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Good Neighbor Fest arrives


Annual festival
provides fun for
the whole family
The 54th annual Good raffle ticket for a chance to win
Neighbor Festival begins Fri- overnight stays, dining and
day. salon gift certificates, plus
Created to benefit Middle- nearly $5,000 in cash prizes.
tons service organizations, this Save room to indulge in
free festival has been entertain- sweet treats, mouth-watering
ing families for more than a sandwiches and fair favorites,
half-century. The festival runs like fried cheese curds and
Friday, August 25through Sun- cream puffs, to name a few.
day, August 27 at Firemans This year, theyre consolidated
Park in the heart of the Good into a festival food court housed
Neighbor City. in the park shelter. Newly added
Enjoy three days of live for 2017 are chicken tenders,
music, from polka to rock and tater tots and veggie burgers.
everything in between. See An- Work off your extra calories
gels & Outlaws, LUBE, Pacific with a 5K run/walk through the
Coast Highway and Madison city, ending at the festival

The Agony and the Ecstasy

County perform for free! Peruse grounds. Little ones will find
the craft fair, stocked full of plenty of fast fun during the free
handmade goods from over 100 The Good Neighbor Festival Parade (above) is always enjoyable and popular. It takes place Sunday. Find out more here, and
File photo by Matt Geiger

vendors. Dont forget to buy a in a special 12-page supplement inside this edition.
FEST, page 3

Middleton actor takes on Foxconn

by MATT GEIGER logical devices are so inexpen-
sive. It all started when Daisey
saw leaked photos from a Fox-
A Middleton actor is putting
on a show that will ask tough JOBS, page 2
but intriguing questions about
our concepts of work, economy,
technology, corporate subsidies NEW TIME!

10:00 AM

The editor gets in

the week prior to printing

Middleton resident Jason Compton will perform The Agony

Photo by Benjamin Barlow for the

touch with his

and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs starting next week.

Neanderthal roots
and the very demonstrable us what the world we live in is

human costs of our progress. built on. The answer, in some


To put it in more simple ways, is the backs of people in

is 3:00 pm Friday

-Page 4
terms, The Agony and the Ec- places like Shenzhen, China.
stasy of Steve Jobs, a mono- The monologue was written
is 10:00 am Monday

logue being performed by Jason by Mike Daisey, and it is

Compton at the Evjue Stage of through his eyes that audiences
For deadline

the Bartell Theatre August 31 will take a journey that exam-

information for the

through September 2, will show ines how and why our techno-
Buyers Guide,
please call 767-3655


24 HOURS EARLIER than regular deadlines for all display ads, classifieds and legal notices.
Youth center use continues to grow

by CAMERON BREN youth center. male students and 47 percent

The annual Americorp volun- are youth of color.
teer worked on teaching stu- Hinahara said the youth cen-
dents about goal setting for ter has been lucky to have vol-
Middleton Youth Center di-
school and life in general. A be- unteers and an intern but
rector Gabrielle Hinahara last
fore and after analysis indicates pointed out that those are not
week presented the highlights if
growth in goal setting among guaranteed. She said there may
the centers annual report to the
students. not be a new intern next year.
city council.
The most common theme Hiring a new staff position
The youth center is a free
from parent comments included would create another person
after school prograam open to
in the report is the great benefit guaranteed to be there and
all 5th through 8th graders in
the program provides for work- would lower instructor to stu-
the area every school day until6
ing families and single parents dent ratio, which would be es-
p.m. There is also an eight-
in particular. pecially good considering the
week summer program.
Hinahara said there is a need high number of students with
We provide well over the
for more staff considering the IEPs, Hinahara said.
100 hours of structure and asset
consistent attendance growth Hinahara offered a couple
based programing thats re-
each year. In the 2016-17 school suggestions for funding the new
quired by the county including
year the average attendance was position. She said they could
250 hours of academic support
34 students per day. In 2013-14 implement a sliding scale en-
alone, Hinahara said.
the average was 14.5, in 2014- rollment fee and charge stu-
In 2016 there were 13 adult
15 the average was 23 and in dents families who can afford
volunteers who provided 606
2015-16 it was 33. it. Low-income families would
total hours of direct service vol-
This summer attendance still be free of charge. She said
unteer work, including caring
nearly doubled to about 40 stu- the city could also ask local
for special needs students and
dents, Hinahara said. businesses for support.
helping with reading programs.
Attendance was so high that Mayor Gurdip Brar asked if
Hinahara said the center was
we actually had to limit atten- it was possible to get more
also fortunate to be able to host
dance on our weekly field trip money from the county. Hina-
interns from Madison Colleges
days to between 24 and 30 stu- hara said that is not possible be-
social services program who
dents depending on the trip due cause the county gives the same
provided 16 hours each week.
to our budget, so the average amount to every program and
There were also 67 middle
would be even higher without no one youth center can ask for
school students who partici-
that limitation, Hinahara ex- more.
pated in volunteer activity at the
plained. Brar then asked if the school
youth center and 30 high school
Another reason for more district could give more. Hina-
students who volunteered by ei-
staffing is there are many stu- hara said thats basically what
ther providing tutoring or par-
dents who attend with individu- has been happening each year.
ticipating in a guest activity.
alized education plans, which The district has covered other
A total of 68 hours of leader-
means they must be provided costs besides the base funding
ship development was pro-
additional academic resources. and has also increased that a
vided, which is focused on
Hinahara said there are an couple times since the initial
helping students to develop and Youth center director Gabrielle Hinahara presented the highlights if the centers annual report
equal number of male and fe- funding agreement was made.
Times-Tribune photo by Cameron Bren

lead their own clubs at the to the city council last week.

JOBS continued from page 1

conn plant in Shenzhen, China long obsession with technology, long before the announcement movies, contact friends, read
that fascinated him. and shared his transformation that a Foxconn plant, heavily the news and browse social
He realized, Oh my gosh, with the world. Now, Compton, subsidized by the government, media?
its people, and its in not very who adores technology in many was planned for Wisconsin, and While such topics could cer-
nice circumstances, and it re- of the same ways, in collabora- Compton was already busy tainly lead to impassioned de-
ally rattles him, Compton ex- tion with Left of Center, will preparing for the role when he bate, Compton says the show is
plains. It really rattles him. bring the story alive in Madi- learned the news, it does add not dreary. It is, he says, about
Daisey got on a plane and son. another layer to the story and its a personal journey, which is
visited the plant. He spoke with It asks, how did we create a relationship to the Midwest. both daunting and edifying.
executives and workers. What world where you can buy a While the monologue looks I wouldnt be able to do it,
he learned and saw there powerful smart phone a com- at the conditions under which personally, if it was just,
changed everything he thought puter for $20? he says. Part people in Shenzhen labor to Everything is bad, everything
he knew about Apple, Steve of how we got there is people make tech devices, Compton is bad, Compton says. And
Jobs, and the unending techno- spending a ridiculous amount of says it will also ask: What whats cool about it as a per-
logical revolutions that have time and energy assembling this would that even mean, to im- former is that, in many ways
shaped our world for the past 40 stuff for almost no money. port that business model here? the experience hes having with
years. He re-evaluated a life- While the show was written The lively discussions the technology - I love comput-
show could open up are limit- ers and I grew up immersed in
less: What is the value of citi- this stuff - is also my experi-
zens working for the sake of ence.
Last Call working? How much should Daisey performed across the
taxpayers subsidize factories country hundreds of times in
and plants? What is the true cost The Agony and the Ecstasy of
If you want to save your
Ash Trees pay attention to of that little device in your Steve Jobs. Left of Left Center
this ad and have your pocket, on which you watch adapted Daiseys script for the
trees injected now!
Tim Andrews Horticulturist LLC 55th Annual

Caring for our Green World since 1978 in
608-795-9948 the

park Tickets are available now They are $20

Image contributed

general admission and $15 for seniors, students and service


run, starring Compton, with 4000 Miles, Silent Sky, From

Sunday, Sept 3th
four performances over Labor Up Here, Someones Gotta Do
Day weekend. It, and Rose Gold. He is a fre-
Caricatures By

Director Jake Penner is a fre- quent collaborator at First Wave


quent director and associate di- UW and an Advisory Company

Artist New Glarus Village Park
rector in Madison. Recent member at Forward Theater
credits include Learning to Stay, Company.
Bassett 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
The Greater Madison Jazz Consortium

and Middleton Community Development

Authority Present Strollin Middleton
on Friday Evening, September 8

Pictured aboved, last years Greater Madison Jazz Consortiums Strollin series in downtowm
Photo contributed


By popular demand, the possible by sponsorships from venue, free will contributions
Greater Madison Jazz Consor- the Middleton Community De- from Strollin attendees, a grant
tiums Strollin series is return- velopment Authority, the Mid- from the John and Carolyn Pe-
ing to Downtown Middleton on dleton Chamber of Commerce, terson Charitable Foundation,
Friday evening, September 8, and T Wall Enterprises, with ad- and promotional support from
2017. This jazz mini-fest will ditional support from each host WORT-FM.
feature performances by twelve
bands presenting five hours of
continuous and stylistically di- STROLLIN MIDDLETON Dr. and Mrs. Terry Burke of Middleton, WI, are pleased to announce the engagement of their
son, TJ, to Vanessa Gaza. Vanessa is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Pablo Garza of Victoria, TX.
verse live music at six indoor Friday, September 8, 2017 A November wedding is planned. The couple will work and reside in College Station, TX.
5:00 PM 10:00 PM
and outdoor venues in Middle-
tons walkable downtown

area east and west of Parmenter
Street and south of University 5:00 7:00 PM: BMO Harris Student Stage (7447 University continued from page 1
Avenue. Now in its fourth year, Avenue @ Parmenter Street)
this popular jazz stroll series 5:00 PM: Edgewood High School Jazz Combo Diaper Dash, complete with Avenue for nearly half a cen- Reinke. It helps to support so
features a staggered perform- 6:00 PM: Middleton High School Jazz Combo an obstacle course. Harbor Ath- tury. much good in our community,
ance schedule that makes it easy letic Club will again be offering For 54 years, the Good and we are incredibly grateful
for attendees to stroll from 5:00 7:30 PM: Middleton Senior Center (7448 Hubbard on-site babysitting for children Neighbor Festival has worked for the folks who come to eat,
venue to venue and sample Avenue) of racers. Afterward, feel like a to bring the community together play and share their generosity.
many different musical styles. 5:00 PM: Middleton Jazz kid again yourself with an after- and promote the good neighbor
The 2017 edition of Strollin 6:30 PM: Craig Mason Combo noon on the carnival midway. ethic through free family fun, For more information about
Middleton is the 11th jazz The young (and young at music and food. But, its also an Good Neighbor Festival visit
stroll produced by the Consor- 6:00 8:30 PM: Barriques (1901 Cayuga Street) heart) will enjoy balloon ani- important fundraiser for the goodneighborfestival.comor
tium in a series that began four 6:00 PM: Guitarist-Vocalists Lo Marie and Cliff Frederiksen mals, a strolling magician, out- Middleton area. The event sup- contact Randy Reinke atmid-
years ago at Schenks Corners 7:30 PM: Vocalist Michelle DuVall and Pianist Paul Hastil door laser tag and old-fashioned ports charities and worthy dletongoodneighborfestival@g
on Madisons Near East Side. kids games all free and going causes that help those most in
The series has been warmly em- 6:00 9:00 PM: Middleton Public Library (7425 Hubbard on throughout the weekend. need in the community.
brac ed by each of its host com- Avenue) Grab a lawn chair and stake Sometimes its easy to for- A full guide to this years
munities, and especially in out the best spot to catch the get, the midst of all the fun, that festival and those who work to
6:00 PM: Vocalist Betsy Ezells Quartet
Middleton where over 1,000 Kiddie Parade, Friday, August this festival is a lifeline for our make it possible is included
happy music fans attended last 7:00 PM: Panchromatic Steel Band
25at 5:30 p.m., and the Good non-profits, said Good Neigh- inside this newspaper.
Septembers Strollin event. 8:00 PM: Percussionist Rick Flowers & The Floroq Sound Neighbor Festival Parade on bor Festival President Randy
Once again, the Consortiums Sunday, August 27 at noon.
Nick Moran (an outstanding 6:30 10:00 PM: Louisiannes (7464 Hubbard Avenue) This years Parade Marshals are
jazz bassist in his own right) has 6:30 PM: Pianist Johnny Chimes Dan Adler and Jim Passini, for-
booked an intriguing mix of 9:00 PM: Pianist Jim Erickson mer owners of Rustys, an
bands showcasing the wide iconic Middleton tavern that
range of instrumental and vocal 8:30 9:30 PM: Villa Dolce (1828 Parmenter Street) made its home on University
jazz styles regularly available to Saxophonist Rachel Heuer and Her Quartet
Dane County audiences, includ-
ing our communitys outstand-
ing professional musicians as
well as student ensembles from
Middleton and Edgewood High
From the Dixieland sounds

of Middleton Jazz to the con-

temporary sounds of recent UW
Ridgeway, WI
graduate Rachel Heuer and vo-
calist Betsy Ezell, from the New
Nightly Features:
Orleans sounds of pianist
Thursday Night All you

Johnny Chimes to the funky

can eat Beef Tips

urban jazz of Rick Flowers &

The Floroq Sound and
Friday Night Fish Fry

Caribbean jazz from Panchro-

Saturday Night Prime Rib

matic Steel, theres sure to be

Catering for all
something for every musical
your special events.
taste. And you wont want to
miss Panchromatics world pre-
Outdoor Patio

miere performance of a new

work by Miami (Ohio) Univer-
sity Professor Chris Tanner that
Quality Building Since 1987
was commissioned by the Jazz

Consortium through its new

Custom Design, New Homes and Remodeling, Lounge opens at 4:30pm and

Artistic Development Program.

dining room at 5:00pm
Custom Log Homes, Additions, Decks
Dan Kippley (608)643-4639
Strollin Middleton is made
Even their gods were cool. our explosion of knowledge and more secrets. Through my at just the right moments. Any-
They had names like Odin and progress, we cant even get peo- mothers haplogroup, it one who tells you were all the

Thor, and they loved to fight, ple with slightly different polit- traced me back to a single same is selling something. Any-
drink and party. I knew they ical beliefs into the same room woman who lived some 11,000 one who claims that 7 billion
werent my only ancestors, but with one another. Conservatives years ago. Her ancestors mi- people, with all their different
I figured their genes, being cant tolerate people who dont grated into Europe from the foods, gods, rituals, genders,
made of fire, iron and ice, believe in the exact same ver- Middle East as the Ice Age re- sexualities, races and lan-
would have sacked and pillaged sion of the Christian god as ceded. Her childrens childrens guages, are all the same is
by Matt Geiger
any non-Viking DNA in me. them. Liberals brag about how children eventually ended up in making a comically dangerous

This was
They came up with the best outraged they are by everything a field in Britain, drinking ale oversimplification. We are not
haps it was less of a shock to the names. Names like Skull Split- that exists outside the margins for breakfast and hoping not to all the same. Were not even all

written by a
many girlfriends, schoolteach- ter and Fork Beard and of their narrow worldview, ac- see dragon-studded ships rising equal. Some have power, some
ers, and literary critics who, de- Blood Axe. One of their lead- cusing anyone without an iden- out of the sea that day. Their de- have health, some have poverty

spite no laboratory or advanced ers was called Ivar the Bone- tical philosophy of being a scendants would eventually and disease. Some are right, and
understanding of genetics, have less, which some people think bigot, and somehow doing it board different ships and head some are wrong. But we come
been implying this for years. It refers to missing limbs, and oth- without a hint of irony. west, to a New World. together, again and again, de-
certainly explained why I like ers think it means he had a rare These days, a Methodist and And now, here I am today, spite - even because of - our
When I was little, detecting cave paintings so much. genetic disorder. a Lutheran being civil to one living in the middle of that New many differences.
the blood of an Englishman was Vikings were crazy and wild, another feels like real progress. World as it slowly grows old. As a Neanderthal living in a
Before my stout, heavy-
exclusively the purview of and they were my great, great And they are reading from the Going back some 40,000 world of modern humans, I
browed progenitors died out,
cranky giants who lived atop grandparents many times over. same bible, in the same lan- years, Im the baby of a Nean- sometimes get the urge to take
they interbred with my Homo
magical beanstalks. But the Except they arent. Not to guage, about the same god, derthal and a modern human, refuge from the swirling mad-
sapiens ancestors, hence the
world has changed. traces of them in the DNA in any spectacular degree, at least. while wearing the same clothes who came together through ness around me. I want to run
These days, all you have to my spittle. Most non-Africans My DNA revealed Im only and eating the same food. what was surely a mixture of off and hide in a dark, quiet
do is spit into a vial and mail it today have some Neanderthal 14 percent Scandinavian. Most A thousand years ago, an ox brutality, pure chance, and cave somewhere. But if I did,
to a group of regular-sized sci- DNA. Most sub-Saharan of my ancestors are genetically herd or cheese maker who be- hopefully love. After all, thats Id probably mash up some
entists. Theyve cracked the Africans have little, or none. I, English and Irish. That means I lieved in Jesus fell in love with how we all live, and thats how berries and start telling a story
human genome, and they can apparently, have a lot. no longer have to eat lutefisk, a raider Viking who believed in DNA mingles. A man and a on the rocky wall there. A story
look at your DNA and tell you which is nice. It also means my Thor and Odin. They spoke dif- woman joined together to pro- about the many kinds of people,
Up until now, I always chose
all kinds of things. to focus on my Norse heritage. ancestors were the ones being ferent languages, wore different duce offspring, and in addition who have so few things in com-
Some, when you learn them, Those Vikings seemed like my raided by Vikings, not the ones clothes, and yet somehow they to having different gods, differ- mon yet cant keep their hands
seem very much like medical cool ancestors. With bone beads doing the raiding. It means most settled down together, living, ent languages, and different off one another. When it was
diagnoses. Others, like the fact dangling in their beards as they of my ancestors werent stand- laughing, eating and drinking bone structures, they probably done, I would look at it and re-
that I have an inordinately large stood in the prow of a dragon- ing in the prow of a boat, crash- under the same roof. He would werent even the same species. alize it was a love story. Then I
amount of Neanderthal DNA, led longboat, hands clutching ing through stormy seas, with kneel down in a Christian Yet once again, being together, would grunt, smile, and lumber
dont feel too substantively dif- heavy axes, crashing, falling blood dripping from their teeth. church, and she would look on being loved and sharing shelter, off to search for food.
ferent from those your mama and rising on their way through No, most of my ancestors were and think, Oh, so this is where food, stories and DNA, was far
jokes I once endured from other a salty ocean mist, as they em- harvesting wheat in their little you go to take refuge from more important than their many
children. barked on conquest and adven- villages, praying the furious death and oblivion. He would stark differences. They only had Matt Geiger is the winner of
If you want to know how ture. They filed their teeth to men of the North would not see her clutching a figure of a few things in common, but numerous journalism awards
many Neanderthal genes I have, little, bloody stumps, a painful cleave them in twain and take Freya on her sleigh pulled by one of them was the capacity to and a finalist in the 2017
the answer is probably more process that drastically short- all seven of their earthly posses- cats, and think the same thing. love, and that mattered more Next Generation Indie Book
than you. More than 84 per- ened their lives, for no other sions. In the blink of an eye, mortal than everything else. Awards. His debut book, The
cent of the people tested actu- reason than to terrify their ene- Then, at some point, their enemies became friends. Their While all this Neanderthal Geiger Counter: Raised by
ally, and the sample size was mies with the knowledge that vastly different cultures came children became adventurers DNA does make me wonder Wolves & Other Stories was
enormous. I have 302 genetic they were willing to drastically together. Some invaders stayed and emigrants, and they en- why Im allowed to vote, it adds published by HenschelHaus in
variants that can be traced back shorten their lives for no good and settled and farmed. People countered other, equally foreign an almost infinite prologue to 2016. He is a contributor to
directly to those cave dwellers. reason. people who had been sworn gods and people. How else do my story. And stories, even Wisconsin Public Radio and the
We troglodytes are notoriously If Im willing to do this to enemies - loved each other, and you explain the smattering of more than flesh and blood, are winner of exactly one axe-
bad with numbers, but even I myself, just imagine what Ill they had children together. Native American/East Asian what we are all made of. throwing competition.
know thats a lot. do to you, those bloody teeth Today, for all our fancy, and Ashkenazi Jewish DNA in I like the story. Its exciting,
To me, the news came as told their foes. genome-cracking scientists and my saliva? surprising and terrifying with
something of a surprise. Per- My DNA unlocked even splashes of beauty and splendor


Being honest about joy and sorrow


by BARTLETT DURAND lowing where life takings him, but only tell us the story could not see anything if all you enough contact to know he is on, not to judge us, but to accept
letting the flow of his travels when the ending is good. We saw was bright white light. The still a part of this world. Being our periods of sadness, our
Guest Column
and interests of his friends dic- frown upon whining, upon ex- same for if all were dark you around someone grieving is a struggles, or acknowledgment
tate what he experiences. cuses, upon dark moods. can see NOTHING in a cave of difficult experience, but it also that we are all working through
We hosted But if you look at his Face- One of the symbols of Tao- true dark. Shadows, colors, has been a deeply moving for our own BS. We rely on each
a dear friend book posts, you would think he ism is the yin/yang circle popu- graduations and shadings are us. It reminded us of how last- other to be present, in witness to
recently. He was living the high life. In those larized, at least for me, in 1970s essential to experience any- ing a deep love can be, how the constant struggle to make it
is sad and pictures, he is a bright, smiling rock album covers. Youve seen thing. much we mean to each other in through this world.
depressed. character surrounded by his it: it is the circle made up of two It is my belief that too much this life, and how vital it is to be Day by day, we all cycle
His wife friends. The comments on his equal but opposite teardrops, of our society, even or espe- present for each other, in good through variations of the
died in Feb- page by his friends are of envy one black one white. In the cen- cially our medical profession- times and in bad. yin/yang energies, from opti-
ruary after a of his light-hearted travel, of ter of each shape is a smaller als, are trained to focus almost I look at social media with a mism to pessimism, through re-
year of how cool it is that he is taking circle of the opposite color. solely on the positive. How new eye these days. I try to look alism and back to full panic. We
searching for and trying any the time to visit the country, and There are a lot of esoteric mean- many drugs are prescribed or past the HAPPY HAPPY pic- have our moments of happiness,
possible cure for the cancer. She of how much FUN he must be ings to the symbol, but at its taken to avoid minor aches and tures of my friends, and look of passion, of excitement, and
was a bundle of sunshine, a having. base is the concept that life is a pains? How many to treat the into their faces to see what pain of anger, frustration, and apathy.
yoga instructor and healer who This struck me most balance of light and dark, of op- blues or depressions or feel- they may be masking, to listen For me, for now, I can only state
brought love and light into poignantly when I heard a story posite energies (not necessarily ing low. We even self-med- to their comments to see if there with certainty: at least Im on
every situation. Her loss hurt us about a college scholar and ath- good and bad). The two are icate to spin up quickly in the is trouble in their lives. And Im the green side of the grass.
all, but most especially it left a lete who committed suicide. No in a dynamic dance, with one morning, to pump up for the trying to be more real in my
huge void in my friends life. one knew of her struggles be- flowing into the other, and even evening party, or to mask the own social media posts. Im Bartlett Durand, a Middleton
After the memorial service cause all her social media posts in the places where the shapes stress of the day. It seems nor- willing to let people know that resident, gained renown as
and dealing with the logistics of were FUN! staged to show are most dramatically light or mal for us to run away from any yes, this can be a scary world. The Zen Butcher at Black
a death, our friend decided to the person she was pretending dark, the essence of the other negative feeling and try to Life is not a constant, it lacks Earth Meats. He is now the
travel the US to see as many to me. And it masked her pain emerges (the smaller circle achieve happiness at all security. There are ups and business manager for The Con-
friends as he can. He knows he and despair, further dividing her housed in the midst of its oppo- times. Not happy seems al- downs. Only at the end can you scious Carnivore, an attorney
is depressed, and he acknowl- public image from her experi- site color). most like a disease to be treated. know how it turned out. (Well, with Sweet DeMarb LLC, and a
edges he is tired and has very enced reality. The necessity of this balance It has been hard to be around I have a suspicion it all ends the business consultant through
low energy. He dives into Our society wants to hear was once explained to me this my friend. We love him dearly same for us all. But thats an- Local Choice Marketing.
movies and binge watches TV about the triumphs. We want the way: if all were light, how and have done our best to give other story). In the meantime,
shows. He coasts along, just fol- underdog who struggles to win would you know? You literally him both space to be sad and we only have each other to rely
The Truth About Bullying: Numbers are dropping but not enough

by DR. PETER KAROFSKY one still facing harassment. bullied. Bullies come in all acts like snickering, eye-rolling, It is important to teach par- vacy and is more effective than
As a pediatrician, Ive lost sizes. The largest are no more and whispering in front of an- ents as well as children about arguing online. Finally, if bully-
Guest Column
count of the cases I saw in both prone to pick on others than the other person are often preludes bullying. Experts, whether edu- ing occursenough to disrupt a
roles- the child who bullies and smallest. The exceptions are to more offensive conduct. An- cators, medical personnel, psy- childs lifeparents should
As Wis-
the one who is singled out. In a overweight children, who are other gateway behavior is chologists, or social workers seek counseling with a family
way, classrooms are not unlike more likely than appropriate- cyber-bullying, where mali- should be brought in for parent- therapist.
fish tanks. The dominant fish weight kids to be victims and cious comments and informa- teacher conferences. Informa- The bottom line is that bully-
head back to
will chase the submissive ones. perpetrators of bullying. tion about someone ends up tion is as essential as interactive ing has dropped in the last
school, it is
Its the same way with children. While bullies tend to have a online. question and answer sessions. decade and that is good
safe to as-
The more servile child can also high social standing among Role of schools. Within Role of parents. Parents must news. However, the long-term
sume many
become more aggressive if they classmates, both bullies and schools, teachers, nurses, coun- learn about bullying and talk to outlook for perpetrators and
parents, with
perceive another youngster as those bullied are more likely to selors, and administrative staff their children about it. Since victims portends serious conse-
good reason,
weaker. Just like fish, a bullied be ostracized socially by peers. must discuss bullying with stu- bullying is linked to obesity and quences. Therefore, it is essen-
still worry about bullying.
child in one situation may be The incidence of depression and dents at frequent and scheduled other disabilities, it is important tial that parents and schools
Seven years ago, the United
the bully in another. loneliness is higher among bul- intervals. They also need to parents insist their children eat work together to stop bullying
States Department of Education
To make matters worse, lies, and they are more likely to make themselves readily avail- nutritiously, receive good med- among children.
actively began programs to
when life situations are already be involved in criminal behav- able to receive students who ical care, and counseling.
combat school bullying. On the
difficult bullying often esca- iors when they are older. bully or have been bullied. Parental guidance about Dr. Peter Karofsky, a local
surface, the programs are work-
lates. Children who come from Children who are bullied are If they are informed of an proper online rules can also stop pediatrician, was in practice
ing. In 2005, as many as 32 per-
low-income families, have dis- also prone to depression. They episode, the staff needs to in- abuse. Teaching children it is in- for 43 years. His first novel,
cent of 12-18 year olds reported
abilities, live with one parent, are also less likely to succeed in clude the parents of every child appropriate to send photos, And the Oaks Heard Them
being bullied at school. By
are overweight, or have atten- school and more likely to de- involved. In addition, when an texts, tweets, or other online All, which deals partially
2013, it was down to around 22
tion deficit hyperactivity disor- velop drug addiction. event occurs at school, regular messages to resolve arguments with bullying, is available
percent. Good news if your
der (ADHD) become easy Preludes to bullying. Several programs should be interrupted will save unnecessary distress.
child is in the safer group. Not-
targets for bullies. gateway behaviors may lead to rehash the encounter as rap- Settling disputes in person or
so-good-news if you child is
Profile of bullies and those to overt bullying. Discourteous idly as possible. by telephone assures more pri-


Do what
is best for
roads. Evidence is accumulat- for reimbursing the costs to out of his projects in order to exercise in consistency. Mr. comes to government TIF [Tax
ing that there is a direct relation- homeowners of flood damage. live very well. So be a good Wall, in my opinion, sees less Increment Financing] funds, I
ship between green space and a As for roads, if you build de- Madisonian, Middletonian, and government as the only solution believe Mr. Wall has repeatedly

decline in crime. Google velopments, roads will come Dane County citizen: Do what to any public policy. benefited from that aspect of
green space and crime for exacerbating both of the above is best for your community. I disagree and believe that more government.
study after study: You can start problems. government tries to balance That bit of inconsistency
at Now, those damned regula- Susan Fiore, ObJN competing forces in moving makes his most recent com-

Mature trees play a key role tions: Lets call them what they Middleton forward. Developers should ments appear to me to be, off
in air quality; again Google ef- are: precaution, prevention, and have requirements to meet or the wall.

was off
Developer Terrence Wall is fects of trees on air quality for protection. Regulations almost we likely would have fewer, if
concerned about the lack of af- plenty of research articles, and always are a response to some- any, of those dreaded open Jim Loving
fordable housing for poor peo- this is a good place to start: thing that has already created spaces, detention and roads Middleton

the wall
ple in Madison and Dane trouble we humans are not Mr. Wall identifies as causes for
County. He describes the prob- These are only two of the particularly inclined to rein in little land available for actual
lems as requirements for green ways that green space is critical something that hasnt yet development...
space, water detention, and for healthy living. caused any harm. Curiously though, when it
roads, and that favorite scape- Water detention, especially in None of this is to deny that
goat of multimillionaire busi- low-lying areas, prevents the Mr. Wall has worked well with To the editor,
nesspeople, damned flooding that occurs when high the City of Madison. It is to say
regulations. density development provides that Mr. Wall has been so phe- Reading the latest Terrence BREUNIG CONSTRUCTION

Tenant Resource Center resumes

So lets start with green insufficient soil surface for rain nomenally successful as a real Wall column in the August 17th All Flatwork
space, water detention, and water to soak into earth. Devel- estate developer that he doesnt edition was, if nothing else, an
Floating Slabs
opers are seldom responsible need to squeeze every nickel
Basements Sidewalks

services for Middleton residents

Garages Patios
Driveways & Removal
Residential & Commercial
Concrete Removal
Colored & Stamped Concrete
On July 1, 2017, the Tenant during Small Claims Court lationships between tenants and FOR FORMS, SAMPLE
Resource Center resumed hous- eviction hearings. These agree- landlords throughout Wiscon- LETTERS, AND MORE
ing counseling services for ments are often payment plans sin. The Tenant Resource Cen- INFORMATION:
Well & Pump Service

communities in Dane County that allow the tenant to remain ter provides information and
Water Filters
outside of Madison, ending a in the apartment or move-out referrals, education about rental Website: www.tenantre-
Plumbing Service
service gap created by 2015 dates that give tenants time to rights and responsibilities and
county budget cuts. Thanks to arrange a new home. If the access to conflict resolution, Phone: (608) 257-0006
Water Softeners

additional funding, the tenant terms of the agreement are met, empowering the community to Walk-in Counseling:
New Construction
rights institution has added the tenant will not have an evic- obtain and maintain quality af- (MAIN OFFICE) 1202
staff, increased their call capac- tion on his or her court record. fordable housing. Williamson Street Ste. 102

ity, and are now able to help all Mediated agreements have the (Mon Fri, 9 6)
Tankless Water Heaters
of Wisconsin. same enforceability as those
Water Heaters
Services restored to all of written by the court commis-

Dane County include: sioner.

1620 Park Street Cross Plains 608.798.2121

Housing counseling. The Education and outreach.

Cross Plains American Legion Recycling is open for
Tenant Resource Center gives The Tenant Resource Center
Eliminates high
freeinformation on rental rights provides outreach and educa-
business, new address for drop off of metals.
heating bills.
and responsibilities to tenants tion through local
2217 American Legion Drive located at the back of

and landlords statewide includ- workshops and seminars. The

Legion Shed there is a new vinyl fence installed, please
ing all of Dane County. Anyone organizations experienced pre-
Up to
$ place metal inside fence.

interested in counseling senters give informative talks

Instant Rebate

cancall, email or visitthe of- around Wisconsin, are available

The Classic Edge is the perfect combination Help The Environment And The
fice. The Tenant Resource Cen- for media interviews and partic-
of performance and value
Handicapped Recycle For A Good Cause
ter has sample letters, forms, ipate in community coali-
and brochures on most major tions. The Tenant Resource
Easy to operate and easy to maintain Donate iron, aluminum cans, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, misc.

topics and provides services in Centeralso provides brochures

EPA-Certified, clean-burning metals, bikes, lawn mowers, car, car parts, pots, pans, skillets, plumbing
Stainless models available, ask about

Spanish and Hmong. and teaches a biannualHousing

our Titanium Series If you have metal to pick up, please call 608-438-2987 or

Law Seminar series for land-

608-798-2352. Please leave a message if no answer.

Mediation.The Tenant Re- lords and service providers.

County Line Burners,
Dealership NameLLC

source Center administers a

Address, City, State
Blue Mounds, WI Collecting Year-round

program where certified media- The Tenant Resource Center

Call Dan / Website
at 608-206-5220 Monies are used for programs and projects mainly our rehab program.

tors facilitate negotiations be- is a nonprofit organization ded-

Outdoor Wood Furnace

tween tenants and landlords icated to promoting positive re-

*Instant rebate of $1,700 off of select in-stock Central Boiler
outdoor furnace models, available at participating dealers Kerl-Endres-Brannon American Legion Post 245
only. Savings shown is on an Classic Edge 750 Titanium Series.
See dealer for details. Serving the Cross Plains/Middleton Community Areas

Parade of Homes could come to town

Massive turnout for Sunflower Days at Pope Farm
by KEVIN MURPHY vision is a good choice as it of- mid-June. cording to Mel Pope, who to the overflow lot adjacent to Sept. 10 will use a part of S.
fers plenty of potential parking Construction at Welcome chairs the Friends of Pope Farm the towns salt storage shed. Timber Lane to Midtown Road
at the golf course, a dead end Home would begin this fall Conservancy. Adding in those The paths width will be dou- as part of a race course. The
street for visitors stroll between whether or not its chosen as a who viewed the nine acres of bled to 10 feet and drainage im- roads will not be closed to vehi-
A recently approved subdivi- homes and easy access to Madi- Parade sight, Kahn said. sunflowers in the days before provements will be added. cle traffic.
sion in the Town of Middleton son, said Ron Klaas, a project The town has not been a the event pushed the estimated Construction should be com- Town staff has received com-
is in the running as a Parade of engineer with DOnofrio, Kot- POH site since 1990 or 1991, total to 100,000. Last years at- pleted by Nov. 10. plaints about the lack of marked
Homes site next year. tke & Associates, Inc. said Town Administrator David tendance was an estimated -Voted 2-1, with Gary Whit- traffic lines on recently re-
The 14-lot tract just west of Welcome Home becomes a Shaw, when Noll Valley was se- 84,000. The flowers were still ney dissenting, to appoint Lisa sealed portions of Airport Road.
Tumbledown Trails Golf parade site if five builders lected. blooming beautifully earlier this Pardon to the Plan Commission. Staff has referred those com-
Course along Mineral Point agreed to construct homes there, week. Luke Atterbury and Patrick plaints to the Dane County
Road is one of several locations said Klaas. Sunflower Days: Whiting were the other finalists Highway Department who re-
under consideration by the A decision is expected by The 10th annual Sunflower to fill the vacancy. Board Super- coated the road about three
Madison Builders Association, mid-September. Home con- Days at Pope Farm Conser- In other action the board: visor Paul Connell abstained weeks ago but has delayed re-
Samina Kahn, co-developer of struction would begin this fall vancy may have been the best -Awarded a $102,839 bid from voting and Supervisor painting the traffic lines due to
Welcome Home subdivision, and the Parade of Homes is typ- attended to date. from S&L Underground to re- Brent Renteria was absent. rain and risk of rain, said Sara
said Monday night. ically held during a three-week- An estimated 91,698 at- construct a walking in Pioneer The Ironman Wisconsin


The Welcome Home Subdi- Ludtke, town deputy clerk.
end span beginning in tended from August 12-20, ac- Park from the lower parking lot triathlon scheduled for Sunday,

Board moves forward with a range of goals

by LESLIE AFEAWO quality education and graduate teachers shall be updated regu- the Gallup Student Survey, in- their thoughts on their chil- changing demographics of the
Times-Tribune as responsible citizens of our larly on the tests and standards crease levels of student partici- drens progress and gather sug- district.
community and the world. district uses to measure student pation in clubs, activities and gestions. The district explained that the
The Middleton-Cross Plains The MCPASD recommitted achievement in order to pro- athletics, and ensure increased In order to provide a comfort- goals depend on cooperation
Area School Board has ap- to their responsibility to en- mote good results, as well as participation in at least one col- able and safe learning space for from all members of the com-
proved a resolution to imple- hance student achievement so challenge the students under lege-level course by students in all students, the board plans to munity, from the School Board,
ment a series of goals detailed that all students graduate career- their supervision. all demographic groups. ensure that the district has the Superintendent, district and
by the school district, the super- , college- and/or service-ready. In addition to increasing stu- The board reiterated the im- facilities and resources to meet local businesses. Cooperation
intendent and the school board The district plans to increase the dent progress, the goals detailed portance of community involve- expected district growth and from the whole community en-
for the 2017-2018 school year. student bodies academic profi- plans to maintain a quality of ment in the success and change. The district plans to ap- sures growth as a whole and
The board detailed steps to ciency by monitoring progress education that ensures their well day-to-day progress of the dis- point and support facility plan- produces well rounded, aca-
enhance student engagement on state exams, paying special being well after graduation. The trict. The district plans to pro- ning committee to address demically sound individuals

and wellbeing, all the while en- attention to all demographic board plans to monitor levels of vide district gather meaningful enrollment growth and keep the that go on to improve the com-
suring that all students receive a groups. Board members and engagement and hope through feedback from families to gauge community updated on the munity and the world.

Big wins at the Badger State Dahlia Annual Show

Dave Kollasch, a new mem- dahlia show Saturday August 19 gladiola spikes of varieties he arrangement designed by his hybridizing gladiolus for 50 at 3911 Pioneer Road in the
ber of this local Badger State and received two awards. had hybridized and introduced wife Jean, made from colorful years in the Madison area. The Town of Middleton and have a
Dahlia Society, entered his first The following day, Dave in gladiolus bulb catalogs for glad tips. couple have entered their glads self-serve glad market from an
dahlias into competition at a brought multiple miniature display. He also brought an Dave has been growing and at the annual Wisconsin Gladi- EZ up tent in their front yard.
olus Society shows in Marathon Their glads are in full bloom
county for years. This year now through mid September.
Jeans design of Culinary Tra- Jean regularly gives fun tours of
dition depicting popping pop- their glad garden and shares
corn using white glad tips won glad tips. They hear many
the Champion Artistic Design at childhood glad stories from cus-
the Marathon County Fair Au- tomers about family members
gust 5 while Dave received who once grew lots of gladio-
awards for his hybridized glad- lus. A trip to this field of flowers
iolus varieties that include a sin- is well worth the journey.
gle seedling spike yet to be
named, a 3-spike of Squire in- Dave and Jean are
troduced in 2017 and for a sin- activemembers of the Wiscon-
gle spike of Bling introduced in sin Gladiolus Society and of the
2017. North American Gladiolus
The couple grow their glads Council.


2313 Parmenter Street

1113 Main St., Cross Plains
798-3371 1-888-210-6418 Middleton 608-827-9681
City prepares for the worst

by CAMERON BREN 100-year-storms that now seem

to be happening every other
Foulke explained that all
Middleton Police Chief
emergency management staff
Chuck Foulke presented the lat-
use the National Emergency
est updates from the citys
Management System, which
emergency preparedness com-
was standardized following
mission at the latest common
council meeting.
Foulke explained that the Its used for planned events,
commission exists by ordinance natural disasters, large scale
and includes the mayor, council criminal acts or acts of terrorism
president, the fire, EMS and and its based upon the incident
public works directors and command system, Foulke said.
Foulke serves as the commis- We use unified command
sion director. where any agency or group or
Foulke said all emergency department that could be in-
services staff participate in a volved in a situation work
major practice event once a closely together and know how
year, at least. He went over a to in that type of situation.
routine a couple years ago, There are hard copies of the Middleton Chief of Police Chuck Foulke, seen here speaking to the mayor and city council last week. I would respectfully say,
Times-Tribune photo by Cameron Bren

which simulated a school bus plan in case of power loss. during an emergency, stay out of our way, Foulke said. We know what we are doing and we are going to be really busy.
accident. He said it was a good Foulke informed the city
chance to work with the school council about the emergency
during an emergency, stay out
district and practice how com- operation center located below
of our way, Foulke said. We
munications would be handled the police department. He said
know what we are doing and we
with students families. it has a generator, uninterrupt-
are going to be really busy.
Foulke also reviewed a mock ible power supply, cell signal
Foulke noted that city admin-
press conference held in re- booster and resources and facil-
istrator Mike Davis is the per-
sponse to a school shooting. He ities for temporary living.
son of contact to disseminate
said having a prepared response The best thing elected offi-
information to city officials and
for the community is an impor- cials can do is take some emer-
the public in an emergency sit-
tant part of emergency pre- gency preparedness classes
uation. He said it is important
paredness. online or talk to Foulke to un-
that there be a designated per-
Last summer, city staff held a derstand terms and aspects of BUT GET A
son and that a response be
full-scale active shooter training the plan, he said.
prompt when it is needed.
at Middleton High School. I would respectfully say,
Foulke said a new coordination
technique was introduced,
which involves determining
what are hot and warm zones
and how to move people ac-
It was a great way to prac-
tice this new system and with If only exercise worked like a
our school folks, Foulke said.
Published every Thursday by News Publishing Company

This year the commission is

P.O. Box 286, Black Earth, WI 53515

working with Dane County and

Phone: (608) 767-3655 Fax: (608) 767-2222

Wisconsin Emergency Manage-

ment on a full scale exercise for
May 2018 called dark sky.
Visit our website at:
Classified Advertising, Subscriptions or General Inquiries: MONEY MARKET
The exercise will focus on how
Call (608) 767-3655 or email:

the city can operate without

Subscription Rates: One year, $44; two years, $86;

Out-of-state, one year, $59; two years, $114.

In a roundtable discussion
held already Foulke said he re-
alized Middleton could only go
a couple days without power
before running into serious is-
Publishers: Daniel R. Witte, Mark D. Witte
Editor: Matt Geiger
Sports Editor: Rob Reischel
Intro Rate until
First year APY2
sues. The exercise will plan for
262-719-9066 March 31, 20181
three weeks without power.
Balances of $10,000 or more

Foulke said the commission

Advertising Sales Staff: Balances of $10,000 or more

has also been updating the

Brian Palzkill

emergency mitigation to ac-


count for climate change and

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Taking advantage of life on the lake


On a late Sunday afternoon in

August, Middleton resident
Alex Moreno courageously em-
barked on a new venture at
Marshall Boats in Marshall
Park taking his family out on
Lake Mendota for a treat: a two-
hour pontoon boat ride.
Had he ever driven a boat be-
Nope! said Moreno with a
grin. But the weather is getting
better and better and the sun is
starting to peek, so were
Marshall Boats Assistant
Manager Bruce MacQuaid
noted that pontoon customers
have ranged from pontoon boat
owners to novices like Moreno,
during the 2017 inaugural sea-
son. Many renters of pontoons,
SUP (stand-up paddleboards),
canoes and kayaks have hailed
from Middleton, since the
Madison park abuts Middle-
tons shoreline.
Middleton has been great!
People have responded really Assistant Manager Bruce MacQuaid overseas the Moreno familys first pontoon boat launch at Marshall Boats.
Times-Tribune photo by Katherine Perreth

well, MacQuaid said.

Despite the stormy summer,
hes pleased with the steady often taken out despite a bit of tingham and Marshall, although experience in the marine service the lake and avoiding water- for SUP, canoe and kayak rental
stream of customers during the wind elsewhere. the latter is the only location to industry, on the coast of Maine, craft. through Labor Day weekend.
weekdays and the busier week- In addition, because pontoon offer pontoons. he said. Besides training would- After reassurance that cell Pontoon rental will run into Oc-
ends. The pontoon boats make a boats seat up to 12, people who MacQuaid mentioned that be pontoon drivers, he overseas phone reception included the tober.
difference, too. Its a very may usually eschew getting on initially there were some con- day-to-day operations at Mar- middle of Lake Mendota, We get some lovely fall
weather-dependent business, the water now can do so. cerns about a boat rental opera- shall Boats, is responsible for Moreno weighed his option to days, so itll be great for leaf
MacQuaid explained. With the Pontoon allows us to get tion on the Marshall Park beach boat maintenance, gives point- report in and keep the boat peeping, MacQuaid said.
small boats, especially, whereas people in wheelchairs, large and so near the harbor, but that ers to customers, and launches longer. Maybe well dock at (Thats Maine-speak for view-
the pontoons can go out when it groups, families, Leeper said. those have been quelled. the small boats. the (Memorial) Union, he ing autumn colors.) Just dress
may not be suitable for SUP. We feel its a great fit for being Were very respectful of the Moreno, his wife, Katie and mused aloud, cocking his head. warm and come for the great
Tyler Leeper, Madison Boats able to provide access to the beach, the space here, and other their children, Felix, age 3, and If Im actually able to do it! views of foliage from the lake!
owner, and operator of Marshall lake and connection to each boaters. We tell our customers Gabe, age 1, were accompanied Marshall Boats will be open
Boats, concurred. Weve had a other. to stay out of the channel head- on their adventure by Morenos
challenging summer, weather- Marshall Boats partnered ing into the harbor, he said. parents, Vicky and Alejandro,
wise, however, its been really with Fishing Without Bound- 99% of the neighbors are very and sister, Gaby, visiting from
exciting, he said. Every per- aries this summer, enabling supportive and glad were here. Mexico.
son thats come down has been people with disabilities to get Its been mutually beneficial, as Before launching the craft,
so excited the beach house has out on the water, Leeper said. weve transformed the park. MacQuaid gave the seriously
been reactivated. Leeper also Its what we need to be doing, Thats typical of what weve attentive Moreno an overview
noted that because this section he concluded. done at Wingra and Britting- of boat safety, steering, gear-
of Lake Mendotas shoreline is Leeper operates all three boat ham, as well. shifting, docking, and the rules
Family owned and operated Fully Insured and Licensed
protected, the small boats are rental locations at Wingra, Brit- MacQuaid has 35 years of and regulations on navigating
New Construction Remodels Mold/Water Damage
Concrete Flat Work Roofing Interior/Exterior Painting
Lead Safe Renovator
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Middleton crushes Memorial


in opener

Tim Simon was nervous.

But for anyone that knows
Simon Middletons 14th
year football coach thats
simply par for the course.
Im always nervous on
gameday, Simon said. People
give me (nonsense) in the hall-
ways. But really everything
worries me.
Its a good thing Simon has
a football team plenty capable
of calming his nerves.
In Middletons season-
opener against Madison
Memorial last Friday, the
Cardinals dominated from start
to finish. Middleton built a
commanding 29-0 halftime
lead and rolled to a 36-7 win.
Senior running backs Dion
Huff and James Pabst both had
a pair of touchdown runs, sen-
ior quarterback Davis Roquet
was a model of consistency,
and the Cardinals defense was
Times-Tribune photo by Mary Langenfeld

largely impenetrable when the Middleton quarterback Davis Roquet (8) and the Cardinals rolled past Madison Memorial in their season-opener last Friday.
game was being decided.
We played together as one
the game and only eight first cal, Simon said. And thats believe it, too. So Im really come inside on a slant, but Memorials next series,
tonight, Middleton senior
downs. how we want to play. We want proud of them. when he couldnt get to the Frusciante applied heavy pres-
defensive back Cole Ragsdale
Middleton senior defensive to be known as a physical team. Middleton took control of spot, Tomans pass went right sure to Toman on a third-and-2
said. And it was awesome.
end Ryan Lewis was virtually And for five new offensive the game in the first six min- to Ragsdale. play. Toman got the ball off,
Middleton had been hit hard
unblockable and finished with linemen and four new defen- utes, when it intercepted two of Six plays later, Huff ham- but it went right to junior cor-
by injuries over the summer
three sacks, while senior line- sive linemen, Im very proud of the first three passes thrown by mered in from 4-yards out to nerback Kevin Meicher, who
and during the preseason, giv-
backer Jimmy Frusciante lived their effort. Memorial quarterback Michael give the Cardinals a 7-0 lead. returned it to the Spartans 21.
ing Simon even more reason to
in the Spartans backfield all I think what Im most Toman. He was throwing a slant After Roquet scrambled for
be anxious. But the Cardinals
night himself. proud of is we didnt feel sorry On the Cardinals first and I just waited on it and he 14 yards, Pabst barreled up the
showed their depth, flexed their
Offensively, Middletons for ourselves when it came to defensive snap of the year, overthrew it, Ragsdale said. gut for a 7-yard TD and a 14-0
muscles and quickly alleviated
revamped offensive line of all the injuries. Its a next man Ragsdale received an early It just came into my hands. I Cardinals lead.
any concerns their head coach
(from left) Clay Craker, Logan in mentality. And I know Christmas gift when Toman think it gave us some confi- I was just covering my
Thomas, Grant Manser, Gavin everybody says that and you threw a ball right to him. A dence. zone and he threw it right to
Middleton, with four new
Adler and Corey Parkinson did can say it, but youve got to Spartans receiver was trying to On the third play of
starters on the defensive line FOOTBALL, page 14
enough damage for Huff and
and nine new starters overall
Pabst to strut their stuff and for
on defense, seemingly plugged
Roquet to pick apart
in its new group of standouts.
Memorials secondary.
The Cardinals allowed just 47
I think we played physi-
yards in the first half, 149 for

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The champs
NE W 22017
Times-Tribune photos by Mary Langenfeld
Caroline Hippen (above) and Cora Mack (right) will be two of the leaders for Middletons girls M ALIBU
swimming team this season

are back
Jus nno
st An
Ann unced
nou ed Increase
nce Inc
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Girls swimmers gun for greatness again

+8*(',6&2817 Times-Tribune

by ROB REISCHEL can say that we have the major-

ity of our key players back
ing to capitalize on those this
season.I will also be looking to
+ 0% 60 M
0% UP N HS
some of them, stronger than her to lead by example and
Nearly 10 months after the ever. We certainly have our through her experience with
most memorable girls swim- work cut out for us. the young team we have.
ming season in Middleton his- Junior Cora Mack is one of Junior Hannah Aegerter had
tory came to a close, Lauren the Cardinals top returnees. a breakout sophomore season
Cabalka still gets goose bumps. Mack was a key member of in which she was part of
Cabalka, the Cardinals Middletons 200- and 400-yard Middletons two state champi-
head coach and a former stand- freestyle relay teams that both onship relay teams. Aegerter
won state championships. also finished second individu-
out in the program, guided
Mack also finished second ally in the 200-meter freestyle
Middleton to its first-ever
WIAA Division 1 state title last in the 100-yard freestyle and and was fourth in the 500-
November. was third in the 50-yard meter freestyle.
Now, even as Middleton freestyle. Hannah had a breakout
prepares to begin its new sea- Cora returns as our top season last year, Cabalka said.
son Friday at Sun Prairie at 5 sprinter, Cabalka said. She She gained a lot of confidence
p.m., the memories of 2016 stepped up huge last season last season and I am looking
arent far away. They provide and filled a major gap in our forward to watching her utilize
joy, laughter and a model for sprint freestyle events. that confidence from the very

how to become a champion. Senior Caroline Hippen was start this season.
also a key cog on Middletons If that group of returnees
/ap ov
w/approved ed GM
ved nan
GMF Fin cin

I dont think you can put a

season like that into words, state champion 200- and 400- wasnt enough, the Cardinals
Cabalka said. When I look yard freestyle relay teams. welcome in a deep and
Hippen was also sixth at state extremely gifted freshman
0 Pre-Owned

back, I think about how special

it really was and how incredi- in the 100 and 200-meter class.
bly difficult it is to remain freestyles. Freshman Ally Silvestri is
unbeaten in a conference like C.J. returns as an integral one of the states top breast-
ours as well as throughout the part of our lineup this season, strokers and figures to special-

state. Cabalka said.We will look for ize in the 100 breast and the
Our girls had a goal from C.J. to lead a young squad with 200 IM.
day one and never lost sight of her experience and maturity. I am already incredibly
Sophomore Gabriela impressed with her maturity

that goal.It was so fun to watch


them grow and improve, week Pierobon Mays had a memo- and the way she attacks each
Over 100

after week, and to see them rable freshman season in which practice, Cabalka said of
handle the pressure with such she won a state championship Silverstri. She arrives each
poise and class. It will certainly in the 100-meter butterfly and day with the purpose of
remain an unforgettable season was third in the 100-meter improving and takes advantage
and one we will work incredi- backstroke. Pierobon Mays of every opportunity to do so.
bly hard to match. anchored Middletons state She has a great attitude and
Heres the rub: the Cardinals champion 400-meter freestyle is highly coachable. She will
will have every chance to relay team and was on the run- fill gaps in our IM and will add
match last seasons success and ner-up 200-meter medley relay to our depth in breaststroke.
perhaps even win in more con- team. Freshman Bella Chirafisi
Hwy. 18-151 E., Mount Horeb
vincing fashion than they did a Gabby came to us last sea- should also make an immediate
year ago. son as one of the states top contribution in the 200
swimmers, Cabalka said.We freestyle and the 500 freestyle.
Call 608-554-2337 or text 608-519-4733
Middleton returns several of
its most talented simmers from knew what we were getting We lost a lot of our depth in
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that state championship team. with her in the water, but did distance free and Bella will fill
The Cardinals also welcome an not anticipate the maturity that an immediate spot there, BIRTHDAY BASH
extremely gifted, seven-person she would enter with as a fresh- Cabalka said.She has already
freshman class that should con- man. shown great potential as a Sept. 21, 22 & 23
tribute from day one. Gabby has incredible tal- member of our distance group
I cant say that we are a ents, in and out of the water, Back Road Cruisers
favorite, Cabalka said. I and she will certainly be look-
SWIMMING, page 16
* Car Show * Parade * GM V
Girls spikers
thinking big

Middletons coach says,

We are the team to beat
by ROB REISCHEL said. The mindset is that of
continuous growth and
Franco Marcos wasnt shy. Junior outside hitter Lily
He rarely is. Welti is the Cardinals top
But Middleton girls volley- player. A year ago, Welti was
ball coach feels better about named first-team all-Big
the 2017 Cardinals than he has Eight Conference and honor-
about a team in quite some able mention all state.
time. And he doesnt care who Welti had 459 of Middletons
knows it. 1,011 team kills (45.4%), was
So when Marcos was dis- second on the team in digs
cussing the upcoming season, (500), assists (503) and aces
he didnt hide from expecta- (61).
tions. Instead, he simply Junior middle blocker
raised them. Hannah Flottmeyer led
We are the team to beat, Middleton in blocks last year
Marcos said when asked about (152) and was third in kills.
the Big Eight Conference. Senior Jennifer McGinnis
Middleton hasnt been the moves from outside hitter to
team to beat for a few years middle blocker. A year ago,
now. The Cardinals have been McGinnis was second on the
a solid, consistent program, team in kills (216), third in
but they also havent been to a digs, fourth in aces and had a
WIAA Division 1 state tour- .280 hitting percentage.
nament since 2009. Junior right side hitter
Marcos believes that Keller Frinzl played in just the
drought could come to an end front row last year. This sea-
this fall. son, Frinzl will take on a
Oh my God, has it been greater role.
that long? Marcos said of She has developed a
Middletons state tournament strong serve and is expected
drought.How time flies!It is to play all around this year,
very realistic and I know that Marcos said.
the girls are also hungry for Senior defensive special-
the trip to state. ist/libero Jordan Gundrum is
the Cardinals best server and
File photo
Why the optimism?
For starters, Middleton led the team with 63 aces. Lily Welti and Middletons girls volleyball team are expecting big things this season.
returns eight players from a We scored the most points


year ago. Five of those played when she is serving, Marcos
on offense, Marcos said of champion Sun Prairie will be
in at least 87% of the sets. said.
Underwood. She is a strong a force once again. Verona No. Name Pos. Ht. Year
The Cardinals also picked Senior setter Ashley Harris,
server, a good defender and should be greatly improved, 1 Lily Welti OH 5-8 11
up a pair of transfers that are junior libero/defensive spe-
could out-hustle anyone. while Janesville Craig is 2 Keller Frinzi RH 5-10 11
expected to become immedi- cialist Reagan Thomas and
Sophomore outside always a contender. 3 Jennifer McGinnis MB/OH 5-10 12
ate contributors. senior outside hitter Cami
hitter/setter Evie Coleman As for Middleton? 4 Ashley Harris S 5-6 12
Middleton might have its Spellman are returnees that
transferred from Fort We will be contending for 5 Reagan Thomas L/DS 5-5 11
most talented roster in years could all take on expanded
Atkinson and could be a key the Big Eight Championship, 6 Jordan Gundrum DS 5-8 12
and could be a force in the roles. 7 Olivia Farin DS 5-7 11
contributor right away. Marcos said. I really cant go
league and state-wide. Middleton should also ben- 8 Rachel Roberts S/DS 5-6 11
She is a very talented ath- any lower.
They understand that its efit from a pair of standout 9 Cami Spellman RH 6-0 12
lete that will help the team in No one would ever expect
going to take hard work and transfers. 10 Lauren Hendricks OH 5-10 11
many ways, Marcos said. him too.
some sacrifices, Marcos Senior setter Kayla 11 Evie Coleman OH/S 5-10 10
Junior defensive special- Now, the Cardinals will try
Underwood transferred from 12 Kayla Underwwod S/DS 5-6 12
ist/libero Olivia Farin, junior living up to those lofty expec-
Madison Memorial and 13 Taylor Byington MB 5-10 11
right side hitter Lauren tations.
should provide an immediate 18 Hannah Flottmeyer MB 5-11 11
Hendricks and junior setter
boost to the lineup. Head Coach: Franco Marcos
Rachel Roberts could all fac- Assistant Coaches: Michelle Smith, Laura McGinnis,
She is a crafty setter and
tor in, as well. Sydney Toon
gives us a variety of options
Defending conference

BRICK )36*2:;65,


is here ... time to



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Final Four

Middletons HTL team rolls by

Reedsburg, wins title in North
by ADAM HATLAN all, Hellenbrand said. When
For the Times-Tribune you get in the playoffs, you get
an ace that you can start riding.
The Middleton 29ers had We did it last week and we
one more hurdle to clear on went right back to him today.
Sunday if they wanted their He brought everything.
fantastic season to continue: Farrell has been on fire in
the hot-hitting Reedsburg the playoffs, appearing in all
Pirates. three games (two starts) and
Reedsburg, which features posting a sparkling 1.89 ERA.
six players in their every-week In 19 innings, Farrell has
lineup batting above .300, hit allowed 11 hits, struck out 11
.322 as a team this season. That and hasnt allowed a single
was sixth-best out of 44 Home walk in either of his starts.
Talent League teams. There are better odds if you
Unfortunately for get ahead (in the count),
Reedsburg, it had to face Farrell said. Luckily every
Middletons offense, which once in a while, when I would Times-Tribune
ranked No. 1 in the league. Oh, get down (in the count), I photos by Mary
and they had to face Drew would still make my pitch and Langenfeld

Farrell. get outs.

The pitching of
Middleton used a brilliant Reedsburg manager Tom
Drew Farrell
pitching performance from Gavin knew his Pirates ran into
(left) helped
Farrell, had some timely hitting a buzz saw on the mound in
M i d d l e t o n s
and tamed visiting Reedsburg, Farrell.
Home Talent
7-1, to capture the Northern Weve had success a little
League team
Sections championship for the bit against (Farrell) in the
(top) roll past
first time since 2013. past, Gavin said. Our guys
Reedsburg in
Middleton reserved a spot in were a little bit frustrated
the Northern
the HTL Final Four, which because they couldnt put the
Sections title
begins Sunday. The 29ers open bat on the ball. Hes as good as
game Sunday.
HTL play by traveling to he was all year today.
Montello for a 1 p.m. game. Brady Nehring started and
Stoughton and Dodgeville took the loss for Reedsburg,
also qualified for the Final going two innings while allow-
Four. The four teams all play ing seven hits and five earned
each other in a round robin runs.
tournament over the next three Nehring, who appeared in
six games for the Fond Du Lac Middleton got its timely hit- Middleton added its final young guys. We had a good Southeast champ Stoughton on
Dock Spiders of the ting started early, sending eight run in the fourth on a run-scor- year, Gavin said. Reedsburg Sept. 3, then finishes with a
Its been a battle to get
Northwoods League this past players to the plate in the first ing single by Farrell that plated has never gotten to the final home game against Western
back (to the final four),
season, had trouble locating his inning. Andrew Zimmerman, Hellenbrand and gave the 29ers four. Hopefully next year. champ Dodgeville on Sept. 10.
Middleton manager Brandon
pitches, allowing three walks. Brennan Schmitt and Alec a 7-0 lead. Middletons last appearance For Hellenbrand and the
Hellenbrand said. Every team
John Walsh pitched five Morrison all recorded RBI sin- Reedsburg scored its lone in the Final Four was 2013, 29ers, a championship is within
is going to be bringing their A-
innings and Shane Sosinsky gles in the inning, and Ross run of the game in the fifth, as which happens to be the last their grasp. He believes they
game. Ive got the most confi-
threw the final inning in relief Hellenbrand had a sacrifice fly Durrell Naquin came around to year they won it all. are a group that can get it done.
dence in my guys that theyll
for Reedsburg. to give Middleton a 4-0 advan- score on a Lucas Muchow RBI The 29ers must play two of We talked about having
be ready to go on Sunday.
All of (Brady Nehrings) tage after one inning. single to pull the Pirates within their three games on the road, goals set for the year. The first
Farrell shined on the mound
off-speed stuff was missing Brandon Scheidler, Josh 7-1. though, beginning with one was getting the one seed,
against Reedsburg, tossing a
high. Thats a dangerous loca- Hinson, Zimmerman, and Ross Hellenbrand went 3- Montello. The Granite Jaxx and the second one was to win
complete game five-hitter.
tion against Middleton, Gavin Schmitt all scored in the first for-4 with two RBI, while finished the regular season 14- the North, said a determined
Farrell threw 110 pitches (72
said. Brady just didnt have it for Middleton, which pounded Scheidler (3-for-5) and Farrell 4 and are currently riding a Hellenbrand. Our last goal is
strikes), allowed one run,
today. out four hits and went 3-for-4 (3-for-4) both had big offensive seven-game win streak. to go and win the whole thing.
struck out six and didnt walk a
Farrell was one of the offen- with runners in scoring posi- days, as well. Montello outscored its oppo- Weve got the team that can do
sive leaders for Middleton, tion in the inning. Reedsburg was seeking its nents, 130-62, during the regu- it.
Farrell was ahead of the
notching three hits and an RBI The second inning told a first-ever trip to the Final Four, lar season, hit .303 as a team
Pirate hitters most of the game,
in the game. Middleton pound- similar story, as Middleton sent but instead fell to 0-5 in league and has two players batting
throwing first-pitch strikes to
ed out 15 hits and capitalized seven batters to the plate. championship games. .388.
25 of the 34 batters he faced.
with runners on, tallying seven Hinson recorded an RBI single Weve got a good group of Middleton then heads to
He also retired 13 of the final
hits with runners in scoring and Hellenbrand tacked on his
15 batters he faced, including a
position. second RBI of the game with a
stretch of 11 in a row.
We were able to get a lead single to give Middleton a 6-0
I really wasnt going for
early and we just kept it lead after two.
the strikeout pitch very often,
going, Hellenbrand said. Hinson and Scheidler each
Farrell said of his strategy on
Guys were doing a great job scored in the second, as
the mound. I knew if I could
of moving runners. We got Middleton had three hits, was
locate my cut-fastball and slid-
2-of-4 with runners in scoring
Remember to
er on the outside of the plate, some timely hitting today. I
cant say enough about our position and chased Nehring
we could get a lot of ground
guys. from the game.
balls and a lot of pop-flies. And The Middleton Times-Tribune
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care in proof-reading ad copy,
Hellenbrand had nothing but an error may still occur on
but praise for his pitcher after occasion. We ask that you check
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out there today and gave it his TIME! please contact your sales rep,
Brian Palzkill at 608-235-8925 or
Have your furnace Karin Henning at 608-358-7958
to have the ad corrected.
checked before The Middleton Times-Tribune
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the cost of the advertisement
the COLD hits
placed, nor for more than one
weeks incorrect insertion.
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Residential & Commercial
Golfers keep
on rolling

by ROB REISCHEL with a trophy is always fun for

the girls. I was definitely proud
of the girls and where we fin-
ished among some of the top
There was uncertainty, teams in the state.
unknowns and unpredictability. Middleton shot a 345 last
Those days are over. Thursday and defeated
Today, Middletons girls Madison Memorial and
golf team has answered any Madison La Follette in a trian-
and all questions that surround- gular held at Pleasant View
ed it when the year began. Golf Course. Both the Spartans
Middleton went to the and Lancers could not field a
Brookfield Central-Homestead full team.
Classic last week and finished Hodson led the Cardinals
third at the star-studded, 19- with a 77, while Peterson shot
team event. an 84. Meier carded an 85 and
The Cardinals then won a Richards shot a 99.
pair of Big Eight Conference Unfortunately, neither
triangulars and began the year (Memorial or La Follette) had a
4-0 in the league. varsity team, so it was tough
Id say the girls have met for the girls to really focus on it
and exceeded our expectations being a match, Halverson
for the start of the season, said.It was not their best day,
Middleton coach Becky thats for sure. But they all
Halverson said. learned some things that they
Defending state champion need to work on.
Hartland Arrowhead won the Middleton then notched a
BC-H Classic with a 625. huge win Monday at the
Brookfield Central was second Madison East Triangular held
at 646, while Middleton (656), at Monona Golf Course. The
Homestead (660) and Kettle Cardinals shot a 167 and edged
Moraine (661) rounded out the Verona (171) by four shots,
top five. while the host Purgolders
Middleton shot a 320 on the couldnt field a full team.
first day of the tournament Hodson led the Cardinals
played at Mee-Kwon in with a 39, while Meier and
Mequon. That was good for Peterson both shot 42s.
second place, just four shots Makenzie Hodson, playing in
back of Arrowhead. the No. 5 hole, shot a 44.
The Cardinals slipped back I am really happy for Mak
a bit on the second day, but still and how she is coming along
had a memorable tournament. for the team, Halverson said.
Middletons Payton Hodson The win kept the Cardinals
finished third individually with unbeaten in the league and
a 146 (72-74), four shots back could go a long way towards
of Arrowheads Emily MHS capturing a conference
Lauterbach and Kettle dual meet title later this season.
Moraines Abby Cavaianni. The girls know they have
The Cardinals also counted a some work ahead of them to
161 from Kate Meier (79-82), a compete into October, but they
168 from Grace Peterson (80- are willing to put in the time,
88) and a 181 from Allison Halverson said. Were still
Richards (89-92). playing around with our lineup
Four of the seven girls that a bit and will continue to as
we brought to Mee-Kwon had much as we need to get to
their personal bests, where we want to be in the
Times-Tribune photo by Mary Langenfeld

Halverson said.Coming home end. Allison Richards (top) and Grace Peterson (above) have helped Middletons girls golf team jump to a fast start this season.


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continued from page 9

me, Meicher said. I think were huge. Jackson for a safety and a 23-0 nine-play, 71-yard touchdown year and rarely went down on Friday when it travels to
that set the tone at the begin- Those big plays kept com- MHS lead. drive to begin the second half. first or second contact, defending Big Eight co-cham-
ning of the game. We knew ing, too. Then on the Cardinals final After that, the Spartans man- had 13 carries for 76 yards pion Sun Prairie at 7 p.m. Sun
they were a good team, but that Early in the second quarter, drive of the first half, they put aged just 31 yards on their final (5.0). And the speedy Pabst Prairie routed Madison East,
really set the tone for the rest of Cardinals junior safety Devon together a seven-play, 75-yard four possessions. averaged 4.8 yards on his eight 56-0, in its season-opener, and
the game. Jackson blocked a punt by scoring drive capped by a 17- I think were set for the carries and scored twice. with 15 returning starters, is the
Simon and the Cardinals Memorials Mateo Mora and yard pop pass for a score from season on defense, Meicher The O-line did great, Huff conference favorites again.
often talk about difference Middleton took over at the Roquet to senior tight end Cole said. Were really good. said. They made sure we had They have so many starters
making plays. Just six minutes Spartans 3. Two plays later, Parrell. The drive also included I think we all trust each good open holes and I just ran back, Simon said of Sun
into the season, they already Pabst followed Parkinson to a gorgeous 64-yard pass from other on defense. We know through them and followed Prairie. Theyve been picked
had two. the endzone for a 3-yard TD Roquet to Ragsdale. where each other is, we know them. to be at the top of the confer-
We tell our kids there are and a 21-0 Middleton lead. I would say we were effi- our responsibilities. I think me and James can ence and Id say thats fair.
often six or seven plays that are On Memorials next posses- cient on offense, Simon said. Offensively, Roquet was a be really dangerous if we keep Theyre really good. Theyve
difference makers in games, sion, Mora was again forced to We werent explosive rock steady 10-of-17 for 155 working together. Our O-line always got some big boys up
Simon said. Tonight, those punt from his endzone. This which is fine. Theres some- yards a touchdown. And in the opened up holes (Friday), and front and can move the ball
two interceptions and inter- time, Mora jumped to field a thing said for efficiency, too. first half alone, Roquet was 6- if they keep doing that, we can pretty well. Theyre always
ceptions in their territory high snap, but was tackled by Memorial put together a of-10 for 133 yards. be great. solid.
Huff, whos added 10 Middleton will find out just
pounds of muscle since last how close it is to greatness Aug. 18
Middleton 36, Madison Memorial 7
SCHOOL BOARD recusing himself from the vote.
a. Administrative/Business
changes in class sizes and
enrollments were discussed. Madison Memorial .. 0 0 7 0 7


Middleton .. 14 15 7 0 36
MID Huff, 4, run (Culp kick)
i. Approval of Bills Payable a. Approval of District MID Pabst, 7, run (Culp kick)
Board Agenda for July 10, The check list totaling Academic Standards The City of Middleton has declared as surplus the following list- MID Pabst, 3, run (Culp kick)
2017 Meeting Minutes $2,070.804.87 was approved MOVED by Bauer SECOND- ed equipment, and intends to sell the equipment through MID Safety
MIDDLETON-CROSS under consent agenda. (Exhibit ED by Hyland to approve the Wisconsin Surplus Online Auction. Interested parties can find MID Parrell, 17, pass from
Roquet (pass failed)
PLAINS AREA A) District Academic Standards for more information and may enter bids online at
MM Cerniglia Jr., 6, pass from
SCHOOL DISTRICT ii. Approval of Treasurers the 2017-2018 school year.
Equipment Auction (9/14/17- 9/28/17) Toman (Kerkhoff kick)
Report Motion carried unanimously, 8- MID Huff, 1, run (Culp kick)
District Services Center 1. 2008 ODB Leaf Loader Vacuum (Unit #27)
There was no Treasurers 0. TEAM STATISTICS
7106 South Avenue, 2. 2005 Elgin Pelican Street Sweeper (Unit #22)
Middleton, WI 53562
Report to approve. b. Approval of Intergovern- First downs MM 8, MID
b. Employee Services - mental Agreements - School Truck Auction (9/19/17 10/3/17) 13. Rushing (Att.-Yds.) MM 32-41,
1. CALL TO ORDER REGU- 1. 2003 GMC C7500 4x2 Brush/Chipper Dump Truck (#15) MID 32-138.Passing yards MM 108,
Certified Staff Resource Officers
LAR BOE MEETING AT 7:00 Publish: 8/24/17, 8/31/17, 9/7/17 WNAXLP MID 163. Passes (Comp.-Att.-Int.)
i. Approval of Resignations MOVED by Karbusicky SEC-
P.M. MM 8-19-2, MID 11-18-0. Fumbles-
The board approved under ONDED by Kinne to approve
The regular meeting of the lost MM 2-1, MID 0-0. Penalties-
consent agenda the following the School Resource Officer yards MM 1-15, MID 4-28.
Middleton-Cross Plains Area
resignations: agreement. Motion carried NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING INDIVIDUAL LEADERS
School District Board of
Education was called to order at
Jason Eckes, Physical unanimously, 8-0. (Exhibit B) Tuesday September 19, 2017 7:35 p.m. Rushing: MM, Weaver 1-20. MID,
Education and Health c. Approve Independent CITY OF MIDDLETON Huff 13-76.
7:03 p.m. by President Bob Passing: MM, Toman 8-16-2-68.
Education Teacher at West Hearing Officer 7426 HUBBARD AVENUE, MIDDLETON, WI
Green. MID, Roquet 10-17-0-155.
Middleton Crista Pooch, Special Dick Hemming was approved Class A Fermented Malt Beverage and Class A Cider
Present: President Bob Receiving: MM, Cerniglia 4-41.
Education Teacher at MHS under consent agenda as the Kwik Trip, Inc., d/b/a Kwik Trip is requesting a Class A fer-
Green, Vice President Annette MID, Ragsdale 1-64.
ii. Approval of Leaves of district independent hearing offi- mented malt beverage and Class A cider licenses located at
Ashley, Clerk Todd Smith,
Absence cer for expulsions. 7508 Century Avenue, and 6519 Century Avenue, Middleton, WI,
Treasurer Linda Yu, Board
There were no leave of d. Approve 2017-18 with Travis Hutzenbuhler, 706 Prairie Lane, Mazomanie, as the
Members Anne Bauer, Sean
absences to approve. Preliminary Budget agent.
Hyland, Kurt Karbusicky, and
iii. Approval of Staff A brief review of the prelimi- During the public hearing citizens will have an opportunity to be
Paul Kinne
Appointments nary budget was given by Lori heard concerning the above fermented malt beverage license
Not Present: Board Member
There were no staff appoint- Ames. MOVED by Yu SEC- application. The Common Council will then consider action on
Kelly Kalscheur
ments to approve. ONDED by Karbusicky to this license request.
Others Present: Superinten-
iv. Approval of Retirements approve the preliminary budget Lorie J. Burns, City Clerk
dent George Mavroulis, Director
There were no retirements to for 2017-2018. Motion carried Publish: 8/24/17 WNAXLP
of Business Services Lori Ames,
approve. unanimously, 8-0. (Exhibit C)
Athletic Director Bob Joers and
c. District Consent Items e. Approval of Creation of a
Activities Coordinator Dan NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING
6. ITEMS FOR INFORMA- Long-Term Capital Improve-
Tuesday September 19, 2017 7:36 p.m.
TION/DISCUSSION ment Trust and Long-Term
a. Co-Curricular Report Plan CITY OF MIDDLETON
Bob Joers and Dan Lehman This item has been dis- 7426 HUBBARD AVENUE, MIDDLETON, WI
ED by Yu to approve the
presented information on the cussed several times over the Class A Fermented Malt Beverage and Class A Cider
Regular Minutes of June 26,
district co-curricular programs. past year and recapped for the Kwik Trip, Inc., d/b/a Kwik Trip is requesting a Class A fer-
2017. Motion carried unani-
DISH TV. 190 channels. $49.99/
The participation data was board by Lori Ames. MOVED by mented malt beverage and Class A cider licenses located at
mously, 8-0.
mo. For 24 mos. Ask About
reviewed for the board. The cli- Bauer SECONDED by Ashley to 2202 Parmenter Street, Middleton, WI, with Brian Hacker, 1529
Exclusive Dish Features like
mate in co-curriculars, code vio- approve the resolution creating Forest Glen, Oregon, Wisconsin, as the agent.
a. Citizen Comments
Sling and the Hopper. PLUS
lations, speakers for athletes, a Long-Term Capital Improve- During the public hearing citizens will have an opportunity to be
HighSpeed Internet, $14.95/mo.
freshman orientation, revised ment Trust and Long-Term Plan. heard concerning the above fermented malt beverage license
b. Correspondence/Board
(Availability and Restrictions
code for athletics, summer train- Motion carried unanimously, 8- application. The Common Council will then consider action on
apply.) TV for Less, Not Less TV!
ing, creation of more teams, 0. (Exhibit D) this license request.
Annette Ashley commented
1-866-936-8380. (CNOW)
and education for coaches were f. Approval of Parochial Lorie J. Burns, City Clerk
on the wonderful district
covered during the presenta- School Boundaries
Stop OVERPAYING for your
newsletter that went out to fam-
tion. Bob also reviewed areas MOVED by Bauer SECOND- Publish: 8/24/17 WNAXLP
prescriptions! SAVE! Call our
where the district can improve. ED by Ashley to approve the
licensed Canadian and
Several questions were asked parochial school boundaries for
International pharmacy, com-
by board members. the 2017-2018 school year.
pare prices and get $25.00 OFF
a. Upcoming Events and
Dan Lehman shared accom- There were no changes to the
your first prescription! CALL
George stated that the district
plishments in the activities and boundaries. Motion carried CITY OF MIDDLETON ZONING ORDINANCE
1-866-936-8380 Promo Code
organization areas. They have unanimously, 8-0. To Whom It May Concern:
is hosting a Sustainability
CDC201725 (CNOW)
increased interventions with g. Appointment of At a meeting of the Plan Commission to be held on Tuesday,
Leadership Summit next week.
students, updated the organiza- Legislative Committee September 12, 2017, at 7:15 pm, at Middleton City Hall, 7426
Information on the Summit was
tion application and creation Members Hubbard Ave., Middleton, the following matter will be heard:
given to the board.
THE BLIND. Free 3 Day
process, met with advisors on a MOVED by Hyland SEC- An application by Treysta Group, PO Box 352, Mt. Horeb, WI,
Administrators, teachers, com-
Vacation, Tax Deductible, Free
regular basis to connect with ONDED by Yu to approve Anne requesting a rezoning of 7622 Lisa Ln., from Highway Business
munity members, and students
Towing, All Paperwork Taken
students, tracked budgets, and Bauer as chair and Paul Kinne (B-3) to Planned Development District General Implementation
are participating. George
worked on ways to increase and Todd Smith as members of
Care Of. CALL 1-855-711-0379
Mavroulis, Steve Soeteber and Plan (PDD-GIP). This land is legally described as follows:
participation. the Legislative Committee.
Brian Miles are attending the LOTS 19, 21 AND 21 SECOND ADDITION TO GREEN
b. Review Goals-District, Motion carried unanimously, 8- ACRES RECORDED IN VOLUME 42 BOOK OF PLATS, PAGE
All Things Basementy! Basement
Green Ribbon Ceremony in
Superintendent 0. 16 AS DOCUMENT NO. 1418256, LOT 2 CERTIFIED SURVEY
Systems Inc. Call us for all of
Washington D.C. next week. An
George Mavroulis reviewed h. Approval of Student MAP NO. 7132 RECORDED IN VOLUME 36 OF CERTIFIED
your basement needs!
update on the timeline with UW
the changes in the Strategy Athletic Fees for 2017-2018 SURVEY MAPS, PAGES 112-114 AS DOCUMENT NO. 2480897,
Credit Union was briefly pre-
Waterproofing, Finishing,
Map since it was last presented This item was discussed dur- AND PARCEL DESCRIBED IN QUIT CLAIM DEED DOCUMENT
sented by George and Steve
Structural Repairs, Humidity and
to the board. Administration will ing the Finance Committee NO. 4286984 WHICH CONTAINS PART OF OUTLOT 1 CERTI-
Plank. George presented a
Mold Control. FREE
continue to update the informa- meeting prior to the Regular FIED SURVEY MAP NO. 1367 RECORDED IN VOLUME 6 OF
plaque from Parkside Heights,
ESTIMATES! Call 1-855-781-
tion as it changes. These goals meeting. Administration will CERTIFIED SURVEY MAPS, PAGES 9-10 AS DOCUMENT NO.
1962. This was the original
4387 (CNOW)
will be ready for approval at the continue to research the fees 1387130, ALL LOCATED IN THE NORTHEAST QUARTER OF
August 14 Regular Meeting. versus the costs of co-curricu- THE SOUTHWEST QUARTER AND THE NORTHWEST QUAR-
The superintendent goals were lars. MOVED by Karbusicky
STAIRS** Give your life a lift with
also updated for the 2017-2018 SECONDED by Kinne to
ED Bauer to approve the follow- 7 NORTH, RANGE 8 EAST, CITY OF MIDDLETON, DANE
school year. There were several approve no change to the ath- COUNTY, WISCONSIN.
now for $250 OFF your stairlift
ing items on the consent agen-
questions asked by the board. letic fees for 2017-2018. Motion 8.48 acres, approximately 369,293 square feet of land.
purchase and FREE DVD & bro-
da: 5.a.1. Approval of Bills
c. Review Board Goals carried unanimously, 8-0. The purpose of the proposed rezoning is to allow construction
chure! 1-855-750-1951 (CNOW)
Payable, 5.b.1. Approval of
Bob Green reviewed the 8. NEXT MEETING DATES of a mixed use multi-family apartment project. Two buildings will
Resignations, and 7.c. Approval
board goals and the AND ADJOURNMENT include approximately 11,000 sq.ft. of retail, a 20,000 sq.ft. mar-
of Independent Hearing
nations largest senior living
progress/monitoring of each MOVED by Yu SECONDED ket and 263 dwelling units containing one, two and three bed-
Officer. Motion carried unani-
referral service. Contact our
goal. Bob asked for any by Ashley to adjourn the regular rooms.
mously, 8-0.
trusted, local experts today! Our
changes from the other board meeting at 9:32 p.m. Motion At the hearing, all interested persons will have an opportunity
MOVED by Ashley and SEC-
service is FREE/no obligation.
members. These goals will be carried unanimously, 8-0. to be heard, and final action will be considered.
ONDED by Kinne to remove
CALL 1-855-385-8739 (CNOW)
ready for approval at the August a. Future Meeting Dates More information about this request is available at City Hall
Godfrey & Kahn payment from
14 Regular Board meeting. b. Potential Board Agenda during normal business hours, 7:45 am to 4:30 pm, Monday
consent. MOVED by Hyland
d. Enrollment Update Items through Friday. Ph. 821-8370 E-mail:
GOT LAND? Our Hunters will
SECONDED by Ashley to
Sherri Cyra reviewed the Cheryl Janssen,
Pay Top $$$ To Hunt your land.
approve the Godfrey & Kahn
enrollment data and explained Board Secretary EILEEN KELLEY
Call for a Free info packet &
payment. Motion carried unani-
the changes since the last Planning Director/Zoning Administrator
Quote. 1-866-309-1507 www.
mously, 7-0 with Todd Smith
report. Several of the bigger Publish: 8/24/17 WNAXLP Publish: 8/24/17, 8/31/17 WNAXLP

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and will help to refuel points year ago. This year could be tation at the state meet this year stand for, and above all else,
we lost in that area. more of the same. from the Big Eight. have fun, Cabalka said.If we
She has an incredible work The Big 8 looks strong, as Arrowhead might be the lose the fun and let the pressure
ethic and has set some great always, Cabalka said. Many Cardinals greatest challenger get to us, success will be hard
goals for herself. Her maturity schools got some key to a second straight state title. to find.
and experience will serve her returnees, as well as a very But Middleton is the clear-cut So far, they are handling
and our team well this season. strong freshmen class. favorite to repeat, and Cabalka our always high expectations
The Big Eight remains the We will have to focus and is expecting another memo- very well. When they come to
states toughest conference and work incredibly hard if we rable year from her team. practice and leave practice
teams like Verona/Mount want to repeat as conference I think our girls will set each day with smiles on their
Horeb (second), Madison West champions. It gets harder every themselves up for success if faces, we know were in a good
(fifth), Sun Prairie (sixth) and year, but we are excited to see they keep their eyes on our place. File photo
Madison Memorial (10th) all what all of the teams look like goals each week, stay grounded
cracked the top-10 at state a and to have a strong represen- in who we are and what we Middletons Gabriela Pierobon Mays had a terrific freshman
season and could be even more dangerous this fall.

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