written by Austin Bennett and Brendan Morrisey

REVISION 31 Scripped August 3, 2010 Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Brendan L. Morrisey All Rights Reserved

INT. TOM'S OFFICE - DAY A COMPUTER SCREEN A manuscript takes up half the screen. Soft Classical music plays through the speakers as TOM types: TOM (V.O) Marie is tired of waiting. She fusses with the tablecloth. She wants more wine, but both glassesThe shouting NEIGHBORS distract him. He turns, suppresses a cuss word, and then returns to typing. Are empty. INT. KITCHEN - NIGHT MARIE sits at the table fiddling with the silverware. Frank? Coming! FRANK enters the room. FRANK Marie... I uhh... Don't really know how to go about saying this. I had it rehearsed but... Well... There comes a time in every man's life whenMARIE Frank? Are you really doing what I think you're doing? FRANK Well, since you already have me figured out I better just cut to the chase. He gets down on one knee and reveals the DIAMOND RING from his pocket. Marie gasps in response. FRANK Marie, will you marry me? MARIE FRANK (O.S.) TOM (V.O.)

2. MARIE (Without Hesitation) YES. Of course! The sound of a lightning bolt is heard in the background. INT. TOM'S OFFICE - DAY Tom's desk lamp flickers along with the computer. They both shut off simultaneously. SHIT! TOM

He fumbles with the monitor, switching it on and off. No response. TOM Shit - shit - shit - shit - SHIT! He swipes the keyboard clean off the desk then takes out his cellphone. He quickly dials a number. TOM (Into Phone) Hey Bob, bad news. The storm's fucked up my power. (Pause) I know, I know. You'll still get your draft. It'll just take me a little longer. (Pause) I don't know, another day maybe. (Pause) Well what else am I supposed to do Bob? What the fuck do you want me to do? (Pause) No I don't have one. I've never needed one. (Pause) Fine. I'll try and find one. I'll call you later. He hangs up then quickly rifles through his desk drawer, pulling out a phone book. He plops it on the desk, flips through the pages and finds ANTIQUE SHOPS.

3. EXT. ANTIQUE STORE - DAY Rain falls down in sheets, covering the windows and sidewalks. A beat up Ford parks next to the only parked car on the block at the store's entrance. Tom opens his door, sticks out his umbrella, and makes a mad dash for the awning. INT. ANTIQUE SHOP - DAY Tom shakes off the umbrella then leaves it by the door. The store shelves are stocked with everything from old collectible toys to decorative dishes. Tom appears to be alone. Hello? I'm coming! TOM OLD MAN (O.S.)

From the shadows steps the OLD MAN. Hunched over with a cane. He moves behind the counter. OLD MAN Now what can I do for you? TOM Hey, I'm the guy who called about the typewriter? OLD MAN Oh yes. I don't get too many of those in and out of this place but I did manage to scour up something. The Old Man reaches beneath the counter and pulls up an old fashioned TYPEWRITER. OLD MAN Only thing is the last person to own it didn't seem to take very good care of it. I'm not so sure it works anymore. TOM You're kidding. OLD MAN You can try it out for yourself if you like. The Old Man hands Tom a few blank pages of paper. He slips one in through the top of the machine and types the words


OLD MAN I had just fiddled with it a few minutes ago before you came in. Didn't think it was working. TOM Looks fine to me. So how much do I owe you? OLD MAN Well like I said its a little beat up, but then again its still a hard find... I'd say at least a hundr.. No, a hundred fifty Tom quickly flips through a wad of twenties then throws them down on the counter. He grabs the typewriter and rushes out the door. TOM Keep the change. OLD MAN Nice doing business with ya! As Tom exits, the Old Man looks down at his book of records. Focus on line: TYPEWRITER - PREVIOUS OWNER - T. BARRETT EXT. APARTMENT BUILDING - DAY It is starting to get dark outside. Tom pulls up into the parking lot beside a beat up old pick up truck. Tom waits in his car until the MAN from the truck leaves the lot first. Tom gives him a dirty look as he passes by, then gets out of his car the moment he disappears. INT. TOM'S APARTMENT - DAY Tom enters the room with his cellphone in one hand and the typewriter in the other. As soon as he walks in, the electricity turns back on.

5. TOM (to himself) Figures. More loud shouting is heard from the couple next door. Bob picks up from the other end of the phone. TOM (ON PHONE) Yeah Bob?, I got it. Don't worry, I'll call you back to let you know how it goes. (pause) Yeah, I just hope the neighbors stop their fighting at some point tonight so I can (yells at wall) GET SOME FUCKING WORK DONE! I'm just letting you know now you don't have to worry about me missing that deadline. He clears his desk for the typewriter, places it down and prepares to go back to work. He takes a drag on a cigarette while gulping down a bottled mocha frap. He rotates the cylinder, positions the paper an inch above the ribbon. The second his fingers touch the keys the shouting of the neighbors start all over again. Their words distinguishable but their anger apparent. He looks at the wall, scowls, then begins to type again this time hitting the keys down harder than ever. TOM (V.O.) She lies on the bed, wearing nothing but her ring. The moonlight dances off the diamond as... INT. FRANK'S BEDROOM - NIGHT Back in the mind of Tom - Marie lies in the bed wrapped in its sheets. Frank leaps on top of her as they kiss passionately. I love you. FRANK

She wraps her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as they shift positions.

6. INT. TOM'S OFFICE - NIGHT The sound of glass shattering breaks Tom's concentration. The yelling from the neighbors gets even louder. Tom loses his cool and throws an ash tray against the wall. TOM (TO THE WALL) Will you SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!? The voices respond to him with twice as much hostility. He returns to his work anyway, typing away even faster. INT. FRANK'S BEDROOM - NIGHT The sound of yelling fades into panting and moaning. She goes down on him like never before. Then - Crash! They both turn to the door which has flung open. A MASKED MAN emerges into the room. Marie tries to cover herself as she screams. The intruder raises a knife in the air and comes at them. The young couple struggles to get off the bed as... The man slices Marie's throat. Blood sprays on the wall as she falls limp off the bed. NOOOOOO!!! FRANK

Frank moves upward to fight back but the man pushes him down onto the bed and stabs him repeatedly. Frank shields his chest with his arms but the blade swoops down into his stomach. This continues for some time until finally the bed is completely drenched in blood. Frank lies dead. The man trashes the room, turning over tables and emptying cabinet drawers. He looks over to Marie. The sparkle from her diamond ring catches his eye. He leaps over the bed to get to her. He tries to pull off the ring but it won't budge. The finger's too swollen. The knife makes a soft pop as its pulled from Frank's stomach. He holds up Marie's ring finger then breaks it. He then proceeds to lop it off with the knife. He tosses the knife aside and stuffs the finger into his pocket before he runs off into the night. An alarm sounds in the background.

7. INT. TOM'S OFFICE - MORNING Open with an alarm clock reading 8:30 AM. Tom awakens from his chair. He pounds on the snooze button to make the alarm stop. The blank stack of paper has been replaced by a manuscript. There's a hard knock at the door. GREEN (O.S.) Hello, Mr. Barrett? Can you open your door please? Tom jolts upright. Another knock is heard. BRISCOE (O.S.) Mr. Barrett, open your door, we don't have all day. He finally gets up and arrives at the door. He looks through the peephole. Two DETECTIVES (GREEN and BRISCOE) stand outside flashing their badges. He unlocks the door. TOM May I help you? GREEN Sorry to disturb you this morning Mr. Barrett but I'm Detective Green and this is my partner Detective Briscoe. We're with the Boston Police Department. TOM What seems to be the problem? BRISCOE Did you hear anything from your neighbor's place last night? Fighting? Shouting? Anything at all? TOM Those two are always fighting. I passed out pretty early though and didn't hear a thing till you guys woke me. Why, is there some kind of domestic abuse case going on or something? GREEN Not exactly... The neighbor's door opens. A PARAMEDIC wheels out a gurney. A white sheet covers the body.

8. TOM Oh my god, what happened? BRISCOE Looks like they were murdered. So let me get this straight, you're telling us that you live across the hall and you didn't hear a single thing last night when all this was going on? TOM Um... Yeah, IBRISCOE I don't know, sounds like you're hiding something if you asked me. (to Green) What do you think? Tom looks at Briscoe nervously. Green pushes Briscoe aside then pulls something from his pocket. GREEN Listen, Here's my card. If you remember anything at all, just give us a call. Tom takes it. I will. TOM

He shuts the door in their faces, stumbling back into his room. He rubs his head then Picks up the manuscript. THE FIRST PAGE "MIDNIGHT MADNESS BY TOM BARRETT" He flips through the pages, scanning every word. As he reads, the pages turn messy. The ink is runny. Red spills from the last several pages till finally he throws them all across the room. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bloody finger with a diamond ring on it. He raises it into the light, inspecting it. His paranoia and confusion becomes a smile. He picks up his phone and waits for an answer. TOM Hey Bob? I think I'm going in a new direction. END.

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