Submitted to: Aidan Joy P. Rodicol, RN. Clinical Instructor

Submitted by: Kevin Van Eric O. Saballo BSN-2K

September 2, 2009

Initial Data Base

I. Demographic Data A) Family Name: Tan B) Address: Lebak,Sultan Kudarat II. Family Data 1. Length of Residency: 19 years 2. Place of Origin: Cebu 3. Family Size: 5 members 4. Religion: Alliance 5. Tribe: Cebuano

Figure A. Family Members Chart Family Member¶s Name Tan, Johnny Y. , Susana Sumabat , Johnson Novi , John Nathaniel , John Nikolsen Ag e 48 49 22 17 11 Sex Civil Status M M S S S Position in the family Father Mother Eldest Middle Youngest Relationship to the head of the family Head Wife Son Son Son Educational Attainment CG, MD CG, BSN CG, BSN CL EL


The figure above shows that most of the family members are male. The father, mother and eldest son are college degree holders. III. Family Structure and Dynamics The family is a nuclear family; it is composed of the mother and father with their three biological sons. Figure B. General Family Relationship/Dynamics Status a) Observable conflict between family members b) Characteristic of communication c) Interaction pattern between family members Additional Information

Conflict between father ³inconsiderate man gud and son si papa´ as verbalize by Nathaniel Formal Dines together, goes to church as a whole, spending vacations together

The figure above shows that there is a conflict between father and son, and it is supported by the verbalization of Nathaniel. The characteristic of communication is formal. When dining together, going to church and spending vacation the interaction of family is continuously flowing. IV. Heath Status of the Family A) Nutritional Status of the Family Figure C. Nutritional Status of the Family Family Members Tan, Johnny Y. , Susana Sumabat , Johnson Novi , John Nathaniel , John Nikolsen Weight (kgs) 58 47 86 72 53 Height 5¶6¶¶ 5¶2¶¶ 5¶6¶¶ 5¶7¶¶ 5¶4¶¶ Result (BMI) 20.6* 19 30.6 24.9* 20.1*

The figure above shows that Johnny, Nathaniel and Nikolsen are in normal range, Susana is underweight, and Johnson is severely obese. B) Family Dietary Habits Figure D. Weekly Dietary Recall D1 D2 Breakfast Rice, Bread, fried fish fried egg Lunch Rice, Rice, pork fried fish sinigang Dinner Rice, Rice, fried fish fish sinigang D3 Rice, boiled egg Fried chicken, rice Pancit D4 Hotdog, rice Kaldereta, Vegetable, rice Pork adobo, rice D5 D6 D7

The figure above shows that rice is the main source of carbohydrates in a typical diet, the family is also fond of fried and sinigang dishes. They serve vegetable once. C) Sleeping Pattern The regular retiring time of the family is 10:00 pm, and they wake up at around 4:30 am, because two of their sons are going to school before 7:00 am, but most of the time retiring and getting up time is dependent on the whims of the individual. D) Health history

Mr, Johnny Y. Tan, head of the house hold is diabetic and positive for hypertension, his wife Mrs. Susana Tan; she delivered her son normally, and is hypertensive, cyst has been removed from the right side of her neck last June15 1998. Johnson the first son of Mr & Mrs. Tan is asthmatic but he does not have a medication for it. Nathaniel, the second son; has been sick of measles and has undergone open reduction on his right hand because of fracture. Nikolsen, the youngest son; has undergone removal of cyst from his left eye brow. The entire family member was sick of chicken pox except Nathaniel. Figure E. Immunization Status of the Family Family Member¶s Name Tan, Johnny Y. , Susana Sumabat , Johnson Novi , John Nathaniel , John Nikolsen BCG C C C C C DPT C C C C C OPV C C C C C Hep B C C C C C MMR C C C C C

All of the family members have a complete set of immunization; Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine has been administered to Nathaniel. V. Values and Practices on Health Promotion Mr. Johnny Tan is a doctor; he acts as the family doctor. Their relaxation activities are watching television during free time, watching movies at the theatre of mall once a month, surfing the net almost every day to connect with friends and watch videos of anime. The family do not have routine exercise.

VI. Socioeconomic Characteristic Members of Family with income Tan, Johnny Y. Educational Attainment Occupation Nature of Work Place of Work Monthly Income (Php.) 35,000

CG, Md

Municipal Health Officer

Office/ Practicing Doctor

Municipal Health Office of Lebak, Sultan Kudarat

The total family income is 35,000Php. Susana and Johnson are unemployed. VII. Home and Environment

The type of the house is strong, and it is owned. The total floor area (TFA) of the house is 289 Esq., and the total space requirement (TSR) of the family is 13.76 Esq., the TFA is greater than TSA, therefore the house is not overcrowded.

A) Total Floor Area (TFA) 17m X 17m = 289 B) Total Space Requirement (TSR) Multipurpose room Adult Child Infant 3.0 sq.m 1.5 sq.m 0 sq.m Single purpose room 2.5 sq.m 1.26 sq.m 0 sq.m

5 adults (single purpose room) X 2.5 sq.m. = 12.5 sq.m. 1 child (single purpose room) X 1.26 sq.m = 1.26 sq.m. Total SR = 13.76 sq.m

C) Comparison of TFA vs. TSR Conditions: TFA>TSR: Not overcrowded TFA<TSR: Overcrowded 289 sq.m > 13.76 sq.m : Not overcrowded

D) Ventilation Window opening (WO) = 1.5 X 1m = 1.5 sq.m 1.5 sq.m X 16 (number of windows) = 24 sq.m   

24 sq.m /289 sq.m X 100 =

% Poor ventilation

E) Light Facility The electricity is being supplied by SUTELCO, a legal connection. F) Drinking Supply The water is being supplied by Lebak Water District, the water is treated therefore it is potable, there are faucet inside the house, they store water in pails with cover and pitcher. G) Kitchen They use gas stove as a means of cooking food, they also have oven. The kitchen is generally clean; there is no cockroach or rat inside the house. H) Drainage Facility Blind drainage; the pipes leads to the big canal beside the road. I) Waste Disposal They give off their waste to the garbage collector and some of their waste specifically the biodegradable waste is being composted. J) Toilet Facility The family has the flush type of toilet; it is located inside the house. The septic tank is located five meters away from the house. K) General Sanitary Condition The house is generally clean; there is no cockroach, rat, mosquito or fly inside the house. L) Presence of Accident Hazards Outside the kitchen there is a slippery pavement. M) Description of the community The neighbourhood is old; the road is not yet cemented. The nearest hospitals are Medicare Hospital and Libak Doctor¶s Hospital. Their form of

communication is through internet, telephone, cell phone, snail mail. Their form of transportation is through jeepney, tricycle, and bicycle. VIII. Awareness of Community Organization The family is aware of the organization present in the community. The head of the family is a member of Chinese Chamber of Commerce, they are aware of the act of the organization, Mr. Tan, manages the resources of the organization and the planning of its project.