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IIED: ICT in Education Lesson Plan Format





Subject Area(s) Biology

Grade Level 2th grade

Lesson Summary Students will be able to tell how a trees propagate

(take this seriously)

The students will be able to accomplish/demonstrate three key skills/behaviors:

Student Objectives
1. Student will be able to appoint the different parts of the tree
& Outcomes 2. Students will be able to tell how trees grow
(take this seriously) 3. Students will be able to count a trees rings

Learning 302918218-Curr-Basisonderwijs

Foundational Science
(pick at least two)

Real World Hydroponic

Connections or

1. The learning objectives

2. 3 Picture, scissors and tape (incase the is no electricity)
Make sure:
3. The laptop and beamer works
4. 20 tablets for the students to use for kahoot, 3 extra laptop in case there are
problems with one or more tablet. All tablets must be in working order.
Checklist for 5. Stable internet connection
Readiness 6. The you video about growing trees is regularly
7. The students understands u
8. The students know what u expect from them
9. The kahoot game on paper and 3 color note in case of kahoot failure
10. The classroom is equipped and suitable for the students to learn

Vocabulary Seed, manure, tree, tree rings, growing, plant

Lesson Outline
Questions are only for guide

Asking questions

Planting a seed

Student explanations should precede introduction of terms or explanations
by the teacher. What questions or techniques will the teacher use to help
students connect their exploration to the concept under examination?
List higher order thinking questions which teachers will use to solicit
student explanations and help them to justify their explanations.

Describe how students will develop a more sophisticated understanding of
the concept.
What vocabulary will be introduced and how will it connect to students
How is this knowledge applied in our daily lives?

How will students demonstrate that they have achieved the lesson
This should be embedded throughout the lesson as well as at the end of the


Ask questions to get to know what they already know about the topic


Assessing Give the a game test for example kahoot


Be clear on the rubric you use for doing the pre-assessment and post-assessment. Try to
make it qualitative/quantitative. Here are some examples:


It will ask the students before I give curriculum if they know the answer. Afterwards I
will give the right answer. The questions are:
Activities and 1. What is a tree?
Scaffolding 2. How do a tree grow?
(Be specific) 3. Which are the components from a tree?
4. How do u know how old is a tree?
5. How do a trees propagate?

Effective As a teacher u have to use different teaching strategies so that the students can
Pedagogies understand u.
(Be specific)

Differentiated Students with different learning needs will get extra attention and help from the
Instruction teacher.
(Be specific)

Use of ICTs Laptop, speakers, internet and beamer for visually

(Be specific) Print out of pictures for an exercise
I will use Kahoot to test if the students understand the lesson

(Not applicable when practice teaching at IOL, but will be used for teaching in local
Instruction 4 min
Assessing Prior Knowledge 5 min
Activities and Scaffolding 13 min
Your Organization
Exercise 13 min
Ending class 10 min
The lesson takes 45 min

I will greet the students

Your Instruction Give them the instruction:
- If there is any questions raises their hands
- Dont laugh out each other if a other student make a mistake
The student are place in 5 groups of 4 students each

I will mix the different students with each other so that the could help each other
Your Students
for example: strong and weak students.
(You can demonstrate


CHOOSE 3 of the following 21st Century Teaching and Learning teaching and learning concepts and
briefly describe how your way in, through, or out demonstrated these concepts. Feel free to choose from
the following list or add your own:

Brain-Based Learning | Character Education | Collaborative Learning |

Culturally Responsive Teaching | Design Thinking | Differentiated
Instruction | Digital Citizenship | Environmental Education | Flipped
Year 1 and 2 Canvas sites PLUS each of Classrooms | Formative Assessments | Game-Based Learning | Health
and Wellness| Home-School Connections | Inclusive Education |
the following is a link from:
Inquiry-Based Learning | Learning Styles | Maker Education | Media Literacy | Mobile Learning | Multiple Intelligences | Performance
Assessment | Problem Based Learning | Project-Based Learning |
Rubrics | Service Learning Social and Emotional Learning | Social
Media | Special Education | Student Engagement

21st Century Teaching and Game Based Learning: Collaborative Learning: I will use this
Learning Choice 1: concept in my lesson by using Kahoot to test the students about the
lesson given to them.

Collaborative Learning: I will use this concept in my lesson by

21st Century Teaching and letting the students work in groups with each other.
Learning Choice 2:

21st Century Teaching and Student Engagement: I will use this concept in my lesson by give each
Learning Choice 3: student the necessary attention they need in a positive way


Practice in class and At home the students will have to practice what they get in the class to be up to date.
U can also give them home work.
at home

At first each student have to do their own work despite they are in group.
Afterwards they discuss the exercise. If they have problems they can seek help from
Where this Leads the other group member and if they still dont understand the exercise then they
must ask the teacher. While the students are busy with their exercise the teacher
will go to every group and ask if there is any problem.

Ending class I will end this class session by repeating every part/subject I did with the
students. Ask the students if they have any questions.
(be specific)
A kahoot game
At last ask once more if there is any questions.

Handouts, Links and Powerpoint as handouts

Resources Internet resource about tree growth