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Ang Lim Huat

ANG LIM HUAT was detected with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2011, doctors in Singaporean
local hospital suggested him to get treatments in professional hospital as quickly as possible. His
whole family was busy seeking for professional hospitals for him. Then his son found Modern
Cancer Hospital Guangzhou on the internet, after a detailed comparison on medical service,
service level, etc, they finally chose Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. ANG LIM HUAT was
hospitalized in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou in July 2011 and took interventional
therapy and other treatments. He came back to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for follow-
up check up on December 14th, 2011; surprisedly he was told that his tumor totally
disappeared. Four years later, on May 11th, 2015, accompanied by his wife, he came back to
Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for examinations. They were nervous because they worried
about the tumor recurrence. Fortunately, the result came out on the next day and showed that
there was no evidence of recurrence.
Cancer isnt equal to death. They all made the same choose when cancer comesto choose the
JCI (Joint International Commission) accredited hospital--Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou
whose minimally invasive therapies are of small trauma, less side effects and better efficacy. A
multidisciplinary team (MDT) is specially formed to treat cancer and make individual
therapeutic plan for cancer patients; the MDT includes departments of oncology, surgery,
internal medicine, radiology, traditional Chinese medicine, nursing, etc. Moreover, Modern
Cancer Hospital Guangzhou also has 19 advanced anticancer technologies, such as interventional
therapy, cryotherapy, local radiotherapy, biological immunotherapy, which bring cancer patients
new hope.
Submitted to:
Mrs. Wilma L. Panaligan

Submitted by:
Azzy Anne R. Torres
Based on Ang Lim Huat story about her cancer survivor . she is a strong man eventhough he had
a serious illness that may cause death. Im so shock when the doctor said to him to cut his meat to
chemical examination. He goes in different country to see a best doctor. His family is always
there for him because his child is seeking for a professional hospital.His survival time reached 4

I was so intrigued about his cancer because honestly I dont know that type of cancer and I only
knew it. Im also a little confused about the effect in his cancer. I look back thinking about how
difficult that time was for his family, if I were in his situationt it werent for that struggles I
would not have gained the confidence and belief that I could take care of others as well as

That was a time that brought his family closer and become each others strengths in such a hard
time. Always believe in god no matter what, he will always be there for us in good times For
me, you just have to remember that while youre going through remember others. . There is a
light at the end. You cant let yourself get caught up in the scare . Whatever you ask for in
prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.
In a year before July, 2011, there were many small problems on ANG LIM HUATs body. For
example, he woke up at the midnight and after that he can not go back to sleep. Whats more, he
was also difficult to breathe, coughed with much phlegm. Until one day, he took a long call with his
child and he showed symptoms of tinnitus and the hearing had some problems, too.
ANG LIM HUAT took a body inspection in Malacca. The local doctor asked him to cut his meat and
take chemical examination. He and his wife guessed it was cancer and they thought the inspection
method was not good so he refused to take inspection there. Later, he went to Singapore, he found
an experienced clinical doctor to take an inspection. He took a blood test and the result showed that
it was cancer. The doctor suggested him to seek for a professional hospital to take cancer treatment.
After confirming the disease, his wife felt terrible and worried. Their children in Jakarta consoled her
on phone call and persuaded her to keep calm in case ANG LIM HUATs condition got worse. Their
children said that they should look for solutions and find a proper hospital to treat cancer so they
gathered information about cancer hospitals in Guangdong on the Internet. After comparing with the
medical level, service quality, etc, they chose Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

In July, 2011, ANG LIM HUAT and his wife arrived at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. He
received the interventional therapy, which was doctors suggested, and he discharged from the
hospital. On November 6th 2011 and December 14th 2011, he took return checks. After careful
inspections, doctor told him that his cancer was gone. When he took the interventional therapy, ANG
LIM HUAT did not show any symptoms of vomiting, bad appetite and other side effects. After
taking cancer treatments, ANG LIM HUAT and his wife took a bus to go round Guangzhou. They
also joined the travels which were held by Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou and went to Beijing
Road, Shangxiajiu, etc. On May 11th, 2015, when he took a return check again in Modern Cancer
Hospital Guangzhou, they were nervous and worried that the cancer would relapse. However, the
result showed that his condition was in good control and there was no sign of relapse. Her chief
doctor, Hu Ying, shared the good news to them. ANG LIM HUAT said her child made a right
decision.During the interview, Mr. and Mrs. ANG LIM HUAT expressed their thank-you to doctors
and nurses of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. He said that doctors and nurses carefully and
thoughtfully took care of me. Every staff here was nice and amiable and provided good services..
ANG LIM HUAT, whose condition was in effective control, sincerely suggested all cancer patients
can listen to doctors.

After going through this cancer, Mr. and Mrs. ANG LIM HUAT decided to travel around the world and
broaden their horizon. Wish them happy forever!.
Examples of Simple Interest
Example 1:
Find the simple interest on Rs. 3000 at a 7% rate of interest for one year.
Let Principal = 3000, Rate of interest = 7%, n=1n=1
Simple interest
Example 2:
Find the simple interest on Rs. 10,000 at the rate of 5% for 5 years. Also find the total amount after this

Let Principal = 10,000 Rs., Rate = 5%, Time =n=5=n=5
The amount of simple interest for 5 years is
500Hence the amount after 5 years = Principal+Interest=10,000+2,500=12,500

Example 3:
Find the simple interest on Rs. 156,00 for 112112 years at the rate of 5% per annum. Also find
the total amount.
Let Principal = 15,600, Rate = 5% =5100=5100 =0.5=0.5, Time
= 112112years =(1+12)years=(1+12)years =32years=32years
Simple interest for 5
years =(Principal)(Interest)(Time)=(15,600)(5100)(32)=1,170=(Principal)(Interest)(Ti
Amount = Principal+Interest= 15,600+1,170=16,770

A popular example of a parabola in the real world is the trajectory of a ball in free flight. As you
throw a ball, it first goes up and forward, then falls down while continuing to travel forward, thus
forming an inverted parabola path. A parabolic motion also occurs when a basketball bounces
on a hard floor.

For the helicopter to fly above the rainbow parabola, how high must the copter fly? (In other
words what is the maximum value of the parabola)
http://w w w

The helicopter must be above 40.

This real is simply a real world application of how to find the vertex of a parabola
1. A sum of money at simple interest amounts to Rs. 815 in 3 years and to Rs. 854 in 4 years. The
sum is:
A. Rs. 650

B. Rs. 690

C. Rs. 698

D. Rs. 700
Answer: Option C
S.I. for 1 year = Rs. (854 - 815) = Rs. 39.
S.I. for 3 years = Rs.(39 x 3) = Rs. 117.
Principal = Rs. (815 - 117) = Rs. 698.