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Pokemon Learning League

The Heart

Written By
Timothy Whitfield
(Episode opens with Ash, Pikachu, Mallow, Sophocles, Lillie,
Lana and Kiawe coming up to Torom Island aboard a large ship
on a mostly balmy sunny afternoon, with a few clouds in the
sky, waves crashing along the shoreline and hitting sides of the
ship as it cuts through it. The local islanders and tourist play
around on the beach, while some Alomomola breach the water.
Ash turns over to the audience.)
Ash (casually): Hey, there guys.
Pikachu (casually): Pika-chu.
Lillie: Do you do that very often, Ash?
Ash: Yeah, but its not that big a deal. You just have to be casual
with them, thats all.
Lillie: Oh, okay then.
(Their boat pulls up to the dock, some dockhands set up a
staircase and everyone dismounts from the boat. Moments
later, they arrive at the headquarters, where they find Quinn
and Diana observing the movements and poses of a Crabrawler
and sketching them out.)
Diana: Okay, I believe we have enough
Quinn: I think so, too. All right, Crabrawler, you can rest now.
(It snaps its claws with happiness. They put their pencils away
and close up their sketchbooks.)
Ash: Hey, guys. What Pokemon were you sketching there?
Diana: Oh, hi Ash. This is Crabrawler. Quinn caught it not too
long ago.
Ash: Oh, cool.
Quinn: Yep, and were going to do some training later on.
(He gets out a bag of Pokebeans and gives two of them to
Lillie: Hi. Im Lillie.
Sophocles: Im Sophocles.
Mallow: Hey, Im Mallow.
Lana: My names Lana.
Kiawe: And Im Kiawe.
Quinn: Nice to meet you all. Im Quinn.
Diana: And Im Diana. I take it you all live in Alola, correct?
Kiawe: Indeed, we do.
Quinn: Thats good. Were planning on going there at some
Mallow: Then, youll be in for a treat. There are many great
places to visit on the islands.
Diana: All right. Well keep that in mind.
(Ash and the gang go around the back, while taking notice of
the garden and training course along the way. Now, they come
to an obstacle course, where they find Ada with a Minior.)
Ada: All right, Minior, once more. This time without the shell.
(Minor breaks out of its shell and exposes its inner core.)
Ada: And go!
(She starts the stopwatch and Minior swiftly goes through four
hoops set at different angles and heights effortlessly, then leaps
over hurdles, slows down & goes through a small tunnel and
lastly zig-zags around some hand-made rock formations and
reaches the finish line. Ada stops the time.)
Ada: Great job Minior. That was your best time yet.
(Minior gives off a happy expression and forms a hard shell
around its body. Ash and the gang come over to them.)
Ada: Hey, there Ash.
Ash: Hi, Ada. Hows it going?
Ada: Just terrific. Were just finishing up another run on the
Ash: Ah, cool. Ada, meet Sophocles, Mallow, Lana, Kiawe and
Ada: Please to meet you all.
Lillie: Same to you, Ada.
Sophocles: How long has your Minior been doing the course?
Ada: For about two hours now.
Sophocles (intrigued): Ah-ha.
Ada: And as you just witnessed, its been getting faster every
Lillie: We know, and it looked like it was having fun.
Ada: You got it. I like to make sure it does so. So, tell me, what
do some of you do?
Kiawe: I assist on my familys farm and make deliveries to all the
Lana: Well, I love to do some fishing while out on my Lapras.
Mallow: I can cook any sort of recipes.
Sophocles: I like to build all sorts of helpful gadgets.
Lillie: And I know a lot about Alola Pokemon behavior, the types
and their background.
Ada: Ahh, those are all very interesting.
(The gang head inside the building. Everyone, except Ash,
admire the various sculptures and the interior architecture of
the main foyer. Now, they come upon Lexs office, where they
find him constructing the lower half of a metallic skeleton.)
Ash: Hi, Lex.
Lex: Oh, hey. Hows it going?
Lana: Were doing good, thank you.
Lex: Ahh, you must be Sophocles, Lana, Mallow, Lillie and
Mallow: How did you know?
Lex: (chuckles.) I heard you talking outside.
Mallow: Ahh, got you. So, what are you building there?
Lex: Oh, Im making a full-size sculpture of a Dragonite.
Sophocles: Cool.
Ash: Yep. Lex makes a lot of cool sculptures.
Pikachu: Pika, Pika.
Sophocles (curiously): So, what are you building this for?
Lex: Its for someone in town whos opening a new training
facility and wants to have a Dragonite as its mascot.
Lillie: Ah-ha. Well, we can see why.
Lex: Yep. At the rate Im going, itll be done in about eleven
Kiawe: Well, I guess we better let you get back to work.
Lex: (chuckles.) Okay. See you guys later.
(They exit the room and go over to the next one, where they
find Siara constructing the interior of a mechanical heart for the
android. She completes a small chamber and places it in the
upper left side of the shell.)
Siara (to herself, satisfied): Yes! Thats got it.
Ash: Hey, Siara. Hows it going?
Siara: Everythings going great, Ash. (She puts her tools down
and turns her attention to the others.) Nice to meet you all. Im
Kiawe: Nice to meet you, Siara. My names Kiawe.
Lana: Im Lana.
Mallow: Hey. Im Mallow.
Lillie: Im Lillie.
Sophocles: And Im Sophocles. So, what are you building that
heart for?
Siara: Its to purify and circulate the vegetable oil going through
the androids system.
Sophocles: Oh, thats pretty cool.
Siara: Mmm-hmm, and if youre wondering, yes, its based
around how a real heart pumps blood.
Ash: Yeah, we kind of figured that.
Siara: Ill just say right now, this has been difficult to build,
seeing as theyre numerous parts to the heart.
Lillie (interested): Really? Could you explain it to us?
Siara: Well, its quite complex, but sure, Ill show you.
(She turns their attention to the monitor and displays various
diagrams of the heart.)
Siara: As you all know, the heart is located in between the lungs
and the sternum or breastbone and is about the size of ones
fist. However, what you may not know is that the heart has
three layers: the endocardium, which is the inside lining, the
heart muscle, or myocardium, and the pericardium, the fluid-
filled sac that surrounds the myocardium.
(As she speaks, the diagrams animate in time to the words.)
Kiawe: All right, where does it go from there?
Siara: The heart is broken up into four chambers: the left
atrium, the right ventricle, the left ventricle and the right
atrium. Each one has a one-way valve at the exit, which
prevents the blood from flowing backwards. The right atrium
has the tricuspid valve, the left atriums got the mitral valve, the
right ventricle has the pulmonary valve and the left ventricles
got the aortic valve.
Lillie: Oh, thats intriguing.
Siara: Yep, and theres more. When the heart beats, in a phase
called a systole, it pumps the blood, which it does in two stages:
the right and left atria simultaneously contract and pump blood
to the left and right ventricles, which then contract together
and propels the blood out of the heart and relaxes, or diastoles,
allowing blood to fill up the heart again. Also, each side have
different functions. The right side takes in oxygen-poor blood,
pumps it into the lungs, absorbs oxygen and releases carbon
dioxide, whereas the left side takes in the oxygen-rich blood
from the lungs and pumps it into the body for the cells
throughout it.
Ash: Ahh, thats cool. What happens from there?
Siara: The way blood enters the right side is through two veins:
the superior vena cava and the inferior vena cava. The former
collects blood from the upper half of the body, while the latter
gets it from the bottom. Then, it exits both and enters the right
atrium, where it goes into the tricuspid valve and into the right
ventricle. From there, it gets pumped through the pulmonary
valve, then into the pulmonary artery and into the lungs, where
it obtains the oxygen, gets pumped back through the
pulmonary veins and into the left atrium and then travels
through the mitral valve and into the left ventricle, where it
pumps it through the aortic valve and into the aorta, which
receives the blood and distributes it to the rest of the body.
Mallow: Boy, thats quite a lot to go through.
Siara: It certainly is. Now, if youd like to know how the hearts
able to beat on its own, its through a special group of cells
called the sinoatrial node, which is in the right atrium. It utilizes
charged particles that create electrical impulses in the
pacemaker cells spread across the heart, making it contract.
When they leave, they travel to the right & left atria, making
them contract, as well, which leads to the ventricles to fill up
with blood.
Sophocles (intrigued): Oh, very fascinating.
Siara: Yep, but thats not all. There are other nerves that can
change the rate that the pacemaker cells go, as well as how
strongly the heart contracts. They are part of the autonomic
nervous system, and it consists of two parts: the sympathetic
nervous system, which increase the heart rate and force of
contraction, and the parasympathetic nervous system, which
does the opposite.
Lana: Okay, then. Are there any other crucial parts?
Siara: Yes, there are, and thosed be the coronary arteries. Like
any other organ, the heart needs blood to supply it with oxygen
and other nutrients to keep it going, and thats what the
arteries do. There are two main ones: the left main coronary
artery, which is divided up into the left anterior descending
branch and the left circumflex arteries, and the right coronary
artery, and each one allocates blood to different parts of the
heart and the electrical system. Also, there are veins, the great
cardiac, small cardiac, middle cardiac, the posterior vein of the
left ventricle and the oblique vein of the left atrium, that gather
oxygen-poor blood from the heart muscle and drain into the
coronary sinus, thus entering the right atrium.
Ash: Man, that was very complex.
Siara: Mmm-hmm, and it does it all in just a few seconds. So,
what do you say we do some trivia?
Mallow: Okay, sure.
Siara: Very well.
(She changes the monitor and it now displays a diagram of the
Siara: Okay, you guys all set?
(They all nod their heads.)
Siara: Good. Now, first off, what are the three layers that make
up the heart?
Lana: The endocardium, myocardium and pericardium.
Siara: Thats right, Lana. Now, what are the hearts four
Ash: The left & right atrium and the left & right ventricle.
Siara: You got it, Ash. Next, what are the two stages the heart
goes through when pumping blood?
Mallow: The atria contract together at the same time, pumping
the blood into the ventricles. Then, they contract and push the
blood out of the heart.
Siara: Very good, Mallow. What are the two veins on the right
side and what do they do?
Kiawe: The superior vena cava and the inferior vena cava and
they collect blood from the upper and lower half of the body.
Siara: You got it, Kiawe. What makes the heart beat on its own
and how is it done?
Lillie: Thatd be the sinoatrial node, and it uses charged particles
that send out impulses to the pacemaker cells and make the
heart contract.
Siara: Very good, Lillie. Lastly (for right now, anyway), what
purpose do the coronary arteries serve?
Sophocles: They provide blood for the heart, as well as
nutrients and oxygen and distribute.
Siara: All right, Sophocles. You guys did great.
Ash: Thanks, Siara.
Pikachu: Pika-chu.
Siara: Not a problem at all, Ash.
(She switches off the monitor.)
Siara: Say, would you all like to see the blueprints?
Lillie: Sure, of course.
Siara: Okay, then.
(She goes into one of the cabinets and gets out the blueprints
for the heart. It details how the chambers function, the
placement & width of the tubes carrying the oil, a small piston
system, and the external latex layers around it.)
All (impressed): Wow!
Kiawe: You sure have an eye for detail, Siara.
Siara: Why, thank you Kiawe.
Sophocles: Oh, yeah. I meant to ask earlier, whered you get the
idea to build the heart?
Siara: Ahh. Well, I want the androids inner workings to
function naturally, just like every organ does.
Sophocles (comprehending): Ah-ha, got you there.
(Siara puts the blueprints back into the cabinet. Now, she looks
up at the clock and sees its quarter past noon time.)
Siara: Looks like its time for lunch.
Mallow (with certainty): Mind if I handle this one? I know some
recipes I think youll like.
Siara: Not at all. Go right ahead.
Mallow: Thank you.
Lillie (offering): Hey, Mallow. Would you like some help?
Mallow: Of course. Come on
(They exit the room and head to the eating area. Cross-fade to
moments later, where theyre in the kitchen, going over the
recipes theyve selected. The kitchen has an eight-burner stove,
dual ovens (one large and the other small), a chrome
refrigerator, a large chest freezer, an overhead microwave oven,
cabinets and cutting knives.)
Lillie: All right, how about we start it off with the fruit salad?
Mallow: All right, that sounds good, and then do the
sandwiches after that.
Lillie: Okay, and lets follow that up with the berry soup.
Mallow: All right, how should we top it all?
Lillie (pondering): Hmm. How about with some berry pies?
Mallow: Yeah! Thatll be good. Okay, lets get to it.
(They start getting the ingredients out. Now, a brief montage
goes on, showing them making the soup, salad, sandwiches and
the pies. Montage concludes with a cross-fade to thirty-four
minutes later, where Mallow finishes topping the last of the
pies. Theyve made blueberry soup, several Oran and Pecha
berry pies, an orange, fig and gorgonzola salad and pitta,
Caprese and avocado sandwiches.)
Mallow: Thatll do it. Ready to serve them, Lillie?
Lillie: Indeed, I am.
(She takes up the salad and a couple of pies, while Lillie carries
the soup and the other pies. They go out to the dining area,
where the others patiently await them.)
Mallow: Here we go, everyone.
(They lay out the dishes in the center of the table and Lillie &
Mallow each take their seats.)
Diana: It all looks great. You two did a nice job.
Mallow: Thanks, Diana.
(They all get varying portions of each food and commence
All (very contended): Mmm.
Pikachu (very contended): Pika.
Mallow: You know, you all should stop by the Pokemon School if
you come to Melemele Island.
Lex: Okay. You guys do anything interesting there?
Kiawe: Sure. We do all sorts of challenges, like Tauros racing.
Sophocles: Popping balloons with certain moves.
Lana: Yep, and swimming races.
Siara: Ahh, sounds nice. What else?
Lillie: We also have our own Pokebase team.
Diana: Thats cool.
Ash: Sure is. Its a lot of fun.
Pikachu (concurring): Pika, Pika.
Ada: Oh, speaking of sports, were going to play some
Pokesoccer later after this. You want to play with us?
Lana: Sure. That sounds great.
Ada: Okay, then.
(They resume eating their lunch. Fade in to moments later,
where theyve gotten to their sandwiches and the pies.)
Sophocles: Hey, guys. How about we do another round of
Ash: All right, but lets see if the viewers are up for it. (He turns
over to Lana.) Lana, you want to take this?
Lana: Um, okay. (She turns over to the audience.) Hey, you guys
want to do it. (She casually waits for an answer from the
audience for one second.) Oh, okay then.
(Fade in back to the heart diagram.)
Lana (V.O.): Okay, what are the four valves each chamber has?
(She casually waits for an answer from the audience for two
seconds.) The tricuspid, mitral, pulmonary and aortic and they
prevent blood from flowing backwards. All right, then.
Sophocles (V.O.): What does the right side of the heart do? (He
casually waits for an answer from the audience for two
seconds.) Takes in the low-oxygen blood and pumps it into the
lungs, where it absorbs oxygen and lets out carbon dioxide.
Thats right.
Mallow (V.O.): Now, what does the left side do? (She casually
waits for an answer from the audience for two seconds.)
Collects the oxygen-rich blood and pumps it into the body and
the cells. Oh, yeah.
Ash (V.O.): Where does the blood go after leaving both cava?
(He casually waits for an answer from the audience for two and
a half seconds.) Into the right atrium, then into the tricuspid
valve and into the right ventricle, then through the pulmonary
veins and into the lungs, gets oxygen pumps it back through the
pulmonary veins and into the left atrium. All right. Then, what
happens from there? (He casually waits for an answer from the
audience for two seconds.) It goes through the mitral valve,
into the left ventricle, then pumps it through the aortic valve
and into the aorta. Yeah, you got it.
Lillie (V.O.): What are the two parts of the autonomic system
and what are their functions? (She casually waits for an answer
from the audience for two seconds.) The sympathetic nerve
system, which increases the heart rate and force of contraction,
and the parasympathetic nerve system, that does the opposite
effect. Exactly.
Kiawe (V.O.): Finally, what are the hearts veins and what do
they do? (He casually waits for an answer from the audience for
two seconds.) The great, small and middle cardiac, the
posterior vein and the oblique vein, and they gather low-oxygen
blood from the heart and drain it into the coronary sinus, thus
going into the right atrium. Mmm-hmm.
(Side wipe back to the eating area and Lillie casually speaks to
the audience.)
Lillie (casually): Great job, everyone.
Ash (complementing): You guys did pretty good there for a first
Lillie: Thanks, Ash.
(They resume eating once again. Cross-dissolve to forty-seven
minutes later, where theyre outside at the soccer field.)
Quinn: Before we start, lets give you guys a quick rundown.
(He pulls out the Pokepilot, switches it on, flips through various
diagrams and selects the one that illustrates the rules of the
game, the Pokesoccer positions and what theyre supposed to
do. The gang carefully scan it.)
Ash: All right, we got it.
Quinn: Good.
(He switches the Pokepilot off and places it back in his pocket.)
Siara: Now, everyone. Call out one or two of your Pokemon.
Lana: What? How come?
Siara: Simple: we want them to join in on the fun. That, and
you need eleven players.
Lana: Ahh, got you.
(They all each get out either one or two Pokeballs out.)
All: Go!
(They toss them up and all their Pokemon emerge from them.
Ash and the gangs side has Popplio, Turtonator, Steenee,
Pikachu and Togedemaru, while the Mission Guides side
consists of Gardevoir, Gallade, Blaziken, Rhyperior, Electabuzz,
and Bewear. Now, the two groups each huddle together
separately and we cut over to the Mission Guides.)
Ada: All right, heres how itll work. Quinn, Gardevoir and Siara,
you take the forward positions.
Quinn and Siara: Okay.
Ada: Diana, you, I, and Electabuzz will cover the midfield.
Diana: Got it.
Ada: Blaziken, youre the goalkeeper.
Blaziken (confirming): Blaze.
Ada: Gallade, Rhyperior, Bewear and Lex, you be the defenders.
(They confirm by nodding to them.)
Ada: Good.
(Now, we cut over to Ash and the gang.)
Ash: So, who heres familiar with this game?
Lillie (speaking up): I do. Ive only watched a couple of games
with my family, but I did pick up one play we can do.
(She quietly whispers the game play to them.)
Lana: Yeah, thats good. Okay Lillie, you, I, Ash and Steenee will
cover the midfield.
Ash: Sure, not a problem.
Lana: Kiawe and Mallow, youve got the forward positions.
Kiawe: Well do our best.
Mallow: Yeah.
Lana: Pikachu, Togedemaru, Sophocles and Turtonator, you all
take the defense.
Sophocles: All right.
Pikachu: Pika.
(They all nod in affirmation.)
Lana: Popplio, youll be our goalie.
Popplio: Popplio.
Mallow: Okay, guys lets do it!
(They all raise their hands up and put them together.)
All: Yeah!
(They go into their respective positions. Now, Siara and Quinn
go into center position, an electronic whistle goes off, and
Quinn kicks it off. He passes it to Siara, who runs downs the
field with it, then gets cut off by Turtonator, but then, she
passes the ball to Diana, who passes it to Gardevoir.)
Quinn (encourages): Go for it, Gardevoir!
(She kicks it, and it heads for the goal, but Pikachu intercepts
and headbutts it over to Lana.)
Lana: Yeah! Over to you, Steenee!
(She passes it over to Steenee, who them kicks it over to Lillie.)
Lillie: Got it!
(She runs down the field and passes it to Mallow, who tries to
go for the net, but Ada cuts them off and kicks the ball over to
Electabuzz, who then runs down the field and kicks it over to
Siara: Nice kick there.
(She maneuvers around the midfielders and kicks it towards the
net, but Popplio leaps and knocks it back with its tail, sending it
over to Togedemaru. She leaps up, spins and sends the ball in
Ashs direction, who gets a hold of it, and runs down the field
with it and crosses Mallows path.)
Mallow (calling out): Ash, pass it over here!
Ash: Okay!
(He kicks the ball over to Mallow, whom attempts to kick it into
the goal, but Rhyperior blocks it from going in, deflects it back
and Quinn intercepts it.)
Quinn: Got it!
(He zig-zags around Steenee & Ash and goes for the goal, but
Lillie cuts him off, intercepts the ball and runs down the field
with it.)
Lillie: Heads up, Kiawe!
(She passes it to Kiawe, who goes down the right field, swerves
around Bewear and kicks it towards the goal, but Blaziken
deflects it and sends it back to Diana, who runs down the field.
She takes notice of the inside corners of the goalpost and gets
an idea.)
Diana: Thats it.
(She kicks the ball over to Siara.)
Diana: Siara, go for the corners!
Siara: You got it!
(She kicks the ball up and headbutts it into the net, scoring a
Lillie (complementing): Good move there, Siara.
Siara: Well, thank you.
(Now, a montage goes on, showing the game as it progresses.
Lana intercepts the ball, passes it to Kiawe, who in turn passes
it to Mallow, whom zig-zags around the midfielders goes for
their goal and kicks the ball into it. Afterwards, Gallade runs
down the field with it and passes it to Gardevoir, who bypasses
the midfielders and defenders, aims for the net and kicks the
ball into it, getting another goal. Now, Siara tries to swivel
around the defenders to get to the net, but Sophocles intercepts
the ball and kicks it over to Kiawe. From there, he runs down
the field, swivels around the midfielders, gives a tough kick to
the ball, shooting the ball into the net, scoring another goal for
he and his team. Around half-time, everyone switches up
positions. Ash kicks off the second half and passes the ball to
Sophocles, who then passes it to Lana, and she goes into a
kicking position, where she feigns a kick to the right and
Blaziken moves into blocking position, but she kicks the ball the
other way and scores a ball. Now, Gallade runs down the field
with the ball, then makes a pass to Quinn, who goes for the net,
but Pikachu deflects it with his tail, only for Quinn to headbutt it
back and it goes in, scoring the goal. Montage ends with Diana
kicking the ball into the gangs goal just as the whistle sounds.)
Diana (satisfied): Yes!
Ada: That makes the final score 7-4. We win this one.
Lana: Congratulations. You really played a great game.
Diana: Thanks, Lana. You guys played a great one, too.
(They all shake each others hands. Now, we dissolve to four
minutes later, where theyre sitting on the benches, resting up.)
Ash: Hey, Lex. What do you have in mind for your next project?
Lex: Well, nothing for the moment, but itll come to me soon.
Ash: Ahh, got you.
Lex: Mmm. Usually when I get an inspiration and I have the
strong drive to do it.
Ash: Yeah, I can understand that.
Lex: Thats good.
(We pan right over to Kiawe talking with Ada.)
Sophocles: So, you designed the whole building?
Ada: Mmm-hmm. We wanted to have a very high-tech facility,
while also having fun doing our work, so we all contributed
ideas, and I incorporated them into the final design.
Sophocles: Ahh, very interesting.
Ada: All right, now lets talk about you. What kind of inventions
do you like to build?
Sophocles: Mainly ones that can assist Pokemon and people.
Ada: Ahh, thats very noble.
Sophocles: I know it is.
(Now, we right over to Kiawe & Lana chatting with Quinn and
Kiawe: So, tell us. How do you go about training your
Quinn: Simple: we build a special obstacle course to
accommodate the Pokemon, even as they evolve.
Diana: Thats right, and we also like to make sure they have fun
while doing so.
Lana: Thats nice.
Diana: Yep. Now, tell us. What are your home lives like?
Kiawe: I assist my family on the farm by transporting packages
to the other islands.
Lana: I have two young sisters, Sarah and Harper, and they can
sometimes be quite a handful.
Quinn: I could imagine.
Lana: Yeah, but we always have a good time for the most time.
(Now, we pan over to Siara talking with Lillie and Mallow.)
Lillie: Siara, Ive got a question for you?
Siara: Oh, whats that?
Lillie: Why are you building the android so many internal parts?
Siara: Ah, because I want it to be able to do all the things we do,
while also having it be self-aware. Plus, I love the challenges
that come with it.
Mallow: Oh, thats pretty cool.
(Siara warmly smiles.)
Siara: Okay, now its my turn. How long have you two been
Mallow: Oh, for quite a long time.
Lillie: Yeah, from as far back as when we first started attending
the school.
Siara: Oh, thats pretty good, and I take it you help out each
other a lot, dont you?
Lillie: Yep, we sure do.
Mallow: Yep, and well keep doing so no matter what. Hey,
Siara: Yes, Mallow?
Mallow: Why do you guys play Pokesoccer, anyway?
Siara: Well, its not just to boost up morality and our
relationship, but we also get some of our best ideas from doing
it. Like right now, Ive started thinking up a program to help
regulate the androids heartbeats.
Lex: Not only that, but it can also be inspiring sometimes.
Ada: Yep, and they can be helpful in coming up with strategies.
Sophocles (understanding): Ah-ha.
Ada: Yep.
Kiawe (curiously): All right, heres another one: Where did your
Pokemon learn those moves?
Quinn: Thats easy: we taught them.
Kiawe (intrigued): Really?
Diana: Yep, and as you could imagine, it took a lot of practicing
for them, but it all paid off.
Ash: Yeah, it certainly did.
Pikachu: Pika-chu.
Ada: So, you all up for another game?
Mallow: You bet.
(They get up from the benches and go into their new positions
and commence with another game. Now, we pan up to a wide
shot of them playing on, and we fade to black, ending the