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The following Act of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly t~~ccivc,,l

assent of the Governor on thc 17th May 1993 and. is, hcrebg ptltjlished (or.
general information :-
ACT No. 17 OiF 1993.

An Act to provide for the constitution and regulation of a sepmute security

force in the State of Tamil Yadu for providing
Chief Minister of Tam3 Nadu and the former
Nadu and rnembe1.s of their immediate fanut@
BE it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the State of ~ a r n i h a d uin the
Forty-fourth Year of the Republic of India as follows :-
r t title and 1.(1) This Act may be called the Tamil Nadd Special Security Group Act,
ILue-t. 1993.
(2) It shall come in o force on such date as the Government may,
by notification, appoint.
2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-

(a) " active duty ' in relation to a member of the Group mans any auty
as such member during the period when he posted t o pbysi lly protect the Chief
Minister of Tamil Nadu and the members of hisqimmediate f a m L r a former Chief
Minister of Tamil Nadu and the members of his immediate family, or any class of
persons referred to in clause (c) of sub-section (1) of section 4, wherever he or they
may be ;
(b) " Director " means tbe Director of the Group appointed under sub-section
(1) of section 5 ;

(c) " Government " means the State Government ;

(dl " Group " means the Tamil Nadu Special Security Group constitxted
cndc; sectkn 4 ;
(c) memnber ot'th, Groun" mcmr a person who has been z ~ p r ~teJ
" i* t; !he
Gri.up by the prescribed ilt1~901ity:

p.;rents ;
" mcmberi c!' in~:n:di,it,- family " inears wire, !lg<Ldr,d cjl!lq;cn - n.1
during jo~~rney
pioxim~te::cilri:y " lnearls p~otectionprovided iron1 cloc: , r : , s , i .
bv road lai!, ~ i r ~ i - ~n.a?crcraft
if, or on foot or :!ntr 0th-1- I.::: i t,r
transport and shall ivc!udc t:lc piace; of i'unctions, engagements, ~-esidc!:, or hait
and shall comprise ril~groul:cl ic~lr?-~s, is~lationcordons, the ster~iez ~ n earannc!,
convoy security and ti13r(; , t r n 7 ~::11'1
' : aczev, cont~olto the perwn or ii~c:l>:>er.<,c i ]tic
immediate family ;
I .

(h) till words and c::ore,siacs ~ ~ s and

e d not defined i~ this .Act but dzfined in Central 9~.,-t
thc lndlan Penal Code shall havz thc meanlngs respectively assigned to them in XL','of 186::
that Code.

~bers 3. Every men~berof the Grorp shall be subject to this A d , wherever.-'

he may -ma?--

:ct to be. ,--


,titution of 4. (1)

There shall be a separate security force in the State of Tamil Nadu c a i d

the Tainil Nadu Special Security Group for providing proximate security to--

(u) the Chief Ministzr of Talnil Nadu and thc ili~mbcrsof his i n l n ~ ~ d ~ a q e
, famjiv :
. .

(b) any former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu or to the membrs of his
immediate family ;and
(c) any such class of persons and for such period as the Government may,
byinotification, spec* :
Provided that any former Chief Minister or pny member of the immediate
family of the Chief Minister or of a former Cbief Minister may decline such
ect to the provisions of this Act, the Group shall be constituted in
may be prescrib&d and the terms and conditions of --vice of the
,&oup shall be such as may be prescrib~.l

.' 1(1) The general superintendktkk, direction and control of the Group shall conttO*,
vest in, and be exercised by, the Govetnment and subject ,thereto and to the direction,etc.
provisions of this Act and the rules, the command and supervision of the Group shall
: vest iq an officer to be appointed by the Government as the Director of the Grsup :
Provided that the Government may, by genersl or special order, delegate
all or any of their powers under this sub-section, to siuch officer or authority as may
be specified in such ordcr. I

(2) The Director shall, in the discharge of his duties under this Act, be
assisted by such number of Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors and other officers
as may be appointed by the Government.
(3) The scale and level of proximate security shall be such as may be
by the Director.

6. Every member of the Group shall be liable to serve in any part of the State ~mty for
of Tamil Nadu or in any other part of India as well hs outside India. service in
any part of
Q'\, . *
State of
Tamil Nadu
I '
and elsewhem.
7. Every melnber of the Group, not on leave cfr under suspension, shall, for ~~~b~~~~~
all purposes of this Act, LL d r i i j a 31i active duty afid may, at any time, be employed the Group
or deployed in any manner which is consistent with the duties and responsibilities alwayson
of the Group under this Act. active duty.

8. No member of the! ~ r o v bshall be at liberty- Resigaation

and withdrawal
from the Post.
(a) . to resign his appointment during the term of his dngagement ; or
(b) to withdraw himself from all or any of the duties of his appointment,
except with the prbvious permission in writing of the prescribed authority.
9. Every member of the Gtoup&all hold office during the pleasure of the
,,T of
Governor. service.

10.(1) No member bf the Gt$&

shall, without the previous sanction, in Rdridgns
writing, of the Government or of the prescribed authority,- r~=th3
right to form
be a member of, o r be ' h a t e d in any way with, any trade union, ~ s ~ a t i of
(0) ons,
labour union, political association or with any class of trade unions, labour unions speech, etc.
or political associations ; or

r,4 Group) IV-2 Ex. (258)-la

I r- -


-- - -- A -- .-
- -
m s
W ma rl_ -'I- I--- *I<*

( b ) be a 11;12111(6~'~ : a,z~ciatedin any wc7j with, aii> ~ O L I Z \ ~< , ~\ L ~. L ~ L : I J ~ ,

dl, L,i. j
association or organiiYicionthii: r , .lo[ of a purely social, recreaiional or reiig:o-rb
nature ; or
(c.) wit!; [:I,: ,):.;s~ or publish iuusi: to!>$.::,tl;ili
:, .': 1.i :,.
k t t c r or othci- ~ O C U I F ~ CI ~X LC L ~ ) where
~ such co~,~mullicali,~n ci p~llit\: 1 11 3

in tile bonn $r/e discherrge at :115 c:.,tie; or is of a purely I~terarq, . i i - t i ~ t i c :;

aci~~iiiiic charactel- or i q o; :I prescribed nature.
. / o I f ally yvc\iron arises as to whet!lei- any bociely. ~:~>i:iu:~i '1.
association or organi:,atron is I i a purely social, recreatio~~al or relislr?ul 11aillre
~rnderclause ( b ) or wl~etlle~ any book, letter or document is a co~nmunicationor
publication in the borrrljtcfo dixilarge of his duties or is of a purely liccrary artistic
or scientific character o r is of a prescribed nature under clause (c), the decision of
the Government thereon shall be final.
(2) No menlber of the Group shall participate in, or address, ally lnceting
or take part in any demonstratian organised by anybody of persons for any political
purposes or for such other ptuposes ,as may be prescribe?.
'jJ !\,?
, &

rermination of 11. The pr~qcribedgbthoritymay, by &&rip writing, terminate tpe !ppoiutment

of any member 01 L. Group in the public interest and su term~nat~on shall be
deemed ._be discharge %$
simplicier. and shall not amount to ismissal of removal. #
f, '

1 ipp-al. 12. ( 1 ) Any inember of thz Group aggrieved by an order under section 1 I
iilay, 'within thirty days from tiic date of such order, prefer ail ~ p p e a lto 1: 8n:t;d
I :c be constituted by the Government.
(2) Ths Board sl~allcoiisist of s ~ c h persocs ar IIICLY L'z DTZ>CI.~!:.'L!.
(3) The deci\i;li; of the Baard shall be final anJ si~ali,lot be c'lllccl i.1 ,j:l- tion
in any court or tribuysl.
(4) The Board shall h~ ~e power td regulate i? own pr~~ccdtli.~.
Powers and 13. Thc Governi~~.,-nt may, by gelleral or special order pblished 111 the Tainil TS
duties Nadu Government Grr~ette,direct that, subject to such conditions and limitations
wnferable on as may be specified in that ordcr, any member of thc G r ~ u may
p exercise or discharge
members of the such powers or duties as may ue specified in the said order for giving effect to the
Grow. provisions of this Act.
14. It shall be the duly of every Department in the overnment or every
Assistance to.
Group. Department under the control of the Government or every lo a1 or other authority
to act, in aid of the Director c r any member of the Group whdnLver m l l ~ dupon tc
do so in furtherance of the duties and responsibilities assigned to such Director
or member.

Protection of 15. No suit prosecution or other legal proceeding shall lie against the w u p
action taken or any member thereof on whom powers have been conferred or duties have <b$jen
under this Act. imposed under this Act or any order issued or any rule made thereunder Eot.-d$y- .
thing which is in good faith l o n e or pq80rt,ed to be dane or omitted@@
in pursuance of this Act c r any order i$sued.or any rule made rhtrd By
order issued under any s u ~ hrule. t$,z

1, !>" - " "

Power to 16. (1) The Government may make rules for carrying out all o r any +the
make rules. purposes of this Act. c <CI> .
, . I I .

(2) In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the fore ing
power, such rules may provide for all o r any of tho following matters, m&ndf:--
*$f$~ f
' I

(a) the manner in which thz

gu shall be constituted and the terms and
conditions of service of its membeis M er bswtion (2) of section 4 ; .
.- .,c, f'.*i

(b) the authorities to be prescribed under section 8, sub-section (1) of sekolon

10 and section 1 I ; ,_ * L
(c) the nature of ?he communicatim or pnblication under clause (c) o f
sub-section (1) of section 10 ;

.a. I ... ppposes,. .other than political purposes, forg which

. the
(d) a .
a ~ersonsubiect-
or take-part in any

..-kbers of the Board under sub-section (2)

&ired to be, or may be, prescribed.
ublished in the Tamil Nadu
into force on a-- rarticular
-- ---
o n t h e n w h i c h they are so published.
unless they are expressed
n the day on which t k y

issued udder t b s Act or everv ordel

made 6; issued, be

re the expiry of the

4ssembly makes any modifi-
decides that the rule,
notification or order
r be o-f- -no
- effect
- -----
ch modification -or annulment ~hail
F "anything done under. that
* order.

2 i

E 8ecrSeav b Government, Law Department.

'I% foflowkg
@ Aet of He Tamil Nadu L~giolmtivieAssembly received the a~seat.of &6 -,
Govern& on the 5th September 1996 and is hereby fublished for gaerai infomatiot :-

ACT No. 27 OF 1996.

An Act to repeal the Tamil Nadu Spcci,rl Sectaity Grot~pAct, 1993.

BE it enacttd by the Legislative hssembly of the State of Tamil Nadu in the

Forty-seventh Year of the Republic of India as fo1lona:-

ghort title 1. (1) This Act may be called the Tamil Nadu Special Security Group (Repeal)
aamaen -. heti 1996.
(2) It shall come into force at bfice.

R e p 4 ,of , 2. The Tamil Nadu Special Security Group Act, 1993 ichereby repealed.
Tamil Nadu
Act 17 of
Removal of

- -
(2) The discharge of the Director, the Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors,
other officers, and members of the said Groap shall be deemed to be discharp
simpliciter and shall not amount to dismissal or removal.

my ( ~ d wof the Cioveraer) . t .

Siet'c~ry te Gevernmer~t,Law l ) r ~ r t m a n t .