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I had bought Honda City MODEL 1.

5 ZXMT(D), from Maxim Honda Jhalera

(UNA) H.P. on 14th June 2017.Chassis no MAKGM852FH4300949, ENGINE
NO. N15A16206247

Following are the difficulties I have with one month of the purchase of my car

1.On the day of purchase ADULTERATED FUEL added in the diesel tank,
causing my car to jerk, parts of the engine were opened on 1st day to find
water and coolant added by the staff in agency.

2.Horn of the car was not working replaced by the agency on 2nd july . Problem
still not solved.

3. The entertainment system hangs, works with a lag complaint reported on

27th June, left my car at the agency for a day. Problem still not solved.

4. Car`s alignment out after a run of 2,000 km, has been sort out, but shows
that car was not fabricated properly.

5. Man handling of the car during service on 14 June and 2nd July causing
scratches on the car due to rash driving by mechanics on the day.

6. Poor quality product, back camera showing blurred images, on 23rd June,
26th June with a video proof and on 2nd July again.

7. Poor pick up and poor economy due to fuel leakage and because of
Adulterated Fuel being added by the agency on the day of delivery.

8. Customer care people not helpful in resolving the issue. I have made more
than 16-17 calls to them and every time they give assurance for a call back on
the next day form agency and manager but they never bothered to call back
except few instances.

9. Leaking of diesel after few days of car use on the 22nd June the issue to
diesel was reported for the 1st time( during the 1st service) . Even after the
service at the agency outlet, the staff was not able to detect the problem and
snubbed my complaint regarding smell of diesel in cabin as NORMAL.

10. After, few day WHITE FUMES started to come from the engine after a
small run 70 Km. Most probably the leakage of diesel on the hot engine was
the reason, moreover this leakage could have had lead to fire in the car. This
was reported.

11. Repair of car took place on 2nd of July 2017, because of profuse leaking,
car was kept at the agency for the full day and an assurance was given that the
problem will not occur again.

12. Even after the repair of the car on the issue of diesel smell, one can smell
the odor of the diesel while sitting in the cabin.

13. So,now on 6th July my car with leaking diesel has been picked up by the
agency people, it has be taken to a place about 400 km by road from the

14. I am sure that the lackadaisical attitude of the agency and in experienced
staff will not be able to sort out this issue, even if they are able to find solution
to this problem, I am sure the car will develop more snags as adulterated fuel
added on the day of delivery which will hamper the engine`s performance and

15. I want my money back or replace me the car, as the car problems in it`s
engine due to adulterated fuel,entertainment system problem, scratches due to
manhandling during the service problem in its horn and fabrication problem of
out of alignment tyres etc. I have been to service center about 5 times with in
last 20 days. On an average after every 4-5 days.

Today after 22nd day I am very unsatisfied by the car performance and the
attitude of agency towards me, due to their mistake on 14th June, I am
suffering everyday.
I have not bought the car to get harassed after buying it or to keep my car at
the service center for repair. Now this non serious attitude of yours has forced
me to think about going to consumer court.

Complaint No. REF 1-7793509832