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We dedicated the work to the pupils that take a

course in the Fifth semester of the race of civil
construction in this life everything has a cause of the
things all that we do or let's stop doing always you
will have a reason he is this work that's why you are
dedicated to our parents to offer us his unconditional
support in our preparation like students and
professional futures and to our professor: Lic.
Oswaldo Zambrano Panaifo, in order to inculcate big
knowledge that will be us for utensil in our life same
and at the labor field to be able to demonstrate the a
great deal in us or little that we have acquired in our
student's stage and that way knowing the reality that
you surround us and presenting alternative of
solution in front of any problem that turn up to us,
because we will be ready to confront the life.


We thank our creative father in the first place GOD,

for we give the breath of life and the gift of wisdom,
to our parents to shake hands with us stops to be
able to walk like professional futures, to our
professor of the subject of study to give us a small
push to the road of the life that we will begin today
to go over thousand thanks and sign of them, to all
this work that today we presented for good of all


You encounter the theme of planning and the control in the present work
efficacious of the labor costs, than music essential ingredients of a global
program of planning and control of utilities. The all-comprehensive labor costs
intervene in this relative to the employees, from the executives to the workers.

The salaries once the workers that labor of direct way on the company products
were paid include the direct-labor costs, in so much than the employees that
do not work directly on the products.

In this budget direct-labor costs, the quantity of hand of work that will be
required like the quota that be paid per hour for the different classrooms of
work has to take care of itself so much. You are also important, in the
companies of commercial detail-oriented services to budget for the costs of


The physical and mental effort that goes down at the service of the
manufacture of a good is known like dealer of work. Also the concept is
utilized to name of this work, that is, the price that is paid for to him to the
The hand of ACT, the definition makes reference to the Work of hand or of
hands due to the incoherence of the word, that you have more sense if it is said
that works or works are executed by people, workers than for his physical and
mental effort they fabricate a good.
The manual labor can classify in direct or indirect. The direct manual labor is
that one implicated of direct form in the manufacture of the finished good. It
has to do with a job that can be correlated easily to the very in point.
The manual labor is cheaper at countries like India or China because to the
workers a life insurance is not paid for, among other things.


Hand of direct work: She is the manpower consumed in the areas that a
direct relation with production or the fringe benefit of some service have .
He is the generated for the laborers and laborers qualified of the company.

Hand of direct work: She is the manpower consumed in the areas that a
direct relation with production or the fringe benefit of some service have .
He is the generated for the laborers and laborers qualified of the company.

Manpower of step: She is the manpower that corresponds to the senior

staff and the company's executive.

Commercial manpower: She is the manpower generated by the trading

area and construction company of the company.



The company must know the actual labor cost work so much the direct like
the innuendo.

The company must have always once the template according to his needs
was adjusted.

The workers must have the experience, capacitation and necessary skillful
action according
to the shows that each one develop .

If the company's work is seasonal a system of deal that permit him must
have to enlarge or to decrease the template according to the requests of


Establishing designs made suitable of staff's selection.

Application of programs of permanent technical training.

Examining the positions to assign them in the proper way well.

Counting on a collective agreement contracted for with the workers that you
bear the social peace within the pale of the company.

Establishment of hygienic, sound and safe conditions that they guarantee a

efficient and good quality job.

Establishment of controls that they guarantee the minimization of the idle



Enter some of the principal characteristics of the hand of work we found the

They can get better and making perfect the job and design of the material
resources and technicians, which does not happen the other way around.

They can not be property of the organization unlike the other resources,
Knowledge, experience, the Abilities, etc.; Music departs from the personal

The activities of the people in the organizations are, like himself you took aim,
volunteers; But, no for the fact of existing a work contract the organization is
going to count on his members' best effort; On the contrary, only tell they
perceive that with the yes that attitude is going to be beneficial in any form.

Experiences, knowledge, abilities, etc., intangible;They manifest s only to

crosswise of the behavior of the people in the organizations. The members of
them render a service to change of a cost-reducing and affective enumeration.

The total of human resources of a country or of an organization at a given

moment is able to be incremented. Basically two forms for such end exist :
Discovery and improvement.


His importance lies in that it is the factor of production par excellence, because
he is the one that develops a series of activities and tasks, and helped for
instruments, infrastructure, between other ones, produces goods and services
of a satisfactory way.


In economy, he defines as the purchase price for work. They are all those
payments that compensate the individuals for the time and the effort once the
production was dedicated of goods and services. These include not only the
entrances for, day or operated hour, but also for the weekly, monthly or yearly
entrances of the professionals and company managers.

It is necessary to add them up these not too bad not too good entrances first
and extra pays, the risk premiums, condition of nocturnal, index of
dangerousness or overtime, as well as the fees of the liberal professionals and
the part of the earned incomes for the proprietors of business like
compensation of the time once his business was dedicated to. It must be
defined in show of than variable or what set of variables goes to depend the
salary, of way to look for the bigger efficacy and productivity, and of course she
be just so much for the company same as for the manpower.


The benefits that they offer themselves to to him the manpower the dice like a
concept that it enables come to share with all of the employees one part of the
savings obtained, derived directly of his collective effort to reduce costs,
improving the quality and incrementing the productivity. Enter the benefits we
have :

Profit sharing: The payments come from gratifications that you give him to
the company the manpower and these process themselves annually.

Wage incentives: His purpose is to reward the employees with an additional

remuneration of its great performance in the working space. The salary
incentive plans must be considered like significant motivators of the
increment of productivity.

Obligatory social security: He is a juridical organism with personality,

autonomous and the national Treasury Department's different and
independent patrimony. EI IVSS you will administrate the obligatory social
security's all of branches, this institution protects adequate systems to
preserve its health to the intervening worker and give it his intervening
relatives the gratuitous medical attention, like maternity, vex on event
experienced in life, diseases, accidents, invalidity, necessary suspension, etc.

House: Many companies in a minute they accomplish a study of the needs

of the worker and if they join of these of the draft and of selection of the

staff the company is the house you make easy a plan of house by means of
the habitational loans, endowment, between another one.


The direct labor is that one that incurs in the enterprise and that visualizes
itself in a job or finished good, for the one that they designate costs correlated
with the worker, determinndose for her salary according to her range or
hierarchy of performance.

The cost is fixed right through a study of costs in which the salaries are
designated to each worker according to the work that they accomplish and
chord to his professional license.