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Chapter 1 review of functioning of banks

1) What is bank & explain its types?

2) RBI and its functions?
3) Functions of commercial bank/primary functions of commercial bank
4) Assets and liabilities of banks
5) Short note on off balance sheet items:

Chapter2 deposits and loan products

1) Explain the term deposits?

2) What do you mean by housing finance and its types?
3) Short note on overview of housing finance industry in India (key trends.)
4) Short note on higher purchase
5) What do you mean by leasing and explain its types?
6) Distinguish between higher purchase & leasing
7) What is factory and explain its types?
8) Short note on forfeiting
9) Short note on merchant banking
10) What is mutual fund & explain its types?
11) What do you mean by consumer loans and explain its types?
12) Venture capital financing & its advantages?

Chapter 3 new financial services by bank

1) Portfolio management service and advantages?

2) Innovative finance instruments?
3) Challenges facing the financial service sector?
4) Challenges facing by banking?
5) Short notes on direct taxes[OLTAS]
6) Short notes on indirect taxes[CBEC]
7) Negative side banks have several challenges to face

Chapter 4 electronic payment system and investment banking

1) Indian electronic payment system?

2) Debit card & it advantages and disadvantages?
3) Credit card & benefit to the bank and benefits to the card holders &
4) Authorisation and its key ledger.
5) Short note on credit card authentication process.
6) E-banking & its features.
7) Advantages & disadvantages of internet banking .
8) Short note on investment banking.
chapter 5.
1) what is insurance and its features
2)essentiols of contract of insurance
3)short note on role of insurance
4)principle of insurance
5)motor insurance and its type
6)life insurance product
7)fire insurance & its principle
8)fire insurance coverage
9)health insurance
10)marin insurance and its type
11)what are the difference in life insurance product live example)

Chapter 6
1) re insurance and its objectives
2)re insurance agreement
3) distinguish between re-insurance and double insurance
4) bank insurance and its benifit to insurance
5) A types of risk

Chapter 7 privatisation of insurance and feature strategy for promossion

1) Reasons for privatisation of insurance sector

2) Future strategies for promoting insurance in india.
3) Innovation-cloud company for insurance

Chapter 8 Banking & insurance revoluation

1) Selfregulation and its features

2) General principal for banking regulation
3) Regulatory functions of RBI
4) Insurance regulatory & development regulatory (IRDA)& its regulation &
5) Co-operative government & its features

Chapter 9 risk & implecations of risk management

1) What is risk & its classification?

2) Risk management & its principle?
3) Implications of risk management?
4) Risk in bank
5) Delivative & its types?