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7th Grade Mathematics

Mr. Thompson
Solvay Middle School


I am very excited to have the opportunity to get to know and work with you all this school year. I am
originally from Baldwinsville, and was a graduate of SUNY Fredonia where I obtained bachelors degrees
in both Mathematics and Adolescent Math Education. I completed my masters degree at Syracuse

Grade 7 Math is a lot fun for me, and I have made it my goal to help you enjoy it as well. I will assist you
as much as I can and in any way possible, but it is your responsibility to follow the rules and put in the
effort required to be successful in this class. I am looking forward to a great year!

Course Description

Seventh grade mathematics is about (1) developing understanding of and applying proportional
relationships; (2) developing understanding of operations with rational numbers and working with
expressions and linear equations; (3) solving problems involving scale drawings and informal geometric
constructions, and working with two- and three-dimensional shapes to solve problems involving area,
surface area, and volume; and (4) drawing inferences about populations based on samples.

Major Units

Number Systems (Operations with Rational Numbers: Integers, Fractions, and Decimals)
Percentages Ratios and Proportional Reasoning
Circles Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities
Statistics and Probability Geometry
Note: Advanced students will study additional 8th grade topics


Spiral Notebook, Pencils, Scientific Calculator (TI-30XIIS), iPad stylus (optional)

Grading Policy

You are in control of your effort and performance in this class; therefore, you are in control of the grade
you receive. Grades are cumulative through the end of the semester and are updated regularly so you may
inquire about and monitor your progress throughout the school year, but you are also responsible for
keeping track of your own progress and grades. Five-week and ten-week reports will be provided. Grades
will be weighted as follows:

Topic Assessments: 60% & Unit Assessments: 40%


Student Expectations and Conduct
Arrive to class on time and prepared.

Pay attention, take notes, and ASK QUESTIONS!

Students will usually take guided notes with the teacher but sometimes they may want to take
notes themselves using online sources.

Part of my job is to teach you independence. You have access to a wealth of knowledge!
Please use your resources and learn from them:

o Mathspace has an online textbook complete with examples, interactive applets, and
video tutorials. In addition, the program will give you hints and even the next step if
you are struggling on the classwork.

o Google it! The internet has endless math help with videos and practice.

o Ask three before you ask me! Work with your peers. Help each other LEARN,
but do not do each others work. Teaching your peers really helps you learn as well!

o Ask a teacher. Be patient! There are a lot of you and one of me, so if for some reason
I am not available, try to use one of the resources above first!

Cheating and plagiarism are unacceptable and may result in a zero grade.

Manage your time wisely. Take advantage of any free help periods you have, including after
school hours, since they have greatly helped students out in the past! Do not wait until the
last minute; you will be given more than enough time to complete each assignment. Come
see me, email me, or message me with any questions you may have.

Use the bathroom at your own discretion, but please sign out at the door.
Only one person will be allowed to be out at a time. Please use the bathroom pass provided.

You will use the technology provided responsibly and appropriately.

There is a zero-tolerance for bullying. Appropriate corrective action will be taken.

Be respectful, responsible, safe, and ready to learn.

I ________________________________ agree to these student expectations and conduct.

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