A11


Refugees who have resettled in Lancaster, pictured clockwise from top left: Praa of Iraq; Faida Masika of the Democratic Re-
public of the Congo; Ahmad of Syria; and Nasro Ahmed, a Somalian who was born in a refugee camp in Kenya.

of Wolfs

or some Lancaster County residents, President Donald Trumps executive

order on immigration had an immediate personal impact.
Some waited years in refugee camps after fleeing war and violence be-
$32.3B plan
fore being allowed into the U.S. The order meant they would have to wait Businesses, drillers among
longer to see their loved ones. those affected in proposal
No one knows how much lon- And for refugees, the uncer- ers death while at the camp. SAM JANESCH
ger, though. tainty continues. Ahmed speaks some English
Trumps Jan. 27 order halted Some who recently made Lan- but used an interpreter for most Gov. Tom Wolfs latest state budget pro-
the refugee resettlement process caster County their new home, of the conversation. posal is bound for a rocky and compli-
for 120 days and limited 2017 ad- including those from the coun- She arrived in the U.S. alone just cated battle as Republicans in the Legisla-
missions to 50,000 less than tries included in Trumps travel a few weeks ago and was waiting ture dissect and vet its many components
half of the previous limit. It also ban, shared their stories with for 11 of her family members to in the next five months.
stopped the admission of Syr- LNP. join her. They had, she said, been The $32.3 billion spending plan he an-
ian refugees indefinitely and sus- Most spoke via translators pro- cleared to come this month. nounced Tuesday is a hodgepodge of cuts,
pended entry to the U.S. for most vided by Church World Services I had a lot of plans. reorganizations and new tax revenues to
travelers, except U.S. citizens, on local unit, which resettled more Now, she said, the order has fill a $3 billion deficit projected between
passports from seven majority- than 400 refugees in the county separated her from her fam- this year and next.
Muslim countries Iran, Iraq, in 2016. ily, and she doesnt know for how Two straight weeks of Republican-led
Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and long. Multiple clearances are re- hearings on the proposal will begin Feb.
Yemen for 90 days. Nasro Ahmed quired, and any that expire dur- 21, giving greater insight into the effects
Trumps executive order has ing the delay would have to be ob- of the plans on the public and interest
been placed on hold by federal Nasro Ahmed, 23, is a Somalian tained again a process that can groups.
courts, and it is likely the case will refugee who was born in a refu- take months to years. It also will kick-start months of negotia-
end up before the U.S. Supreme gee camp in Kenya. Her worst Ahmeds also concerned about tions leading up to and what some are
Court. memory, she said, was her moth- REFUGEES, page A8 saying could go far past the June 30 fis-
cal year deadline.
WOLF, page A12

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snowfall of the,
year hitting
the county this week, it was
a pleasure to look through Online:,
the window and see the white
beauty. It was calming.
I noticed several icicles Newspaper Digital Replica:
hanging from the gutters. As
sun rays made contact with
them, water began dripping
from them, and I decided to n An Iran Connection on
go outside to take a look. One page B1 of Saturdays LNP
should have said that seats are
grabbed my attention be- reserved for Iranian Christians,
cause it was sweating a little not for Sunni Muslims.
more than the others.
LNP wants to correct
I took my stepladder out, substantive errors of fact.
set it up next to this particu- To request a correction or
lar icicle and stepped up with clarification, call the news desk
my Nikon D700 camera and at 291-8622 or email
60mm micro lens, which is
great for capturing tiny de-
tails. I moved my lens very
close to the icicle and tried LNP MEDIA GROUP, Inc.
to time my shots to capture A STEINMAN COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY

a water bead or two dripping

from it.
Thats more challenging Formerly known as
than you might think; you Member of the Associated Press
have to be quick and reactive. LNP and are
Out of 192 shots, only about protected by federal copyright statute. No
part of this newspaper may be broadcast,
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The Week in Review

n Lancaster County District Attorney Craig
Stedman is gearing up to run for one of four
vacant seats on the state Superior Court after
winning endorsement from the state Republican
Party on Feb. 4. Stedman says the appellate
court judgeship would give the county much-
needed representation.


n A Manor Township man who is accused of
giving drugs to his wife, who had dementia,
to end her life last month will stand trial on
the charge of aiding suicide. Philip Benight,
60, waived his right to a preliminary hearing


Above, Manheim Township Middle School Principal Karen Evans shows residents a small classroom Saturday during n Real estate developer David Martens,
a tour of the middle school. Below, the life-skills classroom at Manheim Township Middle School is outdated and in president of Zamagias Properties, plans to
disrepair, Evans said during the tour. A quilted fabric at the right divides the classroom from another. transform the Bulova building with a new look,
retail and office space and housing. During a
Though community is split, officials host tour to show why news conference Thursday, Martens revealed his
plans for 101 N. Queen St. and has said he hopes
Manheim Township Middle School should be replaced the development will be a catalyst for downtown
renewal. The new building is expected to cost
$25 million to $30 million and to open in 2019.
For Principal Karen n Lancaster County taxpayers have shelled
Evans, room 101A is the out nearly $69,000 toward embattled county
biggest disgrace in the Sheriff Mark Reeses salary, benefits and legal
entire Manheim Town- expenses amid an open investigation into
sexual harassment claims against Reese, it was
ship Middle School. reported Tuesday. Reese has been on paid
This is for our life- administrative leave since July.
skills classes; they should
be able to learn life skills
here. I dont even know TIGHTER LEAD RULES
what this big diaper-pad n City code amendments proposed by Mayor
thing is doing hanging Rick Grays administration would help Lancaster
city tighten its regulations on lead hazards.
up there. All the kids can Under the ordinance, the city would adopt a
hear each other from the federal threshold on considering elevated blood
other side, Evans said. lead levels, and landlords would have to certify
Sometime in the every four years that properties are lead-safe or
schools 50-year history, lead-free, among other items. The measure is to
a large, metal-working be introduced at a council meeting Tuesday.
shop was divided into
two classrooms: one for
special education and board member favored total debt, it ranks 33rd
one for a computer lab. one version or another of in the state out of 500
A lightweight, off- new construction. school districts.
white, quilted fabric But there is another School officials said
hangs at the top of the group that wants to they believe they can
makeshift wall as a buf- postpone renovations or stagger financing on any
fer between the two construction for several new debt, so the cost to
rooms. But its not do- years until the districts taxpayers is on a gradu-
ing the job of blocking considerable debt bur- ated scale. The maxi-
sound, and its symbolic den is reduced. mum extra property tax
of larger issues. The district carries after seven years will be
The main problems about $230 million in $129 a year on a house
here are space and safety total debt mostly from assessed at the median
and educational limita- other construction proj- of $163,000.
tions, said Evans, who, ects and pays close to
like many in the district,
believe a new building
could help solve those
$12 million every year on
that debt.
Manheim Township
perspectives The Perfect Gift for
In fact, the majority of
citizens who attended a
work session last week
and all but one school
School District has more
debt than any district
in the county, save for
the much larger School
District of Lancaster. In
Some say the middle
school needs to be torn
down and replaced with
a modern structure that
Your Valentine
IU13 students inspired
to pursue their passions
School-to-work program ing Mountain, living out his dream of
working with reptiles and sharing his
speaker shares how wildest knowledge with others.
dreams are in reach His mantra: Never stop dreaming.
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As a child, Mark Layton admired Layton told his story Friday to about SUPERIOR VALUE GUARANTEE
Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. 20 students in the school-to-work pro- Your previous investment of diamond solitaire earrings
Layton often scoured the forest, with gram at the Lancaster-Lebanon Inter- from Ream Jewelers never depreciates. Bring them in at any
a headlamp affixed to his forehead, mediate Unit 13. He taught them about time to use your full investment toward a larger pair.
catching frogs for hours at a time. relationships, passion and self-deter-
At 16, he started working as a house- mination.
keeper at the Refreshing Mountain Re- Does anyone want to touch or hold
treat & Adventure Center in Stevens, a reptile? he asked following his pre-
hoping one day he could work around sentation.
wildlife. Nearly all of the students immediate-
Layton later used money from his ly raised their hands.
savings to move to Australia for two They then were introduced to Lay-
and a half months. There, he interacted tons amphibian friends an Eastern
with snakes, lizards, toads and yes milk snake, Eastern painted turtle, a Lancasters #1 Jeweler since 1935
crocodiles. blue-tongued skink lizard, racer snake, 58 North Queen Street in Downtown Lancaster
At 24 years old, Layton is now the na- ball python, black rat snake and a 717-392-7305
ture program coordinator at Refresh- PASSIONS, page A5

The coupon value promoted on the front page is a minimum value of the total of all
coupons in todays print edition of LNP. To be included in the front page promotion,
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stand-alone inserts. Coupons can be offered by many types of products and services,
and are not limited to grocery items.

Middle school: Outdated building Police log on a prescription for

oxycodone and tried to get
it filled Jan. 31, police said.
Dommel, 41, of Lancaster,
Continued from A3 n NEW HOLLAND: Jordan was charged after she
can accommodate stu- Richardson, 21, of New altered checks belonging
dents with special needs Holland, was charged with to another person in May
and serve the growing possession of marijuana 2016, police said.
demands for science and drug paraphernalia
after a Feb. 1 traffic stop
and technology educa- during which police said HARASSMENT
tion. they found a small amount n LANCASTER TWP.:
Others say the build- of marijuana. Matthew D. Hargan, 37, and
ing can be fixed for now, n ADAMSTOWN: John Samantha J. Dulio, 31, both
saving taxpayers mil- Mentzer, 39, and Tonya of South President Avenue,
lions of dollars. Moberly, 33, both of were charged after a
Representatives of Adamstown, were domestic disturbance Feb.
6 at their home, police said.
both opinions ended up charged with possession
on the same Saturday of methamphetamine n COLUMBIA: Gordon W.
and drug paraphernalia Leschke, 65, of Columbia,
morning public tour, following a Jan. 27 incident was charged after an
hosted by the district. in the 100 block of East incident Feb. 4 in the 400
The tour showcased the Main Street in which block of North 5th Street,
schools problems in ad- police said they found the police said.
vance of a vote on hir- methamphetamine and
n MOUNT JOY: Crist
ing architects later this smoking devices.
Wolfe, 56, who is homeless,
month. n EPHRATA: James was charged Feb. 2 after
Seventh-grade science K. SCOTT KREIDER | LNP CORRESPONDENT PHOTOS Simmons, 46, of Ephrata calling Mount Joy Borough
teacher Kim Ketcham A chalkboard warns students of exposed wires in the computer lab at Manheim was charged with Police Department
Township Middle School. Teachers and administrators gave tours of the building possession and intent numerous times and
had said that the one Saturday to show why they believe renovations or a new building is needed. to deliver marijuana and leaving threatening
overused science lab related charges after a Feb. messages, police said.
had no refrigeration for 10 incident in which police
certain experiments. said they were called to
Cant you bring in Manheim his residence in the 500 HIT-AND-RUN
a refrigerator? asked Township block of South State Street n MANHEIM TWP.: Ryan
resident Ian Hodge, a resident Leo and found marijuana and A. Feltch, 26, of Landisville
Rosenberger drug paraphernalia, as well Road, Manheim, has been
Manheim Township as scales and packaging
explains to his charged with accidents
commissioner. tour guides material. Simmons was involving damage to an
And buy some new Saturday why arraigned before District attended vehicle and
microscopes, advised he believes Judge Tony Russell and driving without a license
Leo Rosenberger, a resi- the school sent to Lancaster County after he left the scene of a
dent and strong oppo- shouldnt Prison in lieu of bail. crash Jan. 27 on Route 283
nent of new construc- spend money at Route 30, police said.
building a new
tion expense. Do you
middle school. DUI
have to spend $100 mil- n NEW HOLLAND: PFA VIOLATION
lion to fix these prob- Patrick Jenkins, 25, of New n LANCASTER TWP.:
lems? Holland, was charged after Chandra Bastola, 31, of
Although the current Infrastructure teacher, a math teacher 18 times a year. Thats a traffic stop at 12:17 a.m. Salt Lake City, Utah, was
nine options for mid- issues and five physical-edu- just ridiculous in this Feb. 8 in the 600 block of charged after he contacted
dle school renovation cation/health teachers day, said Ramon Rive- W. Main Street, police said. his estranged wife by
or construction range The mostly concrete have no classrooms and ra, a tech-ed teacher in n MILLERSVILLE: Luciano phone Feb. 7, police said.
from about $35 mil- structure has not a sin- shuffle their supplies neighboring Conestoga A. Perez, 69, of Lancaster,
lion to $80 million, debt gle sprinkler, a require- around the building on Valley School District. was arrested for DUI after
police said they found
service on the amount ment for any modern a cart every day. Rosenberger was his vehicle stopped in n LANCASTER: A male
could add $20 million school. It has awkward And because new quick to point out that the middle of the Route reported that he was
or more to the construc- egress for students ex- classrooms for stu- Rivera also was the 999/741 intersection after threatened with a knife
tion costs. iting the building in an dents with autism and spouse of school board a Dec. 28 call for reckless and robbed of a cellphone
Under the new con- emergency. other special needs will member Nikki Rivera, driving. while walking in the first
block of South Mary Street
struction options, it Rooms for an ever- be needed in the com- who already had ex- n MILLERSVILLE: Theresa just before noon on Feb. 4.
likely will be one of the growing population of ing years, its likely that pressed support for a J. Weber, 20, of Hatboro,
most expensive middle students with special more teachers will be new middle school. was arrested for DUI after
schools ever built in needs from emotion- using carts if no expan- But there were enough a Feb. 4 traffic stop in the SCAM
1900 block of Hillview
Lancaster County. al support to physical sion is done. complaints from others Avenue, police reported.
n EPHRATA: Ephrata police
And, as did the dis- challenges requiring to go around. Police said the left front
are warning residents of a
tricts high school, wheelchairs are in Strong opinions Several stoves in the tire of Webers vehicle was
phone scam in which the
caller poses as a police
which was finished in increasingly short sup- family and consumer- damaged from hitting a
officer reporting that a
2008 and was the most ply. I think this is hor- science rooms dont curb.
relative is in jail and needs
expensive at that time, The single building el- rifying, middle school work, concrete blocks bail money. An elderly
it already has gener- evator is small and slow, parent Jane Davidson are cracking in one FALSE ID woman recently purchased
ated its share of con- the gas lines to Bun- said. What about kids classroom, and the caf- $5,000 worth of pre-
troversy. sen burners have been in wheelchairs or on eterias are congested. n LANCASTER TWP.: paid Visa gift cards from
During the tour, turned off for safety rea- crutches? How are they It kills me that the Michelle M. Swann, 54, of Wal-Mart because she
York, was charged after she believed her grandson had
Rosenberger tried to sons, pipes in the cafete- going to get out of here if students here are miss- provided a false name to been arrested, police said.
show Evans how an au- rias kitchen have a ten- there is a catastrophe? ing out on what they police during a traffic stop Anyone receiving such calls
ditorium could be ret- dency to freeze in the Many on the tour could have, tech-ed Jan. 25 on Wabank Road, should call police and also
rofitted to allow easier winter, and the HVAC agreed that the science teacher Jason Lyons police said. call relatives to confirm the
access by students in system is unable to pro- rooms wore their age said. We could be doing location and well-being of
wheelchairs. duce uniform tempera- the worst. so much more. family members.
However, some prob- tures throughout the Im upset that my Staff writer Alex Geli
lems are not so easily building. daughter might only contributed to this re- n MANHEIM TWP.: Jamal
Stokes, 24, of Old Leacock
addressed. Right now, a language get to use a science lab port. Road, Gordonville, was n COLERAIN TWP.: Taylor

3 Sale
charged after using a Rae Steen, 21, of Peach
counterfeit $10 bill to make Bottom was charged with
a purchase at A-Plus, 1204 simple assault after a Jan.
Lititz Pike, on Feb. 1 and 11 incident in which police
Feb. 2, police said. said she fired a pellet gun

several times at someone,
n MOUNT JOY: Alyssa then shoved and struck the
Gabriel Miller, 26, of Rapho
Township, was charged
with forgery, obtaining a n MANHEIM TWP.:
controlled substance by Douglas J. Parker, 18, of
misrepresentation and South Christian Street, was
operating a vehicle with a charged with simple assault
Sale Prices Valid Feb. 12 - Feb. 14, 2017 suspended license after she and criminal mischief after
forged a doctors signature POLICE LOG, page A7

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School briefs Passions

HEMPFIELD TWP. secondary use for the
laptops and that difficulties
n What happened: Continued from A3
with older operating
Board members heard systems make the leasing monitor lizard.
concerns from a Hempfield program a more effective Im glad they could get a
parent about changes to option. chance to broaden their hori-
middle school curriculum. zons, said Gina Guatta, pro-
Kimberly Heilshorn, who Justin Stoltzfus,
LNP correspondent gram supervisor for secondary
has four children in the
district, cited a proposal transition programs at IU13.
on the agenda that she To hear somebodys story
worried would eliminate an COLUMBIA about turning his passion into
advanced English course n What happened: A work is valuable for any of our
for eighth-graders. petition Frank Doutrich students.
filed to allow him to fill
a vacant school board
n Quotable: I believe the
seat was dismissed by a Chase your dream
foundation (of advanced
English in eighth grade) Lancaster County Court
is essential to their of Common Pleas judge, The school-to-work program,
preparation. school directors learned created more than 20 years ago, ALEX GELI | STAFF WRITER

at a special meeting Jan. prepares Lancaster County high Reptile expert Mark Layton shows off a monitor lizard Friday at the
25. They then voted 7-0 to school students who have edu- Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 campus.
n Next steps: District staff appoint Jenna Geesey to
have confirmed the district fill the seat. cational disabilities for the work-
will not be eliminating force. Stiffler works as an associate at adding that he and his friends
advanced English for Classes focus on strengthening T.J. Maxx, packing and unpack- often used to trek through the
eighth grade, but it will be n Quotable: Doutrichs
petition was dismissed academic, employment, inde- ing supplies, helping around the woods and catch snakes with
deliberating on changes to
the names of some grade- for failure to conform to pendent living and social skills, store and manning the dressing one downfall: Got peed on a
level courses. The board Section 315 of the School Guatta said. Each of the three room, he said. time or two, he said.
will review any changes Code, as well as the classrooms also has its own job He also works at Masonic Vil- Tyson is unemployed but
Tuesday. Pennsylvania Rules of Civil trainer. lage as a cook. Cooking, he said, is dreams of soon joining the U.S.
Procedures and the local
government, Michael Grab, Many teens take jobs in food one of his passions. Army.
n Student recognition: school solicitor, said. service, retail or at grocery stores Its something Id like to do, Its just like snakes. Its a pas-
The board recognized basic entry-level positions, Stiffler said. Id love to go to col- sion, he said.
Katherine Morgan, a n Background: Geesey, Guatta said. lege for that. Layton said he hopes to have
fifth-grader at Landisville
Intermediate Center, for
a 2011 Columbia High Many of the 31 total students He also would like to attend inspired students like Ty-
School graduate who were absent Friday because they school for law enforcement. son and Stiffler to chase their
winning artwork in the holds a degree in public
Pennsylvania attorney were at work. Shawn Tyson, of Columbia, also dreams.
administration, was
generals drug-free previously interviewed I think it was fun to see every- enjoyed Fridays presentation Everything he said was true,
calendar contest. by the board. Doutrich body come together as a group, especially the snakes. Stiffler said. Go for your dreams.
refused to be interviewed, 18-year-old Cory Stiffler, of Eliza- I just have always loved Dont give up. Keep moving for-
n Quad project: The citing his court petition for bethtown, said. them, the 17-year-old said, ward.
board discussed a million- appointment.
dollar replacement of
artificial turf on the n Discussion: Director
high schools quad area,
Municipal brief
Kathy Hohenadel wanted n Background: Township Secretary n Quotable: We need to make it
which is 10 years old. to know the legal
The Hempfield Soccer Margaret Gordon has been tax known, prior to the election, that its
ramifications if Doutrich collector for many years, but she a title with no job, Supervisor Mike
Club would contribute
$500,000, according to
filed an appeal. Grab
said an appeal would not
FULTON TWP. would like to retire after this year.
There also will be openings for
Church said.
lease terms. remove the jurisdiction the n What happened: Supervisors supervisor and auditor. n Other happenings: The Peters
school board has to make plan to have Lancaster County act Creek Bridge replacement project
n Laptops: Board the appointment. as their tax collector beginning in is going forward, with the next step
members discussed a 2019. n What happens next: Gordon can
proposal for a three-year run for a new term as tax collector, being the movement of utility poles
lease program for staff
n Whats next: Geesey with the intention to resign the to get them out of the way. It could
will hold the seat until n Why its important: The office of position so it can be assigned to the still be two years before the bridge
laptops, which would Dec. 7, when the board tax collector in a municipality is an
cost just over $14,000 county. This would avoid a win by a is replaced.
reorganizes. To remain on elected position, but the supervisors write-in candidate who might want
per quarter. Previously, would prefer to pay the county for Marcella Peyre-Ferry,
the board, Geesey would to keep the job.
the district replaced staff that service as a money-saving move. LNP correspondent
need to run for election in
laptops every five or six November.
years. Forry said that the
districts 1:1 student tablet Ann Marie Steele,

program eliminates some LNP correspondent

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PPL customer Boscovs chairman dies at 87

owes thousands READING (AP) Al- dacks pretending to be

in meter mix-up bert Boscov, chairman

of a century-old depart-
ment store chain, has
a childrens book writer
(because clearly thats
whom every woman
died. He was 87. dreams of marrying),
PAUL MUSCHICK $2,840 and Duarte Boscovs CEO and vice the obituary said.
had underpaid that chairman Jim Boscov Albert Boscov gradu-
Imagine if you paid amount. He got a re- said in a statement that ated from Reading High
your electric bills on fund and she got a sur- his uncle died Friday and got a business de-
time every month for prise bill in August. of cancer at his home gree from Drexel, where
two years, then your This is very unfair in Reading, Pennsylva- he started his first busi-
electric company told for them to just slap nia, surrounded by his ness, U-Eat-Em, deliver-
you all those bills were this in my face, Du- loving wife and three ing hero sandwiches.
wrong and you owed arte said. daughters. After Korean War
nearly $3,000. She never ques- Albert Boscov was service in the Navy, he
Youd probably wonder tioned her bills. She credited with driving the returned and in 1962
why you should have to got them and paid growth of the business opened Boscovs first
pay for someone elses them. established by his father full-service department
mistake. If you go to Macys in 1914 to sales in excess store. The chain sur-
Jeanette Duarte and get a shirt and its of $1 billion and employ- vived a 2008 bankruptcy
doesnt have to imagine $50, youre not going ing more than 7,500 peo- filing that brought Al-
it. Shes living it. And no to question why its ple. bert Boscov out of retire-
matter how unfair it may $50, she said. The Reading-based ment, shedding 10 stores
seem, it looks like shes PPL discovered two chains website lists 45 and emerging from
going to have to pay. other meters on Du- stores in Pennsylva- bankruptcy the follow-
Her bills from June artes building had nia and six other states: ing year.
2014 to June 2016 were been mixed up when Connecticut, Delaware, FILE PHOTO We like to give people
wrong because the elec- it investigated her Maryland, New Jersey, Albert R. Boscov stands near a bronze statue of himself a reason for coming to
tric meter at her town- situation, spokesman New York, and Ohio. One after it was unveiled April 30, 2009, during a surprise Boscovs even when they
house at Liberty Village Joe Nixon said. is at Park City Mall in block party in Reading. The statue was created by the dont want to buy any-
in Upper Saucon Town- Such situations are Lancaster. Art Design Group in Lancaster and paid for mostly by thing, Albert Boscov
ship was mixed up with extremely uncom- Jim Boscov called his individuals and local businesses and unions. once said. They enjoy
the meter for another mon, he said, and can uncle truly one of the themselves and hope-
townhouse a few doors occur when a build- giants in the retail indus- month announced plans tainly enjoyed them, Al- fully we make a friend.
away. ing is constructed try. to open two new stores. bert Boscov said. Youre His charitable efforts
That means every time and meters are not Like his father, Al- He said he wanted the a wonderful group of included founding the
she and her husband correctly marked or bert Boscov maintained current year to be our people that have been nonprofit Our City Read-
flipped on the lights, when electrical work the principles of hard best possible year and part of my family for ing to help the city re-
cranked up the air condi- is done and meters work, honesty and treat- wished his co-workers 87 years and Im most store abandoned homes
tioner and ran their ap- arent reinstalled at ing customers fairly and good luck, saying I love proud of all of you. and revitalize the down-
pliances, the neighbors the same location. with respect, the com- you all. town area, and to set up a
meter recorded that use Nixon said he pany said. He treated The store last week Fly-catcher senior citizens center in
and he was billed for couldnt discuss the his coworkers like family posted a note on its Face- downtown Reading and
it. Duarte, in turn, was specifics of Duartes and made shopping fun. book page saying Albert An obituary published a Police Athletic League
billed for the neighbors case due to customer Albert Boscov an- Boscov and his family in local newspapers community center.
electricity use, which privacy restrictions. nounced Feb. 1 that he had been deeply moved said Albert first made a Boscovs hosts nonprofit
was much lower. He said when mix- had been diagnosed with and humbled by the out- name for himself as an programs that generate
PPL adjusted both ac- ups occur, PPL tries terminal pancreatic can- pouring of love, concern expert fly catcher in his over $600,000 a year for
counts after the neigh- to work with the af- cer. He expressed confi- and support they had fathers neighborhood various organizations,
bor called last June to fected customers, of- dence in the companys received in previous store ... receiving a penny officials said.
question his charges and fering extended pay- leadership, adding that days. for every fly he caught, Burial will be private,
the meter mix-up was ment agreements and while other retailers Ive been amazed at until his father realized but a public memo-
discovered. PPL deter- sometimes negotiat- have had losses and store the amount of wonder- he was being shown the rial service will be an-
mined he had overpaid ing the amount. closures, Boscovs last ful notes that youve same fly over and over. nounced later. Stores
sent and I know I dont He met his beloved wife, were open as usual on
deserve them, but I cer- Eunice, in the Adiron- Saturday.

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Police log a MacBook that had
been left unattended on

Tree, shrub seedlings await adoption

a table at Sheetz, 1699
Continued from A4 Oregon Pike, on Feb. 8,
police said.
he punched a woman
County Conservation trees, hardwood trees and pollina-
in the face during a
domestic incident Feb. Alexander Retamar, 40,
tor-friendly perennials.
District taking orders They will be ready for pickup Orders are being accepted
6 in the 2200 block of of North Queen Street,
was charged with retail
Coventry Road, police
for April pickup April 12 in the auditorium of the through March 13. Order forms are said. theft, false identification
Farm and Home Center, 1383 Ar- available at lancaster and driving under
AD CRABLE or by calling suspension Feb. 8, police
cadia Road, Lancaster. the conservation district at 717- THEFT said. Retamar took a
Every tree planted is one small 299-5361, ext. 5. Payment is due pair of headphones from
Heres a purchase that offers the step to stabilizing soil and pre- when orders are placed and must
n MANHEIM TWP.: A Winkies Toys, 520 Airport
woman was seen leaving
promise of spring while helping venting potential pollution in our be sent to the Lancaster County
Wal-Mart, 2030 Fruitville Road, police said, and a
the environment throughout Lan- streams and eventually the Chesa- Conservation District.
Pike, with four phones car description was given
caster County. peake Bay, said Sallie Gregory, the to authorities. Police
worth $267 without
stopped his vehicle, and
The Lancaster County Conser- conservation districts education paying on Feb. 8.
Retamar was turned over
vation District is taking orders for coordinator. lighted this year. A majority of the n MANHEIM TWP.: Two to the Lancaster County
its annual tree seedling sale. Black raspberries, apple trees, trees on the sale list are bare root laptops were taken Feb. Sheriffs department on
Buy young trees, shrubs, ground peach trees, American plum and stock that will be dipped in a pre- 5 from Staples, 1296 an outstanding bench
cover, wildlife favorites, evergreen ninebark are a few offerings high- servative rooting gel. Lititz Pike, for a loss of warrant, police said.
n EAST EARL TWP.: Sarmite Perkons, 58,
Police are investigating of 579 Creek Road,

Municipal briefs
the theft of two trailers
EAST off the mortgage of the
fire departments new Jan. 8 from 150 Earland
Christiana, was charged
with the theft of four
PETERSBURG building. This tax is Drive. The suspect vehicle bottles of pills from
n What happened: strictly a bonus; the fire is a dark-colored Jeep Millers Natural Foods,
COLERAIN TWP. replacing 558 severely
deficient bridges across Council approved a new department will continue Grand Cherokee that may 2888 Miller Lane, on Feb.
n What happened: 2018 tax agreement with to make regular payments have aftermarket wheels. 6, state police said.
Pennsylvania. The Colerain
Replacement of three the East Petersburg Fire on the building, as well. The stolen trailer is a black
bridges are three of 31 5-by-8-foot metal trailer n EAST HEMPFIELD
bridges in the township bridges to be replaced in Department at its meeting The building is projected TWP.: Kelly Kurtz, 33, of
was the main topic at Tuesday. to be paid off by fall 2020. with a wood floor, mesh
Lancaster County under Ivy Drive, Lancaster, was
the supervisors meeting The additional money gate, chrome toolbox on
the program. charged with retail theft
Monday. Bridges on Sproul collected from this tax the tongue and one metal
n What it means: Starting after she took nearly
and Pumping Station will then be reserved for pole holding two spare
n What happens next: Jan. 1, there will be an $2,000 of merchandise
roads are slated to be updating and purchasing motorcycle tires. A brown,
Plans will be on display in increase in the general from Giant, Centerville
replaced in March and new apparatus. handmade car dolly also
the township building for tax of about $60,000 a Road, on Feb. 5, police
June, respectively, with the was taken. Anyone with
the next few weeks, along year. The precise millage said.
bridge on Puseyville Road information is asked to call
with a comment box for rate will be determined in n Other business: police at 717-355-5302. n MANHEIM TWP.:
to be replaced in summer public input. the fall when the borough Council awarded bids Dwayne Jones, 44, of
2018. completes its 2018 for several pieces of East End Ave, has been
n Other happenings: The budget. equipment, including a THEFT charged after failing to
snow blower, dump truck
n Why its important:
In each case, the bridges
supervisors voted to hire
and utility trailer. These CHARGES make payments on a
television leased from
David Wadsworth as a n Why its important:
will be closed for full-time member of the This is a long-term items were either out of n MANHEIM TWP.: Aarons, 1509 Lititz Pike,
approximately 10 weeks, road crew, pending a drug proposal between the date or recently replaced. Charles C. Baynard III, in November 2016, police
and detours posted. test. He will begin a 90-day borough and the fire The borough made 25, of Lancaster, was said.
probationary period at a department, in which approximately $17,500 charged after he stole
starting salary of $18 per the money generated from these items.
n Background: All three
bridges are part of the hour. from this tax will go Luke Helker,
Rapid Bridge Replacement
program, which is
Marcella Peyre-Ferry,
LNP Correspondent
toward helping to pay LNP correspondent
Out Our
New Line
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Municipal briefs Refugees: The face of immigration

n What happened: Complaints about air, water and Continued from A1 Faida Masika REFUGEES ENTERING THE US
trash issues emanating from Green N Grow Compost the bad situation theyre
n Nearly half of the refugees entering the U.S. in 2016
LLC on Douts Hill Road continued to pile up at the in, as the refugee camp is a After a seven-year re- were from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Syria
supervisors meeting Feb. 6. Kelly Shoff, of 245 Douts hard place and they gave settlement process, Fai- and Myanmar.
Hill Road, brought in six trash bags full of debris that away their belongings in da Masika, 40, her hus-
she claims has blown off the compost farm and onto % of Total
her property. She also shared a story written by her
preparation for the trip. band and four children
6-year-old granddaughter that referred to how much I hope, she said, my got to Lancaster about Dem. Rep. Congo 16,370 19
the smells from the neighboring farm make her cough. family joins me. four months ago. Syria 12,587 15 49%
Violent conflicts in the
12,347 15
n Background: Residents have been bringing issues Ahmad Democratic Republic of

to the board since 2009. Those issues include trash Congo, in the heart of Iraq 9,880 12
blowing onto adjacent properties and odors that some Ahmad, who spoke Africa, is what drove Ma- Somalia 9,020 11
residents claim are making them sick. The website for through an interpreter sika and her family out of
Green N Grow LLC claims that they are a composting Bhutan 5,817 7
facility that developed a way to compost plastics,
and talked to LNP on the their home country. The
condition that his last violence also claimed the Iran 3,750 4
cardboard, tin and plastic foam. Neighbors allege the
facility is more of a landfill than a farm, and that the name not be used out of life of her daughter. Afghanistan 2,737 3
effects of living nearby is ruining their quality of life. concerns for his safety, I lost everything to Ukraine 2,543 3
is 54 and fled Syria with war, she said, speaking
n Rail trail update: The trestle bridge over the Pequea his family because of vio- without an interpret- Eritrea 1,949 2
Creek was opened to hikers in 2015, but the portion lence. er and describing the Other countries 7,995 9
of trail running east from the bridge to the Route 324 Ahmad didnt want to struggles while waiting
interchange has remained closed. The supervisors SOURCE: PEW RESEARCH CENTER

chose to keep the section of the trail closed because

talk about the war but in neighboring Uganda,
they had concerns about pedestrian safety crossing said it forced his family where they sought ref-
324. The intersection was redesigned by PennDOT in from their middle-class uge. No work, the chil- them Mom and Dad.
2013, and included a pedestrian crosswalk below the life to being refugees in dren dont go to school Praa works as a super-
crest of a hill, and the board believed that the design Turkey. According to the very well, and sometimes visor at a food manu-
made it difficult for motorists to observe pedestrians United Nations, the civil no money to pay rent. facturing company, has
crossing the road. A new design moves the crosswalk war that started in 2011 She is so happy to made many friends and
and increases the signage warning drivers of an
upcoming crosswalk. Work on the new design is has killed hundreds of be here, she says, but is working toward be-
expected to go to bid later this month. thousands and forced Trumps order also has coming a U.S. Marine.
Justin Doutrich, LNP correspondent
millions from their made her fearful and sad. Staying in touch with Its really hard
homes. I know pain for refu- his family in Iraq has
Ahmads resettlement gees; I see many people been difficult, he said. He to see your son
WEST HEMPFIELD process took about two suffering, she said. has made several trips grow up and
years, he said, and only They are killing people back to Iraq: after his
n What happened: Supervisors approved an additional
service request of $9,844 from Buchart Horn, the about half of the family in Congo. brother was killed by ter- you cant see
architectural firm hired to design a West Hempfield came with them. One estimate puts the rorists, after his mother him to see
We left a 26-year-old death toll from Congos had heart surgery and to
municipal services building at 3476 Marietta Ave.
son with a wife and three ethnic conflicts, which get married.
your family have
n Background: Last year, Buchart Horn estimated children, and three mar- started in 1996, at 5.4 He now has a son, and really nice days
that the project would cost around $6.5 million. After
supervisors expressed wanting to limit costs, Buchart
ried daughters; we were
hoping that they would
million including from
diseases, malnutrition
his wife, who remains in
Iraq with his mother, is
and bad days
Horn provided bid alternates that could decrease
costs by up to $500,000. The new building will house join us here in a month and starvation. 7 months pregnant with and youre not
municipal, fire and police services. or two, he said, express- another. with them.
ing sorrow at the con- Praa Its really hard to see Praa, Iraqi refugee
n Next steps: The township anticipates bidding the tinuing separation. We your son grow up and
project in March, and awarding contracts in April. did not leave our country Praa, who spoke to you cant see him to
Construction may be completed by August of 2018. The to go and harm others. LNP on the condition see your family have re- safety, Praa listened to
current plan is to sell both the existing municipal building We took our families, that he be identified only ally nice days and bad her and came back to the
and the fire companys building after completion.
and we left the country by his first name because days and youre not with U.S.
to live in peace. of concerns about his them, Praa said. Trumps order didnt
n Land development: Supervisors gave conditional His best American ex- safety, is from Iraq. He wondered whether surprise him but was a
final approval for the Stony Battery Commerce Center
project, which adds a 7600-square-foot building to a perience, so far, is their The 28-year-old said waiting out the long pro- terrible shock, he said.
site on Primrose Lane. arrival at the airport in he worked with the U.S. cess to bring his fam- As he understands it,
New York. military from 2006 to ily here was worth it. But it means that now if he
n Staffing: Supervisors approved creating a part-time We felt that we were 2010 and as a result was life was dangerous for goes to Iraq, he cant re-
board meeting secretary position. going to be settling down given a special visa to him in Iraq because he turn.
in a country where well come here. helped the U.S., so when My wife, shes crying,
n Bids: Supervisors authorized staff to move forward be feeling as welcome He spoke warmly of his mother urged him he said. Its like youre
with bidding processes for 2017 paving projects. and accepted as every- the couple he lives with: not to throw away his in a jail, but you cant do
Justin Stoltzfus, LNP correspondent body else, he said. They call me son; I call chance at freedom and anything.

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from Us     2350 Dairy Rd. 717.898.0100 Honda
301 Rohrerstown Road  Lancaster, PA  717-397-4718 financing available for customers who qualify for super preferred credit tier for up to 36 months through Honda Financial Services. Payment example: 36 monthly payments of
$29.08 for each $1000 financed. Offer good on all new and unregistered 2014-2017 model year SXS models. Not all buyers may qualify. Higher rates apply for buyers with lower
  717-766-7993 credit ratings. Offer ends 4/3/2017. **$500 Accessory Bonus is valid on new and unregistered 2016 SXS1000M3 models. $500 Accessory Bonus can only be used for purchase
of Honda Genuine or Signature Accessories at the dealership and must be redeemed on the date of purchase. Not all accessories may be available at the time of purchase
  or available for order. Back orders may apply. Installation not included. Offer has no cash value and is not transferable. Redemption value is not to exceed $500. Offer valid
through 2/28/2017. Check with participating Honda Dealers for complete details. Pioneer is a trademark of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 2017 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (1/17)

School briefs technology project. The to incorporate it into an FIRE

Garage fully engulfed

roughly $3 million project outdated curriculum.
is expected to be fully
implemented for about
during Saturday blaze
n Proposal: Joe
PENN MANOR $75,000 for the 2017-
18 budget. The board
500 professional staff and Gallucci, technology
n What happened: A about 5,000 students by application supervisor
plans to revisit the tax
unanimous vote by school the 2018-19 school year. for the Capital Area
rebate program in 2018
board directors bumped to determine if further Intermediate Unit, gave KONSTANTINE FEKOS
up the maximum income n Pros and cons: Board a slide presentation on KFEKOS@LNPNEWS.COM
adjustments are needed.
level of the Penn Manor member Nikki Rivera, Agenda Manager, to Firefighters were dispatched to a garage fire about
Tax Rebate Program from who has three children manage board packets,
$15,000 to $20,000. The
n Application: To apply in the district and is a access information 7:26 p.m. Saturday in the 800 block of Mount Gret-
for a tax rebate from Penn na Road near Buckingham Boulevard in Mount Joy
resolution, adopted at teacher for the Warwick and conduct meetings,
Manor, a property owner Township.
Mondays board meeting, School District, said she for $3,400 a year. A
must first qualify through
benefits property owners the state tax rebate
did extensive research on competing company, The fire was called in by passersby and was fully in-
on fixed incomes who are program. For additional
the project and talked to BoardDocs, presented volved when responders arrived on scene, according
65 or older, widows and numerous people who have its services to the board to Elizabethtown fire officials.
information and forms,
widowers 50 and older, experience with it, noting in 2014. The cost then
and people with disabilities
check out
that MT is one of the few was $9,000 a year. The Crews reportedly remained on scene for more than
who are 18 and older.
tax/taxrebate or call the
districts in the area yet to board will consider the two and a half hours.
business office at 717-872- The detached garage was a total loss, as were a near-
implement it. recommendations next
9500, ext. 2252.
n Why its important: month. by trailer and motorcycle, Assistant Chief Jeremy
Eligible property owners n Quotable: The iPad Shaffner said.
n Whats next: As a
who apply for a tax rebate precautionary measure
is like deodorant and our n Safety & Security No injuries were reported. The fire did not spread
in 2017-2018 for their curriculum for English Plan 2017: Roger Blantz, to the residence, Shaffner said.
and upon advice from
2016 real estate taxes will language arts and math is the district safety and The cause of the fire was still under investigation as
Rhonda Lord, school
benefit from the income the stinky, fighting child security officer, gave a
level increase. Property
finance solicitor, the board
who doesnt want to take PowerPoint presentation of Saturday night.
approved the placement of
owners who apply for a tax a bath, Rivera said. The on the topic,
a parameters resolution on
rebate in 2016-17 for 2015 deodorant will only go including emergency
the Feb. 21 board meeting
real estate taxes will not so far in accomplishing preparedness for
Municipal brief
agenda for the proposed
benefit from the increase. its goal when being used natural disasters,
high school renovation
on a stinky kid. The kid hazardous chemicals,
project. According to Lord,
n Background: The tax needs to be washed in fires, weapons, bomb
if the state Legislature
order for the deodorant threats, terrorism,
rebate program began
during the 2006-07 school
passes a bill that eliminates
to effectively enhance the communicable diseases SALISBURY
property tax revenue, it n What happened: Supervisors released $3.7 million held
year. Maximum income kid. Our ELA curriculum is and pandemics. The
would place a limit on the in escrow for Urban Outfitters at its meeting Tuesday. The
levels have not been outdated and piecemeal. plan includes a request
districts ability to increase release was recommended by the township engineer after
adjusted since the plans Ive been seeing it for 13 by Blantz, a former
taxes for any new project review of improvements made at the retail giants massive
inception, according to years. police officer, to allow
not incurred prior to the warehouse and fulfillment center in Gap.
Chris Johnston, business To integrate such a him to be armed in the
date of legislation. If the
manager. Individual tax quality product into a schools. Currently only
school board passes the
rebates for any given year resolution within the next curriculum screaming to MT Police Officer Lisa n Why its important: The funds released cover work
are capped at $650. be overhauled and written Kurtz, who is assigned completed on roads, sewer, landscaping and stormwater
two weeks, the debt is management at the million-square-foot complex.
by people who teach the to the district, carries a
considered incurred.
material seems a bit like firearm. The district has
n Discussion: At a Ann Marie Steele, had a police presence n Background: The board released $1.7 million last
previous meeting, board the cart going before the
LNP correspondent for eight years. month. The second reduction leaves $414,744 still held by
President Ken Long said, horse. Whats needed
to maximize the use of the township.
Its the right thing to do.
The additional tax burden MANHEIM this product is a nice,
coherent, common-core
n Resignation:
Gavin Scalyer, head n Other happenings: The board also signed off on a
that will be required for
the proposed $87 million TOWNSHIP based textbook for ELA as of the Food Service driveway onto Route 30 near Mount Vernon Road for
the basis for enhancement Department, left to take Sams Mechanical; approved escrow of $25,299 for
Penn Manor High School n What happened: The
with this product. a full-time position at stormwater management at Amos J. Eshs new horse barn
renovation/building project school board unanimously
Because a decent chunk Pequea Valley School on Diem Road; and set escrow at $166,676 for stormwater,
will increase the need approved a lease
of the primary school District. He previously erosion control and landscaping at Country Gift and Thrift
for a tax break for some agreement with Apple
day involves ELA, Im served both MT and PV. Shoppe in White Horse.
residents. While yearly Financial Services to buy
tax rebate payouts vary, iPads for staff and students wondering how staff buy- Joan Kern,
Johnston has set aside as part of the districts 1:1 in is going due to having LNP correspondent n Quotable: Stormwater is our main thing to handle
now. Its part of Chesapeake Bay protection regulations.
Supervisor Lester O. Houck.
John Friel, LNP correspondent

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Repeal: How will GOP fund Obamacare replacement?

Continued from A1 The figure is currently makers to take the easy with tax credits, expand- replacement programs, Last year, a feder-
We should do full unknown. way out and simply let ed health savings ac- Republicans will need al judge agreed with
repeal, said Rep. Jim Whatever we do in deficits rise, said Maya counts and other steps. additional billions to House Republicans that
Jordan, R-Ohio, a lead- replacement is going to MacGuineas, president It would repeal all of the deliver on their pledge Obamas law didnt au-
ing House conservative. cost some money, and is of the bipartisan Com- statutes tax increases. to not abruptly halt cov- thorize that spending.
And full repeal means there a way to generate mittee for a Responsible It also proposed new erage for the 20 million If the Trump adminis-
not taking the taxes money if we ditch all the Federal Budget. taxes on the part of em- people receiving it under tration and congressional
from people. Obamacare tax reve- She said for Republicans ployer-provided health Obamas law. Republicans declare vic-
nues or not? Thats where promising for decades to insurance that exceeds That means covering tory and halt those pay-
Erasing the we havent achieved con- improve the nations fiscal an unspecified level. The them during a transition ments, that could force
war chest sensus, said No. 2 Senate health, that choice is go- blueprint says it would period of perhaps two companies to boost rates
GOP leader John Cornyn ing to look hypocritical. affect only the most years or more until new or abandon markets.
Yet voiding those levies of Texas, who supports The GOP has different generous plans. GOP programs begin. Thats an outcome Re-
erases a mammoth war erasing the levies. options for preserving Such coverage is cur- The health insurance publicans want to avoid,
chest Republicans would revenues, such as phas- rently not taxed, and industry has warned it so Congress might be
love to have and may How do they ing in repeals of taxes or supporters say the idea will need billions in fed- asked to provide some of
well need as they try pay for it? eliminating some while would prod companies eral payments that com- that money.
replacing Obamas law. retaining others. Partici- and workers away from panies currently receive We could be asked to
Its a major rift GOP lead- Killing the taxes leads pants say Obamas taxes overly costly insurance. to continue during that take a very, very tough
ers face as they try craft- Republicans to other on medical device mak- Its fate is uncertain. transition. The money vote to stabilize the in-
ing a health care package tough decisions. ers and on insurance and subsidizes out-of-pocket surance market, said
that can pass Congress. If the taxes are re- pharmaceutical com- Coverage for costs including deduct- Rep. Michael Burgess,
These are sources of pealed and they need panies seem among the 20 million ibles and copays for mil- R-Texas, who heads a
revenue you just cant money for their replace- likeliest to go. lions of lower-earning House health subcom-
discount, said Rep. Pat- ment plan, do they pay Still, with solid Demo- Besides financing their customers. mittee.
rick Meehan, R-Pa., a for it with higher federal cratic opposition a cer-
member of the Tuesday deficits? Do they deeply tainty, GOP leaders such
Group of GOP pragma- cut Medicaid, which pro- as House Speaker Paul
tists. He said the money
could help create a soft
landing and coverage for
vides health care for low-
income people, or carve
savings from Medicare,
Ryan, R-Wis., face pres-
sure to find a tax sweet
spot without enraging
5 off
any purchase
those who currently rely which serves the elderly? part of their party or
on Obamacare. Meehan Might they raise other threatening the entire of $25 or more
represents part of eastern taxes, something thats effort. LUNCH | TUES-SUN
Lancaster County. been anathema to Re- Last summer, Ryan Excludes Alcohol
Republicans know publicans for decades? offered a campaign pro- With this coupon.
theyll need tons of cash, Theres going to be a posal with scant detail Not valid with other offers.
Expires 2/28/17 LNP
whatever they devise. temptation for policy- to replace Obamas law
Well Drinks, House Wine
and All Beer
Social Security Tues Wed & Thurs 4-6pm
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Since 1968 Fri 3-6pm Sun 4-8pm
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233 N. Duke St., Lancaster, PA Oil Heat Air Cleaners
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517-9637 Humidifiers Plumbing
10 oz NY Strip Hand Grilled Chicken $8
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Free Parking 136 Keller Avenue, Lancaster Closed Monday Tues, Wed, Thurs: 11:30-10pm
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e i n

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Wolf: Budget plan includes new taxes, reduced credits

Continued from A1 The severance tax per hour to $12 per hour.
Until then, here is what targets Marcellus Shale The administration says
we know about some of drillers who, for the last it would raise $95 mil-
the major pieces of the five years, have paid an lion in new income taxes.
plan Wolf said contains impact fee. Republican No state currently has
the largest cuts to, and legislators have continu- a minimum wage above
consolidations of, gov- ously shot down the idea $11.50 per hour, and all
ernment bureaucracy in of the severance tax, say- Pennsylvanias border-
our history and what ing it would hurt drillers ing states have raised it
all of it means to you. while gas prices are al- to at least $8.15 per hour.
ready low and lead them Both House Majority
Sales tax to move elsewhere. Leader Dave Reed and
expansion Republicans have indi- House Speaker Mike
cated they have no inter- Turzai referred to the
Pennsylvania expanded est in reconsidering the plan as unrealistic in
its sales tax in 2016 to ap- tax, which Wolfs budget remarks this week. Oth-
ply for the first time to relies on for $293.8 mil- er Republicans, includ-
digital downloads. Now, lion. ing those from Lancaster
the administration is County, have been averse
looking to expand it fur- Consolidations to raising the minimum
ther to generate $500 wage, but some have not
million in revenue to help Wolfs restructuring ruled out any nominal
cover the budget gap. calls for six state depart- increase.
Fixing the tax loop- ments which provide
holes, as the adminis- essential services for Police fee BLAINE T. SHAHAN | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER PHOTOS
tration calls them, would senior citizens, prisons, Gov. Tom Wolf is applauded Tuesday before a combined session of the General Assem-
apply to businesses by people with disabilities, Half of Pennsylvanias bly. Behind Wolf is Speaker of the House Mike Turzai, left, and Lt. Gov. Mike Stack.
eliminating the 6 per- people struggling with 2,561 municipalities use
cent sales tax exemption addiction and more the Pennsylvania State other corporate-focused
on custom program- into two new depart- Police for protection full tax changes.
ming, design and data ments. time rather than relying
processing; commercial The move will save on local police. Other tax
storage; and aircraft $104 million, Wolf says, The 20 percent of the initiatives
sales, use and repair. It and Republican leader- states population that
also would tax catered ship generally was re- makes up these most- The insurance premi-
food and nonalcoholic ceptive of the idea while ly rural communities ums tax would expand to
beverages served to pas- saying they need to look would pay a new $25 per most previously exempt
sengers on planes. into the details to make capita fee under Wolfs insurance companies
The right-leaning sure the plan actually new proposal to raise starting Jan. 1, 2018, a
Commonwealth Foun- improves services and $63 million. move Wolf says will gen-
dation said if all of these saves costs at the same Rep. Mike Sturla, D- erate an additional $141
costs are passed along to time. Lancaster, has proposed million for the state.
consumers, they would I think theres defi- legislation in the past The administration
add up to $153 per year nitely an opportunity that would focus on the wants to adjust corpo-
for a family of four. there, said Sen. Scott same issue because of rate net income taxes by
Martin, R-Martic Town- what he describes as the limiting deductions for
Natural gas tax ship. unconstitutional meth- net operating losses to Rep. Michael Sturla talks to Lancaster County Republican
od of funding the state 30 percent of taxable in- representatives Tuesday before the joint session of the
Wolf didnt offer broad- Raise the wage police mostly through come, a move that would Pennsylvania General Assembly.
based sales and income gas and transportation generate $81 million in
tax hikes like he did in The proposal that taxes. additional revenue. Rep. Keith Greiner, R- cult.
the last two years, but he might affect the most We want to start down It also would lower Upper Leacock, an ac- Im telling you, even
once again introduced a Pennsylvanians is Wolfs the path of municipali- the net income tax rate countant and member for me, its very complex
proposal to tax natural- attempt to raise the min- ties that get free police in the years ahead and of the House Appropria- to understand, and it
gas drilling. imum wage from $7.25 protection to pay, he move to change how it is tions Committee, said might be difficult for the
said. calculated to stop com- the method of com- Legislature to compre-
The proposed $1 bil- panies based in other bined reporting would hend, Greiner said.
Follow us on Facebook at lion new revenue pack- states from being able probably capture more Wolf also plans to re-
age also is made up of to avoid paying them income from larger cor- duce tax credits provid-
for their operations in porations. But imple- ed to businesses by $100
Pennsylvania. menting it will be diffi- million.

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How they voted law for K-12 education,

having replaced the No
70, formerly was his states
attorney general and U.S.
Warren in debate over the
Sessions nomination.
Democratic caucus voted
against her nomination.
Child Left Behind Act. Foes attorney for the Southern Voting yes: Toomey DeVos, 59, is prominent in
called the rule a federal District of Alabama. the national school-choice
WASHINGTON (AP) n WHITE HOUSE overreach, while defenders President Ronald Reagan Voting no: Casey Jr.
HOLOCAUST STATEMENT: movement and has helped
Heres how area mem- Voting 234 for and 187
said it protects against appointed him in 1986 as a expand charter schools and
bers of Congress voted discrimination, including federal judge for the same n TOM PRICE, SECRETARY school-voucher programs
against, the House on OF HEALTH AND HUMAN
on major issues in the in the allocation of district, but the Judiciary in Michigan, her home
Feb. 7 blocked a move by SERVICES: Voting 52 for
resources and treatment of Committee rejected his
week ending Feb. 10. Democrats to force floor
historically marginalized nomination over his record and 47 against, the Senate state. An heiress who
debate on a resolution on Feb. 10 confirmed Tom also married into wealth,
students. and comments on race and
House affirming that the Holocaust
occurred and that it A yes vote was to send the civil rights. Price, 62, a seven-term she reported $5.3 million
GOP congressman from in political contributions
targeted Jews. Democrats measure (HJ Res. 57) to the A yes vote was to confirm to benefit Republican
n PUBLIC LAND Senate. Georgia, as secretary
raised this issue after the Sessions. of health and human candidates over the past
MANAGEMENT: Voting White Houses International Voting yes: Smucker Voting yes: Pat Toomey, R services. Price drew five years, including $1.99
234 for and 186 against, Holocaust Remembrance Voting no: Meehan criticism because of million in the 2015-16
the House on Feb. 7 Day statement, released Voting no: Robert Casey
nullified a new rule that apparent overlap between election cycle.
Jan. 27, omitted mention Jr., D
would update Bureau of n ASSESSING TEACHERS: health care legislation Supporters said DeVos
of the Jewish people, 6 he sponsored or voted
Land Management steps Voting 240 for and 181 would direct improvements
million of whom died in n VOTE TO SILENCE for and health stocks in
for obtaining science- against, the House on Feb. in K-12 education,
the Holocaust, which was ELIZABETH WARREN: his portfolio. Price said
based information and carried out by German 7 nullified a new rule that particularly for students
Voting 49 for and 43 there was no ethical
public comments in its leader Adolf Hitler and would upgrade federally against, the Senate on Feb. now unable to leave
management of 245 million set standards for teacher misconduct or illegality inner-city schools, while
his Nazi regime between 7 upheld the ruling of the because the purchases
publicly owned acres 1933-1945. Had Democrats training on the state and chair that Sen. Elizabeth disrupting teachers unions
in western states. The local levels. In part, the rule were made by his broker and shaking up education
prevailed on this vote Warren, D-Mass., had without his knowledge.
BLM said the Planning during debate on the requires measurements impugned the motives bureaucracies. Critics said
2.0 rule would help based on learning Price, a physician, is the DeVos used campaign
unrelated House Res. and conduct of Sen. 23rd secretary of his
it balance competing 91, they would have had performance, employment Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., and donations to buy her
uses such as ranching, outcomes and employer department, which was nomination, would divert
an opportunity to bring therefore was required originally named the
recreation, conservation, the Holocaust measure surveys, with federal to take her seat and be limited taxpayer dollars
drilling, mining, military funding used to leverage Department of Health, to ideological causes and
to the floor. Republicans silent for the remainder Education and Welfare.
activity and economic said education and land compliance. Critics say of the debate over his has a financial portfolio in
development. But critics measures rather than the rule would infringe on nomination as U.S. attorney A yes vote was to confirm conflict with programs she
said the rule would tighten the Holocaust were the state and local education general. Price. would administer. They
a BLM land grab of vast business at hand. prerogatives. noted she has never been a
Majority Leader Mitch Voting yes: Toomey
expanses, harming local A yes vote was to quash A yes vote was to send the part of public education.
economies, imperiling McConnell, R-Ky., invoked Voting no: Casey Jr.
a Democratic attempt measure (HJ Res. 58) to Rule 19 against Warren A yes vote was to confirm
private property rights and to bring up a Holocaust the Senate. DeVos.
restricting grazing, logging based on her reading of n BETSY DeVOS,
resolution. Voting yes: Meehan, a letter that Coretta Scott Voting yes: Toomey
and drilling access. Two Smucker SECRETARY OF
years in the making and Voting yes: Meehan, King wrote to the Judiciary EDUCATION: By a vote of Voting no: Casey Jr.
the subject of more than Smucker Committee in 1986 in 51 for and 50 against, with
3,000 public comments, Senate opposition to Sessions Vice President Mike Pence
the rule would update BLM n K-12 EDUCATION RULE: nomination to a federal casting the 51st vote, the Key votes ahead
Voting 234 for and 190 n JEFF SESSIONS, U.S. judgeship. King wrote (and Senate on Feb. 7 confirmed
procedures in place since
against, the House on Feb. ATTORNEY GENERAL: Warren read) that Sessions, Betsy DeVos as the 11th In the week of Feb. 13, the
the 1980s.
7 rescinded a new rule Voting 52 for and 47 while a U.S. attorney, had U.S. secretary of education. Senate will conduct votes
A yes vote was to send the that would give states and against, the Senate on Feb. used the awesome power All Republican senators on repealing federal rules
measure (HJ Res 44) to the localities requirements 8 confirmed Jeff Sessions, of his office to chill the except Lisa Murkowski of and confirming Trump
Senate. for carrying out the Every a four-term senator from free exercise of the vote by Alaska and Susan Collins administration cabinet
Voting yes: Pat Meehan, Student Succeeds Act. Alabama, as the 84th U.S. black citizens. of Maine supported DeVos, picks. The House schedule
R-7, Lloyd Smucker, R-16 That is the main federal attorney general. Sessions, A yes vote was to silence and all members of the was to be announced.


Caring for someone with
Since 1952
Alzheimers can be
overwhelming. But
resources are available.
Home for Funerals
Modest Funerals Plain Coffins YOUR SIGNING
Philip W. Furman, F.D.
BUSINESS author of the Boom!!...Killers. thriller trilogy
Friday March 3, 2017 5-7pm
NEEDS Author Presentation at 5:30pm
Featuring Ashley Kaufman
singer-songwriter 6-9pm
vice 621 Harrisburg Ave,
59 W. Main St. Leola, PA 17540 s election ble ser Lancaster PA 717.517.8850
Greater Pennsylvania Chapter icing knowledgea
affordable prric
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Symphony A womens specialty center

20162017 Season AS UNIQUE AS

70 Years
of Excellence


As a woman, your healthcare needs are unique. You deserve a
healthcare experience just as unique. The Lancaster General Health
Womens Specialty Center offers personalized, holistic care across
every stage of lifeall in one soothing environment focused on
wellness and healing.

The only specialty center of its kind in the region

Tchaikovskys Fifth A nurse navigator to coordinate care

Primary and specialty care

Saturday, March 4 Nutritional counseling

Holistic therapies, including yoga, massage and acupuncture
3 and 8 pm
Fulton Opera House Primary Care | Cardiology | Gastroenterology
Diabetes & Endocrinology | Urogynecology | Physical Therapy
Wellness Education | Holistic Therapies
Coming Soon!
Bolero & More! Dont stop enjoying whats unique about you.
Saturday, April 8
Lancaster Bible College Call 717-544-0700 to make an appointment.
Dvoks New World &
Siegels Symphonic Blues Premiere
Saturday, May 20
Lancaster Bible College

(717) 397-7425 Choose well. Be well.

Performers subject to change without notice


Deaths from the previous week FORREST, Violet M., 96,

Lancaster and Ephrata,
78, Washington Boro, Feb.
KUHN, Virginia Elaine, 78,
Ephrata, Feb. 6.
Jan. 27. HERR, John O., 94, Ephrata, LAIRD, Clarence L. Jr., 86,
The following deaths 53, Lancaster, Feb. 3. DAVIS, Pam, 47, York, Feb. FOUTZ, Harriett, 77, Leola, Feb. 9. Mountville, Feb. 4.
were reported in the past BLOUIN, Doris 4. Feb. 9. HINKLE, Evelyn L., 93, LASHER, Wendy Jo, 32,
week. Complete obituaries (Stettenheim), 80, DENNISON, Joseph Louis, FRITSCH, Dawn M., 70, Lebanon, Feb. 8. Manheim, Feb. 4.
can be found in the Mechanicsburg, Jan. 31. 76, Feb. 4. Manheim, Feb. 2. news HOLLINGSWORTH, LEE, Esther Martin, 92, New
archives. BOLIN, Gladys, 89, DROZ, Gerald B., 82, GANSE, Joseph R. Sr., 87, Christine E., 57, Columbia, Holland, Feb. 7.
Washington Boro, Feb. 4. Pawleys Island, S.C., Feb. 6. Lancaster, Feb. 6. Feb. 4. LEFEVER, Harry Groff, 85,
AGRUSO, Anthony, 61,
Columbia, Feb. 9. BOYER, Troy A., 37, DRUM, Ray Kenneth, 82, GEBHARD, Allen J., 58, HOSTETTER, Paul Athens, Ga., Feb. 3.
Ephrata, Feb. 10. Exton, Feb. 1. Bainbridge, Feb. 4. Esbenshade, 89, Feb. 3. MARGOLIS, Donald E., 48,
(Burkart), 65, BOYES, Herbert Grant, 98, EARHART, Nancy A., 81, GEORGE, Lerleine M., 57, HOUSEAL, Jay R., 89, Beverly Hills, Calif., Feb. 7.
Elizabethtown, Feb. 9. Highland Township, Feb. 5. East Petersburg, Feb. 6. Lancaster, Jan. 31. Maytown, Feb. 7. MARTIN, Elizabeth W., 88,
ANSELL, Saxon E., 22, BRADLEY, James W., 84, ELLIOTT, Harvey M. Jr., 66, GIEG, Ronald D., 68, New JESBERG, Adra Sullivan, Stevens, Feb. 8.
Elizabethtown, Feb. 3. Mount Joy, Feb. 5. Columbia, Feb. 2. Providence, Feb. 2. 86, Christiana, Feb. 5. MARTIN, Helen E., 95,
BAILEY, Barbara E. BROWN, Jennifer R., 38, ENGLAND, Verna Louise GROSSMAN, Reginald A., JOHNSON, Berchie Daniel, Lancaster, Feb. 7.
(Lindenberger) (Baker), 80, Christiana, Feb. 9. (Probst), 84, West Grove, 70, Lancaster, Feb. 4. 72, Drumore, Feb. 2. MARTINEZ, Jose Manuel
Modesto, Calif., Jan. 26. BRUBAKER, Mary S., 65, Feb. 8. GRUMELLI, Anthony D., 97, JONES, Hazel M., 83, Gonzalez, 52, Lancaster,
BARNES, Carolyn A, 86, East Earl, Feb. 4. ESH, Levi F. Jr., 81, Christiana, Feb. 9. Willow Street, Feb. 4. Feb. 4.
Honey Brook, Feb. 7. BURNS, Dennis M., 67, Quarryville, Feb. 6. HANN, David S., 55, Florida, KAHLER, Edward B. Jr., 97, MASSIE, Howell Brantley,
BARR, Melvin D., 87, Gap, Palmyra, Feb. 7. ESHLEMAN, Barbara Jean, Feb. 5. Conestoga, Feb. 3. 98, Lancaster, Feb. 7.
Feb. 8. BYRNE, Doris J., 81, 56, Rheems, Feb. 8. HARLESS, Thomas W., 88, KERN, Robert E., 76, McCREADY, Leo A., 88,
BARTO, Helen P. Getz, 96, Elizabethtown. EZREN, Emmy L., 81, Willow Street, Feb. 8. Wilmington, Del., Feb. 7. New Holland, Feb. 7.
Lititz, Feb. 6. CHUBB, Donald B., 92, Lancaster, Feb. 2. HARRINGTON, Kevin M., KING, Benjamin B., 71, McSPARREN, Ethelmae, 83,
BEILER, Elias J., 76, Ronks, Hershey, Feb. 5. FIGART, Thomas O. Sr., 91, 65, Bausman, Feb. 5. Quarryville, Feb. 8. Lancaster, Feb. 8.
Feb. 4. COOK, Gladys R., 94, Lancaster and Lititz, Jan. HART, William Leon, 81, KING, Richard W., 62, MICHENER, Charles Patrick,
Lancaster, Feb. 6. 25. Gap, Feb. 5. Lancaster, Feb. 1. 69, Lancaster, Feb. 3.
BENDER, Chester Lee, 64,
Lancaster, Feb. 6. COOPER, John H., 85, FITTERLING, Kathryn HARTZELL, Linda A., 66, KNAPPENBERGER, Nancy MILLER, Gilles R., 82,
Lancaster, Feb. 3. (Glass), 88, Ephrata, Feb. 3. Morgantown, Feb. 8. R., 77, Lititz, Feb. 10. Schaefferstown, Feb. 3.
BENEDICT, Lori A., 53,
Lancaster, Feb. 8. DAVIS, Edward W., 88, FONSECA, Porfiria Andino, HASER, John F. Jr., 85, KOCH, Bruce R., 83, Lititz, MOORE, Aarone Scott, 26,
Lancaster, Feb. 2. 78, Willow Street, Feb. 8. Lancaster, Jan. 28. Washington D.C., and Columbia, Feb. 4.
BENNER, Catherine Ann,
HENRY, Mary Ann (Maw), Lancaster, Jan. 31.
DEATHS, page A15
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Deaths Muncipal brief

(Shaffer), 71, Feb. 7. 89, Quarryville, Feb. 4. SWIFT, Thomas C. Sr.,
PRANGE, Bonnie E., 72, SHEAFFER, Helen L., 103, 92, Manheim, Feb. 4.
Columbia, Feb. 3. New Holland, Jan. 28. TAYLOR, M. Eunice, 91,
QUERRY, Robert A., 67, SHELLY, Jane (Landis), 81, Leola, Feb. 4. MOUNT JOY eligible for state grants.
Duncansville, Feb. 7.
Continued from A14 Lancaster, Feb. 1. WALKER, James M. Sr., BOROUGH n Fire department: Fire Chief
REMINGTON, Mindy Joy SHEPPARD, Bruce Olen 74, Lititz, Feb. 1. Phil Colvin reported that in
MOSER, Dolores F., 85, (Kahn), 52, Lancaster, Feb.
n What happened: Council 2016 Fire Department Mount
Jr., 76, Harrisonburg, Va., debated a resolution to
Conestoga, Feb. 4. 2. WARNER HEVENER, Joy responded to a total of
Feb. 2. adopt a policy for the
MYERS, Craig D., 96, Honey Kim, Mount Joy, Jan. 29. 589 alarms. Delivery of the
REUTER, John P., 91, SMITH, J. Donald, 94, deposit and investment of new Seagrave ladder truck
Brook, Feb. 4. Marietta, Feb. 6. Oxford, Feb. 4. WEAVER, Esther M., 93, public funds at its meeting is expected in May, ahead of
NAUMAN, Suzanne, 72, David M. Weaver, Lititz, Monday.
RICHARDSON, James M., SMITH, Paul Dallas, 67, the originally cited September
Ephrata, Feb. 3. 77, Elizabethtown, Feb. 4. Feb. 4. rollout. An open house to
Willow Street, Feb. 5. n Discussion and action:
NAUSS, Marie Mae (Wible), WEAVER, Robert W., 61, Borough Manager Sam highlight renovations will be
RINEER, Donald P. Jr., 54, SMITH, Shirley Ann, 85, held from 1:30-3 p.m. Sunday,
84, Etters, Feb. 3. Millersville, Feb. 6. Honey Brook, Feb. 9. Cody, Wyo., Dec. 31. Sulkosky reported that
state policy sets limits on Feb. 26, at 111 New Haven St.,
NEWSWANGER, Mary S., RISSER, Doris J., 84, SMUCKER, Levi F., 40, East WEIDMAN, Leroy E., 83, Mount Joy.
how public monies may
85, New Holland, Feb. 4. Lancaster, Feb. 5. Earl, Feb. 7. Leola, Feb. 4. be invested. The council n Public comment: Arbor
OVERLY, John G., 91, Blue RODRIGUEZ, Francisco, 78, SNELLING, Emma M., 94, WEIR, Beverly S., 65, consensus was that a written Rose Community President
Ball, Jan. 21. Lancaster, Feb. 7. Manheim, Feb. 4. New Holland, Feb. 5. procedure for investment is Bruce Haigh asked council
a prerequisite. The motion to review outdated ward
OXLEY, Eleanore A., 90, SANTOS, Dolores, 73, SNYDER, Edward H., 80, WHITE, Helen E., 86, was withdrawn pending
Lititz, Feb. 7. Lancaster, Feb. 5. boundaries, particularly
Lancaster, Jan. 29. Manheim, Feb. 3. procedures definition. for the Florin Ward, which
PADBERG, Frank Joseph, SCHOCK, Sherilyn D., 66, SNYDER, Margaret E., 54, accounts for 45 percent of
49, Elizabethtown, Feb. 4. WHITESIDE, Jean, 83, n Keystone communities
Washington Boro. Lebanon, Feb. 8. the boroughs population.
Honey Brook, Feb. 8. designation sought: An
PALMER, Jean A., 88, SCHWEBBACH, Erma Irene STAGER, Gordon G., 81, application to the state
Lancaster, Feb. 5. Peifer, 89, Columbia, Jan. WILSON, Wayne R., 81, n Other business: Council
Lebanon, Feb. 7. Department of Community authorized the closure of
29. Lititz, Jan. 26. and Economic Development
PARMER, Mary Jane, 88, STIGELMAN, Bruce F., 71, Main Street on Saturday,
Lancaster and Willow SEILER, Dorothy, 88, Leola, WOLF, Timothy S., 63, to recognize the boroughs May 27, for the Memorial
Bausman, Feb. 1. Main Street Program as
Street, Feb. 5. Feb. 3. Lancaster, Feb. 2. Day parade.
STOCKMAN, Bruce C., 90, a Keystone Communities
POST, Patricia A., 73, SENSENIG, Miriam E., 95, Lancaster, Feb. 8. WOLFE, Henry Kahler, initiative was approved. Herb Landau,
Mount Joy, Feb. 3. Ephrata, Feb. 6. 95, Willow Valley, Feb. 3. This will make the program LNP correspondent
STOLTZFUS, Rebecca B.,
POWNALL, Peggy F., 69, SHAEFFER, Miles J., 50, infant daughter of Jacob S.
Quarryville, Feb. 2. Lancaster, Feb. 1. and Mary Beiler Stoltzfus,
POZZA, Martha Jane SHALLCROSS, Doris Mae, Mount Joy, Feb. 9.

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Dow industrials Nasdaq S&P 500 S&P mid-cap Russell 2000
Young couples are increasingly
choosing to buy a home before they
get married. In 2015, almost 15
percent of all homebuyers ages 24
to 35 were unmarried couples,
U 0.99% (wkly)
s 4-wk. 1.93%
s YTD 2.56%
U 1.19% (wkly)
s 4-wk. 2.87%
s YTD 6.52%
U 0.81% (wkly)
s 4-wk. 1.82%
s YTD 3.45%
U 0.83% (wkly)
s 4-wk. 1.98%
s YTD 3.63%
U 0.80% (wkly)
s 4-wk. 1.22%
s YTD 2.34%
according to real estate information
company Zillow. Thats up from a
share of 11 percent in 2005, the
firm said. The trend reflects the -19.04 37.87 -35.95 118.06 96.97 -3.21 10.67 8.23 32.73 18.95
sharp rise in home prices in recent
years as the U.S. housing market 21,000 6,000
bounced back from the downturn
almost 10 years ago. At the same 5,800

time, the percentage of 20,000
A strong week for technology and small-cap
homebuyers who are single has 5,600 stocks, while emerging market stocks kept the

been declining in recent years. 19,000 lead for the year alongside gold. Copper and oil
About 25 percent of all homebuyers slid, while bonds and utilities tread water.
in 2015 were single, down from 28
percent 10 years earlier, Zillow said. 18,000
5,200 Stocks Bonds Commodities 1-week
... today is percent
17,000 Dow Jones industrials 5,000
Nasdaq composite $1,000 invested at the end of last year ... worth change
Close: 20,269.37 Close: 5,734.13
Emerging-market stocks $1,074 1.1 %
1-week change: 197.91 (1.0%) 1-week change: 67.36 (1.2%)
16,000 4,800 Gold 1,074 1.4
Technology stocks 1,071 1.8
W E E K L Y P E R F O R M A N C E Copper 1,059 -1.2
Asian stocks 1,056 0.6

20298.21 15503.01 Dow Jones industrial average 20298.21 20002.81 20269.37 +197.91 +1.0 s s +2.6 |9996321 +26.9
S&P 500 1,033 1.2

9502.50 6791.58 Dow Jones transportation 9411.18 9158.78 9393.79 +152.23 +1.7 s s +3.9 |99987632 +33.3 European stocks 1,026 0.0
11688.45 8944.05 NYSE Comp. 11390.89 11196.93 11377.72 +66.98 +0.6 s s +2.9 |99865421 +23.3 High-yield bonds 1,019 0.3
5743.43 4209.76 Nasdaq Comp. 5743.43 5649.39 5734.13 +67.36 +1.2 s s +6.5 |9998732 +32.2 Small-cap stocks 1,017 1.6
2319.23 1810.10 S&P 500 2319.23 2285.38 2316.10 +18.68 +0.8 s s +3.5 |9987532 +24.2 REITs 1,009 1.1
1723.42 1229.10 S&P MidCap 1723.42 1683.69 1720.84 +14.20 +0.8 s s +3.6 |999973 +36.4 Utilities stocks 1,008 0.3
24280.57 18462.43 Wilshire 5000 24280.57 23879.84 24248.91 +196.12 +0.8 s s +3.5 |9996541 +27.5 Investment-grade bonds 1,005 0.4
1392.71 943.09 Russell 2000 1391.17 1349.42 1388.84 +11.01 +0.8 s s +2.3 |99999321 +42.9 Oil 987 -1.0
Three decades after the Playboy $0 $500 $1,000
Club closed in New York, a new
one will debut this year a few
blocks from Times Square.
Playboy Enterprises says the
club will have a lounge, a
The NYTs digital boom
The New York Times is starting to look more like a Donald Trumps very activist, news-making
Performance benchmarks: industries - sectors of the Standard & Poors 500 index; international
stocks - MSCI indexes; bond returns - Barclays Capital and BofA Merrill Lynch indexes.
Source: FactSet Data through Feb. 8 AP

restaurant, a game room and, of winner in the digital world. But its still grappling administration is pumping up interest in news
course, the Playboy Bunnies. with the decline of its print business. even print subscriptions rose, for the first time
20 Best Stocks One Year
Other Playboy clubs are already The Gray Lady now has more than 3 million since 2011. FRIDAY %CHG %CHG %RTN
operating in London, the subscribers, the most in its history, thanks to more Company revenue has dropped, however, as the COMPANY TICKERCLOSE 1WK 1MO 1YR PE YLD
Vietnamese capital of Hanoi and people paying for its online edition. The company print-ad business continues its long fall off a cliff. SandRidge Energy SD 20.19 -3.9 -8.5+60020.5 ... ...
several places in India. Another is is making more money from customers, and Print ad sales dropped 20 percent to $107.5 million
set to open in the spring in Global Medical REIT GMRE 8.69 +3.3 -2.0 +7116.3 ... ...
expects that to continue. in the fourth quarter. Overall ad sales
Shanghai. Playboy founder Hugh Verso Corp VRS 7.85 -1.6 +11.3 +1730.4 ... ...
Digital news subscriptions are expected to fall again this quarter.
Hefner opened the first club in Resolute Energy REN 48.71 +4.6 +13.6 +1653.7 ... ...
grew 47 percent to 1.6 On a positive note, digital ads
Chicago in 1960. He quickly
expanded the operation to 30 million in the fourth quarter, are bringing in more money, and Globus Maritime Ltd GLBS 7.10 -5.0 -1.9 +1402.1 ... ...
clubs around the world. The and the Times expects to the company says its getting Nthn Dynasty Min NAK 3.36 +14.7 +47.4 +944.0 ... ...
original clubs remained popular add another 200,000 paid better at selling mobile ads and Clayton Engy CWEI 142.85 -2.9 +37.4 +933.8 dd ...
and lucrative for years before subscribers this quarter. other newer types of online CoLucid Pharmaceut CLCD 46.40 -0.1 +35.3 +793.3 dd ...
faltering in the 1980s. CEO Mark Thompson advertising as traditional web
Eleven Biotherap EBIO 2.16 -4.8 -2.3 +727.0 dd ...
noted that President ads decline.
Leap Therapeutics LPTX 8.20 +20.8 +4.3 +674.2 ... ...
Adv Micro Dev AMD 13.58 +10.9 +28.4 +606.3 dd ...
Digital news subscribers Ad sales Circulation income Emerge Energy Svcs EMES 21.07 +6.4 +61.1 +597.0 dd ...
2 million $800 thousand $900 thousand Chemours Co CC 28.13 +1.8 +13.0 +596.2 cc 0.4
Fairmount Santrol FMSA 12.12 -3.1 +0.5 +589.4 dd ...
Cliffs Nat Res CLF 11.15 +26.8 +20.8 +538.8 11 ...

800 Birks Group Inc BGI 1.73 +0.6 +44.2 +538.5 ... ...
Kemet Corp KEM 8.14 +3.8 +14.3 +510.0 24 ...
1 Achaogen Inc AKAO 20.84 +20.3 +16.0 +492.4 dd ...
Teck Resources Ltd TECK 24.90 +2.7 +0.9 +489.7 ... ...
600 700
Tesaro Inc TSRO 182.02 +10.9 +16.4 +483.0 dd ...

0 flat 500 600
10 11* 12** 13 14 15 16 10 11* 12** 13 14 15 16 10 11* 12** 13 14 15 16 PERCENT CHANGE %RTN
Source: FactSet *First year that digital-only subscriptions were sold **First time that circulation Tali Arbel; Alex Nieves AP
A BOOST FROM HOME PRICES brought in more money than ads, one year after digital-only subscriptions launched 1. Technology 1.1 4.2 10.6 |999994 36.8
Rising home values helped lift 2. Consumer Goods 1.5 4.1 7.2 |98742 13.1
homeowners out of negative equity 3. Basic Material 0.6 3.3 10.1 |9999876532 36.3
in 2016. The share of U.S. homes DJ Total Market index 0.8 1.9 7.4 |9998432 26.0
in negative equity, or those worth LocalFunds 4. Industrials 1.3 1.8 6.0 |99997543 31.9
less than their mortgage debt, 5. Consumer Services 1.4 1.7 7.7 |99876431 21.4
$CHG ---------- PERCENT RETURN ---------- 6. Utilities 0.7 1.4 7.2 |9731 9.3
stood at 18.1 percent at the end of FAMILY FUND TICKER NAV 1WK 1WK 1MO 1YR RANK 5YRS* RANK RATING 7. Health Care 0.5 1.3 2.3 |98754321 13.7
last year, down from 21.5 percent
American Funds AmBalA m ABALX 25.46 +0.11 +0.4 +1.8 +17.4 3 +10.3 1 HHHHH 8. Financials 0.4 1.3 9.1 |99998761 35.7
a year earlier, according to Attom 9. Telecommunications 0.4 -2.0 9.7 |9632 8.4
Data Solutions. All told, about 10.2 CapIncBuA m CAIBX 58.87 +0.27 +0.5 +1.5 +13.8 4 +7.3 1 HHHHI
10. Oil & Gas -0.7 -2.1 5.4 |999943 29.6
million U.S. homes were in CpWldGrIA m CWGIX 45.64 +0.12 +0.3 +2.0 +22.3 3 +9.4 2 HHHHI
negative equity at the end of the FnInvA m ANCFX 56.73 +0.28 +0.5 +2.7 +30.5 1 +13.7 1 HHHHI
year. When a home is in negative GrthAmA m AGTHX 44.60 +0.33 +0.7 +3.2 +32.7 1 +14.2 1 HHHHI Oil & Gas sectors (best performers)
equity, or what is sometimes IncAmerA m AMECX 22.16 +0.08 +0.4 +1.4 +18.9 4 +9.2 1 HHHHH
Pipelines -1.7 -0.1 6.5 ((^%$#@|98532 67.8
referred to as having an InvCoAmA m AIVSX 37.62 +0.15 +0.4 +2.1 +28.5 2 +13.6 2 HHHHI
underwater mortgage, the Teekay LNG Ptrs TGP +1.1 +23.6 +39.6 ((^%$#@|987531 +78.3
WAMutInvA m AWSHX 41.95 +0.24 +0.6 +1.6 +26.0 4 +13.0 2 HHHHI
homeowner often cant qualify for ONEOK Partners LP OKS -1.3 +19.8 +36.1 ((^%$#@|99754 +118.3
Dodge & Cox Income DODIX 13.67 +0.03 +0.2 +0.2 +6.6 1 +3.4 1 HHHHI
mortgage refinancing and has little Cheniere EngyPtrsLP CQP +4.1 +12.5 +12.5 ((^%$#@|974 +54.8
IntlStk DODFX 40.36 +0.05 +0.1 +2.9 +37.3 1 +7.4 1 HHHHI
recourse but to continue making Dominion Midstream DM +0.6 +12.3 +31.4 ((^%$#@|871 +32.2
payments in hope that the property Stock DODGX 190.94 +1.15 +0.6 +1.8 +44.2 1 +15.9 1 HHHHI
Buckeye Part BPL +0.4 +11.1 +13.5 ((^%$#@|9641 +49.6
eventually regains its value. Fidelity 500IdxPr FUSVX 81.21 +0.70 +0.9 +2.2 +27.7 2 +13.9 1 HHHHI
Exploration & Production -0.1 -0.9 9.0 ((^%$#@|954321 47.9
Contra x FCNTX 104.60 +0.87 +1.5 +3.9 +24.7 3 +13.2 2 HHHHI
Clayton Engy CWEI -2.9 +37.4 +34.9 ((^%$#@|99754 +933.8
FrankTemp-Franklin IncomeA m FKINX 2.33 ... ... +0.9 +26.8 1 +7.3 1 HHHHI
Gastar Exploration GST -4.5 +26.5 +83.7 ((^%$#@|9953 +88.8
Metropolitan West TtlRetBdI MWTIX 10.56 +0.04 +0.4 +0.1 +1.4 4 +3.8 1 HHHHH
Erin Energy Corp ERN +6.8 +23.4 +68.1 ((^%$#@|9974321 +98.5
PIMCO TotRetIs PTTRX 10.12 +0.05 +0.5 +0.5 +3.2 2 +2.9 2 HHHHI
Chesapeake Granite CHKR +1.6 +19.2 +47.6 ((^%$#@|8632 +27.7
Vanguard 500Adml VFIAX 214.12 +1.85 +0.9 +2.2 +27.7 2 +13.9 1 HHHHI
Comstk Rsc CRK -3.6 +18.7 +45.9 ((^%$#@|99754 +116.4
InstIdxI VINIX 211.29 +1.84 +0.9 +2.2 +27.7 2 +13.9 1 HHHHI
Oil Equipment & Services -1.0 -1.8 10.1 ((^%$#@|875431 36.9
InstPlus VIIIX 211.30 +1.83 +0.9 +2.2 +27.8 2 +13.9 1 HHHHH
IntlStkIdxAdm VTIAX 25.93 +0.10 +0.4 +3.0 +23.0 1 +4.7 3 HHHII Carbo Ceramics Inc CRR +6.3 +58.1 +131.6 ((^%$#@|52 +3.1
IntlStkIdxIPls VTPSX 103.70 +0.39 +0.4 +3.0 +23.1 1 +4.7 3 HHHII Civeo Corp CVEO -2.7 +32.4 +100.6 ((^%$#@|99754 +255.6
MuIntAdml VWIUX 13.96 +0.02 +0.2 +0.2 -0.8 2 +2.7 2 HHHHI Basic Energy Svcs BAS +5.3 +22.5 +27.5 9965432| -95.7
PrmcpAdml VPMAX 114.54 +1.16 +1.0 +2.4 +32.5 1 +16.4 1 HHHHH Flotek Industries FTK +16.3 +19.7 +5.4 ((^%$#@|9964 +92.1
STGradeAd VFSUX 10.66 +0.01 +0.1 +0.3 +2.7 2 +2.1 1 HHHHI Weatherford Intl Ltd WFT -1.3 +15.2 +27.3 ((^%$#@| 0.0
TotBdAdml VBTLX 10.68 +0.03 +0.3 +0.1 +0.9 4 +2.1 4 HHHII Integrated Oil & Gas -0.9 -3.6 0.3 ((^%$#@|7 10.8
TotIntl VGTSX 15.50 +0.06 +0.4 +3.0 +22.9 1 +4.6 4 HHHII Par Petroleum Corp PARR +0.1 +11.1 +1.7 ((^%$#@| 0.0
TotStIAdm VTSAX 58.18 +0.51 +0.9 +2.2 +30.2 1 +13.8 1 HHHHI Enable Midstream ENBL -1.9 +5.0 +3.7 ((^%$#@|99754 +188.2
TotStIIns VITSX 58.19 +0.51 +0.9 +2.2 +30.2 1 +13.8 1 HHHHI Midcoast Energy Ptrs MEP -0.6 +3.9 +11.2 ((^%$#@|962 +48.4
AP TotStIdx VTSMX 58.15 +0.51 +0.9 +2.2 +30.0 2 +13.6 2 HHHHI Marathon Petroleum MPC +4.1 +3.6 +15.0 ((^%$#@|9765421 +63.3
* - annualized WelltnAdm VWENX 68.72 +0.34 +0.5 +0.9 +19.1 2 +10.0 1 HHHHH InterOil Corp IOC +0.4 -0.3 +1.6 ((^%$#@|9876543 +84.8

Local Stocks
AT&T Inc T 36.10 7 43.89 41.38 0.13 0.3 s s -2.7 18.9 3 11.2 16 4.7 PNC Financial PNC 77.40 0 123.25 123.10 0.94 0.8 s s 5.2 53.7 2 17.3 17 1.8
Air Products APD 126.38 5 157.84 140.13 -0.03 0.0 t s -2.6 17.6 4 12.8 22 2.7 PPL Corp PPL 32.08 5 39.92 35.50 0.04 0.1 s s 4.3 2.1 4 10.0 14 4.5
Applied Indl Tch AIT 37.12 9 66.65 61.85 0.80 1.3 s s 4.1 60.8 2 10.3 25 1.9
Patterson Cos PDCO 36.46 5 50.40 42.83 0.70 1.7 s t 4.4 3.7 4 8.0 18 2.2
Arconic Inc ARNC 16.75 0 28.14 29.62 3.72 14.4 s s 59.8 999.0 5 ... ... ...
Armstrong World Inds AWI 31.91 6 45.75 39.75 0.65 1.7 s t -4.9 21.5 3 2.2 25 ... Penn Natl Gaming PENN 11.93 4 17.40 13.97 -0.16 -1.1 s s 1.3 7.1 4 7.4 19 ...
BB&T Corp BBT 31.27 0 47.85 46.63 0.32 0.7 s s -0.8 52.9 2 12.1 16 2.6 Penney JC Co Inc JCP 6.35 2 11.99 7.14 0.45 6.7 s t -14.1 -4.7 5 -29.6 ... ...
Bco Santander SA SAN 3.60 9 5.74 5.34 -0.38 -6.6 t s 3.1 42.0 2 -0.7 ... 4.3 Pfizer Inc PFE 28.74 5 37.39 32.35 0.26 0.8 t t -0.4 13.8 4 12.3 14 4.0
Bon Ton Store BONT 1.05 1 3.00 1.19 0.03 2.6 t t -19.0 -28.3 5 -16.5 ... 16.8
Rite Aid Corp RAD 5.20 2 8.77 5.61 0.34 6.5 t t -31.9 -27.9 5 29.5 51 ...
CNH Indl NV CNHI 6.03 0 9.67 9.56 0.29 3.1 s s 10.0 54.6 2 -0.7a ... 1.3
Sears Holdings Corp SHLD 5.50 2 19.12 6.96 0.08 1.2 t t -25.1 -53.6 5 -13.1 ... ...
Campbell Soup CPB 52.59 7 67.89 63.27 -0.01 0.0 s s 4.6 11.6 4 17.0 22 2.2
Carpenter Tech CRS 27.08 9 45.34 41.96 -1.11 -2.6 s s 16.0 63.8 1 -3.1 40 1.7 Skyline Cp SKY 3.87 5 17.35 10.52 -0.43 -3.9 t t -31.8 167.7 1 8.9 ... ...
Clarcor Inc CLC 46.51 0 83.13 82.88 0.04 0.0 s s 0.5 82.6 1 10.7 32 1.2 Supervalu Inc SVU 3.64 2 6.17 3.96 0.14 3.7 t t -15.2 -6.8 5 -9.4 7 ...
Costco Wholesale COST 138.57 0 171.42 172.00 4.13 2.5 s s 7.4 17.4 4 17.8 31 1.0 TE Connectivity Ltd TEL 54.54 0 76.49 75.11 -0.27 -0.4 s s 8.4 44.1 2 18.1 16 2.0
Donegal A DGICA 13.30 7 18.55 16.83 0.28 1.7 t s -3.7 22.1 3 4.6 14 3.3
Tanger Factory SKT 30.88 4 42.20 34.63 0.53 1.6 t s -3.2 20.1 3 6.5 13 3.8
Exelon Corp EXC 29.82 7 37.70 35.02 -0.76 -2.1 t s -1.3 15.6 4 1.2 14 3.7
Frontier Comm FTR 3.10 1 5.85 3.31 -0.11 -3.2 t s -2.1 -10.6 5 5.8 ... 12.7 Tegna Inc TGNA 17.91 8 25.38 23.66 0.20 0.9 s s 10.6 11.6 4 17.6 11 2.4
Fulton Financial FULT 11.78 9 19.45 18.45 -0.05 -0.3 t s -1.9 54.3 2 16.3 20 2.2 Tyson Foods TSN 55.72 5 77.05 65.06 -0.33 -0.5 s t 5.5 6.8 4 28.8 15 0.9
GlaxoSmithKline PLC GSK 37.20 4 45.58 40.28 0.96 2.4 s s 4.6 9.7 4 3.4 ... 7.2 UGI Corp UGI 35.62 0 48.13 47.86 0.53 1.1 s s 3.9 36.0 2 23.5 11 2.0
Harley Davidson HOG 39.09 8 62.35 57.34 0.89 1.6 t t -1.7 50.7 2 6.3 15 2.5
Univrsl Corp UVV 52.26 8 83.35 75.10 4.90 7.0 s s 17.8 45.2 2 12.4 18 2.8
Henry Schein Inc HSIC 143.64 6 183.00 165.07 2.41 1.5 s s 8.8 5.3 4 18.3 27 ...
Urban Outfitters URBN 23.05 3 40.80 27.44 1.12 4.3 s t -3.7 12.7 4 0.3 14 ...
Hershey Company HSY 87.92 7 117.79 107.62 0.64 0.6 s s 4.1 22.6 3 14.6 26 2.3
Intl Paper IP 33.43 8 58.86 52.89 -0.12 -0.2 t s -0.3 57.2 2 14.0 17 3.5 Verizon Comm VZ 46.01 3 56.95 48.98 0.40 0.8 t s -8.2 2.6 4 9.7 12 4.7
Johnson & Johnson JNJ 101.65 6 126.07 115.24 1.60 1.4 s t 0.0 16.4 4 14.9 17 2.8 WalMart Strs WMT 62.35 5 75.19 68.02 1.52 2.3 s t -1.6 6.4 4 4.6 15 2.9
Kellogg Co K 70.74 4 87.16 76.00 2.64 3.6 s s 3.1 10.1 4 11.4 19 2.7 Weis Mkts WMK 38.69 8 68.88 60.73 0.65 1.1 t t -9.1 63.0 1 9.4 26 2.0
Kroger Co KR 28.71 4 40.91 33.48 -0.54 -1.6 t t -3.0 -8.2 5 24.4 16 1.4
Wells Fargo & Co WFC 43.55 0 58.02 56.86 -0.41 -0.7 s s 3.2 26.5 3 16.0 14 2.7
M&T Bank MTB 101.95 0 166.34 165.31 1.42 0.9 s s 5.7 59.4 2 17.6 21 1.7
Merck & Co MRK 49.24 0 65.46 64.15 -0.14 -0.2 s s 9.0 33.3 3 14.0 17 2.9 Windstream Hldgs WIN 5.22 4 10.46 7.23 -0.46 -6.0 t s -1.4 44.5 2 -2.9 ... 8.3
Nwst Bancshares Inc NWBI 11.78 8 19.10 17.31 0.27 1.6 t t -4.0 48.5 2 11.1 35 3.7 YRC Worldwide Inc YRCW 6.25 7 16.97 13.45 -1.77 -11.6 t s 1.3 92.4 1 0.6 \>99 ...
Notes on data: Total returns, shown for periods 1-year or greater, include dividend income and change in market price. Three-year and five-year returns annualized. Ellipses indicate data not available. Price-earnings ratio unavailable for closed-end funds and companies with net losses over
prior four quarters. Rank classifies a stocks performance relative to all U.S.-listed shares, from top 20 percent (1) to bottom 20 percent (5).


In brief

S. Korea says North

test-fires missile
South Koreas military said today
that North Korea fired a projectile into
its eastern sea, a likely effort to advance
its weapons program while also chal-
lenging the Trump administration.
The Souths Joint Chiefs of Staff said in
a statement that the projectile was fired
from an area in the countrys western
region around Banghyon, North Pyon-
gan Province, which is where South Ko-
rean officials have said the country test
launched its powerful midrange missile
Musudan on Oct. 15 and 20.

Yale building to drop


An image from video shows water flowing over an emergency spillway of the Oroville Dam in Oroville, Calif., on Friday.

Calhouns name
After a swelling tide of protests, the
president of Yale announced Saturday
that the university would change the Damaged dams spillway goes into action
name of a residential college commem-
orating John C. Calhoun, the 19th- LOS ANGELES TIMES since the dam opened in 1948. flow is less than half of what the
century white supremacist statesman OROVILLE, Calif. Capping This is a very unusual event for system is designed to handle.
from South Carolina. days of tense planning at the na- us at Lake Oroville, said Eric See, The dam is not threatened by
The college will be renamed for Grace tions tallest dam, water flowed a spokesman for the Department of these conditions, said Bill Croyle,
Murray Hopper, a trailblazing comput- down an emergency spillway Sat- Water Resources. Its the first time acting director of the Department
er scientist and Navy rear admiral who urday at the Oroville Dam for the the structure has ever been used to of Water Resources. These kinds
received both a masters degree and a first time after the dams main spill- spill water. of flows are typical for this kind of
doctorate from Yale. way suffered significant damage. Water is flowing down the emer- runoff period.
The decision was a stark reversal of Water started flowing down the gency spillway at a rate of 6,000 to The agency is expecting a few dry
the universitys decision last spring to spillway into the Feather River 12,000 cubic feet per second, while days ahead before another storm
maintain the name despite broad op- early Saturday, with officials con- 55,000 cfs was going down the hits later in the week, he said. The
position. Although President Peter tinuing to emphasize there was no main spillway, he said. large snowpack means the agency
Salovey said he was still concerned imminent threat to the public or to Relatively speaking, its a small will have to continuously monitor
about erasing history, he said these the integrity of the dam. spill, See said, noting that the flow inflows into the lake.
are exceptional circumstances. The state Department of Water over the emergency spillway is In this kind of situation, the next
Resources said Lake Oroville the expected to end in the next 38-56 60 to 90 days will be critical how we
NEW YORK linchpin of the states water system hours. route this runoff into the Feather
Woman falls to her that sends water from the Sierra
Nevada south to cities and farms
The lake will actually drop and
the spill will cease, he said.
River, Croyle said.
But he said those who live down-
death in WTC Oculus was rising to the point where water
would flow down the emergency
Officials said the flow of water
into the Feather River is about half
stream from the dam need not
A 29-year-old New Jersey woman spillway. At 8 a.m., the agency said of the downstream flood capacity The flow rates that we see now
plunged about 30 feet to her death off the spillway was now in operation. and consistent with releases made pose no threat to the dam and no
an escalator inside the World Trade Eric See, a department public at the same time of year during pre- flood threat to downstream wa-
Center transit hub known as the Ocu- information officer said it was the vious wet years such as this. ters, Croyle said at a news confer-
lus on Saturday morning, police said. first time the auxiliary spillway was Bill Croyle, acting director of the ence at the state park headquarters
Jenny Santos, of Kearny, was try- used to drain water from the lake water department, reiterated the in Oroville.
ing to retrieve a hat dropped by her
twin sister while the two were on an
escalator at about 5:30 a.m. when she PROTESTS

Pro-life, pro-choice activists face off

reached too far over the railing and
tumbled over the edge, a law enforce-
ment official said.
The $3.9 billion transportation hub
provides connections between New GENE JOHNSON abortions in 2014, the
Jerseys PATH trains and New York most recent year tallied.
Citys subways. SEATTLE Anti-abor- At the nonprofits New
tion activists emboldened York headquarters, sup-
CAMDEN, N.J. by the new administra- porters outnumbered
Court overturns tion of President Don-
ald Trump staged rallies
a group of 50 abortion
rights opponents by a ra-
college tuition order around the country Sat-
urday calling for the fed-
tio of 3-to-1. By contrast,
in the deeply conserva-
A divorced couple cannot be forced to eral government to cut tive western Iowa city of
pay college tuition for their estranged off payments to Planned Council Bluffs, two dozen
daughter, a state appellate court ruled. Parenthood, but in some anti-abortion demon-
Caitlyn Ricci has argued that her par- cities counter-protests strators drew no counter-
ents should pay portions of the costs dwarfed the demonstra- rally.
she incurred while attending the for- tions. Outside a Planned Par-
mer Gloucester County College and Thousands of Planned enthood clinic in the Dal-
later, Temple University, where she en- Parenthood supporters, ASSOCIATED PRESS
las suburb of Plano, about
rolled without her parents blessings. many wearing the pointy- Pro-choice demonstrator Brenda Zee, right, confronts 20 anti-abortion protest-
pro-life activist Susan Sutherland during a rally Saturday in
Two lower court judges ordered her eared pink hats popu- front of Planned Parenthood in Denver. ers gathered.
parents to pay some costs. But the ap- larized by last months Maria Nesbitt, 47, par-
pellate court rejected those rulings, womens marches, turned porting the organization. other services, including ticipated along with her
finding Thursday that detailed hear- out for a rally in St. Paul, In St. Louis, thousands birth control and cancer husband and daughters,
ings must first be held to determine Minnesota, separated marched, many carrying screening. Anti-abortion ages 5 and 3, and said
whether Caitlyn was considered legal- by barricades from an pink signs that read, I conservatives have long she was pleased about
ly emancipated after she moved in with anti-abortion crowd of a stand with Planned Par- tried to cut Planned Par- Trumps election and
her paternal grandparents. couple hundred people. enthood. enthood funds, arguing the prospect of cutting
In Detroit, about 300 Federal dollars dont that the reimbursements Planned Parenthoods
ANKARA, TURKEY people turned up outside pay for abortions, but help subsidize abortions. funding. She and the girls
Erdogan mutes a Planned Parenthood
office, most of them sup-
the organization is reim-
bursed by Medicaid for
Planned Parenthood says
it performed 324,000
held signs saying Pray to
End Abortion.
criticism of Trump
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of CABINET
Turkey and the officials around him
have kept quiet as U.S. President Don- Records dispute Mnuchin on foreclosures
ald Trump signed an executive order
banning immigration from seven pre- JIM BRUNNER in 2013 by a Seattle feder- sumer advocates labeled picked apart by media re-
dominantly Muslim countries. Erdo- al judge for obstruction- OneWest a foreclosure ports pointing to a 2009
gan sees Trumps rise to the presidency A bank founded by Ste- ist tactics in a foreclosure machine for its aggres- deposition by OneWest
as a chance to reset relations with the ven Mnuchin, President lawsuit. sive moves to force de- Vice President Erica
United States, which had nearly col- Donald Trumps nomi- Mnuchin, a former faulting homeowners out Johnson-Seck, who testi-
lapsed in the last years of the Obama nee for treasury secre- Goldman Sachs banker of their houses. fied to robo-signing hun-
administration, officials say. tary, engaged in ethically who was the Trump cam- That included robo- dreds of foreclosure doc-
Now we have all the prospects of a questionable foreclosure paigns finance chairman, signing, which had com- uments a week, spending
fresh start, Ilnur Cevik, a senior advis- practices in Washington is scheduled for a Senate pany employees rapid no more than 30 seconds
er to Erdogan, said during an interview. state including so- confirmation vote Mon- sign stacks of legal docu- on each.
We have an opening with Mr. Trump. called robo-signing of day. ments without checking That included paper-
Turkey grew frustrated at the United documents. Mnuchin joined with them for accuracy. Dur- work in Washington. A
States refusal to extradite Fethullah OneWest Bank employ- other investors to cre- ing Senate confirmation review of King County
Gulen, the Pennsylvania-based leader ees robo-signed numer- ate OneWest in 2009, hearings, Mnuchin ex- Recorders Office filings
of a religious social movement whom ous foreclosure-related purchasing assets of plicitly denied that One- found Johnson-Secks
the Turkish government accuses of or- filings in the Seattle area, the bankrupt California West engaged in robo- signature on dozens of
ganizing the coup attempt in July. documents show. The lender IndyMac. Under signing. recorded real estate doc-
SOURCE: WIRE REPORTS bank also was sanctioned Mnuchins watch, con- But his denial has been uments.


Roommates wanted; no Trump-backers Trump estate

stirs protests,
KATIE ROGERS an ad searching for
someone to take over
She calls it the no- her room: Trump

ethics debate
Trump clause. supporters this is not
When Sahar Kian the house for you (no,
needed a new room- seriously), she wrote.
mate for the home she Kian, who works
shares near Georgetown at Amideast, a non- PALM BEACH, Fla. of pipeline.
University, she did what profit that focuses on (AP) President Donald White House spokes-
many young people in educational oppor- Trumps South Florida man Sean Spicer said
the Washington area do: tunities for Middle estate is no longer just Abes free-of-charge
She took out an ad on Eastern and African the place where he goes stay at Mar-a-Lago is
Craigslist and then set students, is fine with to escape. Trumps gift to Abe. But
down a few ground rules. THE NEW YORK TIMES
taking the extra step He has described the the gesture wasnt sitting
Alcohol, pets and Sahar Kian, who posted a Craigslist ad for an available to make sure her po- sprawling Mar-a-Lago well with government
meat products are not room to rent that specified that supporters of Donald litical filter extends to property as the Winter watchdog groups.
Trump need not apply, at home in Washington.
allowed in the house, her home. Kian, who White House and has Robert Weissman,
Kian wrote. align before they split In one recent ad, a has U.S. and Iranian spent two weekends president of Public Citi-
Neither are Trump the cost with a stranger. couple in the area who citizenship and was there so far this month. zen, said Trump and
supporters, she added. On Twitter, Reddit, identified themselves as raised Muslim, said But its also become a Abe dont need to meet
Kian, 23, is not the Craigslist and in Face- open-minded and lib- the idea of the no- magnet for anti-Trump at Trumps commer-
first person to add such book groups, people eral advertised a $500 Trump clause started protesters and the sub- cial property, where
a clause to a quest for have been screening for room in their home: If out as a joke. But it ject of an ethics debate the membership fee re-
a roommate. A steady Trump supporters since youre racist, sexist, ho- grew serious, she said, over his invitation to cently was doubled to
trickle of posts like hers at least last fall. Such ads, mophobic or a Trump after the president Japanese Prime Minis- $200,000.
have shown up, one or more than a dozen of supporter please dont signed an executive ter Shinzo Abe to join Hosting a foreign
two at a time, on Craig- which have been posted respond. We wont get order that barred peo- him this weekend with leader at the presidents
slist since President on Craigslist since Inau- along. ple from seven pre- Trump pledging to pay business resort creates
Donald Trump was inau- guration Day, represent In another, two wom- dominantly Muslim for the accommodations. impossible sets of con-
gurated Jan. 20. a small act of defiance in en in their 20s were countries from enter- Demonstrators plan to flicts, Weissman said.
As anyone who has an area that heavily fa- searching for a room- ing the United States. assemble today near the If the president hadnt
started out in the Wash- vored Hillary Clinton. mate to take over a lav- Anybody who is estate to protest Trumps offered to pay, the U.S.
ington area with few con- I cant live with some- ender-colored room in on board with that decision on the Dakota government would be
tacts and an entry-level one who supports a their Columbia Heights kind of thinking is not Access oil pipeline. The paying Donald Trumps
salary knows, finding leader with those types apartment for $550. The welcome, she said. North Dakota project, business for the purpose
a roommate (or three) of ideals, Jessica, 32, women detailed their Whoever ends up liv- opposed by a Native of hosting the Japanese
to share a high rent is a teacher who did not love of happy hours, a ing with her will pay American tribe fearful leader. Typically, the
common practice. The want her last name used good Netflix sesh, pho $1,300 to share the of water contamination U.S. government would
median cost for a one- because she feared ha- and tacos. top floor of the house. from potential oil leaks, pick up the costs associ-
bedroom apartment is rassment online, wrote Were open to any (Her parents live had stalled in Democrat ated with such a visit.
around $1,990 a month, in an email. She posted age/gender identity/ downstairs.) People Barack Obamas admin- Weissman said Camp
according to Zumper, a an ad on Craigslist for a non-identity, they add- who support Trump, istration. David, the U.S. govern-
rental aggregator. But room share shortly after ed, so long as you didnt she said, would not be Trumps executive or- ment-owned retreat in
for some, its becoming the inauguration. I feel vote for Trump. interested in living in der cleared the way for Marylands Catoctin
more important to make like Im going to a protest In the same neighbor- her raging liberal the developer to start Mountains, would do
sure that political views every single day. hood, a woman posted house. building the final stretch fine.


Cats at the dog show? Its true! Losing hope in US, some
immigrants go for Canada
NEW YORK When NEW YORK TIMES The morning before Welcome Place, typically
word spread late last WINNIPEG, Mani- Yussuf arrived with an- serves 50 to 60 asylum
month that cats would toba Almost three other Somali last Sunday seekers per year, said its
be joining the Westmin- months after Bashir night, 19 other Africans executive director, Rita
ster Kennel Club Dog Yussuf watched Donald had emerged on the Ca- Chahal. Since April,
Show, internet outrage Trump win the presi- nadian side of the bor- weve seen already 300,
fed off confusion about dential election, he made der, cold and hungry af- she said.
whether the show, one of his way to Noyes, Min- ter walking much of the Chahal said that in re-
the worlds premier ani- nesota, where he set off night across frozen farm cent months her center
mal competitions, was at night into the snow- fields. There were too had seen another type of
about to become a mon- filled woods and crawled many to fit into the small applicant people like
grel event. across the unmarked border office for process- Mourad Hassan, who
Cue the predictable re- ASSOCIATED PRESS border into Canada. ing, so the people of the flew into Chicago in De-
sponses, especially the Uno, an American shorthaired cat, from Trenton, N.J., I saw what was com- town rushed to open the cember and then worked
scene from the original is seen during the Meet the Breeds event Saturday at ing, said Yussef, 28, who community hall, where immediately to find a
the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York.
Ghostbusters in which fled his home in Somalia the new arrivals could way across the border
Dr. Peter Venkman, time, cats shared space able for such an event, in 2013 to make a circu- get warm, doze on sleep- to make his first asylum
played by Bill Murray, with dogs at the Ameri- given the crowd noise, itous, five-month voyage ing mats and refuel on claim in Canada.
warns the mayor of New can Kennel Clubs Meet the masses of un- to San Diego, where he Nutella sandwiches, tea When Trump became
York of dogs and cats the Breeds event a pet washed hands thrust applied for asylum but and coffee. president, I was scared
living together mass expo that has become a their way and, of was rejected. I knew Emerson officials con- he would deport me,
hysteria. preamble to the West- course, all the dogs. Trump was going to de- vened an emergency said Hassan, 32, a for-
People were talking minster show. But after seven port me. meeting Thursday with mer army officer from
about it being the end of A few years ago, the hours together, this After a three-hour the police and border Djibouti who said he had
days, Anthony Hutch- International Cat Asso- much was true: The walk, much of it through agents to figure out a been tortured for politi-
erson of Port Tobacco, ciation held a separate dogs and the cats got deep drifts, Yussuf ar- protocol for the next cal reasons. He doesnt
Maryland, said Saturday show at the Javits Cen- along, and the world rived in Emerson, a wave of arrivals. like Muslims.
while caressing Ovation, ter, in conjunction with continued to spin. small farming town in The farmers are wor- Other asylum seek-
his leopard-spotted Ben- the American Kennel With the serious- sight of the snow-swept ried about what theyre ers said that they had
gal cat. Club, at the same time ness of the issues and border with both North going to find when the heard from cabdrivers
In truth, no Abyssin- as the all-dog Meet the the disagreements Dakota and Minnesota. snow melts, said Greg in Grand Forks, North
ian or munchkin long- Breeds. people have with Emersons 700 inhab- Janzen, the reeve, or Dakota, that they would
hair will invade the We decided to bring friends and neigh- itants have long known chief elected executive, be deported at the bor-
141st Westminster show the cats back because bors after the elec- border hoppers, often of the Emerson-Franklin der. The drivers offered
Monday and Tuesday people kept asking us, tion, poking fun at cats offering them lifts to the municipality. to drive them to a place
at Madison Square Gar- Where are the cats? and dogs being in one nearby Canadian Border On Christmas Eve, two that was better for cross-
den, trotting out on a said Brandi Hunter, a room together is a way Services Agency office. Ghanaians were picked ing illegally, but farther
leash to compete for the spokeswoman for the to make fun of our- But they have never seen up on the roadside north from the border.
best-in-show prize. But American Kennel Club. selves, said Hutcher- them coming in these of town, some 10 hours They were unprepared
Saturday, for the first Not just any cat is suit- son, Ovations owner. numbers. after they had set off into for the wintry crossing.
a field near the border, One man, Zurekaneni
sinking to their waists in Issah Adams, wore a thin
snow. The temperature jean jacket and carpen-
that morning was re- try gloves. His trip took
ported to be below zero, seven hours.
Skin Revitalization with windchill making it We were lucky. We
even worse. The mens were saved by God,
and Tattoo Removal hands were so badly said Adams, 36, who fled
RED HOT SAVINGS! A LIMITED TIME ONLY! frostbitten that they lost Ghana in 2014 for Brazil,
PicoSure is the almost all their fingers. before slowing making
newest, fastest, The Manitoba Inter- his way by foot, bus and
laser tattoo faith Immigration Coun- boat to the California
cil, known locally as border.
removal treatment.
Dr. Funk is one
of the first
practices to offer
this technology.

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Louise M. Don E. Frey Wiker Paving Company ter, Sherry L. married

in 2014. to Sam Lapp, all of
A20, A21, He was a member Lancaster and a sis-
A22 & A23 of Community United ter, Donna M. married
Methodist Church, to Dr. Wael Jarjour of
where he served as a Columbus, OH; and his
Michael Scott and fishing. Mike was
a Steelers Football fan
Trustee and an usher.
He was also a member of
special canine buddy
Kissinger and Philadelphia Flyers Strasburg Sportsmans A Celebration of
fan. He enjoyed sup- Association. Dons Life will take
porting his daughter, Don enjoyed spend- place at 11:00 AM on
Elizabeth in her musical ing time at their house Saturday, February 18,
endeavors throughout on the Indian River Bay 2017 at Community
high school and his son, in White House Beach, United Methodist
Thomas with his ice Long Neck, DE, going Church, 130 Tennyson
hockey endeavors. to Casinos, and cooking Drive, Lancaster, PA.
He leaves his fantastic outdoor break- The family will greet
Don E. Frey, 70, of
wife, Anita D. Cessna fasts for 35 40 people. friends from 10:00 AM
Lancaster, passed away
Kissinger, his parents, Louise M. Graff, 93, of He had coached Little until the time of the ser-
February 9, 2017, follow-
his son, Thomas S. Lancaster, passed away League Baseball, was vice. Private interment
ing a courageous 2 1/2
Kissinger and daughter, on February 4, 2017 at a Webelos leader, and at the convenience of
year battle with brain
Elizabeth D. Kissinger the Mennonite Home. was active on the Troop the family.
cancer. He was mar-
of Lancaster, brother, She was the loving wife Committee for Troop In lieu of flowers,
ried to his high school
Donald T. husband of the late Richard A. 92, Bird-In-Hand. please consider sending
Michael Scott sweetheart, Sandra
of Julie Kissinger Graff who preceded her Born in Chambers- a contribution in Dons
Kissinger, 54, died (Eshleman) Frey, for
of Mechanicsburg, in death in 2007. Born burg, he was the son of memory to Hospice &
unexpectedly on over 49 years.
PA, brother, Patrick in Reading, PA, she was the late J. Melvin and Community Care, P.O.
Thursday, February Don graduated from
T. husband of the daughter of the late Ida (Shank) Frey. In Box 4125, Lancaster, PA
9, 2017 at Lancaster Lampeter- Strasburg
Colleen Kissinger of C. Howard and Florence addition to Sandy, Don 17604-4125.
General Hospital. Born High School, class of
Middletown, NJ and a L. (Levan) Hiester. is survived by a son, Bachman Funeral Home,
in Philadelphia, PA, he 1964. He worked in ex-
sister, Cynthia, wife of She spent much of Michael S. married to Strasburg
was the son of G. Donald cavating for over 50
Guy Arment, Manheim, her career as a home- Kelly Frey; a daugh-
Kissinger, Wildwood, years, and retired from
PA and numerous nieces maker and dedicating
NJ and V. Susanne Nuss and nephews.
Kissinger, Lancaster and Relatives and friends
her life to her family.
In her spare time,
Shawn Kelly Born in Lancaster,
he was the son of Gloria
Lee Platt of Akron; a
grandson, Branden
the husband of Anita D.
Cessna Kissinger.
are invited to attend Louise enjoyed spend- Platt Jean Sheaffer Platt of Delgado; two sisters,
Mikes Celebration of ing time in Stone Lancaster, and the late Annette Sheaffer of
Mike graduated Life Service on Friday, Morris W. Platt. Punta Gorda, FL, and
from Hempfield High Harbor, NJ, shopping,
February 17 2017 at attending her grandchil- Shawn had worked at Kathy Wife of Stance
School in 1980 and re- 1:00 p.m. at Hempeld Skyline in Leola for over Racine of Lancaster;
ceived his Bachelors drens sporting events,
United Methodist meeting people, and 25 years. He was a grad- and a brother, Dirk A.
Degree in Business Church, 3050 Marietta uate of J. P. McCaskey husband of Andrea Platt
and Marketing at conversing with friends.
Avenue, Lancaster, PA She was a member of High School. Shawn of Grunberg, Germany.
Millersville University 17601. The family will was an avid Steelers fan Services and inter-
and later received a BS in the Eastern Star.
greet friends from 11:00 Louise is survived and enjoyed spending ment in Millersville
Computer Security and a.m.-1:00 p.m. until the Bike Week at the beach. Mennonite Cemetery
an Associates Degree by a son, Dr. Richard A.
time of service. Private Graff, Jr. (husband of He was a great mechanic will be private and held
in Physical Therapy. interment at the conve- who was always tinker- at the convenience of
He worked as Manager Suzanne) and a daugh-
nience of the family. ter, Nancy Manley ing with cars and mo- the family.
of Rehabilitation In lieu of flowers, torcycles.
Department for (wife of Donald); 5
memorials may be grandchildren, 2 step- Surviving besides his
Lancashire Hall. sent in Mikes name Shawn Kelly Platt, mother is a daughter,
He was active in grandchildren; 5 great-
to Hempfield United 48, of Lancaster, died Mikaela Rhea Platt of (717) 394-4097
Hempfield United grandchildren, and 2
Methodist Church (ad- on Thursday, February Lancaster; a son, Tanner
Methodist Church. He step-great-grandchil-
dress above). Online 9, 2017.
enjoyed playing Ice dren.
condolences may be
Hockey, involved in Services will be pri-
posted on our Website:
Lancaster Firebirds
vate at the convenience
of the family. Memorial
Hempfield Ice Hockey
Team, being outdoors,
spending time with the
contributions may be
made in her memory to:
somethingdifferent inarearugs?
Weve got it!
family and beach trips Hospice & Community
to the Outer Banks, Care, PO Box 4125,
Lancaster, PA 17604 or
to the Mennonite Home
Lillian June Surviving are her
children, Lou-Ann mar- Benevolent Fund at Wide variety of
Axe ried to Robert Warner, 1520 Harrisburg Pike, unique colors
and Robert married to Lancaster, PA 17601. To and patterns
Connie Axe; her step- leave an online condo-
children, Kay married to lence please visit: Handmade
Don Morrison, and Dale from highest
Axe; 6 grandchildren, quality fibers
17 great-grandchildren,
and 2 great-great- We have indoor
grandchildren. She was (717) 394-4097
and outdoor
preceded in death by varieties
her sister, Genevieve
Meekins and her step-
Ralph Ray
daughter, Barbara
Family and friends
Heiser, Jr. SALE!
are invited to Junes Ralph Ray Heiser, Many Sizes And Colors
Lillian Ju n e Funeral Service on Jr., 39, of 312 N. Main Are In Stock!
Axe, 92, of Lancaster, Tuesday, February St., Apt 6, passed away
PA passed away on 14, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. suddenly Saturday Columbia Ave. & Centerville Rd.
Wednesday, February at The Groffs Family February 4, 2017 shortly Lancaster 397-1616
8, 2017 at Conestoga Funeral and Cremation after arrival at Cole (Less Than A Mile South Of Rt. 30Centerville Exit)
View in Lancaster. She Services, 528 W. Orange Memorial Hospital in |
was born in Newark, St., (corner of Orange Coudersport.
NJ, the daughter of the & Pine Sts.), Lancaster, Born May 18, 1977 in
late Samuel and Lillian PA 17602 with a viewing Ephrata, PA he was the
(McCall) Burns. Her from 10-11:00 a.m. until son of Ralph Heiser, Sr.
husband, Robert M. Axe, time of service. Burial and Bonnie Kay Good.
passed away in 1983. will be in Riverview On September 7, 2012
She worked at Valley Burial Park, Lancaster, he married Brandy L.
Fox Sewing Factory, PA. Shreve who survives.
Certified Diaper, and Information and on- Ralph was a 1996
was self-employed as a line condolences may be graduate of Ephrata
caregiver in the health- posted on our Website: (PA) High School and as
care industry. June a young man he proudly
enjoyed reading, cross- achieved the rank of
word puzzles and word Eagle Scout. He enjoyed
searches, and cooking hunting, served with the
for her family. Civil Air Patrol in the
early 2000s, and more
recently volunteered for
the Coudersport Fire
Band of Brothers veteran Surviving besides
his wife are his father
and stepmother Ralph
LAKEWOOD, Colo. Tipper was inter- and Kathy Heiser of
(AP) Edward Tipper, a viewed for the series and Lititz, PA; his mother
World War II paratroop- was portrayed by actor of Florida; a daughter
er who was portrayed in Bart Ruspoli. Ella Marlene Heiser
the HBO series Band of A few days after the of Coudersport; a
Brothers, has died. He parachute drop, Trip- stepdaughter Nadia
was 95. pers eye and leg were Christine Shreve of
He died Feb. 1 in the badly injured by a mor- Allegany; a stepsis-
Denver suburb of Lake- tar shell. He was hospi- ter Alice Thatcher; 2
wood, said his daughter, talized for a year. Tipper stepbrothers James
Kerry Tipper. was awarded the Bronze Thatcher and Gary
Edward Tipper was a Star and Purple Heart. Thatcher, and several
member of the famed Doctors gave him a list nieces and nephews.
Easy Company, part of of things he couldnt do, No funeral services
the 101st Airborne Di- but that became a check- are being scheduled at
vision, and parachuted list for things to master, Photos Courtesy of Welk Resort. Photos by Ken Jacques.
this time.
into France as part of his daughter said. Arrangements are
the June 6, 1944, Allied He took up handball, under the direction of
D-Day invasion. The not because he liked it, the Casey, Halwig &
companys exploits were but to prove he could do Hartle Funeral Home,
retold in Band of Broth- it, she said. Olean. Online condo-
ers, based on research He was an avid skier lences may be expressed
by historian Stephen and kept that up into his at oleanfuneralhome.
Ambrose. 80s, Kerry Tipper said. com.
12, 2017 12, 2017 LNP | LANCASTER, PA

H. Clarence President of Optimist Carl H. Carlton

International Club.
Skip Surviving in addition Gimber, Sr. OBITUARIES
ON PAGES Richard
Newcomer to his wife, Phyllis, are
four children, Sandra
A21, A22 & A23 Thomas Fogle
Graham wife of Donald,
serving with OMF in Thomas R. County Historical.
He also served as
Singapore, Stephen
Newcomer husband Winpenny, III the President of the
of Diane, of Lancaster, Cliosophic Society. He
Karen Fricke wife of is the author of four
James of Denver and books, most notably
Brian Newcomer hus- The Manhattan Bridge:
band of Victoria of The Troubled Story of a
Mount Joy. Also sur- New York Monument
viving are nine grand- and many articles.
children and ve great- He is survived by
grandchildren. his wife of almost 50
He was preceded in Carl H. Gimber, years, Marilyn; a sis-
H. Clarence Skip death by two brothers, Sr., 83, of Lancaster, ter, Bessie Ann Lederer Carlton Richard
Newcomer, 89, of Raymond and Warren PA passed away on of Jenkintown, PA; a Thomas Fogle, 35, of
Woodcrest Villa, passed Newcomer. February 9, 2017 son, Reese and his wife York, died January 9th,
away on Thursday, A memorial service at the Lebanon VA Marites of Baltimore, at York Hospital. A cel-
February 09, 2017 at honoring Skips life will Medical Center. Born MD; a daughter, Audrey ebration of Carltons life
be held at Woodcrest in Kingston, PA, he was Thomas R. of Santurce, Puerto
Mennonite Home. Born Winpenny, III, died un- will be held on Saturday,
in Lititz, he was the son Villa Eagle Commons, the son to the late Carl Rico; and his surrogate March 4, from 1:30-4:00
2001 Harrisburg Pike, H. & Helen (OMelia) expectedly at home on grandchildren Jesa,
of the late Phares S. February 8th, 2017. He PM at Heritage Hills
and Emma B. (Landis) Lancaster, PA 17601 Gimber. Carl was the A.J. and Azzie Garca of Resort, 2700 Mt. Rose
on Friday, February 17, husband of Beverly J. was 75 years old. Lancaster.
Newcomer. Skip was Tom was born in Ave., York, PA, 17402.
the husband of Phyllis 2017 at 11 AM. Family (Dieffenbach) Gimber. Funeral Services for Carlton was born,
and friends will be re- Carl graduated from Philadelphia, PA in Tom will be held at 11AM,
(Dougherty) Newcomer 1941. He graduated from April 27, 1981, in York, a
with whom he cele- ceived at Woodcrest Kingston High School. A Tuesday, February 14, son of RuthAnn (Kiser)
Villa before the service veteran, he served in the Penn State University 2017, at Westminster
brated 64 years of mar- with a Bachelors in Fogle-Adams. He was
riage this past October from 10 AM to 11 AM. U.S. Coast Guard dur- Presbyterian Church, a 1999 graduate of
Interment will be pri- ing the Korean Conict. History. He married 2151 Oregon Pike,
4th. Marilyn Sims in 1967 Hereford High School
Skip was a Real vate at Erbs Mennonite Carl retired as a man- Lancaster, PA 17601. and had attended Essex
Church Cemetery. In ager from Watt & Shand and returned to school Family and friends will
Estate Appraiser and to earn his PhD from the Community College. He
a founding partner of lieu of owers, memo- with 38 years of service. be received for a visita- was currently employed
rial contributions may He was a huge Eagles, Hagley Program at the tion from 9:30AM until
Penn Grant Realty and University of Delaware. at York Hospital as a
Appraisal Associates. be made to Mennonite Phillies & Flyers fan. He the start of the service. nursing assistant and
Home Benevolent Fund, was lettered in football, He taught American his- Interment will take
He served as President tory at Elizabethtown had been nominated for
of Greater Lancaster 1520 Harrisburg Pike, baseball, & basketball. place in Westminster its Nursing Excellence
Lancaster, PA 17601. Carl was an avid golfer College from 1968 until Presbyterian Cemetery.
Board of Realtors in his retirement in 2014. award. Carlton was
1973 and 1979. Skip was To send an online and was a long time In lieu of owers, con- a member of the Boy
condolence, please visit member of Conestoga He took particular joy tributions in Toms
a previous member in advising his students. Scouts of America and
of Landisville Church www.sheetzfuneral- Country Club, and a name may be made to: had achieved the rank of previous member of the After retirement he con- Water Street Mission
of God and a current tinued to lecture at the Eagle Scout.
member of Mount Joy Sheetz Lions Club. Wonder Club, 210 S. In addition to his
Funeral Home, Inc. Surviving in addi- Pathways Institute at Prince St., Lancaster, PA
Church of God. He was Landis Homes. mother, Carlton is sur-
also a member and past Mount Joy tion to his wife, Beverly, 17603. To leave an on- vived by his paternal
are children: Mark R. He attended line condolence, please
W e s t m i n s t e r grandparents, Jack and
Gimber, husband of visit: Claudia Fogle, his step-
Russell G. Ott, I.O.O.F. of Germantown,
and had been active for
Christine, of Lancaster, Presbyterian Church.
During his career he father, Samuel Adams, a
Lori A. Sites, wife of
Jr. many years in the Noon Fred, of Mountville, was a member of the stepsister, Julie (Adams)
Day Optimist Club of Wheatland Board. He Nixon, her husband
and Matthew J. Gimber, Terry, and their children
Lancaster. He enjoyed companion of Kristy served as an associ-
raising tomato plants ate editor at Lancaster Andrew and Joshua
Eudy, of Midland, NC; Miller, two aunts, Anna
and had enjoyed sports, stepchildren: Jay H.
especially baseball. May McCleary and Sally
Russell served in
Miller, husband of
Tamara, of Lancaster, Virginia as a receptionist with
Alvin Wenger, MD, Sam
Sipes, and a cousin,
the U.S. Army during Mark S. Miller, hus- W. Ginny and John Barr, and re-
Jennifer McCleary-
Ermler and children,
World War II with the
814th Military Police
band of Deborah, of
Lancaster, Gary L.
Nissley tired from the office of
Donald C. Fink, DPM.
Maddy and Owen.
Company. Carlton was preceded
Miller, husband of She is survived by in death by his maternal
Surviving besides his Michele, of Conestoga, three nieces: Susan L.
wife is a son, Bruce R., grandparents, Thomas
Brad P. Miller, husband Groff (Wilbur) of Mount and Mary Kiser.
husband of Rev. Sally W. of Karyn, of Lancaster, Joy; Joanne Schreffler
Ott of Lititz, as well as and Alan P. Miller, com- of Harrisburg and Diane
several cousins, nieces,
Russell G. Ott, Jr., and nephews.
panion of Shari Werner,
of Mount Joy; 15
Thomas of York; two
nephews: John Nissley
Pearl A.
90, of Lancaster, died
Tuesday, February 7,
A Memorial Service
will be held on Sunday,
grandchildren, 7 great- (Peggy) of Mount Joy (Buch) Eberly
grandchildren; a sis- and Jack Nissley of
2017 at Hamilton Arms February 19, at 2:00 ter, Margaret Kiwak of Elizabethtown.
Nursing Center. P.M. at St. Pauls United Souderton, PA; and his A funeral service will
He was married Methodist Church, 100 beloved west highland be held on Wednesday,
67 years to Grace W. Main St., Mountville, terrier, Sophie. February 15, 2017 at
Thomspon Ott. Born in PA. The family will Carl was preceded in Christ Church United
Philadelphia, he was the greet friends following death by a son, Carl H. Virginia W. Ginny Church of Christ, 247
son of the late Russell the service. Interment Gimber, Jr. and a sister, Nissley, 87, of Juniper South Market Street,
G., Sr., and Agnes Speece will be private and held Marilyn Kennedy. Village, Mount Joy, for- E l i z a b et h t ow n at
Ott. at the convenience of A Funeral Service merly of Elizabethtown, 11:00 AM. Visitation
Russell was a gradu- the family in Conestoga will be held at 12 PM passed away on will be from 10:00 AM
ate of Old Northeast Memorial Park. In lieu on Thursday, February Thursday, February 9, until the time of ser-
Hig h School in of flowers, contribu- 16, 2017 at the Charles 2017 at Hospice and vice. Interment will
Philadelphia. He was tions in his memory F. Snyder, Jr. Funeral Community Care, take place in Mount
retired from AT&T and may be made to St. Home & Crematory, Mount Joy. Born Tunnel Cemetery,
prior to that had worked Pauls United Methodist Pearl A. (Buch)
3110 Lititz Pike, Lititz, Saturday, January 11, Elizabethtown.
for Western Electric. In Church, 100 W. Main St., Eberly, 91, of Manheim,
PA 17543. A viewing will 1930 in Harrisburg, she In lieu of flowers,
his retirement he had Mountville, PA 17554 or formerly of Stevens,
be held from 10 AM-12 was the daughter of contributions may be
worked part time in the to the Optimist Club of passed away on
PM at the funeral home. the late Richard B. and made to Hospice and
custodial department Lancaster, P.O. Box 1215, Fr i d a y, Fe b r u a r y
Interment will be pri- Vergie Marie (Paulus). Community Care, 4075
at Manheim Township Lancaster, PA, 17608- 10, 2017, at Pleasant
vate at the convenience She was the wife of the Old Harrisburg Pike,
School District. 1215. To send an online View R et i r e m e n t
of the family. late Robert F. Nissley Mount Joy, PA 17552.
He was a member condolence to the fam- Community.
In lieu of flowers, who passed in August of Arrangements en-
of St. Pauls United ily visit She was born in
contributions may be 1993. trusted to Miller-
Methodist Church in Ephrata to the late
made to the Lebanon VA Ginny was a long Finkenbinder Funeral
Mountville, and had Phares and Mary Anna
Medical Center, 1700 S. time member of Home & Crematory,
been a member of the (Miller) Buch and was
Lincoln Ave, Lebanon, Christ Church United Elizabethtown.
choir. Russell was a the wife of the late Paul
PA 17042. Church of Christ in Memories and
longtime member of (717) 394-4097 B. Eberly who passed
To send online con- Elizabethtown and condolences m ay
Walker Lodge #306 away in 1996.
dolences, was a 1947 gradu- be shared at www.
Pearl worked for Eby

NEED A LIFT? ate of Elizabethtown MillerFuneralHome.
High School. She loved com Shoe Factory for many
baseball, football and years.
cards, and was an avid Pearl is survived by a
Let us help you remain independent in your home. son, Samuel B., husband
Washington Nationals
American-made lifts installed and fan. In 1947 Ginny was of Thistle D. Eberly of
employed as a payroll Mt. Airy, a daughter,
serviced by a local professional.  e | @ n nb Q
Joyce A. Eberly, and her
| @ n Qn@ @ n@ clerk for the Savoy Shoe
M n @
Company, and later significant other, Ray
Prince of Schoeneck; a
granddaughter, Amy,
How often should you have a professional eye exam? wife of Darren Hubbard
of North Carolina; a
great-grandson, Miles
18-40 Jeffrey Hubbard; 2
YEARS sisters, Pauline, wife
2-5 6-18 YEARS Every OVER 61 OR of John Matthews of
YEARS Before 1st grade 2 to 3 41-60 ALREADY WEAR Ephrata, and Helen
and every 2 years YEARS GLASSES
Call us to at 3 years years thereafter Every 2 years Annually
Eberly of Stevens; a sis-
schedule a ter-in-law, Betty Buch of
New Holland.
FREE In-Home
Schedule your Kerry T. Givens, M.D., M.S.
At Pearls request,
eye exam today!
Lee A. Klombers, M.D. services will be private
David S. Williams, M.D. at the convenience of
Local and dependable. Lisa J. Kott, O.D. the family.
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Kindly omit owers.
100 OFF $ 200 OFF Medical & Surgical Eye Care Olga A. Womer, O.D.
Arrangements by
Straight Curved Two Convenient Locations: Stradling Funeral
Stair Lift Stair Lift Health Campus: 717.544.3900 Homes, Inc., Akron/
2108 Harrisburg Pike | Suite 100 | Lancaster, PA 17601
Hurry, Offer Ends Soon! Ephrata. Online condo-
Willow Lakes: 717.464.4333 lences can be given at
1905 Olde Homestead Lane Lancaster 222 Willow Valley Lakes Drive | Suite 1800 | Willow Street, PA 17584
stradlingfuneralhome. 888-837-4235 NOW ACCEPTING NVA VISION PLAN com.

Ethelmae McSparren Andrea L. OTHER OBITUARIES
ing interest in Classical Howard ON PAGES
and Renaissance music, A22 & A23
which prompted her
husband to build her
a dual manual harpsi-
chord, which she played
John W. Reed Gloria E. Hutchins of Willow
Street, PA, Lee R. Brandt
in several recitals at Brandt husband of Gail of
St. James Episcopal Baltimore, MD, Linda,
Church. These in- wife of Harry Kramer
cluded a performance of Conestoga, PA, Lori,
of JS Bachs Christmas wife of Vaugh Clement,
Oratoria, with pro- and Londa Seachrist
fessional musicians both of Lancaster, PA; 10
from Lancaster and grandchildren; 21 great-
On Wednesday, Philadelphia. grandchildren, and one
February 08, 2017 As a member of sister Patricia Keen of
Ethelmae McSparren, the Junior League of Andrea L. Howard, Lancaster, PA. Gloria
83, died at Brethren Lancaster, Ethelmae 59, of Columbia, passed was preceded in death
Village after a 13 jour- served as Patron away on Thursday, by three brothers Jack,
ney with Alzheimers Chair for the Fulton February 9, 2017 Robert, and Paul Jones
disease. She was born Follies of 1975, chaired at home. Born in John W. Reed, and a son-in-law Donald
in Reading, PA. Her Admissions, Placement, Wrightsville, she was 81, of Willow Street, Seachrist.
the daughter of William Gloria E. Brandt, 89, Graveside services
parents, both de- and Newssheet PA passed away on
and Barbara Hoover of Lancaster passed will be conducted by
ceased, were Alton Committees, served on Thursday, February 9, away We dnesday,
and and Garnella Herb the Task force on Child Scheetz of Lancaster. 2017. Fr. Allan F. Wolfe on
An Eastern York February 8, 2017 at Tuesday, February 14,
Auchenbach. Ethelmae Abuse, and conducted Born June 24, 1935 Conestoga View Nursing
moved with her parents hearing exams for Head High School graduate, in Clarion County, 2017 at 12:30PM from
Class of 1975, Andrea Home. She was the wife St. Joseph New Catholic
to Lancaster in eighth Start preschoolers. Pennsylvania, he was of the late Harry W.
grade, where her father, Ethelmae served for took great pride in help- the only child of the Cemetery, 170 Charles
ing people as part of Brandt, Jr. who passed Rd., Bausman, PA 17504.
master machinist, be- 12 years on the Board of late Harry W. and Helen away in 1996.
came a professor of ma- Trustees of Lancaster her 30 year career in Reed. He was also pre- Please omit flowers
Human Resources. As Born in Lancaster, and consider a contri-
chine shop and math at Country Day School, deceased by the love of she was a daughter of
Thaddeus Stevens Trade during which time she an HR Manager, Andrea his life Barbara Jean bution to St. Joseph
worked nearly 20 years the late Cornelius E. Catholic Church, 440
School. established the Alumni (Aites) Reed and his and Ethel Mae (Burley)
She graduated from Office and served as its with the Heil Trailer only daughter Ruthann St. Joseph Street,
Company, Lancaster Jones. Gloria worked as Lancaster, PA 17603 in
McCaskey High School first Alumni Secretary Reed. a waitress for 24 years
and most recently at John spent his Glorias memory.
in 1951 and Millersville for six years. Years later, at the Howard Johnson
the Librandi Machine early years on a farm Glorias family would
State Teachers College she was a reading tutor Motel and later was a
Shop, Middletown. In in Clarion County, like to give special
( n ow M i l l e r sv i l l e at Carter & MacRae waitress at the Red Rose
addition to her strong graduated from New thanks to the 4th oor
University) in 1955 cum Elementary School Restaurant. She was a
work values, she was de- Kensington High School staff at Conestoga View
laude, with a B.S. in and homework helper member of St. Joseph
voted to her family and in 1954, and enlisted Nursing Home for the
Psychology. There she at Boys & Girls Club of Catholic Church in
loved spending time in the Marines shortly exceptional care given
was President of the Lancasters Jack Walker with her grandchildren. Lancaster where she
thereafter. He married to Gloria.
Dolphins Swim Club. Clubhouse, where she She was also dedicated was active with the
his beloved Barbara Share online condo-
Ethelmae was mar- was awarded Volunteer to her community and Legion of Mary and the
Jean on July 16, 1956. lences at
ried to Clark McSparren, of the Year in 2003. often volunteered at Altar Society. Gloria
They raised their fam-
Jr., celebrating their As a member of St. the Salvation Army in enjoyed reading and
60th wedding anniver- James Episcopal Church ily in New Kensington spending time with her
Lancaster. and Canadohta Lake
sary in August 2016. in inner city Lancaster In addition to her family.
Although she first met since 1976, she served and once their children She is survived
parents she is survived were grown, the couple
Clark in 8th grade, the three terms on Vestry, by her children, Abriel by her five children
two fell in love dur- chaired Annual Giving moved to York, PA. Bonnie, wife of Clayton
W. wife of Raymond As avid travelers,
ing college, then mar- in 1980, served break- Simpson, with whom
ried Aug. 25, 1956, after fast at Anchorage, estab- John and his wife ex-
she resided; Alston M.
Ethelmaes first year lished a bereavement husband of Alida Ellis,
plored the world to-
gether. With Barb by his Constance R. attending Bible study
teaching fifth grade in group for parish wid-
Wayne, PA, and Clark ows and widowers, and
Harrisburg; grandchil-
dren, Madison, Myles,
side, they enjoyed regu- Kennedy Surviving are two
having nished his rst organized, vetted, and lar trips to the beaches sons, Scott, married to
Avery; stepchildren, of Mexico. Once on his Mary Ellen (Van Ormer)
year at University of awarded college scholar- Albert W. Ellis, Jr.; Alicia
Pennsylvania School of ships for students of the own, John continued Kennedy of Lancaster,
M. Ellis; four step grand- to travel throughout and Gregg, married
Medicine. church. children; sister, Nancy
She is survived, Ethelmae enjoyed the United States and to Donna (Weaver)
A. wife of Timothy the rest of the world. Kennedy of New
in addition to her playing tennis for years, Shorter, Mountville.
husband, Clark, by designing and sewing His favorite trip in re- Holland; two grand-
A memorial service cent years was to Zion children, Ryan, mar-
three daughters: Lisa her own clothes, plant- will be held from the
Hatheway, married to ing and enjoying flow- National Park in Utah. ried to Karolin (Heitz)
Clyde W. Kraft Funeral Surviving him are his Kennedy, and Lindsey
Frank, Washington, DC; ers, swimming, summer Home, Inc., 519 Walnut
Susan Fellman, mar- jaunts with her family two children and their Kennedy; and two great
St., Columbia, PA 17512 spouses: John W. Reed grandchildren, Jacob
ried to William, Honey to Avalon, NJ, and trips on Saturday at 2:00 p.m.
Brook, PA, and Jennifer to Europe with hus- II and John Vosburgh and Daniel Kennedy.
with the Rev. Patricia of Provincetown, MA; She was the last of
Miller, widow of Mark, band Clark. However, McAllister, officiating.
Downingtown, PA. her most cherished mo- Bruce and Michelle her immediate family.
The family will receive Reed of Downingtown, Constance R. A memorial ser-
Ethelmae is also sur- ments were preparing friends one hour prior Kennedy, 91, of New
PA; and his two grand- vice will be held on
vived by six grandchil- holiday meals for her to the service. In lieu of Holland, died Saturday,
children: Ke l s e y Thursday, February
dren: Kate Hatheway, children and grandchil- owers, memorial con- February 11, 2017 at
and her husband 16 at 1 pm, with fam-
Clark Hatheway, mar- dren and bonding with tributions in Andreas Garden Spot Village.
Bryan DeNinnis of ily visitation from
ried to Jia Coco Liu, each of those grandchil- name may be made to Born in Westerly, RI,
Conshohocken, PA; Noon 1 pm, at Garden
Ian Miller, Colin Miller, dren during their first the American Lung she was the daughter
and Alexander Reed of Spot Village Chapel,
AlyssaRose Fellman, week of life. Association at www. Manheim, PA. of the late Everett and 433 S. Kinzer Ave.,
and Lindsey Fellman. In spite of the re- He is also survived Clara (Royal) Willis. New Holland with the
Ethelmae taught lentless decade of pro- by many friends whom Her husband, Blair F. Reverend Jay Fulmer
5th grade for two years gression of Alzheimers Harriett H. he considered family, Kennedy, died Aug. 20, officiating. Interment
at Wayne Elementary dementia, Ethelmaes
School, then retired to ability to light up and Foutz including the nurses 2003.
Connie was a home-
will be at the conve-
and staff at The Lakes at nience of the family at
raise their three daugh- respond to music, any Harriett H. Foutz, maker most of her life
Willow Valley. the Evangelical United
ters, Lisa and Susan, music, remained intact, 77, of Leola was taken but worked for a time
Relatives and friends Methodist Cemetery.
born in Philadelphia, offering her continued home to be with her as the head of the tour
are cordially invited to In lieu of owers con-
PA, and Jennifer, born joy, a joy which she had Lord and Savior on guide department of
attend a Celebration tributions may be made
in Portsmouth, NH. imparted to so many Thursday, February 9, Sperry New Holland.
of Life in the audito- to the Chad Burkhart
The family returned others. 2017 at Hospice Mount She was a member of
rium of The Lakes at Memorial Park Fund,
to Lancaster, PA, in A Requiem Eucharist Joy. Born on August 4, the Evangelical United
Willow Valley, 300 276 W. Main St., New
1964 for Clark to join that celebrates 1939, she was the daugh- Methodist Church
Willow Valley Lakes Holland, PA 17557. To
Lancaster Pediatrics Ethelmaes life, as- ter of the late Harry and where she served as
Drive, Willow Street, PA send the family online
Associates, in partner- sisted by Groffs Family Arlene Peck. head of the Missions
17584 on Wednesday, condolences visit us at
ship with Charles H. Funeral Services, will She is survived by Committee.
February 15, 2017 at
Kurtz, MD. be held at St. James two sisters Carolyn She enjoyed silk
2:00 p.m. with Chaplain Arrangements by Beck
When young est Episcopal Church, Duke Foerster and Margaret flower arranging, ce-
Scott Johnson officiat- Funeral Home, New
daughter, Jennifer, was and Orange Streets, Hess, three daughters ramics, decorating, and
ing. Holland.
a senior in high school, Lancaster, on Saturday, Carol Eden, Pamela
Interment will be
Ethelmae returned to February 18, 2017, at Shaub and Patricia
at a later date at the
Millersville University, 11:00 AM with The Rev. Foutz and a son David
Rootville Cemetery,
graduating in 1983 with David Peck officiating. Foutz; six grandchildren
Crawford County, PA.
a Masters Degree in There will be an op- and ve great grandchil-
In lieu of flowers
Clinical Psychology. portunity to meet with dren. In addition to her
please send memorial
Her Masters thesis was family and friends on parents she was pre-
contributions to the
entitled, Fetal Alcohol Saturday at 9:30 until ceded in death by her
Syndrome. For the next 10:45 when a musical two brothers; Robert
Member Education
22 years she practiced presentation will begin. Peck and William Peck. & MEMORY SUPPORT
Fund, 300 Willow Valley
at Lancaster Guidance Interment following the Relatives and friends
Lakes Drive, Willow
Center and other non- service will take place are respectfully invited
Street, PA 17584. To
prot groups as a clinical in St. James Memorial to attend Harrietts
send an online condo-
therapist, working suc- Garden. Celebration of Life
lence, visit
cessfully with adoles- In lieu of owers, me- Service to be held at
cents and young adults. morial contributions Bethany EC Church of
Music had always may be sent to St. James Creswell, 1165 Letort
played an important Episcopal Church, Duke R o ad, Conestoga,
role in Ethelmaes life. and Orange Streets, PA 17516 on Friday
February 17, 2017 at (717) 394-4097
Her father, whose first Lancaster, PA 17602
job in high school was or Carter & MacRae 10am. The family will
playing background School, to benet Ollies receive friends at the 3@Qn @n n ne
music in the local si- Closet, 251 S. Prince St., church on Thursday en  n
lent film theatre, was Lancaster, PA 17603. evening from 6-8pm @ REST & REFRESH WHILE RECOVERING
and on Friday morning
Ethelmaes first piano Information and on- FROM A SURGERY OR ILLNESS
from 9am until the start M [
teacher. Later she was line condolences may be Consider a respite stay and learn more
of the service.
an accompanist for her sent to about our many included amenities.
In lieu of flowers,
high school and college GOLD/SILVER HEADQUARTERS
contributions can be
made in Harrietts
in State Chorus while at Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Rare Coins, Investments
memory to Hospice & Millersville | 872-9100 Landisville | 898-4663
Millersville. During the Community Care, PO
Since 1973
70s, she pursued a grow- SUSQUEHANNA COIN
Box 4125, Lancaster, PA Willow Valley Square, Lancaster OAKLEAFMANOR.COM
17604-4125. 717-464-4016
12, 2017 12, 2017 LNP | LANCASTER, PA

Kenneth M. Heisler
Strasburgs re depart- tion contributions ap-
ment, ambulance ser- proaching $900,000, the
Strasburg/Lancaster vice, and library, and foundation was honored
Benefactor Lancaster chapters of
the Boy Scouts, Boys
in 1996 by LaRabida
Childrens Hospital and
aviation. He joined the Club, and local scholar- Research Center as one
Francisco in death by a daugh-
ter, Albia M. Rodriguez
U.S. Air Force during
World War II, and re-
ship foundation as re- of Chicagolands 100
cipients of sizable dona- Big Hearts for Young
Rodriguez (2007). ceived his honorable tions. Heroes.
Francisco was very discharge in 1950. Also, This was the begin- In the early 2000s,
well-known by many during these years, he ning of an avocation Mr. Heisler moved to
people in Lancaster spent time in Ft. Worth, that occupied much of Wilmington, North
County. He loved sports, Texas, and in Panama Mr. Heislers time and Carolina, where he
especially boxing, base- where he worked for energy for the rest of his added the USO of North
ball, and muscle cars. He the armed forces as a life. After his initial con- Carolina as another
will be deeply missed by civilian. Ultimately, tributions, Mr. Heisler continuing recipient of
everyone who loved and Mr. Heisler ended up continued to support the support. Asked in an in-
knew him. in Chicago, Illinois, Strasburg ambulance terview in the late 1990s
Relatives and friends where he drove trucks. service, re department, about his thoughts on
are respectfully in- He worked for the U.S. and library, as well as the giving, Mr. Heisler de-
vited to attend a Mass Post Office, for a paper Lancaster Boy Scouts, scribed his thinking
of Christian Burial firm, and for a com- Boys Clubs, and schol- in these words: Give
from San Juan Bautista pany that serviced big arship foundation with of your mind. Thats
Catholic Church, 425 retailers, such as Sears, annual donations, the what people gave me.
Fr a n c i s c o South Duke Street, Roebuck & Company last of which were made A mother, a teacher,
Rodriguez, 78, Lancaster, PA 17602 and Montgomery Ward. in 2016. Also, at some a next-door neighbor
of Lancaster, on Monday morn- At this last position, he point during this period, everyone can help
passed away ing, February 13, 2017 became interested in Mr. Heisler added the someone with a little in-
on Tuesday, at 11AM. There will the process of supplying Strasburg Jaycee Park, formation. Give of your
February 7, 2017 at be a viewing held at these large companies built on land that had energy. Not everyone
Conestoga V i e w, the Andrew T. Scheid with salable products, been part of the Barges has money to give. Give
Lancaster. Born October Funeral Home- Sullivan and worked indepen- farm, as an annual con- of your heart.
10, 1938 in Juana Diaz, Home, 121 South Prince dently for several years tribution recipient. Mr. Heisler is sur-
Puerto Rico, he was Street, Downtown M r. Kenneth as a manufacturers rep- In addition to this vived by a loving family,
the son of the late Lancaster, PA 17603 Martin Heisler died on resentative. ongoing annual com- many of whom assisted
Demetrio Rodriguez (on-site parking with December 16, 2016, at Also, during this pe- mitment, Mr. Heisler him in his later years.
and Alejandrina Reyes. attendants) on Monday 90 years of age, his heart riod, Mr. Heisler met initiated several other His move to North
A Catholic, Francisco morning from 9:30AM and energies still fo- his life partner, Dorothy. projects in support of Carolina brought him
was a member of San until time of departure cused on Lancaster and They were married in Strasburg and Lancaster nearer to his daughter,
Juan Bautista Catholic for the Mass. Interment Strasburg, Pennsylvania, 1955, and Dorothy be- over the years. In 1983, Terrie, her husband,
Church, Lancaster. will be held in the where he spent his early came key in helping approached by library John, and their three
Surviving are Mellingers Mennonite years. Mr. Heisler develop his patrons, Mr. Heisler gave daughters, Elizabeth,
three children, Edwin Cemetery, Lancaster, Mr. Heislers story is a businesses. In 1957, the $35,000 for the purchase Kc, and Martine, all of
Rodriguez, Alberto PA. true American tale. couple started their rst of a new building for the whom shared actively
Rodriguez, Charlie To submit an online Found abandoned company, F. Wheeling, Strasburg library. It was in Mr. Heislers life and
Rodriguez all of condolence, visit: www. at the age of two, Mr. Inc., whose main cus- named the Kenneth M. activities. And when
Lancaster; two brothers, Heisler lived until tomer was Sears drapery Heisler Library Center Kc (husband, Dana
Ruben Reyes Reyes, Jose he was seven at the department. In 1960, Mr. in his name, and when White, and son, Rhodes,
Luis Reyes Reyes; two Lancaster Ann Street Heisler started a second the library once more aged six months) and
sisters, Iris Rodriguez Home for Friendless company, Ken Heisler expanded in the 1990s, Martine (husband, Jake
Reyes, Ada Nilza Reyes Children, in Lancaster, Associates, which ini- it became the Strasburg- Reynolds, and children,
Reyes; as well as sixteen Pennsylvania. In some tially represented seven Heisler Library in mem- June, aged three, and
grandchildren and four ways, life was bleak rms to Sears. By 1962, ory of the difference Mr. Miller Price, aged two
great-grandchildren. for an orphan, but Mr. this second rm was be- Heislers earlier dona- months) started their
Francisco is preceded 717-397-8298 Heisler retained fond ginning to take off, and tion had made, as well as families, Mr. Heisler
memories of nearby by 1965, had become one in recognition of his con- happily played the role
Beverly Ann doted on her grandchil-
Franklin & Marshall of the most respected tinuing support. In addi- of proud patriarch and
Bixler Survivors include
College students, who
put on holiday events,
midwest teams in the
boating and sporting
tion to this recoginition, grandfather. Mr. Heisler
the love of her life for he was also awarded also maintained a close
complete with skits, goods industry, collect- the New Era Red Rose lifelong friendship
thirty years, Steve Roy
decorations, and candy ing awards and honors, Award for his contribu- with his first cousin,
Bixler; her children,
for residents of the which were shared by tions to Strasburg and Florence (Flossie)
Tracy, wife of Jeffrey
home. Those fraternity Mr. and Mrs. Heisler as Lancaster communities. Hohenwarter, and her
Wittmaier, Mindy,
brothers were the only members of the National In 1997, Mr. Heisler husband, Raymond,
wife of Roger Harvey,
people I knew outside Marine Representatives honored long-held and of Bird-in-Hand,
Kristen Bixler, Jason
the home...those boys Association. Ken Heisler happy memories of the Pennsylvania. He was
Hicks, David Hicks;
had a real sense of com- Associates continued to parties that Franklin & close, as well, to his son,
eleven grandchildren;
munity, Mr. Heisler said flourish into the early Marshall College stu- Dwayne Eric Layfield,
her parents; her broth-
in several interviews. 1990s, when Mr. Heisler dents had held for the who lives in California,
ers, David Jackson, Sr.,
These memories were retired. residents of the Ann and Dwaynes two
Harry Jackson, Randy
to have an impact on With business suc- Street home by estab- daughters, Dana and
the college later in Mr. cessful, Mr. Heisler ful- lishing a scholarship. Allison. In an interest-
A memorial service
Heislers life. lled a cherished dream The scholarship was ing aside, Mr. Heislers
for Beverly will be held
Beverly Ann Bixler, At age seven, Mr. in the early 1960s by be- funded with his Social devotion to education
at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday,
58, of Columbia, passed Heisler left the home to coming a licensed pilot. Security checks, which has heavily influenced
February 18, 2017 at the
away at home sur- join the family of Milton Over the next decade, he felt would be more his family. All ve grand-
Clyde W. Kraft Funeral
rounded by her fam- and Cora Barge as a fos- he indulged in his love valuable to Franklin & daughters graduated
Home, 519 Walnut St.,
ily on February 8, ter child. He worked on of flying through own- Marshall students than with honors from their
Columbia PA 17512. The
2017. She was born in their farm until the age ership of three aircraft, to himself. Criteria bachelor degree pro-
Rev. David C. Powers
Greensburg, PA to Jesse of fteen. The labor was used for both business stressed need and wor- grams, both his daughter
will officiate. The family
Leroy and Florence hard and constant, but and pleasure. He was thiness over grades, to and one granddaughter
will receive friends for
Timko Jackson. Beverly Mr. Heisler credits his very proud of this ac- serve the broadest pos- earned masters degrees,
visitation beginning at
worked for Grinnell/ foster parents with pass- complishment. sible group of students. and one granddaughter
10:00 a.m. until service
Anvil for twenty-five ing along to him good In the early 1980s, Mr. Heislers charita- earned her Ph.D.
time. In lieu of owers,
years. In her spare time, values. I think grow- however, inuenced by ble efforts were not con- Mr. Heisler will be
please consider a do-
she enjoyed the out- ing up on a farm made several different events, fined to Pennsylvania. interred together with
nation to Hospice and
doors and reading the me more ethical and Mr. Heisler embarked Assisted by his wife, his wife, Dorothy, whose
Community Care, 685
Bible and books by one more honest, he said. on a new undertaking, Dorothy, Mr. Heisler remains are being
Good Dr., Lancaster, PA
of her favorite authors, However, as the Barges philanthropy. Some broadened contribu- moved from All Saints
17604. Arrangements
Joyce Meyer. She loved frowned on the demands ten years earlier, Fred tions to include Chicago Cemetery, Des Plaines,
by the Clyde W. Kraft
day trips with her hus- of school, at the age of Williams, a representa- area organizations, with Illinois, where she was
Funeral Home, Inc.
band. Ocean City was 15, Mr. Heisler, who was tive of the Slaymaker an emphasis on those originally buried in May
a favorite stop. Beverly educated only through Lock Company, had focused on childrens 1989. They will be hon-
adored her family and the ninth grade, decided called on Mr. Heisler, issues. Recipients in- ored in a memorial ser-
he would be better off on and on learning they cluded educational in- vice at Bachman Funeral
his own. shared love of Strasburg, stitutions, churches, and Home in late May, 2017.
His early work years Pennsylvania, they be- food pantries. Before Interment will
found Mr. Heisler trying came good friends. So her death in 1989, which be in the Strasburg
many different occupa- when Mr. Heisler re- Mr. Heisler identified Mennonite Cemetery.
tions and moving often. ceived an inheritance as the most tragic mo- In lieu of owers, please
Around Lancaster he from his foster mother, ment of my life, Mrs. direct donations to the
worked for the Hamilton Cora Barge, he turned Heisler worked with her Dorothy and Kenneth
Watch Company, the to Mr. Williams to help husband to found the Heisler Foundation,
Penn- Supreme Ice donate it to worthy Dorothy and Kenneth 2950 Legends Drive,
Cream Company, and causes in the Strasburg- Heisler Foundation to Southport, NC 28461
the Lancaster Airport, Lancaster area. With continue their chari- or the USO of North
where he developed Mr. Williams coun- table work. With total Carolina, PO Box 91536,
a lifelong interest in sel, Mr. Heisler chose personal and founda- Raleigh, NC 276675.
Ask about our
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Harold E. Mike Brubaker
Deaths Reported College in 1950 and was
a member of Lambda
Axe, Lillian McSparren, Ethelmae Chi Fraternity.
92, of Lancaster. Febru- 83, wife of Clark After graduation,
ary 8, 2017. The Groffs McSparren, Jr., of Mike was hired as a
special agent for the
Marietta J. also enjoyed singing in
choirs, painting pot-
Family Funeral & Cre-
mation Services, Inc.,
Brethren Village. Feb-
ruary 8, 2017. The Hartford Insurance Niehaus tery, and cooking all of
394-5300 Groffs Family Funeral Company, and subse- the traditional Italian
& Cremation Services, quently because a part- dishes.
Bixler, Beverly Ann Inc., 394-5300 ner in the Widmyer- In addition to her
58, wife of Steve Roy Prangley Real Estate loving husband, Carl,
Bixler, of Columbia. Morrisey, Richard J. * and Insurance Agency Marietta is survived by
February 8, 2017. Clyde 86, of Shillington. Feb- in Lancaster, PA. Later, four daughters: Kristine,
W. Kraft Funeral Home, ruary 10, 2017. Good he owned and operated wife of Shamus Smith,
684-2370 Funeral Home & Cre- H a r o l d and Karen Niehaus,
The Brubaker Agency in
Brandt, Gloria E. mation Centre, 336- E. Mike Millersville, PA. both of Willow Street, as
89, of Lancaster. Febru- 4909 Brubaker Mike and Jackie trav- well as Rebecca Niehaus
ary 8, 2017. Charles F. Newcomer, H. died peace- eled the U.S. and all over and Elisabeth Niehaus.
Snyder Funeral Home Clarence fully in his the world. They loved She also left behind two
& Crematory, 872-5041 89, husband of Phyllis sleep on February 5th entertaining, playing grandsons, Aiden and
Brubaker, Harold E. (Dougherty) Newcom- at Masonic Village in Bridge, ballroom danc- Evan Smith.
91, of Masonic Village. er, of Woodcrest Villa. Elizabethtown, PA ing and socializing with A viewing will take
February 9, 2017. Sheetz where he resided for the friends, as well as taking Marietta J. Niehaus place on Thursday,
February 5, 2017. Sheetz
Funeral Home, Inc., Funeral Home, Inc., past eight years. He was yearly trips to Mountain of West Lampeter February 16, from 6-7
653-5441 653-5441 91 years young. Springs Lake in the Township passed away pm, followed by a cele-
Mike was born in Poconos, Wildwood, at home, surrounded bration of Mariettas life
Eberly, Pearl A. (Buch) Niehaus, Marietta J. Lancaster, PA to the late NJ and Ocean City, by her loving family, at 7 pm at the Charles
91, of Manheim. Febru- 64, of West Lampeter George (Carl) Brubaker MD with Lin and Jeff on February 10th, 2017 F. Snyder, Jr. Funeral
ary 10, 2017. Stradling Township. February 10, and Grace Miller when they were young. at the age of 64. She Home and Crematory,
Funeral Homes, Inc., 2017. Charles F. Snyder, was born in Brooklyn, 3110 Lititz Pike, Lititz,
733-2472 Brubaker on January 29, Mike loved Big Band
Jr. Funeral Home & NY to the late Angelo PA, 17543. A private in-
1926. He was married and Swing music, solv-
Crematory, 560-5100 and Palma Cefalu. terment at Indiantown
Fogle, Carlton Richard to Jacquelyne Jackie ing the New York Times
Thomas Nissley, Virginia W. Miesse Brubaker for 61 crossword puzzle (in She attended Adelphi Gap National Cemetery
35, of York. January 9, 87, of Juniper Village, years, until her passing pen!), collecting coins Business School and will be on Friday.
2017. J.J. Hartenstein Mount Joy. February 9, in 2013. Before moving and stamps, golf, writing dedicated her life to her Please omit flow-
Mortuary, Inc., 717- 2017. Miller-Finken- to Elizabethtown, they witty and funny poems, children, grandchildren, ers. Instead, you may
235-3857 binder Funeral Home & lived in Lancaster and and collecting vintage and husband. make a contribution
Crematory, 367-1543 Millersville, PA. Mustangs. He loved to Marietta worked in in Mariettas memory
Foutz, Harriett H. food service at Hans to A Week Away
77, of Leola. February 9, Mike was the fa- talk about the old days,
Ott, Russell G., Jr. ther of Lin Roussel and cherished childhood Herr Elementary School Fo u n d a t i o n , 941
2017. Cremation Servic- 90, husband of Grace
es of Lancaster, 273- (Jim), of Lititz and Jeff memorabilia. Mike was and, most recently, at Wheatland Ave, Suite
Thomspon Ott, of Lan- Lancaster Bible College. 201, Lancaster, PA,
6283 Brubaker of Millersville. quite the wordsmith,
caster. February 7, 2017. She and her husband, 17603 or at aweekaway.
DeBord Snyder Funeral Grandchildren are and would correct you
Frey, Don E. Jenna Neas (Matt), of in a minute for misuse Carl, celebrated 43 org.
70, husband of Sandra Home & Crematory, years of marriage in To send the family
Inc., 394-4097 Manheim, Brian Siegrist of the English language!
(Eshleman) Frey, of September. They at- online condolences,
(Tania), of Lititz, A Celebration of Life
Lancaster. February 9, tended LCBC. please visit
2017. Bachman Funeral Platt, Shawn Kelly Cheyenne Brubaker will be announced and
48, of Lancaster. Febru- of Lancaster, Emily held at a later date and Marietta loved the
Home, 687-7644 Lord and loved people.
ary 9, 2017. DeBord Sny- Roussel of Eagleville, interment at Millersville
Gimber, Carl H., Sr. der Funeral Home & and James Roussel of Mennonite Cemetery Her family was her pri-
83, husband of Beverly Crematory, Inc., 394- Lititz. Great-grandchild will be private at the ority and she loved serv-
J. (Dieffenbach) Gim- 4097 is Isaac Brubaker. convenience of the fam- ing them the most. She
ber, of Lancaster. Feb- Mike attended ily.
ruary 9, 2017. Charles F. Reed, John W.
81, of Willow Street. McCaskey High School, In lieu of flow- Obituary notices are provid- IN LOVING MEMORY OF
Snyder, Jr. Funeral and after graduating in ers, please donate to
Home & Crematory, February 9, 2017. ed as an advertising service KATHLEEN JO
DeBord Snyder Funeral 1943 as the class presi- the Masonic Village by the Classified Advertising
560-5100 dent, he enlisted in the Childrens Home, department of LNP Media
Home & Crematory, Group, Inc. June 5, 1959-Feb. 11, 2015
Graff, Louise M. Inc., 394-4097 U.S. Army Air Corps 1 Masonic Drive,
93, of Lancaster. Febru- where he was selected Elizabethtown, PA Deaths Reported and Obitu-
aries may be placed by first
ary 4, 2017. DeBord Roberts, Madeline * and trained as a cryp- 17022 in Mikes name. calling the Obituary Coordi-
Snyder Funeral Home 90, of Lancaster. Febru- tographer in WWII. He Mikes family would nator at 717-295-7875, then
& Crematory, Inc., 394- ary 9, 2017. DeBord Sny- served in Papua, New like to thank Masonic submitting the written notice
4097 der Funeral Home & Guinea, the Philippines Village for taking excel- either by e-mail
Crematory, Inc., 394- and Japan, earning 2 lent care of their par- ( or by
Heiser, Ralph Ray Jr. 4097 fax (717-399-6523), Monday-
39, husband of Brandy battle stars. He was an ents and making the last Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sat-
L. Shreve, of Couder- Rodriguez, Francisco accomplished trum- journey of their lives urday, 2 to 6 p.m.; Sunday,
sport. Casey, Halwig & 78, of Lancaster. Febru- pet player influenced special, memorable and 3 to 6 p.m.
Hartle Funeral Home, ary 7, 2017. Andrew T. by musicians such as comfortable. The advertising department
716-372-0254 Scheid Funeral Home, Doc Severinsen, Harry To send an online publishes obituaries provided
397-8298 James and Chet Baker. condolence, please visit by funeral homes or cremato-
Heisler, Kenneth Mar- He was also a cham- www.sheetzfuneral- ria, based on information pro-
tin Sherr, Charles W.* pion table tennis player
vided to them by families. It
90, of Wilmington, NC. does not accept obituaries You were an amaz-
95, of Lancaster. Febru- throughout the 1940s Sheetz
December 16, 2016.
from individuals. Obituaries ing daughter, sister,
ary 8, 2017. Charles F. and 50s. Funeral Home, Inc. and related materials, sub-
Snyder, Jr. Funeral mitted to LNP Media Group, wife, mother, and
Howard, Andrea L. Mike graduated from Mount Joy grandmother. Our
59, of Columbia. Febru- Home & Crematory, Franklin & Marshall
Inc. may be edited for style,
560-5100 policy or legal reasons, and hearts broke the day
ary 9, 2017. Clyde W. they become the property of you left us. If love
Kraft Funeral Home, Sloan, Robert K. *
Browse or leave a condolence from your smart phone at
LNP Media Group, Inc.
could have saved
Inc., 684-2370 81, husband of Edna R. you, you would have
Kennedy, Constance (Willard) Sloan, of Eliz- lived forever. We
R. abethtown. February miss you and love
91, of New Holland. 10, 2017. Good Funeral Haldy/Keener Eitnier you everyday.
February 11, 2017. Beck Home & Cremation Love, your mother
Funeral Home, 354- Centre, 336-4909 Memorials Memorials Evelyn, your sisters
2227 Sandy and Pam, your
Vogtmam, Nina R. *
Kissinger, Michael 81, of Landisville. Feb- 2102 Willow Street Pike 531 North State Street kids Zeb and Sara
Scott ruary 11, 2017. The Lancaster, PA 17602 Ephrata, PA 17522 and your grand-
54, husband of Anita D. Groffs Family Funeral
divisions of daughters Zebryna,
717-392-6312 717-733-0808
Cessna Kissinger. Feb- & Cremation Services, Audrianna and Eve-
ruary 9, 2017. The Groffs Inc., 394-5300 lyn Kathleen. Thank
a tribute to life you for loving us.
Family Funeral & Cre- Family owned & operated since 1921 www.ging
mation Services, Inc., Winpenny, Thomas R.
394-5300 III
75, husband of Marilyn Dont make your loved ones guess what you want.
McGrann, Marjorie Sims Winpenny. Febru-
A.* ary 8, 2017. Charles F.
63, of Birdsboro. Janu- Snyder, Jr. Funeral Complimentary Luncheon and
ary 29, 2017. Charles F. Home & Crematory,
Snyder, Jr. Funeral 560-5100 Funeral Pre-Planning Seminar.
Home & Crematory,
560-5100 * No Obituary appears Join Lisa and Michele to learn why pre-planning
is so important for your family.

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,@[n @  n@ April 4 ..........................11:00 am ......... DoubleTree Resort at Willow Valley
| ne #n April 20 .......................11:00 am ......... General Sutter Inn

Please RSVP, space is limited. The meal is our treat!
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!, ne@ b [ Pre-Funded Arrangements

Charles F. Snyder Funeral Home
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& Crematory
@[@nn[[nnQ@[n@n Discount applies to pre-funded plans only.
Lititz - Spacht-Snyder | 127 S. Broad St. | 717.626.2317
This coupon must be present at time of
n@a n@On[ appointment. Offer expires 09/30/17
Funding underwritten by Physicians Life Insurance Company

Holiday treats
Raspberry Vanilla Muffins are
perfect for Valentines Day
n Food, page B8



These 3 couples will warm your heart with their romantic tales. You can watch
videos of the couples and vote for your favorite at


Kim and Jovan Aldae. Marty and Tom Brown. Lacy and Tyson Snader.

Theyve overcome Failure not an option They take on toughest

adversity together during their marriage challenges together

Jovan and Kim Aldae both are in their It took a group of friends playing a little A few years ago, Tyson and Lacey Snader
20s and are the parents of two children. trick on them in 1959 to get them togeth- of Lancaster were getting married in Las
He has a steady job and theyre youth er. Vegas and honeymooning in Death Valley.
leaders at their church. They enjoy go- But the trick worked, and Tom and Shortly after that, the couple faced a
ing on adventures together and love each Marty Brown, of Mount Joy, recently cel- much darker valley in their relationship.
other deeply. ebrated their 57th wedding anniversary. Three months after their 2013 marriage,
Their friends say they want what the Al- Raising children together, common Tyson Snader a runner, swimmer and
daes have. backgrounds and interests, and being ac- hiker went down a slide into a pond at a
Dont pray for that because you dont tive together in Girl Scouts have filled picnic and sustained a spinal-cord injury.
know what we had to go through to get their long life together. The accident threatened his life and left
here, says Kim, 27. It has been one tough We both came from a pretty solid him a quadriplegic.
road. Catholic background, Tom Brown, 76, After surgery and rehabilitation, the
It has been difficult, but their faith and says. We were married in the church, and Snaders settled back into domestic life
their families pushed the couple to make we took our vows very seriously. with their son, Hudson, and with chal-
their relationship work. They made it of- We just never thought about failure be- lenges they had never anticipated.
ficial and married in November, six years ing an option, he adds. Its not to say that
to the day after they became a couple. we never had any problems. Coworkers first
But never anything major, Marty
Met during tryouts Brown, 78, says. The couple met while they were both
We never went to bed angry, her hus- servers at the former Doc Hollidays
Jovan, 28, and Kim, met at Hand Middle band adds. steakhouse in Lancaster. But both of
School during tryouts for the football and them had significant others in their lives
cheerleading teams. They stayed in touch A sneaky setup at the time.
through high school but it wasnt until a Despite the fact that I thought he was
few years later that they got together. In 1959, Tom Brown was a year out of very, very handsome, Lacey Snader,
Jovan ran into Kims father and then high school and was looking for a job. 33, says, I was not making any kind of
called up the girl he had met at the tryouts. He found one in the anesthesia depart- moves.
She has a nice personality, he says. ment at Lancasters former St. Joseph I definitely thought she was cute, Ty-
And we complement each other. Hospital (now Lancaster Regional Medi- son Snader, 34, says.
He was such a free spirit. Ive always cal Center). Five years later, they reconnected.
been the kind of person who could get up He was taking care of the oxygen equip- When I broke things off with my ex-
at 9 oclock at night and just go jump in a ment, Marty Brown, says. I had just boyfriend, Lacey Snader says, (Tyson)
lake, she says. He was so down with it. I graduated from nursing school (at St. Jo- had always kind of been in the back of my
was like: Yes, I found me a winner. seph School of Nursing), and at that time, head as somebody Id like to be with.
ALDEA, page B15 BROWN, page B15 SNADER, page B16


Head over heels for chocolate meals

How area restaurants prepare sweet and savory courses using a Valentines Day staple
MARY ELLEN WRIGHT which is Youngs background as a salt in it, as well.
chef. Young says she uses ancho, chi- Young,
At this time of year, you expect A mole poblano (sauce) is al- mayo and chipotle chili powders chef-
chocolate to come in a heart- ways finished with chocolate in the rub. owner of
shaped box, wrapped around in Mexico. Its a very common Mexican chocolate is a dark, Charac-
ters Pub.
cherries or flavored nougat. mole, she says. unrefined chocolate, Young says.
You also expect it to be sugary Mole poblano, which generally Its directly from the cocoa nibs,
sweet. contains chilies, tomatoes, on- and its not rich at all.
But, especially as Valentines ion, garlic and chocolate, is often The nibs, she explains, are piec-
Day approaches, chefs at some served with chicken. es of dried, crushed cocoa beans
area restaurants are adding dark- That flavor profile inspired the that have the consistency of ba-
er, less sweet chocolate to their chocolate chili wings Young is con bits.
appetizers, entrees and even sal- preparing for her Valentines Day At Mexican restaurants she
ads. menu served over the weekend worked at in the past, Young says,
There are a lot of cuisines in and Monday and Tuesday. she made a salad of mixed greens,
which chocolate is an everyday, Its a dry rub, so the wings get cocoa nibs and fresh strawber-
savory staple, says Chef Meghan tossed in the rub, she says. Its ries, with a balsamic, balsamic-
Young, owner of Characters Pub a very dark chocolate cocoa with cherry or sherry vinaigrette.
in Lancaster. a couple of chili powders. And That is served over panko-en-
One of those is Mexican cuisine, it has cinnamon and a little bit of VALENTINES FOOD, page B3 CHARACTERS PUB

The ever versatile diamond stud earrings,

perfect for Valentines Day

830 Plaza Blvd., Lanc 299-4283


The Scene
Restaurant Inspections are now in the Money
section on page D7.


Embracing a
to make it home
Meet Darlene Byrd, co-winner of
2017 Gavel of Social Justice Award


Darlene Byrd, left, and the Rev. Roland Forbes, win-

ners of the 2017 Gavel of Social Justice Award, attend
the sixth annual African American History Month
Celebration on Feb. 2 at The Ware Center in Lancaster.


arlene Byrd was born in Lancaster and
spent her first 15 years living in rural farm
country along the eastern edge of the
When she moved to the city as a teenager, she
2 didnt plan to stay. Now, more than four decades
later, shes firmly rooted in the citys southern side.
Byrd, 59, is founder and president of the South
Ann Street Concerned Citizens, an organization
she started more than a quarter-century ago to
fight neighborhood crime and improve the blocks
tarnished image.
On Feb. 2, she and the Rev. Roland Forbes, of Eb-
enezer Baptist Church, shared the 2017 Gavel of
Social Justice Award for their contributions to the
Family: Daughters Darlene and Shanneal,
grandchildren Sabrina and Jordan, father How-
Church: Rays Temple, Church of God in Christ,
49 S. Ann St.
Ive been here since 1998. I grew up Menno-
4 5
nite I was Mennonite for more than 35 years. I
believe God told me to come to Rays Temple it
was a culture shock, believe me for my spiritual
6 7 Occupation: Director of missions for Rays
Recently, I went to the Dominican Republic to
serve in some of the poor areas there. Im going to
North Dakota in August . Well be going to an In-
dian reservation, then back to the Dominican Re-
public in December.
When I was a child, I wanted to be: Many
things. I think maybe a nurse.
Book on my nightstand: Mountain Moving
Faith by Kenneth E. Hagin.
Hobbies: I love to sew. I love to swim. I like gar-
Volunteer: Im an APPRISE counselor with
the Lancaster County Office of Aging.
Favorite thing about living in Lancaster:
I find most people to be friendly. Im the type of
person who will speak to you in passing, and most
The Scene is a photo gallery by LNP featuring events from the week across Lancaster County. people here will talk back.
I started the South Ann Street Concerned
Citizens because: Back in 1989, South Ann
concerned about our safety.
After setting a record high temperature Photo 1: Wind blows across a snowy It started as a crime watch. But we realized that
of 63 degrees on Tuesday, snow covered landscape near Mondale Road in Upper
Lancaster County early Thursday morning, Leacock Township after Thursday mornings
taking care of the 200 block didnt suffice. ... You
and wind whipped across the countryside. snow storm. Photo 2: A herd of ponies pause had to deal with gangs anywhere you went.
in a windswept Warwick Township field So we expanded and started working on hous-
Meteorologists on Wednesday predicted
up to 8 inches of snow, but most of near Millport. Photo 3: Michele Criste, left, ing, youth programs, beautification and education
the area received about 1 to 4 inches. and Jen Hessinger run Thursday morning ... and weve been going strong ever since.
Millersville reported about 2 inches of along Nolt Road in East Hempfield Township.
snow about 8:30 a.m. Thursday, according Photo 4: A robin perches in a snow-covered
to Millersville University meteorologist tree along Millersville Pike in Lancaster
Todd Sikora, who took the measurement. Township. Photo 5: Pedestrians walk through
the snow-covered trees at Franklin and PINK PAGEANT
Lancaster city and East Petersburg Marshall College after the storm. Photo 6:
reported 2 inches, as well, according to Darlene Byrd is organizing a Fun Pink Pageant, for up
A truck with a plow drives through blowing to 100 women older than 40, that will raise funds for
National Weather Service meteorologist snow in the 1100 block of Landisville Road
Paul Head. Reinholds reported 4 inches, breast cancer and church missions.
in East Hempfield Township. Photo 7: Abe
while Manheim had 1 inch, he said. Lincolns face is covered with blowing snow Participants will be judged for an interview, formal
A pleasant weekend followed the in Rohrerstown. wear and fun pink wear, Byrd says.
snowstorm, with temps in the upper 40s. The pageant will be 4 p.m. July 22 at Lancaster
For this weeks forecast, see page C12. DAN MARSCHKA AND BLAINE T. SHAHAN | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER PHOTOS Mennonite High School, she says. For more
information, contact Byrd at

TINY HOUSES, CABINS & Transform your Floors.


Traditional Amish Craftsmanship

Its Worth The Trip
M-Tu-W-F 9am-5pm Th 9am-8pm Sat 9am-3pm Closed Sun
To Paradise
717-442-1902 | 295 E. Main St. Leola, PA 17540 | 717-661-6522

different for everyone. cousin contacted us then blocked all of us through text message is
In my little church, we after seeing a photo of on social media. simply not possible.
all assume the exact the three of us online. I feel like the entire You could relieve
same seats, week after He said hes sick of discussion should your guilt by trying to
week, year after year. feeling left out. have been in person. I contact him, perhaps
This is not ideal, and We all responded, dont want the family through letter, to say,
your letter is a reminder saying we did not broken up. We have al- I was shocked to learn
that when we mix things know he felt this way ways all gotten along, how excluded you have
up, new relationships and that we were and our family gath- felt. Thank you for
and connections can be so close because we ers very frequently. I being honest about it.
formed. were basically raised love all of my family Id like to have a closer
Good deed goes Many people prefer to
sit by themselves during
together. We told him
we would want to hang
members, but I dont
feel like I should have
relationship, but well
never resolve these
unnoticed in the pew worship. Additionally,
your neighbor might
out with him more
now and also in the
to censor my relation-
ships Ive developed
things unless we talk
about it.
have felt too awkward future. with other family
Dear Amy: Recently that he did not want to or presumptuous to as- He accepted that, because it may offend Dear Amy: I am
we had a heavy snow- be seen with me. Im sume that your offer of but then started someone. I would be shocked at how often
fall. The next day I good enough to talk to, a ride was really an offer saying things like willing to forgive and couples who are get-
called a neighbor to but not good enough to share the experience the rest of the fam- forget just to have ting married decide to
see if he needed a ride to sit next to? with him. I hope you ily doesnt ever want peace between us exclude a family mem-
to church services. He Is this socially unac- will forgive his awk- him around. We told again. ber. Family is family,
gratefully accepted. ceptable behavior? ward reaction and move him this isnt true Should I feel guilty especially during a
When we ap- Shouldnt people be forward. and that everyone for forming a closer wedding.
proached the church gracious enough to loves him, and we are relationship with my Shocked
I noticed that he sit with the person Dear Amy: Im in my sorry that someone other cousins? How Dear Shocked: Fami-
stopped in the vesti- that offered them the early 20s. Since we told him that because should we resolve this lies are complex and
bule, as if procrasti- transportation? were little kids, two of thats horrible. recent falling out? challenging. There are
nating in sitting down. I cant seem to let it my cousins and I have He then kept re- Concerned Cousin definitely legitimate
I took my seat and go. been very close. My sponding about how Dear Cousin: You are reasons to exclude, but
minutes later turned Weather Beaten grandmother baby-sat badly he is treated. closer to your cousins there would probably be
around to see him sit- Dear Weather Beaten: all of us. We lived five This conversation because you were raised less exclusion if people
ting three rows away. You were kind to offer minutes away from continued on and off together, like siblings. could simply accept that
After the service, I this ride to your neigh- each other, rode the for three days via Your other cousin their families are not
waited in the parking bor, but you should school bus together text messaging, until was trying to be honest perfect.
lot for some time until not have expected any and, when we were finally I told him that with you, and thats a
he finally came up to particular or specific be- teenagers, after the it had gone on too long good thing. However, it
the car. havior from him, other loss of their mother, and I would like to end sounds as if he has let a n Contact Amy Dickinson via
We chatted on the than an expression of they spent every night the discussion. He re- lifetime of resentment You can also follow her on
way home, but once I gratitude. at my house. sponded with sarcasm build up, and trying to Twitter @askingamy or like
was alone I realized Worshiping is slightly Recently, another and expletives and express and resolve this her on Facebook.

Births Valentines food: Sweet and savory meals

BARBUSH, Garret N. and Continued from B1 onion and celery, toma- This recipe for beef almost cover the beef
Eden (Fink), Manheim, a
daughter, at Women & crusted fried cheese to paste and Burgundy ribs with dark choco- Directions:
Babies Hospital, Thursday. mozzarella or one wine. late comes from Ken Season the beef and let it
of two white Mexican For the holiday din- Gladysz, executive chef sit out for a few minutes
BLUE, Van M. Jr., and
Keyshia Martinez-Burgos, cheeses, queso Oaxaca ner, Gladysz was also at the Hotel Hershey. before you sear it.
Lancaster, a son, at or queso panela, she making a salad that in-
Rough chop all the
Women & Babies Hospital, says. cluded a potato puree HERSHEY DARK vegetables, set aside.
Thursday. For Valentines Day, prepared with cream,
BURGER, Chad M. and Young is also making a butter and white choc- CHOCOLATE Place a roasting pan or
Darian, Mount Joy, a son, at duck breast thats rolled olate, and an orange- BRAISED BEEF oven-safe pot on a hot
flame and add oil.
Women & Babies Hospital, in salt and dark cocoa chocolate vinaigrette SHORT RIBS
Thursday. powder before it is pan- using either cocoa pow- Once the oil is hot,
Serves 5. carefully add beef to the
seared. der or syrup.
Hershey Chef Ken Gladysz. Ingredients: pan and sear the beef on
and Melisa A. Santiago Chef Ken Gladysz, ex- The entrees for the
Corniel, Lancaster, a son, at ecutive chef at the Hotel tastes such as mush- dinner were chicken n 2 pounds beef short all sides.
Women & Babies Hospital, Hershey, is no stranger room powder, he says. mole served two ways ribs, bone in or boneless Remove the beef and
to using chocolate in sa- Chocolate can work braised chicken thighs n 1 onion add all vegetables,
FLORA-JOHNSON, Shatala, vory dishes, sauces and well with shrimp, scal- with a dark chocolate cooking them until they
and Charles Rosa-Brown, n 1 carrot, medium size are nicely browned and
salads. lops, beef, chicken, duck mole sauce and a chick-
Lancaster, a daughter, at n 2 ribs celery caramelized.
Women & Babies Hospital, Being in Hershey, we and lamb, he adds. en breast glazed with
Tuesday. work with chocolate a Late last week, Glady- the chocolate liquid n 1 tablespoon fresh Add tomato paste and
lot, Gladysz says. In sz was preparing for his from cooking the thighs garlic cook for 3 more minutes.
and Edgar A. Santiago, fall, winter and spring 10th annual five-course and a pecan- and co- n 1 shallot Deglaze the pan with the
Lancaster, a son, at we try to incorporate Valentines Day choco- coa powder-encrusted n 2 tablespoons oil wine and add the herbs;
Women & Babies Hospital, (chocolate) into our late dinner, which was salmon. let the red wine reduce by
n 2 sprigs fresh
Thursday. menu. served Friday night at Gladysz also uses a rosemary
half on a slow simmer.
MADARA, Amanda, and What we find, in the hotel. chocolate barbecue Add beef back to the pot
working with a choco- He was planning an sauce thats regularly n 1/2 bunch fresh thyme and pour the beef stock
Michael Forst, Lancaster,
a daughter, at Heart of late and a savory, is that hors duvre of duck served with such dishes n 2 tablespoons tomato and chocolate in with the
Lancaster Regional Medical it works best with rubs pate served with a choc- as wings and ribs in the paste beef.
Center, Thursday. and marinades, he olate red-wine mus- Hotel Hersheys Har- n 1/2 bottle red wine, Let the stock come to a
SCHAVNIS, Matthew E. and says. It does really well tard made with cocoa vest restaurant. pinot noir or cabernet simmer before covering
Kelly, Lancaster, a son, at with sauces almost powder or Hersheys Chocolate is like a lot n 6 ounces Hersheys it tightly and placing it in
Women & Babies Hospital, any kind of barbecue syrup. of things; it may taste dark chocolate coins, 63 the oven.
sauce works well (with Braising works really kind of weak (in a dish) percent cacao Cook the beef at 275
VELURU, Muni Sreeram, chocolate). well with dark choco- at first, but give it time n 2 to 3 quarts veal stock degrees for 2 1/2 hours or
and Chaitanya Sravanthi Roasted baby carrots late, especially beef, to sit and the flavor re- or broth enough to until fork-tender.
Kamballa, Lancaster, a
daughter, at Women &
or cipollini onions taste pork and even poultry, ally opens up and grows
Babies Hospital, Thursday. great with a glaze con- Gladysz says. and matures, Gladysz
taining dark chocolate, The chef was plan- says.
and Kristen (Stefanosky), he adds. ning a second course of My best tip, he adds,
Quarryville, a daughter, at Dark chocolate has an chocolate-braised beef is to start with just a
Women & Babies Hospital, earthy flavor that works short ribs, cooked with little (chocolate); you
Wednesday. well with other earthy caramelized carrots, can always add more.

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two centers, one center specializing in care with need to buy a Medicare
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Enhance your home & body with
Au.D., FAAA Aroma Therapy!
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Maria Brouse Ultrasonic Waves and a few
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Communication and trust are two main ingredients
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ff - $32 99 to $34 99
717.207.7464 The Electric Diffuser has two settings Intermittent or Timer.

442 Running Pump Rd Oils - $8 99 to $1199

Lancaster Park City Center 393-1304
Rockvale Square 293-0555
Celebrating 18 years in the community In The Mansion 755-9290
2840 Whiteford Rd, York


Test your rom-com IQ

Concert prep for

novice chaperones

hese are the times that try
Tuesday is Valentines Day. To get you mothers and fathers souls:
ready for the day set aside for love, we The times when the lights
are offering you a quiz about romantic onstage dim, and the sound
movies both comedies and dramas, that erupts from the over-hyped
commonly known as chick flicks. crowd is the din of every cicada thats
Ladies, find out just how much you ever circled over Lancaster County,
know. Gents, study up. from the beginning of time until
present day.
MEET CUTE The times when the lead singer of
whatever pop band youre watching
1. How do Jack and Rose meet in Titanic? pronounces Lancaster correctly
A. Rose is trying to jump overboard and and the roar of approval sends rever-
Jack saves her. berations through the floor.
B. At a party down below. I have seen Nick Jonas in a small
C. The captain introduces them. Philly club; K-pop sensation Dean
Humphrey Bogart in New York City; a riot of YouTube
2. How do Harry and Sally meet in When and Ingrid Bergman musicians at Chameleon all-ages
Harry Met Sally? in Casablanca. shows; One Direction and Demi Lo-
A. They met in grade school. vato, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande,
B. They share a ride from the University of Fifth Harmony, Blackbear, Blink-182,
Chicago to New York. Twenty One Pilots ... a whole litany
C. They meet on their first day in New York. of names you may know if you have
children Of A Certain Age.
3. How do Harold and Maude meet in Venues big and small. Bands that
Harold and Maude? have hit world domination (that
A. At a strangers funeral. aforementioned One Direction
B. Through Harolds mother. perhaps the name rings a bell?) and
C. In an old folks home. singers who will never, ever be heard
from again.
4. How did Annie Hall and Alvy As my teens slowly age into being
Singer meet in Annie Hall? able to attend concerts by them-
A. Playing doubles tennis. selves, Im realizing that the knowl-
B. In line for The Sorrow and the edge Ive amassed could be useful to a
Pity. very specific subset of concert-goers:
C. At a jazz club where Annie is singing. The chaperoning parent.
So if youre entering that phase, al-
5. In Gone With the Wind, right be- low me to share my hard-earned wis-
fore Rhett and Scarlett meet for the first dom. May it save you from migraines,
time, what has Scarlett been doing? from getting stranded and from
A. Drinking a big glass of whiskey. spending 90 post-concert minutes
B. Telling Ashley she loves him. looking for your car.
C. Speaking with her father about her sis- Katharine Hepburn Not that Ive ever had to do that.
ters marriage. and Spencer Tracy in
Woman of the Year. Your packing list
Excedrin, Advil or some other
6. In Youve Got Mail, how do Joe Fox and pain reliever. Take two before the
Kathleen Kelly fall in love? opening band, before the strobe
A. By reaching for the same book at a book- lights and amps-turned-to-11 hit.
store. Ear plugs. Dont for a minute
B. Long phone conversations. think this will block all the sound.
C. Through the internet. Oh, if you were hoping that, my
goodness, no. Bless your heart. But it
7. In which Alfred Hitchcock film will bring it down to a manageable,
does a couple have a 2 1/2-minute enjoyable level.
kiss (which was against the produc- Small bills, to pay for club soda
tion code) described as perhaps at the all-ages event, for parking, for
the most intimate and exotic kiss. emergencies.
A. The Birds. A backup battery pack for your
B. Notorious. cellphone. Do you want to be trying,
C. North by Northwest. on a 4 percent charge, to text the
child who went to the merchandise
8. Who is Thomas Kent in Shakespeare stand half an hour ago and hasnt yet
in Love? reappeared? No. No, you do not.
A. A good buddy of William Shakespeares. A second backup battery pack
B. An actor in Shakespeares company. for the kid who used up all cellphone
C. The name Viola de Lesseps gives herself power taking selfies on the way to the
so she can work on stage in Shakespeares venue.
QUIZ, page B5 Barbra Streisand Comfortable shoes. No one else
and Robert Redford cares how stylish your feet are, Chap-
in The Way We Were. erone. No one. And neither will you
ANSWERS when youre standing through the
To see how well you did, turn to Page B16 obligatory encore.
The phone number of everyone
youre supposed to be watching.
Water and snacks for the ride
GRETNA MUSIC home. When its all over, youre not
going to want to hit every drive-thru.
Curtis Institute ensemble to perform in county Gum. Someone will want gum.
A pen, so everyone can write
down the location of where you
Musicians from prestigious school parked. Or drop a pin on your smart-
phone map.
lend their talents to concert series Just the keys youll need. Like-
wise, just the wallet stuff youll need:
JANE HOLAHAN IF YOU GO Dont lug around your Costco ID,
n What: The Curtis 20/21 your Red Cross blood donor card,
The Curtis Institute of Ensemble. your 13 grocery store cards or that
Music in downtown Phila- n Where: Leffler Chapel, receipt from three weeks ago.
delphia is a special place, Elizabethtown College. Enough time to look at the band
says David Ludwig, who T-shirts, stickers, hoodies, lanyards
teaches composition there.
n When: Sunday, Feb. 19. and posters. Now, double the es-
How special? n Cost: Adult, $17/$22; ages timated time youll need. It takes
Its the hardest school 26 and younger, $8.50/$11. longer than youd think to agonize
to get into in the country, n Contact:; over every $40 T-shirt.
Ludwig says. Three per- 717-361-1508. A third backup phone battery,
cent of our applicants get in. CURTIS INSTITUTE which youll need after at least
Musicians from all over the The Curtis 20/21 Ensemble one kid records the first half-hour
world come to study. And to Elizabethtown Colleges straight of the concert.
the school is free. Leffler Chapel at 7:30 p.m ni will be performing. Two Ware Center Wednesday, Something caffeinated for the
Thats right. Free. No tu- Sunday. recent graduates, soprano March 22. That concert is drive home.
ition, thanks to a generous The Curtis 20/21 Ensem- Sarah Shafer and mezzo- sold out. (That last item is just for you,
endowment from Mary ble is part of Gretna Musics soprano Jazimina MacNeil, We have been talking Chaperone. The kids will have no
Louise Curtis Bok. Winter 2016-2017: The will be at Leffler Chapel on about making use of the re- need for it. Promise.)
While the Curtis Insti- Curtis Legacy, featuring Saturday, March 25. sources available to us at
tute has been ensconced in Curtis faculty, graduates One of its most famous Curtis for a long time, says n Jennifer Kopf is an LNP staff writer. Un-
Rittenhouse Square since and students. alumni, violinist Hilary Carl Kane, artistic director scripted is a weekly entertainment column
1924, a piece of it is coming Next month, Curtis alum- Hahn, will perform at the ENSEMBLE, page B5 produced by a rotating team of writers.


Dutch Apple take on Superstar is decidedly modern

Strong vocals sometimes at odds with contemporary spin
IF YOU GO at times powerful. But there
n What: Jesus Christ Superstar. is a lot of see-how-wide-my
I have seen Jesus Christ Su- range-is singing that, for
perstar at least half a dozen n Where: Dutch Apple Dinner me, often failed to deepen the
Theatre, 510 Centerville Road.
times, and I have listened to power of the music.
the double album practically n When: Continues through Chasdan Ross Mike, who
March 18. Wed.-Sat., 6 p.m.
since it first came out in 1971. dinner, 7:30 p.m. show; selected plays Judas Iscariot, lets his
I can still see the brown album matinees Thurs.-Sat., 11:45 a.m. voice swoop and swirl during
with the two angels on the lunch, 1:15 p.m. show; select his big numbers Heaven on
cover. Sunday twilights, dinner 5:30 Their Minds, Damned For
It is an amazing show for so p.m., show 7 p.m. All Time, and Superstar
many reasons: a powerful and n Cost: $53-$63, adults; $28 and I cant help but wonder
complex story line, intriguing ages 13-16; $24 ages 3-12. $35- if a more straightforward ap-
characters and great music. $38 show only. proach would have been more
In my book, this is the great- n Contact:, 717- powerful. It was hard at times
est show Andrew Lloyd Web- 898-1900. to hear what he was singing.
ber and Tim Rice ever created. The thing is, he has a power-
This rock opera is witty, poi- ful voice, and he sounds great
gnant, powerful and filled with (Donovan Hoffer) has tattoos when hes going full throttle. BLAINE T. SHAHAN | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

From left, Chasdan Ross Mike, Jarrett Jay Yoder and Ilana Gabrielle
memorable hooks. and a man bun. The costumes Jarrett Jay Yoder, who plays play Judas, Jesus and Mary Magdalene respectively in Jesus Christ
So when the eerie music be- by John P. White are all unique, Jesus, sang his role more tra- Superstar at Dutch Apple Dinner Theater.
gan Thursday night at Dutch and the look fits into the story. ditionally. Hes got a powerful
Apple Dinner Theatre, I was The way McCleary has staged voice, and he does a solid job as the crowd sings his praises; I Dont Know How to Love
ready. scenes with her large cast with Gethsemane, the song at other times it feels like hes Him without Jesus on stage.
Its clear director and cho- works well on the small stage. Jesus sings to God on the night patronizing his followers. Usually, hes close by sleeping,
reographer Amy Marie Mc- he will be betrayed by Judas and I always wondered how
Cleary is looking for some- More modern spin and arrested. Strong voice he could sleep while Mary was
thing different. This is not a Yoder comes through in the belting out the great song.
traditional staging of the show. She also has asked her cast second half of the show, and the Ilana Gabrielle is a terrific King Herods Song is usu-
She wants a more modern look to give a more modern spin to crucifixion scene is powerful. Mary Magdalene. Her voice is ally a highlight of Jesus Christ
and sound. their singing. Unfortunately, his Jesus strong and sweet, and we see Superstar, but here McCleary
The ensemble looks like a The most important thing in the first act doesnt quite her attraction to Jesus. And adds a bizarre beginning and
ragtag troupe of hipsters. Simon first: The voices are solid and work. At times, he looks smug I was happy to see her sing REVIEW, page B16

Quiz Laura realize they

cant be together,
where does Alec go?
C. At the Mouth of
Truth statue. 19. In Woman of the
Year, what does Tess
A. From Here to Eter-
B. To Have and Have
C. She fondly brushes
her hair away.

Continued from B4 A. The North Pole. HAPPINESS (Katharine Hepburn) Not. 25. In Say Anything,
B. South Africa. do to try to win back C. An Affair to Re- when Lloyd Dobler
theater. C. The United States. 16. In My Big Fat her husband, Sam member. (John Cusack) lifts up
Greek Wedding, Tou- (Spencer Tracy)? his boombox and plays
9. Why does Marty 13. What is the final las father, Gus, finally A. She puts on a slinky 22. In what film does a song over and over
drop Clara in Mar- straw for Katie and gives his daughter and dress. Paul Henreid light two for his ex, Diane Court
ty? Hubbell in The Way her fiance, Ian, his B. She tells him shes cigarettes and give one (Ione Skye), what song
A. His friends tell him We Were? blessing. What did they having a baby. to Bette Davis? is playing?
shes too plain. A. Hubbell has an affair have to do to get it? C. She tries to make A. All This and Heaven A. Cant Take My Eyes
B. His mother doesnt with his old college girl- A. Ian agrees to be bap- him breakfast. Too. Off of You by Frankie
like her. friend. tized in the Greek Ortho- B. Now, Voyager. Vali and the Four Sea-
C. Shes his best friends B. Hubbell is black- dox Church. 20. In Notting Hill, C. Mr. Skeffington. sons
girl. listed because of Katies B. Toula announces why does movie star B. In Your Eyes, by
radical politics. shes pregnant. Anna Scott (Julia Rob- 23. In which movie Peter Gabriel.
10. In When Harry C. Hubbells Holly- C. Toula has a long talk erts) angrily leave does a couple try to C. A Case of You by
Met Sally, when does wood friends convince with her father about her bookshop owner Will cook a lobster dinner? Joni Mitchell
Harry realize he loves him to leave Katie. love for Ian. Thacker (Hugh Grant)? A. Barefoot In the
Sally? A. She thinks he let the Park. ROMANTIC
A. During their friends 14. What is the final 17. In Sleepless in press know she was stay- B. The Bridges of
wedding. reason Rhett leaves Seattle, what makes ing at his house. Madison County. COUPLES
B. While roaming the Scarlett in Gone With Tom Hanks character, B. She catches him C. Annie Hall. Well name the movie,
streets of New York on the Wind? Sam, go up to the top bragging about having a you name the actor
New Years Eve. A. He blames Scarlett of the Empire State movie-star girlfriend. 24. What does Barbra and the actress who
C. As soon as he meets for Melanies death. Building? C. She discovers he has Streisands Katie do appeared together.
her. B. Scarlett tells him to A. Meg Ryans Annie a girlfriend. when she sees Robert 26. The Thin Man.
leave. told him she would be Redfords Hubbell af- 27. Adams Rib.
DESPAIR C. He overhears Scar- there. FAMOUS SCENES ter many years at the 28. To Have and Have
lett consoling Ashley af- B. His son, Jonah, came end of The Way We Not.
11. In Casablanca, ter Melanies death and to New York to find Annie, 21. Whats the name of Were? 29. The Runaway
why did Ilsa (Ingrid misunderstands. and Sam followed him. the movie featuring a A. She slaps his face. Bride.
Bergman) leave Rick C. Annies fiance talks couple making love on B. She lectures him on 30. Sleepless in Se-
(Humphrey Bogart) in 15. How do Anya and him into it. the beach in Hawaii? his politics. attle.
Paris? Joe spend their last
A. She was taken pris- moments together be- 18. In The Goodbye
oner by the Nazis. fore she heads back to Girl, why does Elliot
B. She met and fell in the palace in Roman (Richard Dreyfuss)
love with Victor Laszlo. Holiday? move into the apart-
C. She went to nurse A. At a back entrance ment Paula (Marsha
her husband, who she to the palace, where no- Mason) lives in?
thought was dead. body can see them. A. Hes renting a room.
B. Shivering on a riv- B. Paulas ex subletted
12. In Brief Encoun- erbank, after escaping it to him.
ter, when Alec and Anyas bodyguards. C. He bought it.

Ensemble only take exactly who they need. When

you audition for Curtis, you are audi-
tioning for a specific spot. Its like au-
Continued from B4 ditioning for the Philadelphia Orches-
of Gretna Music. It is such a wonder- tra.
ful resource and its right there in Phil- So it is the elite or the elites, which
adelphia. sometimes can come down to an intu-
Next Sundays concert will feature ition or an intangible feeling about a
contemporary music, something Kane musician.
said is different for Gretna concerts. The school has a great batting aver-
I think it will be a fascinating pro- age, (but) it can be frustrating, Lud-
gram, he says. wig says. In composition this year, we
Among the pieces the ensemble will had 90 to 100 applicants and we only
perform are two from fellow Curtis had one spot open. Its a little bit of a
students: Nick DiBernardinos 27 bummer we have to turn away so many
Morningside for piano trio, and Rene wonderful musicians.
Orths Miniatures from the Moun- The student body never goes above
tain for solo violin. 170 students, according to Ludwig.
Also on the program are two sonatas One of the unique things about the
from 20th-century masters: Samuel school is that it is college level, but we
Barbers Cello Sonata (Barber is a Cur- have 12-year-olds and 30-years-olds,
tis alum) and Francis Poulencs Vio- Ludwig says. It is entirely merit-
lin Sonata, written in memory of poet based.
Frederico Garcia Lorca. Ludwig, who is the grandson of pia-
The students who will be performing nist Rudolf Serkin, has been teaching
at Elizabethtown College are Abigail at Curtis since 2002. He graduated
Fayette, violin; Oliver Herbert, cello, from there in 2001. He also studied at
and George Xiaoyuan Fu, piano. Oberlin, The Manhattan School, Juil-
The ensemble itself is ad hoc, says liard School, and earned a Ph.D. from
Ludwig, who is the artistic director. the University of Pennsylvania.
We put together ensembles especially Hes happy to call Curtis home.
for programs. People get very nervous when they
All three are terrific musicians. They audition here, but when you get in, you
have to be to get into Curtis. are part of a family, Ludwig says. We
Everyone is incredibly gifted, Lud- are a small school, we know each other, 717-397-7425 
wig says. They are all able to own the we know who is good at what and who
room as soon as they begin with their should be better than they are,

music. Its such a special place, he adds.

Its remarkable, Kane says. They Its like family.


Fifty Shades Darker too silly to be sexy

KATIE WALSH be told, theyre both intensely But Ana has to work over- through-line that makes sense
boring people who dont have time as both sexual object and from scene to scene, or even
The Fifty Shades of Grey any hobbies outside of sex, and subject. Christian isnt sexy, within single scenes them-
book and film franchise posi- their relationship is a snooze. and the camera seems to have selves. Ana will chide Chris-
tions itself as naughty soft- no interest in him as an object. tian or theyll fight, and then
core eroticism for female au- Pretty tame Dornans good looks are hidden the next moment shell lov-
diences, but its hard to find under a layer of puff and scruff, ingly comfort him. They never
anything all that arousing Speaking of the sex, despite and though hes not a bad actor, seem to be on the same page,
when laughing this hard. The the expensive accessories, hes completely lacking in cha- or even in the same conversa-
second installment, Fifty its pretty tame. Most of it is risma here, playing Grey with tion, and therefore their love
Shades Darker, is pure camp. orchestrated around female all the charm of a sociopathic story is a complete sham.
Audiences will be in ecstasy al- pleasure, but staged for the frat boy. Even his concessions The last third of the film
right from hysterical laugh- male gaze, so its a bit confus- to loving commitment are descends straight into a com-
ter. While decidedly not a ing about how were supposed commands. Some romance. bination of Dynasty with
comedy, there are times when Jamie Dornan and Dakota John- to enjoy it. The entire Fifty shades of cult classic The
son star in Fifty Shades Darker.
you have to wonder if the film Shades canon has been au- Simply terrible Room. Its fantastic because
is in on the joke. Star Dakota thored by women until now: its complete and utter silly
Johnson definitely seems to than the material. from E.L. James pulpy novels, Despite Grey raking in madness. Helicopter crashes!
be. The plot of Darker is fairly to the source text for her erot- more than $100 million at the Slaps! Drinks thrown in faces!
Johnsons subversive and sly mundane, centered around ic fan fiction, Twilight by box office, Grey director Fully clothed shower sex! A
knowingness is what makes the reunion of Ana and her Stephanie Meyer. And wom- Sam Taylor-Johnson has been framed Chronicles of Rid-
her performance deceptively dominant partner, Christian en were behind the camera bounced for director James dick poster! All the makings
great. At first her shrink- Grey (Jamie Dornan), a young and the screenplay for Fifty Foley, with a script by E.L. of an instant cult classic.
ing violet act is irritating, billionaire with a playroom Shades of Grey. With women James husband Niall Leon-
the human embodiment of a thatll make you blush. As an in charge, it helps navigate the ard. Things dont bode well
Buzzfeed introvert listicle, un- independent young woman trickiness of equating sexual for third installment Fifty n Fifty Shades Darker is playing
til you realize that her flushed who loves working, Anas got submission and female desire, Shades Freed with these two at the MoviE-town, Penn Cinema
and Regal theaters. It is rated R for
and whispery routine is part her reservations about being positioning it as an empow- onboard, as the writing and di- strong erotic sexual content, some
of a whole thing. Shes com- truly submissive, and therein ered pleasure and not porny recting here is simply terrible. graphic nudity, and language. Its
mitted, and seems far smarter lies their conundrum. Truth degradation. There is no emotional running time is 118 minutes.

Whats playing DVDS

These movies are being released on DVD Tuesday.

Heres whats playing in Lancaster Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) and Patriots Day (R, 130 minutes,
County this weekend. Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae) drama) This is an account of the
Arrival (PG-13, 116 minutes, three brilliant African-American Boston Marathon bombing and BLEED FOR THIS (R)
drama) When mysterious women working at NASA in the its aftermath. Mark Wahlberg n Vinny Pazienza (Miles Teller) is a
spacecraft touch down across 1950s who served as the brains plays fictional police Sgt. Tommy world class boxer at the top of his game
the globe, an elite team led by behind the launch of astronaut Saunders, who is in a race against who enjoys a vibrant, if not sometimes
expert linguist Louise Banks (Amy John Glenn into orbit. the clock to hunt down the flamboyant, life. He faces tragedy at the
Adams) is brought together to John Wick: Chapter 2 (R, 122 bombers. height of his career after a nearly fatal
investigate. As mankind teeters minutes, action) Hitman John Resident Evil: Final Chapter car accident. Now, he must face the
on the verge of global war, Banks Wick (Keanu Reeves) is once (R, 140 minutes, action) The uncertainty of being able to walk again,
and the team race for a way to again forced out of retirement human races last hope against but his coach (Aaron Eckhart) wont let
communicate. by a former associate plotting apocalyptic obliteration is super him quit.
Assassins Creed (PG-13, 116 to seize control of a shadowy soldier Alice (Milla Jovovich), but
minutes, action)Through a international assassins guild. shes been stripped of her psychic
revolutionary technology that Bound by a blood oath to help powers. So Alice forms alliances THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN (R)
unlocks his genetic memories, him, John travels to Rome, where and rallies survivors in Raccoon
he squares off against some of the City for the climactic battle.
n Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld) is a junior in high
Callum Lynch (Michael school with plenty of problems, but it gets
Fassbender) experiences the worlds deadliest killers. Rings (PG-13, 117 minutes, intolerable when her all-star older brother,
adventures of his ancestor, Aguilar, Jackie (R, 95 minutes, horror) A new chapter in the Darien (Blake Jenner), starts dating her
in 15th-century Spain. Callum drama) Natalie Portman stars Ring series. A young woman best friend. She leans on a geeky friend
discovers he is descended from a as Jacqueline Kennedy in this becomes worried about her (Hayden Szeto), who has a crush on her,
secret society, the Assassins. film, which revolves around the boyfriend when he explores a and her English teacher, Mr. Bruner (Woody
Bunyan & Babe (PG, 84 minutes, events immediately following the dark subculture surrounding a Harrelson).
animation) In this animated story, assassination of President John F. mysterious videotape said to kill
a young boy (voice of Johnny Kennedy Jr. the watcher seven days after he
has viewed it.
Orlando) stumbles upon the
evil plan of a greedy real estate
La La Land (PG-13, 128 minutes,
musical) Emma Stone and Ryan
Rogue One: A Star Wars Movie
developer (Kelsey Grammer). Gosling fall in love in Los Angeles (PG-13, 133 minutes, fantasy) This n Amy Adams stars as a linguist
While running from one of the as they pursue their dreams. And is the first of the standalone Star who is brought in to deal with
developers goons, he falls through they sing about it. Wars films. A band of unlikely an alien ship that has landed, in
a magical portal, which transports heroes, led by Jyn Erso (Felicity hopes she can communicate with
The LEGO Batman Movie (PG, the aliens. But ships have landed
him to the world of legendary 90 minutes, action/ animation) Jones) come together to steal
lumberjack Paul Bunyan (John the plans to Empires ultimate all over the world and people
In a followup to the irreverent are getting scared. A 2017 Oscar
Goodman) and his ox, Babe (Jeff LEGO movies, the self-described weapon, the Death Star.
Foxworthy). (No reviews) nominee.
leading man stars in his own big Secret Life of Pets (PG, 90
The Comedian (R, 119 minutes, screen adventure, playing Batman. minutes, animation) What do
comedy) An aging comic icon, But there are changes brewing in animals do when their owners
Jackie (Robert De Niro) has seen Gotham. If LEGO Batman wants to go to work? Everything from CHRISTINE (R)
better days. Already a strain on his fight the Jokers hostile takeover, using the blender for a massage n Set in the 1970s, this film tells the story
younger brother (Danny DeVito) he will have to drop the lone to fighting off nasty rabbits who of Christine Chubbuck (Rebecca Hall),
and his wife (Patti LuPone), Jackie vigilante thing and try to work threaten their happy homes. a young, talented and driven television
meets Harmony (Leslie Mann) with others. And maybe lighten reporter. But societys sexism and her own
and the two find inspiration in one up a bit. problems with depression will work against
another. Sing (PG, 108 minutes,
Lion (PG-13, 120 minutes, animation) A koala impresario her, especially as her boss demands more
Doctor Strange (PG-13, 130 drama) Five-year-old Saroo gets stages a grand singing exploitive and juicier stories.
minutes, action) Benedict lost on a train, which takes him competition for the world's
Cumberbatch is surgeon Stephen across India, away from home and animals in order to save his
Strange, who is in a horrible family. Saroo must learn to survive elegant theater in this quirky
accident. He becomes a powerful alone, before ultimately being animated musical. STREAMING
sorcerer under the tutelage of a adopted by an Australian couple.
mystic (Tilda Swinton) and can Twenty-five years later, he sets out The Space Between Us (PG-
13, 120 minutes, scifi) On the Happy birthday to our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, who was
bend time. to find his lost family. born on this date in 1809.
first mission to colonize Mars, a
A Dogs Purpose (PG, 120 Loving (PG-13, 123 minutes, secretly pregnant astronaut gives Many consider Lincoln, who served during the Civil War, to be our
minutes, drama) We meet Bailey drama) This is the story of Richard birth to a son. At 16, the boy starts greatest president. He is certainly popular with Hollywood, which
(voice of Josh Gad), who is and Mildred Loving (Joel Edgerton an online friendship with a girl has created a number of films about the man.
devoted to Ethan, a little boy who and Ruth Negga), an interaccial in Colorado named Tulsa. When
is as devoted to him. When Ethan couple who were not allowed to Here are four of the best.
he finally gets his chance to visit
is a teenager, he loses Bailey. But live in their home state of Virginia. earth, scientists realize he cant
Bailey is reincarnated as another They went all the way to the U.S.
dog who gets another owner. Supreme Court and made history.
survive on the planet. YOUNG MR. LINCOLN
Baileys soul passes through many Split (PG-13, 116 minutes,
thriller) Kevin (James McAvoy),
owners as he comes to realize Manchester By the Sea (R, 135
that he finds meaning in teaching who has a dissociate identity n Henry Fonda plays Lincoln and
minutes, drama) Lee Chandler disorder, has shown 23 different John Ford directs. The film covers 10
humans to laugh and love. Dennis (Casey Affleck) must leave his job personalities to his psychiatrist years of Lincolns life, up to his entry
Quaid stars as a grown-up Ethan. as a janitor to go back to his home
(Betty Buckley). But a dangerous into politics. The film is not historically
town after his brothers death. Lee new personality, Casey, emerges accurate, but Fondas performance is
Fantastic Beasts and Where has been named guardian for his and abducts three teenage girls. great.
to Find Them (PG-13, 132 nephew, Patrick (Lucas Hedges), a M. Night Shyamalan wrote and
minutes, fantasy) A spin-off of the spirited 16-year-old. Lee is forced directed.
Harry Potter stories, with Eddie to confront past tragic events,
Redmayne as Newt Scamander. which separated him from his wife Storks (PG, 87 minutes, ABE LINCOLN IN
(Michelle Williams). animation) Two storks (voices
Fifty Shades Darker (R, 115 Moana (PG, 103 minutes,
by Kelsey Grammer and Andy ILLINOIS (1940)
Samberg) reveal the truth about n This film is based on Robert
minutes, drama) The S&M saga animation) A young girl (voice of their job delivering babies.
continues. Anastasia (Dakota Auli'i Cravalho) crosses the Pacific Sherwoods Pulitzer Prize-winning play.
Johnson) has broken off her Ocean to help her people. She is Trolls (PG, 92 minutes, It traces Lincolns life from his early days
relationship with the troubled aided by demigod Maui (Dwayne animation) Trolls are the happiest in Illinois as a young man to his election
Christian (Jamie Dornan) to Johnson). creatures in the world, but their to the presidency. Raymond Masseys
pursue a new career in a Seattle way of life is threatened, so some Lincoln is depressed and often tortured, a striking contrast to
Neruda (R, 107 minutes, Fondas portrayal, but perhaps more accurate.
publishing house. Christian of the braver trolls must journey
drama) Poet Pablo Neruda (Luis
promises to change his ways and Gnecco) becomes an exile in outside the happy zone.
the two try to make it work. But his own country of Chile when Underworld: Blood Wars (R, 91
associates of Christian will do
whatever it takes to break them
communism is declared illegal.
He leads a hedonistic life, often
minutes, action) Kate Beckinsale
returns as vampie death dealer
up. (no reviews) wearing disguises. Gael Garcia Selena, who must fend off attacks (1986)
Fire At Sea (NR, 108 minutes, Bernal plays the policeman on his for the Lycan clan and the vampie n This four-hour miniseries, which originally
documentary) The European trail. factions that betrayed her. aired on NBC, looks at Lincoln from the time
refugee crisis as seen through the Nocturnal Animals (R, 115 Why Him? (R, 111 minutes, he is elected president to his assassination
people of the Mediterranian island minutes, drama) Amy Adams comedy) Ned (Bryan Cranston) four years later. Sam Waterston is Lincoln and
of Lampedusa, the first port of stars as a lonely woman who meets his daughters boyfriend Mary Tyler Moore is his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln.
call for African and Middle Eastern gets a book written by her ex- a Silicon Valley billionaire with It is based on the popular novel by Gore Vidal. The
refugees. Its an Academy Award husband (Jake Gyllenhaal) and no filter (James Franco) and producers wanted to create a less mythic view of Lincoln.
nominee for best documentary. begins reading. She is shaken hates the guy. But the boyfriend is
by the story, much of it set on a about to pop the question.
Hacksaw Ridge (R, 139 minutes, dark road, where a couple gets XXX - The Return of Xander
action) This is the true story of carjacked. What is he trying to tell Cage(PG-13, 110 minutes, action) LINCOLN (2012)
Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield) her? Tom Ford directed. Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) is back n This Steven Spielberg film, with a
who, in Okinawa during the Passengers (PG-13, 116 minutes, for the third time. Hes coming out screenplay by Tony Kushner, looks at the
bloodiest battle of World War II, sci fi drama) Jennifer Lawrence of self-imposed exile to do battle last four months of Lincolns life, as he
saved 75 men without firing or and Chris Pratt star as passengers against the deadly alpha warrior, works to have the 13th Amendment to the
carrying a gun. on a 120-year journey to another Xiang, and his team in a race to Constitution passed by the U.S. House of
Hidden Figures (PG, 127 planet when they are awakened recover the deadly weapon known Representatives. Daniel Day-Lewis won
minutes, drama) This is the untold 90 years too early. They must as Pandoras Box. Cage recruits the Oscar for his portrayal of Lincoln.
story of Katherine G. Johnson find out what happened before an all-new group of thrill-seeking Tommy Lee Jones is Thaddeus Stevens
(Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy thousands of lives are lost. cohorts to help. and Sally Field is Mary Todd Lincoln.

Health & Fitness


Talking about chlamydia

Study finds potentially
dangerous chemicals
in fast-food wrappers

CHICAGO For more than three decades, fast-

food chains have relied on the chemical industry
to keep grease and oil from soaking through burg-
er wrappers, french fry cartons and pizza boxes.
Few questioned the safety of the specially coated
food packaging until the early 2000s, when law-
suits uncovered the history of a class of chemicals
that were widely used in consumer goods with
practically no government oversight.
Researchers slowly began to realize that many of
those compounds, known as perfluorinated chem-
icals, break down in peoples bodies to a chemical
called PFOA that lingers in the bloodstream for
years. Other studies determined that PFOA can
cause cancer, damage the liver, trigger reproduc-
tive problems and scramble hormones during
critical stages of development.
It turned out food wrappers were a major source
of exposure. Under oath, a former DuPont chem-
ist described how customers ingested the chemi-
cals every time they ate a french fry.
McDonalds, Burger King and other chains
pledged to stop using the chemicals, and manu-
facturers began to phase them out. Last year, the
Food and Drug Administration banned the use of
three PFCs in food packaging.

Teens who are sexually active face the risk of chlamydia, a sexually transmitted bacterial infection. Heres what both Tests showed
teens and parents need to know. that grease-
resistant fast
food packag-
Most teens value their parents ing sometimes
opinions on such critical topics as continues to
contain chemi-
sexual activity. cals that are
building blocks
for those
phased out or
in the United States so that treat- The CDC promotes some- banned or
DR. PIA FENIMORE still contains
ment can prevent transmission thing called Expedited Partner the banned
ASK THE EXPERT to the baby. Chlamydia infection Therapy, which is permissible chemicals

in a newborn affects the eyes and in Pennsylvania. This is when themselves.
ts almost Valentines Day, lungs most seriously. a health care provider gives a
and nothing says romance The average age of first sexual person infected with chlamydia a
like a column about a sexual- activity in the United States is 17 prescription for both themselves
ly transmitted infection! The next therefore, anyone who cares for and their partner for treatment.
time you take your adolescent in adolescents should be aware of the Research has shown that women But some fast-food restaurants continue to rely
for a checkup, you may find that risk of chlamydia infection. The were 29 percent less likely to in part on grease-resistant packaging made with
your health-care provider is talk- Centers for Disease Control rec- become reinfected if their health structurally similar chemicals that remain largely
ing more about chlamydia. ommends that every female ages care provider practiced this unknown to independent researchers, many of
Chlamydia is a sexually trans- 15-24 be screened for chlamydia at therapy. whom are concerned about potential health risks.
mitted infection caused by the each annual well visit. The Ameri- While you may feel that mak- In a new study, a third of the samples collected
bacteria chlamydia trachomatis. can Academy of Pediatrics makes ing the decision to become from McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks and
It is the most common sexually a slightly less broad statement sexually active is a very adult other restaurants contained fluorine, a key build-
transmitted infection in adoles- promoting yearly screening for all one, this person is still very ing block in PFCs. Some contained traces of PFOA,
cents, affecting one in 20 sexually sexually active females. much your child. They need one of the chemicals banned by the FDA.
active young adults ages 14-24. It This all makes the point that you to listen, understand and, We just dont know enough about the safety of
is estimated that close to 3 million health care providers should be finally, to advise. Begin talking these new chemicals, said David Andrews, a senior
people had chlamydia last year asking your child, in a nonjudg- about sex with your child at a scientist at the Environmental Working Group who
in the United States. Since many mental, nonthreatening way, if young age (most experts recom- co-authored the study with researchers from fed-
adolescents are seen by pediatric they are sexually active. This most mend between third and fifth eral and state agencies, universities and other non-
providers, a recent push has been likely means without the parent grade), so that both of you are profit organizations. Since there are other options
made to be sure that pediatricians in the room. Sorry, Mom and Dad, more comfortable when they out there, this should be a wake-up call for these
are thinking about this disease. but sometimes we just have to reach the teen years. companies.
The bacteria which cause chla- kick you out. Remind them that the only Fast-food chains couldnt immediately be reached
mydia are transmitted through Testing for chlamydia is a way to completely prevent a for comment. When researchers attempted to find
vaginal, anal or oral sex with an relatively simple urine test with sexually transmitted disease out if they were aware of PFCs in their packaging,
infected person. A mother also results being available within two such as chlamydia is to abstain. two unnamed companies said they believed their
can transmit it to her newborn to three hours. Chlamydia can be Make sure that they understand packaging was PFC-free even though it wasnt, ac-
through childbirth. The most treated with a single dose of anti- how to prevent diseases, preg- cording to the study.
common symptom of chlamydia biotics or with a seven-day course. nancy and emotional trauma Many of the wrappers and cartons tested did not
is NO symptoms. It has been re- People with chlamydia infection should they choose to engage in contain the chemicals. The studys authors suggest-
ferred to as the silent infection, should refrain from sexual activity sexual activity. Share with them ed that could indicate restaurants obtain packaging
because many people, especially for seven days after beginning your beliefs and experience from different suppliers, some of which use alter-
males, do not know they have it. treatment. around this topic. Most teens native methods to make paper grease-resistant.
Females may have increased Any sexual partners, includ- value their parents opinions The presence of PFOA, the banned PFC, in some
yellow discharge, pain with urina- ing those from oral sex, should on such critical topics as sexual packaging could have come from recycled paper,
tion and vaginal bleeding. Males be tested for possible infection. activity. researchers said.
may have watery discharge from The rate of female reinfection is Above all else, keep the con- More research is needed on the potential haz-
the urethra or testicular pain. high, typically due to failure on versation open-minded and ards of short-chain PFCs at levels similar to how
Untreated chlamydia can lead her partners part to get treated. supportive. people might be exposed to the chemicals, Van-
to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Health care providers can give denberg and others said. But that work can take
which may cause infertility, pain your teen talking points to help years, in part because the identities of many chem-
and liver damage. him or her communicate with a n Dr. Pia Fenimore, of Lancaster Pediat- icals are considered trade secrets and manufac-
ric Associates, answers questions about
Prenatal testing of pregnant partner to ensure comprehensive childrens health. You can submit ques- turers arent required to tell the FDA or EPA when
women for chlamydia is standard treatment. tions at they are used in food packaging or other products.



CLUB 42 Broadway Style: Randy Jeter
Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead
FEBRUARY 24, 25 & MARCH 2, 3 & 4 | 8PM
Tickets and Info at or call 717-871-7600
An EO/AA Institution | PASSHE Member

A fun treat:
Raspberry vanilla muffins


m a firm believer in celebrating
the little things in life. With all the
worry in the world today, why not
seize any excuse to create a bit of hap-
For example, every birthday in our
house begins with birthday muffins, ba-
gels or doughnuts basically anything
round and festive-looking into which
candles can be inserted. Even if noth-
ing else special happens in the course
of the day, a little singing and candle
blowing starts the day on an upbeat
note. (For even more fun, include one
relighting candle or trick candle, as
we call them. Its good for extra laughs
at any age.)
If youve followed my blog for some
time, youve likely noticed that I often

Raspberry vanilla muffins are a great way to celebrate Valentines Day.

seek out small ways to observe the
less-celebrated holidays. Decorating
a frittata with bell pepper shamrocks
or making jack-o-lantern clementines
with the help of a Sharpie is guaran-
teed to bring smiles to every face at the
table. The effort is minimal, and Im A combination of frozen fruit and pantry staples makes Pour the wet mixture into the dry mixture, and stir until
pretty sure the fun factor makes every- these muffins a convenient year round option as well as a combined.
thing taste better, too. festive Valentines Day treat. I love that the recipe uses the Distribute the batter among the prepared muffin tins.
On Valentines Day, Ive been known whole bag of fruit, too. Sprinkle a little shredded coconut on top, if desired (I use
to cut boneless chicken breasts in the n Yield: approximately 36 mini muffins or 12 standard size about 1/2 - 1 teaspoon depending on size of muffin chosen).
shape of a heart. (For the easy method, muffins Bake approximately 10-12 minutes for mini muffins or 15-17
search Heart Chicken on my blog.) And minutes for regular-size muffins. Check for doneness with a
Ingredients: toothpick, and then remove from the oven. Allow to cool in
one of my boys favorite muffin recipes
n 1 (10-ounce) bag frozen red raspberries, thawed the pan for 5-10 minutes before removing to a rack to cool
has become breakfast du jour on Feb. (including juice) completely.
14, thanks to its pretty pink hue. They
arent exactly bubblegum pink, but the n 2 eggs, lightly beaten Store in an airtight container for 1-2 days at room
temperature; refrigerate to preserve freshness for up to a
addition of a whole bag of frozen rasp- n 1/2 cup melted extra virgin coconut oil or butter* week. The muffins freeze well, too.
berries imparts a festive purplish-pink (may substitute neutral-tasting oil of choice)
color and a lightly tangy flavor. White n 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
or dark chocolate chips add a hint of n 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour or all-purpose gluten-free
n *When using melted coconut oil or butter, it is helpful to
sweetness befitting the day. have all of the ingredients come to room temperature before
flour blend** mixing so the oil or butter does not solidify. If this happens,
Holidays present an obvious oppor- warm very gently in the microwave until the oil or butter
n 1 cup granulated sugar
tunity to be creative or just plain silly melts again, taking caution to only return the mixture to
in the kitchen, but theres no need to n 1/2 teaspoon baking soda room temperature but not cook it.
let the calendar dictate the fun. In fact, n 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt n **When making my regular muffin and quick bread recipes
a special gesture is often most appreci- n 3/4 cup white chocolate chips (dark chocolate gluten-free, I typically substitute my own All-Purpose Gluten-
ated when its least expected. is a delicious alternative) Free Flour Blend (recipe can be found on my blog) and no
Recently, I hosted a group of friends n Optional: shredded coconut (sweetened or unsweetened) one can ever tell. Feel free to use your favorite gluten-free
who had requested a cooking class. for sprinkling on top
all-purpose flour alternative if needed. Also, when using
After eating the lunch we prepared, gluten-free flour, I find it helpful to let the batter sit in the
Directions: prepared pan for 15-20 minutes before baking. Rice flour is a
I thought to offer them a taste of the typical ingredient in these blends and giving it time to absorb
raspberry vanilla mini-muffins I had Grease or line mini-muffin or regular-size muffin tins.
moisture from the batter eliminates any grittiness that can
baked the day before. At that point, I Preheat the oven to 350 F.
sometimes be detected in GF baked goods.
wasnt thinking of sharing the recipe In a medium bowl, mash the raspberries, and then add the
here. When the women went back for eggs, melted oil or butter, and vanilla. Stir to thoroughly
n Have questions or comments about Ann Fultons column?
seconds and thirds, however, and I combine.
Check out her blog at or at facebook.
thought about how much my family In a large bowl, mix the flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, and com/thefountainavenuekitchen. She also welcomes email at
adores them, I figured these deserve a chips. Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients.
spot in The Fountain Avenue Kitchen.
If you make them, I hope you agree!

n 2 pounds white button mushrooms, sliced
about 1/8 inch thick. Slice these yourself; the pre-
sliced mushrooms can be too thin for this cooking
KIM GOMOLL n 2 to 4 tablespoons butter
THE PRESS TABLE n 2 to 3 tablespoons lemon juice

Take your time with these n I sneak a sprinkle of thyme in there if I can, but
its perfect just as is. KIM GOMOLL | LNP STAFF

caramelized mushrooms Directions:

n Pile the mushrooms into a pan over high heat.
To make caramelized mushrooms, you have to
cook them a little more.
Something with straight sides is best or youll be
Here it is mid-February, folks. Does that mean we can be chasing mushrooms around your stove top. Dont n Add the lemon juice a tablespoon at a time and
friends with butter and cheese again? I hope so, because theyre worry if they dont all fit. They start to cook down stir to coat, quickly scraping all of the flavorful little
important parts of the dish that I want to share. quickly. browned bits from the pan bottom. Cook them a
As much as I love the flavor that caramelization brings to food, n Cook over high heat for about 5 minutes. Move little more AGAIN until they are small, very dark
I dont do it very often. Patience is not my strong suit, especially them around a bit until theyve all had contact with and caramelized. Really, your senses will tell you
when I want to get dinner on the table. So, when my partner the heat, then just let them sit evenly in the pan. when theyre done. Their texture is different from
mushrooms that are simply sauteed, with none
suggested adding some sauteed mushrooms to the meal we were n After 5 minutes, lower the heat to medium and of the slimy or rubbery feeling that tends to turn
preparing, I sliced them, tossed them in a pan, stirred them cook them down until they release all their water people off.
around until they were respectably brown and tried to hand and reduce in volume by about half. Theyll be
n Now what? First, stop eating them out of the
them over. Cook them a little more, he said, spreading them gently brown and look quite done. Cook them a
pan with your fingers. They can be a side dish to
out evenly in the pan. little more and dont move them around too much.
just about anything you like. We use them to create
I kept cooking. He might have said Cook them a little more n Keep going over medium heat until the water a pasta dish that is simple but amazing: Toss hot
two or 20 more times. He probably stole the spatula so that he evaporates. This could be 5 minutes or 10; it pasta (small cut is best) or couscous into the pan
could keep laying them out evenly. They got darker and tinier depends on the water. Just keep an eye on the pan with the cooked mushrooms. Use a spoonful or
until the water is gone. two of the pasta water to scrape the pan again
and began to smell incredibly good. Suddenly, the wait was over
n When the water is gone, add the butter. Two if needed. Mix well. Grate or shave some Asiago
and I was eating the best mushrooms Id ever tasted. I dont even cheese over the top and enjoy!
tablespoons might do it, or you might need more.
remember the rest of the meal. That was many years ago, and Stir things around until the mushrooms are coated,
we still make them often. He still tells me, Cook them a little but then leave them rest in the pan. Just keep n Kim Gomoll, library manager for LNP, welcomes
more, and he still steals the spatula. Patience will never be my going until the mushrooms are a beautiful golden email at The Press Table is a
thing, but these mushrooms are well worth the wait. This is brown and just starting to get crispy around the weekly column written by a rotating group of LNP staff
one of those dishes that is really more technique than recipe. edges. Add more butter as you need it. members.


Papaya makes poached

cod a tropical treat ESTHER MARTIN

Find great coupon deals to

clean up on household goods
Its another week thats perfect for stocking up
on household and personal-care items. Find great
coupon deals to clean up the savings. Check out
these coupons found in todays LNP:
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ASSOCIATED PRESS SoftSoap or Irish Spring body wash (15- to
Papaya relish makes all the difference when making poached cod on a weeknight. 18-ounce) is $3.99, and when matched with both
the $1 SoftSoap or Irish Spring coupon from the
Feb. 12 LNP SmartSource and the $2 in-ad cou-
MELISSA DARABIAN breeze to pull together on a busy or even just a bit of white wine pon you pay 99 cents.
night. and some dried herbs will work
Balancing healthy eating with One of those pantry items in a Tuesday-night pinch. CVS
a crazy weeknight schedule is is frozen fish fillets. Yes, I love Keep the water at a bare sim-
tricky for everyone. We all have fresh fish tossed right on the grill mer it should be active like Softsoap body wash (15- to 18- ounce) is $3.49
competing priorities that chip with a tiny bit of lemon, olive oil, club soda, not like a rolling boil. this week. Use the $1 SoftSoap coupon from the
away at our days: kids, careers, salt and pepper. But I dont al- And then make a quick relish to Feb. 12 LNP SmartSource and pay $2.49. This
school, home, family obliga- ways have time to head to the top your fish and give it some purchase earns $1.50 in Extra Care Bucks and
tions all take time and energy. fish counter. So, frozen fish is my freshness and excitement. brings the final price to 99 cents.
And next thing we know, its 6 plan B. I stock up on some clas- Todays recipe stars papaya Select Colgate 360 toothbrushes are $3.49. Buy
p.m. and we havent given any sics like Alaskan cod and wild because its widely available this two and use the $1-off- two Colgate coupon from
thought to dinner. What we do salmon that you can usually time of year, peeled and cubed, the Feb. 12 LNP SmartSource and pay $5.98.
next is key. cook straight from frozen just if you want to pay an extra dol- Receive two $2 Extra Care Bucks (limit 2), which
If we swing by the drive-thru add a few minutes to your cook- lar or two. Papaya is full of vita- brings the final price to 99 cents each.
or order a pizza on our handy ing time. mins and fiber, and raw papaya Flonase Sensimist (60-spray) is $15.96, and
phone app every time we have a Poaching is a perfect cooking has enzymes that are celebrated when paired with the $2 Flonase coupon from the
busy weeknight, our health will method those frozen fillets be- for helping in digestion. But feel Feb, 12 LNP Red Plum, you pay $13.96.
suffer. A better strategy: Save cause it takes merely minutes, free to swap out for another fruit
the pizza for true cravings, and and leaves your fish an open can- (even canned peaches work) if
lean on a few recipes in our hip vas to showcase whatever other you prefer the tangy lime and
pocket that can get us through ingredients you might have on apple cider vinegar will marry
the mealtime crunch. And then hand. Flavor the water with most fruit beautifully with the This week, Maxwell House ground coffee (10- to
stock up on the pantry ingredi- some acid and herbs (like lemon fish, no advanced planning re- 11.5- ounce) is two for $5, and when paired with
ents that make those recipes a juice and fresh thyme branches) quired. the $1-off-two Maxwell House coupon from the
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Purex liquid laundry detergent (24- to 33-load)
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Start to finish: 15 minutes chopped
Servings: 4 n 2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil Oreo cookies (8.5- to 15.35-ounce) are $2.50.
Ingredients: n 1/4 teaspoon salt Buy two packs and use the $1-off-two Oreo cou-
n 4 fillets of cod (about 4-5 ounces each) n 1/8 teaspoon pepper pon from the Feb. 12 LNP SmartSource and pay
$2 each.
n 1/4 cup white wine Bring wine, thyme, water and salt to a bare
Larabars (5-count or bites) are $4.99, and when
n 3 cups water simmer (it should look like bubbly club soda).
Place the cod in the water and keep at a bare paired with the $1 Larabars coupon from the Feb.
n 1 teaspoon dried thyme simmer and allow to cook until fish is cooked 12 LNP SmartSource you pay $3.99.
n 1/4 teaspoon salt through, about 4 minutes for an average piece of Flonase allergy relief 120-spray bottles are
fish. Remove the fish, and keep on a warm plate. $22.99, and when matched with the $10 Flonase
Relish ingredients:
While the fish is cooking, stir together the relish coupon from the Feb. 12 LNP Red Plum your
n 1 1/4 cups papaya, cut into small cubes ingredients in a small bowl. Spoon the relish on price is $12.99.
n 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar top of each piece of cooked fish, allowing the You can store household goods and personal
heat of the fish to bring out the relish flavors.
n 2 tablespoons lime juice care products just about indefinitely, so be sure
n 1/2 cup chopped tomatoes n Nutrition information per serving: 179 calories; to scoop up these deals and savings. If you have
31 calories from fat; 3 g fat (1 g saturated; 0 g
n 2 green onions, chopped trans fats); 61 mg cholesterol; 302 mg sodium; 8 g multiple coupons, be sure to buy two to take
n 2 tablespoons flat-leafed parsley or cilantro, carbohydrate; 1 g fiber; 5 g sugar; 26 g protein. advantage of these sales!

n Not all areas receive the same inserts. Read more

from Esther Martins Coupon Cutting Mom blog at

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best-sellers Has the time come to

Childrens picture books
1. Love from the Very Hungry Caterpillar,
by Eric Carle. (Grosset & Dunlap) A
ravenous insect returns with its appetite
revive extinct species?
intact. (Ages 3 to 5)
2. I Dissent, by Debbie Levy. Illustrated by
Elizabeth Baddeley. (Simon & Schuster) A
groundbreaking jurist argues her way up
the legal ladder. (Ages 4 to 8)
3. Ada Twist, Scientist, by Andrea Beaty.
Illustrated by David Roberts. (Abrams) A
girl emerges with a love of science. (Ages
5 to 7)
4. The Wonderful Things You Will Be, by
Emily Winfield Martin. (Random House) A
celebration of possibilities. (Ages 3 to 7)
5. Dragons Love Tacos, by Adam Rubin.
Illustrated by Daniel Salmieri. (Dial) What
to serve your dragon-guests. (Ages 3 to 5)
6. The Book with No Pictures, by B.J.
Novak. (Dial) Silly songs and sound effects
in a book without images. (Ages 4 to 8)
7. They All Saw a Cat, by Brendan Wenzel.
(Chronicle) A cat slinks through the
pages of this study in perspective and the
beholders vantage. (Ages 3 to 6)
8. Rosie Revere, Engineer, by Andrea
Beaty. Illustrated by David Roberts.
(Abrams) A young inventor learns to fail
better. (Ages 4 to 8)
9. The Day the Crayons Quit, by Drew
Daywalt. Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers.
(Philomel) Problems arise when Duncans
crayons revolt. (Ages 3 to 7)
10. Du Iz Tak? by Carson Ellis. (Candlewick)
To describe the world around them, these
creatures find it takes a language all their FILE PHOTO
own. (Ages 4 to 8) The author of Bring Back the King: The New Science of De-Extinction explores the possibility of having dinosaurs again walk-
ing the Earth. Shown is a scene of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and her baby from Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular.
Middle-grade hardcover
1. Dog Man Unleashed, by Dav Pilkey.
(Scholastic) Only one hybrid hero can foil Author takes cheery, cheeky approach to incredibly complex subject
the criminally minded, again. (Ages 7 to 9)
2. Wonder, by R.J. Palacio. (Knopf) A boy JOHN WILLIAMS
with a facial deformity starts school. (Ages NEW YORK TIMES
as a washing machine, but words, to persuade evolu- DETAILS
8 to 12) was much more agile. tion to run backwards. He n Bring Back the King:
3. I Got This, by Laurie Hernandez. Promoting his novel Ju- Researchers took small hoped to genetically modi- The New Science of
(HarperCollins) How a young woman from rassic Park on the To- samples of Celias skin be- fy modern-day chickens so De-Extinction.
New Jersey achieved Olympic gymnastic day show in 1990, Michael fore she died in 2000, and that, one day, they would n By Helen Pilcher.
gold. (Ages 8 to 12) Crichton said, Part of why in 2003 they delivered a start resembling dino-
4. The Girl Who Drank the Moon, by Kelly I was interested in the clone, de-extincting the saurs. One scientist on the n Bloomsbury Sigman.
Barnhill. (Algonquin) A sacrificial girl is book was to take an idea bucardo for a very brief project told Pilcher, We n 304 pages ($27).
saved by a good witch. (Ages 10 to 14) that seemed like a good time. The newborn goat ended up with a chicken
5. Dog Man, by Dav Pilkey. (Scholastic) A idea and show why it might looked great at first sight, with an odd-looking hand.
hybrid supercop hound helps save the day. not be a good idea. but she had been born with (That hand was on the em- Dinosaurs are out, for in-
(Ages 7 to 9) Long after the film ver- deformed lungs. She be- bryo; because of ethical stance, because DNA has
6. Pax, by Sara Pennypacker. Illustrated by sion of Jurassic Park gan struggling for breath regulations, the embryos been found to have a half-
Jon Klassen. (Balzer & Bray) Separation graphically cemented the and became increasingly were never allowed to life of 521 years, meaning
makes a boy and his pet fox wilder and not a good idea side as distressed, dying just 7 hatch.) that no trace of it could
tougher. (Ages 8 to 12)
the winner, Helen Pilcher, minutes after birth. If chicken embryos with survive longer than 6.8
7. Gravity Falls: Journal, 3, by Rob Renzetti a cell biologist, science Soon after that gruesome odd-looking hands do not million years, about a
and Alex Hirsch. Illustrated by Andy journalist and erstwhile moment, Pilcher regains sound likely to attract the tenth of the time since di-
Gonsalves and Stephanie Ramirez. (Disney)
More monsters and mysteries. (Ages 8 to stand-up comedian, tries her breezy footing. Sure, attention of Steven Spiel- nosaurs last roamed.
12) to rehabilitate the good the researchers were dis- berg, they and their like Yet Pilcher sympathizes
idea in Bring Back the appointed that she didnt seem enough to sustain with a stubbornly optimis-
8. Word of Mouse, by James Patterson
and Chris Grabenstein. Illustrated by Joe King: The New Science live longer, she writes, Pilchers excitement. tic scientist named Mary
Sutphin. (Jimmy Patterson/Little, Brown) of De-Extinction. She but then cloning has nev- Michael Archer is an Schweitzer, who says: If
After escaping a laboratory, a wily blue writes with nearly un- er been an exact science. Australian paleontologist you can get DNA from a
rodent makes his way in the world. (Ages bridled enthusiasm about Pilchers subject is most- who wants to bring back 700,000-year-old fossil,
8 to 12) the possibility of bringing ly interspecies cloning, the thylacine, a Tasmanian why not a 1 million-year-
9. The Hammer of Thor, by Rick Riordan. back dinosaurs, the woolly where the DNA of an en- tiger. He broached the sub- old one? And if you can
(Disney-Hyperion) Magnus Chase and mammoth, the dodo bird dangered or extinct spe- ject with his colleagues. get DNA from a 1 million-
his friends must find Thors signature and other extinct crea- cies is reprogrammed by There was uproarious year-old fossil why not one
accessory. (Ages 10 to 14) tures, and about the people the egg of a closely related, laughter, he told Pilcher. that is 7 or even 70 million
10. Women in Science, by Rachel in the labs who are doing living species. They thought the idea was years old?
Ignotofsky. (Ten Speed) Profiles of 50 the work. completely ridiculous. Its useful that Pilcher is
women who have transformed science and
technology. (Ages 8 to 12)
The introduction dis- Modifying Pilcher writes, But he upfront about her advoca-
plays everything that will chickens wasnt put off. Her book cy for her subject, though
be entertaining, harrowing sometimes feels like a gal- it does give one pause
Young-adult hardcover and sometimes infuriating She brings little deep lery of people not put off by when she writes about es-
1. Carve the Mark, by Veronica Roth. about the rest of the book. skepticism to the subject, uproarious laughter. pecially controversial fig-
(Katherine Tegen) An oracles son is able Pilcher starts off with hu- but perhaps inadvertently Pilcher ends nearly ev- ures, like Hwang Woo-suk,
to stop the painful flow of Cyras powers. mor, describing Celia, the provides plenty through ery chapter by admitting convicted in 2009 of pub-
(Ages 14 and up) last bucardo (a kind of her reporting. She writes the impossibility or near lishing fraudulent stem-
2. The You Ive Never Known, by Ellen mountain goat) to ever live: about Jack Horner, a scien- impossibility of cloning cell research.
Hopkins. (Margaret K. McElderry) When Celia weighed as much tist who wishes, in Pilchers the animals under review. CLONING, page B11
Ariels estranged mother appears, a new
version of the family story emerges. (Ages
14 and up)
3. Courage to Soar, by Simone Biles with
Michelle Burford. (Zondervan) The life of
the gold-medal-studded Olympic gymnast.
(Ages 13 to 17)
4. Heartless, by Marissa Meyer. (Feiwel
& Friends) Cath is a baker in love with a
jester, before she becomes Wonderlands
hectoring Queen of Hearts. (Ages 12 to 18)
5. The Sun Is also a Star, by Nicola Yoon.
(Delacorte) The story of a girl, a boy,

Check it out!
budding love and the universe. (Ages 12 to
6. Scythe, by Neal Shusterman. (Simon &
Schuster) Teenagers become apprentices
to Grim Reapers in a world without death. Did you know that you can check out a library book from the comfort of your own home? Find these popular ebooks
(Ages 12 and up) and many more at
7. This Is Where It Ends, by Marieke
Nijkamp. (Sourcebooks Fire) An act of 1. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What participated in some of NASAs greatest There, she looks into a seemingly simple
violence parsed from four perspectives. We Do in Life and Business, by Charles successes. missing-persons case and learns never
(Ages 14 and up) Duhigg. Duhigg takes us to the thrilling to trust anyone or assume you know
3. Big Little Lies, by Liane Moriarty.
edge of scientific discoveries that explain someone.
8. Moon Chosen, by P.C. Cast. (St. Martins Follows three mothers, each at
Griffin) Rivals and allies struggle to define why habits exist and how they can be a crossroads, and their potential 5. Small Great Things, by Jodi Picoult.
their place in a postapocalyptic world. changed. involvement in a riot at a school trivia During her shift as a labor and delivery
(Ages 14 and up) night that leaves one parent dead in nurse, Ruth begins a routine checkup
2. Hidden Figures: The American Dream on a newborn, only to be told that shes
9. Lady Midnight, by Cassandra Clare. what appears to be a tragic accident, but
and the Untold Story of the Black been reassigned to another patient. The
(Margaret K. McElderry) Shadowhunters which evidence shows might have been
Women Mathematicians Who Helped parents are white supremacists and dont
grapple with occult murders and first love. premeditated.
Win the Space Race, by Margot Lee want Ruth, who is African American, to
(Ages 13 to 17) Shetterly. Starting in World War II and 4. Never Never, by James Patterson touch their child. The hospital complies
10. Six of Crows, by Leigh Bardugo. (Holt) moving through to the Cold War, the and Candice Fox. Harry Blue is a top with their request, but the next day, the
A criminal prodigy assembles a fractious civil rights movement, and the space tier detective until her own brother is baby goes into cardiac distress while
team to pull off a life-changing heist. (Ages race, follows the interwoven accounts arrested for three grisly murders and she Ruth is alone in the nursery. Does she
14 and up) of four African American women who is reassigned to the middle of nowhere. obey orders or does she intervene?


Continued from B10 Trayvon Martins parents

ponder their sons death
Cloning dogs
Pilcher quickly acknowl-
edges Hwangs spectacu-
lar, humiliating and pub-
lic fall from grace, but in
the same sentence writes,
Yet through gritted teeth,
dogged determination, and
the emotional and financial
support of many loyal fans,
Hwang has quietly rebuilt
his career. He now clones
dogs in South Korea. In a
2015 interview with NPR,
Insoo Hyun, a bioethicist,
said of Hwang, I just dont
think someone like him
can be trusted to follow the
rules appropriately.
Pilcher does offer many
of popular sciences deep
and trivial brainy pleasures
along the way. Just learning
the name of the Cape Verde
giant skink (a lizard) seems
worth the price of admis-
sion. There are also infor-
mative condensed histories
of extinct species like the
passenger pigeon, which
flew with a lot of company.
(If you took all the pigeons
in the U.K., multiplied them
400 times, then launched
them into the air, that NEW YORK TIMES

Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, the parents of Trayvon Martin, a Florida teenager who was fatally shot by a neighborhood volunteer, attend
would be the size of a single an event at the White House on Feb. 27, 2014.
passenger pigeon flock.)
Were told that we could
probably bring back a Ne- Book addresses transformation from ordinary parents into full-time activists
anderthal today, and that
at least one expert believes CONNIE OGLE DETAILS But after the shooting, priva- parent feels. But I know what
it might be best if he or she n Rest in Power: The Enduring cy vanished. Fulton and Mar- theyre going through.
was home-schooled. (Ne- To see the changes you want Life of Trayvon Martin. tin were forced to face the me-
anderthals didnt do well in the world, they say, you n By Sybrina Martin and Tracy dia, demanding 911 tapes the Not anti-gun
around strangers.) One of must actively engage. Martin. Sanford Police Department
the last great auks, flight- Which is why the parents of n Spiegel & Grau. refused to release and calling Fulton, who campaigned for
less birds, was inexplicably Trayvon Martin who was for an arrest and trial for Zim- Hillary Clinton in 2016, says
branded a witch and beaten shot and killed five years ago n 352 pages ($26). merman. Later in 2012 they she and Martin arent anti-gun.
to death. And maybe this by George Zimmerman in San- started the Trayvon Martin They just advocate stricter con-
doesnt fall under pleasure, ford, Florida, as the unarmed Foundation, a not-for-profit trols like background checks
exactly, but youll learn Miami Gardens teenager was ers the events that led to the social justice organization and the closing of loopholes
far more than you want to returning from the store with shooting, the national outcry based at Florida Memorial that allow Americans to order
know about an elephants an Arizona Watermelon Fruit over the sluggish police inves- University in Miami Gardens, guns online or at gun shows.
sexual anatomy. Juice and a bag of Skittles tigation into the crime and the which is devoted to ending We need to get to a place
Pilchers levity is wel- are considering running for eventual 2013 trial, at which gun violence, education and where people who own guns
come at times, but the for- office. Zimmerman was found not strengthening families. are responsible gun owners,
mer stand-up in her is given We want to make positive guilty. Now, in a politically un- she says. Its not about being
too many lines. Strenuous change, and the only way to The book reveals raw mo- settled 2017, the book tour for or against guns. Its about
rimshots ring throughout make positive change is if were ments of pain and disbelief. has shuttled them around everybody being responsible.
the book. There are no part of the change, says Syb- There are chilling flashes of the country again. Theyve Last week Martin told USA
living fossils, she writes, rina Fulton, Trayvons mother, hindsight. At first, I didnt like appeared on network news Today that he feared the Trump
and an asterisk takes us to a Miami native who worked the hoodie and would tell him shows and The Daily Show administration would put racial
a footnote: Apart from the for Miami-Dade County at to take it off, Fulton writes with Trevor Noah. justice further out of reach: You
Rolling Stones. Ill let that the time of the shooting. The about the jacket that would We still havent really had have those that are for uniting
stand in for its ilk. question was posed: Should become a symbol of racial in- time to sit back and grieve the the country and you have those
By the time I got to the we run for office? Wed consid- justice. Hoodies werent in loss of our son, Tracy Martin that want to be apart, he said.
chapter on whether to clone er it. Were doing our research style when I was growing up. admits. You never get used to And what this new presidency
Elvis Presley, I was worried right now. Its not something But Trayvon, sure he was mak- being an advocate. Every time does, it takes those that want to
the whole thing would be well do right away. Were look- ing a fashion statement, would theres a tragedy, we get a call. be apart and it puts them right
a forced gag. But Pilcher ing at different offices in local rarely remove it. So once I re- Its like living our nightmare in the position where they can
mostly uses it to discuss government, in the state of alized that all the kids were all over again. You never get say, Well change the laws, and
the genetic phenomenon Florida, in the White House, wearing them, and that wear- used to it. Its hard to mend well make it tougher.
of twins, given that Elvis so we can see where we could ing one wouldnt mark him for your own heart when youre Now, Fulton declines to call
had one, Jesse, who died at be most effective. trouble, I was okay with it. trying to mend other peoples out the administration.
birth. Fulton and ex-husband Tra- hearts. It does not matter whos in
Of course, just because cy Martin divorced in 1999 Full-time activists Youve got to understand: the White House that per-
we can do something but have remained close, par- being a parent of a deceased son must work for everybody,
doesnt mean we automati- ticularly after Travyons 2012 Rest in Power plays out child due to some senseless she says. We do know there
cally should. Pilcher writes death, which bound them in against the rise of the Black act of gun violence no one needs to be some laws changed
this sentence, and others ways they could never have Lives Matter movement and wants to be part of that frater- and some mind-sets changed.
nearly identical to it, sever- imagined. Forced to work to- the transformation of Fulton nity. We look forward to try- Trayvon, who would have
al times throughout Bring gether to demand justice for and Martin from ordinary par- ing to help people. Thats what been 22 on Feb. 5, is more than
Back the King. Yet it rarely their son Zimmerman was ents into full-time activists. I this is all about: trying to pur- just their son now. Hes an
serves as more than a speed not immediately arrested after am one of the mass of Ameri- sue justice and cope. People icon, a symbol, a cry and de-
bump before another bout the shooting, which sparked a cans living an anonymous life ask How do you get over this? mand for social justice. What
of cheerleading. national controversy and pro- of infinite complexities in the You never get over it. You deal would he think of all this?
One of the most convinc- tests they are inextricably struggling suburb of an Ameri- with it, and you continue to be I think he would be very
ing arguments she makes linked by tragedy. Now they can city one of the unher- strong for your family and the proud that so many people
for aggressive efforts at de- have collaborated on Rest alded people whose weeks go people around you. Weve support him, Fulton says. I
extinction is that they help in Power: The Enduring Life by in a predictable rhythm of accepted the role. I can truly think hed be very proud of
the living as well. They can of Trayvon Martin (Spiegel work and school, church and say we dont understand the his family and friends and just
teach us a lot about biology, & Grau, $26), a personal and picnics, week after week, from relationships between other what his image means to them.
information that we could deeply emotional account cradle to grave, Fulton writes parents and their children. I It also makes us want to con-
apply to humans and other of their sons death that cov- in the books introduction. cant say I know how another tinue the fight.
species. They might help
people like you and me with
things like stomach ulcers,
and might help animals like
the northern white rhino REVIEW
and others come back from
the verge of extinction.
There are things to rec- Wrong makes science as engaging as romance
ommend de-extinction,
but a slightly less cheery LINCEE RAY invention in 1965, the world as version of his home. Close DETAILS
approach to an incredibly we know it never existed. friends were never born. n All Our Wrong Todays.
complex subject (scientifi- What if the world we know Tom Barren is a normal guy Inventions were never pio-
n By Elan Mastai.
cally and ethically) might today is actually a dystopian who works for his genius fa- neered. Technology seems to
have helped me find them society? Could the reason we ther in a research lab. After have stalled. Just as he begins n Dutton.
more persuasive. dont live like the Jetsons be his mother dies and the love of to panic, Toms mother enters n 384 pages ($26).
One scientist mentioned attributed to one persons mis- his life breaks his heart, Tom the picture. A woman who has
in the book believes de-ex- take that altered the evolution bursts into the lab one night been dead for years. His sweet
tinction could help human- of technology? Elan Mastai and tests his fathers time ma- father follows, along with a sis- would always battle his secret
kind, as Pilcher paraphras- explores this possibility in chine. He chooses to travel ter he never had in his world. truth?
es it, atone for its crimes his novel, All Our Wrong To- back to that fateful day in 1965 Tom learns he is a world- All Our Wrong Todays is an
against biodiversity. This days. when history changed forever. renowned architect. He has incredibly creative work. Its as
sounds specious. Forget- Its 2016 and life is full of Not only does he want to be a loving relationship with his if Mastai time traveled and took
ting the possible unintend- handy gadgets that help you the first man to time travel, he family. He seeks out the girl copious notes of what a future
ed ecological consequences sleep, eat, drink and travel. also wants to be part of some- who broke his heart and im- utopian world would be. The
of, say, darkening skies with The Earth is pollution-free, thing spectacular. Instead, he mediately falls in love with science is as engaging as the ro-
passenger pigeons again, crime-free and poverty-free. inadvertently alters time and this slightly alternated ver- mance. Mastai has mastered the
I dont think the bucardo Theres an algorithm to find space, thereby creating a new sion. Suddenly, this 2016 art of endearing himself to an
that lived for 7 minutes solutions for most problems, 2016. Our 2016. doesnt seem like such a bad audience through both knowl-
would testify on our behalf which helps society continue In the beginning, Tom is place. Should he fix what he edge and entertainment. Its
at a trial for crimes against to move forward at a rapid overcome with emotion that did to history? Or should he definitely out of this world or
biodiversity. pace. Thanks to an incredible hes stranded in a wasteland stay in this world, knowing he an alternate universe.


New wrinkles for treatment of neck crinkles

CRYSTAL MARTIN cial skin in recent years, but decolletage. surgeon and associate pro- HOW TO CARE FOR
a face that looks youthful Dr. Anne Chapas, a der- fessor at Brown University. YOUR NECK, CHEST
After nights spent sleep- paired with a neck and chest matologist in Manhattan, Skin removal is required,
ing on her side, Gigi Howard, that show the signs of sun recently studied the effect Sullivan said, because there AND CHIN AT HOME
a former public relations damage and photo-aging can of photodynamic therapy, are no great noninvasive
executive, would wake up make people look unnatural a light treatment tradition- treatments that will have Daily sunscreen is a must for
prevention. For damage that is
with lines etched into her and done, said Dr. Dara Li- ally used for skin cancers, you looking like youre 20 already done, try these at-home
decolletage. By day she wore otta, a plastic surgeon in New as a cosmetic option for the years old again. products. They were cited by a
scarves to hide the wrinkles. York. Its important to focus chest. Thickening and protrusion number of doctors as being effective
At night, she searched for a some energy on the neck and Its a new take on a tech- of the platysma muscle is also in treating mild signs of aging and
solution. chest so you match. nology thats been used common. as good maintenance after in-office
Id sleep with stuffed ani- Since the problems of the in the medical realm for a If the person has really procedures.
mals between my breasts, neck and chest, like those of while, Chapas said. Theres good skin, and the problem
Howard said. I tried mask- the face, are varied, doctors improvement of the chest is just these muscle bands, n Revision
ing tape, but it wouldnt stay suggest layering multiple wrinkles, brown discolor- we can use Botox from top Nectifirm ($73).
on. I needed an adhesive that in-office treatments with ations after three sessions. to bottom to relax them, he Peptides in this
would fold with the skin to at-home care. Here are rec- During the procedure, a said. formula help firm
prevent the creasing. I was ommendations for the most photosensitive lotion con- up lax skin.
thinking duct tape. common complaints: taining aminolevulinic acid Shrink the
One day in a doctors of- is applied to the skin and double chin
fice, she discovered a piece of Fade the dark spots absorbed by only damaged n Clarks Botanicals
medical-grade silicone and cells. An intense pulsed light While most neck and chest Neck Cream
had a light-bulb moment. Af- After years of sun expo- laser then activates the lo- problems begin to plague ($104). It has
ter spending 3 1/2 years test- sure, dark spots and broken tion. At around $600 a ses- us as we reach middle age, a a combination
ing, and creating more than capillaries can populate the sion, it, too, costs less than double chin lacks that par- of three amino
100 prototypes (her toddler chest. An intense pulsed many laser treatments, tiality. Anyone can have one, acids that slow
son, Southworth, took to light (also called broadband which can be twice as much. and Kybella, an injectable down the death of
wearing the rejected pads all light), applied in a doctors Also, injectable dermal fill- acid, can treat the condi- skin cells, leading to
better elasticity.
over his tummy), she arrived office, can correct both. The ers, like Belotero, can plump tion. The acid dissolves su-
at the SiO SkinPad, an hour- light targets unwanted pig- the skin up from within. It perficial chin fat (meaning
glass-shape, medical-grade ment, breaking it up so it can works superficially so you that fat between skin and n StriVectin
silicone pad that is worn be absorbed by the body. can correct those fine Etch A muscle). Patients may need Tightening Neck
overnight to keep skin from Its superficial, requires Sketch lines, Graf said. multiple treatments, which Serum Roller ($89).
crinkling. little downtime and has a are spaced a month apart. It helps repair the
Dr. Dendy Engelman, a light collagen-building ef- Tighten the The cost of a first treatment skin barrier to keep
dermatologist in New York fect, Engelman said of the turkey neck is around $1,200. it moisturized, and
therefore more
and a medical adviser for treatment. It is also less Sullivan explained that supple.
SiO, explained that the pad expensive (around $600) Loose skin and thick band- some people have fat under-
works by preventing creas- than the popular Fraxel la- ing of the platysma muscle neath the muscle, which is
ing and creating a wrinkle- sers, which trigger the skins (which runs from chin to usually a hereditary condi- n SiO ($69.95).
fighting environment under wound-healing response to clavicle) create the look we tion. Kybella and other less A medical-grade
the silicone. stimulate collagen growth. call turkey neck. Treat- invasive options cant get to silicone pad
We know medical-grade ment options depend on that deep fat, so surgery is creates a healing
silicone has healing proper- Smooth the crinkles the severity of the sagging. best. environment
ties, Engelman said. Doc- Ultherapy is a noninva- We make an incision at underneath that
erases and helps
tors use it all the time for Crinkly skin below the chin sive ultrasound therapy that the chin region, lift up the prevent lines on
scarring. The mechanism is is caused primarily by sun injures the tissue surround- platysma muscle, then con- the chest.
not 100 percent elucidated, damage leading to collagen ing the muscles, setting off a tour down the fat, he said.
but the theory is that it in- loss. healing response that creates You dont want to take away
creases growth factors to The sun hits directly on more collagen, which in turn all of the fat, but just enough n Dr. Jart+
help wound healing and de- the chest and has a skin- tightens and lifts skin gradu- to give a natural shape. Dermask Spot
creases the mediators that thinning effect, said Dr. ally. The procedure works for To figure out your double- Jet Neck &
cause excess scarring. Jeannette Graf, a derma- those with mild sagging; very chin type, pinch the area, Chin Lift ($12).
Howards product arrives tologist in New York. Fortu- loose skin is best corrected then swallow. If the fat just The muffler-
at a time when doctors are nately, this inevitable dam- by surgery. stays there between your fin- shaped gel
patch enhances
turning their attention to the age is treatable in a number Some people lose skin gers, theres a much better its delivery of
often-neglected area. of noninvasive ways. Lasers elasticity faster than others chance the fat is beneath the skin hydrators
People have been tak- such as the Fraxel can be for genetic reasons, said Dr. skin and you can be treated and collagen
ing better care of their fa- used safely on the neck and Patrick K. Sullivan, a plastic with Kybella, Sullivan said. boosters.

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The Gossip Corner PET OF THE WEEK

LaBeouf protest
art project closed
Be Chapos valentine
The Museum of the 1-year-old domestic short-hair looking for perfect home
Moving Image in the
Queens borough of New JENNIFER ERICSON
York City announced
Friday it has closed a Valentines Day is
performance art project Tuesday, and Lancaster
involving Shia LaBeouf, County SPCA doesnt
citing serious public want anyone spending it
safety hazards. The alone.
project involved the ac- So if you are looking
tor and others chant- for a perfect companion,
ing He will not divide ASSOCIATED PRESS
consider Chapo, a 1-year-
us in front of a camera Actor Shia LaBeouf, left, stands with other people old, neutered, male, do-
outside the museum in front of a live-stream camera with the words He mestic short-haired cat.
since Donald Trumps will not divide us posted on a wall outside of the Hes the ideal compan-
first day as president Museum of the Moving Image. ion: handsome, athletic,
three weeks ago. It was attentive and affection-
scheduled to last for cials added that they ficers were assigned to ate.
four years. The public were proud the mu- the location 24 hours Chapo was surren-
was invited by LaBeouf seum had launched the a day and, at one point, dered to LCSPCA in De-
and two collaborators engaging and thought- police filed a report af- cember through no fault
to participate and the provoking digital art in- ter threats were made of his own. Since then,
performances were live stallation. Last month, through the citys 311 hes been waiting for just
streamed around-the- LaBeouf was arrested non-emergency line the right person to adopt
clock. But the museum after an altercation. that people were going him. His shiny, ebony fur
said in a statement that And a 21-year-old was to be shot. On Friday, is soft to stroke, and his
the installation had be- arrested last week on the heart is eager to provide BLAINE T. SHAHAN | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

come a flashpoint for assault charges after website said the mu- unconditional love. Chapo is a 1-year-old male cat available for adoption at
the Lancaster County SPCA.
violence and was dis- a participant said the seum had abandoned Though chapo means
rupted from its original man threw eggs on the project. The artists, short, this cat is short in
intent. Museum offi- him and ran. Police of- however, have not. neither stature nor affec- ens of vacant kennels, day and Friday; noon to 5
tion. Once adopted, his LCSPCA has just ac- p.m. Tuesday, Saturday
name can be changed to cepted 35 dogs from an and Sunday; and noon to
BIRTHDAYS a moniker that better re- overcrowded shelter in 7 p.m. Wednesday.
flects his inner and outer Mississippi.
n Movie director Franco Zeffirelli is 94. Actor Louis Zorich is beauty. For more information
93. Movie director Costa-Gavras is 84. Basketball Hall of Famer Because LCSPCA has about Chapo and other LAST WEEKS
Bill Russell is 83. Actor Joe Don Baker is 81. Author Judy Blume been receiving fewer pets available for adop-
is 79. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak is 75. Country stray and surrendered tion, visit LCSPCA, 848
singer Moe Bandy is 73. Rock singer Michael McDonald is 65. n Molly, a 5-year-old
Actor-talk show host Arsenio Hall is 61. Actor Josh Brolin is 49.
dogs this winter and S. Prince St., call 717-917-
Rottweiler, was still
Singer Chynna Phillips is 49. Actor Jesse Spencer is 38. Actress adoptions have been 6979, go to lancasterspca. available for adoption late
Christina Ricci is 37. NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III is 27. steady, the dog kennels org, or visit the shelter. last week at the Humane
Actress Jennifer Stone is 24. Actresses Rylie and Baylie Cregut have frequently been Shelter hours are 11 a.m. League of Lancaster
(TV: Raising Hope) are 7. Christina Ricci, 37 nearly empty. With doz- to 6 p.m. Monday, Thurs- County.

TODAY IN HISTORY a log cabin in Hardin (now took place for the Lincoln in Iowa City, Iowa, a day into the Florida Everglades, the Vietnam conflict took
LaRue) County, Kentucky. Memorial in Washington, before his 51st birthday. killing all 43 people aboard. place.
n Feb. 12, 1554: Lady Jane n 1818: Chile officially n 1959: The redesigned
Grey, who had claimed the n 1973: Operation n 1999: The Senate voted
proclaimed its n 1915: The cornerstone Lincoln penny with Homecoming began as the to acquit President Bill
throne of England for nine independence, more than was laid for the Lincoln an image of the Lincoln
days, and her husband, first release of American Clinton of perjury and
seven years after initially Memorial. Memorial replacing two prisoners of war from obstruction of justice.
Guildford Dudley, were renouncing Spanish rule. ears of wheat on the
beheaded after being n 1924: George Gershwins reverse side went into
condemned for high n 1909: The National Rhapsody in Blue circulation. Lancaster's Most Experienced & Trusted Vein Center
treason. Association for the premiered in New York.

n 1809: Abraham Lincoln,

Advancement of Colored
People was founded. n 1942: Painter Grant
n 1963: A Northwest
Orient Airlines Boeing 720 Painful Wounds?
the 16th president of the
United States, was born in n 1914: Groundbreaking
Wood, creator of
American Gothic, died
broke up during severe
turbulence and crashed Varicose Veins?
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Engagements Anniversary Wedding

Fox- Sauder- Myers- Meshey- Parks 50th Freeman-
Himes Wright Hartman Steinhofer Saul

Paul and Mary Parks

Cherie Ann Himes and Dr. Keith and Gwenda Craig and Karen Hart- Candace Steinhofer celebrated 50 years of Carey L. Saul and Wil-
Craig Michael Fox, both Wright, Ephrata, are man of Manheim are and Clark Meshey of Ex- marriage on February liam S. Freeman were
of Mt. Wolf, wish to an- delighted to announce pleased to announce ton, PA, along with their 11th. They were mar- joined together in mar-
nounce their engage- the engagement of their the engagement of their parents, are excited to ried at Trinity Lutheran riage on October 22,
ment. Craig proposed to daughter Cassie to Der- daughter, Tara, to Tyson announce their engage- Church in South Phila- 2016, during a ceremony
Cherie on July 25, 2016, ek Sauder. Myers, son of Tyran and ment. Clark proposed to delphia by Rev. Dr. Er- that took place at Saint
their mutual birth date. Cassie is a 2010 gradu- Beverly Myers of Three Candace at Lovers Point win Warren Zinger. Catharine of Siena Cha-
Cherie is the daughter ate of Warwick High Springs, PA. Park during a vacation They are the parents pel in Reading, PA.
of Mr. William R. Himes School and 2015 gradu- Tara is a graduate of to Monterey, CA. of Deidre Burgos, U.S. The bride, daughter
III & Mrs. Diane Himes ate of Millersville Uni- Manheim Central High The couple met and Army stationed at Fort of Mr. and Mrs. Don-
(Step-Mother) of East versity (BA). She is in School and Harcum Col- both graduated from Lee, Virginia; and Beth ald Saul of Reading, PA,
Berlin and Ms. Joan the master of social lege. She is currently an Kutztown University. Parks of South Phila- is employed by Ham-
Dennis of Dillsburg. She work program at MU. Emergency Veterinary Candace is the daughter delphia. They are the burg Area School Dis-
is a native of York who She will graduate in May Technician at Metropol- of Nancy Steinhofer and grandparents of Valen- trict, and is a graduate
grew up just north of At- 2017. Derek is a 2010 itan Veterinary Associ- Ken Steinhofer, Down- cia Burgos. of Kutztown Univer-
lanta, GA before return- graduate of Penn Manor ates in Norristown, PA. ingtown, PA. Clark is the sity. The groom, son of
ing to York after high High School and 2013 Tyson is a graduate of son of John and Tammy Mr. and Mrs. William
school. Cherie has been graduate from Thad- Southern Huntingdon Meshey, Columbia, PA. A. Freeman of Honey
involved in volunteer deus Stevens. He works County High School and They will drop anchor Brook, is employed by
work, especially with for Exide Technologies. Penn State University. on October 14, 2017 in CELEBRATIONS Honey Brook Borough
the York County Food Derek is the son of Mary He is currently the Dis- Pottstown, PA. Water Authority and is
Bank and more recently and Larry Graham, Mill- trict Conservationist in GUIDELINES a graduate of Kutztown
Calvary United Method- ersville, and Glenn and Fulton County, PA. Celebration pricing University.
ist Church. Vicki Sauder, Columbia. A June 2017 wedding is starting as little as $25. Lauren List and Phil-
Craig is the son of Mr. A December 2017 wed- planned. ip Razzano were Ma-
Carl R. & Betty A. Fox ding is planned in the Celebrations are now tron of Honor and Best
of Lancaster. He is a na- historic town of Mount self-service! Create and Man. Bridesmaids were
tive of Easton, PA and Joy. see how your celebration Kylie Simko, Amanda
grew up in Lancaster announcement will Costanzo, Rebecca Har-

Marriage is our last,

and Clarks Summit, PA. appear at:
tranft, and Megan Re-
He is a graduate of Penn imer. Groomsmen were
State and Northwestern Abram Oberholtzer,
Universities, and is a /celebrations/create Patrick List, Brian
Corporate Quality Engi- Questions: 717-291-4957 Truesdale, and Timo-
neer with Dart Contain-
er Corp. in Leola.
A July 22, 2017 wed-
ding is planned at Cal-
vary United Methodist
best chance to grow up. You may also submit an
announcement in person
or by mail:
LNP Media Group
thy Zirkel. Flower Girls
were Lucia Costanzo
and Lillie Hartranft.
Ring Bearers were Nich-
olas Costanzo, Kurtis
Church in York. Hartranft and Ethan

The goal in marriage is not to

think alike, but to think together.
~ Robert C. Dodds
~ Joseph Barth 8 W. King St., PO Box 1328
Lancaster, PA 17608.
The couple will reside
in Reading, PA.

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Aldea streets. I was in the

streets. We actually
both had to do prison
Brown We were from similar
backgrounds. We both
went to Catholic high
raised their son and two
daughters and taught in
a vocational program.
Because of Armstrong
and Girl Scouts, we have
done a great deal of in-
Continued from B1 time at one point, Continued from B1 school, and our philoso- We have three grown, ternational travel, from
They started dating Kim says. The beau- I was working in the emer- phies and values were well-adjusted children Shanghai to Switzer-
in November 2010. tiful thing about it is, gency room. similar. and three grandchil- land, Marty Brown says,
Theyre both spon- wow, where God has Tom Brown would come This was in Septem- dren, Marty Brown which they both love.
taneous and love sur- us now. Were both to the emergency room ev- ber, she says. We were says. Were a very, very This couple, whose ro-
prising each other working. Were both ery day to test his oxygen married the first week in close family. The five of mance started over food
with adventurous youth leaders now. equipment and to ask if January. us always went camping at a Lancaster diner,
ideas. One night, Jo- Our focus is not on the the young nurse would go Tom Brown was head- together. There were expects to be celebrat-
van woke Kim up so streets. Our focus is on out with him. ing to Philadelphia for five of us sitting together ing Valentines Day this
they could go sledding family now. When I saw her, I liked a one-year program in church every Sunday. week over key lime pie,
in the street. He tied Theyre youth lead- her and I knew, almost studying inhalation Even today, were all somewhere in the Flor-
the sled to his waist. ers at In the Light right away that she was therapy. always together for ev- ida Keys at the end of a
A few years after Ministries Southeast, the one for him, he recalls. Back in those days, ery holiday. weeks vacation.
they started dating, and Jovan works at But I had bigger plans Marty Brown explains, Weve been very Both Browns say rais-
however, they almost Eden Resort. than getting married right You did not go to Phila- blessed, adds Tom ing their kids together
broke up. Their relationship away, Marty Brown says. delphia together if you Brown. and being involved in all
They both had trou- is first and foremost And I knew he was only 19, were not married. Marty Brown had long their activities has kept
ble letting go of each Christ-centered and and I was already 21. We moved five times been involved in Girl them close and focused
others past mistakes they understand the She even tried to fix him the first five years of our Scouts. Tom Brown had on common goals for
and accepting their importance of love, up with another woman marriage, Tom Brown never even been camp- their family.
faults. Both spent time honor, respect and who worked at the hospital. says. ing before he got mar- And we always tried
in jail him on drug forgiveness. But one day, some anes- He later became a com- ried, but eventually be- to make time for each
charges and her for a You can stand to- thesia students with whom puter programmer, and came a committed Girl other, Marty Brown
DUI. gether. You can pray she and her roommate eventually retired from Scout volunteer along- says. Tom has always
It was a nightmare, together, Kim says. played cards encouraged Armstrong World In- side his wife. brought me things with
they say. I can encourage my her to invite Tom Brown to dustries. Over the years, He has even been a hearts on them.
We just pressed husband when he a card party Marty Brown worked in cookie mom for our I always try to keep
through with that and feels down. He can That night, Marty nursing and for the lo- granddaughter, Marty the romance alive, Tom
we decided that we encourage me when I Browns roommate said cal Girl Scout council, Brown says. Brown adds.
would want to work feel down. she was going out for ciga-
things out with one an- And they can do rettes. And she never came
other and possibly get little things for each back, she says. Tom came, 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back!
married, Jovan says. other. Jovan once and nobody else showed up.
As they found their
faith together, they
decided to try to make
mentioned he hated
grapes because he
couldnt stand the
Neither of us knew about
this, but (our friends) had
set this up.

We felt it was not

fruits skin.
So she peeled the
skin off of all of my
The couple chatted, and
then continued the conver-
sation over a bite to eat at
worth just giving up,
he says.
He was in the
grapes, he says. I did
not expect that. But I
love her for that.
the Wheatland Diner.
We had a lot in com-
mon, Marty Brown says.
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Snader child before we got

married, Lacey Snader
away tears.
After his condition
you want to take, what
are your dreams. Review Set designer Domi-
nic Lau depends on a
says, which now were stabilized, doctors ad- rolling staircase a lot.
Continued from B1 extremely grateful for. vised Tyson Snader to Light of our lives Continued from B5 It wouldnt be too bad,
She found him on- get a lifelong heart- end to the song to make except it looks so rick-
line, got in touch and In this together valve defect repaired. In the fall, Tyson Herod (Hassan Naz- ety everyone looked
learned he was single. There were more anx- Snader started volun- ari-Robati) look like a nervous using it, espe-
We started talking After Tyson Snaders ious moments after yet teering as a business demented hysteric. It cially Benjamin Neu-
and we just really hit it accident, he recalls, his another surgery. consultant for two com- kind of ruins the song, mayer, who plays Pi-
off, Lacey Snader says. wife was so awesome. In many ways, they panies in Lancaster. He but in the middle Naz- late. During Pilates
We realized we had a I basically woke up face the same challeng- is still in outpatient re- ari-Robati does a fine Dream, which he sang
lot in common, a lot of in the hospital with es as other couples. habilitation. job with a fun tune. quite well, I worried
the same values. With- her telling me that ev- I definitely think Lacey Snader works The orchestra, un- about him falling down
in a couple of days, I erything is going to be you have to really try, at the Lancaster restau- der the direction of J.P. the stairs, which would
thought, Id like to be perfectly fine, he says. as much as possible, to rant Luca. Meyer, sounds fantastic, not be good. Hes got a
his girlfriend. She had already mo- make time to be a man Hudson, now 5, is though a few times they pretty important scene
(We share) a sick bilized our family and and woman together, the light of our life, overwhelm the vocals. in the second act.
sense of humor, Tyson friends. She had also says Lacey Snader. I for sure, Lacey Snader
Snader says. done research into re- think its very easy to adds. He makes it easy
I think were both re- habilitation programs. fall into caretaker and to be happy. Hes so nice
ally progressive people Her having that at- patient. Like most cou- to be around so happy
and kind of out there, titude right from the ples, were very busi- and positive.
his wife says. But get-go, there was very nesslike, and we can Hudson says to me, I From pages B4, B5 21. A Hepburn.
were very traditional little time when I said, fall into talking about cant wait till youre not 1. A 11. C 22. B 28.
about marriage and Is this going to work the business of the paralyzed anymore and 2. B 12. B Humphrey
23. C
family and old-fash- between us? Right off day. we can go hiking, Ty- Bogart,
3. A 13. A
ioned values, like hard the bat she showed me I think its impor- son Snader says, adding, 24. C Lauren
work. were in this together, tant to get outside your Yeah. Me, too. 4. A 14. C 25. B Bacall.
After dating for a few he says. comfort zone with each Any time I think too 5. B 15. B 26. William 29. Julia
months, the couple There were times in other, Tyson Snader much about the surface 6. C 16. A Powell, Roberts,
moved in together in the hospital when he says. You need to go stuff, Lacey Snader Myrna Loy. Richard
7. B 17. B
Maryland, where Ty- couldnt breathe on his out on that first date says, I (remember) that 27.
son Snader was living own, and they told me again, and ask each Tyson could be dead. 8. C 18. B
Spencer 30. Tom
and working. they werent sure if he other questions about I think were just both 9. A 19. C Tracy, Hanks,
We had the happy would make it, Lacey what you want to do in happy that were togeth- 10. B 20. A Katharine Meg Ryan.
accident of having a Snader says, wiping life, whats the next trip er, her husband adds.

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Jordan Spieth takes
commanding lead in the
AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am
n Page C6




shut down
Catholic girls earn L-L tournament
semifinal date with McCaskey
Saturdays scores
Too much Lauren
n Cedar Crest 64,
Lebanon Catholic 54
Too much defensive
pressure in the half n Northern Lebanon 53,
Hempfield 31

Coaches and rifle athletes prepare for the first round of the Lancaster-Lebanon League rifle championships Saturday n Lancaster Catholic 57,
morning at Conestoga Valley High School. And entirely too
Lampeter-Strasburg 35
much Kiki Jefferson...


Lancaster-Lebanon n McCaskey 59,
League Section Two Donegal 51
champ Lampeter- Tuesdays semifinals
Strasburg couldnt con- n Cedar Crest vs.
tain Mills, struggled to Northern Lebanon, 7 p.m.
get open looks against at TBA
Lancaster Catholics n Lancaster Catholic
in-your-face defense, vs. McCaskey, 7 p.m. at
and had zero answers Conestoga Valley
Townships for Jefferson, who con- Thursdays final
tinued her torrid soph-
Musser leads omore season.
n Semifinal winners,
7 p.m. at Manheim
great round of Mills scored 14 of her Township
16 points in the first
performances at half to spark Lancaster Crusaders to a 57-35
Conestoga Valley Catholics game-chang- win over host L-S in a
ing run, and Jefferson league quarterfinal in
COLIN SNYDER bucketed 20 of her Lampeter.
game-high 29 points This has been our
Last to first. in the second half on calling card all year: I
That is the path Man- Saturday, leading the CRUSADERS, page C3
heim Township senior
Zach Musser took in
winning this years Lan- COMMENTARY
caster-Lebanon League

Hey, MLB, fix

individual rifle champi-
onship at Conestoga Val-
ley High School on Sat-

the pace, not

urday morning. Musser
finished with a perfect
score of 200 with two

the game itself

centers to better the rest Above, Manheim Township senior Lauren Katch reviews
her target with coach Tom Rutledge Saturday during the
of the 42-shooter field league championships at Conestoga Valley High School.
one year after placing At right, Manheim Townships Zach Musser was the
last. first-place individual finisher at the Lancaster-Lebanon
When I finished (on League championships at Conestoga Valley High School PAUL ZEISE and dont dramatically
Saturday), my last shot on Saturday morning. change the game. This
looked really close, Major League Base- rule not only changes
Musser said. I thought, that point, the rest didnt a sharpshooter in the ball is again looking the game, it doesnt re-
There it goes, my last matter. I knew I wasnt Army and Marines and at ways to speed up ally make games short-
shot after 20. I zoomed getting a plaque. I shot got him interested in ri- and shorten games, er. Joe Torre claims it
my scope in and it was in. the rest (of my shots) fle in middle school. Af- but again its missing would protect bullpen
From that point on, I was in a couple of minutes ter last year, I was pretty the big picture and arms and avoid never-
happy. My last year, my and was like, whatever. disappointed that I shot tinkering with things ending games, which
last target, my last shot It was just one of those bad. I knew I still had said Hershey, a four-year that dont need to be is a bit silly. There isnt
and it ended all good. Im days. Rifle is one of those this year, so I just tried to member of the Garden changed. an epidemic of mara-
pretty happy right now. things where its either a forget about it and pre- Spot team who finished Unlike pitch clocks, thon games or anything
A year ago, Musser en- good day or a bad day. pare. Just move on. 22nd last year. Shoot- limiting mound vis- close to it. Eight out of
tered the event as an All- The two centers After four perfect ing every practice at the its, forcing hitters to 2,428 games last sea-
Star and was second in proved the difference in scores which led to a target just like it was stay in the batters box son lasted 15 innings or
the league in scoring av- this years event. Senior shoot-off in the 2014 a match. Its definitely and other recent ideas, longer, and two-thirds
erage at 99.4. But he shot Jeremy Hershey of Gar- championships, there been a slow and steady this latest one makes of extra-inning games
191 and finished 42nd den Spot finished second had been just one per- improvement over the absolutely no sense. A (122 of 185) were over
out of 42 shooters. with a perfect score of fect score in each of the past four years. runner will be placed in the 10th or 11th in-
I was real nervous be- 200, but no centers. Cade past two events. Musser Both Musser and on second base to start ning.
forehand (on Saturday), Ginder of Manheim and Hershey both fired Hershey spoke of the each half inning in ex- There is no need to
said Musser, who plans Central finished third perfect scores this year. concentration and tra innings in the Gulf make a rule change be-
to study aerospace engi- for the second straight Only seven other perfect steadiness necessary to Coast and Arizona cause there is no prob-
neering at the University year. Ginder scored 199 targets were handed in compete in the event. leagues this season. lem to be solved. Extra
of Kansas. Last year, with two centers. outside of their com- Its easy to let the Im on board with any innings are not the
I wasnt comfortable I was really hoping to bined four. nerves get to you, said rules to make the game issue, the pace of the
while shooting and shot shoot well, said Musser, I credit just focus- Hershey, who plans on faster, provided they ac- games is the issue.
a couple that were off. At whose father, Jeff, was ing a lot more this year, RIFLE, page C2 tually accomplish that ZEISE, page C9


Class of 2017 will enshrine 4 standouts

This years L-L League Hall of Fame induction ceremony to be held on Friday night at Manheim Twp. High School
BURT WILSON man. He also served as ber of the District Three
A 1942 McCaskey the Penn Manor High and state wrestling
Four men who dedi- grad, Brooks, who died School principal. Halls of Fame and the
cated much of their in 2013, was co-captain He was just a great McCaskey Hall of Fame.
lives to high school of the football team, man, Penn Manor ath- In 1980, Brooks was
sports will be honored participated in track letic director Jeff Roth voted the George W.
Friday with induction and wrestled for the Red said of Brooks, who was Kirchner Memorial
into the Lancaster- E. Jerry Gordie Elmer Ed Tornado. also an official at L-L Award.
Lebanon League Hall of Brooks Kraft Kreiser Ludwig After graduating from League track meets. He The District Three
Fame. Millersville, he coached just had the greatest in- student-athlete award is
The group will be E. Jerry Brooks, E. Jerry Brooks wrestling, cross country teraction with kids. He named in his honor.
enshrined during a Gordie Kraft, Ed Ludwig and track at McCaskey. was gentle, caring, sin-
ceremony at Manheim and Elmer Kreiser will Brooks is best known His wrestling teams, cere and kids feed off of Gordie Kraft
Township High School, all be part of the fifth for his executive roles as which he coached from that. He was truly con-
at halftime of the class of inductees into President of the PIAA, 1949-54, won three cerned with student- Kraft compiled a re-
L-L League boys cham- the L-L League Hall. a member of the PIAA league championships athletes. cord of 272-14, includ-
pionship basketball Heres a look at their Board of Control and and two District Three In addition to the L-L ing 63 straight dual-
game. accomplishments. District Three Chair- team titles. Hall, Brooks is a mem- HALL, page C2

Rifle: Musser takes crown SPORTS ON TV


FIVB, Swatch Major Series, at Fort Lauderdale NBC 2pm
Continued from C1
studying either me-
chanical engineering or PBA Players Championship at Columbus ESPN 1pm
ther Liberty University
in Lynchburg, Virginia, Lehigh at Holy Cross CBSSN Noon
or Cedarville University Michigan at Indiana CBS 1pm
in Ohio. That gets your Temple at Memphis CBSSN 2pm
heart rate up and you
cant shoot well. Its so Nevada at San Diego State CBSSN 4pm
important to stay calm. Cincinnati at SMU ESPN 4pm
Musser said it goes
Wichita State at Loyola of Chicago ESNPU 4pm
even deeper than just
the mental and physical Oregon State at UCLA FS1 5pm
aspects. Northwestern at Wisconsin BTN 6:30pm
I just try and watch
Virginia at Virginia Tech ESPNU 6:30pm
my breathing and get
my heart rate down, Washington State at Colorado ESPNU 8:30pm
watch what I eat before-
hand. Not a lot of sugar Iowa at Ohio State BTN Noon
or caffeine.