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Smoking during pregnancy or exposure to cigarette smoke (passive smoker) can cause bad

things like miscarriage, fetal death, fetal defect, fetal growth inhibited and others. Pregnant
women who inhale cigarette smoke, then the smoke will penetrate the placenta into the baby's
body with all the additional substances it contains, which can harm the fetus. Pregnant
women exposed to cigarette smoke have a chance to give birth to premature babies 46.3

The design of this research is quantitative research and research method used in this research
is analytical with cross sectional approach. The population in this research is all pregnant
women who check the pregnancy at Puskesmas Kecamatan Ciracas Year 2017. The sampling
technique in this research use Purposive Sampling.Analisis data using univariate and
bivariate analyzes.

The results of this study indicate that there is a significant relationship between age,
education and environment with the knowledge of pregnant women about the danger of
cigarette smoke in the fetus. Researchers recommend that respondents aged 30-40 years to
more often read, listen, find out new things through internet access or ask directly with health
workers about the dangers of cigarette smoke, and pregnant women must have a high
education in order not to lag and avoid Environment exposed to cigarette smoke. Then to the
community health centers in order to stick the posters in the examination or waiting room of
the community health centers as well as giving counseling to pregnant women and her
husband about the danger of cigarette smoke on the fetus.

Keywords: Knowledge, Age, Education, Employment, Sources of Information, Environment,

and Economics Against The Danger of Cigarette Smoke In Fetus