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U N IT 1

Write the letter in the correct sentence.

1. He's going under the fence___________ a)

2. He's going up the slide ___________ b)

3. He's going through the door ___________ c)

4. He's going to the bowl ___________ d)

5. He's going up the slide ___________ e)



6. He's going into the water ___________ f)

U N IT 1
Very easy!!

1. Write the dates

Katty was two years old

Nineteen eighty - seven

She started school in

Nineteen ninety - one

She started to swim in

Nineteen ninety - one

She won a tennis prize in

Nineteen ninety - four

She traveled by plane in

Nineteen ninety - six



She bought a skateboard in
Nineteen ninety - seven

U N IT 1
Black Line Master - Part 1


CLASSWORK N° 2 U N IT 1 Black Line Master . INGLES 5º PRIM.Part 2 SACO OLIVEROS .


house wear store /jaus guer stor/ 5. sleepers /eslipers/ durmiente 9. music store /miusic stor/ tienda de música 3. lake /leik/ lago 17. jacket /yaquet/ casaca 11. floor /flor/ piso CLASSWORK N° 3 Write the names of the different stores SACO OLIVEROS . hotels /jotels/ hoteles 19. bycicle /baicicol/ bicicleta 12. pet store /pet estor/ tienda de mascotas 6. boots /buts/ botas 13. ride /raid/ paseo 16. shooping /shopin/ compras 14. beach /bich/ playa 20. INGLES 5º PRIM. mall /mol/ centro comercial 15. sneakers /esniker/ zapatilla 10. shoe store /shu stor/ zapateria 4. stay /estei/ quedarse 18. 2. stationery store /stashionery estor/ tiendadeobjetosde escrit 7. roller coaster /roler coster/ montaña rusa 21. toy store /toi estor/ juguetería 8.

INGLES 5º PRIM. _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ CLASSWORK N° 4 SACO OLIVEROS .

opposite . INGLES 5º PRIM. 5. 2. 1. CLASSWORK N° 5 SACO OLIVEROS . Now. The music store is ___________ housewares store. find where is each department store. The toy store is ____________ the pet store. 4. Use this prepositions: next to .behind. The clothes store is __________ the shoe store. The music store is _________ the clothes store. 3. Look at the department store. The pet store is ___________ the shoe store.

1. Next to the entrance there is a dolphin show. Where can you eat? __________________________________________________________ 5. INGLES 5º PRIM. too! You can by fantastic toys at the Ocean World Toy Store. then answer the questions Ocean World is in the United States. What is Ocean World __________________________________________________________ 3. It is a very big ocean theme park for all the family. Where is Ocean World? __________________________________________________________ 2. There are lots of great rides at Ocean World. and there are great restaurants and snack bars for hungry peoole!. Read the following text. What can you buy at the Ocean World toy store? __________________________________________________________ CLASSWORK N° 6 SACO OLIVEROS . What can you see there? __________________________________________________________ 4. Behind the dolphin pool there is an orca whale show.

. Look at the map and find the stores.. SACO OLIVEROS . Draw a picture about Ocean World. INGLES 5º PRIM. CLASSWORK N° 7 Learn a little more . and color.

SACO OLIVEROS . Write the correct word or words. Where is the gas station? __________________________________________________________ 4. Across each line. 3. Complete the puzzle. INGLES 5º PRIM. Where is the pet store? 1. Where is the Music store? __________________________________________________________ 2. Where is the Mexican restaurant? __________________________________________________________ 3. 6. __________________________________________________________ 5. What's the extra word? 5. 1. Where is the clothes store? __________________________________________________________ 2. Pet M u sic S chool s to re s to re T H IR D S T R E E T S hoe C lo th e s O H IO S T R E E T F IR S T A V E N U E s to re s to re W A S H IN G T O N S T R E E T yo u a re M exic a n h e re R e s ta u ra n t M A IN S T R E E T G as D ru gs to re s ta ti o n 1. CLASSWORK N° 8 4.

SACO OLIVEROS . B. It's on third street a. And _______________________ ? (clothes store is where) B. You are welcome. Write the questions. It's on Washington Street. A. It's in front of the music store. Read the conversation. And _____________________________ ? (mexican food is where) B. INGLES 5º PRIM. I need a favor. Alice is talking to her friend in London. What a nice surprise? A. Alice? This is Molly B. I need to know _______________________________ ? (where shoe is store) B. Ok. A. The extra word is ______________________ 2. Hello. Alice thank you. A.



mobile phone /movil fon/ teléfono móvil 10. drive /draiv/ manejar 18. bring /brin/ traer 14. travel /trável/ viajar 19. sausages /sausash/ sal 11. arrive arraif/ llegar 15. rafting 16. sleeping bag /sliping bag/ bolsa de dormir 8. INGLES 5º PRIM. knife /naif/ cuchillo 7. plate /pleit/ plato 3. 1. flash lighy /flash lait/ linterna 5. tent /tent/ tienda 2. adventure /advenchur/ aventura CLASSWORK N° 2 They are going to sleep in tents SACO OLIVEROS . fry /frai/ freir 12. campsite /kampsait/ campamento 6. craft fair /kraft feir/ feria de habilidades 17. mountains /montains/ montañas 9. along /along/ 13. fork /fork/ tenedor 4.

__________________________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________________________ 4. with a is going to fork eat Charles. I am g o in g to sw im H e / sh e / it is go in g to p la y W e / y o u / th e y a re go in g to w o rk I. Sandy in is tent going to sleep. INGLES 5º PRIM. is going to wash Peter his and plate fork. _________________________________________________________ CLASSWORK N° 3 Complete the following text: SACO OLIVEROS . is rain soon going to it. __________________________________________________________ 5. going to flash light buy Kenny is a. __________________________________________________________ 2. Unscrumble the following sentences: 1.

SACO OLIVEROS . CLASSWORK N° 4 Match the sentences to the pictures. INGLES 5º PRIM. Then write sentences.

1. They are going to sleep in tents. SACO OLIVEROS . _____________________ 4. INGLES 5º PRIM. ______________________ 2. They are going to wash their plates in the kitchen ___________________ CLASSWORK N° 5 Complete the song with the correct words below. They are going to take cameras. They are going to cook hamburgers ______________________ 3.

Are going on vacation with their ________________________! Tilly and Thomas are going to __________________________ Tilly's going to take her mom's cook _____________________ Brenda and Brent are going to _________________________ Ten fat sausages for them to ___________________________ Tilly and Thomas are going to __________________________ They're going to organize games for the __________________ Brenda and Brent are going to _________________________ Their guitars along so they can _________________________ CLASSWORK N° 6 Complete the sentences. Brenda and Brent. Use "be goint to" and the indicated verb. INGLES 5º PRIM. * bring * play * tent * fry * cook * book * sing * day * buy Tilly and Thomas. SACO OLIVEROS .

It _________ (play) (rain) CLASSWORK N° 7 SACO OLIVEROS . She ________________ a letter (buy) (write) 3. INGLES 5º PRIM. He _____________ a book 2. (make) (watch) 5. They ____________ soccer 6. 4. 1. They _____________ a movie. She ____________ a phone call.

* Write about yourself * What are you going to do? Write 5 sentences. __________________________________________________________ 5. __________________________________________________________ CLASSWORK N° 8 SACO OLIVEROS . __________________________________________________________ 3. Use these words. __________________________________________________________ 4. __________________________________________________________ 2. I'm going to watch TV tonigh I'm not going to go to a movie this evening do homerwork tomorrow visit a friend next week go to a party on the weekend play soccer go shopping I'm going to do homework tonight I'm not going to watch TV this evening 1. INGLES 5º PRIM.

00 watch TV 12.00 eat lasagna 9. What /do/ four o'clock. ________________ __________________ CLASSWORK N° 9 SACO OLIVEROS . Then answer the questions. Where /go/ twelve o'clock. What /do/ eight o'clock.00 go yo Pizza Hut 4. Where /go/ six o'clock. ________________ __________________ 4. INGLES 5º PRIM.00 take a nap 6.00 go to sleep Make questions from these words. QUESTION ANSWER 1. What /do/ nine o'clock. ¡Look at Garfield's Calendar for tomorrow! GARFIELD APPOINTMENT BOOK 8. _________________ _________________ 3. He is going to eat lasagna __________________ ________________ 2.00 dinner at China Town 8. _________________ _________________ 5.

INGLES 5º PRIM. Write a post card D ear M o m and D ad I’m v e r y h a p p y h e r e a n d I w ill m e t s o m e n e w fr ie n d s to m o r r o w . ( s ig n y o u r n a m e h e r e ) SACO OLIVEROS . "You can do it" Imagine that you are in Australia. and you are going to tell your parents what are you going to do this week.



cool /cul/ genial 13. poor /pur/ pobre 17. glass /glas/ vidrio 7. garage /garash/ garaje 9. grade /greid/ grado 21. cartoon /cartun/ caricatura 20. INGLES 5º PRIM. 1. grass /gras/ cesped 5. curtains /korteins/ cortinas 2. fence /fens/ cerco 3. buy /bai/ comprar 11. shed /shid/ cobertizo 14. garden /garden/ jardín 12. cut /cat/ cortar 24. roof /ruf/ techo 4. yard /yard/ patio 25. skinny /esquini/ flaco 23. tool /tul/ herramienta CLASSWORK N° 2 U N IT 3 ¡You can do it! SACO OLIVEROS . rug /rag/ alfombra} 6. instead /insted/ en vez de 18. view /viu/ vista 16. furniture /fiurnichur/ muebles 8. box /box/ caja 19. bed /bed/ cama 15. fix /fix/ arreglar 10. trouble /trabel/ problema 22.

_____________________________ 6. SACO OLIVEROS . 1. _____________________________ CLASSWORK N° 3 U N IT 3 1. Use the cod and write the words. _____________________________ 2. Look at the list of things to do. INGLES 5º PRIM. s. _____________________________ 5. _____________________________ 7. _____________________________ 3. t and x. _____________________________ 8. Complete te secret code for letters o. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o q r s o = p = s = t = u v w = x = y z 2. 1. _____________________________ 4. p.

1. She _____________________________________________ CLASSWORK N° 4 U N IT 3 1. He _____________________________________________ 4. INGLES 5º PRIM. Write what they aren't going to do. Finnigan _____________________________________________ 2. He _____________________________________________ 3. Write about your activities next weekend SACO OLIVEROS . 2. Franny _____________________________________________ 5.

Look at Any's calendar. INGLES 5º PRIM. a. Draw about the activities you are going to do next weekend. I'm going to _____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ b. Write what is she going to. I'm not going to __________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 2. SACO OLIVEROS . U N IT 3 CLASSWORK N° 5 Any Williams is an English student.

Tomorrow morning _________________________________________ 4. This evening _________________________________________ 3.. What is Alice going to do . Saturday : morning : afternoon : go to the beach with Julio and Jake.. Sunday evening _________________________________________ 6. evening : have dinner with George. Friday : morning : have coffee with Sandra. evening : study for the test. afternoon : go to class. This afternon _________________________________________ 2. evening : Sunday : morning : afternoon : see a movie with Ken. Friday afternoon ______________________________________ 5. Sunday afternoon ________________________________________ CLASSWORK N° 6 U N IT 3 What are you going to fix in your house? 1. Thursday : morning : afternoon : study at the library. 1. Make sentences using the words below SACO OLIVEROS . evening : work. INGLES 5º PRIM.

window . ______________________________________________________ 5. bye! _______ Mr. ceiling . Unscramble the conversation Put the conversation in the correcto order. ______________________________________________________ 7. ______________________________________________________ 3. _______ thank you! _______ great. _______ yes. CLASSWORK N° 7 U N IT 3 1. _______ Hello _______ the floor is broken. ______________________________________________________ 4. what can I help you? _______ I'm going to be there 10 o'clock.door 1. Circle the word Circle the word that does not belong SACO OLIVEROS .roof . ______________________________________________________ 6. ______________________________________________________ 2. Jhonson I need your help. _______ No problem.floor .fence .garage . INGLES 5º PRIM. ______________________________________________________ 2.

dergan ____________ d. allw ____________ READING Read the letter. a. dress fence garage c. ploo ____________ h. ingceil ____________ f. ceiling door pijamas b. window sandals floor d. ssarg ____________ g. swimming pool stairs shoes e. rord ____________ j. downiw ____________ e. ragega ____________ c. Then answer the questions SACO OLIVEROS . INGLES 5º PRIM. foor ____________ i. ventilator wall garden 2. Unscrumble the words a. enfec ____________ b.

(the one who's a journalist) in her wonderful house in Beverly Hills! So we're living in style.. guys! We are having a great time in California. And of course the food is great. It's all good. I have to go now. What are they going to do before dinner? __________________________________________________________ 4. and he was so nice!. of course!.. Lots of love. so we can just lie around the pool or play tennis. a different kind every night. INGLES 5º PRIM. Who is the letter from? __________________________________________________________ 2. I never want to go back to Kansas . And last week we took a tour around Beverly Hills and saw all the homes of the stars. Kim 1. And who do you think we saw? Jack Nicholson! Monica knows him. Where is she? __________________________________________________________ 3. We're going to all new movies because Monica has to write about them.or back to work! But I guess I have to! See all at work next week. What are they going to do next weekend? __________________________________________________________ SACO OLIVEROS . (Wow!) Then on Saturday we went to Universal Studios. Anyway. Tom and I are going t o swim before dinner. so she introduced us to him. Every evening Monica takes us to a new restaurant to try Thai food. The weather is wonderful. Korean food . We're staying with my sister Monica. Japanese food. Hi there. (Terrible. Monica's at work most of the time. huh?) Everybody in Hollywood talks about movies all the time.



wear /wer/ usar 15. museum /musíam/ museo 2. buy /bay/ comprar 18. guide /gaid/ guía 9. fill out /fl aut/ rellenar 6. wake up /weik ap/ despertarse 16. magazine /magazin/ revista 20. dinosaur /dáinosor/ dinasaurio 8. take /teik/ llevar 17. UNIT 4 WORD PRONUNCIATION MEANS 1. good luck /gúd lak/ buena suerte! SACO OLIVEROS . parents /pérents/ padres 3. questionnaire /kuéstioneir/ cuestionario 5. what /wát/ qué / cuál 11. leave /lív/ salir 4. appear /apier/ aparecer 23. going to /goin tu/ van a / ir a 14. INGLES 5º PRIM. watch /watch/ mirar TV 19. where /wér/ dónde 12. how /jao/ cómo 13. autographs /órografs/ autógrafos 24. filming /fílmin/ filmar 22. you're welcome /yur wélcom/ de nada 21. who /jú/ quién 10. day trip /dey trip/ escursión de un 7.

Complete and answer the questions about excercise 1 what time How Where Who When a) _______ are the children going to go on a day trip? ___________________________________________________________ b) ______ are they going to go? ___________________________________________________________ c) ______ are they going to travel there? ___________________________________________________________ d) _____ is going to tell about the museum? ___________________________________________________________ e) _____ are the parents going to meet them at the museum? SACO OLIVEROS . CLASSWORK N° 1 U N IT 4 A DAY TRIP 1. They're going to travel to the museum by car / bus / train. The guide is going to tell them all about dinosaur / science / toys through history.QUESTIONS 2. The children's parents are going to meet them at the entrance to the museum at 2 o'clock / 3 o'clock / 4 o'clock. INGLES 5º PRIM. WH . The children of Delaney School are going to go on a day trip next monday / Wednesday / Friday.Create your own story by circling your preferences. They're going to visit the Dinosaur Museum / Science Museum / Toy Museum.

__________________________________________________________ CLASSWORK N° 2 U N IT 4 LET'S GET FUN! SACO OLIVEROS .INGLES 5º PRIM.


INGLES 5º PRIM. Use "going to". I'M GOING TO GO TO THE MOVIE THEATER 1. Read and write sentences. SACO OLIVEROS . Decorate your autograph sheet and write your autograph. a) (candy store) I _________________________________________________ b) (bread factory) She _________________________________________________ c) (dinosaur room) They _________________________________________________ d) (toy room) He _______________________________________________ e) (wax museum) I ________________________________________________ f) (music room) She _________________________________________________ CLASSWORK N° 4 U N IT 4 1.

INGLES 5º PRIM. C A R R IE W E B B w o rk very ’re h a rd y o u c ia l s p e e m o m fro m Lov D ad G o o d w o rk u n c l e C o li n od e g o tie B a u n a ría M 2. Unscramble the autograph message and write Autograph is This my. ask now to going And I'm all for autographs other the of people class the my in!. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ CLASSWORK N° 5 U N IT 4 SACO OLIVEROS .

Dean. the history teacher. Read and match the questions? a) What are they going to do? ______ By school bus. Read and complete the questions? who How Where What time What a) _________ are they going to tell them about? They're going to go by bus. WHERE ARE THEY GOING TO GO? 1. Dean is my History Teacher. d) _________ are they going to go? They're going to go to the museum. b) _________ is the guide going to tell them about? He's going to tell them about "The Dinosaurs" c) _________ are they going to leave the school? They're going to leave school at 7. c) Who are they going to go with? ______ Mr. e) How are they going to go? ______ Go on a day trip 2. b) Where are they going to go? ______ At 5. e) _________ is your teacher? Mr. CLASSWORK N° 6 U N IT 4 SACO OLIVEROS . INGLES 5º PRIM. d) What time are they going to leave? ______ To the museum.30 pm.30.

th e y a r e .N o . th e y a r e n ’t 1) Read carefully and answer the questions. ARE THEY GOING TO BUY A SODA? Look the chart Short answers A ffi r m a t i v e N e g a tiv e .N o . INGLES 5º PRIM. h e is .Y e s . s h e is . s h e is n ’t .N o . _____________ c) Is he going to play soccer? Yes. h e is n ’t . _____________ e) Is he going to take the camera to the trip? No. _____________ b) Is she going to go to the museum? No. _____________ d) Are they going to watch television? No.Y e s .Y e s . a) Are they going to buy a soda? yes. _____________ SACO OLIVEROS .


expensive /expensif/ caro / costoso 13. nice /náis/ lindo 14. INGLES 5º PRIM. postcard /póscar/ tarjeta postal 10. better /bérer/ mejor 15. city /círi/ ciudad 11. quiet /kuáyet/ silencio 7. large /larch/ grande 5. pretty /príti/ bonita 2. WORD PRONUNCIATION MEANS 1. busy /bisi/ mucho tráfico / concurrido 4. new /níu/ nuevo 12. smart /smárt/ inteligente 8. tomorrow /tumórrou/ mañana CLASSWORK N° 1 U N IT 5 SACO OLIVEROS . neat /nit/ limpio 6. messy /mési/ desordenado 9. cheap /chip/ barato 3.

INGLES 5º PRIM. MY SISTER IS SMARTER THAN ME! 1) Look the pictures and write the "comparative adjectives" neater smarter cheaper longer messier 1) Ripo's hair is _____________________ than Pipo's hair. 2) My bike is _______________________ than your bike. SACO OLIVEROS .

4) My sister is ____________ than me. 3) The lion es ______________ than the cat. 5) This clock is ____________ than that one.INGLES 5º PRIM. CLASSWORK N° 2 SACO OLIVEROS .

LET'S COMPARE! 1) Complete the comparing words chart A d je c tive s p re tty o ld e r ch eap b u sy la r g e r neat sm a rt q u i e te r SACO OLIVEROS U N IT 5 . INGLES 5º PRIM.

CLASSWORK N° 3 A DOG ISN´T AS BIG AS A COW 1) Look and complete. b) The dog isn't as ______ the cow c) The yo-yo isn't ______ the airplane d) The farm isn't ______ the house. quiet pretty cheap big a) Paula isn't as ______ as Ana. INGLES 5º PRIM. SACO OLIVEROS .

1) Sam's car is (old) ________ than Fred's car. INGLES 5º PRIM. CLASSWORK N° 4 U N IT 5 LET'S MAKE COMPARISONS! Look at the pictures and complete the sentences. CLASSWORK N° 5 U N IT 5 SACO OLIVEROS . 4) The Wild West restaurant is (busy) ______ the Valley Lunch Bar. 3) Wilfred is (smart) ________ than Denver. 2) Sadie's desk is (neat) _______ than Jeff's desk.

The Sea Shell Hotel is 25 years old. INGLES 5º PRIM. The older building is very pretty. The Marmaid Hotel is very modern. The Mermaid Hotel is five years old. pretter than larger than smaller than older than The Mermaid Hotel and the Sea Shell Hotel are on Tongaliki Beach.It is much _______ the Mermaid Hotel. It has 100 rooms. LET'S READ AND WRITE! Look at hte pictures and complete the text with comparing words from the box. The Mermaid Hotel is ___________ the Sea Shell Hotel. The Sea Shell Hotel is __________ the Marmaid Hotel. The Sea Shell Hotel's garden is much __________ the Mermaid Hotel's garden. and it has a small garden. They're both very nice hotels. The sea Shell Hotel only has 35 rooms. CLASSWORK N° 6 U N IT 5 SACO OLIVEROS .

INGLES 5º PRIM. than Jim's handwriting _______ C) Jenny's car is cheaper c) Jim's isn't as neat as Jenny's. than Jim's parrot _______ E) Jenny's house is larger e) Jim's isn't as quiet as Jenny's. A) Jenny's desk is untidier a) Jim's isn't as cheap as Jenny's than Jim's desk _______ B) Jenny's handwriting is neater b) Jim's isn't as untidy as Jenny's. than Jim's house. SACO OLIVEROS . JIM'S PET ISN'T AS QUIET AS JENNY'S 1) Match the sentences that have the same meaning. than Jim's car _______ D) Jenny's turtle is quieter d) Jim's isn't as large as Jenny's. 2) Match the sentences in exercise 1 to the pictures.


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