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The Unseelie, is the title given to the creatures, dark fae, and
other wild abominations that live in the realm of the soulless.
These beings are powerful, dark forces of chaotic energy, that
follow the beliefs of their King.
It wasn't always this way, because at one point the
Seelie, Unseelie and humanity all lived together on Earth. This
was until the great war took place and the kingdoms were split
into three. The realm of the soulless, a dark and toxic place of
death and decay, the realm of the souls, a bright and annoying
place of sunshine and goody-goodies, and Earth, where the
weak and pathetic humans live in ignorance.
Once the worlds were split, very few possessed the
power to jump from world to world, meaning all the angry dark
creatures were stuck living in a world together. As you can
imagine, if not for the Dark King's guidance, all would have
turned to chaos. However, under his rule a hierarchy of power
and a social order was established.
The realm of the soulless may be dark, with a black
sun and oil-like water, but it is filled with the greatest power Unseelie Disadvantages:
source of all time, corrupt human souls. With the power of Moon Curse: You are always in your human form and are
souls, the Unseelie was able to create structures of great unable to shift, 1 pt flaw (Lunaris only)
magnitude, castles, empires, kingdoms.
And this arrangement worked for a long time, but Traitor: You betrayed the others of your kind in some way
recently, less souls have been filtering to the realm of the and are now hated. If this betrayal was minor, you receive
soulless. More souls were being cleansed and purified resulting a -100 on all social skills when dealing with another
in a smaller food source for the Unseelie. Unseelie of your race. 1 pt flaw; If this betrayal is major,
In addition, the soul of their King was pulled from his you are actively hunted, with a kill on sight mandate by
body and cast out of this world by a group of traitors working your clan. Others of your race will attack without
for the Seelie. Weakened from hunger and without a leader, the hesitation. 2 pt flaw.
Unseelie began to fall back into chaos.
So, when a dark god of chaos approached the Unseelie Shiftless: You are stuck in your true form and may not
court with a plan to cause a bit of chaos in the human realm shift into another form. 1 pt flaw, 2 pt for changlings
the Unseelie were happy to help. The resulting effect was more (Mortums, Lunaris, and Changlings only)
than they hoped for.
When the first demon broke through the barrier
between the abyss and Earth, it had an additional
consequence. It weakened the barrier between all worlds and
the Unseelie loved it. Now able to push through they have
began to plunge into the chaos that is now the human world,
devouring everything they wish.
That is not to say all Unseelie are so primally
motivated, some just like the freedom, some came for the
battle, and some came to taste demonic souls. Regardless, they
are now here, and the world is forever changed by it.

Unseelie Races:
Ankou: +2 level modifier
Changling: +1 level modifier
Lunaris: +2 level modifier
Mortum: +2 level modifier

Unseelie Advantages:
Timeless: Does not age and cannot die from old age. 2Pt Cost

Noble: You belong to a noble household. +1000 gp to start the

game with, and you start with a rank 1 artifact. 2Pt Cost

Appearance: Tall, beautiful and graceful, are a few words to describe

an Ankou. They are by far the most enchanting race of Unseelie from
the realm of the soulless. They have eyes of bright sapphire, gold,
silver, red, or turquoise and long pointed ears.
They have a nobility about them that entices, even seduces
others to them.

Personality: As the oldest and perhaps the strongest Unseelie race,

Ankou think of themselves as nobles. They take positions of power and
surround themselves with those they view as capable.
Although they hate the term vampire, whom they
perceive as weak and foolish, humans often refer to them as such
because of their need for blood. As all Unseelie are carnivorous
creatures, the Ankou ingest blood. They do not bite their prey, as that
would cause a euphoric reaction for their victims, instead they use
compulsion to make their victims cut themselves. Watching weak
minded humans harm themselves gives them both sustenance and

History: The Ankou have been at the top of society and instrumental
in every major unseelie war. In the order of hierarchy, they are
ranked just below the T'dias, as the highest position attainable by
any race in the realm of the soulless.
When the first demons were summoned and the war against
humanity raged, they sent through their Lunaris troupes to clear Blood need: Ankou must consume at least 1 cup of blood a day to retain his
the battlefield before entering the war zone themselves. This isn't to regeneration. Failing to ingest a cup of blood results in the Ankou having
say they are not capable, as Ankou tend to be psychics and magic an effective regeneration rate of 1.
users of extraordinary power. However, to quote their leader Why
jump into danger when you can just sick the dogs? Regenerative boost: Ankou are unnaturally quick healing, gaining a +3
to their regeneration level as well as considered to have enhanced psychic
Racial Traits : and magic regeneration. They regain 1 PP every ten min, and regain
Gifted soul: +1 to any 1 physical stat, +1 to any one mental stat double zeon.

Mind Control: This spell works similar to that of the spell Natural Supernaturally bound: Ankou must have either psychic or magic access.
Control except, that they only can dominate human beings with a This means they must purchase one of the two with advantage points.
gnosis rating of 0. The subject is allowed a MR with a difficulty of 120.
Unlike the spell, this ability cannot be maintained and lasts for no Ki Resistance: Ankou are unnatural beings and are unable to harness
longer than 1 day. They may only have one person controlled at a the true potential of Ki. In game terms this means they cannot take Use
time, but may end a mind control at any point to activate a new of Ki.
Beautiful: appearance is a 9 and cannot be reduced by disadvantages

Base Gnosis: 5 Level Modifier: +2

No matter the reason, changlings are strange. They can be your
friend one moment, and trying to slit your throat the next. Why
you ask, You took all the licorice. I want some!

Racial Traits:
Nature agility: Changlings bond with nature makes them
exceptionally quick in nature. While in a forest, jungle, or other
wooded area their movement speed is considered 4 higher than
normal and their mobility isn't hindered by greenery.

Natural Knowledge: Reduce the cost of the intelligence skill:

Herbal lore by 1, to a minimum of a 1 cost.

Shapeshift: Changlings may shift into any humanoid creature of

gnosis 5 or less that they see. They may then keep this
appearance for as long as they like. If they shift out of that
appearance, they may shift back into it when they desire. Shifting
forms is an active action.

Chaotic mind: Changlings mind although strange, gives them a

+10 to Magic and Psychic resistance.

Base Gnosis: 5 Level Modifier: +1

Appearance: As shapeshifters they can alter their
appearance to fit their needs, making them impossible to
describe accurately
The few have ever seen the true appearance of a
Changling, describe them as odd, beautiful creatures
adorned by nature. They are bound to the earth and love
to live in nature.

History: Changlings are a strange creatures. They are

woven into most any culture, without the knowledge of
the society the meld into.
Personally, they have an odd maturation. Born
in the land of the soulless, changlings cannot survive the
toxicity of the black sun. So, their parents swap them
with a human child until they become adults. They age as
the human does, but when they become adults, their
human counterpart dies and they return home.

Personality: There is something a bit off about the

mentality of a Changling Maybe its the fact that they eat
the first human they ever met, after disguising as them
for years. Maybe its because they leave only people they
have ever known as family, when they come of age.
Maybe its because they shape-shifted one too many times.
usually keep some sort of facial hair as they hate the feeling of being hairless.
They are loyalists, bound to a particular family or person. When they
bind to someone, they serve that person for ever. This pact links both their
future generations and the future generations of the one they serve for
Shifted features: +1 DEX, +1 PER, +1 AGI

Crokis-Lunaris : Aligned with the waning moon., the Crokis-Lunaris are a

crocodile-like race. Their human forms tend to be bald, with tanned or leathered
skin. When in their shifted form, they grow a full mouth of sharp teeth, their
skin hardens and changes color, and their eyes slit.
They are not as loyal as the lupin-lunaris, but they're stubbornness,
honesty and patience make them great warriors.
Shifted features: +2 con, +2 all AT

Polaris-lunaris : Bonded to the new moon, they take on the physical traits of
bears. This makes their shifted forms resemble that of black, brown, polar, etc
bears. They grow the largest when they shift and gain the greatest strength.
They make for great leaders and generals, because although they do
not typically form packs, their power has earned the respect of the other three
Shifted features: +2 STR, +1 CON

Chimera-lunaris : This clan, was once though of as the strongest, but after a
millennium of war, their clan is now extinct.
Shifted features: they are the only tribe able to freely shift between the
forms. When in a form, they gain the moon tie that belongs to that clan.

Basic traits:
Natural weapons : all clans possess the ability to grow claws or teeth. They
retain this power even when not shifted. This is considered their partial shifted
form, and is not weakened by the moon phase. These natural attacks deal STR +
40 base damage.

Lunaris Transformation: They all have a shifted form, that in addition to gaining the
bonuses listed with their type also receive the following; -10 magic and psychic
Appearance: As an unseelie race from the realm of the soulless, the resistance, -2 INT, -2 WP. In addition, on the three nights that represent the
Lunaris possess spectacular gifts. They are a shapeshifting race that pinnacle of their moon phase they receive and additional +1 to all shifted
specializes in taking on bestial traits. These traits differ depending on features and on the three nights that are the pinnacle of the opposite type,
type of Lunaris. While in their human form, Lunaris blend in to human they cannot shift at all. Shapeshifting is an active action.
society. When they shift however, they take on the appearance of their type
of Lunaris. Animal senses: They possess animalistic traits that enhance their senses. This
grants them a +1 PER and if they take the advantage Acute senses, they
History: Throughout unseelie history, Lunaris have been a warrior race. The receive a +40 bonus instead of the normal +30.
first Lunaris is supposedly the origin for the legend of fenris. He was a
ferocious beast able to shift freely between his forms. His children Damage resistance: As a creature made for battle, they have toughened their
however possessed a single form they were able to shift into. This is with bodies, making them impenetrable to weak attacks. They receive damage Barrier
the exception of the chimera type. They could freely shift, but as the equal to their base presence + double their gnosis.
youngest they were eradicated by the others.
The remaining four formed their own clans, and developed their Base gnosis : 5 Level modifier : +2
own personal style In general all Lunaris serve the ankou as warriors and
Tigre-lunaris : tied to the waxing moon, the Tigre-lunaris are a cat-like
race, Their shifted forms mirror that of a type of cat, lion, Siberian tiger,
panther, etc. When in their human form they tend to be tall with hair and
skin that leans towards their cat type.
They are aggressive and although they can work in packs it is
uncommon for alpha-males to group together. They are not well liked
among other lunaris because their quick tempers often ends in pointless
Shifted Features: +2 DEX, +1 STR

Lupin-Lunaris : Bound to the full moon, these are seen as your traditional
'were-wolfs, with wolf-like features. Their human forms can vary, but they
Appearance: Typically, Mortums
have a normal human
appearance, except that they lean
towards the tall slender side.
This changes however when a
Mortum is near a dying soul.
When a Mortum is near
a dying soul their appearance
shifts, revealing their true form,
if only for a few moments.
During this time, they appear
grotesque and partially skeletal,
with exposed muscle tissue and

History: Mortums, also known as

reapers, used to serve a purpose.
Before the days of souls and
soulless, when all creatures lived
in one world, they were a
peaceful people, that reaped the
souls of the dearly departed, to
guide them to their final resting
This changed however,
when they were forced to choose
a side. By this time the war
between souls and soulless was at its pinnacle and with so many Soul Rage: If a Mortum consumes more than three souls in an hour,
dying creatures, many Mortums suffering from a euphoric affect they can become enraged. They must make a MR roll with a difficulty
caused by taking in souls, changed. They became addicted to of 120, or succumb to enragement. While enraged they gain the
death, seeking it out and joining in battle to experience the following abilities: +20 attack bonus, -10 block and dodge, +1 STR,
sensation. and they must attack the nearest creature each round, until they pass
Their lust for battle and violent nature rivaled that of a their MR roll.
raging Lunaris. This resulted in them being labeled a soulless
and added to the Unseelie. Not all Mortums sought out Deathless: Mortums are made of primal energy, drawn from souls,
destruction, some remained impartial, sticking with their this means they do not have a normal physical anatomy. They have
original task, but most were engulfed by the desire for death. no beating heart, organs, or even a brain. This means that they cannot
be critically wounded as a normal being can. They can still be
Personality: If you encounter a raging Mortum, I suggest you destroyed, if dealt enough damage to kill one. Unfortunately, this also
run. They kill without question. Their thirst for death is means, healing doesn't work the same. They regenerate like a normal
overwhelming. However, if you encounter a Mortum, when they creature, but magical healing is only half as effective for them. That is
are not enraged, they can be entertaining. They do not seek to say if a spell is cast on them to heal them 50 LP, they instead heal
power, glory, wealth, or any other status symbol. Their only 25.
ambition is to reap souls.
Base Gnosis: 5 Level Modifier: +2
Racial Traits:
Death Vision: +1 PER, See souls: a Mortum can see dead of dying
souls, even those that are incorporeal

Soul Reaping: When a Mortum reaps a soul, they breath it into

themselves which empowers them. They regain: 10 Ki, 1 PP, or
50 Zeon with each soul they reap.
Seelie is the name given to those creatures of light, honor, and
protection. Races that will stand up against the Unseelie
savages and protect the souls of the pure.
That is why we separated the worlds. Those barbarians
and creatures of chaos were ravaging pure souls for power,
souls that were destined for greatness.
Then, when we are finally making a difference and
humanity is inspired to be good and pure, those fools make a
deal with the devil. Well, not literally, but you get what I mean.
Who makes a deal with a chaos god? I'll tell you who. Fools.
To make things worse, the deal would have been
worthless if not for humans giving in to greed and a lust for
power. They brought the destruction on themselves and that is
where our problem lies.
Some of us, wanted to rush to the aid of humans when
the demons broke through, and a few did, but those few are no
longer a part of the Seelie. Our belief is that all decision must
be decided by the court and in this case it took them 20 years
to decide. Elementally Vulnerability: You are so bound to your
Those few that left fought, most died, some went into element, you are weak to your opposing. Choose 1 of your
hiding. Because as you might imagine, five or six pure-hearted 2 element types except earth, you are weak against the
Seelie stand no chance against a horde of undead and an army opposing element. This means you half your resistance
of demons. bonus against attacks made of the opposing element and
No, our decision wasn't final until the gates opened you take 50% more damage from those type of attacks. 2
completely and the Unseelie joined in the battle. This may Pt flaw (Jinn only)
sound callous, but we must think about our realm. We swore to
protect the pure souls of the dead and if we joined in the battle Weak to Darkness: Darkness spells, powers and
we would leave our realm unprotected. techniques weaken you half your resistance bonus
We have established ourselves a stronghold positioned against attacks made of darkness and you take 50% more
on the gate to our realm in a place called Ireland. Our city is damage from those type of attacks. 1 Pt Flaw (Solaris
Celestia and we take in any human seeking refuge. Meanwhile only)
we strategize how to best defeat our enemy, oh and the
demons. Burning Death: Although your immolate ability works,
your soul cannot handle its power. If you use the
Seelie Races: immolate power, you will be permanently destroyed. + Pt
Jinn: +2 level modifier Flaw (Phoenix only)
Phoenix: +2 level modifier
Solaris: +2 level modifier
Undine: +1 level modifier

Seelie Advantages:
Timeless: Does not age and cannot die from old age. 2Pt Cost

Noble: You belong to a noble household. +1000 gp to start the

game with, and you start with a rank 1 artifact. 2Pt Cost

Elementally Charged: You come from a pure bloodline of Jinn

and have tapped in to additional elemental power. You may
select 2 powers from 1 of your elements. You may not select the
same ability twice. 1 Pt Cost (Jinn only)

Seelie Disadvantages:
Outcast: You betrayed the others of your kind when you fled to
Earth to help the humans without permission, you receive a
-100 on all social skills when dealing with another Seelie.
Earth Powers:
Stone Skin: +2 all AT

Mountain Strength: +1 STR

Earths Blood: +2 Regeneration

Nature's Travel: Able to teleport through earth as an

active action up to your base presence in distance.

Tree's Vitality: +1 CON

Air Powers:
Speed of the wind: +1 AGI

Sight of the sky: +1 PER

Dance of Clouds: Able to levitate with movement speed of 4

Lightening absorption: resistance 5 intensities electricity

Swift reactions: +10 initiative

Water Powers:
Absorb Knowledge: may read an entire book of up to 1000
pages instantaneously. Needs 80 Memorize to retain all the

Waterbreathing: Gain swim speed equal to your land speed

and waterbreathing

Water walking: may walk on water, and never takes

Jinn: falling damage as long as you land in at least 5 feet of
Appearance: Jinn are an elementally ties race of Seelies from
Wisdom of the Sea: +1 INT or WP
the realm of the Souls. They can be tall and majestic, or short
and made of stone. Their features vary depending on their
Ice absorption: resistance 5 intensities cold
type. Typically one aspect is more dominant in their
Fire Powers:
Such as, an earth and water Jinn, whose skin glitters
Fire's movement: +1 DEX
like diamonds with bubbles of water constantly spiraling
around him. It is very rare to see two Jinn that look similar,
Fire absorption: resistance 5 intensities fire
even if they have the same type and that is because two
water or two earth Jinn may reflect different abilities.
Fire aptitude Psychic: you count as 1 level higher for
psychic powers
History: Historically, there is only one Jinn anyone ever talks
about, and from him, the legend of all Jinn spread.
Fire aptitude magic: count as having +2 INT for spells
Unfortunately the legend is a lie. A creation mage Jinn of air
and water, built a castle inside a lamp for him to live in. A
Fire aptitude Ki: Fire KI techniques cost 10 less MK and 1
human found it and shook it, forcing him out. In the end the
less Ki point when purchasing. Multiple fire abilities put
confused human was granted three wishes by the reluctant
into a technique do not stack.
Jinn. And thus, Jinn grant wishes.
Base Gnosis: 5 Level Modifier: +2
Personality: Although Jinn tend to be playful or tricksters,
not all are. Many are studious and others are guardians.
Some say their personality depends on their elemental
binding. Fire, short temper; air, mischievous; water, studious;
earth protectors. Then again, that could just be a stereotype.

Racial Traits:
Elemental Binding: choose 1 racial trait from each of your

Elemental Affinity: The Jinn increases the base damage of

any attack the character makes based on their element, be it
using Ki, magic, or psychic by 10. If using an ability that uses
two types of elements, damage is only increased once.
This immolation kills the Phoenix and
destroys anything in their possession

Rebirth: A Phoenix that is killed by

their immolate ability is reborn from
their ashes as an egg. If the egg isn't
destroyed, the Phoenix will be hatch
as a child after 1 month.
Although the Phoenix is in a
child form, the retain all of their
powers and knowledge.
Rebirth has no affect on
death where the Phoenix did not
Immolate. However, it may be used
by a Phoenix about to die of old age,
thus continuing their cycle.

Vulnerable to Cold: A phoenix is weak

against attacks made by cold damage.
Their Resistance bonus against cold or ice attacks is halved and
Phoenix: they take 50% more damage from ice/cold attacks. In addition,
they may never take or gain benefit from any ability that makes
Appearance: The Phoenix are tall and muscular, with red, orange, them resistant or immune to cold damage. Armor, still functions
or blonde hair. Their vibrant colored eyes glow when their as normal.
emotions are intensified, and when angry wings made of holy fire
erupt from their backs. They are the embodiment strength, Base Gnosis: 10 Level Modifier: +2
power, and honor.

History: They were the first to demand a split between the Seelie
and Unseelie, after all they had been the adjudicators for
thousands of years and there is only so much chaos and
destruction they could watch.
War after war, they saw the Ankou and others kill,
destroy and devour every human soul they could find. Good
souls, pure souls were consumed by these creatures of darkness
and their thirst for more power. Just be done with it already. Split
the worlds and let the animals rip each other apart.

Personality: As both warriors and nobility, the Phoenix race has a

righteous sense of honor and while some take their values to the
extreme, becoming radical fanatics against evil, most have a level
head. Fighting against evil doesn't mean that you must destroy
any Unseelie you find.
For the most part, Phoenix are honest, kind, with a
strength of spirit that makes them excellent leaders. They are
strong enough in combat to hold their own against a Lunaris, and
wise enough to strategize against an Ankou.

Racial Traits:
Perfect body: +1 DEX, +1 STR, +1 POW

Fire Resistance: As creatures with a tie to holy fire, they gain

resistance to 5 intensities of fire.

Immolate: When close to death a phoenix can as an active action

combust in a holy flame. This fire deals 10 intensities of fire
damage that ignores all armor and fire resistance to everything
with a 15 foot radius. The damage dealt by this fire heal at a rate
of 1 LP per day, regardless of regeneration Magical healing still
functions as normal.
Appearance; Solaris' are creatures born of
light. With pale skin, blond or silver hair,
and speckled eyes they are a beings of
great beauty. They surround themselves
with small orbs of light, so that even not
even complete darkness hinders their

History: As a Seelie race, they hold

positions of great authority and they have
since the early days. Due to their patience
and calming nature, many follow them
and those that do not, at least respect
It was a Solaris that first
petitioned for an alliance with the
Unseelie that opposed the current regime
and it was a Solaris that convinced the
other members of the court, the best place
for the soul of the dark king was Earth.
When the demons attacked, they
were the first to want to help defend
earth, but without the courts approval they were forced Imbue Calm: As an active action, a Solaris can touch a creature of
to wait. Gnosis, 10 or less and quell their aggressive nature. In game this means
creatures such as Mortums are immediately knocked out of enragement,
Personality: Most people think of Solaris as peace while creatures like Lunaris shift back into human form. The effect of
loving, and happy creatures and for the most part that is the imbue calm ability lasts for 1 minute and requires a a MR of
true, but there are exceptions. Solaris have a dark secret. difficulty 100 to resist.
The main reason they need their light orbs is to calm
themselves. Solaris used to be a dark fae and were Bend Light: Light orbs also serve as a tool used to bend light around the
forcibly shifted into a light fae with magic. Solaris, effectively removing them from sight. This ability does not
Most Solaris love this transition, but others function if the Solaris is in complete darkness.
resent it. They don't like the idea that they are forced to
be peaceful and kind. So, whenever a Solaris steps out of Darkness: When ever a Solaris takes another's life, they must make a
line, the others calm him before he goes too far. MR roll with a difficulty of 80 or begin to slip back to darkness. While
If a single Solaris was ever turned back into a in this transitional phase, they loose access to their light orbs.
dark fae, it would break the bond, which would make
them all Unseelie again. Base Gnosis: 5 Level Modifier: +2

Radial Traits:
Pure Mind: +1 INT, +1 POW

Light Orbs: A Solaris creates light bubbles that encircle

them, these bubbles create a 15 ft radius of light.
In addition to creating light they can also imbue
calm to a creature they touch as well as be used to bend
light around the Solaris.
Air bubble: As an active action an
Undine can place an air bubble around
a persons head allowing them to breath
even while under water.

Rational Mind: +10 to Magic and

Psychic resistance
Logic Seeker: Intellectual based skills
cost 1 less to a minimal of 1 cost.
Vulnerable to Fire: An Undine is weak
against attacks made by fire damage.
Their Resistance bonus against fire
Undine: attacks is halved and they take 50% more damage from fire
Appearance: Undines are majestic creatures of the sea, with attacks.
green or blue skin, wings that propel them through the water,
and a long scales serpent tail. They have electric yellow eyes Base Gnosis: 5 Level Modifier: +1
with a slit that looks like a diamond and a mouth full of jagged
History: Although Undines hold a position in the Seelie court,
they rarely join for meetings They prefer to deal with their own
politics in the sea where they are seldom bothered by the
chaotic Unseelie.
In their world, they are currently dealing with matters
of their own. Their king passed recently and now the five noble
houses are feuding over who is the rightful heir.

Personality: Undines are a logical race, valuing planning,

forethought and reason above emotion. This can make
conversations with them arduous. They are not quick to anger,
but also not peace-loving. If you can give them an intellectual
reason for eradicating an entire city, they would be ready to
Unfortunately the same could be said arguing the other
perspective This has caused many a lengthy debate. In the end,
whichever side holds the most reason, wins the support of the
Racial Traits:
Amphibious: Undines are creatures of the sea, but are capable
of both land and water travel. They can breath both in and out
of water and have a swim speed of 10. When out of water, they
use their massive tail to move.