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File Test English File 1

1 Complete the sentence. Use the simple present of 3 Choose the correct word.
Use a contraction where possible. Example: Its a / an ID card.
1 Theyre watches / watchs.
Example: Were from Italy.
2 Whats this / these? Its an umbrella.
1 she a student?
3 Open an / the door.
2 We Irish. Were Scottish.
4 Those / That students are French.
3 Is he in level 4? No, he .
5 The students are from different countrys / countries.
4 Is Maria Spanish? Yes, is.
6 This is a / an international school.
5 This Chinese food. Its Japanese.
6 Where you from? Im from Peru.
7 Are they teachers? No, they .
8 I Russian. Im from Moscow. Grammar total 20
2 Complete the sentence. Choose the correct
4 Complete the sequence. Choose the correct
Example: Im American. family is from New York.
Example: two, four, six,
A My B Your C Their
A nine B eight C ten
1 Theyre students. names are James and Marta.
1 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, .
A His B Her C Their A Saturday B Thursday C Sunday
2 Carlo is Italian, but mother is Irish.
2 thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine, .
A his B her C she
A forty B sixty C fifty
3 Its a school. name is The English School.
3 sixty, seventy, eighty, .
A His B Her C Its
A one hundred B one thousand
4 We are in level 1. teacher is American. C ninety
A Their B Our C Your
4 Monday, Wednesday, Friday, .
5 This is our teacher. name is Mark. A Sunday B Thursday C Saturday
A His B Her C He
5 fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, .
6 Sally, please open book. A thirty B thirty-five C thirteen
A you B your C youre 6 seven, eight, nine, .
A eleven B ten C twelve

5 Write the matching country or nationality.

Example: Japan Japanese

1 the United States

2 Mexico
3 Italian
4 France
5 Chinese
American English File 1 Photocopiable Oxford University Press 2008 1
File Test English File 1
6 Brazilian

American English File 1 Photocopiable Oxford University Press 2008 2

6 Complete the phrase with a word from the list.

Listen repeat spell Open Look

speak Close Work Turn

Example: Open your books.

1 at the board.
2 the door.
3 off your cell phone.
4 in pairs.
5 Dont Spanish.
6 How do you your name?
7 Can you it? I dont understand.
8 and repeat.

Vocabulary total 20

7 Write the word with the same sound.

this you no name here how

Example: fish this

1 train
2 boot
3 phone
4 owl
5 ear

8 Which is the stressed syllable? Choose the

correct answer.
Example: A coffee B coffee
1 A Internet B Internet
2 A computer B computer
3 A airport B airport
4 A window B window
5 A pizza B pizza

Pronunciation total 10

Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total 50

1 Read the article. Choose True, False, or Doesnt 2 Read the text again and answer the question.
Example: What is Carmens last name? Garca

Studying in Canada 1 Whats the name of her school?

2 Where is her school?
A student at Kings School tells us what she
likes about her 3 Where is she from?
English course. 4 Who is her teacher?
My names Carmen Garca and Im a student 5 Wheres her teacher from?
at Kings School. Its a language school in
6 What nationality is Jos?
Vancouver. Im Spanish, from Madrid, but
my mother is French. Shes a teacher in 7 Which country is Karl from?
Madrid. The students at Kings School are
from many different countries. Students are 7
from Japan, Mexico, Germany, and Italy. Its
really interesting to meet so many different
people. The principal is Canadian, but my
teacher is American. Shes from New York
and her
names Helen. Shes very nice and shes an
Reading total 15
excellent teacher. Her classes are always
really fun. Jos and Karl are probably my
best friends in the class. Jos is Mexican,
and hes from Mexico City. Karl is from Answer the question with a complete sentence.
Berlin, in Germany. We always speak
English together because thats the best Example: How old are you?
way to learn. Im twenty-four years old.

1 Whats your first name?

Example: Carmen is French. .
A True B False C Doesnt say 2 Whats your last name?
1 Kings School is a language school. .
A True B False C Doesnt say 3 Where are you from?
2 Carmens mother is Spanish. .
A True B False C Doesnt say 4 Wheres your father from?
3 Carmens father is a teacher. .
A True B False C Doesnt say 5 Wheres your mother from?
4 The students at the school are from the same country. .
A True B False C Doesnt say 6 Whats your phone number?
5 The principal is from Toronto. .
A True B False C Doesnt say 7 Whats your e-mail address?
6 Carmens teacher is American. .
A True B False C Doesnt say 8 When are your English classes?
7 Jos and Karl are in different classes. .
A True B False C Doesnt say 9 Whats your address?
8 Karl is German. .
A True B False C Doesnt say 10 Is your teacher from the US?
Writing total 10

Reading and Writing total 25

1 A E F 1 T 2 Listen to Ana talking to the Work in pairs.
receptionist. Student A, look at Speaking Test
Choose the correct information.
A. Student B, look at Speaking
1 First name Ana
Test B. 15
2 Last name Carravalo Speaking total

3 Age 17
4 Address Rua do Carmo 34 Listening and Speaking total 25
5 Phone number 71-555-1635

2 A E F 1 T 3 Listen to five conversations. Choose

the correct sentence about each conversation.
1 A Paul and Tom are friends.
B Tom and Sarah are friends.
2 A Its Sarah Finney.
B Its Sarah Finey.
3 A Sarah is Scottish.
B Sarah is Irish.
4 A Sarahs e-mail address is
B Sarahs e-mail address is
5 A Tomorrow is Friday.
B Tomorrow is Saturday.

Listening total 10