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ISO-9001, API Spec Q1, API Spec Q2, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

Organizations Certified by APIQR

General Description ISO 9001 API Spec Q1 - API Spec Q2 - ISO 14001 - OHSAS 18001 - Monogram
Quality Quality Quality Environmental Occupational Licenses held
The Registration Number is to Management Programs for Programs for Management Health and by ISO 9001,
be used whenever the Systems Manufacturing Service and Systems Safety API Spec Q1,
applicable APIQR registration in the Oil and Supply in the Management API Spec Q2,
mark is used. Gas Industry Oil and Gas Systems ISO 14001,
Industry OHSAS 18001

Triple J Coil Tubing Products LLC, ISO-2617 Q1-2484 6A-1684

Houston, TX, United States

Tri-Service Oilfield Manufacturing Ltd., ISO-0604 Q1-0335 4F-0168

Nisku Facility, Nisku, AB, Canada 7K-0251

Triyards Houston, Houston, TX, United ISO-2701


Truflo Rona srl, San Nicol a Trebbia Q1-2068 6A-1562

Rottofreno, Piacenza, Italy 6D-1406

TSC (Qingdao) Manufacturing Co., Ltd., ISO-0437 Q1-0152 7K-0084

Qingdao City, Shandong Province,
People's Republic of China

TSC Corporation, Houston, TX, United ISO-1309 Q1-1108 2C-0097

States 4F-0374

TSP, Houston, TX, United States ISO-2298 Q1-2200

TSP, Houston, TX, United States ISO-2298 Q1-2200 20E-0005

TUBAC S.A., Guatemala City, ISO-2053 Q1-1932 5L-0981

Guatemala, Guatemala

TUBACERO, S DE RL DE CV, ISO-0279 Q1-1769 5CT-0094

PLANTAS MONTERREY, Monterrey, N. 5L-0082
L., Mexico

TUBACERO, S DE RL DE CV; PLANTA ISO-2388 Q1-2289 5L-1024

SALINAS VICTORIA, Salinas Victoria,
N.L., Mexico

TUBACERO, S. de R.L. de C.V., Planta ISO-0840 Q1-0591 2B-0100

Panuco, Panuco, Veracruz, Mexico 5L-0653


S.A.U., TTI - OCTG PLANT, Amurrio,
Alava, Spain

Tubeconn Services, Tubeconn Q1-2737 5CT-1790

Services, Singapore, Singapore 7-1-1269

Tuberia Laguna, S.A. de C.V., Gomez ISO-0462 Q1-0179 5CT-0826

Palacio, Durango, Mexico 5L-0003

Tubex SDN BHD, Kemaman, ISO-0203 Q1-1308 5CT-0377

Terengganu, Malaysia 7-1-0340

Tubos Servicios de Oriente, S.A., ISO-0597 Q1-0327 5CT-0711

Anaco, Anzoategui, Venezuela 7-1-0524

Tuboscope Vetco Capital Ltd., Angola Q1-2447 7-1-1206

Branch, Luanda, Republic of Angola

Tuper S/A - Oil and Gas Unit, So ISO-1650 Q1-1485 5CT-1413

Bento do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil 5L-0910

Turbo Drill Industries D.B.A. Scout ISO-2678 Q1-2545 7-1-1225

Downhole, Conroe, TX, United States

TURNCO LLC, Oklahoma City Facility, ISO-2840 Q1-2755

Oklahoma City, OK, United States

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