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Development of Theatre Art
Assignment 2
30 September 2014
The Innovation of Loneliness
0:00 Pre-Show: Six human sized frames hang in a circle surrounding a unmasked female actor in an off-
white slip. A white top-light confines her in a circle encompassing a diameter of approximately twelve
feet. The light fades just as it reaches the frames, eschewing anything outside the restraints of the circle.
She sits in the middle of the circle alone and moves to a song playing in the background (possibly a slow,
blues horn improvisation). She travels from frame to frame noticing that each one is empty. The audience
is free to walk completely around the circle, but there are no chairs.
4:00 Top of Show: Music begins (instrumental of Everything went Numb by Streetlight Manifesto, or
similar toned music), haze fills the stage floor and six more female actors enter (see breakdown below).
However these actors are extravagantly masked to represent an morphed exposition of an undiscovered
inner side of the leading woman. She explores each frame as if shopping for the perfect outfit. The
framed female actors are each fighting in their own way for the leading female to choose them, but at
the same time mirroring every move from the leading lady.
8:00 (Times represent location of the framed actor in the circle)
I. 2:00 The Monkey, representing the child, might have a xylophone or tambourine and holding a
balloon (orange light). Dances to the music freely and uninhibited.
II. 8:00 The Earth, organic
III. 4:00 The Assassin, head of pharaoh dog, representing ruthlessness, confidence, strength
(Green light) Might at one point break the mirror and trap the leading lady for a moment
IV. 6:00 The Mother, head of a goose, body of a pregnant woman, representing nurture and
family. Might reach out to the leading lady
V. 10:00 The Doctor, head of an eagle, represents all intellectual aspects, does not move much.
VI. 12:00 The Cat, represents the sexuality and hunger (red light)
20:00 The leading lady does not make a choice of who she is and what she is made of, and sits back in
the middle of the circle. The frames make two revolutions around her, closes in, and the leading lady
disappears before the frames come back to their original positions.
Vocal line to Streetlight Manifestos Heres to Life plays:
Hey there Salinger what did you do, just when the world was looking at you
to write anything that meant anything, you told us you were through.
And its been years since you passed away and I see no black and I see no grey
but i cant help believing, you wanted it that way.
Statement the audience leaves with: If you cant discover who you are, you will die.
Writers: Andr Breton, Louis Aragon, Paul Eluard, Robert Desnos, Benjamin Pret, Antonin Artaud and
Ren Crevel
Artists: Salvador Dal, Rene Magritte, Joan Mir, Yves Tanguy and Andr Masson

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