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Abstract of project :

To find method to consume the plastic waste which is considered as large

amount of MSW, The best solution environmentally and economically is
the conversion this large amounts into useful products . the project is Fuel
Oil Production from Plastic Waste, this Fuel oil is used in agricultural
machines as a liquid fuel .the plastic waste or HDPE is thermally cracked
inside pyrolysis reactor (vessel coiled by heater with is connected to
controller) ,producing light gases and vapors which would be transferred to
decanter that had two functions :

1)vapors condensation to liquid product.

2)separation water liquid fuel by density difference .

We did examine the effect of temperature changes with weight of liquid

product to find the temperature of maximum recovery for both HDPE and
plastic wastes (yoghurt and detergent bottles). We also examined the effect
of weight of HDPE on the weight of liquid product to find the suitable
dosage weight of HDPE. Finally we examined the time effect for
production of liquid fuel from HDPE.

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) pyrolysis reactor
Decanter :

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