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Orchestral Companion Strings MAC Installation

1. Visit!registration to create a free iLok account.

2. Enter the information denoted with an asterisk (*)
3. Select your privacy options, then read and agree to the Terms of Use. Click CREATE ACCOUNT.

4. You will be emailed to your selected email address with information to confirm your account.

5. Open the email within your inbox (also check your Spam/Junk folders) and click the link provided.
6. You will then be directed to log into your account with your chosen User ID and password. Enter
these details and click SIGN IN.

7. You will then receive a message stating that your User ID has been activated. Click CONTINUE.

8. Now, download the Mac OS X version of the iLok License Manager -!home

9. Open the .zip file and double-click to launch .dmg installer.

10. Double-click 'License Support.pkg' to start the installation.

11. Once the installer has opened, click CONTINUE.

12. Click CONTINUE.

13. Read the Important Information and then click CONTINUE.

14. Read the Software License Agreement and if happy, click CONTINUE.

15. Then click AGREE.

16. Confirm you are happy with the installation settings and if so, click INSTALL.

17. Enter your password to your computer and click INSTALL SOFTWARE.
18. Once the installation has concluded, you will receive this message. Click CLOSE.

19. Open the iLok License Manager application from your Start Menu (located at the bottom left of
your screen). Click SIGN IN.

20. Enter your User ID and password you created previously and click SIGN IN.
21. Once you are signed in, click the REDEEM icon at the top-right on the application.

22. Enter the 32-digit code from within your Plugin Boutique account, and then click NEXT.

23. Select your iLok account (shown with your User ID) and then click REDEEM.
24. You will receive a message telling you of your successful redemption. Click OK.

25. Now, left-click and select your Orchestral Companion Strings license and drag it onto your
computer icon on the left of the application.

26. You will be asked to confirm you're happy for the license to be activated on your computer. If
happy, click OK.
27. Once successful, click OK.

28. Your Orchestral Compansion Strings license is now activated on your computer.
29. Download the .pkg installer
( Launch
the .pkg and click CONTINUE.

30. Read the Software License Agreement and click CONTINUE.

31. Click AGREE.

32. Ensure you are happy with the installation, and then click INSTALL.
33. Enter your username and password for your computer's log in and click INSTALL SOFTWARE.

34. The wizard will then begin to install the content.

35. Once the installation has concluded, click CLOSE.

Orchestral Companion Strings is now fully installed, activated and ready-to-

use within your chosen DAW!