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RPS, MUSSAFAH, ABU DHABI Circular No: RPS-006/30/05/2017-18 Date: 30/05/2017 “Give a bowl of rice to a man and that can feed him for a day” Circular for school “We Care Drive” (KG to Grade 10) Dear Parent, Ramada Kareem! Ramadan brings the time of mercy, spirituality, love, sharing and benevolence, - a time to express the goodwill and compassion especially for those less fortunate in our society. The school has organized a “We care drive” starting from 34% May 2017 Wednesday to 5 June 2017 Monday for the students of KG to Grade 10. Please join in wholeheartedly and experience the joy of giving. Each class has been allotted items for the ease of collection. KG Section: Milk powder, Jam and Dates Primary (Grade 1to 5): __ Rice, Oil and Pulses/Cereals Secondary (Grade 6 to 10): Wheat flour, Sugar and Tea/Coffee packets The above mentioned items should be packed separately in a sealed polythene bag. We believe that in the hearts of today's children are the seeds of tomorrow's leaders. So encourage your child to be the part of the Drive. Thank you for your support for all the school initiatives. Warm regards, Paramijit Ahluwaiia Principal (Subject to ADEC approval)