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The Sulzer ZA40 Air Start System - Members Section

Starting and Reversing
Sulzer ZA40 Air Start System

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The Automatic Valve

The pilot air and main air are at the same pressure (30 bar).
The pilot air at the back of the valve is acting on a greater
area than the main air trying to open the valve. This
together with the spring force keeps the valve closed.

When the pilot air is vented, the air acting on the front of
the valve overcomes the spring pressure and the valve

A non return valve is incorporated

The Air Start Distributor

The distributor is mounted on the end of the camshaft. It

can be of the radial or rotary type. The version illustrated is
of the rotary type. A rotating ported control disk allows
pilot air in sequence to the start valves through radial slots
in the housing. A series of radial holes allows the pilot air
to vent through a slot in the back of the control disk.

The Air Start Valve

Being a Sulzer Engine, the start air valve is a complicated

affair. Main start air is led through drillings, via a control
valve, so that air acts on both sides of a piston, maintaining
the valve in pneumatic balance, whilst a spring keeps the
valve closed.

Pilot air from the distributor moves the control valve

downwards, shutting off air to the underside of the piston
which now vents. The air acting on top of the piston
overcomes the spring force and the valve opens.

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The Sulzer ZA40 Air Start System

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