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Trump warns

THE NEW of a war on

farmers in US

Republican seeks support in Iowa
by focusing on agricultural issues
SCOTT BAUER for Trump amid a sea
AND KEN THOMAS of challenging battle-
ground states. Join-
DES MOINES, Iowa ing him on stage were
Nationally, magnet schools and new attendance zones are seen as solutions Donald Trump warned top Iowa Republicans
Saturday of a war on among them Ernst,
to low achievement in high-poverty districts. How would that look here? the American farmer, Gov. Terry Branstad,
telling a crowd in Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley
that rival Hillary Clin- and Rep. Steve King
ton wants to shut in a rare show of sup-
down family farms and port for a candidate
implement anti-agri- who has struggled to
culture policies. unite his party.
Trumps speech at In a hat tip to Iowas
the annual Roast and agriculture industry,
Ride fundraiser for Trump renewed his
Republican Sen. Joni commitment to con-
Ernst came just hours tinuing a requirement
after Clinton received that all gasoline sold
her first national se- contain an ethanol-
curity briefing as the based additive, an is-
Democratic presiden- sue important to corn
tial nominee. growers. He also prom-
Trump skipped the ised to cut taxes on
42-mile motorcycle family farms, which he
ride that preceded the called the backbone
event in a state where of the country.
polls show a tight con- Hillary Clinton
test, a rare bright spot TRUMP, page A5

Some choose
Lisa McKim and her son Avante, 11, at their home on Church Street in Lancaster city. Avante attends King Elementary
quiet in this
election year
School, where many students struggle to academically achieve in the high-poverty school.

With heated race for president,
hen he was a third-grader at King Elementary School in Lancaster, talking politics has been tough
Avante Webb started going to school 30 minutes early twice a week
for extra reading help. He also went Saturday mornings. SAM JANESCH
18-year-old son, Cade,
The extended hours were principal Christopher Lopezs strategy are backing Trump.
Near the end of the And in an election
to improve test scores at the high-poverty school on South Duke Street. Staff offered cul-de-sac in a subur- year often resembling
small-group instruction to about 100 underperforming students. ban East Hempfield something more akin
Township neighbor- to a contentious reality
Avante thrived on the atten- continue to plague the 529-stu- income schools that take on the hood, Cathy Ingram is television show than
tion and enjoyed the bowling dent school, where 97 percent are challenges of social conditions hoping someone will a presidential race,
party when the Saturday sessions eligible for subsidized lunches. beyond their control, progress steal the newly planted the Ingrams personal
ended. His mother, Lisa McKim, No other public school in Lan- comes haltingly. Donald Trump cam- mantra you dont
saw her son becoming a stronger caster County has such a large Last year, only 43 percent of paign signs from her talk politics and you
reader. percentage of poor children. Lo- King students passed Pennsyl- front lawn. dont talk religion is
But the schools extraordinary pez and his staff embrace them vanias high-stakes language arts Shes supporting Hill- being put to the test.
measures havent yet become a and persevere. exam. Countywide, 65 percent of ary Clinton. Her hus- Its just not fun if
game-changer. Low test scores At King and many other low- INTEGRATION, page A6 band, Jay, and their POLITICS, page A4

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Fly, La Voz will expand coverage, ers steel industry

n Lancaster LIving,
increase monthly distribution page B1 Beginner to
awar A look ahead at
Two popular LNP Me- Classes
dia Group publications the 2016 season
are expanding their cov-
for Penn State
erage and will be distrib- 2016
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uted more frequently

across Lancaster County n Sports, page C1

The ballots have been
beginning this week. counted.
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The Week in Review
In case you missed it: A recap
of local news stories in LNP.

n Refugee students who took
School District of Lancaster to court
over their school assignment will get
to attend McCaskey High School this
week. U.S. District Judge Edward G.
Smith ordered the district to enroll
the students at its regular high
school instead of Phoenix Academy,
an alternative school where they
said learning "is impossible" because
of language barriers.

n The Lancaster County
Conservancy announced Talen
Energy will be transferring 200
acres, including Holtwood Park, to
the local nonprofit natural lands
trust. The trust does not plan to
operate the community park, but
instead has offered it for free to
which has no real estate tax, is
Laura Connell and her daughter Reagan, 9, meet Nancy Hackman, Reagans fourth-grade teacher at Lititz Christian School, during
asking its residents if they are willing
new student orientation on Thursday. Below, Luke Harmon holds his daughter Aliya, 5, during a student orientation program.
to bear the cost of maintaining the
STEM initiative, mentor program among
BOY RECOVERING changes in local private, parochial schools
n Tony Forte, 11 , of Manheim
KARA NEWHOUSE Dayspring Christian

Township, is recovering after
receiving a stomach, small and KNEWHOUSE@LNPNEWS.COM
large intestines, liver and pancreas undreds of Lan- An elementary STEM (sci-
transplanted from a 12-year-
old donor at a Miami, Florida, caster County stu- ence, technology, engineering
hospital Wednesday. The boy has dents returned to and math) initiative has been
a rare ailment known as Complete class last week. As launched this year. It will in-
Intestinal Hirschsprung's Disease, most of the rest head to their clude programming lessons
which debilitates the digestive first day this week, here are through the use of robots, as
system. some of the changes happen- well as other activities.
ing in local private and paro- In the Upper School, sopho-
McGINTY VISITS chial schools. mores will explore the engi-
n Democrat Katie McGinty, locked For a list of changes at area neering and design process by
in a tight U.S. Senate race against public schools, visit creating locker organizers and
incumbent Sen. Pat Toomey, school_2016. CHANGES, page A10
stressed economic and immigration
reforms Monday during a campaign
stop in Lancaster city's Southeast.

n Lancaster County has more than
a quarter of the preserved farms in
Pennsylvania, so it was fitting that
Parking spots intended to slow down traffic
when the state became the first in
the nation to preserve its 5,000th left swerving to miss them, he writes.
farm, it was in Upper Leacock Whatever possessed the City Park-
Township. The farm is owned by ing Authority to put these two dan-
Jerry Smucker. gerous orphan meters there. It also
leads people to get out of their cars in
TEEN HERO JAILED a T-intersection and in a manner that
n Temar Boggs, who made national further blocks the view up Orange.
headlines in 2013 for helping track Orban is a lawyer and says any acci-
down an abducted 5-year-old girl, dent or injury would expose the city to
will now serve at least three years STAFF WRITER serious liability.
in prison for the armed robbery of a Heres the answer.
city grocery store. Boggs, who was Good day, readers. This week has a FRANK ORBAN
A few years ago, the city hired urban
sentenced to 40 months to 10 years bit of a theme. Disciplinary architec- This submitted photograph shows new planner Jeff Speck to do a study and
in prison, and an accomplice robbed metered parking on West Orange Street.
the El Coqui Market on North Plum ture designing or changing the envi- make recommendations to help ef-
Street in November. ronment to control human behavior. forts to make the city more pedestri-
In these cases, its motorists behavior. Street Parking Garage. an-friendly.
These meters are needless to say Part of that was by making changes
STRIKE VOTE SET New parking spots unnecessary and hardly worth the to slow down the traffic. One way to
n The faculty union for 14 state- on Orange Street investment rather they are a traf- achieve that was by adding more park-
owned universities, including fic and personal hazard where I have ing spots, which also would address an
Millersville University, called for a Frank Orban, of Lancaster Town- seen cars swerve around them, people identified parking shortage.
strike authorization vote among
members during a meeting of union
ship, wrote the Watchdog about two exiting the garage being unable to see Based on a walk around town, Speck
officials. The vote will be held in parking meters recently installed on cars coming down Orange Street and said he found more than 100 spots the
September and will not affect the West Orange Street along the Prince cars exiting Market Street and turning WATCHDOG, page A11
start of classes Monday.


Email the Lancaster Watchdog at or go to
HOW THEY VOTED and tell us about it.
Congress is in recess until Sept. 6. You can also send mail to Lancaster Watchdog at P.O. Box 1328,
Lancaster, PA 17608-1328.

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Politics: In a polarized election year, silence is golden

Continued from A1 Both he, a 26-year-old
it turns sour, says Cathy, teacher, and Katie de-
a lifelong Democrat who scribe themselves as
finds it more amusing moderate, and are disap-
than marriage-troubling pointed in both Trump
that her self-described and Clinton. Still, theres
moderate-liberal hus- an urge to at least put out
band will be voting for what they think is cor-
the Republican presi- rect information in the
dential candidate. online or face-to-face
But avoiding conten- discussions.
tious political discourse With family espe-
among friends and fam- cially, its hard because
ily can be tricky. I think people theyre around forever,
From the awkward din- are afraid to be Ben laughed. Its easier
ner table conversations when you marry some-
and phone calls with dis- put in a category. one with the same views
tant relatives, to the long They dont want as you, Katie said.
Facebook chains and
comments sections on
somebody to say, Strategic silence
news sites, talking about Oh, youre one
politics is just tough.
Its the media envi-
of them. Grace Lefever,
25-year-old nurse from
Diane Sansone, of Wilmington,
ronment that were in, Delaware Manheim, experiences
says E. Fletcher McClel- some, perhaps unwant-
lan, professor of political cording to a recent Pew ed, political talk in a dif-
science at Elizabethtown Research Center survey. ANDY BLACKBURN | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER ferent kind of setting.
College. A rare 8 percent have From left, Jay, Cathy and Cade Ingram stand behind campaign signs of the presidential Ive had patients bring
McClellan says its had a major argument. candidates theyre supporting in the front of their home in Hempfield on Aug. 19. it up, said Lefever, who
easier than ever for works at a family health
like-minded people to To argue or not father-in-law Tim Mars- friendly wager: $10 to sations, many choose not practice in Lititz. They
gather around the same to argue den and his mother-in- whoevers candidate to talk about what they have full-blown com-
partisan media sources, law Jenny, both avid wins on Nov. 8. see as a more polarizing ments and Im sitting
therefore hardening In the Ingram house, Clinton supporters. She had fire coming election year in which there like uhh...
their points of view while it was a recent Sunday Well when Trump out of her ears, she want- both candidates are While shes noticed
promoting the demoni- when a normal get-to- is president well have ed to strangle me! Jay widely disliked. people are speaking
zation of the other side. gether for Cathys dads World War III, Jenny said, laughing, about his Many voters on either about politics with a lit-
About four in 10 voters, 75th birthday turned Marsden said. mother-in-law. extreme of the politi- tle more negativity and
among both Clinton and into a heated discussion Just nuke em all! Jay While the Ingrams can cal spectrum dont even anxiety than usual, she
Trump supporters, say about the election. jokingly fired back. laugh about their dif- know someone on the tends to not talk about
theyve had an argument I dont argue politics, By the end of the spat, ferences even in one of other side, according to it because she hasnt
about the election, ac- Jay repeatedly told his they had settled on a their more dicey conver- the Pew survey; almost been following it closely

3 Sale
half of Clinton support- and doesnt have strong
ers and nearly a third of opinions either way.
Trump backers said they There are other theo-
dont have a single close ries about keeping quiet
friend who supports the during this election year,
Day other candidate.
I think many of the
I think people are
people in our circle are afraid to be put in a cat-
against Trump, said egory, said Diane San-
Katie Leaman, a 27-year- sone in Lititz Springs
Your Neighbor Since 1932 old from Lititz who Park as she visited her
Sale Prices Valid Aug 28 - Aug 30, 2016
works at a nonprofit. daughter and grandchil-
While enjoying lunch dren. They dont want
this week outside Oregon somebody to say, Oh,
NOW thru Tuesday August 23, 2016 Dairys Country Restau-
rant & Buffet on Oregon
youre one of them. So
I think people are just
Pike with her husband kind of keeping it quiet.
Ben and 5-month-old Sansone, 68, of Wilm-
son Eli, Leaman talked ington, Delaware, said
about how she and her she thinks the volatility
husband avoid frustrat- on the national stage is
ing political arguments forcing those watching

because of their homog- it to keep a lower pro-

$ 88

enous friend group. file. Presidential candi-

B U Y 1 GET 1
The conversation for dates in the old days,
us at least has not been, she said, didnt air out
dozen Well, who are you vot- all this dirty laundry by
Top Round of equal or le
sser value Fresh Picked ing for? Instead, its just, calling each other names
London Broil Save $9.99 2 lb. Sweet Corn I cant believe Trump is and constantly being

      the nominee, Leaman negative.
said. Its easy because Her daughter Chris-
we know everybody tine Hershey, a 42-year-
agrees with that. old mother of two from
In fact, most voters Manheim who doesnt
around Lancaster Coun- know who shell vote
ty interviewed for this for, also said the divisive
story said none of their nature of the candidates
close friends or family forces even outlier fami-
members are planning ly members to stay quiet.
to vote differently than We have two people

3 1
they are. And if they are, who divide, two extremi-

$ $ 67
its likely that they dont ties who are going up
want to reveal where against each other, Her-

Entire Selection
Handy their true allegiances lie, shey said.
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Sugar Ben Leaman, Katies 34-year-old teacher and
Jumbo Lump, Maximum 2. husband of four years, Puerto Rico native who
Lump, Special & Claw          said its kind of eye- lives in Lancaster city,
opening when he notices agrees a lack of open, re-
1050 Lititz Pike 301 Rohrerstown Rd. 1850 Oregon Pike DOUBLE a family member like spectful dialogue in the
(717)627-7654 (717)397-4719 (717)569-2688 Manufacturers Money Ba
ck Earn
Mon.-Sat. 7am - 11pm Mon.-Sat. 7am - 11pm Mon.-Fri. 7am - 9pm COUPONS GU AR AN TE
E Grocery $
10 or post something on public is a result of poli-
Sun. 7am - 10pm Sun. 7am - 10pm Facebook in support of ticians rhetoric one
one of the candidates. budding politician in

And that rhetoric start-
ed, Reyes emphasizes,
the moment Trump
launched his campaign
For Voting Us #1 in Lancaster County in June 2015 by stereo-
typing undocumented
2016 Mexican immigrants as
criminals and rapists.
Favorite As a Hispanic-Ameri-
can woman, she said the
result is that its more
difficult for Hispanics to
talk about politics with
white people.
What Ive seen, when
you try to argue with
somebody, you know

Brownstown Cleona Ephrata Myerstown Quarryville Reading

Trump: Promises tax cuts on family farms in speech

Continued from A1 terview with The As- thats appropriate right
wants to shut down fam- sociated Press prior to now.
ily farms just like she the speech, said he felt
wants to shut down the that Trump could score Clinton briefing,
mines and the steelwork- points against Clinton Trump proposal
ers, he said in front of a by focusing on agricul-
wall of straw bales at the tural issues. Branstad, Clinton met Saturday
Iowa State Fairgrounds. whose son runs Trumps for more than two hours
She will do this not only campaign in the state, with intelligence offi-
through radical regula- said he also hopes cials at the FBI office in
tion, but also by raising Trump would launch White Plains, New York,
taxes on family farms campaign ads there and for her first overview of
and all businesses to that he sees the race as the major threats facing
rates as high as nearly 50 about even. the nation around the
percent. I dont like that but, globe since becoming
Clintons campaign hopefully, thats going to the Democratic nomi-
website touts a plan to change, Branstad said. nee. Trump received
increase funding to sup- ASSOCIATED PRESS his briefing earlier this
port farmers and ranch- Appeal to African- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a fundraiser at the Iowa month, a customary
ers in local food mar- Americans State Fairgrounds in Des Moines on Saturday. move for major party
kets and regional food nominees but one that
systems, saying shell Speaking to an over- ing young criminals as the remark, and she has where she had planned has been the subject of
create a focused safety whelmingly white crowd, super-predators in since apologized for it. to register her children. a political tussle during
net to help family farms he again pledged that as comments more than 20 Amid his ongoing ap- Just what I have the campaign.
get through challenging president he would help years ago. peal to black voters, been saying. African- Trump also previewed
times. It also says she African-Americans liv- Remember that? Su- Trump drew an online Americans will VOTE his immigration plans at
plans to target federal ing in cities with high per-predators, he said. backlash Saturday for TRUMP! Trump tweet- the Iowa event, saying
resources in commodity crime and low employ- And they were very, a tweet he sent in re- ed. He later sent a tweet that he was developing
payment, crop insurance ment. He offered no spe- very insulted. But now sponse to the shoot- offering his condolenc- an exit-entry tracking
and disaster assistance cifics for how he would people have forgotten. ing death of NBA star es to Dwyane Wade and system to ensure those
programs to support achieve that goal. He Clintons primary oppo- Dwyane Wades cousin, his family. who overstay their vi-
family operations. also continued to criti- nent, Sen. Bernie Sand- who was gunned down Campaigning in Flor- sas, that theyre quickly
Branstad, in an in- cize Clinton for brand- ers, had criticized her for near the Chicago school ida, Clinton running removed. The proposal
mate Tim Kaine said, echoed the language of
We just ought to be ex- Trumps former primary

Politics: Keeping mum this year

tending our sympathy to rival, New Jersey Gov.
the family, and added, Chris Christie, who is
Thats the only reaction now advising him.

Continued from A4 Cathy the key to talk- job that the press is do- becoming more polar- Radiofrequency Ablation for Low Back Pain
that the ideals behind it ing politics is some form ing against Trump and ized, and theyll stick
is lets get more power- of balance. pro-Hillary. with their dont talk with Physiatrist Jessica Mack
ful. she said. Because, A 52-year-old physical But even with their un- politics mantra as much Join Physiatrist Jessica Mack for a discussion on
Make America Great therapist, Cathy says she usual ideological break as they can. radiofrequency ablation as a treatment for low back
Again? Basically what isnt trying to influence this year, the Ingrams, Im looking forward pain. This session is free to the public and will include
hes saying is, Lets take her husband, Jay, more luckily, dont take it per- to November, she said.
an Q & A after the presentation.
the trash out. Lets take than he is trying to influ- sonally. The country is Its just exhausting.
the poor out. ence her away from Clin-
ton, whom Cathy thinks Date: Thursday, September 15
Balancing act isnt perfect but is better Time: 5:30 - 6:30 PM

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Integration: Restoring economic balance to schools

Continued from A1
students passed. Only 29
percent of King students
passed the math test; 51
percent passed county-
Poverty presents chal-
lenges, and it sharp-
ens the 11,300-student
School District of Lan-
casters focus. Adminis-
trators say their school
improvement plan in-
cludes teacher training, It does scare
the latest technology,
standards-aligned cur-
me that his
riculum, more instruc- education
tional time and a culture
of high expectations.
might not be
Damaris Rau, the dis- as great. If
tricts superintendent, schools were
talks about getting staff
onboard with this sense more diverse
of urgency for our kids. ... you would
But one promising
strategy for academic feed off of
uplift is not being con- each other.
sidered, even as more
schools around the It would be
more hunger
country put it in play. Alysse Arroyo and her son Nicholas check out reading products as they visit Hamilton Elementary, where Nicholas will

Economic for wanting start kindergarten on Thursday.

integration to get good

Studies show that
grades and extensively about the
when low-income stu- succeed. gration. He said contro- SEGREGATION
dents attend middle- Lisa McKim, parent versy often erupts when Each of the 13 high-poverty elementary schools in the School District of Lancaster is
class schools, they do a school systems propose within 2 or 3 miles of a low-poverty school in a neighboring school district.
lot better. They test high- socio-economic bal-
er and graduate at higher assistant secretary with ance. Parents object to LANCASTER CONESTOGA
rates than do those at the U.S. Department their children going to VALLEY
high-poverty schools. of Education. If were a school with changing MANHEIM TWP.
Integrating schools to trying to achieve educa- demographics or to one
restore economic bal- tional excellence in our farther away. Taxpay- HEMPFIELD
ance boosts achieve- schools, its important ers dont like being on
ment levels among poor for this conversation to the hook for the costs of
children without nega- be in the mix. educating more children
tively impacting other The idea of income- with greater needs.
students, researchers diverse schools inter- But Kahlenberg thinks
say. ests Avantes mother, the fear of change is un-
LNP found local evi- Lisa McKim, of Church warranted.
dence that supports Street, who grew up at- Opponents to integra-
those findings going tending schools in the tion downplay the con-
back four decades. Poor Lancaster and Hemp- sensus of social science
2 miles
3 miles

1 mile

children at Manheim field districts. While she research that shows

Township, Hempfield has only praise for the poverty concentrations
and other schools got an teachers at King Ele- are bad for education,
academic boost where mentary, she also thinks Kahlenberg said, and
theyre outnumbered by middle-class schools they adopt an unfortu-
more affluent children. would offer her three nate and outdated po-
Specifically, at the 10 children a richer learn- litical consensus that its
most affluent elemen- ing environment. too hot to touch.
tary schools in the sub- She is particularly Part of the political
urbs, 60 percent of the concerned about what backlash against racial
disadvantaged children 11-year-old Avante, her desegregation through
pass the language arts oldest, will encounter compulsory busing (in STRASBURG
test. But at the 10 high- this year his first at the 1970s) was families
est-poverty schools, all Reynolds Middle School, felt they were losing PORTION OF DISADVANTAGED Under
in the city, only 40 per- where 89 percent of the control, that their chil- STUDENTS PER SCHOOL BUILDING* 75%+ 50%
cent pass. students are eligible for dren were being shipped % % %
The 20-point gap free or reduced-priced across town with no say SCHOOL DISADVANTAGED SCHOOL DISADVANTAGED SCHOOL DISADVANTAGED
raises questions for the lunches. in the matter, Kahlen- CONESTOGA VALLEY MANHEIM TOWNSHIP SCHOOL DISTRICT OF
Lancaster region: What Will the school climate berg said. Leola 49% Brecht 44% LANCASTER
Smoketown 41% Bucher 34% King 97%
would happen if every spur Avantes classmates But todays new era Fritz 33% Landis Run 27% Fulton 95%
school was economically to want to learn? of desegregation takes Brownstown 28% Schaeffer 27% Carter & MacRae 94%
integrated, assuring that It does scare me that a different tack. Propo- Neff 24% Washington 94%
poor kids from the city his education might not nents of school integra- Mountville 44%
Nitrauer 23% Ross 92%
Reidenbaugh 19% Price 91%
learned with middle- be as great, she said. tion look for ways to East Petersburg 39% PENN MANOR Wickersham 89%
class kids from the sub- If schools were more encourage families to Farmdale 36% Hambright 48% Burrowes 89%
urbs? diverse, it would be a actually choose to send Rohrerstown 29% Martic 44% Lafayette 88%
Would educational lot easier because you their children to mixed- Landisville Intm. 25% Conestoga 38% Hamilton 84%
Centerville 23% Buchanan 81%
outcomes rise if school would feed off of each income schools. The Landisville Primary 22%
Central Manor 37%
Pequea 34% Martin 81%
districts redrew school other. It would be more creation of cross-district Eshleman 34% Wharton 75%
attendance zones, hunger for wanting to magnet schools, for ex- LAMPETER-STRASBURG
Hans Herr 26% Letort 23%
opened enrollment to get good grades and suc- ample, turns skeptical Lampeter 18%
students from neighbor- ceed. parents into believers.
*There are no elementary/intermediate school buildings in the surveyed school districts that have a
ing districts or found When Kahlenberg 50-74 percent portion of students who are disadvantaged.
other ways to increase Disadvantage started studying so-
the diversity of all cioeconomic segrega-
schools? tion in 1996, only two
And would integration In 2009, David Rusk, a school systems in the
enhance economic op- Washington, D.C.-based country considered the the suburbs, and vice about integration as an Promoting
portunity, the quality of urban policy consultant, socio-economic status of versa. A lottery deter- avenue for educational tolerance
life and social cohesion recommended Lan- children in school enroll- mines placement when equity here.
throughout the commu- caster County rethink ment. Now, according to openings are limited. When you think about From a strictly logisti-
nity, in some measure its tradition of neighbor- The Century Foundation, The efforts are having efforts to integrate, cal perspective, at least,
rectifying Lancasters hood schools. He wrote 91 school districts and an effect. In 2007, the the raw reality is that trying to achieve eco-
legacy of racial segrega- a 51-page report called charter-school chains percentage of Hartford as much as we can talk nomic integration would
tion and ill-conceived Classmates Count across the country have students attending inte- about it in the context be more feasible here
urban renewal that con- showing how the segre- policies valuing socio- grated schools those of socio-economic sta- than in a larger city such
centrated poverty in the gated nature of Lancaster economic integration. in which no more than tus, you cant divorce the as Hartford.
citys Southeast? Countys neighborhoods three-quarters of stu- word integration from Each of Lancasters 13
reinforced educational Integration dents are minorities race, said Jonathan high-poverty elemen-
New strategies disadvantage. strategies was 11 percent. Today, Cetel, executive director tary schools is, at most,
Where a child lives according to the Con- of PennCAN, a statewide 3 miles from the near-
Across the country, (in Lancaster County) House, the federal edu- necticut Mirror, its 46 advocacy group. Inte- est low-poverty school.
dozens of school systems largely shapes his edu- cation official, pointed percent. gration is always the sto- Children would have to
have policies promoting cational opportunities, to the system of tuition- Its creating the diver- ry of race. In Lancaster, be bused, but not very
socio-economic integra- not because of what the free magnet schools in sity were looking for in its a story of how you get far.
tion. Some are chang- school board does but Hartford, Connecticut, the schools, and we do more white families into But rethinking the
ing attendance zones to because of who his class- as an effective way to see positive impact upon high-minority schools or makeup of the 40 ele-
achieve balance. Others mates are, Rusk wrote draw more affluent chil- students, House said. the other way around. mentary schools in Lan-
are opening specialty in a report that the coun- dren from the suburbs But Connecticut is not Because the obsta- caster and its suburbs
magnet schools that ty planning commission into inner-city schools. Pennsylvania, where a cles to integration in would clash, of course,
attract students from di- authorized but never fol- Students in Hartford grossly fragmented sys- Pennsylvania appear so with the cherished tra-
verse neighborhoods. lowed up on. can choose among spe- tem of 500 locally gov- daunting, Cetel said he dition of neighborhood
The Obama admin- In the seven years cialty-themed schools erned school districts prefers to focus on strat- schools.
istration has thrown since Rusk issued his with emphases unheard poses a roadblock to re- egies that lift up inner- Its a tradition Jason
its weight behind a bill report, the concentra- of in Lancaster County: form. city children in their Hoffman, for one, appre-
that would award grants tion of poverty at most public safety, health care, Only two of the 91 dis- neighborhood schools. ciates.
to schools that want of the citys schools has museum, even aerospace tricts highlighted by The I am skeptical that A school filled with
to break up segregated only deepened, and poor and engineering. Century Foundations (integration) is an eas- kids from the surround-
schools and mix stu- students continue to fall The Hartford region report are in Pennsylva- ier path to improving ing neighborhood cre-
dents by family income. behind their peers. also is part of a separate nia, and the states struc- schools than trying to ates a sense of commu-
It benefits all students Richard Kahlenberg state-promoted initia- tural hurdles have even build high-performance nity that I think is a
to be in a diverse envi- is a Washington, D.C.- tive that allows inner- Pennsylvania school re- schools in the communi- plus, said Hoffman, the
ronment, said Tanya based education policy city children to choose form advocates taking ty where these children curriculum and instruc-
Gray House, a deputy analyst who has written nonmagnet schools in a wait-and-see attitude are, Cetel said. INTEGRATION, page A7

HOW POVERTY AFFECTS LANGUAGE What would economic integration of schools look like?
Research shows that students perform better in socio-economically integrated schools than in segregated ones.
First number is the percentage of disadvantaged students Experts say one way to achieve balance is to redraw attendance zones based on family incomes.
in each school. The second number is the percentage of
To show how rough economic parity hypothetically could be achieved, LNP redrew the attendance zones for two
disadvantaged students scoring at the basic or the
Lancaster County schools the School District of Lancasters Ross Elementary, 840 N. Queen St., and Manheim
below-basic level in language arts.
Township School Districts Schaeffer Elementary, 875 Pleasure Road.
Top 10 highest poverty Top 10 lowest poverty The schools are a little over a mile apart, but serve starkly different student populations.
elementary schools in the elementary schools in the
The median household income of children who attend Ross is $31,520, Census Bureau data shows. The median
Lancaster region Lancaster region
income for Schaeffer households is over twice as much: $73,538. But because income data for individual families is
n 1. King: 97.16 percent, n 1. Reidenbaugh: 19.22 not publicly available, LNP used a proxy: the assessed value of individual residential properties.
57.0 percent. percent, 48.6 percent.
n Map. No. 1 shows the existing attendance zones for Ross Elementary in red and Schaeffer Elementary in blue.
n 2. Fulton: 95.43, 65.0. n 2. Landisville Primary: n Map. No. 2 shows LNPs hypothetical redrawing of the two zones.
n 3. Carter & MacRae: 21.17, 43.6.
Note that the hypothetical zone for Ross includes the Canterbury, Country Club Heights and Deer Ford/Sunnybrook
94.17, 71.8. n 3. Nitrauer: 23.16, 31.9. neighborhoods and relinquishes part of the citys Ross neighborhood east of North Lime Street.
n 4. Washington: 94.05, n 4. Centerville: 23.19, 34.3. The hypothetical zone for Schaeffer Elementary has added the citys Ross neighborhood east of North Lime Street
71.1. n 5. Neff: 23.74, 33.3. and relinquished the Canterbury, Country Club Heights and Deer Ford/ Sunnybrook neighborhoods.
n 5. Ross: 91.67, 47.6. n 6. Landisville
n 6. Price: 90.52, 74.1. Intermediate: 24.59, 51.0.
n 7. Wickersham: 88.96, n 7. Hans Herr: 26.13, 38.7.
40.7. n 8. Schaeffer: 26.6, 38.4.
n 8. Burrowes: 88.70, 53.8. n 9. Rohrerstown: 29.16,
n 9. Lafayette: 88.20, 62.4. 39.6.
n 10. Hamilton: 84.14, 51.0. n 10. Bucher: 33.75, 35.5.

Average: 91.3 percent Average: 25.1 percent

disadvantaged, 59.5 disadvantaged, 39.5
percent fail language arts percent fail language arts
exam. exam.


Integration 372 STUDENTS 312 STUDENTS

Continued from A6
tion supervisor at Man-
heim Township School
But even within Man-
heim Township, where EQUITY IN
the median household EDUCATION:
income exceeds $67,000 RELATED La
and the poverty rate is
Va dis
less than 6 percent, the
school districts long- CONTINUES ATTENDANCE ZONES MANHEIM Canterbury

standing policy of having Ringed by suburban ROSS ELEMENTARY TOWNSHIP Rd


children attend neigh- school districts, the SCHAEFFER ELEMENTARY
borhood schools has cre- poverty-stricken 1 222
schools of Rochester,
ated mild socio-economic

New York, are 23

imbalance. largely on their own. 501 272
The percentage of dis- However, a group 72 Eden
advantaged students at formed in 2014 has
the districts six elemen- proposed magnet Red Rose
schools to achieve Park City Commons Country
tary schools ranges from Center Club Heights

a voluntary mix
a high of 44 percent at of students from Schaeffer

Brecht on Lititz Pike, Longs

diverse backgrounds. Park Eshelman
just north of the city, to

But how do they get



a low of 19 percent at there? Page A8.


Grandview Lancaster CC

Reidenbaugh, the school


Pik Heights
farthest away from the e Sunnybrook
city. e. Deer
Because of Brechts at crisis management. Ford
higher percentage of stu- Its a reminder every Ross
Ross nd

dents in that economi- day of the work we have Average assessed home

F&M Ho

w values In existing school zone


cally disadvantaged cat- ahead of us and the im- Ne

Lime St. P

egory, you would expect, portance of that work, Lemon St.

Prince St.

based on research, their said Jennifer Reinhart,

scores would be lower. the districts chief ac- 0 mile 1
That, in fact, is not the countability officer.
case, Hoffman said. Superintendent Rau $167.8 K $74.6 K
While Brecht, for now, said her staff feels called
remains a middle-class to tackle the challenges
school, Sharon Schaefer, posed by poverty, and
the schools principal, she expects principals La
considers the cultural to base learning strat- REDRAWN SCHOOL n
Va dis
and socio-economic mix egies on research and ATTENDANCE ZONES MANHEIM Canterbury
that defines her school a student-specific data to ROSS ELEMENTARY TOWNSHIP Rd

strength that enhances help kids reach their full SCHAEFFER ELEMENTARY Map
education. potential. 2 222
There are a lot of (stu- But advocating for in-

dents) who come from tegration as a research- 23


501 272
different places, and driven tool for achieve- 72 Eden
that helps us to under- ment is not on the table

stand and tolerate those at the district, at least 30

Red Rose
differences, Schaefer not yet. Park City Commons Country
said, and I think that It might work, but I Center Club Heights

thats where it becomes a dont know, Rau said. Schaeffer


strength. We have to focus on the Park Eshelman


Philip Tegeler, presi- here and now. We cant

dent of the Washington, sit around and hope Grandview Lancaster CC


D.C.-based Poverty & something like that is Pik
e Sunnybrook
Race Research Action going to happen when e. Deer
Council, said research we have children sitting Av Ford
over the past 20 years in front us today. Ross
Ross lla

confirms Schaefers ob- Four miles west of the


F&M Ho Average home values in

servation. Economically city, Superintendent


Ne hypothetical school zone

Lime St. P

integrated schools not Mike Leichliter heads

Lemon St.
Prince St.

only drive achievement the 5,170-student Penn

among low-income pu- Manor district. 0 mile 1
pils, they also promote While each of the dis-
broader societal values tricts 10 schools are $118.4 K $147.3 K
that disrupt the stigma- middle-class, the level of
tizing sense of otherness. need has grown. Twenty
Children who go to years ago, the percent-
school together in in- age of students eligible cross-district integra- day care worker, came miles away. live because of the qual-
tegrated environments for subsidized lunches tion, perhaps through to Lancaster city four But Hamilton has not ity of the neighborhood
have lower rates of racial was in the single digits. magnet schools, doesnt years ago to avoid New proven to be a panacea. school.
prejudice and fear, an Now its about a third of make Leichliter blink. York City schools she I saw my (oldest) I have tried to get
increase in cross-racial all students. He understands it could called garbage. son struggle so much them further and fur-
friendships and, later in I think its a good be a good thing for low- Two years later, she because he couldnt ther from having pover-
life, greater occupation- thing that were becom- income kids and the wid- moved from Howard have that time with the ty define their school,
al attainment, Tegeler ing a more diverse com- er community. Avenue to the west side teacher. They tried, Arroyo said. At the end
said. munity, Leichliter said. Its a very complex is- of town because she but there are so many of the day, Im for any-
While the increase in sue and the details mat- didnt want her sons (struggling) kids, Ar- thing thats going to give
Common ground needier students re- ter, Leichliter said. But going to King Elemen- royo said. I worry my babies more than I
quires smart strategies I really think its at the tary. about my little one had.
Across the street from to help them succeed, point where we need to I saw kids going in (starting kindergarten But for now, Hamil-
the School District of he said it has not hurt have those discussions there and being trouble- this month at Hamil- ton is the best she can
Lancasters central of- overall academic perfor- on a countywide basis. some on the streets, Ar- ton) because I know he do. Because of her fam-
fice is Water Street Mis- mance. Im open to any conver- royo said. takes work. I know this. ilys limited income and
sion, serving homeless I think research bears sation that helps im- She has pinned her What if he struggles, transportation issues,
adults and children. The out that if you expect prove the performance hopes on Hamilton too? What if he hates moving to the suburbs is
juxtaposition of the two more, and youre target- of our kids. Elementary, on Wabank school? Thats my worst not an option.
institutions is a potent ing the services and how Street, which has an 84 fear. I dont want him to And that stings a little.
symbol. Students in tur- you evaluate the needs, No panacea percent disadvantaged hate school. I want him I come here, she
moil, some of whom are that students in those rate low for a city to love learning. said, and its like, Mill-
homeless, come to the (low-income) categories With two sons, ages school but more than Arroyos story is many ersville (area schools)
citys public schools, and can improve, he said. 7 and 5, New York na- double the rate of sub- parents story. Its one have that? We dont
teachers must be adept Its why the idea of tive Alysse Arroyo, 27, a urban schools only a few of choosing where to have that.

NY group examines question of how to get to equal opportunity

JEFF HAWKES Its catastrophic, said report says. As it turns cused on science, a trade
Lynette Sparks, a Pres- out, the understanding or other theme.
The declining econom- byterian pastor who has and the expectations The group has spurred
ic fortunes of Rochester, been a leader in a Roch- children share with each educational leaders to
New York, where pow- ester group called Great other are the most reli- start investigating the
erhouses such as Kodak, Schools for All, which ad- able predictors of stu- feasibility of launching
Bausch & Lomb, Xerox vocates for cross-district dent success. Integra- public magnet schools.
and Ragu once flexed integration of schools as tion, the research shows, One idea is a K-12 health
their muscle, have driv- a way to get inner-city is not just a civic ideal, sciences magnet on
en up the citys poverty kids on an even playing but the fertile ground three campuses. Oth-
rate and compounded field. that yields the fruits of ers are looking into such
challenges for schools. We found that nobody true learning. ideas as a language-
Ringed by suburban was looking at the big, But counting on immersion elementary
school districts, Roches- systemic questions. And peoples idealism isnt school, a river-based
ters schools are largely thats what we bring to enough to achieve inte- environmental school,
on their own, expending the table, Sparks said. GREAT SCHOOLS FOR ALL gration, Sparks said an aviation school and a
energy on too many chil- Formed in 2014, Great The audience listens during a Great Schools for All com- People want to do military high school.
dren who start school Schools this year pub- munity forum in May 2015 in Rochester, N.Y. The group ad- whats right, but when
unprepared for learning lished a report called vocates for cross-district integration to improve schools. push comes to shove, Leaders listening
and who never catch up Breakthrough Schools, people will do whats
with peers in neighbor- which proposes mag- ter and 17 other districts tion is not just an ameni- best for their child, she Will it go beyond the
ing districts. About half net schools to achieve in upstate New Yorks ty or kumbaya moment, said. Any Breakthrough talking phase?
of the citys students, Af- a voluntary mix of stu- Monroe County. but a pretty important School has to offer pro- There are more and
rican-American boys in dents from diverse back- The child poverty rate component of equal op- gramming that parents more educational lead-
particular, fail to gradu- grounds. Students would in Rochester is 43 per- portunity, said Mark cant get anywhere else ers in the area who are
ate. be drawn from Roches- cent, compared to 5 per- Hare, a retired Roches- for their children. listening because we are
cent in the neighboring ter newspaper columnist all concerned that pov-
Penfield Central district. and Great Schools lead- Parent survey erty is increasing across
The median household er. The question is how the board and is affect-
income in Rochester is do you get there. Great Schools con- ing the opportunities
$30,784 compared with The group looked at ducted a survey of 602 for all kids, said Jeffrey
$75,892 in Penfield. school integration in Ra- Monroe County parents Crane, superintendent
leigh, North Carolina, as of school-aged children. of West Irondequoit
Raleighs model a model. It found that 93 percent Central School District,
When poor and mid- of suburban parents a suburban area border-
2016 I think theres a gener- dle-class children are were satisfied with their ing Rochester. Its my
Thank You ally good understanding in the same classrooms, childs school and about belief if youre in educa-
for voting us your among educational pro- they learn from each two-thirds considered tion, you have a moral
Favorite Nail Salon fessionals that integra- other, the Great Schools their school diverse obligation to look out
Favorite enough. But 87 percent for the best interests of
four consecutive years
also said they would be all students, not just the
in a row!
Serving Lancaster County open to sending a child
to a magnet school fo-
students we serve in our
own districts.
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Reading Hospital is honored to announce it has
received Magnet designation for excellence
in nursing from the American Nurses
Credentialing Center Magnet Recognition
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demonstrate sustained superior patient care, patient
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We are proud of our 1,800 nurses and more than 4,000 interdisciplinary
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RALENE: Dining Table, DEMARLOS: Bed, Dresser,

4 Side Chairs, Bench Mirror and Nightstand
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One coupon per person/family/household. One coupon per person/family/household.

PRICES PRICES Sorry, no adjustments on prior sales & cannot Sorry, no adjustments on prior sales & cannot
be combined with any other offer or coupon. be combined with any other offer or coupon.
STARTING AT STARTING AT Excludes Express Rooms and bedding. Offer good on in-stock outlet merchandise
Expires 9/18/16. only. Expires 9/18/16.


All items subject to availability or prior sale. Outlet items are sold As-Is/Final Sale. No warranties apply. Fabrics and styles may vary from those shown.

Outlet located inside 3130 COLUMBIA AVE, LANCASTER



Changes: School sixth grade.

The Lancaster cam-
puss Mandarin Chinese
tivities in any classroom.
The Be Kind initiative,
an anti-bullying cam-
course will be available to paign, is being launched
Continued from A3 and business ethics. the Hershey campus and this year.
sustainable model cities. Construction is expect- Lancaster Catholic High Half-day kindergarten
Advanced Placement ed to start in fall on a new School in a virtual format. is now available, in addi-
art will be offered at the stadium and other athlet- Hershey campus students tion to full-day kinder-
high school. ics facilities. The Lancast- also will be able to take 22 garten.
er Catholic community new Advanced Placement Allyson Harmon is the
Lancaster raised more than $4.2 SUZETTE WENGER | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER
online courses. new elementary princi-
Catholic High million for the project. Families tour the art room of Lititz Christian School dur-
ing a new student orientation Thursday.
Also at the Hershey pal.
School campus:
Thirty students will Lancaster County High school chapel Susquehanna
participate in Lancaster Christian School projects and participate Construction projects services will be four days Waldorf
Catholics new entrepre- Freshmen will be the in internships. will continue during the per week. The seventh-grade
neurial leadership certi- first class to participate Dual enrollment classes year and will include a Full-day kindergar- farm market stand, part
fication program. They in the Calling Prep pro- with Lancaster Bible Col- new east-facing orienta- ten is available. of the farming curricu-
will work with mentors, gram, which will help stu- lege also are available this tion of campus and a new A new cafeteria was lum, is evolving. Students
shadow professionals dents discover their pas- year, enabling students to athletics-and-physical- completed. will donate unsold veg-
and hear guest speakers, sions and equip them to earn college credits. education complex. etables from the Friday
in addition to completing fulfill their God-ordained Linden Hall afternoon stand to a local
academic requirements. destiny. Lancaster Lancaster The school has replaced soup kitchen.
Seniors in the program High school students Country Day Mennonite its iPad program with a The music room was
must finish a capstone with an interest in busi- School School bring-your-own-device renovated to support the
project, which will be pre- ness will be able to partic- The Lower School wing Lancaster Mennonite system. fourth- through eighth-
sented to members of the ipate in the new Academy has been renovated, in- School will celebrate its A new big-sister pro- grade choruses and or-
local business communi- of Entrepreneurship. Stu- cluding a new entrance, 75th anniversary this gram pairs seasoned stu- chestras.
ty, to obtain certification. dents in the academy will upgraded HVAC, a new year with the publica- dents with new students Conference space was
The program also will interact with Christian roof and energy-efficient tion of a commemorative to help them adjust to life added to the school store
incorporate the churchs entrepreneurs and lead- windows, and refreshed book and special events at Linden Hall. to allow for parent, teach-
teachings on social justice ers, complete hands-on interiors. throughout the school An Arts Guild has been er and administrative
year. created to recognize the meetings.
J. Richard Thomas will schools most engaged Barbara Freiberg, an
retire at the end of De- student artists. alumni parent and cur-

We Buy Gold cember after 33.5 years as

superintendent. A search
is being conducted for his
Natasha Solomon is the
new dean of students.

Lititz Christian
rent fiber arts teacher,
will serve as management
team chairwoman. This is
a new role and precursor
Highest Prices Paid Jonathan Bowman is
the new director of tech-
The secondary school
to establishing a school
administrator position.
nology. has a new STEAM lab The middle school has
The Locust Grove equipped with mobile expanded to include
Campus in Smoketown units for conducting sci- grade eight.
is expanding its Spanish ence, technology, engi-
Immersion program into neering, arts and math ac- Veritas Academy
The staff added several
new positions and staff,
including the following:
Learning Support
L O C A L Coordinator Christine
WEEK #9 WINNER International Stu-
dent Coordinator Leslie
August 15 - August 20 Bustard.
Additional classroom

assistants in the grammar
Support positions for
of Drumore, PA athletics and events.
The student govern-
ment and Dean of Stu-
dents Graham Dennis
8 West King Street, are working together on
PO Box 1328,
Lancaster, PA, 17608-1328
a new school technology

The 2016 CRF 1000L Africa Twin

Get ready for true adventure.


Shown with non-OEM tires
For rider training information or to locate a rider training course near you, call the Motorcycle Safety Foundation at 1-800-446-
9227. CRF is a registered trademark of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 2016 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (08/16) *MSRP excluding tax,
license, registration, $350.00 destination charge and dealer-installed options. *Plus $225 FRT & Prep tax & tags. Dealer prices may vary.

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Fivepointville Wyomissing
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Grants offered to aid bay cleanup efforts

Officials incentivize farmers compliance with conservation practices
AD CRABLE earmarked for the coun- awarded to: to reduce 5,421 pounds
ty in matching grants Alliance for the Chesa- of phosphorus, 29,604
Federal and state offi- to be used for conserva- peake Bay $747,676 pounds of nitrogen and
cials are using a carrot- tion measures on farms for an ongoing project to 137,000 pounds of sedi-
and-stick approach to many of them specifi- install best management ment annually.
get farmers in Lancaster cally for Plain sect farm- practices on Plain sect American Rivers
County to clean up their ers as well as an ongo- farms in the Octoraro $199,915 for ongoing FILE PHOTO
farms in a bid to reduce ing project to remove Creek watershed. The work to remove a fish Cows wade in a stream in Strasburg Township in this
pollution entering the fish barriers on Chiques project is expected to barrier and restore ac- 2015 photo.
Chesapeake Bay. Creek near its mouth reduce 9,305 pounds of cess to nearly 3 miles of
On Wednesday, Lan- with the Susquehanna phosphorus from reach- upstream spawning wa- expand on education and state and federal author-
caster County farmers River. ing local streams annu- ter for trout in Chiques outreach efforts started ities. Lack of compliance
learned some would be Along with local ally, as well as 285,488 Creek. Alcoa contribut- by the Eastern Lancaster has limited the states
subjected to on-the-farm matches, the four proj- pounds of nitrogen and ed to the funding. County Source Water ability to meet its com-
inspections to make sure ects will cost $4.5 mil- 8 million pounds of sedi- Lancaster Farmland Collaborative. mitment to clean up the
they have state-required lion. ment. Trust $187,662 to as- Rules for maintaining bay.
manure and erosion Money to aid conser- Lancaster Farmland sist three Plain sect Men- such erosion-reduction The on-site farm in-
control plans in place. vation measures comes Trust $328,328 to nonite farmers in east- practices have been in spections are meant to
On Thursday, they mostly from the U.S. build stream corridor ern Lancaster County in place since the early increase compliance,
learned of government Environmental Protec- and livestock best man- making farm improve- 1970s, but compliance while the grants are of-
grants to help farmers tion Agency through its agement practices on six ments to reduce nitrate has been far from sat- fered as an incentive to
do what is expected of Chesapeake Bay Stew- strategic farms in East levels. The project also isfactory, according to offset related costs.
them. ardship Fund. Lampeter Township. will engage the Plain sect
Some $1.5 million was Matching grants were The project is expected community in the area to

Watchdog: Lanes shifting on Lemon

nal plan to get PennDOT she wonders. zenmoyer said. The city
to allow us to make this In a way, yes. has no plans to change
change, she said. The city has many Cherry, noting the two-
narrow streets, some of way section forces traffic
Two-way Cherry which are two-way, Kat- to go slow.
Street the pits?
A Warwick Township
resident wonders why any frame
North Cherry Street be- and receive a
LANCASTER tween East Grant and
WATCHDOG East Orange streets is
two-way. FREE Are you ready for some football?!
Continued from A3
city could create, pri-
Its narrow, she writes.
And shes had to reverse
onto Orange because
PAIR Open at 10 a.m. for your tailgate party!
of lenses.
marily by shortening cars coming the other FREE single vision, clear,
the length of some exist- way wont back up. polycarbonate lenses for
ing spots and shorten- At times, deliveries to any child K through 12th
ing long-dedicated turn the Hamilton Club block grade. Call for details.
lanes. both lanes.
The city followed up Since other sections Independent
and identified about 130 of Cherry are one way, Pr fessionals
spots it plans to add. Some is keeping Cherry two- 29 Keller Ave. Lancaster 4229 Oregon Pike Brownstown
spots, such as those next ways here safety-related, 717-399-2020 717-626-2020 1766 Columbia Ave Lancaster 717-394-8366
to the garage, will have
meters. Others wont.
Because the city wants Clip and insert into the 2016 readers choice awards magazine
to add some spots on
what are state streets
& in todays LNP for handy reference throughout the year.
(Prince, Queen and King)
approval from the Penn-
sylvania Department of The following categories were either missing or
Transportation is needed,
explained Charlotte Kat- incorrectly listed in the Readers Choice results
zenmoyer, the citys pub- magazine in todays LNP.
lic works director.

PennDOTs answer to
the city is expected next
week. to all these
As for liability, Kat-
zenmoyer said the spots
have been reviewed by
engineers and are no
more dangerous than ex-
isting spots.
Home & Garden
Lemon Street
Earlier this summer, a
reader wrote about the 1| Martin Furniture & Mattress
lanes on Lemon Street at Locations in Ephrata and New Providence
Prince Street, noting that 1| Haller Enterprises 1| Keener Insulating
Various Locations 77 Pitney Rd.
the left lane of Lemon, a Lancaster, PA 17602
turn-only lane, is in line 1| Martins Furniture
with going straight. About 2| Comfort Aire 230 South Fairmount Rd.
20 percent of the time, she Heating & Cooling, Inc. 2| Lantz Insulation Ephrata, PA 17522
said, people go straight. 711 Village Rd. 11 West Eby Rd.
The city looked into Lancaster, PA 17602 Leola, PA 17540
what could be done. 2| David Lyall Home & Design
Katzenmoyer reports 241 North Prince St.
the city has opted to shift 3| JK Mechanical 3| Booth Insulation Co. Lancaster, PA 17603
the lanes so that they 202 West Kendig Rd. 1046 Snapper Dam Rd.
arent in alignment with Lancaster, PA 17584 Landisville, PA 17538
the west side of the inter- 3| Myers Furniture
section. 3| Foam-Tech 936 Lancaster Rd.
We are submitting a Insulation Service, Inc. Manheim, PA 17545
OMITTED 3840B Ridge Rd.
modification to the sig-
Gordonville, PA 17529 3| Sensenigs Furniture
NEVER CLEAN 3| JK Mechanical
524 Farmersville Rd.
New Holland, PA 17557
GUTTERS AGAIN! 1| Garman Builders 202 West Kendig Rd.
Lancaster, PA 17584
471 N. Reading Rd.
Ephrata, PA 17522

n tee
d 2| Charter Homes
1190 Dillerville Rd.
Food & Beverage
ar a
Gu Lancaster, PA 17601

3| Keystone Custom Homes

227 Granite Run Dr. 1| Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop of Gibbons Road
Suite 100 542 Gibbons Rd.
CALL 393-0859 Lancaster, PA 17601 Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505
The secret is outWaterloov is far
superior in performance to Gutter
Helmet, Gutter Topper, Waterfall and
Leafguard keeps gutter clean and
2| Stauffers of Kissel Hill
Various Locations
free flowingbird and animal free.
Installs to all types of gutters, roof
pitches (flat to mansard) and all styles 3| Dutch Haven
of roofing. Collects valley water too! 2857A Lincoln Highway East
GEORGE J. GROVE & SON, INC. Ronks, PA 17572
1219 Manheim Pike, Lancaster
Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm Sat 8am - 1pm



Thousands of hot and thirsty beer lovers queued up for quenching Saturday
as the fourth annual Lancaster Craft Beerfest took over the 200 block of Queen
Street, Binns Park and Lancaster Square. Breweries from all over the country
served up samples of their beers, regional food trucks fed the crowd, and a jazz-
funk band kept the energy humming through temperatures in the high 80s.
Clockwise from top left, a sold-out crowd fills Binns Park on Saturday; a man
samples a hard cider offering at the Brix stand; and, left to right, Jordan Miller,
Caleb Nelson and Neal Mummau hold sample glasses.
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& Installation Rebates! $500 Factory Rebate! Plus $50 Installation Rebate! Removes Number of tickets sold.

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- Dust
- Dirt 71
NOW WAS Number of breweries
NOW - Pet dander represented.
$599 $599 $799
Buy 1 Get 1
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50OFF 64
HOME Breweries represented last
Plus up to $100 in Delivery & Plus up to $100 in Delivery & ANY DUCT year.
Installation Rebates w/ purchase of pair! Installation Rebates w/ purchase of pair! COMFORT CLEANING SERVICE
Hurry! While Supplies Last. Valid Now - September 6, 2016 Expires 9/30/16.

3012 Willow Street Pike North, Willow Street Percentage of breweries

880 E. Main St., New Holland, PA 717-464-9446 from Pennsylvania.

And the
Mon.-Fri. 6:30am-8pm; Sat. 6:30am-6pm; Sun.10am-4pm

winners are...
somethingdifferent inarearugs?
Weve got it!




o i c

c h

Many Sizes And Colors
Are In Stock
Columbia Ave. & Centerville Rd. 20 DUP OF

  397-1616 A ROUN


(Less Than A Mile South Of Rt. 30Centerville Exit) |

in todays LNP!
Ice Cream Worth Experiencing 108,552 2016
Premium Quality Inventive Flavors Local Ingredients
Beat the summer heat and treat yourself to a taste of our artisan ice cream.
Exceptionally rich and creamy, its handmade on site in small batches in classic were cast by
209 Awards
flavors and seasonal favorites. Try our black raspberry and other flavors made readers in
with local fruit, or whoopie pie fudge swirl made with stir-ins from our own
bakery. Youll taste the difference!
Bird -in -Hand from May 29 through
Bakery &Cafe June 12, 2016.
2715 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird-in-Hand (717) 768-1501
See if your favorites made the list!
Thank you to all the participants and

to all the winners!
are the
Congratulations to Our
Nurses for a Job Well Done

While were extremely proud to receive Magnet Recognition for

nursing excellence for the fourth consecutive time, the real
winners are our patients. They receive the highest level
of care every day from a nursing staff that puts its
patients needs first. This is the most prestigious
distinction a health system can receive for nursing excellence
and quality patient outcomes. Fewer than 450 healthcare
organizations around the globe have earned this
coveted award. Congratulations to our team
for bringing home gold, again.


Police: Teen flashed stolen gun Narvon man will be

brought back to Pa.
Boy charged with terroristic threats, disorderly conduct
STAFF According to the po- gun, walking in the 900
A group of teenagers lice, at 4:30 p.m., a block of Olde Hickory
caused disruption at the group of teens was be- Road shortly after 8 p.m. 18-year-old allegedly took girlfriend from Philhaven
Subway inside Wal-Mart ing disruptive at Subway, He fought with the of-
on Fruitville Pike, and prompting an employee ficers who tried to take RYAN ROBINSON Elliott Myrtle Beach, South
one of them threatened to ask them to leave. him into custody on RROBINSON@LNPNEWS.COM Ravert Carolina, police said.
an employee by show- The group, police said, charges from the earlier Police will bring will face Buzzard, 21, pleaded
charges re-
ing a stolen handgun became more disruptive incident, police said. Elliott Ravert back lated to an guilty to shoplifting and
Wednesday, police said. and threatened to harm Police recovered a to Pennsylvania incident at served nine days at the J.
A 16-year-old Man- the employee, and one loaded handgun sto- this week to answer Philhaven. Reuben Long Detention
heim Township boy has of the teenagers lifted len from a vehicle in the charges he held nurs- Center, a spokesman at
since been arrested, and his shirt to show he had township in July and es at gunpoint to re- the Horry County, South
he faces several charges a handgun in his waist- metal knuckles from move his girlfriend terroristic threats. Carolina, facility said.
including possession of a band. him. from Philhaven in His now ex-girlfriend, On Tuesday in Myrtle
firearm and resisting ar- Police said they later Police charged the teen Lebanon County. 21-year-old Alicia Buz- Beach Municipal Court,

rest, the township police saw the 16-year-old, sus- with terroristic threats The 18-year-old zard, is reportedly living Ravert requested a jury
said. pected to be carrying a and disorderly conduct Narvon man on with her father in North trial for his shoplifting
from the Wal-Mart in- Thursday waived his Carolina. charge, according to a
cident. For the second right to an extradi- court ministerial re-

incident, he was charged tion hearing, Corn- Caught in South corder, Bill Frontz.
with receiving stolen wall Borough police Carolina The next set of jury
property, firearms not said. trials there wont begin
to be carried without a They will drive Ravert and Buzzard until February 2017.
Selfie Contest license, possession of a to South Carolina left the mental and be- Ravert posted his $776
firearm by a minor and sometime this week havioral health care fa- bond on that charge
resisting arrest. to bring him back to cility Aug. 9 and eluded Aug. 13, Frontz said.
He was turned over to face charges of felony authorities for three He also was charged
p h o t o t d ay f o r the Lancaster County robbery, aggravated days until they were with being a fugitive
s Youth Intervention Cen- assault and misde- caught stealing items from justice and bail
Sept ursday, ter. meanor charges of from a Wal-Mart in was denied.
r 8th

Submit a selfie enjoying you

favorite summer moment
ntt ffor

Man, 35,
a chance to win
and a Harman pleads guilty
to burglaries
Kardon Onyx Studio 3 high-end
portable Bluetooth speaker
(retail value of $450)! AUGUST 29TH - SEPTEMBER 10TH TOM KNAPP
Photo submissions will be narrowed TKNAPP@LNPNEWS.COM
down to 20. Online voting will Brought to you by
take place September 12 to 16. A 35-year-old Lancaster
The winner (by popular vote) will 30% off The First Pair Township man admit-
be announced on the last day of Participating Sprint locations are: ted to targeting five of
40% off The Second Pair his neighbors homes in a
summer: September 22nd! Park City, Fruitville Pike, Centerville Road, Mount Joy

burglary spree earlier this


50% off The Third Pair

Submit your Selfie at Gary Lee Hollow Jr. pleaded guilty Thurs-
day to five felony counts
Select styles, see store for details.
of burglary and related
counts of theft and crimi-
Attract All Great for First
Time Bird Feeders
Comfortable, Stylish Shoes at a Great Price!!
What could be better?? nal mischief, according to
the Birds for Great Addition
the Lancaster County dis-
trict attorneys office.
Under $15 to Your Mon-Thurs 9-7, Fri 9-8, Sat 9-6 Lancaster County Pres-
Existing Setup ident Judge Dennis Re-
The all-in-one inaker accepted the plea
feeder that and will order sentence
attracts Stop in for one after a background check

More than
of our Amish-style is complete.
them all desserts by Hollow has numerous
with seed, Chef Mike Livelsberger prior convictions, includ-
suet, nuts
and fruit. Just 717.426.2210
Italian! ing felony burglary.
According to the district
attorney, Hollow broke
Enjoy Our
EVENING DEALS! into basement windows
Homemade Baked Goods! of homes on Chadwick
Circle and Judie Lane be-
Ice cream, homemade cheesecakes, tween Jan. 12 and 26. He
Flying Start cannolis, tiramisu, and more! stole more than $10,000
Combo in jewelry, cash, electron-
ics and other items.

Hollow lived at 1618
Chadwick Circle, in a
neighborhood off Wa-
Established in 1974
bank Road, at the time of
Feeder ($9 Value) with purchase Call us for birthdays the spree.
of 3 Stackables for $14.97 and events He will be ordered to
pay restitution for the
*Valid only at the Fruitville Pike
717-426-2210 stolen items, as well as
damage to the windows.
Dont forget
not valid on previous purchases. Police began investi-
Offer expires 9/4/16.
The Best Italian Bread in Lancaster County! gating Hollow after they
learned he was pawning
Every Meal Includes Fresh Bread some items from the bur-
1947 Fruitville Pike Lancaster 717.208.6881 glaries. He was arrested
Mon-Sat 9:30am-6:30pm Sun 11am-4pm at a Lancaster city pawn

We are out to sell 150 Cars, Trucks, SUVs by End of Summer

Good Credit Over 150
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Fin Bad Credit Vehicles
On All New

016 Focus
ocuus 2017 Escape
139/mo. 149/mo.
016 FF-150s
-1150ss U
$ $
A lexander
FORD OF EPHRATA E2215 MSRP $19,195 $2,000 due at signing $3,750 in
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E2292 MSRP $24,495 $5,000 Due at signing cash or trade
$1,000 rebate 36mo./10,500 miles per year +tax

Police log Lancaster, was charged

with two counts of theft,
was charged with simple
assault, disorderly conduct
block of Old Leacock Road
around 5:35 p.m. Aug. 19.
from the front porch of
a home, then dropped
upon and struck a horse
and buggy traveling the
forgery and theft by and public drunkenness The males were traveling in it behind a dumpster same direction just after
BURGLARY deception and six counts
of access device fraud for
after he assaulted a woman
at his home Aug. 9, police
a dark SUV. State police ask
anyone with information to
where it was retrieved by
the owner, police said.
8 a.m. Aug. 24, police
said. The occupants of the
n SADSBURY TWP.: About incidents at Savemart, said. call 299-7650. Officers responding to buggy were taken to an
$1,300 worth of hunting 241 West Roseville Road, the area for the reported area hospital with non-
equipment was stolen n NEW HOLLAND: James
between July 11 and 18. theft encountered Rivera life threatening injuries.
from a home in the 7100 She allegedly stole three
Weiler, 21, of New Holland,
was charged for pushing,
THEFT CHARGES walking from behind the The buggy was severely
block of White Oak Road checks from an employee n LANCASTER TWP.: dumpster, police said. damaged and towed from
between Aug. 14 and 19. choking and grabbing a
locker room, filled them woman who was holding Lowell T. Foster, 21, n MANHEIM TWP.: Kirsty the scene.
Entry was made through an out and cashed them for of Millersville, was
unlocked door. a young child during a J. Singleton, 19, of Ephrata, n EAST LAMPETER TWP.:
$1,276, and used another domestic incident in the charged with receiving was charged with theft by Morning rush-hour traffic
persons credit card to 300 block of East Jackson stolen property, false deception for incidents at was delayed on Route
make numerous purchases
BURGLARY at area stores, police said.
Street at approximately 2 ID to law enforcement,
possession of marijuana
Speedway, 3180 Oregon 340 after a tractor-trailer
a.m. Aug. 27, police said. Pike, between Aug. 5 struck the back of a car
CHARGES and possession of drug and 9, police said. While after it abruptly stopped
paraphernalia after being
n PARADISE TWP.: Allen HARASSMENT THEFT found with a stolen
employed at Speedway,
Singleton processed
Aug. 22, police said. No
one was seriously injured
Coy, 29, of Narvon, was
charged with burglary, n LANCASTER TWP.: n MANHEIM TWP.: vehicle near the 300 block refund requests worth $117 in the 8:15 a.m. crash in
harassment and terroristic Joshua B. Bailey, 34, Adner M. Serrano, 38, of of Barbara St. on Aug. 25, without a customer present the 2100 block of Old
threats after he entered address unlisted, was Lancaster, was charged police said. and kept the money, police Philadelphia Pike. No
a home and harassed a charged for allegedly on Aug. 25 with theft of n LANCASTER: Pedro said. charges were reported.
woman in the first block pushing a female into a leased property for failing E. Rivera, 37, of the 300
of Leacock Road Aug. 9, cement bridge during a to return or make the block of New Dorwart
according to state police domestic incident near the required payments on Street, was charged VEHICLE VEHICLE THEFT
and court papers. 800 block of South Prince
Street at 11:58 a.m. Aug.
a television leased from with defiant trespass, ACCIDENT n FULTON TWP.: A red
Aarons, 1509 Lititz Pike, in theft, possession of drug Kazuma 50cc all-terrain
16, according to police. He March, according to police. paraphernalia and public
n EPHRATA TWP.: A vehicle was stolen from the
DUI was also charged with false Estimated loss was $979, drunkenness after an
vehicle driven by Adam
300 block of Peach Bottom
ID to law enforcement for Newswanger, 84, of Lititz,
n EAST LAMPETER TWP.: police said. incident in the 100 block Road between Aug. 12 and
giving officers a false name was eastbound in the 200
Jalessa Gonzalez, 26, of n MANHEIM TWP.: A of South Arch Street Aug. 17. State police ask anyone
during the investigation, block of Meadow Valley
Lancaster, was charged bicycle estimated at $525 19, police said. Rivera with information to call
police said. Road when he came
after a traffic stop on Aug. was stolen from the rear took a weed trimmer 299-7650.
21, police said. of Friendlys, 1521 Oregon
RETAIL THEFT Pike, while the owner was
FALSE REPORTS n MANHEIM TWP.: A at work. The bike was
locked at the time, police
man walked out of AC
n NEW HOLLAND: Moore, 1515 Lititz Pike, said.
Kimberly Reese, 30, of
without paying for a cart n LANCASTER: A Smith
New Holland, was charged
of merchandise valued and Wesson .380-caliber

with false reports to law
at $472 at 10:45 a.m. handgun was reported
enforcement after an
Aug. 24, police said. The stolen from an unlocked
investigation found she
investigation continues. filing cabinet in the
falsely reported that she
was the victim of a sexual basement of a home in the
400 block of South Lime
assault, police said. She SIMPLE ASSAULT Street Aug. 24.
was arraigned before

30% OFF
Judge Rodney Hartman n MANHEIM: Shannon n LEACOCK TWP.: Two
and released on $10,000 Price, 27, of West High males in their late teens or
unsecured bail. Street, was charged after early 20s took money from
he assaulted a woman at a produce stand in the first
his home Aug. 21, police
Cassandra Evans, 27, of
n MANHEIM: William A.
Bucher, 22, of Manheim, Sweet All In-Stock Merchandise Purchased At Store
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Were proud to announce that Lancaster General Hospital has once again been ranked among the top five hospitals
in Pennsylvania by U.S. News & World Report.

At Lancaster General Health, weve made a commitment to give you, our community, every option to live the life
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usser Park was the scene for fun and games Saturday morning. For
a second year, organizers of Playcation invited children of all ages
to join in activities that included bouncing balls in an outstretched
parachute, tossing water balloons and circling paper plates for
a version of musical chairs. Above, a group jumps while telling a story through
movement. Right, Scomeer Gebhard smiles as brightly colored balls bounce.

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Call on the Comfort Corps ANNIVERSARY
Gas Heat
Oil Heat
Heat Pumps
Air Cleaners
Lettuce, Tomato, Smoked Bacon,
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Humidifiers Plumbing Cheddar Cheese, Sunny-Up Egg & Maple
Air Conditioners Sales, Service, Installation Sriracha Aioli On A Texas-Sized Toasted OF $15 OR MORE
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PA Home Improvement Contractor Registration # PA011703 717-426-2202

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Up t
co u p
o 0
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Pentagon: Islamic State is getting weaker

W.J. HENNIGAN cies, militants may be Moreover, Islamic lars from taxes, fees and But U.S. officials point
TRIBUNE WASHINGTON BUREAU running away from bat- State still has vast sway. extortion. to progress two years
tles now to survive and It controls half the area it Current U.S. intelli- and more than 14,000
WASHINGTON The fight again at a time and seized in Iraq in 2014 and gence estimates say the airstrikes after President
Pentagon and U.S. intel- place of their choosing, 70 percent of its territory group now fields as few as Barack Obama first or-
ligence agencies view experts warn. They could in Syria, according to U.S. 16,000 fighters half its dered a bombing cam-
Islamic State as a shrink- be sent to other battles or estimates, and continues army of a year or so ago, paign against Islamic
ing and increasingly Despite the used as suicide bombers. to haul in millions of dol- but still a potent force. State targets.
demoralized military
force, a sharp shift from progress, it is
the seemingly invincible our judgment
extremist army that de-
clared an Islamist caliph-
that (Islamic
ate two years ago. States) ability
The revised assessment
comes after surpris-
to carry out
ingly swift and relatively terrorist attacks
bloodless victories this has not to
summer near Syrias bor-
der with Turkey and in date been
the Sunni heartland of significantly
Iraq, two areas where Is-
lamic State had appeared diminished.
Nicholas Rasmussen, head of
entrenched. the National Counterterrorism
The rapid recapture Center
this past week of Jara-
bulus, the militants last

garrison by the Turkish ity to inspire or organize
border, helped close off a terrorist attacks abroad
boundary region that was is unimpaired and may
crucial for movement be a bigger threat as for-
of recruits, supplies and eign sympathizers are
money in and out of the unable to reach the cut-
groups quasi-state. off caliphate.
It also was the lat- Despite the progress,


est fight to suggest the it is our judgment that
Sunni militants no lon- (Islamic States) abil-
ger are willing to fight to ity to carry out terror-
hold territory against a ist attacks has not to
sustained assault. Only date been significantly
one fighter was reported diminished, Nicholas
killed in the assault led Rasmussen, head of the
by Turkish tanks. Several
hundred others appar-
National Counterter-
rorism Center, told the
ENDS 8-31-16
ently fled. House Homeland Secu-
Partly as a result, U.S. rity Committee recently.
officials have hinted that Militants still detonate Ever wondered if a WHAT ABOUT PRICE
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Take a pair for guarantee. From basic hearing
amplifiers and protection starting
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English no longer a must for NYC cabbies

City drops licensing requirement that some say is no longer needed in an age of computer navigation programs
DEEPTI HAJELA AND visiting Manhattan from airports, had to take an
ASSOCIATED PRESS Newport, North Carolina. education course and an
Kathy Amato, a tour- English proficiency test.
NEW YORK People ist from Baltimore, said The other licensing
who hope to drive New she wouldnt ride in a taxi process covered driv-
York Citys famous yel- with a driver who couldnt ers of for-hire cars, the
low cabs must pass tests speak her language. dominant form of taxi
on such details as driving They should speak in the outer boroughs
rules and where they can English because were in of Brooklyn, the Bronx,
pick up passengers. But New York City, she said. Queens and Staten Is-
one test they no longer New York Citys taxi land. Those rides are dis-
have to take? Whether and for-hire drivers are patched by telephone, or,
they have a grasp of Eng- already an international in recent years, by mobile
lish. bunch, hailing from 167 phone app. For those
A new law that stream- countries, according to drivers, an English test
lines licensing require- the Taxi and Limousine wasnt required.
ments for different kind Commission, which cur- Drivers for the differ-
of drivers has done away ASSOCIATED PRESS
rently offers its licensing ent types of cars not only
with the longstanding Taxi driver Mikhail Yasayev speaks to an Associated Press reporter while stopped in tests in English, Spanish, took different types of
traffic Wednesday on the West Side highway in New York.
English proficiency test Bengali and Urdu. tests, but they also tend-
for taxi drivers, which Hacks formerly went ed to come from different
supporters say will elimi- ness. Many drivers now But critics, including street signs. through one of two li- countries.
nate a barrier to the pro- rely on computer navi- some drivers, are giving a If youre going to work censing processes, de- Among yellow cab driv-
fession for immigrants, gation programs, rather side-eye to the idea that in this country serving pending on what class of ers, 24 percent were born
who make up 96 percent than verbal directions, to a good command of Eng- the population which car they drove. in Bangladesh, 10 percent
of the 144,000 cabbies in reach a destination. For- lish is no longer consid- is majority made up of One was for the yellow in Pakistan and 8 percent
the city. hire drivers for app-based ered a basic requirement American citizens that cabs that passengers can in India, according to city
Its also a recognition services such as Uber, for for a job that involves speak English, you prob- hail on the street. Driv- statistics. English is wide-
of how technology has example, never had to communicating with ably should learn how ers of those vehicles, ly spoken as a second lan-
transformed the busi- take an English test. passengers and reading to speak English, said which mostly operate guage in all three places,
Tanya Crespo, who was in Manhattan and at the all formerly part of the
British Empire.
But among the tradi-
Matthew T. Kingston, DMD tional for-hire livery car
drivers, 50 percent were
Healthy Smiles Dental born in the Dominican
Republic, where people
speak Spanish.
Crowns and Veneers Some foreign-born taxi
in ONE office visit! drivers said taking, and
passing, the English test
NO temporary crowns! was once a successful rite
NO impressions! of passage.
First in Lancaster
You had to really learn
E4D Technology
to get it, said Michael
Osei-Antwi, a driver orig-
inally from Ghana, who
took the English exam 17
years ago. If somebody
tells you they are going
All Lab Work to Gansevoort Hotel and
Made in the U.S.A. you dont know English,
Call for an appointment!
how are you going to be
able to get there?
717.945.7440 Back then, the city also
required a geography
Woods Edge Plaza 144 S. Centerville Rd. test, which also has been dropped in recent years.

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Freshen Up With Color!

Grauers makes it easy.

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Fruit Pies Bread Petting Zoo &
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Fruit Breads Cakes
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542 Gibbons Rd. Bird-In-Hand 717-656-7947



Products & Advice you TRUST since 1934

Lititz Lancaster West Lawn

35 North Cedar St. 1941 Lincoln Hwy. E. 3315 Penn Avenue
Lititz, PA 17543 Lancaster, PA 17602 West Lawn, PA 19609
717.626.2330 717.394.0558 (Formerly Ronco Pharmacy Bld.)

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Little precedent for $400M payment to Iran

BRADLEY KLAPPER the U.S. on a 1970s Ira- Tufts University, found Mexico for a massive subject to a fixed rate of
nian account for buying a precedent by reaching loss of territory that in- 6 percent annual inter-
WASHINGTON A U.S. military equipment. back to the 1848 Treaty cluded all of California est. President Ulysses
$400 million cash de- After Irans 1979 over- of Guadelupe Hidalgo and parts of seven other S. Grant would later
livery to Iran to repay a throw of the U.S.-backed that ended the Mexican- states. At the same time, declare it conscience
decades-old arbitration shah and the U.S. Embas- American War. the Americans avoided money.
claim may be unprec- sy hostage crisis in Teh- The accord called for any acceptance of na- Ambiguity is often
edented in recent U.S. A professor ran, the weapons were the United States to pay tional guilt. needed in diplomacy in
history, according to never delivered. Iran has Mexico $15 million, an The treaty stipulated order to achieve agree-
legal experts and diplo- found a wanted the money back amount worth about that the U.S. immedi- ment, Henrikson said.
matic historians, raising precedent by plus interest ever since. $482 million in todays ately pay $3 million or What is important, in
further questions about
a payment timed to help
reaching back to Seven months ago, two
sides put the matter to
money, he said. The pay-
ment was determined
nearly $100 million in
2016 dollars in Mexico
my view, is that both
sides to a negotiation
free four American pris- the 1848 Treaty rest with a $1.7 billion in consideration of the City in the form of Mex- clearly understand, even
oners in Iran.
The money was sent to
of Guadelupe settlement.
Alan Henrikson, diplo-
extension acquired by
the boundaries of the
icos gold or silver coin.
The remainder had to
if only tacitly, what is be-
ing agreed upon when
Iran on Jan. 17, the same Hidalgo that matic history professor United States, vague be paid the same way in ambiguity is used. This is
day Iran agreed to re- ended the at the Fletcher School diplomatic wording de- $3 million installments not all that subtle, actu-
lease the prisoners. The of Law and Diplomacy, signed to compensate each year, with the debt ally. It is life.
Obama administration Mexican-
claimed for months the American War.
events were separate,
but recently acknowl-

edged the cash was used and the payment were
as leverage until the linked, and the unusual Queen Size Mattress Set
Americans were allowed cash delivery, have fu-
Reg. $899. Exp. 9/30/16
to leave Iran. Only then, eled Republican claims
did the U.S. allow a plane that a ransom was
with euros, Swiss francs paid. At a news confer-
and other foreign cur- ence this month, Presi-
rency loaded on pallets dent Barack Obama said
to take off in the other cash was used because
direction for Tehran. the U.S. and Iran dont
Theres actually not have a banking relation-
anything particularly ship after years of U.S.
unusual about the mech- sanctions on Iran, mak-
anism for this transac- ing a check or wire trans-
tion, White House press fer impossible.
secretary Josh Earnest The $400 million was 178 Muddy Creek Church Road, Denver, PA 17517
717.336.7528 or 800.952.4228
230 S. Fairmount Road, Ephrata, PA 17522 717-354-5657
said this week of the ini- the principal owed by WWW.MARTINSFURNITURE.US
tial cash payment.


But diplomatic histori-
ans and lawyers with ex-
pertise in international
arbitration struggled to
find any similar exam-
2016 Ram Quad Express stk#48108

Asked to recall a simi- 4X4

lar payment of the U.S.
using cash or hard mon-
ey to settle an interna-
tional dispute, the office
of the State Department
historian couldnt pro- 1475 Manheim Pike Lancaster, PA
vide an example. 717-393-0625
The acknowledge- *10,000 miles/year. Only available on select models and trims. Residency restrictions apply. 24 month lease with $2,900 down payment (cash and/or trade). Tax and tags extra. Tax, title and
ment that the prisoners license fees may apply. Lessee pays for excess wear and mileage depending on lease terms. Not all customers will qualify. See dealer for complete details. Must take retail delivery by 8/31/16.

Advancing the health of our community through


At Reading Health System Foundation, we believe that our

unwavering support of innovation, education and research will
enable Reading Healths commitment to the highest quality,
most cost-effective healthcare in our region.

We believe that the programs we support today are leading

transformative high quality care into the future, creating a
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Dow industrials Nasdaq S&P 500 S&P mid-cap Russell 2000
Shares of the drugmaker Mylan
have taken a beating this week, as
outrage grew over the companys
price increases for its emergency
allergy treatment EpiPen.
V -0.85% (wkly)
t 4-wk. -0.20%
s YTD 5.57%
V -0.37% (wkly)
s 4-wk. 1.10%
s YTD 4.22%
V -0.68% (wkly)
t 4-wk. -0.21%
s YTD 6.12%
V -0.20% (wkly)
s 4-wk. 0.01%
s YTD 11.52%
U 0.10% (wkly)
s 4-wk. 1.48%
s YTD 8.99%

Politicians on both sides of the

aisle have called for an investiga- StocksRecap
tion into Mylans pricing, and
presidential candidate Hillary -23.15 17.88 -65.82 -33.07 -53.01 6.22 15.48 -42.38 -5.49 6.72
Clinton challenged Mylan to
immediately cut the devices price. 19,000 5,400
EpiPens deliver a needed dose of
adrenaline to a patient suffering 5,200
from a potentially fatal allergic
reaction. Allergy sufferers often
5,000 $1,000 Big losses for copper and gold, but no change in
the overall ranking, with oil still the years top

have to carry more than one investment despite a nearly 2 percent drop on the
because they need them close at week. Among equities, emerging market and health
17,000 4,800
hand in an emergency. Mylan, care stocks did particularly poorly.
which bought the rights to the 4,600 Stocks Bonds Commodities 1-week
product in 2007, has raised the 16,000 ... today is percent
price from roughly $100 for two Dow Jones industrials 4,400
Nasdaq composite $1,000 invested at the end of last year ... worth change
pens then to roughly $600 now. Close: 18,395.40 Close: 5,218.92
Oil $1,278 -1.8 %
Mylan shares have fallen more 1-week change: -157.17 (-0.8%) 1-week change: -19.46 (-0.4%)
15,000 4,200 Gold 1,249 -2.4
than 20 percent this year and more M A M J J A M A M J J A
than 10 percent this week alone. Utilities stocks 1,179 -1.4
W E E K L Y P E R F O R M A N C E Emerging-market stocks 1,154 -2.0
High-yield bonds 1,143 0.3

18668.44 15370.33 Dow Jones industrial average 18631.60 18335.34 18395.40 -157.17 -0.9 t s +5.6 &^%$#|9999862 +10.5
Small-cap stocks 1,102 0.3

8358.20 6403.31 Dow Jones transportation 7951.42 7804.62 7824.54 -105.81 -1.3 t s +4.2 76543| -1.1 Technology stocks 1,097 0.1
10891.66 8937.99 NYSE Comp. 10879.28 10710.05 10749.33 -79.83 -0.7 t s +6.0 &^%$#|996531 +5.0 S&P 500 1,078 -0.6
5275.74 4209.76 Nasdaq Comp. 5275.74 5191.86 5218.92 -19.46 -0.4 s s +4.2 &^%$#|9998521 +8.1 Asian stocks 1,065 -0.3
2193.81 1810.10 S&P 500 2193.42 2160.39 2169.04 -14.83 -0.7 t s +6.1 &^%$#|99993 +9.1 Investment-grade bonds 1,058 -0.1
1575.67 1215.14 S&P MidCap 1575.67 1552.53 1559.67 -3.13 -0.2 s s +11.5 &^%$#|9999632 +9.4 Health care stocks 1,019 -2.2
22785.41 18462.43 Wilshire 5000 22780.48 22442.64 22538.14 -127.14 -0.6 t s +6.5 &^%$#|99974321 +7.5 European stocks 1,009 -0.7
1251.32 943.09 Russell 2000 1251.32 1231.26 1238.03 +1.26 +0.1 s s +9.0 &^%$#|99875432 +6.5 Copper 973 -4.2
$0 $600 $1,200

Performance benchmarks: industries - sectors of the Standard & Poors 500 index; international
stocks - MSCI indexes; bond returns - Barclays Capital and BofA Merrill Lynch Indexes.
Source: FactSet Data through Aug. 25 AP

Its been a rough Occupancy rate change

year for owners Year-over-year 20 Best Stocks One Year
of hotels in
4% 2015 78.6% FRIDAY %CHG %CHG %RTN
Puerto Rico.
A collapsing 2
economy and a 0 Verso Corp VRS 6.10 +2.7 -47.6 +1730.4 ... ...
growing Zika problem MGT Capital Invest MGT 3.19 +0.3 +6.0 +1435.5 dd ...
is starting to take its toll -2
ALL QUIET Resolute Energy REN 16.68 -12.1 +142.8 +725.5 ... ...
Stocks continue to trade in a very on the islands hotels. -4
Gold Standard Vent GSV 2.46 -16.0 +64.0 +646.4 ... ...
narrow range on low volume, as Hotel occupancy fell to an -6
average of 74.8 percent in the first six months of the -4.8% Alexco Resources AXU 1.87 -3.6 -2.1 +458.9 ... ...
they have done all this summer.
The S&P 500 has not had a 1 year from 78.6 percent a year earlier, according to -8 Netlist Inc NLST 1.70 +6.9 +18.1 +424.2 dd ...
percent daily move since early STR, a firm that tracks hotel data. May was particularly -10 McEwen Mining Inc MUX 3.84 -15.8 -13.5 +394.7 cc 0.3
July. Investors have not had much devastating with occupancy falling to 67 percent. Adv Micro Dev AMD 7.67 +0.7 +11.8 +349.7 dd ...
besides quarterly earnings reports The first case of Zika in Puerto Rico was reported in J F M A M J YTD* Intl Tower Hill Mns THM 1.00 -11.5 -20.0 +346.1 dd ...
to work through, and any Federal December but it typically takes a few months for
Energy Recovery ERII 12.31 -3.7 +15.0 +341.2 dd ...
Reserve interest rate hike is travelers to change habits since vacations often
thought unlikely to come before Coeur Mining CDE 13.68 -9.0 -10.7 +337.4 cc ...
involve non-refundable airfare. There are now nearly Nightly rate change
later this year. Strategists say the Year-over-year Sophiris Bio SPHS 3.52 -39.2 -39.9 +311.8 dd ...
11,000 cases of Zika on the island with the U.S.
market will maintain this lull until Fst Majestic Silver AG 13.19 -12.8 -23.9 +311.3 cc ...
surgeon general predicting that 25 percent of Puerto
after Labor Day, when volatility
may pick up as investors become
Ricos nearly 3.5 million people will be infected with 2% 2015 $205.72 Helios and Matheson HMNY 10.31 +3.6 +29.2 +308.0 dd ...
more attuned to the 2016 election. Zika by years end. 2016 $202.35 New Concept Energy GBR 4.21 +1.9 +6.9 +276.5 84 ...
The virus can cause birth defects in babies, which 0 Mines Manangement MGN 1.29 -9.8 -7.9 +263.1 dd ...
has kept some pregnant women away. Five9 Inc FIVN 14.90 +5.7 +18.2 +253.0 dd ...
Along with more vacant rooms, prices have also
-2 Kingold Jewelry KGJI 2.15 -16.0 +20.1 +251.1 3 ...
fallen. Hotels eager to fill their rooms have lowered -1.6%
prices 1.6 percent so far this year, with April and May Golden Star Res Ltd GSS 0.74 -1.6 -5.0 +244.8 dd ...
seeing the biggest drops. -4 Vista Gold VGZ 1.01 -9.0 -37.3 +240.9 dd ...
Hilton Worldwide stands to lose the most with
nearly 4,000 rooms on the island, according to STR. -6
Thats followed by Marriott International with 2,100
rooms, Starwood Hotels and Resorts at 1,200 and -8 PERCENT CHANGE %RTN
Wyndham Worldwide with 800. J F M A M J YTD* INDUSTRY 1WK 1MO 1QTR 1YR

Source: STR *YTD is the average for all six months. Scott Mayerowitz; Jenni Sohn AP 1. Technology -0.1 2.0 8.2 $|999987632 15.3
2. Oil & Gas -1.5 2.0 2.2 $|97651 4.5
3. Financials 0.4 1.4 1.6 $|96321 3.6
4. Industrials -0.3 0.9 5.0 $|9999853 14.3
LocalFunds DJ Total Market index -0.6 -0.2 3.5 $|99854 8.1
5. Basic Material -0.8 -0.3 3.8 $|999961 12.9
$CHG ---------- PERCENT RETURN ---------- 6. Consumer Goods -0.6 -0.4 3.2 $|999941 12.6
FAMILY FUND TICKER NAV 1WK 1WK 1MO 1YR RANK 5YRS* RANK RATING 7. Consumer Services -1.2 -1.3 1.8 $|9764 4.4
American Funds AmBalA m ABALX 25.04 -0.13 -0.5 ... +12.2 1 +11.5 1 HHHHI 8. Health Care -1.6 -3.1 2.6 4| -0.1
MCDONALDS STEPS BACK 9. Telecommunications -0.6 -5.8 3.9 $|999995321 15.9
Fast food giant McDonalds is CapIncBuA m CAIBX 59.33 -0.36 -0.6 -0.5 +9.9 1 +8.2 1 HHHHI
10. Utilities -2.1 -6.1 0.4 $|999987632 15.3
facing an embarrassing recall of a CpWldGrIA m CWGIX 45.49 -0.30 -0.7 +1.3 +7.7 3 +10.0 2 HHHII
fitness tracker that was given FnInvA m ANCFX 53.84 -0.36 -0.7 +0.7 +15.6 1 +14.5 3 HHHII
away in some Happy Meals earlier GrthAmA m AGTHX 43.59 -0.30 -0.7 +1.6 +11.5 1 +15.0 2 HHHII Consumer Goods sectors (best performers)
this year. The Step It! fitness IncAmerA m AMECX 21.64 -0.08 -0.4 -0.3 +13.5 1 +10.2 2 HHHHI
Personal Goods -0.6 1.6 4.7 (*&%$#@|61 4.8
trackers reportedly caused InvCoAmA m AIVSX 36.66 -0.35 -0.9 +0.5 +15.3 1 +14.7 2 HHHII Avon Products AVP +2.3 +40.8 +48.4 (*&%$#@|86543 +26.9
irritations and burns to some WAMutInvA m AWSHX 41.01 -0.40 -1.0 -0.4 +15.4 1 +14.1 2 HHHHI Vince Holding Corp VNCE +12.8 +27.0 +10.4 (&$#@!8432| -20.4
children who wore them. The Dodge & Cox Income DODIX 13.92 ... ... +0.6 +6.5 1 +4.2 1 HHHHI Kingold Jewelry KGJI -16.0 +20.1 +36.1 (*&%$#@|9986543 +251.1
Consumer Product Safety
IntlStk DODFX 37.82 -0.34 -0.9 +3.6 +0.1 4 +6.3 2 HHHII Household Goods 0.2 1.5 6.8 (*&%$#@|8 18.3
Commission said they received +19.8
Stock DODGX 170.47 -1.15 -0.7 +1.7 +10.5 3 +15.5 1 HHHII SodaStream Intl SODA -0.1 +47.6 (*&%$#@|9986543 +108.3
more than 70 reports of injuries. Century Communities CCS +1.8 +12.7 +11.0 (*^%$#@!5432| -4.4
McDonalds is recalling all 29 Fidelity 500IdxPr FUSVX 76.52 -0.52 -0.7 +0.2 +14.2 1 +15.4 1 HHHHH
Flexsteel Inds FLXS +6.7 +12.5 +9.9 (*&%$#@|976321 +51.4
million of the trackers. Contra FCNTX 101.73 -0.30 -0.3 +1.3 +9.1 2 +14.4 2 HHHHI Leisure Goods 0.7 1.3 4.7 (*&%$#@|762 14.0
FrankTemp-Franklin IncomeA m FKINX 2.24 -0.01 -0.4 +0.5 +10.7 1 +7.7 1 HHIII DTS Inc DTSI +0.7 +20.9 +31.9 (*&%$#@|876 +32.1
Metropolitan West TotRetBdI MWTIX 11.00 -0.01 -0.1 +0.2 +4.7 4 +4.8 1 HHHHH Nautilus Inc NLS +5.4 +19.4 +9.4 (*&%$#@|9431 +38.5
PIMCO TotRetIs PTTRX 10.32 -0.01 -0.1 ... +4.8 4 +3.8 2 HHHHI GoPro Inc GPRO -2.6 +16.5 +44.3 9875432| -68.3
Vanguard 500Adml VFIAX 200.80 -1.34 -0.7 +0.2 +14.2 1 +15.4 1 HHHHH Automobiles & Parts -0.3 -0.9 -0.6 (*&%$#!| -0.1
HltCrAdml VGHAX 87.75 -1.67 -1.9 -3.5 -0.4 1 +19.6 3 HHHHI Titan Intl TWI 0.0 +44.8 +54.6 (*&%$#@|761 +13.9
Cooper-Standard Hldg CPS +0.2 +11.7 +14.8 (*&%$#@|996321 +78.8
InstIdxI VINIX 198.85 -1.33 -0.7 +0.2 +14.2 1 +15.4 1 HHHHH
Modine Mfg MOD +2.3 +10.8 +2.8 (*&%$#@|874 +28.7
InstPlus VIIIX 198.86 -1.33 -0.7 +0.2 +14.3 1 +15.5 1 HHHHH Beverages -0.8 -1.0 1.3 (*&%$#@|762 14.0
InstTStPl VITPX 49.12 -0.27 -0.5 +0.3 +13.4 2 +15.4 1 HHHHI Craft Brew Alliance BREW +39.5 +69.5 +105.8 (*&%$#@|9986543 +165.4
IntlStkIdxAdm VTIAX 25.17 -0.23 -0.9 +2.3 +5.6 1 +4.6 4 HHHII Cott Corp COT -5.2 +7.4 +10.5 (*&%$#@|984321 +57.1
IntlStkIdxIPls VTPSX 100.69 -0.91 -0.9 +2.3 +5.7 1 +4.7 4 HHHII Coca Btl Cns COKE +0.1 +6.3 +19.2 (*^%$#@!5432| -4.4
MuIntAdml VWIUX 14.56 -0.01 ... +0.4 +6.2 2 +4.3 2 HHHHI Tobacco -0.9 -1.7 1.0 (*&%$#@|8541 21.9
TotBdAdml VBTLX 11.07 -0.02 -0.1 +0.1 +5.7 2 +3.1 4 HHHII Alliance One Intl AOI +10.8 +19.9 +5.5 (*&%$#@|542 +3.8
Turning Point Brands TPB +19.0 +17.5 +22.2 (*&%$#@| 0.0
TotIntl VGTSX 15.05 -0.14 -0.9 +2.3 +5.5 1 +4.6 4 HHHII
Schweitzer Mauduit SWM +3.9 +3.5 +13.8 (*&%$#@|82 +18.7
TotStIAdm VTSAX 54.29 -0.30 -0.5 +0.4 +13.3 2 +15.3 1 HHHHI Food Producers -1.6 -2.4 4.3 (*&%$#@|7632 14.6
TotStIIns VITSX 54.30 -0.30 -0.5 +0.4 +13.3 2 +15.3 1 HHHHI Nomad Foods Ltd NOMD +15.4 +25.0 +12.9 *%#@97321| -46.8
AP TotStIdx VTSMX 54.26 -0.31 -0.6 +0.3 +13.1 2 +15.1 1 HHHHI Natures Sunshine NATR +8.9 +18.8 +51.2 (*&%$#@|865321 +26.2
* - annualized WelltnAdm VWENX 67.38 -0.26 -0.4 +0.2 +11.5 1 +11.1 1 HHHHH Freshpet Inc FRPT -0.9 +18.0 +4.2 (&^765431| -17.9

Local Stocks
AT&T Inc T 31.85 8 43.89 40.68 -0.33 -0.8 t s 18.2 30.3 1 11.4 16 4.7 Nwst Bancshares Inc NWBI 11.78 0 15.36 15.34 0.08 0.5 s s 14.6 26.5 2 10.3 37 3.9
Air Products APD 114.64 0 156.85 154.25 -1.43 -0.9 s s 18.6 14.4 2 16.5 23 2.2 PNC Financial PNC 77.40 5 97.50 86.69 1.27 1.5 s t -9.0 -0.3 4 15.4 12 2.5
Alcoa Inc AA 6.14 8 11.50 10.00 -0.27 -2.6 t s 1.3 22.5 2 -2.2 30 1.2 PPL Corp PPL 29.18 6 39.92 34.66 -0.49 -1.4 t t 1.6 15.7 2 10.1 15 4.4
Applied Indl Tch AIT 35.55 0 48.61 47.33 0.96 2.1 s s 16.9 18.1 2 12.5 19 2.4
Patterson Cos PDCO 38.51 7 50.40 46.19 -0.38 -0.8 t t 2.2 -3.9 4 12.8 19 2.1
Armstrong World Inds AWI 31.13 8 49.14 43.98 -0.02 0.0 s s 11.0 -7.5 4 9.0 32 ...
Bco Santander SA SAN 3.60 3 6.15 4.31 0.16 3.9 s t -11.5 -25.4 5 -3.7 ... 8.1 Penn Natl Gaming PENN 12.51 3 19.05 14.41 -0.42 -2.8 t t -10.0 -18.5 4 10.0 ... ...
Bon Ton Store BONT 1.10 2 4.54 1.73 -0.03 -1.7 s s -17.6 -44.2 5 -17.4 ... 11.6 Penney JC Co Inc JCP 6.00 7 11.99 9.89 -0.36 -3.5 s s 48.5 24.7 2 -17.0 ... ...
CNH Indl NV CNHI 5.67 8 8.02 7.42 -0.22 -2.9 s s 8.5 -5.9 4 ... 82 1.9 Pfizer Inc PFE 28.25 8 37.39 34.82 -0.16 -0.5 t s 7.9 11.0 3 17.0 16 3.4
Campbell Soup CPB 46.07 7 67.89 60.48 -0.55 -0.9 t t 15.1 30.2 1 16.6 27 2.1 Rite Aid Corp RAD 5.88 6 8.74 7.43 -0.32 -4.1 s t -5.2 -6.7 4 48.5 ... ...
Carpenter Tech CRS 23.99 8 40.46 36.54 -0.10 -0.3 t s 20.7 6.8 3 -3.4 32 2.0
Sears Holdings Corp SHLD 10.52 3 28.31 14.11 -1.91 -11.9 t s -31.4 -41.2 5 -10.8 ... ...
Clarcor Inc CLC 44.13 0 65.99 65.29 1.44 2.3 s s 31.4 20.4 2 9.7 25 1.3
Skyline Cp SKY 2.17 0 11.86 11.23 1.12 11.1 s s 215.8 232.3 1 2.3 ... ...
Costco Wholesale COST 117.03 9 169.73 163.93 -4.09 -2.4 t s 1.5 19.9 2 18.8 31 1.1
Donegal A DGICA 12.69 9 16.85 16.13 -0.04 -0.2 t s 14.6 17.4 2 9.1 13 3.4 Supervalu Inc SVU 3.94 4 8.54 5.36 -0.05 -0.9 s s -20.9 -34.6 5 -4.0 8 ...
Donnelley RR & Sons RRD 12.07 7 19.83 17.02 0.00 0.0 t s 15.6 18.2 2 9.4 18 6.1 TE Connectivity Ltd TEL 51.70 8 67.99 63.54 1.05 1.7 s s -1.7 14.2 2 18.4 10 2.3
Exelon Corp EXC 25.09 7 37.70 33.90 -0.47 -1.4 t t 22.1 11.8 3 -0.3 14 3.7 Tanger Factory SKT 29.46 9 42.20 40.14 0.46 1.2 t s 22.8 30.4 1 11.1 16 3.2
Frontier Comm FTR 3.81 4 5.85 4.61 -0.08 -1.7 t t -1.3 3.9 3 -1.2 66 9.1 Tegna Inc TGNA 20.82 1 28.95 20.89 -0.60 -2.8 t t -18.1 -7.7 4 22.9 11 2.7
Fulton Financial FULT 11.48 9 14.59 14.23 0.19 1.4 s s 9.4 22.5 2 13.0 16 2.8
Tyson Foods TSN 41.15 0 76.23 75.09 0.21 0.3 s s 40.8 85.4 1 35.4 20 0.8
GlaxoSmithKline PLC GSK 37.24 8 45.58 43.55 -0.61 -1.4 t s 7.9 14.5 2 6.1 ... 5.6
UGI Corp UGI 31.51 9 46.54 44.98 -0.51 -1.1 t s 33.2 36.4 1 20.6 22 2.1
Harley Davidson HOG 36.36 8 57.33 52.57 -1.08 -2.0 t s 15.8 -1.8 4 10.2 14 2.4
Henry Schein Inc HSIC 126.17 7 183.00 163.36 2.07 1.3 t t 3.3 19.0 2 20.7 28 ... Univrsl Corp UVV 48.19 0 61.69 60.74 0.70 1.2 s s 8.3 32.0 1 13.1 16 3.5
Hershey Company HSY 82.42 9 117.79 110.88 -2.12 -1.9 s s 24.2 28.4 1 16.1 27 2.2 Urban Outfitters URBN 19.26 0 37.82 37.22 -0.59 -1.6 s s 63.6 25.0 2 8.5 19 ...
Intl Paper IP 32.50 0 48.71 48.89 1.43 3.0 s s 29.7 20.6 2 17.3 18 3.6 Verizon Comm VZ 42.20 7 56.95 52.07 -0.38 -0.7 t s 12.7 20.3 2 11.9 15 4.3
Johnson & Johnson JNJ 89.90 9 126.07 119.04 -0.88 -0.7 t s 15.9 28.4 1 15.6 19 2.7 WalMart Strs WMT 56.30 8 75.19 71.14 -1.67 -2.3 t s 16.1 12.8 3 8.7 15 2.8
Kellogg Co K 64.65 8 87.16 82.37 -0.67 -0.8 t s 14.0 26.1 2 11.5 24 2.5
Weis Mkts WMK 37.14 9 53.89 51.83 0.95 1.9 s s 17.0 28.4 1 8.9 21 2.3
Kroger Co KR 31.31 2 42.75 32.68 0.07 0.2 t t -21.9 -5.6 4 24.8 15 1.5
L-3 Communications LLL 101.13 9 154.50 148.24 -0.60 -0.4 t s 24.0 41.0 1 20.1 19 1.9 Wells Fargo & Co WFC 44.50 4 56.34 48.51 -0.14 -0.3 s t -10.8 -4.4 4 17.3 12 3.1
M&T Bank MTB 100.08 7 127.39 117.70 0.04 0.0 s t -2.9 2.4 3 12.1 16 2.4 Windstream Hldgs WIN 4.75 8 9.74 8.30 0.05 0.6 t t 28.9 33.0 1 -1.3 ... 7.2
Merck & Co MRK 47.97 0 64.00 62.85 -0.51 -0.8 s s 19.0 18.9 2 17.5 19 2.9 YRC Worldwide Inc YRCW 6.25 5 18.50 11.16 -0.22 -1.9 t s -21.3 -29.3 5 -45.5 36 ...
Notes on data: Total returns, shown for periods 1-year or greater, include dividend income and change in market price. Three-year and five-year returns annualized. Ellipses indicate data not available. Price-earnings ratio unavailable for closed-end funds and companies with net losses over
prior four quarters. Rank classifies a stocks performance relative to all U.S.-listed shares, from top 20 percent (1) to bottom 20 percent (5).


In brief

SOS in sand
brings rescue
The U.S. Coast Guard said two strand-
ed mariners were rescued Friday after
crews saw their SOS in the sand on an
uninhabited island in Micronesia, Ha-
waii News Now reported. The couples
18-foot vessel was reported missing
Aug. 19.
A U.S. Navy aircraft crew spotted the
pair on the beach and gave their loca-
tion to the Coast Guard in Guam. Ha-
waii News Now says the two, who had
no emergency equipment, were picked
up and taken to a patrol boat.

NEW ORLEANS A firefighter passes a belonging to a man outside his damaged house in Villa San Lorenzo, near Amatrice, central Italy, Saturday.

Flight diverted DISASTER

by engine problem
A Southwest Airlines flight bound for
Orlando, Florida, made an emergency
landing Saturday morning because of a
Italy mourns quake victims
major problem with one of its two en- Emotions break loose after 3 days of trying to rescue survivors; toll reaches 291
Flight 3472 from New Orleans was TRISHA THOMAS AND but please do not lose courage,
diverted to Pensacola, Florida, after VANESSA GERA DErcole said in his homily. Only
the pilot detected something had gone together can we rebuild our houses
wrong with an engine, according to a ASCOLI PICENO, Italy and our churches. Together, above
Southwest statement. The jet, a Boe- Mourners in Italy prayed, hugged, all, we will be able to restore life to
ing 737-700, landed in Pensacola with wept and even applauded as coffins our communities.
no apparent injuries to the 99 passen- carrying victims of the countrys President Sergio Mattarella and
gers or five crew members on board, devastating earthquake passed by Together, above all, Premier Matteo Renzi joined griev-
according to Southwest. at a state funeral Saturday, grieving ing family members, stopping to
as one nation after three desperate we will be able to speak to some of them.
NEW MARTINSVILLE, W.VA. days of trying to save as many peo- restore life to our When the caskets were brought
Chlorine leak ple as possible.
In the central town of Ascoli Pice- communities. out of the gym, the mourners ap-
plauded, a traditional Italian way of
sends 2 to hospital
Bishop Giovanni DErcole
no, they gathered to bid farewell honoring people who die in tragedy.
to 35 of the 291 people confirmed The bishop recalled the heart-
Authorities said a chlorine leak in dead so far after the quake that breaking story of 9-year-old Giulia
West Virginia that sent at least two struck a swath of countryside early small casket. Many mourners were Rinaldo, whose embrace apparent-
people to a hospital had been brought Wednesday at the foothills of the recovering from injuries them- ly allowed her younger sister Gior-
under control. The U.S. Coast Guard central Apennine mountains. selves, some wrapped in bandages. gia to survive.
said a portion of the Ohio River was The caskets of 35 people had been Everywhere people knelt at coffins, He said 15 hours after the quake
closed near Proctor, West Virginia. taken to a community gym one tears running down their cheeks, struck Wednesday, he returned to
Media reports said the leak was de- of the few structures in the area their arms around loved ones. the church in Pescara Del Tronto
tected Saturday when a chemical cloud still intact and large enough to hold It is a great tragedy. There are to recover its crucifix. Close by, fire-
from the Axiall Corp. plant headed hundreds of mourners. The local no words to describe it, said Gina fighters were using their hands to
south. Marshall County emergency of- bishop, Giovanni DErcole, cel- Razzetti, a resident at the funeral. dig out the two sisters.
ficials said two people were taken to a ebrated Mass beneath a crucifix he Each one of us has our pain inside. The older one, Giulia, was
hospital with unspecified injuries. had retrieved from one of the dam- We are thinking about the families sprawled over the smaller one,
aged churches in the picturesque who lost relatives, who lost their Giorgia. Giulia, dead, Giorgia, alive.
HOUSTON area of medieval stone towns and homes, who lost everything. They were in an embrace, DErcole
Death-penalty study hamlets.
Emotions that had been dammed
As all of Italy observed a day of na-
tional mourning, with flags at half-
Giulia was among those buried
cites racial bias up for days broke in a crescendo
of grief. One young man wept over
staff, Bishop DErcole urged resi-
dents to rebuild their communities.
Saturday, while her younger sister
had her fourth birthday at a hospi-
A Harvard Law School study found a little girls white coffin. Another Dont be afraid to cry out your tal, trying to recover from the trau-
that racial bias, over-aggressive prosecu- woman gently stroked another suffering I have seen a lot of this matizing ordeal.
tions and inadequate representation for
poor defendants plagues Harris Coun-
tys handling of death penalty cases.
Juries in Harris County, where Hous- MILITARY

Tech review could bring medal

ton is, have imposed the death penalty
more than any other U.S. county since the
1976 reinstatement of the death penalty.
In the eight counties examined by the
study, 41 percent of the death sentences SEAL Team 6 member shown to have fought on after being left for dead
were given to black defendants and 69
percent to minorities overall. In Harris SEAN D. NAYLOR AND on top of the sergeant but the mountain, Takur Ghar, charged ahead of Slabin-
County, all defendants condemned since NEW YORK TIMES could not detect any re- during Operation Anacon- ski, and they killed two
2004 are from minorities. sponse, so he slid down da, an effort to encircle and fighters in a bunker before
Britt Slabinski could the mountain face with destroy al-Qaida forces in the airman was wounded.
SAN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR hear the bullets ricochet the other men. the Shah-e-Kot Valley in Under fire, the SEALs re-
Court releases 3 off the rocks in the dark-
ness. It was the first fire-
Now, more than 14 years
after that brutal fight, in
eastern Afghanistan, about
25 miles from Pakistan.
treated about 15 minutes
military officers fight for his six-man re-
connaissance unit from
which seven Americans
ultimately died, the Air
Slabinskis plan was to
land by helicopter near
Soon after, the military
opened an investigation
Three former Salvadoran military SEAL Team 6, and it was Force says Slabinski was the base of the 10,000- to determine what had
officers who Spanish courts wanted to outnumbered, outgunned wrong and Chapman foot mountain at about gone wrong. The chief in-
put on trial for their alleged roles in the and taking casualties on not only was alive, but also midnight and climb up vestigator, Lt. Col. Andrew
killing of six Jesuit priests were freed an Afghan mountaintop. fought on alone for more stealthily, but a series of Milani of the Army, wrote
from prison late Friday after the Su- A half-dozen feet or so to than an hour after the delays involving aircraft later that an Air Force gun-
preme Court denied their extradition, his right, John Chapman, SEALs had retreated. left no time to do that be- ship had failed to detect
their lawyers said. a U.S. Air Force technical The Air Force secretary fore dawn. Under pressure the militants on the moun-
The court had decided to deny their sergeant acting as the units is pushing for a Medal from superiors, he said, taintop and the SEALs had
extradition earlier this month, but they radio man, lay wounded of Honor, the militarys he reluctantly flew to the violated a basic tenet of
were not freed until Friday. Former ser- in the snow. Slabinski, a highest award, after new peak at about 3 a.m. reconnaissance by land-
geants Tomas Zarpate Castillo and Anto- senior chief petty officer, technology used in an ex- Unbeknown to the ing directly on their obser-
nio Ramiro Avalos Vargas, as well as Cpl. could see through his night- amination of videos from SEALs, al-Qaida forces vation post instead of hik-
Angel Perez Vasquez, were released. Col. vision goggles an aiming aircraft flying overhead were already there, and ing up to it.
Guillermo Alfredo Benavides remained laser from Chapmans rifle helped officials conclude they hit the helicopter with Milani also looked into
in custody to serve another sentence. rising and falling with his that the sergeant had heavy fire. One of Slabin- footage captured by a
breathing, a sign he was killed two fighters with al- skis men, Petty Officer 1st Predator drone about 50
BOGOTA, COLOMBIA alive. Qaida before dying in an Class Neil C. Roberts, fell minutes after the SEALs
Venezuelan activist Then another of the
Americans was struck in
attempt to protect arriv-
ing reinforcements.
out about 10 feet above the
ground, and the pilot could
had left the mountaintop.
The grainy images showed
returned to jail a furious exchange of gre-
nades and machine-gun
If approved by the presi-
dent, the award will be
not retrieve him before
the stricken aircraft crash-
someone in the bunker
defending himself against
A prominent Venezuelan opposition fire, and the chief realized the first of the more than landed a few miles away. two attackers and killing
leader has been jailed again, his wife said, that his team had to get off 3,500 Medals of Honor Shortly before 5 a.m., the one with a rifle shot.
after intelligence agents picked him up at the peak immediately. given since the Civil War five remaining SEALs and Milanis investigation
his home before dawn in a brazen move He looked back over at to rely not on eyewitness Chapman returned to the remains classified, but an
that has alarmed the opposition and hu- Chapman. The laser was accounts but primarily on top on another helicopter to unclassified paper that he
man rights organizations. no longer moving, Slabin- technology. try to rescue Roberts. They wrote in 2003 offered two
Patricia Gutierrez said the agents ski recalled, though he did not know that enemy possible explanations: The
from the Sebin intelligence agency was not close enough to Retreat under fire fighters had already killed al-Qaida fighters had be-
arrived Saturday at the family home check the airmans pulse. and tried to decapitate him. come confused and were
where her husband, Daniel Ceballos, Chased by bullets that hit Slabinskis team was or- The Americans were firing at one another, or
had been held under house arrest. a second SEAL in the leg, dered to establish an ob- again met by a wither- Chapman, still alive, had
SOURCE: WIRE REPORTS the chief said, he crawled servation post on top of ing barrage. Chapman resumed fighting.


Navy gets Michelle Obama sub Turkey-allied rebels

sea, said an Electric escalate conflict
ASSOCIATED PRESS Boat vice president,
Kenneth Blomstedt. SARAH EL DEEB firmed, it would be the
An attack submarine Capt. Michael Stevens, first Turkish airstrikes
that is sponsored by first the Navys Virginia- BEIRUT Backed by against Kurdish allied
lady Michelle Obama class program manager, Turkish tanks and re- forces on Syrian soil.
and will be named for said these attack sub- ports of airstrikes, Tur- Late Saturday night,
her home state has been marines are needed to key-allied Syrian rebels Turkeys official news
delivered to the U.S. replace those that were clashed with Kurdish-led agency reported that one
Navy. built during the Cold forces in northeastern Turkish solider had been
Submarine builder War and are retiring. Syria in a new escalation killed and three wound-
General Dynamics Elec- Every submarine that further complicates ed by what it said was a
tric Boat, based in Gro- counts, he said. Every the already protracted Kurdish rocket attack in
ton, Connecticut, deliv- submarine is needed Syrian conflict. Jarablus, near where the
ered the submarine that ASSOCIATED PRESS
out there. Turkeys military fighting has raged. It is
will become the USS Il- First lady Michelle Obama christens the USS Illinois with a Electric Boat, which didnt specify what the the first reported Turk-
bottle of sparkling wine in Groton, Conn., on Oct. 10, 2015.
linois to the Navy on Sat- has been designing and airstrikes hit, saying only ish fatality in Syria.
urday after nearly 51/2 building submarines that terror groups were The new escalation
years of construction. SSN 786, and begin its nesses nationwide to since 1900, had until targeted south of the vil- highlights concerns that
The first lady, whos active service at a com- build the $2.7 billion sub- Aug. 31 to transfer own- lage of Jarablus, where Turkeys incursion into
from Chicago, will be in- missioning ceremony in marine, the 13th member ership of the future USS the clashes later ensued. Syria this week could
volved in the life of the Groton on Oct. 29. of the Virginia class. Illinois to the Navy, per A Kurdish-affiliated lead to an all-out con-
submarine and the lives It took thousands of There were no major the contract. Its the group said their forces frontation between An-
of its sailors and their shipyard employees in issues during construc- ninth submarine in a were the target and kara and Syrian Kurds,
families. Connecticut, Rhode Is- tion, and the submarine row to be delivered to called the attack an un- both American allies, and
The submarine will land and Virginia and performed superbly the Navy early and on precedented and danger- hinder the war against
become the USS Illinois, submarine supply busi- during recent tests at budget, Stevens said. ous escalation. If con- the Islamic State group
by diverting resources.
Sherwan Darwish, a
Get beach-ready with spokesman for Kurdish-
led forces in the village of
SculpSure and Manbij, said on Twitter
Saturday night: While
our forces fighting #IS
Some #Turkey backed
Two noninvasive ways militias r attacking our
to eliminate fat positions & hampering
Dr. Funk is one of the first practices
in the country to offer SculpSure.
our & Intl Coalitions
fight against terror.
The clashes underscore
LONG Ankaras determination

to push back Kurdish

PY HOU forces from along its bor-

ders, and curb their am-
bitions to form a contig-
, TUES, THURS, FRI uous entity in northern
MON Syria. Kurdish groups
have already declared a
semi-autonomous ad-
ministration in Syria and
control most of the bor-
der area.
Jarablus, and Manbij to
the south liberated from
Cannot be Cannot be IS fighters by Kurdish-
With this ad. Patient financing available. Most credit cards accepted. Expires 8/31/16.
combined with
other specials
combined with
other specials led forces earlier this
or promotions.
Expires 8/31/16
or promotions.
Expires 8/31/16 month, are essential to
Wendell Funk Cosmetic Surgery SAT & SUN connecting the western
and Laser Center 380 Centerville Road Lancaster and eastern semi-auton-
230 Harrisburg Ave., Suite 7 | Lancaster, PA 17603
717-459-3447 omous Kurdish areas in
(off Rt. 30 in the Bob Evans Complex Third Building On The Right)
AVAILABLE | 717-299-9551 2015



20162017 Season
70 Years
of Excellence
Beethoven to our sponsors
& Brahms Because of our sponsors generous support of the 17th Annual
Golf Challenge, the following local charities will receive much
in two weeks needed support to help families in our communities:
Sept. 10, 2016 PA Fraternal Order of Police Foundation Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation
3:00 pm & 8:00 pm Tommy Foundation Inc. SouthEast Lancaster Health Services Kadence Jae Foundation
Fulton Opera House A Week Away Joni and Friends International Disability Center Water Street Ministries
Caitlins Smiles Habitat for Humanity Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services
The U.S. Premiere of September
from The Seasons
Symphony No. 1
Violin Concerto
Elisso Gogibedaschwili

Coming Soon!
November 5
Mozart Requiem
Lancaster Bible College
with LSO Chorus

New Years Eve

Bonded: A Tribute Triangle Refrigeration Swedish Match
to the Music Unilever Sysco
of James Bond
American Music Theatre Gonnella Baking Co. Frito Lay
Altria Group Jack Links Beef Jerkey
Performers subject to Distribution Company Francis Smith & Sons, Inc.
change without notice BIC Inventure Foods, Inc.
Pepsi Caruso Logistics
Tickets as low as $30 Bolger Brothers, Inc. Waste Management
CSC Sales & Marketing
(717) 397-7425 Reliable Construction


Toomey splits from conservatives on guns

MARC LEVY prevent gun purchases $4 million into Pennsyl- because McGinty sup- the Elizabethtown Fair a
by suspected terrorists as vania in recent weeks ports a long slate of gun few days ago.
CARLISLE Fresh- he campaigns in a state primarily for TV ads to restrictions. Others are On the campaign trail,
man U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey where Hillary Clinton support Toomey. unsure whether to vote at Toomey says he doesnt
is the rare conservative leads Trump in polls by 10 For Toomey, it may help all. see a conflict between the
Republican who is run- points in the presidential him with a Republicans I have friends that are right to own a gun and
ning for re-election with race. perennially thorny task of saying they are not going a three-minute back-
the support of leading His stance so angered Katie Pat Toomey appealing to moderates in to vote for you because of ground check, but also
gun-control groups, but one gun-rights group that McGinty a state where Democrats your stance on gun con- points to his 2010 NRA
it may not be enough to it is backing his Demo- outnumber Republicans trol, a meet-and-greet endorsement and his sup-
save him in Democratic- cratic opponent, Katie by the National Rifle As- 4-to-3. But it could hurt audience member, Mark port for gun-rights causes.
leaning Pennsylvania in McGinty, just to send a sociation. him with the Republican Myers, told Toomey at a Katie McGinty and
this unusual election year. message to Toomey and In a blow to McGintys base in a passionate gun- Carlisle restaurant last the Democrats are at-
Toomey, who also has any other Republican campaign, two prominent rights state. month. tacking me all the time
separated himself from who might deviate from gun-control activists, bil- Polls show the race is Stephen Mohr, a mu- for all the votes I have
most of his GOP Senate orthodoxy on guns. lionaire Michael Bloom- virtually tied, and the win- nicipal Republican com- cast consistently to make
colleagues by refusing to Toomeys gamble berg and former Demo- ner of the Nov. 8 election mitteeman, said he found sure we dont allow the
endorse Donald Trump, separating himself from cratic congresswoman could tip control of the himself trying to talk Democrats to deny law-
is facing questions from his party and Trump is Gabrielle Giffords, en- U.S. Senate. hesitant gun owners into abiding citizens their Sec-
skeptical Republicans drawing help from un- dorsed Toomey. Bloom- Some gun-rights activ- backing Toomey while ond Amendment rights,

over his votes to expand likely quarters for a Re- bergs political action ists say they will reluc- manning a GOP booth at Toomey told Myers.
background checks and publican once endorsed committee even poured tantly vote for Toomey


Death penalty sought in ambush killing GOODMAN & KENNEFF


PITTSBURGH (AP) shake his belief that his who was renting the cousin, Tina Shelton, 37, DUIS
Prosecutors plan to seek clients name will be home, was killed as and their friend, Shada CRIMINAL DEFENSE
the death penalty against cleared at trial. were siblings Chanetta Mahone, 26, also died in specialized DUI trainingg
two men charged in an The men are each Powell, 25, and Jerry the attack. family law free consultations
ambush at a cookout that charged with six counts Shelton, 35. The county The two men also face Joseph J. Kenneff, Esquire
killed five adults and an of criminal homicide in medical examiner ruled charges of criminal con-
unborn child. the March 9 cookout in Chanetta Powells un- spiracy, aggravated as- (717) 872-4605
The Allegheny County Wilkinsburg, a suburb of born son died because of sault and reckless en- 246 Manor Ave., Millersville 227 North Duke St., Lancaster
district attorneys office Pittsburgh. Prosecutors her death. The siblings dangerment.
filed notice Friday that suspect a man wounded
it would seek capital at the cookout had killed
punishment if Cheron Sheltons best friend in Brush up your summer smile!
Shelton, 29, and Robert 2013, and they are look-
Thomas, 27, are convict- ing for that man.
ed of first-degree mur- Prosecutors allege
der. Thomas fired 18 shots
Prosecutors said the from a .40-caliber pis-
death penalty would be tol into a group of about
warranted because of 15 partygoers, prompt- End of Season Hours:
the defendants previous ing them to run toward
convictions, the multiple a rear porch where au- Mon.-Thurs., 8/29-9/1 5-9 PM
felonies alleged and the thorities say Shelton was Fri., 9/2 5-10 PM
grave risk posed to oth- hiding behind a fence.
ers. Prosecutors allege Shel- Open 7am-7pm starting September 26! Sat. & Sun., 9/3 & 9/4 Noon-10 PM
Defense attorneys say ton peppered the fleeing Labor Day, 9/5 Noon-9 PM
the men are innocent. crowd from 5 feet away Refer a Friend!
Sheltons lawyer, Randall with 30 shots from a rifle Refer a friend to us, receive a Tues., 9/6 Closed for the Season
McKinney, called the similar to an AK-47.
12 Eisenhower Blvd., Lancaster $100 credit to your account.
decision to seek capital Brittany Powell, 27, Only valid when referral attends appointment.
Cannot be combined with any other offer.
Rt. 117, Mt. Gretna 964-9686

ening, but said it didnt

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Brethren Village
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AUGUST 28, 2016 28, 2016 LNP | LANCASTER, PA

Carolyn K. Curry
James F. OTHER
Deaths Youndt most loving and giving
mother her daughters A25 & A26
could ever ask for. She
sewed all of their cloth-
Asper, Hazel E.
ing when they were chil-
dren. She was passionate
Franklin Service
89, of Landisville.
August 24, 2016. The about caring for her gar- C. Waltz Announcement
Groffs Family Funeral den and yard, and was
an avid New England
WWII Lloyd B.
& Cremation Services,
Inc., 394-5300 Patriots fan. Veteran/POW Stauffer
Surviving are her
Curry, Carolyn K. three d a u g h t e r s,
93, of Lancaster City. Deandra E. Brown,
August 25, 2016. Joanne E. West and
Charles F. Snyder
Carolyn K. Curry, Clara J. Curry, all of
Funeral Home & Cre-
matory, 393-9661 93, passed away at her Lancaster; and 9 grand-
James F. Jim Lancaster City home children, a host of
Derr, Wilbur C. Youndt, 84, Denver, on Thursday, August great-grandchildren
95, of Mount Joy. died Aug. 26, 2016, in 25, 2016, with her lov- and several great-great-
August 25, 2016. Ephrata Hospital. Born ing family by her side. grandchildren. In ad-
Sheetz Funeral Home, in Fivepointville, the She was born in Palmyra dition to her husband
Inc., 653-5441 11th child of Allen B. to the late David and Ralph, Carolyn was pre-
Eichmann, Charles L. and Frances L. (Lorah) Arabella M. E. (Johnson) ceded in death by her
87, husband of Barbara Youndt, Jim was the Cooper. Carolyns hus- daughter Barbara K.
G. Wilber Eichmann, faithful husband of band Ralph E. Curry Curry and 9 siblings.
of Lancaster. August Barbara (Leid) Youndt died in 1967. A Mass will be held Fr a n k l i n Lloyd B. Stauffer,
22, 2016. The Groffs for 65 years. A mem- She attended 10 AM Tuesday, August C. Waltz, 94, 72, formerly of
Family Funeral & Cre- ber of Muddy Creek Lancaster Catholic 30, 2016, at St. Anthony of St. Johns Brunnerville, went
mation Services, Inc., Lutheran Church, he High School and worked of Padua Catholic Herr Estate, home to be with his
394-5300 served on council 21 in the Specialty Tube Church, 501 E. Orange Columbia Lord and Savior on
Fogelsonger, Paulmer years and was active Department of RCA. St., Lancaster, PA 17602, formerly of Wednesday, August
L. in Sunday school and Carolyn was bap- with Rev. Bernardo Ephrata and 24, 2016, at Fairmount
93, of Lancaster. various committees. tized and raised in Pistone as Celebrant. Lancaster, en- Homes.
August 25, 2016. The Beginning at age 14, St. Anthony of Padua A viewing will take tered into rest A memorial ser-
Groffs Family Funeral Jim joined the family Catholic Church and was place from 9 to 10 AM on Friday, Aug. 26, 2016. vice will be held
and Cremation Servic- business, Youndt Bros. a current member of St. on Tuesday at church. He was the son of the Monday, August 29,
es, Inc., 394-5300 Home Dressed Meats, Marys Catholic Church. Interment in St. Marys late James and Lydia 2016, 10:30AM, at
Guzman, Benito * working for 58 years, A devout Catholic, she Catholic Cemetery will (Harmon) Waltz. He Brunnerville United
66, of Lancaster. becoming co-owner was active with the occur 10 AM Wednesday, was the husband of the Methodist Church,
August 26, 2016. with his late brother, Altar group until age 80 August 31st. late Dolores (Anderson) 519 Pine Hill Road,
Charles F. Snyder Robert, and continued and was on the Black To place a condolence Waltz who died in 1998. Brunnerville, PA.
Funeral Home & Cre- by his sons. He was also Catholic Committee. online, please visit A J.P. McCaskey Visitation will be from
matory, 393-9661 a member of Ephrata High School graduate, 9:30AM 10:30AM.
She previously served an
Hawthorne, Ronald Lodge #665 F&AM. An interim position on the Franklin worked as a
E. avid hunter of both large Lancaster City Housing foundry superinten-
dent for Pennsylvania IN LOVING MEMORY
Husband of Gail A. & small game, he also Authority.
(Shelly) Hawthorne. Malleable. For a number JOANNE (SISSY
enjoyed golf. Carolyn was the best, WEBER) CATERBONE
August 22, 2016. Blessed with their of years, he was a mem-
Sheetz Funeral Home, Feb 2, 1932 - Aug 27, 2015
children, Rebecca ber of Christ Lutheran
Inc., 653-5441 Church, Lancaster and
(Randal) Ho u s e r,
Hostetter, J. Paul New Holland; Getha Paulmer L. Fogelsonger the Disabled American
84, husband of Viola (Douglas) Loose, Ocala, Veterans. He enjoyed
M. (Graver) Hostetter, Fogelsonger; 6 grand- woodworking and trav-
FL; J. Lessley (Sandi children, Christine,
formerly of New Hol- Belchick) Youndt, eling. Mr. Waltz served
land. August 23, 2016. Cathy, David, Guy, John, his country during
Terre Hill; Allen and Paulmer; and 13
Groff-High Funeral (Carole Stahl) Youndt, WWII as a U. S. Army
Home, 354-0444 great grandchildren. He Staff Sergeant with the
Stevens; Andrew was preceded in death
Martin, Robert W. * (Kim Hess) Youndt, 44th Engineer Combat
by his siblings, William, Battalion and was a
83, husband of Beverly Manheim; M. Phillip
J. (Noltee) Martin, of John, and June. POW in Germany.
(Tina McCarty) Youndt, Family and friends
Denver. August 25, Ronks; and Scott Mr. Waltz is survived
2016. Good Funeral are invited to attend by: daughter, Brenda
(Jennifer Lesagonicz) Funeral Services on
Home & Cremation Youndt, Denver; 16 lov- married to Robert
Centre , 336-4909 Wednesday, Aug. 31, Letting Go
ing grandchildren; 17 Hoffman; son, Kevin
2016 at 1:00PM from the married to Patricia
Stauffer, Lloyd B. great-grandchildren: Groff Family Funeral The Angels gathered
72, husband of Dixie sisters, Mae Henley, (Good) Waltz; four near your side so
Paulmer L. Shorty and Cremation Service, grandchildren, Nathan,
Cammauf Stauffer, Edith Weinhold, Fern very close to you,
formerly of Brun- Fogelsonger, 93, of 528 W. Orange St., (cor- Laura, Justin, Natalie;
Oberholtzer & Grace Lancaster, PA for- ner of W. Orange and for they knew the
nerville. August 24, Hirneisen; and brother, four great-grandchil-
merly of Shirleysburg, Pine Streets), Lancaster pain and suffering
2016. Cremation Soci- Rev. Mark Youndt. dren, Ava, Jai, Shaefer,
ety of Pennsylvania PA passed away on PA 17603. A Public that you were going
Brothers, Luke, Robert, Walker; sister, Fannie through. I thought
Inc., 800-720-8221 Thursday, August 25, Viewing will be at the wife of the late Ross
Lester, Roy, Clarence, 2016 at Hospice and Groffs on Tuesday, Aug. about so many
Stoner, Robert D. Richard & Bill prede- Eckman, St. Johns Herr things as I held
Community Care in Mt. 30, 2016 from 6-8:00PM Estate. He was preceded
80, of Millersville. ceased him. tightly to your hand.
August 24, 2016. Joy, PA. He was born in and Wednesday prior in death by ten siblings.
FUNERAL: Thurs- Shippensburg, PA the to the service from 12- Oh, how I wished
Charles F. Snyder day, Sept. 1, PROMPTLY Funeral Services:
Funeral Home & Cre- son of the late George 1:00PM. Entombment that you were strong
at 11 AM, Muddy Creek Friday, Sept. 2, 2016 at and happy once
matory, 872-5041 H. and Carrie (Barklow) will be in the Conestoga 10 a.m at Furman Home
Lutheran Church, 11 Fogelsonger. Shorty was Memorial Park, Shrine of again. But your
Stout, Carol Lee S. Muddy Creek Rd., for Funerals, 59 W. Main eyes were looking
78, of Lititz. August 22, a truck driver working Memories Mausoleum St., Leola with viewing 1
Denver, PA, 17517. 30 years with Lancaster in Lancaster. Please homeward to that
2016. Charles F. Sny- VIEWING: 9:30-11 AM. hour before the service.
der, Jr. Funeral Home Truck Bodies and he had omit owers, donations place beyond the sky
Private burial in adjoin- Interment: Riverview where Jesus held his
& Crematory, 560- worked for several other in Shortys name can be Burial Park. Kindly omit
5100 ing cemetery. Please companies. He was re- made to: the American outstretched arms,
omit owers; contribu- owers. Memorials wel- it was time to say
tired from Teamsters Cancer Society, 314 comed to: Hospice &
Wagner, Richard G. tions to the church organ goodbye.
Sr. Local 771 where he Good Dr., Lancaster, Community Care, PO
fund, Fivepointville served as past president Pennsylvania 17603 or to
79, husband of Agnes T. Ambulance Assoc., Box 4125, Lancaster, PA
(Schreiner) Wagner, of of the Retirees Club, Hospice & Community We love and miss
1094 Dry Tavern Rd., or 17604-4125. you every second of
Exeter Township. he was a past member Care, 685 Good Drive,
Fivepointville Fire Co., FurmanFuneralHome. the day,
August 26, 2016. Lutz of the Masons and the P.O. Box 4125, Lancaster,
1087 Dry Tavern Rd., com Sam and your
Funeral Home, Inc., Shriners. He enjoyed the PA 17604-4125.
610- 376-7121 both Denver, PA 17517. Lancaster Barnstormers Information and on- Browse or leave a condolence children
Waltz, Franklin C. and NASCAR. line condolences may be from your smart phone at
94, of St. Johns Herr Surviving are his chil- posted on our Web site:
Estate, Columbia. dren, Sylvia Jean Myers,
August 26, 2016. Fur- Linda Lee Dell (David),  
man Home for Funer- his step children Frank
als, 656-6833
Youndt, James F. Walls (Naomi), Shirley
Wagner (Charles), John
Food for Thought
84, husband of Barbara Fogelsonger, and Robert
(Leid) Youndt, of Den-
Join Lisa Groff and
ver. August 26, 2016.
Good Funeral Home & Michele DeRosa as
Cremation Centre, our guest for
336-4909 The simple alternative a complimentary
* No Obituary ap- Hess, Milton E. If you want a funeral with an expensive Pre-Planning
pears West Green Tree casket and embalming, go to a funeral home! Lisa Groff Seminar. Michele DeRosa
Church of the If you are interested in affordable
Obituary notices are provid- Brethren, 740 Green  
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ed as an advertising service       
by the Classified Advertising town, 3 PM. Buch WE ARE THE NAME TO REMEMBER
department of LNP Media Funeral Home, Inc.   
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Group, Inc.      
Hill, Robert N. No Embalming No Caskets    
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aries may be placed by first
Roseboro Stradling
calling the Obituary Coordi-      
nator at 295-7875, then sub- Walnut Street, Denver, SERVING ALL OF LANCASTER CO. SINCE 1981
mitting the written notice ei- 4 PM Largest in the State of PA   
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Carol Lee Stout
woman, Carol took les- OTHER OBITUARIES
sons and entered various ON PAGE A26
horse shows, competing
in English riding compe-
titions. In her spare time
Carol played Bridge and
Ronald E. Hawthorne Hazel E. Asper Richard G.
competed in the 2013 Hockey, Soccer and Wagner, Sr.
Senior Olympics. Baseball. He enjoyed Richard G. Wagner,
Carol is survived by watching his grandson Sr., 79, of Exeter
3 of her loving children: play soccer and lacrosse Township, passed away
Michael Stout, husband at Elizabethtown High Friday, August 26,
of Jennifer, of Norfolk, School. 2016 in the Reading
VA; Kristopher Stout, of He and his wife have Hospital and Medical
Camp Hill; and Kelleigh a wide circle of good Center. He was the hus-
Carol L. Stout, 78, Johnson, of Perry Hall, and faithful friends and band of Agnes T. Sis
of Lititz, passed away MD. She is also survived family. We wish to thank (Schreiner) Wagner
at Moravian Manor, by 7 grandchildren; 7 all who participated in with whom he cele-
Monday, August 22, great-grandchildren; his life with cards, calls, brated 56 years of mar-
2016. Born in Oakland, and daughter-in-law, prayers, food, transpor- riage. Born in Reading,
CA, Carol was the daugh- Lois Stout, of Denver. tation and visits. he was a son of the
ter of the late Edward Carol was preceded in Beloved husband, Ron is survived by Hazel E. Asper, 89, of late Gabriel and Tillie
and Carol (Wadleigh) death by her son, Mark father, grandfather his wife of 56 years, Gail Landisville, PA passed (Maidl) Wagner.
Ryder. At a young age, Stout and brother, and cherished brother, A. (Shelly) Hawthorne; away We dnesday, Richard was a gradu-
Carol moved east to Robert Ryder. uncle and friend Ronald two children, Allison G. August 24, 2016 at ate of Reading High
Harrisburg with her A time of gathering E. Hawthorne jour- Hawthorne, companion Conestoga View. She School and was a reserv-
parents, when her father and sharing memo- neyed home to his Lord of Carol J. Thompson was born in Lancaster, ist for the Air National
on August 22, 2016, of Red Lion and Kirk PA the daughter of Guard. He was also
began employment at ries will be held from
after a long and coura- S. Hawthorne, com- the late Benjamin and a lifetime member
Caterpillar Corporation. 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM,
geous battle with Lynch panion of Kim Gladys Hazel Horn. She was of the Mohnton Fish
Carol graduated Saturday, September
Syndrome. He died at of Bainbridge; two preceded in death by and Game Associaton.
from John Harris High 10, 2016, at Charles F.
home in the loving pres- grandchildren, Gideon her husband Harold R. Richard was a spark
School and married Snyder Jr. Funeral Home
ence of his wife, Gail, and Adalyn; two sis- Asper, Sr. in 1994. Hazel tester and crane opera-
her former husband & Crematory, 3110 Lititz
daughter, Allison, son, ters, Patricia Dressler, retired from Packing tor for Car-Tech for 32
and good friend, Stan Pike, Lititz, PA 17543. Kirk and grandson, companion of Robert
Stout. They bought a In lieu of flowers, me- Inc. in Lancaster; pre- years, until his retire-
Gideon. Ron was the Circle of Lanexa, VA viously she worked for ment.
beautiful brick home on morial contributions son of the late J. Richard and Judith Baker, wife
Broad St., Lititz, where in Carols name may Hubley Manufacturing In addition to his
Dick and Grace I. of Wilson of Mount Joy; Co. in Lancaster. She wife, Richard is sur-
they raised their 3 sons be made to Moravian (Sharp) Hawthorne. and a brother, Richard
and 1 daughter. She Manor Benevolent Care enjoyed Bingo and vived by his son,
Ron graduated in Hawthorne, husband cooking. Surviving Richard G. Wagner, Jr.
worked for 8 years for Fund, 300 W. Lemon 1956 from Donegal High of Lynette of Mount
Wagamans Printing and St., Lititz, PA 17543. is her son Harold R. husband of Susan of
School and attended Joy. And nephews Asper, Jr. (Nancy), Florida and his daugh-
13 years as a retail clerk The family would like to Lebanon Valley Scott E. Baker, Steven
for Boscovs, enjoying extend a special thank her grandsons, Mark ter, Diane L. Lerch of
College as a music A. Dressler and Devin J. Asper (Jeannette), and Exeter Township; three
her work with the public you to the entire staff major. Music has always Hawthorne.
until her retirement. at Moravian Manor for Scott Asper (Sharon), grandchildren, Melissa
been a big part of his A memorial service her great grandchil- Davis, Steven Wagner
Carols family was her their wonderful care of life. He played drums honoring Rons life will
main priority and she Carol. To leave the fam- dren, Randy and Mike, and Daniel Aulenbach;
and sang vocals in dance be held at St. Marks her great great grand- ve great-grandchildren
treasured spending time ily an online condolence, bands for 30 years. Ron United Methodist
with them and cooking please visit: children, Kyleigh and and one sister, Mary
had a beautiful voice and Church, 37 East Main Regan, and her brother Ann Nidzgorski.
for them. She enjoyed sang in the St. Marks Street, Mount Joy on
spending summers at Edward Stevens The family will
United Methodist Thursday, September 1, (Bonnie), 6 nieces and 1 receive friends on
Ocean City, NJ. She Chancel Choir for many 2016 at 12 noon. Family
loved horses and horse- nephew. Mrs. Asper was Tuesday Evening,
years. Ron had a long and friends will be re- preceded in death by 3 August 30, 2016 from
back riding. As a young career in sales; retiring ceived at the church siblings. 5:00-7:00 pm with ser-
from Engle Publishing before the service from Private funeral ser- vices beginning at 12:30
and Printing in 2004, 10:30 AM until time of
Robert D. Stoner where he managed the service. Interment will
vices will be at the con-
venience of the fam-
pm on Wednesday,
August 31, 2016 in the
wasnt volunteering, he Credit Department. Ron be private. In lieu of ily. Please omit owers Lutz Funeral Home,
enjoyed outdoor activi- served on the Mount Joy owers, please send do- donations in Hazels Inc. 2100 Perkiomen
ties. Borough Council and nations to Relay for Life, name can be made to a Avenue, Reading, PA
He is survived by his was an active member of Cancer Research, in charity of ones choice. 19606. Interment in
children: Lisa married his community, partici- memo section: Captain Information and online Forest Hills Memorial
to Richard Mickle of pating in Relay for Life, Morgans Crusaders, condolences may be Park-- Exeter Township.
Mascoutah, IL, Gregory Compassionate Friends 53 Vista Drive, PO Box posted on our Web site: For online condolences,
married to Diane Stoner walks and Homeelds. 514, Maytown, PA 17550 please visit www.
of State College, and He and his wife en- or St. Marks United
Ryan Stoner of Munhall, joyed traveling, espe- Methodist Church (des-
PA; his 4 granddaugh- cially antiquing and ignate Chancel Choir)
ters Brittany Mickle, and cruising. Other favorite 37 East Main Street,  e | @
Gillian, Alexandra, and vacation spots included Mount Joy, PA 17552 or n nb Q | @ n
Riley Stoner. He is also Stone Harbor, Fenwick Homefields, Inc., P.O. Qn@ @ n@
Robert D. Stoner, 80, survived by his sister, Island, a cabin in Shade Box 41, Millersville, PA M n @
of Millersville, passed Pauline Polly Stoner Gap. Two travel high- 17551. To send an online 3@Qn @n n
away on Wednesday, of Willow Street. Bob lights included Hawaii condolence, please visit
and England. Ron loved www.sheetzfuneral-
ne en  n
August 24, 2016 at the was preceded in death
Mennonite Home. by his sister, Arlene sports, he was loyal to @ Since 1952
He was the husband Hershock. the Phillies and the Sheetz
of the late Joyce L. Friends and fam- Barnstormers. He was a Funeral Home, Inc. M [
Eckinger Stoner, who ily will be received on fan of Donegal H.S. Field Mount Joy
passed away in 2012. Wednesday, August 31, Home for Funerals
Born in Lancaster, he 2016 at the Charles F. Modest Funerals Plain Coffins
was the son of the late Snyder Funeral Home Philip W. Furman, F.D.
Benjamin and Amanda & Crematory, 441 N. Haldy/Keener Eitnier
Dambach Stoner. George St., Millersville, Memorials Memorials
Bob was a graduate of PA from 6-8PM and
Millersville University again on Thursday,
with a Bachelors Degree September 1, 2016 2102 Willow Street Pike 531 North State Street
and earned his Masters from 10-11AM, with the Lancaster, PA 17602 Ephrata, PA 17522
Degree in Fine Arts Funeral Service to fol- 717-392-6312
divisions of
from Temple University. low at 11AM, the Rev.
59 W. Main St. Leola, PA 17540
For 30 years, he taught Dr. Keith Braucher of-
Industrial Arts in the ficiating. Interment in Family owned & operated since 1921
a tribute to life
Octorara School District Millersville Mennonite
until his retirement in Cemetery. In lieu of
1988. A talented and flowers, please make a
skilled craftsman, Bob contribution in Bobs
created custom furni-
ture as the owner of
memory to the Water
Street Mission, 210 S.
All Lancaster County
Stoners Furniture Shop Prince St., Lancaster, PA
during his teaching ca-
reer, and full time, upon
17603 To
send an online condo-
veterans and their spouses...
his retirement. lence, please visit Did you know you are entitled to FREE interment?
Bob was a strong man (in ground full burial or cremation niche or cremation scattering garden)
of faith who attended at Indiantown Gap National Cemetery
Hempfield United
Methodist Church, and
was a long-time volun-
teer at the Water Street
Indiantown Gap National Cemetery Bus Tour
Mission. When he
September 28, 2016
7:30 am Check-In Lititz Pike Location
More than a Continental breakfast provided.
funeral service, 8:00 am Departing Funeral Home
9:00 am Arrive at IGNC
its about Preplanning Presentation followed by a free lunch.
There is no charge for the tour or meal.

sharing a life. Reservations are necessary.
Return to Funeral Home at approximately 3:00 pm.

Due to limited bus seating, this tour is exclusively for veterans


Diane Snyder DeBord and their immediate family who are interested in learning about

Formerly Kearney A. Snyder Funeral Home
Manheim Township Millersville Lancaster City Spacht-Snyder - Lititz
141 East Orange Street 2024 Marietta Avenue 3110 Lititz Pike 441 North George St. 414 East King St. 127 South Broad St.
Lancaster, PA 17602 Lancaster, PA 17603 717.560.5100 717.872.5041 717.393.9661 717.626.2317
Jeremy R. DeBord, Supv. Randy L. Stoltzfus, Supv. Charles F. (Chad) Snyder, III Mark D. Burkholder Charles F. (Chip) Snyder, Jr. Jacqueline Adamson
Funeral Director/Supervisor Funeral Director/Supervisor Funeral Director/Supervisor Supervisor/Pre-Planning Specialist
(717) 394-4097 |
AUGUST 28, 2016 28, 2016 LNP | LANCASTER, PA

Wilbur Bud Derr

Oct.5, 1920 Aug. 25, 2016
led by example and was
Obituaries Deaths from the previous week
both loving and chari- The following deaths 86, Columbia, Aug. 23. RINEER, Bertie M., 53,
table. were reported in the past Quarryville, Aug. 15.
Wilburs immedi- Charles L. week. Complete obituaries
GOOD, Joshlyn Grant, 23,
East Earl, Aug. 22. RUDMAN, Catherine Ann,
ate family would like can be found in the 52, Millersville, Aug. 18. news GRAHAM, Frank Archibald
to thank MediQuest archives. Jr., 95, Elizabethtown, Aug. SAKEWICZ, Mildred G., 92,
Homecare Services and 22. Ephrata, Aug. 24.
their excellent staff, es- ALBRIGHT, John H., 72,
Lancaster, Aug. 22. GRAYBILL, Curtis S. Jr., 65, SAUDER, Mabel H., 61,
pecially Diane Shirey Willow Street, Aug. 19. Ephrata, Aug. 20.
and Paul Sadaphal for ALFARO, Edgardo, 52,
Lancaster, Aug. 21. GROFF, Suzanne D., 75, SCHLEMM, Jere R., 83, East
their loving and compas- New Holland, Aug. 19. Petersburg, Aug. 16.
sionate care of Wilbur. ANGSTADT, Doris Ann
(Mock), 85, Reading, Aug. HALL, Robert C., 82, SENSENIG, Margaret W., 91,
Mary Ann, Doug and Manheim, Aug. 15. Leola, Aug. 21.
Tom would like to thank
Wilbur C. Derr, 95, of Buds grandson Nick for ARIO, Robert V., 72, HAWKINS, Michael Clifford, SHELLY, Bertha Marie Myer
Williamstown, N.J., Aug. 21. 66, Lancaster, Aug. 24. Metzler, 87, Maytown, Aug.
Mount Joy was reunited his devoted care of his 21.
with his late wife, Mary grandfather and his un- ASSO, Iris, 95, Earleville, HESS, Milton E., 84,
Md., July 21. Elizabethtown, Aug. 24. SHENK, Harry C. Jr., 95,
Risser Derr, who passed believable maturity and Columbia, Aug. 10.
in 1986, just two hours sacrices he made so our BARKER, Terry A., 30, HILL, Robert N., 95, Denver,
shy of their 70th wed- family could continue Pequea, Aug. 23. Aug. 19. SHUE, Irene, 85, Lancaster,
Aug. 19.
ding anniversary. Bud to care for our father at Charles L. BEIDELMAN, William R., HOOVER, Ivan Nolt, 77,
is survived by his daugh- home. 76, Lancaster, Aug. 11. Lancaster, Aug. 25. SLAUGH, Margaret W., 102,
Eichmann, 87, Hilton Head Island, S.C.,
ter Mary Ann (Doug) A Memorial Service of Lancaster BOCKEY, Anna IBACH, Margaret A., 83, Aug. 22.
Gerber, with whom he honoring Wilburs life died peacefully Mae (Gibbons), 84, Akron, Aug. 19.
resided in Mount Joy for will be held at the Sheetz Elizabethtown, Aug. 26. SMITH, George H., 92,
on August 22, KAUFHOLD, Candice M., Lancaster, Aug. 19.
the past 13 years, and his Funeral Home, Inc., 16 2016. Born in Lancaster, BOERGER, Helen Jane 70, Columbia, Aug. 18.
son Thomas (Lori) Derr, East Main Street, Mount he was a son of the late (Markert), 92, Lancaster, KIPE, David Franklin Jr., 68,
STAUFFER, Lloyd B., 72,
of Mount Joy. He will Joy on Tuesday, August Aug. 17. Brunnerville, Aug. 24.
Mattie Kittenger and Fayetteville.
be dearly missed by his 30th, 2016 at 7 PM. The Charles Eichmann BRADLEY, Donald R., 82, KLINE, Sando L., 69,
STEINMETZ, Linda L., 66,
grandchildren; Dawn, Derr family will receive Elizabethtown, Aug. 21. Lancaster, Aug. 18.
and is the husband Ephrata, Aug. 20.
Alicia, Amy and Nick. He friends from 5 to 7 pm. of Barbara G. Wilber BRADY, Edward Scott, 75, STEMPLE, Betty L., 72,
LEE, John B., 95,
was preceded in death Interment will be pri- Eichmann. Willow Street, Aug. 23. Bainbridge, Aug. 11.
Lancaster, Aug. 24.
by his son Kenneth Derr vate and held at the con- Charlie was a gradu- BROWN, Donald E., 63, STEPHENS, Patricia L., 75,
in 2010. venience of his family LEFEVER, Hildegard H., 84, Mountville, Aug. 23.
ate of J.P. McCaskey Lancaster, Aug. 19. Landisville, Aug. 26.
Bud proudly served in in Laurel Hill Memorial High School class of BUCH, Stanley J., 92, STERKENBURG, Jacquelyn
the US Army, European Garden. In lieu of ow- LeFEVER, Margaret E. Joan, 83, Wilmington, Del.,
1946 and then served Lancaster, Aug. 19. (Stockbauer), 76, New
Theater during WWII. ers, memorial contribu- in the U.S. Army. Bedford, Mass., Aug. 21.
Aug. 25.
BUSH, Frederick Stellhorn,
He retired from tions to the Water Street Charles was employed 85, Larchmont, N.Y., Aug. STEVENS, Bartena L., 68,
Armstrong World Ind., Mission, 210 South MAURER, Irene Neal, 64, Lancaster, Aug. 19.
at Armstrong World 18. Columbia, Aug. 17.
Lancaster floor plant, Prince St., Lancaster Industries for twenty STUMP-PALUMBO, Teresa
CAIN, Robert O. Jr., 79, McBANE, Dale Walter, 79,
where he worked in the PA 17603, or years and Graphic Lancaster, Aug. 18. A., 52, Lititz, Aug. 24.
maintenance depart- make-an-impact/do- Lancaster, Aug. 22.
Crafts, Inc. for twenty- CAPRAUN, Jason F., 39, SWEIGART, Carol A., 73,
ment. He was a 50 year nate On line condo- seven years retiring in Lancaster, Aug. 19.
McCORRY, Herbert J. Jr., Tampa, Fla., July 12.
member of St. Marks lences may be directed 62, Lancaster, Aug. 16.
1991. He was a mem- CARABALLO, Henry, 58, TITELBAUM, Stanley, 74,
UM Church of Mount to www.sheetzfuneral- ber of Lancaster Elks McKINNEY, Richard E., 86, Manheim, Aug. 23.
Bird-In-Hand, Aug. 19.
Joy. Throughout his Lodge BPOE 134 and
Lancaster, Aug. 19.
CHRISTOFFEL, Michael J., TUCKER, Eleanor Seidel,
life, it was evident that Sheetz Lancaster Commercial MEYERS, Doris A., 80, 92, Lancaster, Aug. 19.
his faith in the Lord was Funeral Home, Inc. 59, Lancaster, July 26. Brownstown, Aug. 21.
Travelers Association. TUCKER, Ethel McClure
consistent with his char- Mount Joy He is survived by his
COLLER, Kate T., 44, MILLER, Raymond R. Jr., Witmer, 90, Ephrata, Aug. 19.
acter. In addition, Bud Elmira, N.Y., Aug. 22. 84, Stevens, Aug. 19.
son, Chuck husband UMSTEAD, Dorothy A., 81,
DeCOLA, Pamela Sue
of Linda L. Eichmann (Derr), 59, Levittown, Aug.
MOHR, Joseph Michael, 59, Lancaster, Aug. 20.
J. Paul Hostetter, Lancaster;
Carol S. married to
of Lancaster, PA, two 23.
Bainbridge, Aug. 20.
grandchildren: Jared of
MORRISON, Helen Jane, Lancaster, Aug. 9.
Duane R. Hurst, Lititz; DECKER, Barbara W., 89,
Nashville and Jessica Ronks, Aug. 26.
94, Atglen, Aug. 23.
WAGNER, Helen S., 96,
six grandchildren and of Grantville, also sur- MOUNT, Wendy Anne, Quarryville, Aug. 22.
six great-grandchildren. viving are stepchildren: DeLANEY, Richard Lancaster, June 11.
He was preceded in Griswold, 75, WAGNER, Marie A., 63,
Richard Holmberg, Elizabethtown, Aug. 19. MYLIN, Kylie Raye 1 1/2 Manheim, Aug. 16.
death by a son, Ronald Lancaster, Robert years, daughter of Devon
Hostetter and a brother, DEMLER, Lewis F. Jr., 73, WANNER, Mary M., 77,
Holmberg, husband of Denver, Aug. 19.
J. Mylin and Erika E.
Lancaster, Aug. 20.
Robert Hostetter. Tina, Strasburg, Cheryl Dukeman, Quarryville, Aug.
The family would like Madenford, wife of Jeff, DOSTER, Melvin J. Sr., 87, 19. WARGO, Joseph B., 92,
to express their deepest Newmanstown, Aug. 24. Lancaster, Aug. 17.
Florida, 6 step-grand- NISSLEY, Betty J., 88,
gratitude to the per- children and 8 step- DuBREE, Ralph L. Jr., 82, Lancaster, Aug. 20. WEAVER, Barbara Horning,
sonal care nursing staff great-grandchildren. Quarryville, Aug. 23. NOLT, Donald E., 89, Aug. 15.
at Ephrata Manor for Relatives and friends ERB, Melvin R., 92, Lititz, Lancaster, Aug. 18. WENGER, Daniel E., 89,
their loving care of J. are respectfully in- Aug. 19. NOLT, E. Arlene Steffy, 81, Ephrata, Aug. 21.
Paul. vited to attend Charles ESBENSHADE, John Ephrata, Aug. 20. WIGHAMAN, Paul Miller,
His funeral will be Memorial Service on Frederick, 95, Ephrata, OBRIEN, Charlotte C. 90, Lancaster, Aug. 19.
held on Wednesday, Saturday, September 3, Aug. 25. (Costella), 83, Lancaster, WISE, Richard Earl Sr., 86,
J. Paul Hostetter, August 31, 2016 at 11 a.m. 2016 at 11:00 a.m. at the FARMER, James R., 77, Aug. 22. Elizabethtown, Aug. 19.
84, formerly of New at Grace Family Church Lititz, Aug. 19.
Groffs Family Funeral PENNA, Marilyn E., 71, ZANDER, Doris J., 84,
Holland, went home with Pastor Tim Hodge & Cremation Services, FOW, Oscar Allen Jr., 75, Lancaster, Aug. 22. Quarryville, Aug. 21.
to be with the Lord officiating. Interment Inc., 528 W. Orange Lancaster, Aug. 23. REMENTER, Jean, 92, ZIPP, Geraldine A., 67, New
on Tuesday, August will be in Trinity Street, (corner of W. GENTZLER, Henry G. Sr., Mount Joy, Aug. 20. Holland, Aug. 20.
23, 2016 at Ephrata Lutheran Cemetery. Orange & Pine Sts.),
Manor. His wife of 65 The family will receive Lancaster, PA 17603.
years, Viola M. (Graver) friends at the church The family will receive
Hostetter, survives. on Wednesday from 10 MAX RITVO MARVIN KAPLAN
friends at The Groffs
Born in Refton, he was
Poet chronicled
11 a.m. Kindly omit
TV actor
on Saturday from 10:00
the son of the late A. owers. If desired, me- a.m. until time of ser-
Clyde and Lillie Mae morials may be sent
(McMichael) Hostetter.
J. Paul was a car
to Ephrata Manor
Benevolent Fund, 99
If desired, memo- cancer treatment on Alice
rial contributions in
salesman and then Bethany Rd., Ephrata, Charles name may ROBERT JABLON prov comedy group. His NEW YORK (AP)
sales manager for John PA 17522 or to Grace
Sauder Chevrolet, New be made to Hospice & ASSOCIATED PRESS
teachers included Pulit- Veteran actor Marvin
Family Church for Community Care, 685
Holland, which culti- the Camp Conquest LOS ANGELES zer Prize-winning poet Kaplan has died at 89.
vated his love of cars. He Good Dr., P.O. Box 4125, Max Ritvo, a poet who Louise Gluck. Best known for his re-
Scholarship Fund, 415 Lancaster, PA 17604-
was a member of Grace S. Kinzer Ave., New chronicled his long Ritvos cancer re- curring role on the long-
Family Church and en- 4125. battle with cancer in turned in his senior year, running sitcom Alice,
Holland, PA 17557. The Online condolences
joyed bicycle riding, Groff-High Funeral works that were both but he completed Yale Kaplan died Friday in
golng and traveling. may be posted on our humorous and searing, and this year earned a Burbank, California,
Home, New Holland is Web site:
In addition to his in charge of arrange- has died. He was 25. masters degree from where he resided, said
wife, he is survived by Ritvo died Tuesday Columbia University. John Gallogly, execu-
ments. Online condo-
three children: Sharon lences may be posted morning at his home in Ritvos battle with the tive director of Theatre
married to Gerald at www.groffeckenroth. the Brentwood area of disease informed his West, with which Kaplan
Leaman, New Holland; com. Los Angeles, his moth- works. A June poem in was associated.
Gary married to Barbara er, Ariella Ritvo-Slifka, The New Yorker dis- Besides his portrayal
said Friday. cussed an experiment on Alice of Henry, a
Ritvo was diagnosed where cells from his telephone linesman and
n@ n@n at 16 with Ewings sar- tumors were used in frequent patron of Mels
coma, a rare cancer cancer drug treatment Diner, Kaplan voiced the
@ n@@[n that affects bones and experiments with mice. character Choo-Choo in
n [@ n@b soft tissue in children I want my mice to the 1960s cartoon series
and young adults. be just like me, Ritvo Top Cat.
n n@n @ Treatment brought wrote. I dont have any More recently, he
n about a remission that children. I named them made several appear-
n [@ n@ permitted Ritvo to finish
high school and attend
all Max. First they were
Max 1, Max 2, but now
ances on the Ted Danson
comedy Becker.
M 3 Yale University, where theyre all just Max. No Other credits include
he performed in an im- playing favorites. the 1963 film Its a Mad,
Mad, Mad, Mad World
and the 1965 Blake Ed-
We ARE Different. THE END OF
ALZHEIMERS wards comedy The
Great Race.
YOU The New York native
Taking care of your hearing also was a regular on the
health means you take sitcom Meet Millie,
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Man charged in killing of 2 nuns Charities learn

Killings shock rural communities; authorities not discussing motives from past mass
killing mistakes
man suspected in the HARTFORD, Conn. The next year a cen-
slayings of two nuns In the days after the tralized fund was cre-
found dead in their Mis- June 12 attack on the ated for victims of
sissippi home has been Pulse nightclub, other the Boston Marathon
arrested and charged victims of mass shoot- bombing in 2013.
with capital murder in ings reached out to the The official Bos-
the shocking killing that survivors and their fam- ton One Fund, which
rocked the small town ilies to ensure that mis- formed after the mara-
communities where the takes made with charity thon bombing, initially
women served, authori- efforts after previous at- raised $61 million and
ties said. tacks were not repeated. gave all of it to victims
Rodney Earl Sanders, Anita Busch, whose within 75 days. Mean-
46, of Kosciusko, Missis- cousin Micayla Medek while, other groups
sippi, was charged in the was killed with 11 others were discouraged from
deaths of Sister Marga- in a Denver-area the- raising funds.
ret Held and Sister Paula ater attack in 2012, said Another $20 million
Merrill, Mississippi De- those families had to went out in a later dis-
partment of Public Safe- ASSOCIATED PRESS
scrape and claw and still tribution to survivors
ty spokesman Warren A memorial is placed outside crime scene tape Friday at the home in Durant, Miss., wait months for help. and groups that cared
where Sister Margaret Held and Sister Paula Merrill were found slain Thursday morning.
Strain said late Friday. It was a horrible for them. The One
Both women were 68. fight, she said. They Fund shut down after
People who knew the A smart- family was thankful ment officers working on set up committees. 20 months.
nuns, known for their phone Sanders is off the streets. the case. People were lied to right
generosity and com- photograph Nobody else is threat- Their U.S. Province and left. Orlando
mitment to improving taken by the ened by this individual. Leadership Team of- The effort in Orlando
health care for the poor, Department
So theres some relief fered its deepest appre- was deeply informed The charity response
have been grappling with of Public there, he said. ciation to investigators by the failures and suc- and thus potential for
why anyone would want Safety of But the family still has and to the hundreds cesses of charitable re- fraud was magnified
to kill them. Rodney Earl to deal with the loss. of people and organiza- sponses to previous at- after the Orlando attack
Dr. Elias Abboud, the Sanders. Merrill said he agrees tions who offered their tacks. with the loss of so many
physician who oversees with the idea of forgive- prayers and words of victims in the LGBT and
the clinic in Lexington vestigation, Lt. Colonel ness and that is some- support in the wake of Sandy Hook Hispanic communities,
where the nuns worked, Jimmy Jordan said in thing his aunt would the sisters deaths. whose well-organized
said Saturday that Sand- the statement. want for whoever killed Meanwhile, in the After the 2012 shoot- advocacy groups took
ers was not a patient Authorities said Sand- her but its not that easy. poverty-stricken Missis- ings at Connecticuts up their own fundraising
there. ers was being held in an Im not as strong as sippi county where the Sandy Hook Elementa- appeals.
Sanders was also not undisclosed detention my aunt. I dont know if two nuns were slain, for- ry School that killed 26 We were just over-
known to the small con- center pending a court Im capable of complete- giveness for their killer is people, at least 77 sepa- whelmed with the
gregation where Held appearance. They have ly forgiving. I can have hard to find, even if for- rate charities came for- amount of emails and
and Merrill led Bible not given any details on sympathy, he said. giveness is what the vic- ward to raise money messages asking: What
study for years. why they think Sand- Merrill said he would tims would have wanted. far too many to collect can we do? said Ida V.
The Rev. Greg Plata, sac- ers killed the women or not support the death She doesnt deserve to and distribute funds Eskamani, who oversees
ramental minister at St. whether he knew them. penalty if Sanders were die like this, doing Gods efficiently, according to regional fundraising at
Thomas Catholic Church Strain said Saturday to be convicted but that work, said Joe Mor- Connecticut Attorney Equality Florida in Or-
in Lexington, said Satur- that he does not know decision will ultimately gan Jr., a 58-year-old General George Jepsen. lando, which defends
day that he does not think whether Sanders has an be made by the people former factory worker A year and a half after rights of lesbians, gays,
people at the church knew attorney. Authorities do in Mississippi. The who has diabetes and the shootings, almost bisexual and transgen-
Sanders. not anticipate making capital murder charge was a patient of Mer- half of the $28 million der people.
The womens bodies any other arrests. Strain leaves open the possibil- rills. Theres something raised had not yet been Taking its cues from
were discovered Thurs- said investigators be- ity Sanders will face the wrong with the world. distributed, according Boston, Orlando cre-
day after they failed to lieve Sanders acted death penalty but that de- Both women worked to that offices latest ated a centralized fund,
show up for work in Lex- alone. termination will be made at the clinic, where they report. Donors from merging a city campaign
ington, about 10 miles Merrills nephew, Da- by prosecutors later. gave flu shots, dispensed around the world sent with three other major
from where they lived. vid Merrill, speaking by The order Held be- insulin and provided gifts, including teddy fundraising efforts, that
Sanders was devel- telephone from Stone- longed to School other medical care for bears for children in the has raised more than $23
oped as a person of in- ham, Massachusetts, Sisters of St. Francis children and adults who community of about million. At least another
terest early on in the in- said Saturday that the thanked law enforce- couldnt afford it. 28,000. $1.3 million in contribu-
Newtown first select- tions has come from do-
man Pat Llodra said it-yourself crowdfund-
the donations over- ing campaigns.
FLOODING whelmed the towns The city also dropped
government and led to its plan, under criticism
Dukes of Hazard actors home swamped hard feelings from those
who felt the charity did
from victims of previ-
ous attacks, to give some
not get to those it was aid to the victims and
CHEVEL JOHNSON out their homes and try- sand. I guess we can use meant to help. their families and some
ing to figure out where it as beach set now. Months later I was to related causes, such
NEW ORLEANS Ac- they will get the money Schneider said his finding donations and as gay rights or advocacy
tor, writer and director to rebuild. dogs, who freely roam offers and contribu- for Hispanics. All dona-
John Schneider, known Schneider said this the property, survived tions that never made it tions will now go to the
for his past role on the time, overflow from the deluge by jumping to my desk because peo- victims, including the 53
Dukes of Hazzard and the Tickfaw River this onto a picnic table in the ple didnt know where wounded and the fami-
current role on The Theres mud. month inundated all of barn. A friend came in to send it, she said. lies of 49 who were killed.
Haves and the Have his property in Holden, and got them, he said.
Nots, thought the first Theres silt. flooding his home Most amazing though,
flood he experienced at Theres sand. Its which includes his edit- he says, has been the re-
his Louisiana produc-
tion studio was bad but
everywhere. ing and screening rooms
and another house in
sponse by people in the
John Schneider, actor
says he now knows there which his mother lives. A friend, Ill always
are different levels of Ive never experi- be grateful to, came and
whats considered bad. tens of thousands of peo- enced anything like this put my guitars on top of
Schneiders Livingston ple affected by flooding before, he said. Theres tables and stools to save
Parish-based studio across southern Loui- mud. Theres silt. Theres them, Schneider said.
which includes his home, siana, where a deluge sand. Its everywhere. Another friend waded
offices, cars, wardrobe, of rain reaching 2 feet We used to have a base- into the house and saved
sound stages, and more in some areas sparked ball field on the property. two films on his com-
flooded in mid-March widespread, catastroph- Now its covered with puter.
but the water didnt get ic flooding. Thirteen

into his 116-year-old people died and at least
home. 30,000 people had to
This time around, he be rescued from their
wasnt as lucky. homes. People across the Let us help you remain independent in your home.
Schneider was one of state have been cleaning
American-made lifts installed and
serviced by a local professional.
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Lancaster Benchmark
Opera singer once sang
at the U.S. Supreme Court
n Entertainment, page B4




Hopewell Furnace, a National Historic Site, offers detailed look at beginnings of steel industry


n one of the hottest days of the sum-
n What: Hopewell
Furnace National
mer, a 22-foot-high water wheel Historic Site.
creaks as it turns. The sight of the wa-
n Where: 2 Mark
ter is refreshing, but in the 1800s, this Bird Lane, Elverson.
wheel powered a blast of air that would help heat
Hopewell Furnace to more than 3,000 degrees. n Cost: Free.
Not far away, a village of modest houses shows n Open: 9 a.m. to
how furnace workers lived. An ironmasters 5 p.m. daily through
Columbus Day; fall and
house gives a look at the life of a different class. winter hours are 9 a.m.
In its time, Hopewell Furnace helped fuel to 5 p.m. Wednesdays
revolutions. The workers made cannons for the through Sundays. The
Revolutionary War. Later, iron stoves made here date to return to full-
freed women from standing over hearths, allow- time hours has not yet
ing them to move away from the kitchen. been set for 2017.
Today, the furnace is a National Historic Site n Staff: Eight
and is managed by the National Park Service. It permanent staffers,
is the closest National Historic Site to Lancaster plus summer seasonal
staff and volunteers.
This is a big week for Hopewell. The National n Information: www.
Park Service, on Thursday, celebrated its 100th or
anniversary in the middle of a yearlong celebra-
tion. Also, this Saturday marks the 300th an- Top, the bridge n Upcoming events:
house at Hopewell Apple-picking of
niversary of the beginning of the iron and steel Furnace in Berks the parks heirloom
industry in Pennsylvania. County is where varieties starts today
Congress created the National Park Service to workers stored and continues through
protect parks such as Yellowstone, the worlds charcoal, lime- October. Apples are
first national park. Hopewell Furnace, near El- stone and iron $1 a pound.
verson in Berks County, didnt become a Na- ore. Above is
a view of the
tional Historic Site until 1938. But its history
goes back centuries before then.
property looking
toward the tenant
The story of the furnace begins in 1771, when it houses. At left, n Watch a tour of
was fired up for the first time, says David Black- Hopewells site Hopewell Furnace
burn, site manager. Ironmaster Mark Bird over- manager, David National Historic Site
Blackburn, sits at
saw the manufacture of cannons, shot and shells
and other iron goods for the colonial army. on a rope bed in
one of the tenant
At the end of the revolution, there were no houses.


Variety spices up Ware Centers 6th season Janai


Singers, dancers, cabarets, films among more than 80 events planned

JANE HOLAHAN of Christmas concerts are plains, it has had this phi- ists who come here.
among the more than 80 losophy: When it comes And the people of Lan-
Everyone from the great events planned. Addition- to choosing performers, caster have shown they
actress Sarah Bernhardt al and oversized events throw everything against like whats happening.
to ukulele virtuoso Del will take place at the Win- the wall and see what Shows often sell out.
Ray will stop in at Mill- ter Center on the Millers- sticks. We are listening
ersville Universitys Ware ville campus. It all stuck, she says to the community,
Center in downtown We had fun putting this with a laugh. Kendall says. We
Lancaster during its sixth together, says Laura Ken- After five years, the are hearing sug-
season, running Sept. 13 dall, director of the Ware Ware Center has become gestions and
through mid-May. Center. If you like classi- an ideal and well-known ideas, and we
Also checking in will cal music, we have some- place to perform, accord- pursue them.
be sopranos, dinosaurs, thing for you. If you like ing to Kendall. If we can
flamenco dancers, bal- family shows or theater It is on everyones ra- get dates to
lerinas, Jackie Robinson or dance, weve got some- dar. Its a great place with a work, we will
and Simon Wiesenthal. thing for you. Weve got receptive audience, which book them.
Intimate cabarets, a big- something for everyone. makes a world of differ- So whats
band salute to Pearl Har- Since the Ware Centers ence, she says. We take happening in
bor and, of course, plenty inception, Kendall ex- really good care of the art- WARE, page B2

Saturday, September 10th

from 10-11am
Low Back Pain &
Sciatica Workshop No Referral Needed All Major Insurances Accepted ATTENDEES WILL RECEIVE A FREE E-BOOK
Dont Live With Pain: Call 717-945-6938 to Schedule Your Initial Evaluation ABOUT BACK PAIN AND SCIATICA

Come learn the different causes of Back Pain + Sciatica, and how you can overcome it without medications, injections, or surgery.

Restaurant inspections American Legion Post

No. 865, Newport Avenue,
Hat, 2775 Lebanon Road,
Manheim, Aug. 4. Soap
Booth No. 233, Bread and
Broth, 2775 Lebanon Road,
P.O. Box 82, Christiana, dispenser not working due Manheim, Aug. 4. Sanitizer
Aug. 4. Beverage lines to absence of batteries. hose being stored in hand-
and nonintegral cold plate wash sink.
The Pennsylvania complaint, Aug. 1. No one florescent light fixture device installed in ice
Department of Agriculture, violations. in food prep area; repeat Booth No. 355, The
bin and in contact with Cauldron, 2775 Lebanon Booth No. 339, New World
866-366-3723, uses a violation. ice used for consumer
risk-based inspection Road, Manheim, Aug. Inn, 2775 Lebanon Road,
Subway, 19 E. King St., Aug. beverages. Facility Manheim, Aug. 4. Torn
reporting process for 1. No violations. 4. Scoop stored in ice
Lancaster Family Resort, does not have available rubber door gaskets on
restaurants and other food machine with handle
2250 Lincoln Highway quaternary sanitizer walk-in freezer.
handlers. E., follow-up, Aug. 5. No buried beneath ice. Boxes
Subway, 217 N. Queen St., test strips or test kit to of cookies stored directly
Suite 219, Aug. 1. Food violations. determine appropriate
Zigs Bakery & Deli LLC, on floor in the front service Booth No. 352, MacBeth
facility operator failed sanitizer concentration. area, rather than 6 inches
2 W. Grant St., Aug. 2. No Mac & Cheese, 2775
to post an original, valid New Panda, 3583 off floor as required. Pink Lebanon Road, Manheim,
violations. PDA Food Employee Rothsville Road, Ephrata, Booth No. 500, Six slime on ice scoop. Ice in Aug. 4. Open beverages
Certification in a location follow-up, Aug. 5. No Knights, 2775 Lebanon stored above single-use
Boscovs Department designated hand-wash sink.
conspicuous to the violations. Road, Manheim, Aug.
Store, 800 Park City Hand-wash sink in back gloves. Deeply scored
consumer; corrected on 4. Low-temperature
Center, Aug. 1. No food prep area blocked by cutting boards not
site. Rainbow Dinner Theatre, dishwasher does not work.
violations, a large trash can and not resurfaced or discarded
3065 Lincoln Highway E., Maintenance called at time accessible at all times for as required. Single-
Teavana, 142 Park P.O. Box 56, Paradise, Aug. of inspection. Dark residue employee use. service plastic utensils
Brethren Village / Chives City Center, Aug. 1. No 5. Food slicer has dried on walk-in cooler ceiling. stored in manner that
/ Perkissimo / Village violations. food residue and is not Pieces of insulation on top does not protect against
Center Bistro / Village of hood must be corrected Booth No. 212, Scappis
clean to sight and touch. Pizza, 2775 Lebanon contamination from
Stores, 3001 Lititz Pike, Tony Wangs Chinese Island Oasis machine at bar so that it is a smooth and customer hands.
follow-up, Aug. 1. Village easily cleanable surface. Road, Manheim, Aug. 4.
Restaurant, 2217 Lincoln has dried, sticky residue Refrigerator door does
Store - Raw shell eggs Highway East, follow-up, and is not clean to sight
not stay closed and Brabbeys, 1457 Kirkwood
are being stored above Aug. 1. No violations. and touch. Soda gun in the Booth No. 210, Tutberrys seal, causing excessive Pike, Kirkwood, Aug. 4. No
yogurt, cantaloupe, and bar area has dark, moist Tuber Tavern, 2775 condensation to drip on violations.
blueberries. Coffee Shop - Turkey Hill Minit Market residue accumulation. Lebanon Road, Manheim,
Raw shell eggs are being packages of pizza and
No. 19, 520 Hershey Ave., Small bucket of stagnant Aug. 4. Hand sink not
stored above sliced turkey. bottles of water. Food Dollar General No. 11288,
Aug. 1. The hand-wash sink water that soda gun holster clean to sight and touch.
Coffee Shop - Prepackaged contact surface of wooden 5373 Lincoln Highway E.,
in the back room area was drain line drains into not Food employees in prep
dessert is not labeled cutting board not smooth, Gap, Aug. 4. Chemicals
blocked by crates and not being disposed of daily. area not wearing proper
properly with the name easily cleanable and/ and personal hygiene
accessible at all times for Protective plastic cover hair restraint and beard
of product, ingredient or resistant to pitting, items stored next to or
employee use. missing on one florescent cover. Facility does not
statement, net weight, cracking or scratching. above food items on Last
light fixture above food have available sanitizer
distributed by statement Chance display shelves.
prep table. Peeling paint on test strips or test kit to
and/or nutritional facts. Booth 213, McManley Exterior door in rear of
Booth No. 613, Cafe ceiling, directly over food determine appropriate building is not tight-fitting
Coffee Shop - A pink and Cortez, 2775 Lebanon prep table. concentration for sanitizer Brothers, 2775 Lebanon
tan slime inside the soda Road, Manheim, Aug. 4. and does not protect
Road, Manheim, follow-up, being used. against entry of rodents or
nozzles of the customer Aug. 5. No violations. Meat pies held in insulated
Ritas Italian Water Ice, insects.
self-service soda machine. Booth No. 211, Dark containers after cooking
5351 Lincoln Highway E.,
Booth No. 528, Prancing Suite 10, Gap, Aug. 5. No Knight, 2775 Lebanon found to be 117 degrees
College Corner Caf, 931 rather than 135 or above as Happy Rooster Saloon Inc.,
Pig, 2775 Lebanon Road, violations. Road, Manheim, Aug. 4. 334 Route 41, Gap, Aug.
Harrisburg Ave., Aug. 1. No Manheim, follow-up, Aug. Soy milk was held at 45 required at two hours after
violations. delivery. 4. Ice machine deflector
5. No violations. Sushi By Jay @ Weis degrees in refrigerator plate has black mold-
Market, 740 S. Broad St., rather than 41 or below as type residue; cleaned.
Cordelias Catering, 3281 Brunnerville Hotel, 1301 Lititz, Aug. 5. Person in required. Booth 419, Der Deutche Static dust and grease
Ridge Road, Gordonville, Front St., Lititz, Aug. 5. In charge does not have Kuche, 2775 Lebanon accumulation on hood
Aug. 1. No violations. walk-in refrigerator, chicken adequate knowledge of Booth No. 214, The Prime Road, Manheim, Aug. grease filters and behind
wings piled high in metal food safety as evidenced Cut, 2775 Lebanon Road, 4. Soda holster missing fryer units.
CVS Pharmacy No. 5090, containers for cooling. Gap by this noncompliant Manheim, Aug. 4. Loose drain tube is positioned
501 Harrisburg Ave., Aug. 1. around kitchen door needs inspection. Documentation caulk and dust on fume directly over drink ice bin.
Customer self-service Kettle Craic Booth, 2775
No violations. to be sealed to prevent not recorded from July hood over grill. Lebanon Road, Manheim,
vector entrance. 28 to present for: PH single-use tableware not
displayed in manner so that Aug. 4. Single-service cups,
Folklore Coffee, 1 N. Market meter calibration, acidified Booth Nos. 224 and 222, lids and straws exposed to
rice PH, and freezer and Wicked Pickle/Majestys only handles are touched
St., Elizabethtown, follow- Emmaus Road Cafe, 1916 dust and debris falling from
up, Aug. 1. No violations. Lincoln Highway E., Aug. 5. refrigerator temperatures. Cup, 2775 Lebanon Road, by customers. Main doors
above. Hand-wash sink
No violations. Food handler donning Manheim, Aug. 4. Food are not sealed tightly.
for employees located in
single-use gloves without employee making bare- rear area is not convenient
Garganos Pizzeria &
prior hand-wash. hand contact with pickle Booth 422, Bosun Petes, and easily accessible,
Deli, 5997 Main St., East Friendlys No. 1236, 5360
Petersburg, Aug. 1. No Lincoln Highway E., Type 2 while putting on stick. 2775 Lebanon Road, as evidenced by lack of
violations. follow-up, Aug. 5. Person Timbers Pavilion, 210 Broken boxes of frozen Manheim, Aug. 4. Facility proper hand-washing by
in charge is not performing Lancaster Ave., Terre Hill, dessert mix on walk- does not have available employees.
duties as required by state Aug. 5. No violations. in floor, which caused sanitizer test strips or
Gertrude Hawk, 100 Park spillage. test kit to determine
City Center, Aug. 1. No food code to actively Mount Hope Mansion, 2775
manage food safety in this Sir Lance A Lot, 2775 appropriate sanitizer Lebanon Road, Manheim,
violations. concentration. Customer
facility. Grease hood filters Lebanon Road, Manheim, Booth No. 228, Aug. 4. No violations.
not installed in grease vent Aug. 4. Chicken held at Swashbucklers Public self-service single-use
John Sagona, 120 N. Duke House, 2775 Lebanon tableware not displayed
hood; repeat violation. Torn 134 degrees rather than Nuts About You, 2775
St., Aug. 1. No violations. Road, Manheim, Aug. in manner so that only
door gasket on upright 135 or above as required. Lebanon Road, Manheim,
True single-door freezer; Ice for customer drinks 4. Chlorine test strips handles are touched by
Aug. 4. No violations.
Lees Deli, Columbia repeat violation. No hot stored in nonfood-grade unavailable for ensuring customers.
Avenue, Aug. 1. No water at hand-wash sink bags. Plastic utensils proper sanitizer
violations. concentration in wiping Booth 202, Peasant
in ice cream dipping area; stored in manner that Booth 532, The Rusty
cloth buckets. Bread & Lemonade, 2775
repeat violation from does not protect again Scupper, 2775 Lebanon Lebanon Road, Manheim,
Panera Bread No. 710, 2015 inspection. Plastic contamination from Road, Manheim, Aug. 4. No
2092 Fruitville Pike, protective cover missing on customer hands. Booth No. 231, Witchs violations. INSPECTIONS, page B17

Ware: Will feature singers, dancers, cabaret and more

Continued from B1 low throughout the year. show last year, returns on cert will be devoted to space, says Kendall. I Sinatra, Nov. 11; and the
this new season? Way And a number of other April 13 as Henry Box Irish music. think it is such a phenom- River City Big Band, April
too much to write about films will be screened as Brown, a man born into The always popular enal experience. It rever- 21.
here. For a complete look well. slavery who devised a British Brass band re- berates through your The Family Fun se-
at the schedule, go to The Capitol Steps brilliant escape by sealing turns on May 12 and May whole body. ries will be presenting, or pick up a will be making musical himself in a wooden box 14, and Del Ray, the uku- Kendall is also excited Erths Dinosaur Zoo Live,
free guide with the entire fun of Washington, D.C., and being mailed to Phil- lele virtuoso who plays a about Jenai Brugger, on May 7 at the Winter
schedule. and the presidential elec- adelphia, and freedom. mean guitar as well, will named one of the top 25 Center. Its a massive
Here are some high- tion at the Winter Center The Paloma Players, perform April 6. brilliant young artists journey through pre-his-
lights of this busy year: Sept. 15. With the crazi- who scored big last year On Sept. 29, folk/blue- by Opera News. She will toric Australia, where a
A new film series ness of this years presi- with Anna in the Trop- grass/country singers perform Nov. 18. collection of lifelike dino-
will begin Sept. 13 with dential election, it should ics, return for their sec- Robin and Linda Wil- A new feature at the saurs live.
Sweet Dreams. The se- be a fun night. ond Ware Center show liams, who have been center is Club 42, which Also on tap for fam-
ries will feature the film- Our theater series is on May 5. The group will performing together for offers cabarets and popu- ily fun will be Impossible
makers along with their always really busy, Ken- be kicking off the Susque- more than four decades, lar music concerts with Izzpossible, on Oct. 1,
films. dall says. hanna Latino Arts Festi- will be giving a concert. table settings, drinks which celebrates hip-hop
These are brand-new This year, they are fea- val. Caladh Nua, a tightly and small plate offerings and blends it with mod-
films you cant see on turing five shows. And local actress knit band of five musi- on the third floor of the ern and traditional dance.
Netflix, Kendall says. On Oct. 5, Wiesen- and writer Candace cians, perform tradition- Ware Center. Danny Weinkauf, a
We are only one of eight thal will tell the story of ODonnell is back after al Irish music tinged with Among the offerings Grammy- winning com-
sites in the country to be the man who devoted his last years sold-out show contemporary flair on are Michael Longoria, poser and member of the
getting this film series. life to bringing to justice about Mary Todd Lin- March 4. who starred in Jersey band They Might Be Gi-
Sweet Dreams is more than 1,100 Nazi war coln. She will play the Emeline Michel, known Boys on Broadway, Oct. ants, will offer a concert
about a group of Rwan- criminals. worlds greatest actress, as the Queen of Haitian 21; Randy Jeter, now in for kids and their parents
dan women as they Everybodys Hero: The Sarah Bernhardt, who Song, as well as one of Crooners at the Ameri- on Feb. 4.
emerge from the coun- Jackie Robinson Story had quite a life, both trag- Haitis finest songwriters, can Music Theatre, Feb. DanceLancaster Week-
trys genocide to create will take the stage Feb. 10. ic and triumphant. The will perform Feb. 15. 18; and the high-energy end will be held March
new futures for them- With music by Mad River show runs two days, April Perhaps the most un- acoustic band Velvet Car- 11 and March 12, and a
selves. Directors Rob and Theatre Works, the show 28 and 29. usual concert will be avan, Feb. 11. Flamenco showcase, fea-
Lisa Fruchtman, who are looks at the events that In the music realm, the Taikoza, a Japanese Jazz in the Sky returns turing some of the finest
brother and sister, will be shaped his life and the Allegro in the Round re- Taiko drums and dance with the Steve Rudolph dancers from Spain and
on hand when the film is countrys. turns for three concerts, group on Jan. 29. Trio, Larry McKenna and flamenco guitarist Jose
shown. Mike Wiley, who played on Nov. 18, Jan. 13 and Its at the Winter Cen- George Rabbai, Oct. 8; Luis de la Paz, will be held
Five more films will fol- Emmett Till in a one-man March 17. The final con- ter because it need a big Kerensa Gray, who sings Nov. 15.

In-Home Senior Care Do you have a life partner but are not married?

You Were Dedicated to Protecting America. It may be especially important for you to have an

We are dedicated to in-home care for you. up to date Will, Power of Attorney and Living Will.
If you are a veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran requiring in-home care, you may be
eligible to receive pension benefits from the Veterans Administration and we can assist in helping
Free initial consultation for

expedite this process. Comfort Keepers offers quality in-home care wherever you reside.
matters of Estate Planning
Some Of The Services Available and Estate Administration.
Companion Care Personal Care Locally Owned & Operated
Light Housekeeping Transportation Office, home, and phone
Energy Effi cient consultations available.
Evening and weekend
10% DISCOUNT appointments available.

Screened, Trained and Bonded Staff Until August 25th Daniel K. Taylor
NOW Attorney at Law
(717) 299-4007
2733 Columbia Ave. Lancaster
H CALL NOW! 25 E. Grant Street, Suite 101, Lancaster, PA 17602 717.945.6212 717-439-9294

somewhat of an obsession. He has been check- online dating and seems to run into the same
ing several times a day and screen captures situation with many of his dates.
anything he deems inappropriate with ANY of They meet up for drinks or dinner, and he is
my friends, but is focused specifically on Kevin. happy and prepared to foot the bill. Though by
This volatile situation had been building over date six or seven, after dinners, plays, movies,
the past six months. We have been arguing a lot etc., none of these women have ever offered to
without my full understanding as to what was split the check or pay for one thing.
going on behind the scenes. I have been unjustly I personally find that appalling, but we cant
accused of many completely fabricated sce- think of a tactful way to handle this.
narios. Suggestions? Stumped
Apparently I spent too long in the ladies room Dear Stumped: One way around this is to plan
Boyfriends social at a restaurant several months ago, and now Im
being accused of conspiring with Kevin to get
low-cost outings, such as walks, hikes or museum
visits. Your friend might be initiating all of these
surveillance spells trouble together without William knowing.
One Friday night I fell asleep and didnt text
dates, which would make the woman more likely to
assume he is treating.
William to say goodnight. This caused a week- But this is also the ideal situation to test a couples
Dear Amy: I have been dating my boyfriend long argument. William would not take my ability to communicate. By the sixth or seventh date,
William for 2.5 years. We are both divorced calls, cancelled our plans for the weekend and your friend should be brave enough to say, I notice
with children. Williams ex-wife had a horrible refused to believe that I didnt sneak away to you seem to expect me to always pick up the check.
two-year affair that hurt him deeply. Knowing New York to see my friend. Are you willing to share the costs when we do some-
this, I have always tried to assure him that he I also have a female friend who William has thing together?
is the only man in my life and I make sure to decided is undermining our relationship and
go above and beyond to reassure him that I am frowns on me seeing her as well. Dear Amy: Protective was wondering how to
thinking about him whenever we are apart. This man is wonderful in so many ways, but I exclude her aunts racist boyfriend from this
However, in the past six months, William has cant seem to fix my relationship and keep my years Thanksgiving dinner.
become extremely jealous of my very dear gay friends in the process! Heartsick in PA I liked your recommendation, but perhaps
friend of many years Kevin (who also hap- Dear Heartsick: Im not a therapist. But I can see something more blunt is called for: Your boy-
pens to be an important client of mine). a pattern building. Even if you are not telling me an friend is a jerk. Were all tired of him and dont
It started out with snide comments and then objective version of this story, it seems like a bad want to share our holiday with him. He needs to
recently escalated to him accusing me of having situation for you. stay home. Blunt
an inappropriate intimate relationship with Anyone who sets up secret accounts to monitor Dear Blunt: Excluding this family members
Kevin. He says Kevin is a bad influence, he is you and also friends of yours is not someone romantic partner will likely lead to the aunts exclu-
inappropriate and most recently, he feels like I who respects your right to have relationships and sion, too. If family members are willing to deal with
am having an emotional affair. friendships with other people. I dont believe you this drama, then yes they could definitely choose
I have made it very clear that we are just should try to fix this relationship. the more blunt statement.
friends exactly like all of my female friends And I hope you dont expose your children to this
but William refuses to accept this. craziness.
William has gone so far as to create secret n Contact Amy Dickinson via email:
social media accounts to monitor my daily Dear Amy: One of my bachelor friends has run You can also follow her on Twitter @askingamy or like her on
activity. He also monitors Kevins. It became into a problem that has me stumped. He is into Facebook.

National: Hopewell Furnace and the birth of steel Births

BLODGETT, Mark A. and
Continued from B1 house, the workers hous- trips, including Pequea his Eagle Scout project. and Douglassville. Sherry (Sloan), New
funds to pay him back, so es and many of the pieces Valley Intermediate Local gardeners have Its so bucolic and qui- Holland, a daughter,
he declared bankruptcy of an early industrial Schools eighth-grade created an herb gar- et here, but we were a vil- at Women & Babies
and sold, he said. community. And it still American life class, which den by the ironmasters lage on active roads with Hospital, Tuesday.
Daniel Buckley, a legis- has the furnace, which took a trip in the spring. house, a dye garden in an active industrial site, CONNER, Nicole, Denver,
lator who lived in Pequea, the staff fires up for dem- the village and a native Blackburn says. You re- and Daulton L. Blessing,
bought Hopewell in 1800 onstrations on weekends. How they lived garden near the visitors ally need your imagina- Stevens, a son, at WellSpan
with his brothers-in-law. We may not be the old- center. tion to put (together) Ephrata Community
Hospital, Friday.
Workers moved from est or the largest of the Today, the village has the sites, the sounds, the
manufacturing weapons furnaces that once exist- three modest tenant Making charcoal noise and the smells. FREDERICK, Michael
to making ornate stoves, ed in southeastern Penn- houses, a boarding house Staff run a smaller fur- and Kristie (Grigoriades),
Lancaster, a daughter,
known for their quality sylvania, but we have the and a reconstructed privy. Volunteers at Hopewell nace inside the original at Women & Babies
and sent to places such as most complete complex, During iron produc- also make charcoal. The furnace building from 11 Hospital, Wednesday.
the Irish Parliament and Blackburn says. tion times, the area was volunteers tend the char- a.m. to 4 p.m. on week-
KELLER, Samantha,
castles in France. We can not only in- farmed to support the coal pits 24-7, like the ends. The smaller setup and Daniel Ortiz, Lititz,
As the iron and steel troduce folks to the iron- community. Today, there colliers did decades ago, has a much lower tem- a daughter, at Heart
industries advanced and making process, but we are crops for the animals making sure the wood is perature and makes alu- of Lancaster Regional
operations grew big- can talk about the people on site, including draft covered so it wont turn minum stove plates in- Medical Center,
ger, furnaces such as who lived and worked horses, sheep and chick- to ash. Making the char- stead of iron. Wednesday.
Hopewell became obso- here, he says. And ens. Theres an apple coal educates visitors, The furnace and cast MASHAS, Andrew V.
lete. The furnace went not only who lived and orchard with dozens of and the park also sells it, complex has stacks of and Hilary (Trainer),
dark in 1883. worked in the furnace varieties of heirloom often to grillers who like stove plates and other Lancaster, a son, at
but the folks who sup- apples that can be picked natural charcoal. iron products to show Women & Babies
Hospital, Monday.
An industry ported them, the com- for $1 a pound. The 848-acre site cen- what was made.
and a community munity farmers, their Thanks to a local Boy ters on the furnace. In Blackburn says he SHENK, Justin P. and
Megan (McDermott),
wives, their children. Scout, you can know front of the building is hopes people make the Lancaster, a daughter,
While there still are re- The story focuses on which apples youre pick- what used to be the busy connection to our own at Women & Babies
mains of furnaces all over the 1820s through 1840s, ing. A few years ago, Ty- intersection of two main lives. Anything we buy Hospital, Wednesday.
Pennsylvania, such as when iron manufacturing ler Naples, a member roads, one connect- today, someone, some- ZIMMERMAN, Lauren, and
Cornwall Furnace in Leb- in the area was at its peak. of Terre Hill Boy Scout ing Reading and Valley where made it. These Daniel Rosa, Willow Street,
anon County, Hopewell Local school groups of- Troop 172, identified and Forge and the other con- consumer products con- a son, at Women & Babies
also has the ironmasters ten visit the site on field labeled the varieties for necting Coventryville nect us in a complex web. Hospital, Wednesday.

Back to School our minds and
In style... our bodies.


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Obscure instruments super into math one summer,
and thats all I did.
featured in Baroque That type of learning began
masterworks at extending to her music .
Gretna Playhouse When she became interested
in baroque music, there was
no stopping her.
JANE HOLAHAN She started contacting early
music musicians, including
Normally, when people re- John Mark Rozendaal, who is
turn from a long, overseas in Trio Settecento.
plane trip with a child on The name of the group ac-
board, they often are too tired tually means 1700, and that is
to do an interview. the period from which most of
Not violinist Rachel Bar- its music comes.
ton Pine, who had just spent Rozendaal plays viola da
several days in London meet- gamba, which is similar to a
ing with Sir Neville Marriner cello. David Schrader plays the
about their next project. Shed harpsichord.
landed at OHare Airport a few Pine will play an obscure
hours before the interview. instrument called the viola
She sounded lively and en- dAmore.
gaged as she talked about her The viola dAmore is the
upcoming performance with cousin of the violin, she ex-
her early music group, Trio plains. Its a 12-string in-
Settecento, next Sunday at the strument, which is tuned to
Gretna Playhouse. various chords. Its a gorgeous
The trio will perform Por- sound, a voice that doesnt
traits of Love, featuring Ba- sound like any other instru-
roque masterworks. Its part ment.
of Gretna Musics Summer of A friend gave her a viola
Love festival. dAmore built in the 1800s,
That trip to London with which had belonged to her
her husband, Greg, and their mother.
4-year-old daughter, Sylvia? The instrument was consid-
Par for the course. ered modern because it was
She hit the road with me built to be played in larger
at three weeks, and we never halls. Many older instruments
looked back, Pine says. She underwent surgery, as Pine
has been all over the world. describes it, so they could be
I think if I was home for two played in front of large audi-
months in a row shed be ask- ences.
ing why we had to go to the From left, John Mark Rozendaal, She loved the sound of the
Rachel Barton Pine and David
same museums or the same Schrader of Trio Settecento. viola dAmore so much that
zoos. Chicago, where the she found and bid on another
Pines live, isnt big enough for to her mother that Rachel be schooled. in 2001. The instrument is
their 4-year-old, who started home-schooled, starting in Homeschooling alleviated from 1774 by the great Nicola
playing the violin at age 2. third grade. so many problems, she says. Galiano.
Pine started playing when That was a pretty radical It allowed me to pursue my It was completely intact
she was 3. thing to do back then, Pine IF YOU GO music with intensity, and it al- no operation, she says. The
She began performing at 7 says. I cant give him enough n What: Trio Settecento. lowed me to have a social life. sound is gorgeous.
and played with the Chicago credit, he really thought out- n Where: Gretna I could practice eight hours a She discovered that the wood
Symphony when she was 10. In side the box. Playhouse, 200 day and still hang out with my in the viola dAmore came
1992, at age 17, she won the in- He saw that she was prac- Pennsylvania Ave., Mount friends. from the same tree as her vio-
ternational Johann Sebastian ticing eight hours a day, and Gretna. She did not follow a standard lin also made by Galiano.
Bach Competition. he also saw that in the Barton n When: 7:30 p.m. Sunday, schedule. I just thought that was
It wasnt about wanting to family, which struggled finan- Sept. 4. My mother came upon a amazing, she says.
be good or better, I just loved cially, young Rachel was the n Cost: adults, $19 and style of homeschooling which She will perform on both
it, I wanted to have more and breadwinner. $23; age 26 and under, is called unschooling, which during the concert.
more fun with it, she says of She played at weddings, par- $9.50 and $11.50. is a strange term, she says. Pine calls herself a glass
those early years. ties, graduations and many n Contact: 361-1508, There is no standard school half-full person, and her spirit
So much so, the principal at other gigs. structure. You can follow your was never more tested than
her grade school suggested She loved being home- own interests and binge. I was PINE, page B5


Opera career takes Lancaster

native around the country
In November, he will come home to perform tenor solo in Mozarts Requiem
Lone listening offers
refreshing way to
JANE HOLAHAN here in Lancaster for years. playing Supreme Court Justice Anto-
Yes, I listened to Schubert and Puc- nin Scalia in the opera Scalia/Gins-
experience Oceans You could say Peter Scott Drackley
was born to sing opera.
cini instead of The Beatles, Drackley
says with a laugh. When I come home,
burg, by Derrick Wang.
He performed for Scalia and Gins-
intimate new album After all, his mother, Phyllis Drack- my parents coach me. They know my burg on June 27, 2013, at the Supreme
ley, has been an opera singer most of voice better than anyone. Court. The opera looks at the unlikely
Frank Ocean knows how to test her life. And his father, Scott Drackley, Drackley, 27, who lives in Philadel- friendship between the conservative
someones patience. was the head of the opera company phia, is forging a fine career in the op- Scalia and the liberal Ginsburg, who
Like a naive teenager waiting by era world. were both huge opera fans.
the phone for a flaky boyfriend, I The lyric tenor spent much of the All of our arias were duets, Drack-
bought into every tentative release summer in New Mexico with the Santa ley says. And everything came from
date the R&B singer announced for Lancaster Fe Opera. their speeches.
his sophomore album. On the musi- native Peter He performed in a variety of operas, Washington went a little nuts over
cians website, theres an image of Scott Drackley including Gounods Romeo and Ju- the opera, and many media outlets
a library card with a flurry of dates is building a liette, Puccinis Le Fanciulla del covered it. Drackley found himself on
stamped, beginning with July 2015. wide-ranging West, Strauss Capriccio and Ver- NPR.
Even the most recent date, July operatic career. dis Stiffelio, among others. I didnt think it would turn into such
2016, isnt accurate. Blonde, In October, he is headed for Anchor- a big thing, he says. I recorded it for
Oceans follow-up to 2012s Chan- age, Alaska, and in early November, he Derrick. I have recorded peoples piec-
nel Orange, didnt arrive until Aug. will come home to perform the tenor es for them. Then I got an email saying
20. solo in Mozarts Requiem with the we were going to the Supreme Court.
Ocean drove the internet mad for Lancaster Symphony Orchestra. That was pretty amazing.
an entire year. He was the subject of Drackley also will per- Meeting Scalia and Ginsburg was an
an abundance of memes portraying form at his alma mater, interesting experience, Drackley says.
the universal hopelessness. Lancaster Catholic High Justice Ginsburg was incredibly gra-
Frank Ocean, when you droppin School, where his father cious. She showed us her office with
that new album? one read. Ocean teaches music. The date (photographs of ) all these amazing op-
responds by evaporating into the has not been settled yet. era singers who had sung for her, he
ether. Hes even got his win- remembers. Justice Scalia was pleas-
Fitting. ter planned, spending ant and very stoic. He read the libretto
I, along with a majority of the January through March while we sang.
music nerd world, felt like Id been with the Sarasota Opera. The high profile role was a help.
stood up. Drackleys most fa- In several auditions, people would
UNSCRIPTED, page B5 mous role to date was DRACKLEY, page B5

Pine: With trio at Gretna Drackley: Opera

Continued from B4 after Pine sued and Pine was dragged sical theater.
when she was 20 and involved in a hor- 366 feet before being pulled under- A mentor told him he should pursue
rible accident. neath the train and run over. opera, and he found that, indeed, op-
On Jan. 16, 1995, she was getting off Her one leg was severed, and the oth- era was his true love, though he still
a metro train in the Chicago suburb er mangled. performs in musical theater.
of Winnetka with her violin over her Obviously, it was very challenging, Opera is where all the drama is,
shoulder when the doors closed on she says. I had about 50 surgeries in Drackley says.
the strap of the violin case and her left the first 15 years. Some of the most exciting stories
shoulder was pinned to the train. She suffered from post-traumatic are in opera. In Carmen, Jose goes
The door did not open it had no stress disorder and was in therapy for crazy and stabs Carmen because he
safety sensors, something that changed many years. is so desperately in love with her. In
I am in remission now, she says. I La Boheme, Rodolfo is so in love he
Rachel have such an appreciation for what our looks past Mimis very contagious ill-
Barton troops go through. ness.
Pine But Pine doesnt see the accident as The dramatic side is whats excit-
the most important part of her life. She ing, he says. Youve got this amazing
refuses to believe tragedy should de- FILE PHOTO
gift to sing over an orchestra with no
fine anybody. Peter Scott Drackley appeared in his amplification. A 70-piece orchestra
I think there is a tendency on the first operatic role with his mother, Phyl- and just you. Its wonderful.
part of the public to hold up struggle lis Drackley, in Amahl and the Night He loves the costumes and the wigs
as this element that goes into great Visitors. and the beautiful music, as well.
art, that you cant be a great musician And the acting.
unless youve suffered, she says. But Continued from B4 I think he is a very fine actor, Phyl-
thats backward. My family and the joy say, Oh, you were Scalia heard you lis Drackley says. He knows the stage
they bring me, thats what makes great on the radio. Im very proud of and in a way some people dont. As a musi-
art. Falling in love with my husband, humbled by the experience. cian, he is really quite exceptional.
having a child those are the transfor- Drackleys first operatic role was I do pride myself in my acting,
mative moments in my life. at age 7, playing the boy soprano in Drackley says. I do think, first and
Amahl and the Night Visitors, with foremost, opera is drama. I dont be-
what was then the Lancaster Opera lieve and many people will disagree
Workshop. His mother played his voice comes first. Obviously, you

Unscripted: Ocean mother.

He performed the role for several
need to be singing as beautifully as
possible. But not everything is beauti-
ful. You have to be willing to make an
We got as many years out of him as ugly noise once in a while.
Continued from B4 Keep a place for me, group, cognizant of how we could, his father jokes. When acting is so important, there
Then, a bizarre visual it sings. Ill sleep be- everyone else around He was on the brink of his voice is pressure to look good when you are
album titled Endless tween yall, its nothing. me was reacting to it as changing the last time, his mother playing dashing romantics.
appeared that fateful Make that two anvils. I heard it for the first adds. Its our job, he says. Im in the mid-
week in August. I fell He builds me back time, too. Hed learned the part at 3, when his dle of losing a good amount of weight.
asleep listening to it, up again with Nights, I had fun, but it would older brother, Christopher, played the There is a look directors are looking
wondering if this was all a bouncy party jam. take away from an role. for. Some people are fighting it, but it
Id get. He seals my love with album as intimate as Any operas Phyllis was in, Peter is the world now.
I never knew how White Ferrari, which Oceans. would learn the role before she did, Drackley notes that it helps to bring
perfect it would be when gives a nod to Here, To someone who Scott Drackley says. He sang all the bring emotional truth to a role.
it happened. I had the There and Everywhere, didnt come of age in the time. Audiences will believe it more if you
house to myself and one of my favorite internet era, I under- Opera was a common part of the are dramatically honed into the story.
some chores lined up Beatles songs. stand that this senti- Drackley household. With true emotion and true drama,
for a quiet, productive After a few listens, ment might seem odd. The boys came to rehearsals, sat the audience will forgive a lot.
evening at home. Like I drafted a Facebook But having constant next to me in church when I played Scott Drackley thinks one of the keys
the screen-obsessed status. As I hovered over access to thousands of the organ sometimes Id let them to his sons success is knowing the
millennial I am, I took a the post button, I pon- opinions about popular pull a stop. They were exposed to ev- business end of the opera world.
break between tasks to dered the repercussions music has admittedly erything. Peter saw the good, the bad Opera is not a profession where you
check in with Facebook, namely, me checking shaped the way I process and the ugly, Scott Drackley says. have one job. You do many things. We
Instagram and Twitter. in every few minutes for and experience music, Performing was always in my life, talked to him about that, and he knew
Thats when I saw it. the rest of the night to for better or for worse. Drackley says. I cant do anything what he was getting into. Hes done ev-
The album was here. see how many likes and That lonely Saturday else. erything from the ground up, and he
Ocean didnt stand us comments it collected. night was refreshing, His love of opera vied with his love of is able to support himself as a singer
up. He showed up after I hit delete instead. because I didnt need musical theater. since his senior year in college. And
all. This solitary listen- anyone else telling me I went to Lancaster Catholic High hes doing what he loves.
Five hours is what my ing experience was how to enjoy this new School, and for a while, I was flipping And Peter Drackley wouldnt or
listen session amounted the complete opposite album Id waited so long back and forth between opera and mu- couldnt have it any other way.
to in the end. I played of my introduction to for.
Blonde from 8 p.m. to Kanye Wests The Life The next time I decide
1 a.m., finding something
new to love about it each
time. While I occasion-
of Pablo. That was an
outrageous, over-the-
top album with a release
to turn up the volume on
a new album, I think Ill
turn off my phone, too. I
Labor Day Weekend
ally longed for the listen- to match. From a movie liked the privacy. September 3-4, 2016
ing-party setting I loved theater in Harrisburg,
in college a group of I watched a livestream
n Jenelle Janci is an LNP
29th Anniversary
us gathered around a of West play the album staff writer. Unscripted is
speaker I found solace in full from a laptop in a weekly entertainment col-
in being alone with the Madison Square Garden. umn produced by a rotating
album. It felt romantic, I experienced it in a team of writers.
The stand-out track to
me, without a doubt, is
Self Control. Oceans
lovesick vocals dropped Join us for Dinner Every
E ry TThursday
hursday and Fridayy
an anvil on my chest.
I came to visit, cause THURSDAY ITALIAN NIGHT 5-8PM
you see me like a U.F.O., FRIDAY BURGER NIGHT 5-8PM
Ocean croons on the
song. I cant think of
a more beautiful way
to describe an out-of-
reach, flighty love inter-
est. Ive been thinking SA
about this line a lot since ON YOVUER10%
I first heard it. DINNER CTOTAL
An extra-terrestrial WITH TYH&
Voted one of the top 50 shows
sounding vocoder
chimes in during the Where Coffee meets Cuisine
song to deliver a high-
pitched plea.
9 E Main St Strasburg 717-679-3600
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A sweet, romantic look at the Obamas first date

RICHARD ROEPER the floor on the passenger side, young From a surprisingly educational dis-
Barack Obama (Sawyers) exudes self- cussion of the Chicago-based sitcom
Finally, a first-rate origins story that confidence as he pulls up late to pick up Good Times to the aforementioned
doesnt involve anyone getting bitten Michelle Robinson (Sumpter) for what community meeting in a church to a
by a radioactive spider, learning one is a hes calling a date, and what she says is revealing discussion after Barack and
mutant or landing on Earth from a far- simply two colleagues attending a com- Michelle see Spike Lees Do the Right
away planet. munity meeting. Thing, writer-director Tanne effort-
Southside With You is a sweet, in- Michelle is with a prestigious Chi- lessly blends the romantic byplay
telligent, well-crafted, wonderfully ro- cago law firm and shes been assigned with pop-culture touchstones and Big
mantic, no-frills re-imagination of the to mentor Barack, a summer associate. Picture debates, without getting too
first date between Barack Obama and Shes essentially his boss, and the last preachy or taking us out of the moment.
Michelle Robinson, when both were thing she wants is to get romantically Of course this is a stylized and yes,
young stars on the rise but neither pos- ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS/AP
involved with this guy. She fears it will on occasion, idealized version of the
sibly could have imagined theyd one Tika Sumpter, left, and Parker Sawyers undercut all the work shes done to be launching point of a lifelong romance
star in Southside With You.
day take up residence at 1600 Pennsyl- taken seriously not only as a woman, between two young Chicago residents
vania Ave. for eight years. but as an African-American woman in who would go on to make history.
Thanks to a nimble, fast-paced, witty ations named Bob and Maureen, and a corporate law world dominated by Thats pretty much the point. To those
script and sure-handed direction from every other aspect of the script and older white men. who say the first time W met Laura, or
Richard Tanne, and immensely charm- filming were intact, this would have Its not a date, Michelle tells Barack, the moment Donald laid eyes on Me-
ing performances from Tika Sumpter worked well as a Before Sunrise-type time and again. Its not a date until SHE lania, or the first date of any famous
and Parker Sawyers, Southside With journey, an essentially two-character says its a date. Republican couple could be made into a
You is maybe the most romantic movie slice of day-in-the-life. He takes that as an opening. Theres a movie, I would say: Go ahead and make
Ive seen this year. That we know whats in store for chance! it.
This is first and foremost a romance these two brilliant, ambitious, socially Neither Sumpter nor Sawyers is doing And youll be lucky if your writer-di-
not a political statement, not a hagi- conscious, likable individuals adds an an impersonation of the future-world- rector and your actors have anywhere
ography of the Obamas, though were extra layer of enjoyment to the view- famous characters theyre portray- near the talent level of the principals
sure to read some op-eds and hear ing experience. On more than one oc- ing. The acting is more sophisticated, involved in Southside With You.
from some talk-show shouters claim- casion, we chuckle knowingly. Weve more layered than that. Sumpter does a (FULL DISCLOSURE: My sister was
ing otherwise. got the inside scoop. We know how it all magnificent job of capturing the young the property master on this film. All
Its a romantic drama sprinkled with turns out. Michelle Robinsons steely determina- due and great respect to prop masters
comedy. A timeless, universal snapshot Its the summer of 1989, and were on tion and strength of character, while and prop assistants everywhere, the
of the awkward, halting and sometimes the South Side of Chicago. (Working on Sawyers is uncanny in his portrayal of next time I base a review on the props
exhilarating paces of those first few a small budget and filming in Chicago a social/political rock star in the mak- will be the first time in thousands of re-
hours when youre with someone and last summer, writer-director Tanne ing who already understands the ef- views Ive based a review on the props.)
youre wondering: Is this going to be a shows us some parts of the city not fect he has on people, but is struggling
thing? Wait is this going to be THE often captured in movies, and does a with a troubled past that includes a fa-
THING? credible job of taking us back a quarter- ther who was never there for him and a n Southside With You is playing at the
Penn Cinema. Its rated PG-13 for brief strong
Lets put it this way. If the main char- century.) number of years spent in a cloudy haze, language, smoking, a violent image and a
acters had been purely fictional cre- Despite driving a beater with a hole in as he puts it. drug reference. Running time is 84 minutes.

Whats playing STREAMING

These films will be released Thirty-four years ago tomorrow, Ingrid

on DVD Tuesday. Heres whats playing in Texas Ranger played by Jeff Lo and Behold, Reveries of Bergman died on her 67th birthday.
Lancaster County this weekend. Bridges is looking for one last the Connected World (PG-13, The great actress was in many classic films
Absolutely Fabulous (R, grand pursuit before he retires. 98 minutes, documentary) in Hollywood and won three Oscars.
86 minutes, comedy) Edina A showdown looms. Warner Herzog explores just
(Jennifer Saunders) and Hillarys America: The Secret how interconnected the world Here are some of her best films:
Patsy (Joanna Lumley) are History of the Democratic is to the internet in both playful Intermezzo: A Love Story (1939)
still enjoying their lives of Party (PG-13, 100 minutes, and chilling ways. n Holger Brandt (Leslie
endless shopping, clubbing documentary) Right-winger Mechanic: Resurrection (R, Howard) is a famous
and drinking at Londons Dinesh DSouza analyzes the 110 minutes, action) Arthur violin virtuoso.
hottest spots, but everything history of the Democratic Party Bishop (Jason Statham) is He meets Anita
Me Before You (PG-13) changes when they are blamed and what he thinks are Hillary forced to return to his life as an Hoffman (Bergman),
for a major incident at a huge Clintons true motivations. who is his daughters
n Louisa (Emilia Clarke) is assassin due to the deceitful
fashion launch party. Things Ice Age: Collision Course piano teacher. The
an upbeat, quirky woman get so bad, they must flee to actions of a beautiful woman
who gets a job caring for a (PG, 100 minutes, animation) (Jessica Alba). (no reviews) married Brandt falls in
the French Riviera. Based on Manny and his pals are back love with Hoffman, and
wealthy banker named Will the popular TV series. Nerve (PG-13, 96 minutes,
(Sam Clafin), who was left facing another midlife crisis. they have a passionate affair.
Bad Moms (R, 101 minutes, Mannys daughter wants to action) Vee (Emma Roberts) is What will become of Brandts children and
paralyzed by an accident tired of not being with the cool
two years earlier. Will is comedy) Three women who get married and dad doesnt his marriage when the affair is discovered?
are perfect moms get tired of approve. And cosmic accidents crowd in high school, so she This was Bergmans American film debut,
depressed and bitter and
Louisas positive outlook being overworked, overlooked may destroy the ice age, so the signs up for a popular online and it made her a star.
helps him heal as they and overwhelmed. They gang must save the day. game that looks like harmless
fall in love. But things are liberate themselves from their Independence Day: fun. But the adrenaline-fueled
complicated. Based on the responsibilities and go on wild Resurgence (PG-13, 120 game turns dangerous as she
novel by Jojo Moyes. binges. Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell minutes, action/sci-fi) Liam is partnered with a mysterious
and Kathryn Hahn star. Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum stranger.
The BFG (PG, 115 minutes, star in this reboot of the 1996 Petes Dragon (PG, 90
fantasy) Steven Spielbergs film. Aliens attack Earth again, minutes, drama) A remake
version of the Roald Dahl with a battalion thats stronger of the Disney film about an
classic about a girl named than ever. orphaned boy and his best
Sophie who encounters the Into the Forest (R, 101 friend, Elliott, who is a dragon.
Big Friendly Giant. Hes a nice minutes, drama) After a
fellow who, unlike all the other worldwide power failure Casablanca (1942)
giants, does not eat children. The Purge: Election Year
destroys civilization, two sisters (R, 105 minutes, horror) Years n In the middle of World War II, Rick
try to survive in their house (Humphrey Bogart), an exiled American
The Jungle Book (PG) after choosing not to kill the
Ben-Hur (PG-13, 124 in the Canadian woods. Ellen and former freedom fighter, runs a
man who killed his son, former
n Both live action and minutes, Biblical drama) The Page and Evan Rachel Wood popular nightspot in Casablanca. One
epic story of Judah Ben- police sergeant Barnes has
computer-generated star. night, underground hero Victor Laszlo
Hur (Jack Huston), a prince become head of security
imagery, this movie is Jason Bourne (PG-13, 123 (Paul Henreid) arrives with his wife, Ilsa
forced into slavery after he is for Senator Charlene Roan,
based on the stories of minutes, action) Matt Damon (Bergman), who was Ricks lover and ran
falsely accused of treason by the front-runner in the next out on him in Paris. The couple needs
Rudyard Kipling and is back as the former CIA presidential election due to her
inspired by the 1967 Walt his adopted brother Messala assassin. Hes recovered from letters of transit to escape, and Rick, who
(Toby Kebbell), an officer in vow to eliminate the Purge. clearly still loves Ilsa, has them.
Disney movie. Mowgli his amnesia and teams up with
the Roman army. After years
(Neel Sethi) is an orphaned Nicky (Julia Stiles) to find out
boy who was raised in the at sea, Judah returns to his the truth about his family, with Sausage Party (R, 89 Notorious (1946)
jungles of India. Guided homeland to seek revenge, but his former employer hunting minutes, comedy) A group
by his animal guardians, an encounter with Jesus leads of supermarket residents, n After her German
him down. father is convicted
he sets out on a journey him to forgiveness and finds including Frank, who is a hot
redemption. The Jungle Book (PG, 110 of treason against
of self-discovery. But the minutes, adventure) Rudyard dog, search for the meaning the United States,
wicked Bengal tiger, Shere Central Intelligence (PG-13, of life before crowds arrive for
Kiplings classic comes to life Alicia Huberman
Khan (voice of Idris Elba), 117 minutes, action) Dwayne Fourth of July.
once again, this time with (Bergman) starts
is out to get him. The film (The Rock) Johnson and Kevin
the help of CGI animals, who The Secret Life of Pets (PG, drinking and sleeping
also features the voices of Hart join forces to fight a top-
speak. Mowgli must go to the 90 minutes, animation) What around. Agent T.R.
Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, secret case.
main village after a nasty tiger do your dogs and cats and Devlin (Cary Grant)
Lupita Nyongo, Scarlett Dont Breathe (R, 88 arrives to destroy their world. rabbits do when you leave the asked her to spy on a group
Johansson, Giancarlo minutes, thriller) Young thieves house? Some have adventures of her fathers Nazi friends in Rio de
Esposito and Christopher figure they can get away with
Kubo and the Two Strings trying to save humanity. Others Janeiro. She gets so involved in the work
Walken. robbing the home of a wealthy
(PG, 101 minutes, animation) give themselves massages with she marries Alexander Sebastian (Claude
blind man, but they are wrong. Rains), a leading Nazi, even though she has
In a fantastical Japan, clever the mixer.
fallen in love with Devlin. Alfred Hitchcock
and kindhearted Kubo makes The Shallows (PG-13, 87
Finding Dory (PG, 103 a humble living telling stories. directed. The story is spinetingling, and the
minutes, animation) The minutes, horror) Blake Lively is chemistry is hot.
One day, he accidentally Nancy, a young pro surfer who
forgetful Dory is happily living summons a spirit from his past
close to Marlin and Nemo, but is attacked by a shark. Nancy Gaslight (1944)
who storms from the heavens
she realizes she needs to find to enforce an age-old vendetta. finds herself stranded on a rock
her parents. The trio sets sail to and needs to find a way to n Twenty years after her aunt was
The Phenom (NR) Kubo must set out on a quest murdered in her home, Paula Alquist
find them in this long-awaited to save his family and solve the make it back to shore.
sequel to Finding Nemo. (Bergman) moves into it with her husband,
n Paul Giamatti plays Dr. mystery of his fallen father, the Star Trek Beyond (PG-13, 122 Gregory Anton (Charles Boyer). Little
Mobley, a sports therapist greatest samurai warrior of all minutes, sci fi action) Captain things begin to get strange for Paula,
who tries to help a Florence Foster Jenkins (PG- time. Kirk (Chris Pine) and the crew such as the gaslights in their Victorian
promising rookie pitcher, 13, 110 minutes, comedy/drama) of the Enterprise encounter
The Legend of Tarzan home going on and off at strange times. It
Hopper Gibson (Johnny Meryl Streep stars in this true an alien warrior race when
(PG-13, 110 minutes, action) seems her husband has a secret he will not
Simmons), whos been story as a New York socialite marooned on a distant planet.
Alexander Skarsgard is the divulge, and hes willing to make his wife
sent back down to the in the 1940s who thinks shes a Zachary Quinto is Spock,
latest Tarzan and the first in go insane to keep it hidden.
minors. Turns out Hopper wonderful soprano. But she is the age of CGI. The wild man is Simon Pegg is Scotty, Anton
grew up with an abusive dreadful and people come to happily living a gentrified life Yelchin is Chekov, John Cho is
father (Ethan Hawke) and her concerts because she is so in London with Jane (Margot Sulu and Karl Urban is Bones.
hes got a lot to sort out. bad. Hugh Grant is her loving Robbie) but is invited back to
Noah Buschel wrote and husband. the Congo to serve as a trade Suicide Squad (PG-13, 123
Ghostbusters (PG-13, 116 emissary. A Belgian captain
minutes, action) A government
minutes, comedy) Manhattan (Christoph Waltz) is using him
Jane Wants a Boyfriend as a pawn in his plan of greed agency rounds up a number of
has been invaded by ghosts
(NR) again, and this time, a group of and revenge. supervillains and sends them
women do battle. Kristin Wiig, on a top-secret mission. Anastasia (1956)
n In this romantic comedy/ Lights Out (PG-13, 81
drama, Jane (Louisa Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones minutes, horror) When a War Dogs (R, 114 minutes, n Russian exile Gen. Bounine (Yul
Krause) has Aspergers and Kate McKinnon star. bloodthirsty supernatural being drama) Two friends (Jonah Hill Brynner) leads a plot to swindle 10
syndrome and her sister, Hell or High Water (R, 102 that lurks in the shadows preys and Miles Teller) exploit a little- million pounds from the Bank of England
Bianca (Eliza Dushku), is minutes, drama) Chris Pine and upon a family, a young woman known government initiative by grooming a destitute, suicidal girl
overly protective. But Jane Ben Foster play brothers who (Teresa Palmer) must fight to that allows small businesses to (Bergman) to pose as heir to the Russian
wants to meet someone, rob branches of the bank that protect herself, save her little bid on U.S. military contracts. throne. While Bounine is coaching, her he
and she seems to like threatened to foreclose on their half-brother and uncover a The two begin raking in big comes to believe she is really the princess
Biancas philandering family land. They feel justified mystery about her familys money and are soon in over Anastasia, believed to have been murdered
friend, Jack (Gabriel Ebert). in what they are doing, but the shadowy past. their heads. along with her family by the Bolsheviks.

Health & Fitness


Ready to schedule your Scientists unlock

one secret to
flu vaccine? Mist is not Latinos longevity
an option this year

A new way to measure how humans age suggests

that Latinos withstand lifes wear and tear better
than non-Latino Caucasians and they may have
their Native American ancestors to thank for their
longer lives.
The new findings offer some insight into a long-
standing demographic mystery: Despite having
higher rates of inflammation, obesity and chronic
diseases such as diabetes, Latinos in the United
States have a longer average life span than do non-
Latino whites.
At the University of California, Los Angeles, bio-
informatician Steve Horvath has devised a mea-
sure of aging that reflects the activity level of the
epigenome, the set of signals that prompts an indi-
viduals genes to change their function across the
life span in response to new demands.
Horvaths epigenetic clock captures a key fea-
ture of aging: As we grow older, there are complex
but predictable changes in the rate at which our
genes are switched on and off by a chemical pro-
cess called DNA methylation.
Those findings emerge from an intriguing effort
If youve depended on the intranasal flu vaccine mist for protection against the flu, this isnt going to be good news: to devise a biological clock a standard measure
Only the injectable version of the vaccine will be offered this year. of age more revealing than birthdays, walking
speed, wrinkled skin or twinkly eyes.
By doing so, researchers hope to learn why some
parents that there were he or she has had shots people die young while others live long and what
about 125 pediatric before and done well. chronic diseases have to do with aging. They could
deaths from influenza While the vaccine eventually predict and increase patients life
last year in the United is being administered, spans.
States. About 20,000 try to distract your Max Guo, chief of the division of aging biology
children under the age child with singing, a at the National Institute of Aging, said that, ulti-
of 5 were hospitalized. funny story or a photo mately, biological clocks that use large panels of
DR. PIA FENIMORE Influenza is a major on your phone. Think markers not just epigenetics but other measures
cause of outpatient about what you will use of well-being would likely be needed to capture

pediatric provider visits ahead of time so you are the complexity of aging. But this is promising, he
his year you will strains. Some research- and missed school and prepared. said.
not be able to ers suggest that addition work time. Breathe. Encour- The new study, published this week in the jour-
choose between of this fourth strain The flu season lasts age your child to cough nal Genome Biology, set out to refine and test that
an injectable or an in- somehow weakened the about 15 to 20 weeks, or to pretend he or she clock.
tranasal (FluMist) influ- mist. typically beginning in is blowing out birth-
enza vaccine. Following Intranasal flu October or November. day candles or blowing
the recommendation of vaccine is a live virus Last year, flu cases bubbles. (One parent
the Centers for Disease vaccine, as opposed peaked in early March, even brought a bubble
Control, all health care to injectable vaccines much later than usual. wand, which I thought RED CROSS
providers have returned that include an attenu- was brilliant!) The deep
their FluMist supply and ated, or weakened, viral Gearing up breaths associated with September blood-donation
will offer only the injec- protein. Some experts for the shot these behaviors will dates are announced
tion in the 2016-17 sea- believe that repeated an- make the shot hurt less.
son. nual doses of the live vi- So we are left with just After the vaccine Four Lancaster County blood-donation dates have
This is bad news for rus may somehow stunt the shot this year, and I is administered, try mas- been set by the American Red Cross in September,
parents, kids and pedia- the immune response suppose all there is to do saging the area, placing a National Preparedness Month.
tricians who have come of the person, and that is give you these sugges- cold washcloth on it or, if n Friday: Lancaster, 3 to 7 p.m., at Park City Center,
to love the intranasal it is only with several tions for making shots the site is very sore, giv- 142 Park City Center.
vaccine because, well, it years of administration a little easier for your ing a dose of ibuprofen. n Sept. 12: Columbia, 1-6 p.m., at Susquehanna Fire
doesnt hurt. that FluMist loses its child. Consider a reward. Company, 10th and Manor Streets, Columbia.
Intranasal flu vaccine strength. Set the stage in a Bribery, maybe, but n Sept. 12: Ephrata, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Ephrata
was introduced in 2003. The final theory positive light by casually really you are just tying Manor, 99 Bethany Road, Ephrata.
A few years later, the is that flu strains are saying something like a positive experience to n Sept. 15: Millersville, noon to 5 p.m., at Millersville
CDC reported FluMist tricky. Infectious dis- this about a week before the flu vaccine. Hope- University, Student Memorial Center, 1 S. George St.,
actually worked better ease experts have long you go to get the flu vac- fully, the next time your Millersville.
than the injectable, so discussed the flu viruss cine: Wow, we need to child will recall that and To make an appointment to give blood, call 800-RED
we all were converts. ability to mutate and remember to get our flu have an easier time. CROSS (800-733-2767), visit or
Why the sudden turn- adapt to its environ- shots soon; we DO NOT download the Red Cross Donor app.
around? ment. One reason we want to get the flu! n Dr. Pia Fenimore, of Lan-
New studies of the must have annual vac- Try to keep your caster Pediatric Associates,
2014-15 flu season show cines is to ensure we are child calm by reassuring answers questions about chil-
drens health. You can submit Grow Your
Savings at 3.25% APY*
that the mist was signifi- combating the strains him or her that the shot questions at Features@
cantly less efficient than that are in the global will be quick and that
the injectable. In fact, community. Perhaps the with a GBU* Preferred 8 tax-deferred annuity
FluMist was effective virus has become wise 2% Minimum Guarantee $10,000 Minimum Deposit
only 3 percent of the to FluMist in a way that Saturday: Call today as rates may change at any time.
time compared with the
injectables 66 percent
is not possible with an
injectable. Faith & Insurance Services, LLC
efficacy. It is also possible the Tammy Kratzer Justin Kratzer
How, in just one short CDC data are not as bad 1-800-800-1999
season, could the data as they sound. Medim- The social and ethical fabric of community 301 Main St. | Landisville, PA 17538
change so much? The mune, the company *GBU Financial Life is a 124 year old fraternal benefit society domiciled in PA.

answer remains unclear, that makes FluMist, has

but there are several research that does not THE
theories being tested. correlate with the CDC
The data showing findings. But until this is
that FluMist was as all more clear, intranasal
effective or even more will not be given. WARE CENTER WINTER CENTER
so than injectable were Many pediatricians are
gathered on the trivalent concerned this turn-
flu vaccine, given from around will mean that
2008 to 2013. In 2014, a fewer children will get
fourth strain of flu was the flu vaccine this year.
added to better cover This seems like the
increasing influenza B right time to remind

Social Security
Disability & SSI
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Tea with chicken
Southern drink flavors brined bird in recipe with theater connection

Bograch beats borscht

these days in Ukraine

ur Awesome Ukraine
guidebook told us that
borscht, the beet soup as-
sociated with Russia, is a
cult dish in Ukraine eaten daily as
well as on holidays, at weddings and
But when we headed out from
the capital city of Kyiv and into the
Carpathians the Switzerland of
Ukraine bograch seemed to be
the cult dish.
The soup (really a stew) is associ-
ated with European cuisine. Hungary
is on Ukraines western border, and
many residents of these mountain
villages are ethnic Hungarians, as
Ukraines boundaries have changed
often and abruptly over the centuries.
(And even recently, as Russias Vladi-
mir Putin would like to boast.)
Our fellow travelers Tamara and
Ilona Ukrainians whose home is
southeast of Kyiv were most eager
to sample this Hungarian specialty;
obligingly, almost every restaurant in
the region offered some version of it.
Could their preference for bograch ANN FULTON | LNP COLUMNIST

This brined-chicken dish is made with sweet tea.

over borscht amount to a political
statement, just two weeks before the

that while the organization is on the other slices intact rather than actually
juicing the lemons.)
radar of those in the performing arts
scenes in New York and Philadel- If possible, marinate overnight.
phia, locally, many people are un- When ready to eat, allow the chicken
aware and he wants to change that. to sit at room temperature as the grill
Next up is Big Fish at the Wil- is preheating. Drain and discard the
marinade (or do like my husband likes
low Valley Communities Cultural to do and drizzle some of the marinade
ANN FULTON Center Theater. over the chicken as it cooks just dont
The setting for this heart-warming consume it uncooked), then grill the
musical is Montgomery, Alabama, chicken over medium-high heat for 7-8
and fittingly, Mitch recently passed minutes per side or until the internal
along a recipe given to him by his temperature reaches 165 degrees.
sister and brother-in-law, who hap- Total cooking time will vary based on size
pen to live in Montgomery. of chicken breast. (We like to grill the
When Mitch Nugent made a point Just as Mitch likes his theatrical onion and lemon slices, too.)
of connecting two things I love performances to offer a twist on the Remove to a platter, and allow the
live theater and ice cream I traditional, Sweet Tea Chicken in- chicken to rest for 5 to 10 minutes before
perked up. jects a favorite Southern drink into serving.
Mitch and I met last spring, shortly basic, brined chicken. Notes
after the McCaskey vocal ensemble, Mitchs sister enthusiastically re- n You could make your own sweet tea,
JO-ANN GREENE | STAFF of which my son is a member, had ported that the concept is a current but purchased is fine. I have used several
Bograch, a stewlike soup, is a Hungarian the opportunity to share a local culinary rage in Alabama. brands. The key is that its called sweet
specialty thats also popular in Ukraine. stage with Broadway icon Stephen I first made the tender chicken for tea and its not artificially flavored. Keep
in mind that most of the sugar in the tea
Schwartz. my in-laws, and my father-in-law, will be discarded with the marinade.
25th anniversary of Ukraines inde- If his name doesnt ring a bell, his who typically prefers dark meat to
pendence? music likely does. Schwartz wrote light, proclaimed it the best chicken Also, some sweet teas include lemon. I
have not used them, relying instead on
Whatever the case, bograchs repu- the music for smash Broadway hits breast he has ever eaten. the addition of fresh lemons, which are
tation preceded it. The mother and Wicked, Godspell and Pip- To bring a few more opinions into nice when grilled and served alongside
daughter had certain expectations: It pin, as well as lyrics for a variety of the mix for this somewhat unusual the cooked chicken.
should be so thick that a spoon should Disney films including Pocahontas recipe and to experiment with the n Kosher salt is coarser than regular
be able to stand up in it, Ilona insisted. and Enchanted. ingredients just a bit I made the table salt and recommended for brining.
Sadly, the bograch at the Golden Pea- Mitch is the executive producer of recipe several more times. If you only have table salt and wish to use
cock Restaurant in Berehove failed PRiMA, a boutique performing arts I tried three different brands of that, I recommend using 1 1/2 tablespoons
that test. group headquartered in Lancaster, sweet tea (and you could certainly the first time you make this recipe.
Bograch should be served hot, and he leveraged his New York City brew your own), including Snapple, n The original recipe calls for 3 to 4
they agreed, but not no, never connections to bring the musical Sweet Leaf and a local favorite bone-in breasts that are baked at 400
so spicy hot as what the Bograch legend to town for a master class and Turkey Hill. degrees for 35 minutes, give or take a few
Restaurant in Mukacheve put on the a performance by Schwartz him- When I delivered a batch to my minutes, or until the internal temperature
reaches 165 degrees.
table. Ilona earnestly suggested that self. The latter featured the PRiMA brother and his family, figuring the
the proprietors indicate the red-hot professionals and the high school opinions of two more adults and two n We have enjoyed grilling boneless
breasts, and I have found that the
nature of the dish on the menu. Our ensemble. young girls wouldnt hurt, my sister- marinade will sufficiently cover 6 of them.
waitress was incredulous: Everyone As I sat in the audience and lis- in-laws comment was, I have no With the higher number, however, it is
knows that bograch packs serious tened to this down-to-earth musical idea whats in it, but its really, really, helpful to have an extra-large (2-gallon)
heat, she replied dismissively. genius sing, play the piano and talk really good. zip-top bag in which to marinate
(Like the loving mother she is, Ta- about his creative process, I pinched The brine contributes unique everything.
mara swapped the blander bean soup myself at the opportunity afforded flavor and moisture, and its so easy
she had ordered for Ilonas burning this group of high school students. to prepare. Leftovers are delicious, n Have questions or comments about Ann
bograch.) Thank you, Mitch Nugent. as is, or will add extra flavor to your Fultons column? Check out her blog at foun-
All of this reminded us of that When Mitch founded PRiMA five favorite chicken salad recipe. or at
American Tex-Mex favorite, chili con years ago, he did it with the desire to (We especially like the leftovers in thefountainavenuekitchen. She also welcomes
email at
carne: red-hot in its native region, but offer fresh, musically focused theat- Summer Breeze Chicken Salad. If
blander the farther you get from the rical experiences. you didnt save a copy of the recipe,
borderlands. Enter the ice cream analogy. visit on
Our Ukrainian guide, Vasily, told us When visiting your favorite ice
of the festive bograch cook-offs held cream shop, the expectation is that
at certain times in this region, similar there are many flavors, not just two SWEET TEA BRINED CHICKEN
to chili cook-offs in the U.S. Bograch is or three. Makes 4-6 servings.
traditionally cooked in a copper pot, Everyone has unique preferences.
This is a lightly flavored chicken
outdoors, over an open flame. This Some like the same flavor every marinated in sweet tea.
naturally attracts men who are not time, others like to branch out.
normally involved in meal prepara- Though Mitch enjoys vanilla, he Ingredients
tion. (It seems no man, no matter his prefers to try a new flavor every n 2 cups (or one 16-ounce bottle) sweet
country, can resist showing off around time. Similarly, he wants his theater tea
a barbecue pit.) group to be innovative and always n 2 medium sweet onions, peeled and
When we returned home to Lan- offer a twist on the traditional. sliced
caster, we discovered our garden was Accordingly, Mitch doesnt view n 2 lemons, sliced
practically making bograch by itself. his group as competing with the n 2 sprigs (each 6-8 inches long) PRIMAS NEXT SHOW
It was drooping with ripe tomatoes, impressive array of performing arts rosemary n What: Big Fish.
thick-walled green bell peppers; the organizations in Lancaster. As he n 2 level tablespoons kosher salt n When: 7 p.m. Sept. 23 and
onions and potatoes were ready for puts it, a growing, vibrant city de- 25 and Oct. 2.
harvest; the parsley was still bright serves to have a multitude of flavors, n 4 to 6 boneless, skinless chicken breast
halves n Where: Willow Valley
green. How could we resist making and Mitch thrives on the fact that Communities Cultural Center
PRESS TABLE, page B9 each group has the ability to set the Directions Theater, 900 Willow Valley
bar higher and do its part to elevate Place all ingredients in a large, zip-top Lakes Drive.
the cultural arts scene. bag and carefully move the bag around to n Information and tickets:
n LNP Copy Editor Jo-Ann Greene welcomes Though PRiMA is Lancaster city- distribute everything evenly.
email at The Press
Table is a weekly column written by a rotat- based, its performances rove among (I gently squeeze just the end pieces of
ing group of LNP staff members. different venues. Mitch mentioned the lemons into the bag but leave the


Donations made easy
Grocery store programs are helping local food banks
MARY ELLEN WRIGHT The reason were doing this four weeks.
In-store register rewards and
in August is because thats when Weis works with local food banks
Many people think about do- food banks are really low on to make lists of needed, nonper-
coupons reduce receipt to zero nating to area food banks during supplies, Drescher says. A lot of ishable food items customers can
the holidays. people donate at the holidays, but buy and put right into a special
Dont you love hear- are $3. Use the $2 CVS But the vacation days of sum- we wanted to give our customers shopping cart to be picked up by
ing those words, Your instant coupon from mer and early fall might be a dif- the opportunity to donate in the those local food pantries.
total is free! the in-store coupon ferent story. spring and summer, as well. Also during September, Weis
You could be hearing machine and the $1 So some local food markets customers can buy special re-
a lot of that this week if Colgate coupon from are offering a gentle reminder Similar programs usable Fight Hunger shopping
you play your cards I todays LNP Smart- for customers to help keep food bags that cost about $1 more than
mean your coupons Source to score totally banks supplied year-round, while All of the stores in the Family the bags normally sell for, with
right. free toothpaste. offering them an easy way to do Owned Markets group, which in- the proceeds going to local food
Many stores are offer- so. cludes Oregon Dairy, Mussers banks, Curtin says. Customers
ing in-store coupons or Walgreens In Stauffers of Kissel Hills Markets, John Herrs Village Mar- will also be given the option of
register rewards that area supermarkets, for example, ket, Darrenkamps and Yoders donating $1 or $5 to the program
match up with LNP This week at Wal- customers can pay $5 for a pre- and Martins country markets, at checkout.
flier coupons, bringing greens, OxiClean packed bag of nonperishable food also have $5 bags of Best Yet-brand At Giant food stores, the Hun-
prices way down. Some liquid laundry deter- items and put it directly into a do- products for purchase and dona- ger Boxes program will begin in
items even end up be- gent (20 to 26 loads) is nation bin to be picked up by local tion by customers through the end early November, as it has for the
ing, essentially, free. $3.99. Paired with the food banks. of August, says Jim Kidwell, direc- past few years.
Heres the best ways $3 OxiClean coupon The products in the bag are all tor of marketing, advertising and Its really associated with
to pair up deals this from todays LNP Best Yet items the store brand buying for the group. (side) dishes that families could
week. SmartSource, the cost for Stauffers of Kissel Hill says The stores also offered the pro- eat for the holidays if theyre
$5 off three Pan- is just 99 cents. Debi Drescher, director of mar- gram in the spring, and will again getting a ham or turkey from a
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$3 off one package training pants (16- to Each one of our stores is col- says Shavonnah Weachter, who Baggett, director of marketing for
of Pampers diapers. 37-count) are on sale lecting for a different local food works in customer service at Mar- Giant. So we ask our customers
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mins. Pampers coupon from play at the front of each Stauffers around the area, however, the meal for the holiday season.
$1.50 off one Suave todays LNP Procter & supermarket, contain macaroni Best Yet products arent packed in Were trying to make them
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$1 Colgate coupon from kids apparel or acces- March, Drescher says, adding she Curtin, director of public rela- giving, along with rice, oatmeal,
todays LNP Smart- sories purchase of $25 expects more than 800 to have tions for the supermarket chain, pasta, beans and tomato sauce,
Source to bring your or more. been bought and donated by cus- an annual program called Fight says Laura Jacobs, Giants senior
total at the register to Quaker chewy tomers during August. Hunger starts Sept. 8 and runs account supervisor.
zero. sandwich bars (5 to 8
OxiClean laundry count) are on sale for

Press Table: Ukrainian bograch

detergent (40-ounce) $2, and paired with
or HD packs (18-count) the $1 Quaker coupon
are $3.99 and, paired from the Aug. 7 LNP
with the $3 OxiClean Red Plum, the cost is
Continued from B8 n 1 sweet onion, coarsely brown beef cubes, seasoned serving with fresh parsley.
coupon from todays just $1.
chopped with salt and pepper, in
LNP SmartSource, you Totinos pizza rolls our own bograch, how- remaining bacon fat. Add
Serve with black bread (or
pay just 99 cents. (40 count) are priced ever inauthentic? n 1 pound lean beef cubes preferred amount of paprika
the darkest rye you can
Also, this week at Rite at $3. Use the $1 Toti- We only wish we could n Salt and black pepper find) and spread with salo,
and stir. Then add water to
if you can get it (pork fat
Aid, select back-to- nos from the July 10 share it with Ilona and to taste cover meat; return bacon
that Ukrainians consider a
school stationery items LNP SmartSource and Tamara. (Well, maybe n Paprika to taste (hot, and onions to pot.
delicacy and use in place of
are just 79 cents. pay $2. not. Theyre pretty sweet, smoked or any Bring to boil, then reduce butter; it tastes better than
It pays off to maxi- harsh food critics, at combination) to simmer about 1 hour it sounds).
CVS mize those in-store least where bograch is n 4 ripe tomatoes, peeled on low heat, until meat
coupons and register concerned.) and coarsely chopped is fairly tender. Add
tomatoes, peppers and n Many bograch recipes
Trolli candy (7 or 8 rewards. The following recipe n 2 large green bell potatoes, and cook until
ounces) is priced at By paying attention is based on one from call for chypetke, which
peppers, cored, seeded and potatoes are very soft, are rivels like those found
$1.88 this week at CVS, to deals when you walk Karoly Gundels Little coarsely chopped about an additional 30 here in some versions of
and after the $1.88 into a store and having Hungarian Cookbook n 4 medium potatoes, minutes. chicken corn soup. We
Extra Care Buck that your coupon flier at that we found online. peeled and cubed Taste to correct seasoning. figured our bograch didnt
prints at checkout, the the ready, you could Respecting Ilona and n Splash of red wine Add wine to the pot need the extra starch, but
final price is zero. be walking away with Tamaras preference n Fresh parsley, chopped, immediately before our Ukrainian friends might
Coke or Dr. Pepper some totally free items (and our own), we with- for garnish serving, and stir. Top each feel cheated.
(12-pack of 12-ounce this week. held the hot peppers.
cans) are on sale for
three for $10 and, com-
bined with the $2 CVS n Not all areas receive the
BOGRACH In a large pot on medium-
high heat, render the fat
Come celebrate
Half Way to
$ 1.00 off
same inserts. Read more Makes 4 servings from the bacon and add the Mardi Gras with us any Po Boy
app-only coupon, you
pay just $2.67 per pack.
from Esther Martins Cou-
pon Cutting Mom blog at
Ingredients onion. Saute until onion is
translucent. Remove bacon now until Sept 3rd Sandwich
Elmers glue (4 n 3 strips bacon, chopped and onion from pot, and Up to 2 sandwiches.
ounces) is marked at Exp 9/3/16.
$1 and will earn a $1
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Sunday All Day Shrimp Gator
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SmartSource, you pay 1831 Columbia Avenue Lancaster 717-295-1300
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a $2 Extra Care Buck
which brings the price
to only 99 cents.
Colgate Max (6
ounces) and Total (4 to
Your rings
4.2 ounces) toothpastes
dont fit
717-490-6430 anymore?
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Scenic beauty never in short supply
in Banff, the oldest national park
north of the border
COLIN COVERT have ever had, an experi-
ence akin to falling com-
How is it possible? pletely in love.
How can they all be so
jaw-droppingly, picture- Gods country
perfect blue? The vast
rivers and lakes beside Some experiences
the saw-toothed Cana- were daunting. Hikes up
dian Rockies of central the inexhaustible trails
Alberta are an other- can be grueling. With
worldly, electric shade of significant wolf and bear
turquoise. populations, this is not
Staring at them makes a petting zoo. It is worth
you wonder if you the effort. It will help
walked out of reality and form your definition of
into a surreal Instagram. scenic beauty.
While visiting back- Canada has more lakes,
country Canada was rivers and forests than
never high on my life any other nation, and
list, several adventur- Canadians, not prone to
ous, outdoorsy friends hyperbole, call this its
thought otherwise. most breathtaking area.
Im grateful that I And how.
joined them in June on If this panoply of beau-
a weeklong visit to Banff, ty isnt Gods country,
the home of Canadas theres no such place. TRIBUNE NEWS MEDIA PHOTOS

oldest national park, one The epic mountains on Visitors get scenic views of Peyto Lake in Banff National Park, west of the Icefields Parkway.
of its best known and all sides rival the Matter-
most popular. horn majesty of the Alps.
Ive taken trips expect- (In fact, Swiss and Aus-
ing good. This was one trian mountain guides
of the most delightful I introduced skiing to the Banff National Park is a truly extraordinary
institution about a 90-minute drive north of
Calgary. It was the first national park designated
in Canada and the third in the world.

area in 1909.) Minnesota; with 4 mil- thundering waterfalls. ing in the Earths mag-
Spending a week wan- lion people, it has about Im not buying that ex- netic field. Elemental
dering the Continental a third less population. planation. I think its a mysteries such as these
Divide triggers the kind Even the visitors dont gimmick hatched by Ca- deserve more than tech-
of joyful awe that we ruin the effect. Banff Na- nadian tourism authori- nical explanations.
can all use more of in tional Park deservedly ties to make the shores
our lives. Theres a sheer drew 3.6 million visitors around Banff National Getting around
beauty to its no-signs, in its 2014-15 season, Park some of the most
no-graffiti barrenness. most of them Albertans photographed locations Our home base was
Everything feels unbe- and other Canadians. on the planet, just like Banff and its adjacent
lievably huge and un- Back to those heart- they added the areas ski Banff National Park,
populated, as if it didnt melting azure streams resorts and four-star ho- a truly extraordinary
exist on Earth but on a and ponds. Geologists tels. institution about a
distant planet far from say their shimmering Or else its an irides- 90-minute drive north of
people. hues are caused by sun- cent miracle, like the Calgary. It was the first
The province of Al- light refracting against Northern Lights, which national park designated
berta comprises 255,000 glittering silt-sized rock I am convinced do in Canada and the third
square miles, about flour constantly depos- not strictly stem from in the world.
Take a walk at Grassi Lakes in Canmore, Alberta. three times the size of ited at the lake bed by charged particles collid- PARK, page B11


Follow the Rock serenity

path to greatness Finding peace
at Rock and Roll
Finding King Kamehameha Hall of Fame
on a journey in Kailua-Kona NANCY BENAC
TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE Billie Joe Armstrong, the
found my serenity at front man for Green Day,
KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii King Kamehameha the Rock and Roll Hall sings at a 2013 concert.
fought lots of battles on this island, said Kahakahii, of Fame.
who was sitting cross-legged in the sun, carving what It might sound coun- wrote the line Where
he described as a battle knife, when we stopped to terintuitive, but archi- have you gone, Joe
watch him work. tect I.M. Peis temple DiMaggio in the song
But there was no fighting here, not in the City of to all things rock offers Mrs. Robinson.)
Refuge, said this docent, naked to the waist as a tra- generations of music- We mustered a search
ditional warrior would have been, at the Puuhonua o lovers a chance to com- party for my husband at
Honaunau National Historic Park, on the Big Islands mune with their muses. one point and found he
south Kona Coast. When the weather holed up in a booth in
This was a sacred place, a retreat where kahu- TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE PHOTOS
turned rainy on the which you could pull up
nas performed secret ceremonies, he explained to Dancers at the Island Breeze Luau pose after the show. last day of a Great one-hit wonders.
a group of visitors from Iowa who crowded around Lakes family vacation, And when on vaca-
the thatched, Polynesian-style shelter to listen. The a detour to Cleveland tion, why not while away
king was a great general. But he came here to pray. emerged as Plan B. a little time pausing to
Once there, because remember Right Said
Historic figure musical devotions are Freds Im Too Sexy
so personal, we im- or an earlier genera-
When the talk turns to famous generals, you could mediately split up tions More Today Than
make the argument that King Kamehameha I, also without discussion to Yesterday from Spiral
called Kamehameha the Great who conquered the pursue our individual Staircase?
Hawaiian Islands between 1781 and 1810 was ev- passions. The seven-level muse-
ery bit as skilled as his better-known contemporary, I obsessed over a Paul um on the Lake Erie wa-
George Washington. Simon exhibit while terfront is surprisingly
Unlike Washington, however, Kamehameha the my husband sought out manageable.
man remains something of a mystery. Though the Jimi Hendrix and my A concise pamphlet
number of rival chiefs he defeated and the valleys teenage son took off for steers visitors through
and coastal villages where he pursued each campaign the likes of Jay Z, Lady the museum in logical
for weeks or months was legion, his reputation rests Gaga, Beyonce, Rihan- order. And visitors can
primarily on oral histories. na and Taylor Swift. slow down for a deep dive
Burnished in the glow of the past, hes described to- Polynesian cultural dances are the theme of the award- (Weeks later, Im still at any point, or sprint
day as charismatic, powerful, confident and a fair but winning dinner show at the Island Breeze Luau, at the pondering a film clip ahead to something else
autocratic leader. Courtyard King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel, Big in which Simon said he that speaks to them.
HAWAII, page B11 Island, Hawaii. had no idea why he ROCK, page B11

Travels & Trips

If your school, nonprofit club or organization is offering
a trip, tour or a travelogue open to the public, please
send us a typed notice in care of Travels, Trips & Tours,
LNP, P.O. Box 1328, Lancaster, PA 17608-1328. Our fax
number is 399-6507. Email address is estark@lnpnews.
com. Please include day of the week with the date of
your trip. See examples. Due to space, trips will run one
time. Deadline to submit is noon Tuesday.


n Saturday-Friday, Sept. 24-30: Myrtle Beach, South
Carolina. Includes bus, six nights lodging, six breakfasts,
four dinners, two shows, guided tour of the historic area
of Georgetown, South Carolina, Barefoot Landing, visit
to Broadway on the Beach and all taxes and meal tips.
Cost: $699 per person based on double occupancy. Cost:
$75 per person deposit due immediately. Departs from
Lancaster and York. Call Paulette Cape, 764-7018.

n Sunday, Sept.18: Travel Elite coach to Resorts Casino
in Atlantic City. Cost: $45 per person. Get back $25 in slot
play. Bus leaves 8 a.m. from Lancaster AC Moore parking TRIBUNE NEWS MEDIA
lot (Oregon Pike side). Goody bag and fun games and a
20 minute rest stop. Snack bag and movie on way back. This is the pool and beach at the Courtyard King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel.

Hawaii: Award-winning hotel

n Sunday, Oct. 9: New York City. Features Statue of
Liberty and Ellis Island National Immigration Museum,
Liberty Island tours. Family style meal at Bucca-di-Beppo,
also continental breakfast on coach, rest stop going to
NYC and a fast food dinner stop on route home. Cost: $117
per person. Leave at 5:45 a.m. from AC Moore (Oregon Continued from B10 parks and historic sites on in their robes. It was
Pike side). Return about 7 p.m.
Beyond that, what the Big Island that mark painted by Herb Kane,
Call Dee Viscardi, 951-7112. little we know comes his evolution from fiery Hawaiis best known and
from the few for- youth to revered leader. most prolific artist. IF YOU GO?
GEARS eign visitors who, af- Today the hotel n The Courtyard
n Friday, Nov. 25: King of Prussia Shopping. Leave at ter having met him, In the footsteps grounds are the venue King Kamehamehas
Kona Beach Hotel is
8:30 a.m. from the Elizabethtown High School parking lot. recorded his com- for the award-winning a three-star property
The cost is $35 per person ($42 nonmember). To register manding presence, We hadnt expected to Island Breeze Luau, an with restaurants, free
or for a detailed itinerary, go online at courteous hospitality trace Kamehamehas foot- outdoor dinner theater parking, pool, spa,
or call 367-0355. and thoughtful intel- steps when we flew into presenting Hawaiian beach, shop and other
ligence. Kona International Air- styles over the decades amenities. Rates for
Indeed, the very port, on the Big Island, and on a raised stage. two in a room vary
according to the season.
qualities we some- checked into the Court- The guests, dining on In September, rates
times despair of yard King Kamehamehas kalua pig and other
EXCHANGE RATES finding in todays Kona Beach Hotel, in luau specialties, sit at
range from $163-$214;
in November, from
These foreign exchange selling rates, as of the close of leaders. Kailua-Kona. The Volcano family-style tables be- $152-$203; during
business Aug. 24, apply only to the purchase of currency
amounting to $1,000 or less. These retail exchange rates
But theres another National Park was first on low. As night falls and Christmas holidays,
way to see this re- our agenda. the drummers and from $263-$343. At
apply only to Fulton Bank and are furnished by the
International Services Department. markable man and But you cant walk into dancers chant, you
the culture and era this hotels lobby with- cant help wondering
CURRENCY RATE U.S. $ in which he rose to out spotting the wall-size if the king is still there,
power. Set aside a day mural of Kamehameha listening. to the City of Refuge,
Australian Dollar (AUD) 0.8226 1.22
to go where he went, dressed in a simple pareo, Several miles farther Puuhonua o Honaunau,
Canadian Dollar (CAD) 0.8281 1.21 to some of the places, surrounded by his chiefs south look for signs overlooking the ocean.
Swiss Franc (CHF) 1.1132 0.90
Danish Kroner (DKK) 0.1622 6.17
Euro (EUR)
British Pound (GBP)
Japanese Yen (JPY)
Park: Scenic beauty abounds
Mexican Peso (MXN) 0.05856 17.08 Continued from B10 charming town of about
Norwegian Kroner (NOK) 0.1303 7.67 The area was settled 9,000 inhabitants, cool
at the end of the 19th enough that Sports Il-
New Zealand Dollar (NZD) 0.7898 1.27 century, having been lustrated shot its annual
Scottish Pound (GBP) 1.4156 0.71 discovered in 1883 swimsuit edition there
Swedish Kroner(SEK) 0.1272 7.86
by three workers in 2011.
building the Canadian Its wide streets are
Pacific Railroad who home to art galleries, an-
immediately recog- tique stores, a nice selec-
nized the commercial tion of eating establish-
potential of its min- ments, pubs and a couple
eral hot springs. of late-night dance ven-
We spent every day ues that crowd up even
of our stay meander- midweek.
ing in beautiful seren- Just a pleasant stroll
dipity. Stunning Lake away is the extraordi-
Louise and baby-blue nary Fairmont Banff
Peyto Lake are a good Springs Hotel, a cas-
hours drive north tlelike grand hotel in
from Banff. The Ice- Scottish baronial style
fields Parkway, where almost too vast and
you can walk directly beautiful to be taken se-
up to limitless tons of riously.
pristine glacial ice, is a Its gigantic recep-
lot farther away. TRIBUNE NEWS MEDIA
tion rooms, huge foyer
But we motored Fog sets in on tall spruce trees on the mountains sur- and panoramic din-
there along the jag- rounding Lake Louise at Banff National Park. ing-room vistas of the
ged spine of the Cana- countryside were con-
dian Rockies, seeing anything but mountain structed of marble and
imposing mountain goats and enviably fast stone 125 years ago by
vistas that rewarded rival Alpinists, whose the Canadian Pacific
us tenfold. It was so sudden approaches from Railroad for Victorian
scenic and filled with behind made me as fidg- gents and golf course
caribou that I would ety as deputy Barney Fife putters of comfortable
Paul Simon artifacts at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
in Cleveland. have been happy if we
had crossed the route
If we cannot with his revolver drawn.
Our nine-hour climb
If we cannot export
export the
Rock: Lots to see
by dog sled. to the top and descent the scenery, we will
The tidy tourist scenery, we will across the back was pun- have to import the
sanctuary of Banff in ishing at the start and tourists to experience
the Bow Valley is the have to import terrifying at the finish, moose, mountains and
Continued from B10 affordable food at a cafe on highest city in Cana- the tourists. where we slid across Mounties, railroad
Some exhibits were a the airy third level, with da, with an elevation Sir William Cornelius sloping mountain fields baron Sir William Cor-
hit all around with our tables overlooking lower just under a mile. Van Horne of small loose stones, nelius Van Horne re-
family Elvis, the Roll- levels and on a balcony Its an environ- primed to avalanche portedly said.
ing Stones, Michael facing the lake. You can mental enthusiasts glacial pace. away wherever a foot- The stately piles
Jacksons glove while watch the paddleboard- mecca, offering up- Several high-profile step encountered them. guests have included
others struck only indi- ers and kayakers heading hill hikers not prone grizzly attacks in the area I expected to end the King George VI and
vidual fancies. out from the Rock & Dock to altitude sickness a this season were thank- death march as broken Queen Elizabeth, Mar-
I loved reading the yel- marina behind the muse- splendid view of the fully nonlethal, but they as those rock fragments, ilyn Monroe and Win-
lowed pages on which um, which offers plenty of surrounding country- had me feeling like one with a small memorial ston Churchill.
singers from Hendrix to ways to find serenity amid side. of those unfortunate bearing my name at the My less-celebrated
Swift had scribbled lyr- the clamor. Average Americans toddlers who wander base of the crags. Did I group stayed at a won-
ics, doodled, scratched walk about a flat mile through a zoo enclosure mention the shoe-skid- derful, century-old,
out words and reworked and a half per week. and into the lair of a car- ding snow bluffs? four-bedroom Airbnb
them. Wed show them. nivorous animal thinking Having survived, I house directly facing
And my favorite scrap We went clambering about lunch. have to say the endeavor the swift, scenic, blue
of paper was the When- IF YOU GO up to the shoulder of To keep hundreds was awesome, lifting me Bow River. It was pretty
I-grow-up essay written n Rock and Roll Hall of nearby Mount Edith of local bears away, above old fears and in- opulent, too.
in 1981 by future Green Fame, 1100 Rock and Roll Cavell, a prominent we carried a noisy troducing me to new lev- The closest relative to
Boulevard, Cleveland (GPS
Day singer-guitarist Bil- destination: 751 Erieside peak considered the reindeer sleigh bell els of confidence. If any- a mansion that you can
lie Joe Armstrong, laying Ave.); 10 a.m.- areas second hardest (I thought of it as the one invites you to do this, hope to find in a village, it
out his detailed plan to 5:30 p.m. daily, open until 9 to hike, and the love- dinner bell) and a can the correct response is, was the ancestral home
become a rock star or p.m. Wednesdays. Adults, liest. We marched up of pressurized pepper Sounds great! Lets go! of the prosperous family
a football player if that $23.50; children 9-12, $13.75; and down a total of spray (for me to carry that founded the nearby
didnt pan out. children 8 and younger, free about 6 miles along and shoot as needed, Grand Whyte Museum of the
When its time to take a admission with purchase
of adult admission. There
serpentine switch- although I have never accommodations Canadian Rockies, one
break from musical im- are combo deals for tickets backs, nearing its squirted anything but of the best collections of
mersion, the museum of- with the Pro Football Hall 11,000-foot peak, me bug spray). Before peak tour- mountain art in western
fers surprisingly good and of Fame. following at my own We did not encounter ist season, Banff is a Canada.

N.Y. Times

Nonfiction paperbacks
1. The Boys in the Boat, by Daniel James Brown.
(Penguin) The story of the American rowers who
pursued gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games.
2. Alexander Hamilton, by Ron Chernow.
(Penguin) First published in 2004, this biography
of a founding father was turned into the Pulitzer
Prize-winning hip-hop musical Hamilton.
3. Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell. (Back Bay/
Little, Brown) Why some people succeed it
has to do with luck and opportunities as well as
4. The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls.
(Scribner) The author recalls a bizarre childhood
during which she and her siblings were
constantly moved from one bleak place to
5. It Gets Worse, by Shane Dawson. (Keywords/
Atria) More humorous essays from the film
director, internet personality and author of
I Hate Myselfie chronicle some mortifying
moments in his life.
6. Just Mercy, by Bryan Stevenson. (Spiegel
& Grau) A law professor and MacArthur grant
recipients memoir of his decades of work to free
innocent people condemned to death.
7. Modern Romance, by Aziz Ansari with Eric
Klinenberg. (Penguin) The comedian enlists
a sociologist to help him understand todays
dating scene.
8. Clinton Cash, by Peter Schweizer. (Harper) An
examination of donations made to the Clinton
Foundation by foreign entities.
9. The New Jim Crow, by Michelle Alexander.
(New Press)A law professor takes aim at the
Writer Sebastian Smee describes a period of intense influence between artists Pablo Picasso, left, and Henri Matisse, right,
war on drugs and its impact on black men.
as a drama unlike any in the story of modern art.
10. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by
Rebecca Skloot. (Broadway) A womans cancer
cells were cultured without her permission in
Critic examines the effects of creative tensions stemming
from four separate friendships between artists
Trade fiction paperbacks
1. The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins.
NEW YORK TIMES ed at crucial moments, leading to stylis-
(Riverhead) A psychological thriller set in the tic breakthroughs via some combination
environs of London is full of complications and
A famous portrait of Francis Bacon of irritation, jealousy and self-analysis,
brazenly stolen off a museum wall. Ma- however subconscious.
2. See Me, by Nicholas Sparks. (Grand Central) net stabbing through an image of his
A couple in love are threatened by secrets from
the past. wife painted for him by Degas. Lucian Complex analysis
Freud declining a wedding invitation be-
3. After You, by Jojo Moyes. (Penguin) In a cause he found himself in the unusual It does a disservice to Smees complex
sequel to Me Before You, Louisa Clark tries to
put her life back together after the death of Will position of having been involved sexu- analysis to reductively seek a common
Traynor. ally not only with the bride but also the denominator in these four cases. But its
4. A Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman.
groom and the grooms mother. still striking that in all of them, one art-
(Washington Square) An angry old curmudgeon Juicy details like these dot a new book ist envied anothers boldness and almost
gets new next-door neighbors, and things are by Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic Se- animal impulsiveness, his quickness to
about to change for all of them. bastian Smee. But Smee is ultimately af- act.
5. Milk and Honey, by Rupi Kaur. (Andrews ter something more subtle though no Freud labored with patient and
McMeel) A collection of poetry about love, loss, less gripping in The Art of Rivalry, a concentrated scrutiny for weeks and
trauma and healing. study of the creative tensions embedded months on his paintings, while his friend DETAILS
6. The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. (HarperOne/ in four separate friendships between Bacon worked in the throes of chance n The Art of Rivalry:
HarperCollins) A Spanish shepherd boy ventures artists Manet and Degas, Matisse and and high emotion fury, frustration, Four Friendships,
to Egypt in search of treasure and his destiny. Picasso, de Kooning and Pollock, and despair. (His work impressed me, Betrayals, and
7. Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes. (Penguin) A Freud and Bacon and the effect of Freud said of Bacon, but his personality Breakthroughs in
young woman who has barely been farther afield those tensions on their art and the Mod- affected me.) Degas once said of Manet: Modern Art
than her English village finds herself while caring ernist movement as a whole. Everything he does he always hits off n By Sebastian Smee
for a wealthy, embittered quadriplegic. The basis In an enticing introduction, Smee straightaway, while I take endless pains
for the movie. n Random House
writes of his project: The idea of rival- and never get it right. Matisse was al-
n 390 pages ($28)
8. In a Dark, Dark Wood, by Ruth Ware. (Scout ry it presents is not the macho cliche of ways shoring himself up against chaos,
Press) A crime writer attends a party in a cabin sworn enemies, bitter competitors and Smee writes, whereas Picasso wel-
in the woods and is pulled back into the past,
with frightening results.
stubborn grudge-holders slugging it out comed collision and strife. De Koon-
for artistic and worldly supremacy. In- ing was prone to endless revisions and
9. Rogue Lawyer, by John Grisham. (Bantam) stead, it is a book about yielding, intima- erasures; Pollock impulsively smashed
The attorney Sebastian Rudd is a lone gunman
who hates injustice and the system and defends cy and openness to influence. It is about windows and other peoples faces.
unpopular clients. susceptibility. The tensions in these relationships
The vocabulary and spirit of those last were just as often implicit as naked. De-
10. My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You Shes
Sorry, by Fredrik Backman. (Washington Square) two sentences reminded me of the writ- spite obvious competitive impulses, de
A girl is instructed to deliver a series of letters to ings of psychoanalyst and essayist Adam Kooning and Pollock enjoyed a gruff ca-
various people after her grandmother dies. Phillips, so it wasnt surprising to see maraderie and a sincere, mutual admira-
Smee later cite an essay by Phillips that tion. Everyone apparently loved Manet,
inspired and provoked him. In that es- including Degas, but Smee makes the
Mass market paperbacks say, Judas Gift, Phillips wrote: Some- case that Degas may have too accurately
1. Rogue Lawyer, by John Grisham. (Dell) The where in ourselves we associate being captured a boredom in Manets mar-
attorney Sebastian Rudd is a lone gunman loved with being betrayed, and being be- riage, causing Manet to lash out against
who hates injustice and the system and defends
unpopular clients. trayed with growing. the canvas.
In Smees telling, the differing temper-
2. X, by Sue Grafton. (Penguin) A variety of Xs RIVALRY, page B13
lead Kinsey Millhone into deep secrets and onto
aments of these major artists intersect-
the trail of a cold case.
3. Fool Me Once, by Harlan Coben. (Dutton)
A retired Army helicopter pilot faces combat-
related nightmares and mysteries concerning the
deaths of her husband and sister.
4. Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes. (Penguin) A
young woman who has barely been farther afield
than her English village finds herself while caring
for a wealthy, embittered quadriplegic.
5. The Bone Labyrinth, by James Rollins.
(Morrow/HarperCollins) A techno-thriller follows
a government think tanks elite military unit as it

Check it out!
takes on spies, counterspies and simian hybrids.
6. Friction, by Sandra Brown. (Grand Central) A
Texas Ranger fights for custody of his daughter
amid complications stemming from his attraction
to the judge. Kick back and enjoy one of these exciting new graphic novels. Find them on the graphic novel shelves
7. The Solomon Curse, by Clive Cussler and at the Duke Street Library.
Russell Blake. (Putnam) The wealthy couple Sam
and Remi Fargo investigate a dangerous legend
in the Solomon Islands. 1. The Mighty Thor: Thunder in Her to Tinseltown, and shes about to have 4. Star Trek: Manifest Destiny, by
8. Alert, by James Patterson and Michael Veins, by Jason Aaron. When Dr. Jane the most destructive fifteen minutes of Mike Johnson. At the edge of explored
Ledwidge. (Vision) Detective Michael Bennett Foster lifts the mystic hammer Mjolnir, fame ever. space, Captain Kirk and the crew of the
and the FBIs Emily Parker must save New York she is transformed into the Goddess of Starship Enterprise come face to face
City from a deadly threat. Thunder, the Mighty Thor. Her enemies 3. How to Talk to Girls at Parties, by with a new Klingon threat.
9. Doctor Sleep, by Stephen King. (Pocket are many, but her greatest battle will Neil Gaiman. Enn is a 15-year-old boy
be against a far more personal foe: the 5. Black Magick: Awakening, by Greg
Books) Now grown up, Dan, the boy with who just doesnt understand girls, Rucka. Rowan Black is a detective with
psycho-intuitive powers in The Shining, helps cancer that is killing her mortal form. while his friend Vic seems to have them the Portsmouth Police Department
another child with a spectacular gift. 2. Harley Quinn: A Call to Arms, by all figured out. Both teenagers are and a witch, two aspects of her life she
10. Inferno, by Dan Brown. (Anchor) The Amanda Conner. Harley Quinn and her in for the shock of their young lives, has struggled to keep separate. Now
symbologist Robert Langdon, on the run in Gang of Harleys are hitting the road! however, when they crash a local party someone is targeting Rowan, someone
Florence, must decipher a series of codes As if Hollywood wasnt weird enough only to discover that the girls there are who knows her secrets and means to
created by a Dante-loving scientist. already, now Harleys made her way far, far more than they appear. expose her, or worse.


Book discussions Indian novelist stages

set for September
Everyone is invited to participate in the
following book discussions; some require
a literary comeback
advance registration.
Nancy E. Turners My Name Is Reso-
lute, 3 p.m. Sept. 4, Aarons Books, 35 E.
Main St., Lititz.
John Keaneys India A History, 6 p.m.
Sept. 7, Lancaster Public Library.
Jonathan Swifts Gullivers Travels, 10
a.m. Sept. 8, Lancaster Public Library.
Flannery OConnors Good Country
Girl, 10 a.m. Sept. 9, Lancaster Public
Daniel James The Boys in the Boat, 6:30
p.m., Sept. 12, Strasubrg Heisler Library.
Paula McLains Circling the Sun, 7 p.m.
Sept. 12, Easter Lancaster Library, New
Maggie Shaynes With the Lights On, 7
p.m. Sept. 12, Manheim Township Public
Ashley Weavers Murder at Brightwell,
6:30 p.m. Sept. 13, Aarons Books, 35 E.
Main St., Lititz.
Isabelle Allendes The House of the Spir-
its, 8 p.m. Sept. 14, Lancaster Public Li-
Agatha Christies Murder on the Orient
Express, 1:30 p.m. Sept. 14, Quarryville Li-
Svetlana Aleksievichs Voices from Cher-
nobyl, 10 a.m. Sept. 14, Manheim Town-
ship Public Library. VIVEK SINGH | NEW YORK TIMES

Ben Montgomerys Grandma Gate- Indian author Perumal Murugan signs his book of poems, Songs of a Coward, during a recent event in New Delhi, India.
woods Walk: An Inspiring Story of the
Woman Who Saved the Appalachian Trail,
6 p.m. Sept. 15, Ephrata Public Library. Writers book was subject of court decision that defends
Group meets in library lobby and then
spends an hour walking and talking.
right of artists to critically depict their own communities
Chevy Stevens Still Missing, 6:30 p.m.
Sept. 15, Ephrata Public Library. ELLEN BARRY unblinking realism. young strangers. a peace meeting in Jan-
Jay Bakkers Faith, Doubt, and Other A censor is seated in- When describing the uary 2015, Murugans edi-
Lines Ive Crossed: Walking with the Un- NEW DELHI Pe- side me now, he said, at a farming communities of tor tried to dissuade him
known God, 2 p.m. Sept. 17, Lancaster Pub- rumal Murugan, who was book-signing organized by South India, Murugan from attending. By the
lic Library. recently celebrated here Penguin India. He is test- is neither sentimental time Murugan emerged
Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoles as a major Indian writer, ing every word that is born nor harsh; he describes it from the meeting, he had
Americas First Daughter, 1 p.m. Sept. 20, looked a bit miserable in within me. His constant the way an entomologist signed a document agree-
Manheim Township Public Library. the big city. caution that a word may might describe an insect. ing to withdraw all unsold
Nate Marshalls Wild Hundreds, 7 p.m. The son of an illiterate be misunderstood so, or it As a Ph.D. student, copies of his books and de-
Sept. 20, St. Boniface Craft Brewing Co., soda-pop vendor from may be interpreted thus, Murugan married a wom- lete the passages consid-
1701 W. Main St., Ephrata. small-town South India, is a real bother. But Im un- an from a caste of pot- ered offensive. During the
Rudolfo A. Anayas Bless Me, Ultima, he had limited his visit to able to shake him off. ters, rather than his own meeting, the lawyer wrote
10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Sept. 27, Milanof- the capital to 48 hours, Murugans fictional vil- higher landowning caste, later in The Hindu, a daily
Schock Library, Mount Joy. and this appeared to be lages are places full of the Gounders. His mother newspaper, I could see
46 hours too long. He pre- quiet menace, where caste refused to attend the mar- Perumal Murugan liter-
fers to sleep on a rope cot, boundaries are protected riage, softening only when ally crumbling from with-
under the stars, the way with violence and social his wife bore her first child in.

Rivalry they do in the village, and

has never owned a pair of
shoes that were not san-

Different caste
and moved to the village
for six months. Two de-
cades later, Murugans rel-
Police escort
Continued from B12 dals. Leaving an interview atives still remind him, in Murugan returned to
with talk show host Barkha In Pyre, published in subtle ways, that his wife his home under police es-
Its the Matisse-Picasso chapter that ful- Dutt, who is Oprah Win- English by Penguin Books will never be accepted. cort and posted a message
ly delivers the adrenaline expected from frey-league famous in In- in April, a well-loved It is notable that Muru- on Facebook: Perumal
rivalries. The rest of this engrossing book dia, he turned to the man young man brings a wife gan does not write with Murugan the writer is
reads like high-end art history; this section escorting him and asked, of a different caste to live the expectation that his dead. As he is not god, he
also reads like sports. Smee calls the pairs politely, who she was. among his relatives, hop- work will change any- is not going to resurrect
period of intense influence on each other Murugan had come to ing they will eventually thing. himself. He also has no
a drama unlike any in the story of modern declare his return as a accept her. As the lovers, I never had such big faith in rebirth. An ordi-
art, even if it was a fight that Matisse, for writer following a long hopeful and distracted, hopes, he said in an in- nary teacher, he will live
a surprisingly long time, doesnt seem to spell of darkness. After overlook clues that the terview, glancing down as P. Murugan. Leave him
have quite registered he was even in. undergoing a vicious at- people around them are and smiling. Collective alone.
tack by caste leaders in drifting into a consensus punishment, he said, is During his time in New
Here we get a real slugfest, with Picasso,
his home state of Tamil in favor of murder, Muru- part of the narrative. My Delhi, Murugan described
in his mid-20s and 12 years Matisses ju- Nadu, his novel One Part gan slows the pace, me- primary purpose is to ex- a deep depression that fol-
nior, pushing himself and, subsequently, Woman last month was andering off into exact, plore the experience of lowed, during which he
Matisse to the kind of leaps in growth that the subject of a landmark detailed descriptions of the person who under- neither read nor wrote.
would make them giants. Picasso aban- court decision defend- village life. Its so tense it goes that humiliation. It ended, he said, in 2015,
doned a painting called The Watering ing the right of artists to leaves you gasping for air. In December 2014, he re- when he found himself at
Place when he saw Matisses more adven- critically depict their own Equally dark currents turned from a writers re- a friends house, locked
turous Bonheur de Vivre (The Joy of communities. Recent in- run through One Part treat to his familys home in a room stacked with
Life). Matisses Blue Nude: Memory of terest in Murugans work Woman, which Penguin in Namakkal to discover books.
Biskra forced Picasso to radically rethink has exploded, with five published in English in that he was the target of a With nothing to do I lay
what he was doing while he was working novels coming out, trans- 2013. Kali and Ponna, a well-organized campaign. dazed night and day, he
on what would become his groundbreak- lated into English from the couple who are erotically Strangers called repeat- said. But as I ruminated
ing Les Demoiselles dAvignon. Once original Tamil. wrapped up in each other, edly to accuse him of slan- over my existence, there
Demoiselles was finished, Matisse knew But Murugan seems withstand waves of deri- dering the Gounder caste came a certain instant
that Picasso was an electrifying inno- unsure of what kind of sion because they have in One Part Woman, when the sluice gates were
vator, someone even to possibly learn writer he will be now. He not conceived a child after which had been released breached. I began to write.
from. remains so horrified by a decade of marriage. But in an English translation, I chronicled the moment
Smees skills as a critic are evident the collective punishment social pressure eats into and he tried earnestly to when I felt like a rat, daz-
throughout. He is persuasive and vivid meted out to him in his them, first sporadically explain his motivation. zled by the light, burrow-
hometown over One Part and then conspiratorially, The aggression built, cul- ing itself into its hole.
about the art itself, as when he describes
Woman that he barely as Ponna is pushed, as if minating in a book burn- The result was a book of
Freuds beady-eyed focus on humid, speaks about it, even to by a hundred hands, into ing and a citywide strike. poetry that recently went
blotched skin and sagging flesh, in paint- friends. He doubts he will participating in a religious When a local official, the on sale, titled Kozhayin
ings that were raw and rash-ridden. (All ever again write about ritual in which childless district revenue officer, Paadalkal, or Songs of a
of Smees previous books dealt with Freud small towns with the same women have sex with summoned the author to Coward.
and his work.) Hes also knowledgeable
enough to add, for instance, a parentheti-
cal note on how shifting social conditions
in France helped lead to the advent of the REVIEW
detective novel.
The Art of Rivalry is rooted in a close-
ly observed theory, but it roams in a way Platinum Doll tells tale of blonde bombshell
geared to nonspecialist readers, part
MARCI SCHMITT covered by studio execu- mommie, who pushes
mini-biographies, part broader art history. STAR TRIBUNE (MINNEAPOLIS) DETAILS
Reading it could lead to a crowded cart on tives while waiting for a her to excel. Strong-willed
Madame Picasso au- starlet girlfriend. She uses Harlean learns to follow
n Platinum Doll
your next trip to the bookstore. Its four
thor Anne Girard takes on the maiden name of her her own dreams as she n By Anne Girard
sections, each about 90 pages, pack in a lot,
but these are subjects that sprawl far past another bewitching figure mother, Jean Harlow, who grows as an actress. She n MIRA Books
Smees incisive framing of them. from the past in Plati- despite being extraordi- works with Hollywood fig- n 352 pages ($15.99)
num Doll, a charming narily beautiful wasnt ures including Laurel and
In addition to whetting ones appetite for
fictionalized account of able to make it in the mov- Hardy, Clark Gable and
full biographies of all eight of its central how Jean Harlow became ie business. China doll Howard Hughes. She be- many personal trials, but
figures, The Art of Rivalry arouses deep- a movie star. Harlean has that extra comes hugely popular and Girard focuses instead on
er curiosity about a number of supporting Stunning blonde Har- something inside that inspires women to match a happier time. With its
characters, including Charles Baudelaire, lean Carpenter McGrew, makes a star. her hair color, which she references to stars and
Gertrude Stein, Peggy Guggenheim and only 17, moves to Califor- Platinum Blonde fol- achieves with a noxious studios, and positive mes-
Lee Krasner. You leave this book both nia in 1928 with her hand- lows Harlean as she gets combination of peroxide sage about aiming for
nourished and hungry for more about the some young husband, roles and juggles the de- and ammonia. success, Platinum Doll
art, its creators and patrons, and the re- Chuck, whos rich but mands of her jealous, in- The original blonde is the perfect beach read
lationships that seed the ground for mo- troubled after the death secure husband and her bombshell died at age 26 for fans of old Hollywood
ments spent at the canvas. of his parents. Shes dis- career, plus deals with her of kidney failure, after glamour.


Lititz AMBUCS president readies for beer fest

Shirley Flickinger, working to aid ambulance association and people with disabilities, appeals for more volunteers
ENEGLEY@LNPNEWS.COM members in the 1990s, tickets already are spo- about AMBUCS: We
Flickinger joined and ken for, AMBUCS still have made so many won-
The 2,000 tickets for started a nationwide could use volunteers to derful friends through-
Sept. 25s third Lititz club for those who take tickets, sell mer- out the country. We
Craft Beer Fest sold out couldnt attend regular chandise and perhaps continue to get together
in just 24 hours. local meetings. Later, the even stick around and with two different cou-
The popular event retired Warwick School join the club. Because ples, one lives in Texas
focuses on beer from District secretary rose alcohol is served, volun- and one lives in Chicago.
nearly 50 breweries, through the ranks and teers 21 or older are pre- We meet at the national
but its real purpose is to become Lititz AMBUCS ferred. convention, and then we
raise money for Lititz president in May. To sign up, contact try to do a trip together
AMBUCS. This non- The groups work to Flickinger at flick@ptd. another time through-
profit group focuses on provide scholarships for net or 823-3326. out the year.
independence for people students studying thera- A book Id recom-
with disabilities while py and to give bicycles to Hometown: Duncan- mend: Tuesdays With
also supporting Warwick children and adults with non, Perry County. Morrie, by Mitch Al- RICHARD HERTZLER | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER
Community Ambulance disabilities made sense Education: Susquen- bom. I also like authors Shirley Flickinger is president of Lititz AMBUCS, an orga-
Association. to her, especially be- ita High School, Class of like Danielle Steel, Mary nization that helps people with disabilities and supports
Lititz AMBUCS Presi- cause of a nephew with 1961. Higgins Clark and James Warwick Community Ambulance.
dent Shirley Flickinger multiple sclerosis and an My family consists Patterson.
started helping the group aunt with seizures. of: Husband William A TV show Id recom-
decades before it accept- When Warwick Com- and two sons, Marc, who mend: Chicago Med. I My guilty pleasure: Favorite vacation
ed women members. She munity Ambulance lives with wife Monica like the fact that its med- Ice cream. And I do like spot: Isle of Palms in
first was involved when Associations building and their two children ical, and I love that field. my chardonnay. South Carolina near
her husband, William, renovation four years in Richmond, and Eric, Favorite way to One thing Id change Charleston. Its a really
joined in 1972 and later ago cost $500,000, AM- who lives in Atlanta with spend a day: Sit on the about myself: Lose 20 beautiful area. We meet
served as national AM- BUCS started looking wife Daniele and their beach and read. pounds. the kids there every oth-
BUCS president. The for more fundraisers two children. Favorite kind of mu- The best gift Ive er year.
couple helped create and to support it. Members Growing up, I wanted sic: I love music, any ever received: My two My parents: My mom
perform in local versions came up with the idea to be: A nurse. kind. I love to dance. sons. I cant believe that always was a giver and
of Broadway shows as of a craft beer festival, My first job was: Something youll al- there would be anything never expected anything
fundraisers for the Lititz which has brought in Working with comput- ways find in my refrig- more special. And my in return. I think thats
group. about $100,000 over the ers for a publishing com- erator: Fruit and fresh husband, the best gift of why I like to volunteer.
When women were last two years. pany in Washington, D.C. tomatoes. my life. We will be mar- Hobbies: I love my
accepted as AMBUCS While all the festival My favorite thing My idea of exercise: ried 50 years on Nov. 26. garden, my flowers. I
Im a gym bug. I go to A person I really ad- love to walk and read.
Lititz recCenter. I love mire: My husband. Hes Volunteer/church
How often should you have a professional eye exam? spin class. Thats prob- just a giving and kind activities: Past presi-
ably my favorite. person. dent of the Lititz Wom-
ens Club, member of
18-40 Venture Lititz board,
YEARS former member of War-
2-5 6-18 YEARS Every OVER 61 OR wick education board.
YEARS Before 1st grade 2 to 3 41-60 ALREADY WEAR
and every 2 years YEARS GLASSES My husband and I are
at 3 years
CAMARO both involved in Trin-
years thereafter Every 2 years Annually
ity Lutheran Church in
Schedule your Kerry T. Givens, M.D., M.S.
8 th 11-2pm
VS Mount Joy. We usher
and serve as communion
August 2
eye exam today!
Lee A. Klombers, M.D.
David S. Williams, M.D. akes and
*Other mwelcome MUSTANG assistants and lector, and
help with the clothing
Primary Eye Care | Routine Vision Services Lisa J. Kott, O.D. models
Medical & Surgical Eye Care Olga A. Womer, O.D. If someone wrote a
book about my life, I
Two Convenient Locations:
would like the title to
Health Campus: 717.544.3900
2108 Harrisburg Pike | Suite 100 | Lancaster, PA 17601 be: Get er Done.
Willow Lakes: 717.464.4333 Three words that
222 Willow Valley Lakes Drive | Suite 1800 | Willow Street, PA 17584 best describe me: Hap-
NOW ACCEPTING NVA VISION PLAN 312 Primrose Ln, Mountville, PA 17554 (717) 285-2055 py, enthusiastic and car- or visit us on Facebook ing.



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ki within
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d you will
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f very
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The Gossip Corner PET OF THE WEEK

gymnast honored
olds suburban Boston
hometown of Needham,
Grizz has an engaging grin
Massachusetts, hosted 1-year-old mastiff mix is patient, affectionate, eager to take a walk
a Rally for Aly Satur-
day morning. She also AMANDA PERRY LAST
threw out the first pitch WEEKS
at Fenway Park on Fri- Mans best friend:
day before the Red Sox Thats what Grizz PET
game. Raisman won aims to be. Womans n Tigger, an
two individual silver best friend, too. This 11-year old
medals and a team gold 1-year-old, brindle- cat, was still
Aly Raisman
available for
medal in the games that colored mastiff mix adoption
Gymnast Aly Rais- wrapped up earlier this displays great pa- from
man is getting a heros month. She has the sec- tience and affection. Humane
welcome following her ond most Olympic med- When he first ar- League of
medal-winning per- als by a U.S. gymnast, rived at the Lancaster Lancaster
formances at the Sum- with six. Former Olym- County SPCA sur- County late
last week.
mer Olympics in Rio de pian Shannon Miller rendered because his
Janeiro. The 22-year- has seven. owner could not give
him the time he de-
served Grizz was
timid. Grizz is a
BIRTHDAYS 1-year-old
But since being mastiff mix
walked on a regular available for
n Actor Sonny Shroyer is 81. Actor basis, he is the first adoption at
Ken Jenkins is 76. Actor David Soul
is 73. Former MLB manager and
one to run to the front Lancaster
player Lou Piniella is 73. Actress of the kennel to greet County
people with his cute SPCA.
Barbara Bach is 70. Singer Wayne CASEY KREIDER | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

Osmond (The Osmonds) is 65. grin revealing his un-

Actor Daniel Stern is 59. Olympic derbite. He also ap- days; noon-5 p.m. Tues- for the opening of a new donations during busi-
gold medal figure skater Scott pears to get along with days, Saturdays and Sun- thrift shop, next door ness hours; no appoint-
Hamilton is 58. Actress Jennifer other large dogs but is days; and noon-7 p.m. to the shelter at 828 S. ment is needed for drop-
Armie Hammer, 30
Coolidge is 55. Country singer
Shania Twain is 51. Actor Jack Black a little unsure about Wednesdays. You also Prince St. off. All proceeds will go
is 47. Actor Jason Priestley is 47. Olympic gold medal small canine compan- can call 917-6979 or visit Donate any household to improving care for the
swimmer Janet Evans is 45. Actress Carly Pope is 36. ions. or clothing items you no more than 6,000 animals
Country singer Jake Owen is 35. Country singer LeAnn Although not a pure- Visit the SPCA Sept. 6 longer need. We accept we serve yearly.
Rimes is 34. Actor Armie Hammer is 30. Country-pop bred mastiff, Grizz
singer Cassadee Pope (TV: The Voice) is 27. Actor Kyle will top out at a hefty
Massey is 25. Actress Quvenzhane Wallis is 13. Reality TV
star Alana Thompson, AKA Honey Boo Boo, is 11. weight. Potential
adopters will need to Enjoy The Outdoors... Rain or Shine!
ensure they have the
space for this big boy.
TODAY IN HISTORY If you have a big
heart, a big home and
n Aug. 28, 1609: English Jr. delivered his I Have a a big car, consider giv-
sea explorer Henry Hudson Dream speech in front of
and his ship, the Half the Lincoln Memorial in ing Grizz a chance to
Moon, reached present-day Washington, D.C. show how much love
Delaware Bay. he can provide in re-
n 1968: Police and anti- turn.
n 1862: The Second Battle war demonstrators clashed He is available for More Durable Than
of Bull Run (also known as in the streets of Chicago adoption at the Lan-
Second Manassas) began as the Democratic National caster County SPCA,
Retractable Awnings
Convention nominated
in Prince William County,
Virginia, during the Civil Hubert H. Humphrey for 848 S. Prince St. Shel- Save Up To 33% In Energy
president. ter hours are 11 a.m.
War; the result was a
Confederate victory. to 6 p.m. Mondays, Powder Coated Frames
Thursdays and Fri-
n 1916: Italy declared war
on Germany during World
War I. &
n 1945: The Allies began
The Kitchen You Deserve At A Price You Can Afford Awnings & Canopies
occupying Japan at the end Handcrafted with Pride in Lancaster County
of World War II. 717.656.7387
n 1955: Emmett Till, a
black teen-ager from
from his uncles home in
Money, Mississippi, by two
white men after he had
supposedly whistled at
a white woman; he was Let Bowers & Lobeck show you the Call to schedule a
found brutally slain three way to the kitchen of your DREAMS! consultation and
days later. Bowers & Lobeck Inc. has specialized ESTIMATE with
in Kitchen Remodeling and Design in an experienced
n 1963: As more than Lancaster for over 20 years.
200,000 people listened, 464 Donerville Road | Lancaster | 717.871.0200
the Rev. Martin Luther King

Jen has lost 182 lbs.

Treatment Sale!
Her weight loss has her Now - Sept. 30th
IN THE LEAD. Give your Home a new look
When Jen lost her father to heart disease, she vowed to change her lifes course.
With a commitment to better health, Jen chose bariatric surgery at Lancaster for the Holidays with custom:
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Weddings Engagement Anniversaries

Weikel- Lombardi- Spahr- Bauder 60th Knepper Herr 50th
Keener Song Donmoyer Happy 60th

Fred and Vivian Bauder L. Ronald and Carol

Courtney Heather Xiaowei Song and Don- Darrin and Lisa Don- are pleased to announce (Mumma) Herr of Leola
Keener, daughter of Ar- ny Lombardi were mar- moyer, of Lititz, an- their 60th anniversary. celebrated their 50th
len and Kathy Keener, ried on June 30th 2016 nounce the engagement They were married on Larry and Pat wedding anniversary on
Lancaster, and Ben in a private ceremony at of their daughter, Callie August 26, 1956 at Trin- Knepper celebrated August 27th. They were
Dean Weikel, son of Lancaster City Hall. Renee, to Damon Al- ity Lutheran Church in their 60th wedding married in 1966 at St.
Dean, Lancaster, and exander Spahr, son of Mt. Joy. anniversary with Pauls Episcopal Church
the late Kathy Weikel, the late Andrew Spahr, Fred retired as a Tool family and friends at in Columbia.
Engineer from CNH, Garden Spot Village. They met while they
were married on June CELEBRATIONS Kathleen Splain and
and Vivian was an RN at were both working at
24th, 2016 at the Japa- Dave Splain of Lititz.
nese Gardens of Laux-
GUIDELINES Callie, a graduate of LGH. From all of us with Armstrong. Carol is a
mont Farms, Wrights- LNP publishes wedding, Warwick High School, They have two chil- love. graduate of Columbia
ville, PA.
engagement and
is studying to become dren, four grandchil- High School and Ron is
Both 2012 graduates of
anniversary announcements
a Veterinarian Techni- dren, and one great- a graduate of Conestoga
Hempeld High School,
up to the first 150 words
cian at York Technical granddaughter. They Valley High School and
and 1 picture as a free are planing a trip to cel- Marriage is our last, Franklin & Marshall
Courtney is a gradu- public service on Sundays. Institute and currently best chance to grow up.
ate of Messiah College, resides in Lititz. Damon, ebrate. College.
Additional wording can be ~ Joseph Barth
working as an elemen- added for 50 cents/word and also a graduate of War- They are the parents
tary school teacher. Ben, $25 for a second picture. wick High School, is an of two children: Debo-
a graduate of the Uni- FC3 in the United States rah, married to James
Celebrations are now Moore of Davie, Florida;
versity of Pittsburgh, is
employed as a chemist
at Eurons Lancaster
self-service! Create and
see how your celebration
announcement will
Navy and stationed at
the USS Lassen DDG82
in Mayport, FL.
The goal in marriage and Ronald, married to
Marisa (Stoner) of East
Petersburg. They have
Laboratories. appear at: A December 9, 2017
The happy couple is
currently residing in
Manheim, PA.
Questions: 717-291-4957
wedding date at the
Landis Valley Village
and Farm Museum has
is not to think alike, three granddaughters,
Emily Jane, Alexa Kay,
and Julia Herr Moore.

but to think together.

You may also submit an been set. Ron enjoys golng
announcement in person or and walks with his dog,
Life without love is like by mail: Hunter. Carol enjoys
LNP Media Group following sports and
a tree without blossom Grow old along with me,
and fruit
8 W. King St., PO Box 1328
Lancaster, PA 17608. the best is yet to be ~ Robert C. Dodds updating family and
friends on her grand-
~ Khalil Gibran ~ Robert Browning daughters activities.
They both enjoy reading
and playing cards.
Hesss BBQ MATTRESS Pheasant Run Farm Bed & Breakfast They celebrated their
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