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1700s: Colonial Era 1800s: Civil War Time 1960-70s: Free Love

Dating during this time period was Romantic love was now seen as an acceptable bias for Time of the sexual revolution: a continuation of the 1950s with a
called courtship: the traditional dating period marriage. Parental influence regarding the choice of a spouse twist. Men and women assumed more individual responsibility and initiative
before engagement & marriage. declined. A womans role and nature in a marriage was to be towards finding a date and the 1 oral contraceptive was introduced.
Marriage was less about romance innocent and honorable with very high morals. A mans role was to Women began to ask men
and more about bearing provide a house for his wife and family. on dates and many helped pay for
children who could help with the frontier lifestyle Gender roles were clearly the check at the end of the night.
workload. Couples dated in defined and men were to repeatedly Living together also became
order to get to know n each other & decide if ask permission to marry the woman popular and looked at as a step
they were suitable for marriage. even many times after the towards marriage.
Courtship was a family and/or public engagement was made.
affair. Family members would
set their child up with someone they felt had the
potential to be their childs
ultimate provider or partner.
1920s: The Roaring 20s & WWI
Courtship activities included: dinner,
movie, dancing parties, picnics, or shopping.
The idea of courting died down and 1980s: Rocking 80s
couples began to go on dates. These dates Dating became even less formal and
They were usually always supervised by an
were public activities initiated and paid for by there were greater opportunity for causal
adult or parent.
the man and did not focus on a long-term interactions with those of the opposite sex.
commitment between the couple. The idea of marriage was not seen as the main
Sexual activities included: necking focus for dating.
and petting. Proms and formal dances were very
popular at this time and many couples were seen
having traditional weddings.

The Evolution of Dating

1780s: End of the Colonial Era 1950s: After WWII 1990s: .com Era 2000s: Modern Day
Two people were Cohabitation, living
The idea of romance became more considered going Commitment is not together before marriage, was seen
widespread. With family approval, steady if they were seen as a requirement for among 40-50% of all young couples.
couples were allowed to bundle which exclusively dating. sexual activities. During this Increase in STDs
was known as the practice of couples Men protected era, internet dating became stresses the renewed interest in
sleeping in bed together, fully clothed, their women by doing widespread and became sexual relationships with one
with a board placed between them in acts of kindness: looked at as a new age way to uninfected partner.
order to prevent premarital sexual
opening car doors, meet singles.
ordering for them in
restaurants, and took
the responsibility of the
1900s: The Golden Age date.
Women acted
Couples began to choose their own
submissive in order to
partners based on love and compatibility.
help their dates feel
Romance levels increased due to the
manlier. Marriage
idea of separate worlds among men and occurred at younger
women: Men were to be in the public and
ages and couples had
women were to be in the home.
many children.