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AUGR22-2017 10: ¥ FROM T-40.002/008 F361 Aventura Police Department — Report bate Time 02/:272016 1829 incident Report ‘Case * 01-16-000783 Jeact Fase a Tne a DaaesTs aie tf iil [eater lame bill fees Chee eoeaces oot bes a 1 (eer sere susvenoe caso sere as D [Common Name E | PARK CENTRAL 3900NE191ST ST Apt. 513 AVENTURA, FL 33180 RAWAM DADE County) N [Say or Week : FRIDAY ‘Alehol Related : NO- T [Responded : 02/12/2018 #4 ‘Drug Roiated : NO rome eee a Pe eae ecto a ‘ 5 sas Cae — ip | COMMITTED co Toston Sona = 4 [oo ay n ‘Offense: BATTERY SIMPLE ‘Computer Theft. NO- 3 [CERRO SMC ay nom Seon 2 |aeeeuoroe careers TS areer. omens cy Ae NSS [P| Parson Type | SisingssPerson Namie Business Prone E — I R : $ emcee 0 10000000000 $1 — . c= mean Scar El seem a Sata Sets, on une oes Wikio Gnargas= NO Can entty Otencer: YES ‘Storey of Vicim : SOBER. BE County: UNTED STATES EX injury = MINOR Max. Height: 505" uy Type OTHER Max, Weight: 120 be Mogi! Treatment. Teale ate Scene AguldJovende : ADULT ‘Body Mats: vet us Exar rase io _ Sea mapas par sie i ain Som Saas pees |ST. LOUIS, MO. UNITED STATES: sa aa | Ccnupation : UNEMALOYED a ee eee Bet waren tres feo mune fee a a Nee ie oe ae Ris assent aa ee Seat ren ei SoreNt Sune ce ‘Neue ouce sera et Sete Or St : ache aa ar : SeFiekesSort_ ce En ros cern aromas : ead AuG-22-201T 10:24 FROM 1-240 P.008/003 F361 Aventura Police Department —ropattoate.Time o2/122016 1820 Incident Report Case # 04-16-000783 ‘tere Saas SNE ‘Speech : NORMAL Scrent Grade : 12 ‘siiency Type: AVENTURA, Hei Color: BLACK Residency Ststus: FULL YEAR Hai Length: MEDIUM (UP to 2") Cheers: LINTTED STATES Hai Sive “AFRO. ‘Weapon Held: HANDSIFISTSIFEET- OFFENSE ONLY Facal sr: MUSTACHE AND GOATEE. Say tare: "Tooth: NO DISCERNABLE FEATURES MOT ASSAULTS Eye Cae: SROWN PT Wen 4p mare Tepie ‘ORIGINAL NARRATIVE, {wae dispatched to the Park Central Condominiums, located at 3300 NE 191st St., in reference to an altercation. Upon my arrival, | met withl ‘advises that she was visiting a friend of her's at this location. The friend, ( With Beneffts) Ezekiel Eliot NN states that they got into @ verbal argument that tumed physical, over a social media incident, She states that Ezekiel, pushed her ‘up against the wall, during the argument in his apartment. The force of the push, caused her to have eit shoulder pain. Miami-Dade Engine 8 res} fo the scene and gave her a medical evaluation. There were no visible sign’s of an injury and| Jwas asked if she needed to go to the Hospital, Which she declined. Rescue gave hor an ice-pack for her injury, then left the scene. Ezekiel was asked to tell his side of the story, and he explained th: led him from Ohio a few day's ago. She flew down and stayed with him for a couple of day's. According to Ezekiel, became angry over a social media incident and upset because she was askod to leave his apartment, ‘and go back to Ohio. NE cid not want to do that, so that escalated the situation further. He dtlempled to go to his room and lock the door, when [NE prevented him from doing so by grabbing him atound the walst. That is when he pushed her to get her off of him. She then called Potice. Since there were no physical sign's of any injury. Her word against his and no independent witnesses, a report was taken andi was advised cn how to fie charges, if she chose to do so. icft the seene via Uber, without further incident fc tne scone a Ube ee arate Reportin Officer Department Report Sater OFCKEVINL CHILDS (169) AVENTURA POLICE DEPARTMENT approves Supervising Ofer DateTime veriying Officer Deparinent Data Tie SGT TERRY SCOTT (168) AVENTURA POLICE DEPARTVENT ztzreo%6 21:06 ve ee1oao- oF