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8/21/2017 The Mudras of Great Compassion Dharani Images & Pictures Gallery

The Mudras of Great Compassion Dharani

These pictures are for reference only, and the transliteration of the mantra of each Mudra is inaccurate. If you wish to learn them correctly, you need a qualified teacher.

However, reading, reciting, or chanting the Great Compassion Dharani without forming the Mudras are absolutely safe and very benefic, and being practiced worldwide by
monks, nuns and laypersons.

For vanquishing all

For richness, treasures, or For seeking stable life in demons, monsters, For vanquishing all
For various diseases in For taming all enemies, For eliminating all f
various valuables and various unstable ghosts, and spirits, use heavenly demons and
stomach, use the Precious use the Vajra Pestle in any situation, use
necessities, use the Wish- situations, use the the Precious deities, use the Vajra
Bowl Mudra Mudra Fearless-Giving
Fulfilling Pearl Mudra Pasa(lasso) Mudra Glave(double edge Mudra
The Mantra: The Mantra: (Abhayam-dada) M
The Mantra: The Mantra: sword) Mudra The Mantra:
Om JiLi JiLi Vajra Hum Om Vajra Zini Pra The Mantra:
Om Vajra Vadara Hum Om JiLiLoRa MoNaiRa The Mantra: Om Nibi Nibi Nipoye
Pat Nipadoye Svaha Om Vajra Naye Hum
Pat Hum Pat Om DiShi Dija Duvini Mahasriye Svaha
Dudevatoye Hum Pat

If one has a disease For healing various

For eliminating evil For evading all tige
caused by the poison of diseases on one's body,
obstacles and misfortunes wolves, jackals, pant
heat and seeks for For high positions and For meeting all virtuous use the Willow Branch For good harmony
of one's body, use the and other fierce bea
refreshing coolness, he promotions, use the friends earlier, use the Mudra among all relatives, use
White Whisk Mudra use the Shield Mud
should use the Moon- Precious Bow Mudra Precious Arrow Mudra The Mantra: the Precious Vase Mudra
The Mantra: The Mantra:
Quintessence Mani The Mantra: The Mantra: Om Susidhi GariVari The Mantra:
Om Panamini Bagavate Om YokasanaNayezh
Mudra Om Azoviri Svaha Om Gamora Svaha DoNamdo Mudoye Vajra Om Kiri Samanya Svaha
Mahayeya Gamohani Radanuboriye
The Mantra: Vajra Pato HaNa HaNa
Svaha BasheBashe Svah
Om Susidhikri Svaha Hum Pat

For commanding men For various merits and For rebirth in pure lands For great wisdom, use the For personally meeting For underground precious For achieving th
and women, use the Jade virtues, use the White of the ten directions, use Precious Mirror Mudra all Buddhas of the ten deposits, use the Precious Way(Tao) of immor
Bracelet Mudra Lotus Mudra the Blue Lotus Mudra The Mantra: directions, use the Purple Box Mudra use the Five Colo 1/3
8/21/2017 The Mudras of Great Compassion Dharani Images & Pictures Gallery
The Mantra: The Mantra: The Mantra: Om Visapura Naragacha Lotus Mudra The Mantra: Cloud Mudra
Om Panahumiraye Svaha Om Vajra Miraye Svaha Om JiriJiri Vajra Vajra Mantra Hum Pat The Mantra: Om Vajra Boshegari The Mantra:
Burapanto Hum Pat Om SaraSara Vajra Gara Kanaham Ra Hum Om Vajra GarirazaH
Hum Pat

For the ten directions For achieving all superior

For the ability of
For summoning all Buddhas' coming to wonderful Brahma
For vanquishing traitors eloquent, clever, an
For rebirth in heavenly virtuous heavenly gods, For commanding all receive you with their sounds, use the Precious
of other places, use the wonderful speech (m
palaces, use the Red use the Precious Trumpet ghosts and spirits, use the hands quickly, use the Bell Mudra
Precious Halberd Mudra karma), use the Prec
Lotus Mudra Shell Mudra Skull Staff Mudra Prayer Beads Mudra The Mantra:
The Mantra: Seal Mudra
The Mantra: The Mantra: The Mantra: The Mantra: Namo Panaham bonaye
Om Samiye Zinihari The Mantra:
Om Shangali Svaha Om Shangali Om Duna Vajra He Namo Ratna Trayaye Om Om Amiritam
Hum Pat Om Vajra Nitanjay
Mahasamanyam Svaha Anavadhi Vijaye Sidhi Yambhisriye srizimrini
Sito Liti Svaha Svaha

If you wish that th

For making all living For always being reborn To be always reborn in For never to retrogress or Buddhas of the te
For mercifully sheltering
beings always respect beside Buddhas for all the palaces of Buddhas lose the Bodhi-Heart directions come quic
and protecting all living
and love each others, use lifetimes, use the for all lifetimes, and For eruditeness, use the from this incarnation to rub your summit
beings, use the Tin Staff
the Joining Palms Mudra Nirmana(Miraculously never be born from a Precious Sutra Mudra unto the incarnation as a award you the mark
The Mantra: Created) Buddha Mudra womb, use the Nirmana- The Mantra: Buddha, use the Non- future Buddhahood,
The Mantra:
Om Panamanjaling Hri The Mantra: Palace Mudra Om Ahara Saravani retrogression Gold Wheel the Summit Nirma
Om Naliti Naliti Naliza
Tibetan version Om Chanara Bahum zari The Mantra: Niyetara Bu-nidhi Svaha Mudra Buddha Mudra
padhi Nalidi nayepani
Om Visara Visara Hum Garina Zirina Zirini Hum Om Visara Visara Hum The Mantra: The Mantra:
Hum Pat
Pat Pat Pat Om Shenamizo Svaha Om Vajrini Vajiram

To bestow refresh cool to To tame the enemies and VaiTor, the VaiTor, the Dharma
all hungry and thirsty demons in the three Dharma Guarding General
sentient beings, use the thousand great thousand Guarding
Refreshing Cool Dew worlds, use the Total General
Mudra Retention Thousand
The Mantra: Arms Mudra
Om SuluSulu PraSulu The Mantra:
PraSulu SuluSuluye Tadyata Avalokitesvaraya
Svaha 2/3
8/21/2017 The Mudras of Great Compassion Dharani Images & Pictures Gallery
SarvadusiZa Uhamiye
Svaha 3/3