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Welcome to my Sexting Phrase book with 101 sexts for you to send to your woman.

Please read the next few pages FIRST. Because the art sexting is just that - an artform that needs to
be executed with precision. If you throw these powerful phrases around in inappropriate sequence
or too frequently etc you can do a lot of damage to your relationship.

Firstly, you need to make a judgement of how good your sex life is for her based on the following

How often you have sex:

Every day = 4 points

1-3 times per week = 3 points

Less than weekly = 2 points

Less than monthly = 1 point

How different is sex every time you have it?

Different time place positions, we are wild! = 4 points

We experiment every other time we have sex = 3 points

We experiment at least once a month = 2 points

We basically do the same thing every time = 1 point

How often do you discuss sex?

We talk about it a lot and frequently discuss how to keep it great = 4 points

At least once a week we chat about something sex related = 3 points

We speak about something sex related at least every month = 2 points

It has been awhile since we openly discussed our sex lives = 1 point

101 Sext Phrases For Men by Ben Buckingham

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Add up your numbers and read below:

3-5 points

If you fall into this level your sex life is pretty poor (no offence). So you need to stick the texts that
are in the 1-6 point section. If you try the other stuff too soon you will probably aggravate the
situation. In fact if you are really low I would drop this book for a few days and read my flagship
book Mind Blowing Lover. Because from my experience your sex life and relationship are probably
pretty rocky whether you realise or not. Also you may receive either little response or a cynical
response. Dont argue with her just stay firm with what you said. For example:

You: I want to kiss you so much right now

Her: Yeah, where did that come from?

You: My love and desire for you.

Her: lol, oh please.

You: Be ready when I see you tonight.

Then you make good with your word.

When you take the above quiz and score 6-8 use those sets as well and of course when you hit 9-12

6-8 points

You r sex life is okay, not an emergency situation, therefore you can go a little further and it will be
taken in the way it is meant. Enjoy these texts as well as those in the 3-5 point range. Do not ignore
the phrases in the 3-5 point range, these are powerful as well but in a different way. Mixing them all
up over periods of time will maximize the sexual effect on her. Once your sex life gets to 9-12 include
the following sexts.

9-12 points

These are a little more hard core. You need a healthy mature sex life to make the effect of these are

101 Sext Phrases For Men by Ben Buckingham

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Understanding these ratings.

They are all important but in different ways. If you are a 4. Your woman probably feels quite
disconnected from you and neglected. If you, out of nowhere, tell her via text that she is a dirty
little slut who if going to have her ass filled with cum you probably just pissed her off and made
things worse. You havent got the sexual trust from her to allow the power of these kinds of
comments to be unlocked. If you scored 11 then chances are she is masturbating right now just
thinking about you fucking her in the ass.

General rules

Your sexts should be a minority of your total texts. Just like sex is a minority of your time together.
Keep the proportion of texts that are sexts equal to the amount of time you have sex. Also the sexts
should be in proportion to the actual types of sex you have. Assuming you are 9 or higher and out of
10 times you have sex you soft love making twice. Extreme caveman twice and something
inbetween 6 times then for every 10 sexts you send, you should use a sext from the 3-5 range 2
times, from 6-8 6 times and from 9-12 2 times.

If you are in a sexual relationship of some kind with a woman you can say a lot more sexual things.
Directly sexual. But if every second text from you says hey baby I want to push you against the wall
and have my way with you it will get tired and lame fast.

If you are courting a girl or have had sex less than a few times you need to tread very wearily. I
would ignore most of the heavy duty sexts until you either have something a little more meaningful
or if she is clearly open to this. For example if you say something in person then you can sext it.

Sexts to use if you scored 3-5 points

1) Im having impure thoughts about you
2) All I can think about is kissing you right now
3) Remember when we .(insert time you had sex and you know she really enjoyed it).
4) What would you do if I snuck up behind you right now and started to gently kiss your
5) Youre so beautiful.
6) You make me think impure thoughts.
7) When I close my eyes all I can think about is us naked and embracing.
8) The thought of our lips touching gives me butterflies.
9) I want to spoon you.
10) Lets talk, laugh, kiss, make love, spoon and sleep. In that order.
11) I was thinking about you in the shower today.

101 Sext Phrases For Men by Ben Buckingham

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12) How can you turn me so much by just looking at me?
13) You have the most beautiful (insert your favourite sexual feature).
14) I love the way you (insert the thing she does that turns you on the most).
15) "Just saw something really hot that made me think of you."
16) "I loved sleeping with you last night."
17) "I don't know if this is normal, but my legs get weak when you kiss me."
18) "What's the hottest thing I can do for you when I see you?"
19) "I really miss you. I wish we were together right now."
20) "Can't wait to kiss you later."
21) "I pull you towards me as we kiss passionately.
22) "I then move down to kissing your neck."
23) I cant wait to hold you again.
24) When I close my eyes all I can see is our naked bodies in naked embrace.
25) What would you do right now If I snuck up behind you and started to gently kiss your
26) Youre so damn gorgeous.
27) I want to feel those sweet lips all over me.
28) I cant stop thinking about you, I need you now.
29) I want to feel your lips on mine.
30) Your touch arouses me every time.

Sexts to use if you scored 6-8 points

31) I hope you arent wearing anything expensive today
Woman probably responds with something like lol, why is that
You then say: Because it may get damaged when I rip it off you tonight
32) Incorporate her location into the text. For example if she is at work at her desk say imagine
me under your desk eating your pussy as you work. She will think about this all day and
tell you this when you see her next.
33) I am going to do bad things to you next time I see you
34) If I were with you right now, where would you want me to touch you?
35) My hands were busy, but they took a break to text you.
36) I want you here, right now.
37) I dont think about sex all of the time it is just that youre so sexy.

101 Sext Phrases For Men by Ben Buckingham

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38) Ive been thinking long and hard about what Im going to do with you tonight.
39) You really know how to make a guy hard.
40) I need to be inside you, now.
41) I want to get naked with you now.
42) I want to use my mouth on you.
43) Get ready for the most amazing sex of your life.
44) Hey, feel like dinner tonight? Or I can just ravage you like a caveman.
45) You can feel the weight of me pushing my cock inside you, you can feel my desire for you
and my cocks desire for your pussy.
46) All I can think about is getting you home.
47) I need to be inside you, now.
48) You get me so hard.
49) My cock is throbbing for you.
50) I apologise in advance if I treat you like a piece of meat.
51) I love how wet you get for me.
52) When will you be in bed with me?
53) This is going to be the dirtiest night of your life.
54) I want you so bad, can you feel how much?
55) You turn me on so much.
56) You make me feel so horny.
57) Im your slave for tonight, tell me what you want.
58) Cant wait to touch tummies with you tonight.
59) Hey baby, lets have a big fight so we can have hot make up sex.
60) Im coming over to sleep in your bed tonight you are welcome to join me.
61) Get out of my head and into my bed.
62) We should probably have sex later.
63) Bible study, now, at my house.
64) I am going to do bad things to you next time I see you.
65) What are you up to, beautiful? We need to have sex tonight.
66) "I want you to tease me till I beg you to fuck me and then fuck me till I beg you to stop."
67) "When you come over tonight I'm going to strip you naked, throw you on my bed and fuck
you until the sheets are soaked and you leave scratches on my back."
68) Me inside you.
69) I was sitting (insert where you are) and wondering how you make my cock so hard.
101 Sext Phrases For Men by Ben Buckingham
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70) "I'm going to walk up behind you, place my hands on your shoulders and lightly kiss behind
your ears, whispering to you how much I want you, how much I need you."
71) "I want you bent over the kitchen table, skirt pushed up, panties pushed to the side and my
hand in your hair."
72) What are you wearing?
73) "I would come up behind you while youre sitting in your chair and put my arms around you,
grab your beautiful breasts and slowly kiss your neck. Then I would stand you up, bend you
over the table, flip up your skirt, pull your panties to the side and slowly enter you from
behind... Then I'd fuck your brains out :)."
74) Tonight, I am going to spend 4 hours ravishing your mind, body and soul.
75) "I don't know why, but all I want right now is sex."
76) I wonder if (whoever you are with for example, sister, friends, family etc) would notice if I
was under the table and in-between your thighs right now.
77) I dare you to slip one of your hands into my pants without anyone noticing.
78) If youre a good girl I will give you a massage when you get home followed by me eating
your pussy as if I was about to start fasting.
79) "I dreamt that I was your sex slave last night, it was hot very hot."
80) "I just had the dirtiest thought about you ever. Too dirty to text wow, I'll tell about it
81) "Slowly running my hands over your toned, naked body."
82) Youve been a bad, bad girl.
83) Im going to lick you and suck you until you cum.
84) Im going to do things to you that youve only fantasized about.
85) Want a sex slave for the night? Im yours!
86) From (insert time you will be having sex) until (one hour later) you will be my sex toy.
Deal with it.
87) Im touching myself right now.
88) I woke up thinking about you and with a huge erection. Nothing has changed so far.
89) I love the things you do with your tongue.

Sexts to use if you scored 9-12 points

90) Do you believe in kiss and tell? Cause I want you to kiss me and do things to me in your
mind and tell me all about it.

101 Sext Phrases For Men by Ben Buckingham

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91) I need your pussy, now!
92) I have a throbbing hard on. Imagine my cock right now, visualise it and imagine how it feels
inside you.
93) Im going to control you tonight.
94) Desert: I am going to bend you over and have my way with you.
95) You feel a total loss of control as I pin you down and deeply penetrate your beautiful
soaking pussy.
96) I want to lick your pussy juices from my fingers.
97) Youve been a very bad girlYou know what happens when youre a bad girl dont
you?I punish you you can string these back to back or use just the first and second
lines or just the first line.
98) Im going to fuck you like the dirty bitch you are.
99) "I wish you were here with me :( I'm kinda drunk. I wish you were wearing that skirt, with no
underwear so I could finger you in a corner somewhere and make you wet. I'm going to pin
you down and fuck you hard the minute I come through that door. Get ready."
100) Lets get a candlelit dinner followed by a romantic walk along the beach.Or we
can do that tomorrow night and tonight I can fuck you like the naughty little slut that you
101) That was a great fuck baby.

Please take your time with these. They are the spice to be used in the main meal of
communication. If you over do it, they lose their effect and even become annoying.
I would love to hear your feedback


Ben Buckingham

101 Sext Phrases For Men by Ben Buckingham

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