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Dual Degree Executive MBA Programme


To Advance Knowledge
and Cultivate Leaders for China and the World.

To be a World-Class School of Economics and Management.

Core Values

To create an open-minded learning environment
that brings together people, cultures and ideas from around the world,
in order to transform individuals and organisations
through business education.

Core Values
Diversity as a source of learning and enrichment
Independence as a governance principle
Rigour and relevance in teaching and research
Closeness to the international business community
Entrepreneurial spirit

02 Deans Welcome 16 Curriculum

04 Why TIEMBA? 20 Learning Methodology

06 About Tsinghua 22 Career Development

07 About INSEAD 23 Developing

Reflective Leaders

08 Campuses 24 A Lifelong Network

10 Faculty 28 Winning your

Employers Support

14 Class of 2018: Key Facts 30 Admissions

15 Programme Overview 31 Connect with Us


Ilian Mihov
Dean of INSEAD

Bridging East and West for

Career Success

G lobal business knowledge plus an in-depth understanding of the Chinese

context. This is the equation for career success in todays world economy. But
how do you become an expert in both?

This challenge is what motivated us to create the Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA

(TIEMBA): a unique, modular, dual-degree programme for experienced executives.
Our goal is to offer participants the best of both institutions: one of Chinas most
elite universities and one of the worlds top international business schools.
Yingyi Qian
Dean of Tsinghua SEM

Nine years and 354 alumni later, the TIEMBA is ranked number one in the world by
the Financial Times in 2015. We are proud of our seamless East-West partnership,
as well as the advantages that it offers our participants.

The TIEMBA runs across Beijing, Singapore, Fontainebleau and Abu Dhabi providing
unparalleled multicultural perspectives and insights into some of the most dynamic
regions of the world.

The programme fuses intense leadership development training with a rigorous yet
highly applied management curriculum, and stands at the intersection of two of the
worlds most powerful alumni networks.

It is thus no surprise, that the TIEMBA has built a remarkable track record of
producing successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. Imagine what we can
do, together, for your East-West success.
02 03


Here are just a few reasons

Two global brands in business education working for your career development,
two comprehensive management degrees and two of the worlds most prized
alumni networks.

A truly global perspective on business, which comes from studying in four

locations Beijing, Singapore, Fontainebleau and Abu Dhabi - in an international
class with faculty from all over the world.

03 China seen from the inside... and the outside: a unique angle on the worlds
fastest growing major economy for those well-versed with China as well as
those new to China.

04 A convenient, modular format: 10 modules (6 to 12 days long) over 18 months

designed to ease the work-life-study balance, enabling you to apply your
learning between modules.

More than a dual degree a true leadership awakening, thanks to the

distinctive Leadership Development Programme (LDP) that runs throughout.

Outstanding faculty and classmates: learn from some of the worlds leading
influencers of business practice and economic policy, alongside other successful
professionals with a wealth of experience to share.

Opening up a world of possibilities: the TIEMBA will challenge you personally

and professionally, and open your mind to ideas and perspectives you have never
considered before.
04 05


T he history of Tsinghua University is

intertwined with the history of China, with
thousands of graduates playing significant
roles in leading the country to its status today.

The School of Economics and Management

(SEM) of Tsinghua University, established in
1984, stands tall in Asia, with an outstanding
faculty. The founding dean was Professor Zhu
Rongji, who went on to become Chinas fifth

The school is a magnet for entrepreneurial

activities, attracting professionals from all
over China for their Executive MBA, and has
become a powerhouse for new business.

Professor Zhu envisioned the school as a

place where Chinas business elite could
learn to integrate the best business practices
from around the world, while emphasising
practical implementation in the Chinese
economy. His ambition was to build Tsinghua
SEM into one of the best business schools
in the world. Many would agree that he has


A s one of the worlds leading and largest

graduate business schools, INSEAD brings
together people, cultures and ideas to change
lives and transform organisations. A global
perspective and cultural diversity are reflected
in all aspects of its research and teaching.

With campuses in Europe (France), Asia

(Singapore) and the Middle East (Abu Dhabi),
INSEADs business education and research
spans several continents.

INSEAD's 145 renowned faculty members

from more than 40 countries inspire more
than 1,300 degree participants annually in
the MBA, Executive MBA, Executive Master in
Finance, Executive Master in Consulting and
Coaching for Change and PhD programmes.
In addition, more than 11,000 executives
participate in INSEADs Executive Education
programmes each year.

Around the world and over the decades,

INSEAD has continued to innovate and
conduct cutting-edge research across all
our programmes, providing leaders with
the knowledge and sensitivity to operate
anywhere. These core values have enabled
INSEAD to truly become The Business
School for the World.
06 07

Campuses: Beijing,Singapore,
Fontainebleau and Abu Dhabi

6 Weeks
Tsinghua University 3 Weeks
INSEAD Asia Campus
Beijing, China Singapore

The campus of Tsinghua University is located in INSEAD has been in Singapore for more than 20
northwest Beijing, in the academically-focussed years, with an official campus that opened in October
Haidian district. The school was founded in 1911 2000, firmly marking the schools commitment
on the site of Qing Hua Yuan (Tsinghua Garden), a to Asia and the global learning environment. The
former royal garden of the Qing Dynasty. Renowned campus is situated just 10 minutes away from
for its beauty, the campus offers a combination Singapores Central Business District, which is the
of traditional Chinese and Western-influenced centre of all commercial and financial activities. With
architecture. some of the most prestigious companies, both local
and international, locating their Asia headquarters
in Singapore, INSEAD is poised for easy access to
thriving businesses in this high-growth region.

2 Weeks
INSEAD Europe Campus 1 Week
INSEAD Middle East Campus
Fontainbleau, France Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Spread across eight hectares, INSEADs Europe INSEADs newest campus, which opened in 2007,
Campus opened more than 50 years ago and is is conveniently located in Abu Dhabis business
located in the historic town of Fontainebleau, centre. The 12-storey, 6,000 m2 building, purposely
approximately 65 km to the south of Paris. Nestled designed for executives to learn, presents a
in the vast Fontainebleau forest, the contemporary whole new world of possibilities for management
architecture blends perfectly with its natural education in the Middle East. Abu Dhabis central
surroundings and provides facilities of the highest location and dynamic economy offer many
standard. Embrace the calm of Fontainebleau and opportunities to explore the region and its business
the opportunity to step away from your demanding landscape.
work life to focus on your personal development.
08 09

TIEMBA participants possess a strong entrepreneurial

spirit, which is understandable given the rapid
development of the region.

D. Charles Galunic

Professor of Organisational Behaviour

The Aviva Chaired Professor of
Leadership and Responsibility

I teach the core course in Leadership and

Organisations, one of the foundation
courses in TIEMBA. My course serves as
a strong entrepreneurial spirit, which is
understandable given the rapid development
of the region.
the start of the Leadership Development
Programme, a personal development Having been the first Dean of Executive
journey that continues over the entire course MBA Programmes at INSEAD and having
of the year. taught all the TIEMBA cohorts since its
inception, I have had the privilege of
The TIEMBA classroom is very dynamic watching the TIEMBA grow since day one.
and filled with people who want to make This has helped me understand some
a difference through business leadership, of the special challenges of working
but with more focus on the Asian context. in an environment that presents both
Our TIEMBA participants are motivated opportunities and uncertainties. I try to
to learn and have a keen interest in the share with my participants the differences in
people around them. However, I also how leadership may have to be approached,
believe the TIEMBA participants possess taking into account the cultural differences.

10 11

The TIEMBA programme has proven to

be a success because of our global outlook and approach.
In our classrooms, we have leading experts from all
over the world teaching our participants. Likewise,
our international participants either already have very
promising careers in large corporations or are pioneers in
innovation and entrepreneurship.

I teach International Economics in the

TIEMBA programme where I discuss the
latest developments of the global economy
have very promising careers in large
corporations or are pioneers in innovation
and entrepreneurship. The programme
and finance. focuses on the dynamism of the global
economy. Given the diverse backgrounds
Through the course, my aim is to provide of our participants, the classroom is full of
our participants with a set of analytical energy and drive.
tools to evaluate trends and anticipate
future changes in the global economy. To Having taught in the TIEMBA programme for
engage my participants, I ensure that my almost a decade, I have established close
classes are highly interactive. This provides relationships with our alumni and current
for an environment where participants can participants. Through my interactions
tackle challenging economic issues based with them I have had many interesting
on theoretical principles and their own opportunities to learn about the experiences
professional experiences. and observations of top executives in different
In my opinion, the TIEMBA programme has
proven to be a success because of our global Teaching in the programme continues to be
outlook and approach. In our classrooms, a very special part of my annual teaching
we have leading experts from all over the schedule and is the highlight of my teaching
world teaching our participants. Likewise, career at Tsinghua University.
our international participants either already
David Daokui Li

Mansfield Freeman Professor of

School of Economics and Management
Director, Center for China
in the World Economy
Tsinghua University
Dean,Schwarzman College,
Tsinghua University

12 13

Class of 2018: Key Facts

Average Age 36 Asia Pacific 83%
Africa/Middle East 6%
Northern/Western Europe 6%
Central/Eastern Europe 2%
Participants 47 North America 2%

Average Work
Experience (years) 13 MAIN INDUSTRY SECTORS
Financial Services 9%
Consulting 6%
Nationalities 18 Electrical/Electronic 6%
Oil & Energy 6%
Banking 6%

Female 28% Construction 4%

Consumer Goods 4%
Education Management 4%
E-Learning 4%
Working Outside
Home Country 36% Environmental Services 4%
Pharmaceuticals 4%
Programme Overview

Programme Length 18 Months

Days Out Of Office 59 Days
On-Campus Sessions 12 Weeks

Countries China (Beijing), Singapore, France

(Fontainebleau), UAE (Abu Dhabi)

Course Format Modular (Part-time)

Courses Months Duration, Campus

Jun 2017 2 weeks, Beijing

Leadership Development Programme

Core Courses Jul 2017 1 week, Singapore

Sep 2017 1 week, Beijing
Oct 2017 1 week, Beijing
Nov 2017 1 week, Singapore
Jan 2018 1 week, Abu Dhabi
KMCs * Mar 2018 1 week, Beijing
May 2018 1 week, Beijing
Elective Courses July 2018 2 weeks, Fontainebleau
KMCs * Aug 2018 1 week, Singapore
Thesis Defence Dec 2018 Thesis Defense, Beijing
Jan 2019 Graduation, Beijing
* KMCs - Key Management Challenges
Programme schedule is subject to change
14 15
The TIEMBA is designed around several essential
components: Core Courses, Elective Courses,
Key Management Challenges, the distinctive Leadership
Development Programme and a Final Thesis.

Core Courses Sample elective courses:

- Applied Corporate Finance

D uring the first seven modules, we offer

12 core courses, covering the breadth
of key business disciplines. Taught by both
- Brand Management
- Management Decision Making
- Negotiations
Tsinghua and INSEAD faculty and using a
- Power and Influence
variety of teaching styles, these will review,
- Private Equity
revive and expand your understanding. Each
- Psychology of Leadership
course combines business concepts with
- Realising Entrepreneurial Potential
real-life application.
- Social Entrepreneurship: Building Impact
- Corporate Finance Ventures
- Data, Models and Decisions
- Financial Accounting Key Management Challenges
- International Economics Key Management Challenge (KMC) courses
- Investments cover broad, multi-disciplinary, whole-
- Macroeconomics company issues and address uncertainty,
- Managerial Accounting change, incomplete information and open-
- Marketing ended problems. You will be assessed based
- Microeconomics on the quality of your written assignments
- Organisational Behaviour which should draw on your experiences
- Strategic Human Resource Management at work.
- Strategic Talent Management
Sample KMC courses:
Elective Courses - Business and Commercial Laws
- Competitive Supply Chains
Elective courses allow you to delve deeper
- Cross-cultural Management
into topics of your choice. They take place
- Entrepreneurial Leadership
on INSEADs idyllic Fontainebleau campus
- Managerial Psychology
over two weeks during the French summer.
- Operations Management
The TIEMBA class comes together with the
- Techmark Management Simulation
INSEAD Global Executive MBA, as well as
- Your First Hundred Days
alumni of both programmes. This allows
(experiential simulation)
for a wider choice of courses and greater
networking possibilities. To further enhance
professional development, TIEMBA graduates
may return after graduation to attend
additional electives.
16 17

I enrolled in the TIEMBA

programme four years ago
to seek answers and develop
a new perspective on
management and leadership.
I would say that I have gained
even more than I expected,
for both my professional and
personal life.

Jianheng Luo

Founder and President

Dynaso Technical
Consulting LLC, China

I run a China-based professional services

firm which I founded 10 years ago with
a vision of serving the global automotive
perspectives on management and leadership.
I would say that I gained even more than I
could have expected, both professionally and
industry. As the business grew, opportunities personally.
and challenges have both been intertwined,
and at some point I realised that I may have Thanks to the insights I gained during the
been part of the problem. TIEMBA, we were able to open an office in
Singapore, and we will also have a new one in
I enrolled in the TIEMBA programme four Melbourne with local partners soon.
years ago to seek answers and develop new
Coming from a marketing
background, the TIEMBA
curriculum prepared me well
for general management.

Susanne Arfelt Rajamand


Managing Director
Unilever, Singapore

C oming from a marketing background,

the TIEMBA curriculum prepared me
well for general management. The faculty
classroom discussion as all participants were
highly engaged in learning new perspectives
on how to address their daily business
was very engaging and keen to support challenges.
and get involved in my ongoing business
challenges over and beyond any theoretical Generally we had a lot of fun, both during the
conversations. day but also in the evenings. The TIEMBA has
really brought me friends and an experience
The class experience was just as great. Often to last a lifetime.
the conversations would extend beyond the
18 19

Learning Methodology
Based on real-life examples from companies
throughout the world, the TIEMBA uses a range of
business simulations and role-plays.

Diverse Learning Styles implementation essays, classroom debates,

Q&A sessions and videos all these and
TIEMBA teaching is designed to bridge the
more, encourage participants to learn from
best in business theory and its practical
one another.
application using a wide range of learning
The two institutions offer very different
learning experiences. Tsinghua immerses
The Best of the East and the West participants in a high-prestige Chinese
The relatively small class size means educational environment, where they are
participants interact with each other and the taught in English by some of the countrys
faculty very closely. Lectures, case studies, most renowned faculty and policy makers.
group exercises, participant presentations, Meanwhile, INSEAD provides a dynamic
exchange of cultural perspectives across the central character. It is also a real-world
campuses in three world regions. project such as a new venture or corporate
innovation. You will have enough time to
There is simply no better preparation for work on it after the final module, before
doing business across borders and cultures. defending your submission at Tsinghua.
Your project will also be translated into
Learning by Doing Chinese and published for all to read.
In addition to traditional business school
case studies, based on real-life examples Learning that Really is Lifelong
from companies throughout the world, Unlike most degree programmes, graduation
the TIEMBA uses a range of business from the TIEMBA comes with an open
simulations and role-plays, both computer- invitation to return for two weeks of electives
based and experiential. These enable you to every year. More than a chance to carry
practise your new found skills in a risk-free on learning at the cutting-edge, this is an
environment. opportunity to renew old friendships and
build new networks with participants from
Live Project Work other classes as well as alumni of the
The final component of the programme, INSEAD Global EMBA programme.
the thesis, is a live case study with you as
20 21

Developing Reflective Leaders

Leadership Development support, encourage and challenge each other
Programme to broaden their behavioural repertoire and
develop their own authentic leadership style.

T his is a unique and enriching component

that is offered in the programme, thanks
to the pioneering work of the INSEAD
Accompanied and guided by a professional
executive coach, each group embarks on a
Global Leadership Centre. The Leadership
journey through many structured activities
Development Programme (LDP) runs
such as team-building, 360-degree feedback,
throughout all of the modules and gives you
group and individual coaching sessions, role-
the self-awareness and strategies you need
plays and peer-shadowing. There are also
to grow as a leader. Participants are put
class forums with top business leaders and
into a learning group of about four people
focussed teaching sessions.
selected for their diversity in which they

Career Development

B oth Tsinghua and INSEAD are recognised

by companies worldwide as key sources
of talent and executive development. Even so,
long series of activities includes workshops,
discussions and one-to-one advice sessions
to help you focus on your individual career
TIEMBA participants have very diverse needs development goals.
for career support.
Using a variety of effective tools and
We aim to support those who have internal- frameworks, we will support you in the
career needs (making the most of your process of self-assessment and discovery in
career within your present organisation) and parallel with the Leadership Development
external-career needs (making a change Programme. And for those who are focussed
outside your organisation). on making a transition outside their current
company, we offer support in developing an
Open to all participants, our programme- effective job search strategy.
22 23

During the programme you will forge close bonds that will
never be broken... Each class organises its network in a
different way, but all have stayed in close contact and hold
regular informal reunions, as well as returning to
Tsinghua and INSEAD for official TIEMBA alumni events.

A Lifelong Network

Multiple Alumni Networks

Graduating with an EMBA degree from both Tsinghua and INSEAD is a beginning
rather than an end. It is the point where you join two prestigious, international
networks that offer lifelong professional support and friendship.

Your Class and the TIEMBA Community

During the programme, you will learn as much from the cultural, geographical and
professional diversity of your classmates as from the world-class Tsinghua and
INSEAD faculty. You will forge close bonds that will never be broken.

TIEMBA alumni stay in close contact and hold regular informal reunions, as well as
returning to Tsinghua and INSEAD for official TIEMBA alumni events. All alumni are
invited back to the elective courses each year, which helps to forge new links and
reinforce the TIEMBA community.

Tsinghua Alumni Association

Tsinghua has more than 170,000 alumni, who are supported through a vast network
with organised groups in more than 100 Chinese cities and more than 30 countries.
The strength of the alumni community derives from the strong sense of belonging
to Tsinghua, the Universitys unique position in Chinese society and its global

INSEAD Alumni Association

INSEAD has more than 52,000 alumni in more than 165 countries, and the
INSEAD Alumni Association is a highly active network with 47 individual national
associations. TIEMBA graduates form particularly close ties with alumni of
INSEADs Global EMBA (GEMBA), as the two programmes come together during
the elective courses for a shared learning experience.
24 25

O ur whole group became absolutely

passionate about the TIEMBA
programme what you take out of it depends
on what you put in it!

TIEMBA was for me a once-in-a-lifetime

experience. It was amazing not only to learn
from some of the most recognised professors
in the world, but also to meet a group of
people who were highly motivating and who
have given me a lifetime of inspiration. All of
them are close friends now.

One of my personal highlights was

participating with one of my classmates
in the INSEAD Venture Competition. After
winning the Skolkovo award we were even
invited to the Skolkovo Start-up Village in
Moscow and got in touch with a thriving start-
up community. The competition became a
real-time application of what we learned in
the TIEMBA.The programme offers so much
more than what you will find in this brochure.
Go for it!

Christoph Salentin

CFO and Managing Director

KSM Castings Group,

TIEMBA was for me a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It was amazing not only to learn from some of the most recognised
professors in the world, but also to meet a group of people who were
highly motivating and who have given me a lifetime of inspiration.
P robably one of the best experiences Ive had was the 18
months in TIEMBA, which was all about discovery.

Firstly, through knowledge discovery, I gained insights into

business in an academic setting that is unparalleled.

Then, there was culture discovery. Being inside and

outside of the classroom, we were exposed to differences
and nuances between cultures. Even if you have lived
and worked in a multicultural environment
across many countries, you will still be surprised,
intrigued and enlightened by what you find
in a TIEMBA classroom.

Finally, because of the Leadership Development

Programme (LDP), I was allowed the
opportunity for self-discovery. In both the
assigned LDP and informal groups that were
formed during the course, we developed
a depth of self-awareness and momentum
which helped us advance both personally
and professionally. These aspects, I find,
are invaluable to mid-career and
forward-looking executives.

Avalyn Lim

Strategic Partnerships Director

Double Helix Tracking Technologies,

Probably one of the best experiences

I've had was the 18 months in TIEMBA which was
all about discovery: knowledge discovery,
culture discovery and self-discovery.
26 27

Winning your
Employers Support

R eceiving support for the TIEMBA programme from your employer

means that you will need your organisation's backing in terms of time,
flexibility and help with company-specific assignments. In addition to this, it
could also mean receiving financial support. In return, the TIEMBA offers a
considerable return on investment.

Immediate Application and Cascading of Learning

During each TIEMBA module, you will be exposed to the latest business concepts
and cutting-edge research. You will acquire new tools, approaches and insights.
And the next Monday morning, you will be able to apply them at work, as well
as cascade your learning through your team and colleagues to the wider

In-depth Analysis Through Reflection Papers

and your Thesis
For the Key Management Challenge courses, you will have to write reflection
papers. Your final thesis is a chance to go even deeper, by bringing a real-world
business problem into the classroom for full analysis. As a result, you have
the opportunity to act as a valuable internal consultant and make a significant
contribution to the companys goals.

Sharper Leadership Skills and Increased

Contribution to your Organisation
Most important of all, the TIEMBA represents a major investment in your
organisations leadership pipeline by rewarding and developing you. In particular,
the Leadership Development Programme delivers instant gains by nurturing
leadership skills that you apply after each module. The tailored career support will
also help you transition into the right roles in the right place, at the right time.
Most important of all, the TIEMBA represents
a major investment in your organisations
leadership pipeline by rewarding and
developing you.
28 29

For your application to the Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA programme, you will need to follow the
steps outlined below. You can submit your application either through the INSEAD or the Tsinghua
admissions offices. The process is the same and you will be evaluated by both schools.

Elements of Application INSEAD Tsinghua

1.Complete and Submit the
Application Form Submit online Submit online
You can apply through the online through the TIEMBA through the TIEMBA
application form. You need to website website
answer several essay questions
and provide the names of two

2.Official Transcripts of INSEAD EMBA TSINGHUA EMBA

Grades, Degrees and Diplomas Admissions, Boulevard Programmes, Room
Please submit these to either of the de Constance 77305 317, Shunde Building,
respective admissions teams. Fontainebleau Cedex, School of Economics and
France Management, Tsinghua
University, Beijing,
China 100084

3. Entry Test

GMAT - Please use these codes GMAT CODES GMAT CODES
when you instruct the test centre to INSEAD DL3-S8-14 Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA
send us your score. Business Programs, Programme VH0-JJ-56,
Executive MBA School of Economics and
Programmes Management, Tsinghua
EMBA Assessment - Please note: Attend the INSEAD EMBA Tsinghua's EMBA
Complete applications must be Assessment Day which Assessment Day includes
submitted at least two weeks includes a written test and a written test and a panel
before the test date. a panel interview. Held interview on Tsinghua's
monthly on INSEAD's Beijing campus.
three campuses.

Citizens from Mainland China who wish to enroll in an executive master programme, must register
online for a written test. The online registration system is open between 10 October 2016 and 30
October 2016. The actual written test will be conducted at Tsinghua, Beijing on 24 December 2016.

Application Deadlines (Class of 2019)

We operate a staged admission process, offering you a choice of four deadlines. We

recommend applying as early as possible and applications will be evaluated as they
are submitted. For reference, the deadlines for the class commencing in June 2017
(and graduating in 2019) are:

Round 1: Tuesday, 18 Oct 2016 Round 2: Monday, 09 Jan 2017

Round 3: Monday, 13 March 2017 Round 4: Monday, 17 April 2017

Connect with Us

Undertaking an Executive MBA is a major decision. We organise a number of

events on the INSEAD and Tsinghua campuses for you to get to know the TIEMBA
programme better. We encourage you to visit us in order to gain insights, ask
questions, see our facilities and meet with TIEMBA staff and participants. We also
conduct regular information sessions throughout the world.

For more details on these events and registration, visit the events page on our
TIEMBA website

You can email or call us at:

Tsinghua t
+86 10 6279 5799 / 6279 6317
Asia +65 6799 5191 Europe +33 (0)1 60 72 41 91
Middle East +971 2 651 5200
30 31
Tsinghua University
School of Economics and Management
Room 317 Shunde Building
Beijing, China 100084
Tel: +86 6279 5799 / 6317

INSEAD Asia Campus

1 Ayer Rajah Avenue
Singapore 138676
Tel: +65 6799 5191

INSEAD Europe Campus

Boulevard de Constance
77305 Fontainebleau Cedex, France
Tel: +33 (0)1 60 72 41 91
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INSEAD Middle East Campus

4th Street - Muroor Road
P.O. Box 48049
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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