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Membrane Element Storage

Q & A about GE Membrane Element Storage

Why Is Membrane Element Storage Membrane element boxes should be stored inside,
in a dry, cool place out of direct sunlight. Cooler
Important? ambient temperatures are better than warmer,
All spiral-wound membrane elements feature flat but avoid freezing. Elements shipped from GE Wa-
sheet membrane manufactured in a wet process. ter & Process Technologies are not completely
Water must always be present in the membranes filled with water. If the water freezes, it will not
pores to keep the membrane water permeable. If damage the elements, provided the elements do
the pores in the membrane dry out completely, it is not move. If the elements move or vibrate, ice
difficult, and for RO and NF membranes, which have crystals formed during the freezing or thawing
very small pores, practically impossible, to rewet the processes might damage the membrane. There is
pores. For that reason, the membrane must always no documented case where elements have been
be kept moist. damaged by freezing, but if high solute passage
through the membrane is caused by cuts in the
Membrane elements that are delivered dried have
membrane, any warranty is void.
been pre-conditioned with a humectant, for exam-
ple glycerol or propylene glycol, which has a high Ideal storage temperature: 33-59 F (1-15C)
boiling point and retains water. This humectant en-
sures the presence of residual moisture after drying. Maximum storage temperature: 122 F (50 C)

As a result, all membrane elements, both dried and Storage Of Element Pallets?
wet models, contain a certain level of moisture. Prior
to bagging and boxing and for some elements, dry- Large quantities of membrane elements are sup-
ing, membrane elements are soaked in preservative plied on shrink wrapped pallets. Pallets can be
solution to minimize microbiological growth during stacked 2 high unless posted, DO NOT DOUBLE
storage. Wet shipped elements are stored in sealed STACK or a similar warning is affixed to side of
bags to prevent them from drying out, while dried pallet. Never stack more than 2 pallets under any
elements are shipped in open bags to prevent con- circumstances.
densation inside the bag. Condensed water would
lead to microbiological growth. It is important to fol- How Long Can Dried Elements Be
low the below directions when storing membrane Stored?
elements prior to use.
In original factory packaging, out of direct sunlight
What Are Ideal Storage Conditions? or artificial light, and at below 100 percent relative
humidity, dried membrane elements can be stored
Membrane elements should be stored in the original for the following periods with full warranty. The
factory bag and box prior to installation. time is from that the element left the GE facility:

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CP1134EN.doc Sep-15
If a membrane element is to be returned for war-
Non-Cellulosic Elements ranty inspection, the User must obtain a Return
12 months Goods Authorization (RGA) number from GE before
below 100F (38C)
returning the membrane element. Membrane el-
100-122F (38-50C) at any time 3 months ements are to be returned freight prepaid to GE,
and GE will return any warranty replacement
above 122F (50C) at any time 0 months membrane element to the customer prepaid.
Membrane elements must be kept moist at all
times and must be clean and bagged in a water-
Cellulosic Elements tight bag before returning. Only GE-approved
cleaners, biocides, dispersants, or other chemicals
below 86F (30C) 6 months may be used with the membrane elements. Use of
other chemicals may void the warranty. The User
above 86F (30C) at any time 0 months
is responsible for knowing the membrane element
material and for ensuring that chemicals harmful
How Long Can Wet Elements Be to the membrane or material are never in contact
Stored? with the membrane element.

In original factory packaging with the vacuum- Where Can I Direct Additional
sealed plastic bag intact, out of direct sunlight or
artificial light, wet membrane elements can be Questions Or Concerns?
stored for the following periods with full warranty. Please direct additional questions or concerns to:
The time is from that the element left the GE facility:
Customer Care (Purchase Orders): Customer-
Non-Cellulosic Elements

below 86F (30C) 6 months

above 86F (30C) at any time 0 months

Cellulosic Elements

below 86F (30C) 6 months

above 86F (30C) at any time 0 months

Can Unused Elements Be Returned?

All membrane elements being returned for re-
stocking must be returned unused in their original
packing. Membrane elements returned not con-
forming to said criteria will be subject to rejection or
added fees to restore membrane elements to sella-
ble condition.

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