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El Quds International School

American Division
Distribution of syllabuses Scholastic year 2016 2017

Teacher's name: Amany Gaber Subject: Math Grade: 11

Month Chapters Date Content Aids used Assessment

Chapter (2): 2.1 using the sine rule to find -Demonstration -Test/Quiz
The sine and missing sides.
cosine rule. 2.2 using the sine rule to find -Lecture -Home work
missing angles.
2.3 The rule and finding two -Q and A -Written work
solutions for a missing angle.
2.4 using the cosine rule to find -Student work -Observation
an unknown side.
2.5 using the cosine rule to find a -Work Sheets -Project
missing angle.
2.6 using the sine rule, the cosine -Other Books
rule and Pythagorass theorem.
2.7 calculating area of triangle -Board
using sine.
-Text pages

Chapter (10): 10.1 simple trigonometrical

Trigonometrica identities.
l identities and 10.2 solving simple
simple trigonometrical equations.
equations. 10.3 solving equations of the
form sin (n + a), cos (n + a)
and tan (n + a) =k.
10.4 solving quadratic
trignometrical equations.
Chapter (3):
exponential 3.1 the function y=ax
and logarithms.
3.2 writing expressions as a
3.3 Calculating using logarithms
to the base 10.
3.4 Laws of logarithms.
3.5 solving equations of the form
3.6 changing the base of

Chapter (4): 4.1 differentiating functions

differentiation. given parametrically.
4.2 differentiating relations
which are implicit.
4.3 differentiating the function ax.
4.4 differentiation and rates of
4.5 simple differential equations.

Chapter (7): 7.1 The derivative of f(x) as the

differentiation. gradient of the tangent to the
graph y=f(x).
7.2 finding the formula for the
gradient of xn.
7.3 finding the gradient formula
of simple functions.
7.4 The gradient formula for a
function where the powers of x
are real numbers.
7.5 expanding or simplifying
functions to make them easier to
7.6 finding second order
7.7 finding the rate of change of
a function at a particular point.
7.8 finding the equation of the
tangent and normal to a curve at
a point.

Chapter (8): 8.1 Differentiating using the

Differentiation. chain rule.
8.2 Differentiating using the
product rule.
8.3 Differentiating using the
quotient rule.
8.4 Differentiating the
exponential function.
8.5 Finding the differential of the
logarithmic function.
8.6 Differentiating sin x.
8.7 Differentiating cos x.
8.8 Differentiating tan x.
8.9 Differentiating further
trigonometrical functions.
8.10 Differentiating functions
formed by combining
trigonometrical, exponential,
logarithmic and polynomial