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The Circulatory System Name: _________________________Class period ___

Directions: Use pages 413-417 in the green textbook and

pages 72-73 in the blue book to complete the following items.

1. The Circulatory System circulates ______________, _______________, and _____________ to all
the cells in the body. Another name for this system is the ________________________ system.

2. The 3 parts that make up the circulatory system are _______________________,
_______________________, and __________________________.

3. The main organ of the circulatory system is the _______________________.

4. The heart has 2 PUMPS: one sends the blood to the _____________ to pick up OXYGEN, while
the other one pumps the blood from your lungs to the ______________. (Seediagramonpage

5. Your heart is an organ, and a muscle,dividedintofour________________. Theupperchamber

is called an ________________ and each lower chamber is called a __________________.

6. _______________________isthethrobbinginthearteries,thatwecanactuallyfeel,causedby
the heart contracting (beating).

7. 2 common places to take a persons pulse:
a) ______________ artery located in the neck; you can feel it beside the throat
b) ______________ artery located in the wrist/lower arm; you canfeelitonthethumbside
of your wrist (was named after the radius bone in the arm)

8. List and DEFINE the 3 types of BLOOD VESSELS:

a) ___________________________________________________________________________________


b) ___________________________________________________________________________________


c) ___________________________________________________________________________________


9. The ______________________ is the LARGEST ARTERY in the body.

10. List 4 ways to keep your circulatory system healthy.
a) _________________________________________________________
b) _________________________________________________________
c) _________________________________________________________
d) _________________________________________________________