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Getting their groove on Village of Oregon

Families spent the eve-

ning in the Oregon Public
Library after it closed on
New library
planned for
Friday, Aug. 18, for a dance
party. Instructor April Girga
from Zumba Kids led the
families to perform eating
cake and panda danc-
es after they made panda

Main Street
masks as dancing props.

being worked out by a

Village Board makes committee in the coming
official designation, weeks.
The approval came after
subject to deal with a discussion of concerns
about children crossing
library board the villages busiest street
to get to the 249 N. Main
BILL LIVICK St. property, but it got sup-
Unified Newspaper Group port from neighbors who
Inside The Village Board vot-
praised the process after
fighting a proposed senior
ed unanimously Monday apartment complex on the
More photos from to designate the former same site last year.
the library dance Methodist Church proper- In July, the Library
ty on North Main Street as Board recommended
party the site for a new Oregon building a 35,000-square-
Public Library. foot library estimated to
Page 2 The boards first official cost $10 million to $12
action comes after months million on the 2.7-acre
of discussion and planning parcel, which the vil-
but remains a conditional lage bought in December
designation until it and for $890,000. That came
the Library Board each
sign an agreement thats Turn to Library/Page 10

Photo by Helu Wang

Reaching out
Rose Rutcedge, 4, dances with her panda mask on. Public safety
agencies use Facebook
Rocks are rollin as Oregon picks up latest craze Facebook to engage
and Twitter
Facebook: Village of
Oregon Police Depart-
Unified Newspaper Group
On the Web Unified Newspaper Group
ment; Oregon Area Fire/
EMS District
To find out more about Dane County ROCKS!, visit: Four months ago, Jason
Its all pretty simple for the latest Price was looking to Twitter:
craze sweeping the area people dec- become a paid on-call fire- VillageOregonPD
orating rocks and leaving them in a fighter.
variety of public places for others to He chatted with the Ore-
find and relocate. Dane County has its Its about getting out and search- We brought it home, checked out gon Area Fire/EMS Dis-
own group Dane County ROCKS! ing for/hiding rocks in areas of the the Facebook page, decided to keep trict on Facebook, filled using social media, mostly
and its membership is growing across community you might not otherwise the frog and decorate some rocks of out an online application through Facebook. Inter-
the county as more and more people investigate, she wrote the Observ- our own to hide, she said. It is so and joined the district. actions between neighbors
catch on. er in an email. To get outside your fun to see rocks weve hidden pop up Compared with knock- and public safety depart-
The group had 1,086 members as immediate hometown to see the again and again on the Facebook page ing on the door, he said, ments have contributed to
of Tuesday and continues to grow. journey your rock takes over time. Its when they are hidden by someone i t s e a s i e r a n d t h e y additional crime clues and
Founder Christa Klute-Sime of Cross about making a purposeful effort to new. Its also fun to see how creative responded quickly. motivated more people to
Plains said she started the group after spread positivity. people get when decorating. It worked out well, attend their public events.
getting the idea while she and her Lori Olivares of Oregon said she April Girga of Oregon said she and obviously, Price said. Posts have informed
daughter were visiting Vero Beach, hadnt heard about Dane County her family were introduced to the To get more neighbors people of natural disasters,
Fla., during spring break earlier this ROCKS! until her daughter, Devan, rocks in April when their Mothers of engaged, both the Ore- incident reports, road clo-
year. She said the groups singular found a frog painted on a rock at Gre- Preschoolers group painted rocks for gon Area Fire/EMS Dis- sures, training, new hirings
purpose is simple to spread joy enway Station on the west side of trict and Oregon Police
though it encompasses much more. Madison. Turn to Rocks/Page 12 Department have been Turn to Social/Page 10

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2 August 24, 2017 Oregon Observer

Annette Glasser looks at her 8-year-old granddaughter Ava Glassers new panda mask. Rose Rutcedge, 4, decorates a panda mask with her family.

Families got to see the
library after its normal
hours Friday, Aug. 18, for
a family dance party, led by
instructor April Girga.

On the web
See more photos from the dance

Photos by Helu Wang

Julian Luttig, 5, dances with his parents Jeremy and Maria Luttig at a family dance party.


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adno=536274-01 August 24, 2017 Oregon Observer 3

Grant brings leaf vacuum

Reports are taken from dai- her daughter and son-in-law
ly briefings provided by the moved out of the house. The
Oregon Police Department. woman did not know where
they had moved or how to
J uly 4 contact them.
5:06 a.m. An 18-year-old 10:32 p .m. A man was
Pilot program begins this year to a larger area.
The purpose is to prevent leaves
(Sept. 18) about it, and well be look-
ing for the board to give us some man was cited for posses- arrested on preliminary
fall in limited area by from sitting out in the rain and leach- direction, she said. Were probably sion of drug paraphernalia charges of reckless endan-
ing phosphorus into the lakes, said going to be looking at some sort of and possession of marijua- germent and eluding police
Kegonsa Dunn business manager Cathy Has- ordinance in September to really spell na following a traffic stop. after crashing his car into
slinger. out how the program operates. He and his 18-year-old pas- a pole near the Kwik Trip
BILL LIVICK The town applied for the grant in We want to make sure that any- senger admitted to being re- on the 800 block of North
Unified Newspaper Group June and learned Aug. 7 it had been thing that reduces phosphorous in the sponsible for recent BB gun Main Street. The man had
awarded the funding, which was lakes is permissible in our project, incidents around the village. allegedly fled from Town of
A $20,000 grant will help pay for offered as part of MMSDs Yahara Hasslinger added. Madison police numerous
a pilot program to collect leaves and WINS anti-phosphorus program. Among other things, officials will July 5 times in the past week and
compost them in the Town of Dunn. Hasslinger explained the town is have to decide whether to charge a fee 10:14 a.m. Police recov- tried to flee Oregon police
Officials learned earlier this month partnering with a citizen-led group, for people who get the service. ered a vehicle stolen from when they spotted him at
of the grant from the Madison Metro- Friends of Lake Kegonsa, FOLKS, Research by the U.S. Geological the City of Madison on the the Kwik Trip.
politan Sewerage District. The money and together they plan to collect Survey shows that removing leaf lit- 700 block of East Nether-
will help the town pay for a leaf vac- leaves from as many as 600 homes. ter can reduce the concentration of wood Street. July 9
uum, with the goal of reducing phos- We will be getting homes that are phosphorus in stormwater by up to 80 12:55 p .m. A license 12:18 a.m. A man report-
phorus entering Lake Kegonsa and in the Town of Dunn all along Lake percent. plate missing from the front ed that his truck was egged
the Yahara River Watershed. Kegonsa, as well as the houses direct- If you encourage everybody to of a car was located on the around midnight on the 100
The Town Board approved the pur- ly across the street, she said. We pick up their leaves, and instead of rear of another truck in the block of Ames Street. No
chase of the $44,300 leaf vacuum July wont be going down side streets. bagging them and taking them to the municipal parking lot. other damage was done to
7, contingent on the town receiving The town is starting small because transfer site, they leave them sitting at 5:22 p .m. A 32-year- the truck.
the grant. The equipment is expected officials want to figure out how to do the roadside and you dont pick them old man was arrested on
to arrive in October. it quickly and efficiently. up for three weeks, youre actually a parole violation after he July 10
The project will pick up leaves at Hasslinger said officials have to doing more harm than good, Has- allegedly spent nights at a 10:09 a.m. a.m. The Ore-
the roadside beginning this fall for make many decisions about the pro- slinger noted. residence in Oregon with gon Fire Department pulled
a limited area of homes along Lake gram before the leaf vac arrives in children present, which his a woman and her vehicle
Kegonsa. After the pilot, the town October. Contact Bill Livick at bill.livick@ sex offender status prohib- out of the high water on the
plans to expand the program each Were hoping to have a conversa- ited. The 18-year-old daugh- 100 block of North Burr Oak
tion with residents at the next meeting ter of the woman he was Avenue. The car had stalled
staying with told police she because of the water, which
found the mans behavior remained from the storms
concerning, though every- the night before. Police
one at the residence told blocked the street with bar-
police they did not believe ricades.
any sexual behavior had oc- 8:42 p.m. Two 15-year-
curred between the man and olds were charged with
children. battery for an incident the
previous day in which they
July 7 allegedly beat up another
2:52 p.m. A 25-year-old juvenile during an argument
woman was arrested for a over the victims bike.
probation violation after she
allegedly tried to kick out the July 12
back windows of the squad 12:25 a.m. The ring of a
car during her arrest on the manhole cover on the 600
200 block of Alpine Mead- block of North Oak Street lift-
ows Cirlce. The woman also ed and damaged the under-
refused to comply with ver- carriage of a squad car. The
bal commands. public works department set
a cone around the manhole
July 8 after removing the ring.
A woman reported items
stolen from her house after Compiled by Scott Girard

Brooke Ace, right, showed her Commercial Ewe Lamb, Elisa, at the 2017 Dane County Fair and won Reserve Champion
Photo submitted
When Quality Matters, Choose Cleary!
Commercial Ewe. Ace won Supreme Champion Breeding Sheep overall at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Ace wins Supreme Champion EMERALD INVESTMENTS

5'x10' $38 Month

AMBER LEVENHAGEN in an email. This is a once County Fair, including 10'x10' $60 Month
Unified Newspaper Group in a lifetime experience. Grand Champion Western 10'x15' $65 Month

She won Grand Cham- Showmanship for her horse, Ask us about our new CONTACT US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION!
10'x20' $80 Month
It was a summer of suc- pion Commercial Ewe that Bently. 10'x25' $90 Month
Crinkle Coat Paint Options

cess for Oregon High qualified her to participate Contact Amber Levenha- At Cleary Building Corp.
Building pictured is not priced in ad. Crew travel required
over 50 miles. Local building code modications extra. Price
School senior Brooke Ace. in the Supreme Champion gen at amber.levenhagen@ 190 S. Paoli St., Verona WI
subject to change without notice.

A member of the Ore- Breeding competition. (608) 845-9700 800-373-5550
gon FFA and Paoli 4-H This is when you real-
Fireballs, Ace earned the ize that all of the countless
Supreme Champion Breed- hours you have spent to
ing Sheep overall at the get to this point are a com-
Wisconsin State Fair, Aug. plete accomplishment, she
3-13. wrote.
This was truly a time She took four different
that I will always remem- championship awards ear-
ber, Ace told the Observer lier this year at the Dane

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4 August 24, 2017 Oregon Observer Opinion

Letters to the editor

Library would be on right side of Main St.
This letter is in response to all sides of the issue, the well-
a guest editorial in last weeks thought-out arguments pro and
Observer. The North Main Street con and the intricate conversa-
neighborhood is excited about the tions that led to a well-conceived
possibility of a new public library plan to consider that site for the
on the lot of the former Method- new library.
ist Church. Many children living There are only two available
there and attending daycares in locations in the heart of the
that area will benefit greatly. They village to build a larger library
do not think the location is on and a new senior center; the two
the wrong side of Main Street. buildings will not both fit on the
I find it remarkable that a cit- same lot, so one of them needs to
izen who never spoke up at the move to the church lot. There is
many Planning Commission, less expense and fewer logistical
library board and village board problems when moving the mass
meetings regarding the former amount of books just once, rather
church property has written an than moving them to a temporary
800-word letter criticizing deci- location while rebuilding on the
sions that were made. Many current library site, and then mov-
interested citizens spoke up at ing the books back.
those meetings. I attended those In his letter, Mr. Noeldner
meetings along with owners of 22 refers to a lousy return on
historic homes that surround the investment for the village and
former church property. None of building up Oregons historic
us want high density housing to downtown. I urge Mr. Noeldner
be built literally in our backyards. to give attention to the upkeep on
Mr. Noeldner proposes that option his own property.
for our backyards, not for his
backyard. If he had attended those Susan Shedivy
Community Voices

Training dogs (and owners)

meetings, he would have heard Village or Oregon

Letters to the editor policy

requires gaining fluency

Unified Newspaper Group is proud to offer a venue for public debate
and welcomes letters to the editor, provided they comply with our
Letters should be no longer than 400 words. They should also con-

tain contact information the writers full name, address, and phone og training often is as if they hold some instructive distance or duration. But I only
number so that the paper may confirm authorship. Unsigned or anon- derailed by failure to value. add one element at a time or it
ymous letters will not be printed under any circumstances. understand learning the- Dogs do not speak English or will confuse the dog.
The editorial staff of Unified Newspaper Group reserves the right to ory, poor mechanics and frustra- Spanish, for that matter. If a dog stops responding, that
edit letters for length, clarity and appropriateness. Letters with libelous tion. Repeatedly saying Sit before is due to confusion, not stubborn-
or obscene content will not be printed. Training is about commu- the dog has any understanding of ness. I simply go back to an easi-
This policy will be printed from time to time in an abbreviated form nication, and one of the most which behavior to associate with er step in the process where I was
here and will be posted in its entirety on our websites. common pitfalls I see is lack of the word is no more effective seeing correct responses and start
understanding of fluency in the than saying Blah, blah, blah. from there.
training process. Poor communi- Sooner or later, the dog will It is important to only use a
cation leads to poor outcomes. offer random behaviors, trying to hand cue or only use a word cue,
Long ago, I guess what you want of him. but not both at once. Sometimes
learned to stop When Bowser eventually puts I catch myself making that mis-
blaming the his butt on the floor as one of take; old habits die hard.
Thursday, August 24, 2017 Vol. 133, No. 8 dog and take several random choices, the pet If you use both cues simulta-
USPS No. 411-300 full responsi- owner might celebrate I taught neously, chances are your dog
Periodical Postage Paid, Oregon, WI and additional offices. bility for teach- him to sit on cue. Now he knows will have greater fluency with the
Published weekly on Thursday by the Unified Newspaper Group, ing. The results it. hand cue (body language) and
A Division of Woodward Communications, Inc.
POSTMASTER: Send Address Corrections to have been As the days go by and the respond to that one, ignoring the
The Oregon Observer, PO Box 930427, Verona, WI 53593. excellent. owner occasionally tells his dog word cue.
Office Location: 156 N. Main Street, Oregon, WI 53575 To under- to sit, he sometimes sees that A recent study showed the
stand how Antolec behavior response, and some- stronger training cue will over-
Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday and Thursday
Phone: 608-835-6677 FAX: 608-835-0130 important times sees a different behavior or shadow the weaker cue, and your
e-mail: fluency is in no response at all. dog will learn to ignore it. That is
Circulation customer service: (800) 355-1892
training, take a personal human Humans tend to blame poor the opposite of fluency, and once
example of mine. communication on the dog, again, the dog is often blamed Years ago, I studied Spanish declaring them stubborn or for selective hearing, when it is
This newspaper is printed on recycled paper. prior to a trip to Mexico, devel- dumb when it really boils down actually about human error in the
oping language skill consisting of to poor teaching. The dog has not process.
General Manager Circulation 400 words and little comprehen- gained fluency and may well feel Teaching requires a certain
Carolyn Schultz sion of their usage. frustrated if he is chastised for base of knowledge and a mechan-
Lee Borkowski My wife and I enjoyed our failures in the process. ical skill set, combined with
trip despite several embarrassing In my professional practice, I plenty of patience. That is proba-
Sales Manager blunders when I attempted to say often start a new training behav- bly why only 25 percent of dogs
Jim Ferolie
Kathy Neumeister one thing, but actually said some- ior with a food lure, doing so in the United States are trained thing different. For example, vis- for a few repetitions. Then I use by their owners. Each of us has Sports iting a silver shop in Taxco one the same hand gesture without a particular set of skills, but we
Advertising Jeremy Jones day I greeted two beautiful young food to see if the dog remembers cannot be experts in all things.
Dawn Zapp ladies and politely said How are which behavior response was If you need some help, work- Assistant Editor you? rewarded. ing with a professional trainer
Scott Girard They giggled and asked what I When I get 80-90 percent cor- can prevent a lot of frustration
Classifieds meant. Thinking I had not spoken rect responses to a hand cue, that and supercharge the learning
Diane Beaman
clearly, I slowly repeated myself, is the time to add a word cue. A process. Reporters and they laughed all the harder. dog will best learn if I speak the Building fluency in training
Inside Sales Samantha Christian, Bill Livick, It dawned on me that I had (unfamiliar) word cue, immedi- takes time and effort, but then
Monica Morgan Anthony Iozzo, actually asked the young ladies, ately followed by the familiar your dog will remember what he Amber Levenhagen, What are you? I was certainly hand cue. When I have repeated learned for a lifetime. Be patient,
Scott De Laruelle, Helu Wang not fluent in Spanish. this several times, I just say the make it a fun process and your
Training a dog is every bit as word cue and see how the dog dog will be eager to work with
Unified Newspaper Group, a division of much teaching a foreign lan- responds. you.
Woodward Communications,Inc. guage. Dogs naturally use body Again, I build up to 80-90 per- Daniel H. Antolec is a certified
A dynamic, employee-owned media company language to communicate, so cent correct responses with either professional canine behavior
Good People. Real Solutions. Shared Results. they more easily follow our eyes, the hand or the word cue, and consultant and force-free dog
hands and posture to gain infor- then begin practicing in a wide trainer, the owner of Happy Bud-
Printed by Woodward Printing Services Platteville mation. Humans, however, tend variety of locations, slowly add- dha Dog Training.
to start throwing words at them ing environmental distractions,
Send it in!
SUBSCRIPTION RATES We like to send reporters to shoot photos, but we cant be everywhere. And we know you all have cameras.
One Year in Dane Co. & Rock Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $37 So if you have a photo of an event or just a slice of life you think the community might be interested in, send it
to us and well use it if we can. Please include contact information, whats happening in the photo and the names
One Year Elsewhere . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $45 of people pictured.
Oregon Observer You can submit it on our website at, email to editor Jim Ferolie at ungeditor@wcinet.
Stoughton Courier Hub Verona Press com or drop off a electronic media at our office at 156 N. Main St. Questions? Call 835-6677. August 24, 2017 Oregon Observer 5
Truck and tractor pull returns Labor Day weekend
Unified Newspaper Group
If You Go
As Labor Day weekend When: 6-11:30p.m.
approaches, the Oregon Friday, Sept. 1; 10a.m.
Sno-blazers are preparing to 11:30p.m. Saturday,
to host the annual truck Sept. 2 ; 10a.m. to
and tractor pull Sept. 1-3. 11:30p.m. Sunday, Sept.
The weekend kicks 3
off with the Community
Antique Tractor Pullers Where: Brooklyn Legion
starting at 6p.m. on Sept. Park
1 at Brooklyn Legion Park. Cost: Free admission and
The Ghost in the Room free parking
will perform that night Info: oregonsnoblazers.
from 7:30-11:30p.m. in
the beer tent. com/index.html
The event continues on
Sept. 2 with a variety of
tractor and truck classes barbecue dinner on Sat-
beginning at 10a.m., with urday, along with other
the final class for the day food stands that will have
beginning at 3p.m. The pork sandwiches, burg-
music will be put on by ers, brats, and hotdogs all
Thirty Jones from 7:30- three days. The Oregon
11:30p.m. in the beer tent. FFA will be selling cheese
On Sept. 3, the final curds, sundaes, and shakes
day begins with a pan- all three days, as well as a
cake breakfast sponsored stand with donuts, candy,
by Brooklyn Commu- and funnel cakes.
n i t y B a n k f r o m 8 a . m . O r eg o n V F W w i l l b e
to 11a.m. with tractor selling steak sandwich-
pulls beginning at 10a.m. es, brats, and hotdogs on
Music by Super Tuesday Sept. 2., while the snow-
will begin at 7:30p.m. and mobile club will be selling
end at 11:30p.m. in the soda, gatorade and beer on
beer tent. Kids pedal trac- Friday night, said Sheri
tor pull and a new bean Arndt, a member of the
bag toss tournament are committee organizing the
also scheduled for Sunday. event.
Food will be available For more information
for purchase throughout visit oregonsnoblazers.
the weekend. com/index.html.
T h e O r eg o n M a s o n i c
Lodge will host a chicken File photo by Scott Girard
The Drunk N Confuzed tractors front wheels leave the ground as it begins its pull, which ended with a mechanical problem
down the track at last years competition.

Send it in!
If you have a photo of an event or just a slice of life you think the community might be
interested in, send it to us and well use it if we can. Please include contact information, whats
happening in the photo and the names of people pictured. You can submit it on our website at or email to

Thank you sponsors!







Supporting Organizations: The Village of Oregon Public Works, The Oregon Police Department, Oregon Area Fire/EMS District,
Oregon Police Explorers, Oregon High School Girls Swim Team, Oregon School District Grounds and Custodial Staff, Oregon
Athletics Department, Oregon Athletic Boosters, OCSC Parents, Dedicated Individuals of the OKT Board, OCSC Board and
their Families. adno=536480-01 adno=536315-01
6 August 24, 2017 Oregon Observer

Coming up Churches
All Saints Lutheran Church Good Shepherd Lutheran
Coloring group organization that raises, trains and For information, and to register, 2951 Chapel Valley Rd., Fitchburg Church ECLA
places guide dogs with the blind at call 835-5801. (608) 276-7729 Central Campus: Raymond Road and
The senior center will offer an no cost to the recipients. Interim pastor Whitney Way
adult coloring group at 12:30 p.m. The Education of Will is a mutu- Golf lunch SUNDAY SATURDAY - 5 p.m. Worship
the fourth Thursday of each month. al memoir of a woman and her dog. The Oregon Town and Country 8:30 a.m. classic service SUNDAY - 8:15, 9:30 and10:45 a.m.
Coloring materials are provided. 10:45 a.m. new song service Worship West Campus: Corner of Hwy.
McConnell is an applied animal Womens Club will host a luncheon, PD and Nine Mound Road, Verona
Just come to relax your mind, tap behaviorist and has been studying open to area women, at the Stough- Brooklyn Lutheran Church SUNDAY - 9 &10:15 a.m., 6 p.m.
into your creativity and spend time and writing about dogs for over 25 ton Country Club, 3165 Shadyside 101 Second Street, Brooklyn Worship (608) 271-6633
with others. years. Drive, Stoughton, at 12:30 p.m. (608) 455-3852
For information, call 835-5801. For information, or to purchase Pastor Rebecca Ninke Hillcrest Bible Church
Tuesday, Sept. 12. SUNDAY 752 E. Netherwood, Oregon
Wellness Walks tickets, visit Entertainment will be provided by 9 a.m. Holy Communion Eric Vander Ploeg, Lead Pastor
area line dancers. There will also be 10 a.m. Fellowship (608) 835-7972,
The Oregon Area Wellness Coa- Piano recital a 50/50 raffle. SUNDAY
lition is sponsoring Wednesday Community of Life Lutheran 8:30 a.m. worship at the Hillcrest
Visit the senior center at 11 a.m. Tickets are $10 per person. Church Campus and 10:15 a.m. worship with
Wellness Walks, which start at the Friday, Aug. 25, for a piano recital To make a reservation, call Sue PO Box 233, Oregon Childrens ministries, birth 4th grade
senior center at 9 a.m. Wednesdays. by Jeanne Felix and her students. Capelle at 835-9421 no later than (608) 286-3121, office@
People will be taking a brisk walk for Joining them will be C.L.U.B. Sept. 6. Holy Mother of Consolation
45 minutes each week, rain or shine, members playing the chimes. Lunch Pastor Jim McCoid Catholic Church
through October. SUNDAY 651 N. Main Street, Oregon
will be provided after the recital, 10 a.m. Worship at 1111 S. Perry Pastor: Fr. Gary Wankerl
Those interested should bring to reserve lunch call 835-5801 by 1 Grill for a Cause Parkway, Oregon (608) 835-5763
an ID and water bottle. Coffee and p.m. Aug. 25 The annual Brown Paws Dog Res-
water will be available at the senior cue, Grill For a Cause, will be held Brooklyn Community United SATURDAY: 5 p.m. Worship
center after the walk. AARP driving class 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 16,
Methodist Church SUNDAY: 8 and 10:15 a.m. Worship
For information, call 835-5801. 201 Church Street, Brooklyn
The AARP Smart Driver course at Legion Park in Brooklyn. (608) 455-3344 Peoples United Methodist
OccuPaws fundraiser will be held at the senior center from The event will feature live music, Pastor George Kaminski Church
11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday, Sept. Bingo, raffles and food. All proceeds SUNDAY 103 North Alpine Parkway, Oregon
Patricia McConnell will talk about 9 a.m. Worship (Nov.-April) Pastor Jason Mahnke
7. will benefit Brown Paws Dog Res- 10:30 a.m. Worship (May-Oct.) (608)835-3755,
her new book The Education of The class is specifically designed cue. Communion is the 1st & 3rd weekend
Will at Oregon Middle School, for drivers age 50 and older. The silent auction begins Sept. 13 Faith Evangelical Lutheran SATURDAY - 5 p.m. Worship
601 Pleasant Oak Dr., from 6-8 p.m. A light snack will be provid- at Firefly Coffeehouse, 114 N. Main Church SUNDAY - 9 a.m. Worship and Sunday
Thursday, Aug. 24. 143 Washington Street, Oregon school; 10:30 a.m. Worship
ed in the afternoon. The class is St. (608) 835-3554
The event is $25 to attend and $15 for AARP members and $20 Fo r i n f o r m a t i o n , e m a i l g r i l l Interim pastor St. Johns Lutheran Church
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Paws Guide Dog Association, an available. Holy Communion 2nd & last Pastor Paul Markquart (Lead Pastor)
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Football Girls cross country

hopes to
in Badger
Sports editor

Coach Doug Debroux

said what the Oregon girls
cross country team lacks in
numbers, sporting a team
in the low 20s, it hopes to
make up for with a huge
The Panthers bring back a
trio of second-team Badger
South all-conference ath-
letes in Zoe Frank (11th),
Kaity Kliminski (13th) and
Lauren Beauchaine (16th).
Zoe, Kaity and Lauren
all had outstanding dis-
tance track seasons last
spring and they carried
that momentum into a very
strong summer of base
training, Debroux said.
Incoming sophomores
Eden Meidl, Ana Verhagen
Photos by Joe Koshollek and Bryanna Salazar also
Oregons Kardelle Phillips outruns the Norski defense for a 79-yard touchdown in the third quarter Friday at non-conference DeForest. The Panthers had strong track season and
defeated the Norskies 24-14. put in a lot of miles over the

Panthers upset Norskies

Verhage was 22nd at con-
ference, Bastian was 24th,
Julie Bull was 28th and
Turn to Girls XC/Page 8
Big plays fuel Oregons
Week 1 win on the road Whats next
Boys cross country
Oregon hosts non-conference

New faces
Sports editor Mount Horeb/Barneveld (1-0) at
7 p.m. Friday at Panther Stadium.
Oregon got a pair of big plays Mount Horeb defeated Madison

set to lead
in the second half to rally from Edgewood 49-20 in Week 1.
a halftime deficit en route to a
24-14 victory on the road in a
Badger Conference crossover

game at DeForest. racking up 116 yards on 18 car-
The Panthers trailed 7-3 at ries. Wannebo sealed the victo-
halftime but fought back with an ry with a 9-yard rushing touch-
interception from Jahlil Turner down with 10:30 remaining in the
and long touchdown run by Kar- fourth quarter. Keion Szudy add- JEREMY JONES
delle Phillips. ed another 61 yards. Sports editor
Turner jumped an out route and Carson Smedley returned an
ran 40 yards for a pick-six ear- interception deep into Norskies Fans of the Oregon boys
ly in the third quarter. DeForest territory with five minutes left, cross country team may
running back Carson Foster got but Oregon was unable to turn it have to spent some time
one hand on the third-and-long into points, missing a field goal. getting to know all the new
pass, but bobbled the ball, which Oregon rotated Nolan Look and faces this season. The Pan-
Turner took out of the receivers Cedric Girard the whole game. thers only return one of last
hands. It was off to the races from Look completed 8 of 10 passes years top seven runners in
as Turner ran untouched into the for 31 yards but threw one inter- what coach Erik Haakenson
Norskies end zone to put the ception. Girard was 0-for-4. said will be another rebuild-
Panthers up 10-7. Both did a really nice job. It ing year. Oregon finished
Phillips broke the game open was a really good competition fourth in the Badger South
with a 80-yard rushing touch- during camp and both deserved last year.
down on a halfback counter in the to play, Kissling said. We are Ben Boerigter and Con-
fourth quarter to extend the lead planning on doing this until one n o r B r i c k l ey r e t u r n a s
to 17-7. separates from the other. seniors, while juniors Sean
The play was blocked really Phillips led the Oregon receiv- Bychowski, Will Oelke and
well, our O-line did a great job of ers with five catches for 20 yards Steele Mellum will also add
opening the hole and Kardelle did and Jack Haufle caught three balls upperclassmen leadership
the rest once he got past the first for 11 yards. Oregons Logan Ackerman sacks Deforest quarterback Sam Vomhof as he to a young team.
eight, coach Dan Kissling said. The Panthers victory matched tries to get a throw off in the first quarter of the game. Vomhof was called Freshman Brenden Dieter
DeForest, which scored both of their win total for all of last sea- for intentional grounding on the play. hopes to make an immedi-
its touchdowns following Panther son. ate impact with the varsity.
turnovers, scored inside the 10 for Our kids know that last years B r i c k l ey i s t h e o n l y
the second time to pull within a team was better than their record The Vikings are coming off a 30-0 Kissling said. Our kids know we returner that ran at section-
field goal 17-14. showed and they have really victory over Madison Edgewood. are playing a top team in the Bad- als last season, as Hudson
Phillips finished with 148 yards been working hard each practice We have been preaching that ger North and beating DeForest, I Kugel graduated and will
rushing on six carries for a Pan- to make sure we dont go back- there are no easy games on our think helps with our confidence. compete at UW-Madison.
thers team that rang up 312 yards ward, Kissling said. schedule and we know it will get We will be underdogs again this Kugel ran to first-all con-
on the ground on 39 attempts. Oregon hosts Mount Horeb/ tougher each week, with Mount week and I think our kids like that ference honors, finish sixth
Brett Wannebo had the majori- Barneveld in a Badger Conference Horeb this week and then (Mono- role but they know what they are
ty of carries out of the backfield, crossover game Friday at 7p.m. na Grove) the following week, up against. Turn to Boys XC/Page 8
8 August 24, 2017 Oregon Observer

Girls swimming Girls XC: Nine runners are back this season
Continued from page 7

Sarah Adams was 33rd.

The team also returns a
pair of first-team all-con-
ference runners from 2015
i n Ta y l o r S c h m i d t a n d
Bree Bastian who both
battled serious injuries last
Bree is coming back
after an excellent track
season. Both Taylor and
Bree are two of the most
competitive athletes to
ever wear an Oregon cross
country uniform, Debroux
said. If they both get/stay
healthy, it will be fun to
Debroux said the team
also has three freshman
that have done a great job
participating in team runs
all summer.
Clara Hughes and Julia
Hutchinson have displayed
the dedication and work
ethic of athletes willing to
Photo by Jeremy Jones sacrifice and prepare to the
Returning letterwinners for the Oregon girls swimming level that makes champi-
Photo by Brian Vasey
team (from left) are: Carolyn Christofferson, Ellen Martin ons, Debroux said. Lily
and Grace Roemer; (not pictured) Jenna Dobrinsky. Hannibal has also done a Returning letterwinners (front, from left) are: Bryanna Salazar, Taylor Schmidt, Breanna Bas-
nice job this summer and tian and Lauren Beauchaine; (back) Julie Bull, Sarah Adams, Zoe Frank, Kaity Kliminski and
shows signed of possess- Ana Verhagen.

Four return in 2017 ing great potential.

The girls program has
w o n s ev e n c o n f e r e n c e Whats next
JEREMY JONES team out wherever needed. titles but not since 2012.
Sports editor The captains have been Standing in the Panthers The Oregon girls cross country team travels to West Bend for the Jamie Block Invita-
a great help to me so far way this season is Stough- tional at 9a.m. Saturday.
Michael Keleny takes over this season, first-year head ton, which looks like the
as head coach of the Oregon coach Michael Keleny said. team to beat on paper, Among the talented field are defending Division 1 state champion Sun Prairie, third-place
girls swimming teams this All of the captains are returning Anna Wozniak, Kettle Moraine and state team qualifiers Muskego, Neenah and Oshkosh North.
season after having spent the seniors, and are working G r a c e J e n ny, M a rga r e t
past two years as an assistant hard to show they have the Ross and Abby Kittleson.
coach. skills to lead the team. T h e Vi k i n g s fi n i s h e d Wo z n i a k w h o wo n t h e Jenna Lovejoy (second) Atkinson team to overtake
Keleny inherits a team led OMalley had a solid 41 points ahead of Fort meet in 19 minutes, 39 and senior Arianna Man- Stoughton.
by a trio of seniors and an freshman season but wont Atkinson last year behind s e c o n d s . S o p h o m o r e save (third) lead a Fort
underclassmen standout. be returning to the pool for
Senior Carolyn Christ- the Panthers this season
offerson returns to help the as her family moved to the
team out in the backstroke
and freestyle. She is an OHS
Monona Grove School Dis-
Boys XC: Season begins Saturday at Glenn Herold invite
relay medley relay record The Panthers will have Continued from page 7
holder, along with sopho- another talented incoming
more Jenna Dobrinsky, who group of freshman, though,
excels in the distance races including year-round club and then went on to take
for the Panthers. swimmers Halle Busch and 26th place at sectionals last
Foreign exchange student Mattea Thomason. Keleny year. Josh Klahn earned
Ania Grzlewski and under- said Zoe Rule is also an second-team all-conference
classmen Mary OMalley are all-around great swimmer honors for his 12th-place
both gone, though. The same that will help out the team finish. He went on to place
foursome finished eight in quickly. 32nd at sectionals. Sam
the 200 free and nearly made Though shes a senior, Hakes also earned sec-
state. Oregon hasnt qualified Eva Magee is new to the ond-team honors, finishing
anyone to state since Maddie team this season and is 13th overall. He was 40th at
Schwartz and the 200 and expected to help out in the sectionals. Varsity runners
400 free relays in 2010. butterfly. Ben Lokuta and Nathan
Dobrinsky was 15th in the Keleny has already told Buchert also graduated.
200 and 500 freestyle at the the team if any relay or Brickley finished 42nd at
fastest sectional in the state. individual makes the state conference. Mellum took
Fellow seniors Ellen Mar- tournament this season, he 48th place and Boerigter
tin and Faith Majors-Culp will shave his beard off and was 51st as the teams fifth,
are team captains with Chris- paint his finger nails orange seventh and eighth runners.
tofferson, and will help the and black. Hunter Schulz moved up
from JV conference to var-
sity for sectionals where he

CALL NOW 1-608-338-1170

finished 62nd. He decided
not to return, though.
The team is looking for-
ward to a competitive sea-
son with varsity leadership
returning, and many young-
er runners are looking for-
ward to the opportunity to
Proud Partner of Photo by Brian Vasey
compete at the varsity level
Wisconsin Athletics
this year, Haakenson said. Returning letterwinners for the Oregon boys cross country team are: Miles McCammick, Tait
The conference race Baldus and Sawyer LaChance; (back) Devin Keast, Sam Pieper, Ben Boerigter, Colin Meidl
and Connor Brickley.
looks pretty clear this sea-
s o n a s M o n o n a G r ove

60-60-60 SALE! Whats next

returns nearly its entire
varsity team and figures to
be the favorite to repeat as
Badger South Conference Oregon gets the season underway at the Glenn Herold Invitational 9:30a.m. Saturday.
60% OFF INSTALLATION on new windows!
New orders only.
y Minimum purchase
p required.
q Does not include material costs. champions. Monroe, which Defending Division 1 state champion Madison West and D2 state champion Lakeland
finished 32 points behind
the Silver Eagles last year, Union will be among the teams competing.
$0 Interest
I Receive a FREE $60
$6C0 gift will try to close that gap Baraboo High School, Catholic Memorial, Fort Atkinson, Hartford Union, Johnson Creek,
Financing for card with your ard with several key returners
60 months! in-home estimate!
looking to compete. Kettle Moraine, Luther Prep, Milton, Stoughton, Turner, Verona Area, Waterloo, Watertown
Monona Grove will and Waukesha South round out the field.
return three of their top four
*Visit for full offer details runners in the conference
m from last season in Char- (third) and Reed Anderson make up the lead back in along with Monroes Dylan
adno=536273-01 lie Ellenberk, James Giftos (fourth). They expect to the conference all season, Scace (second). August 24, 2017 Oregon Observer 9

Photo submitted by Jere M. Bauer III

Oregon U12 South Central finishes runner-up for league championship

The Oregon U12 South Central softball team finished second in their league championship.
Team members (from left) are: Isabel Bauer, Emma Eisele, Kylie Weber, Emma Grossen, Hannah Corning, Kristelle Sommers, Kylie Hannemann, Isabella Block, Taylor Kramer, Danielle Palas
and Kennedy Field. The team was coached by Dana Leikness and Brian Hanneman.

Girls swimming Girls golf

Panthers hold off Blackhawks by nine points Panthers defeat Watertown
Sports editor Assistant sports editor Whats next
Depth has not been a luxury afforded to the Oregon/Bel- The Oregon High School Oregon traveled to
leville girls swimming team throughout the history of the pro- girls golf team traveled to
Portage Country Club
Watertown Country Club on
That may all be changing this season, though, as the Pan- Aug. 16 and took on Water-
Wednesday for the Por-
thers have the largest team (22 girls) in recent history. town in a Badger South Con- tage invite after the Ob-
It was that depth and the second- and third-place finishes it ference match. servers deadline. Results
supplied Tuesday that carried the team to a Badger South Con- The Panthers earned their will be in next issue.
ference dual meet win over Fort Atkinson 88-79. first conference win 194-
Weve never had a conference dual as our first meet of the Photo by Jeremy Jones 216 over Watertown, which The Panthers travel to
season, senior Carolyn Christofferson said. It was a little dif- Sophomore Jenna Dobrinsky anchors Oregons 400-yard joined the Badger South from Monona Golf Course at
ferent, but we were all just excited to get out there tonight and freestyle relay of Zoe Rule, Victoria Helvig and Ellen Martin the Little 10 after conference
to see what we could do. 11a.m. Friday to take
to first place Tuesday with a time of 4 minutes, 8.62 sec- realignment this season.
We knew Fort was a team we could compete with, so we onds. The Panthers beat the host Fort Atkinson Blackhawks Junior Ally Payne led Ore- on Monona Grove in a
just wanted to get our hand on the wall first and see what hap- 88-79 to open the Badger South Conference season. gon with a 44, and senior Badger South Conference
pens. Andi McCorkle was next with dual and travel to Maple
The win came with one relay being DQed, so theres still a 45. Junior Sydney McKee
room for improvement coach Michael Keleny said. Whats next followed with a 49, and fresh-
Bluff Country Club at noon
Monday, Aug. 28, for the
Oregon earned victories from the 200-medley relay (Caro- man Alyssa Schmidt shot a
lyn Christofferson, Mattea Thompson, Ava Magee and Halle Oregon travels to the DeForest invite at 10a.m. Sat- 56. Crusade Fore a Cure in-
Bush), the 400-freestyle relay (Zoe Rule, Victoria Helvig, urday and hosts Stoughton at 6p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 29. vite.
Ellen Martin and Jenna Dobrinsky), as well as individual wins Milton Bestball invite
from Dobrinsky in the 200 free and Thompson in the 100 Oregon traveled to Oak
breaststroke. Rule, Helvig, Martin and Dobrinsky helped Oregon close Ridge Golf Course Thursday
Our freshmen class (Bush, Thompson, Magee and Helvig) out the win, claiming the 400 free in 4:08.62. Milton 153, Oregon 187
for the Milton Bestball invite
is incredibly talented, Keleny said. Theyve come in and Rule led throughout the majority of the 200 IM only to be and finished runner-up with a The Panthers hosted the
theyve swam hard. touched out by Fort Atkinson sophomore Emmi Belzer at the 263. Red Hawks Tuesday in the
Magee and Helvig joined the team this season after swim- wall (2:22.96-2:23.29). Liliana Meyer and third Badger South dual of the
ming previously for clubs in Eau Claire and Minnesota. Christofferson and Magee finished second and third in the McCorkle shot an 83. Payne season and fell 153-187.
The Panthers set the tone early winning the 200-medley 50 free as did Magee and Helvig in the 100 butterfly, Dobrin- and Schmidt finished with McCorkle shot a 40, and
relay, touching out Fort Atkinson by just .43 with a time of sky and Bush in the 500 free and Rule and Christofferson in an 89, and Sydney and Sam Payne followed with a 44.
1 minutes, 29.39 seconds. Dobrinsky added the 200 free one the 100 backstroke. McKee shot a 91. Sydney McKee had a 48, and
event later in 2:06.2. If we dont win an event, going 2-3 is just as good, Keleny Milton won the meet with Brooke McCallum shot a 55.
Thompson came out of lane seven to win the 100 breast- said. I tell the girls not to think about place but their times a 228, and Mukwonago was Mia Seeman led Milton
stroke in 1:16.39. individually. Its your time first and then the girl next to you. third with a 270. with a 33.

Girls tennis
Panthers fall a point shy at McFarland Quad Early
Sports editor
Anna Donovan dropped
her first No. 4 singles match
6-3, 7-5 to McFarland but
Whats next Deadlines
The season officially got
underway for the Oregon girls
tennis team Wednesday, Aug.
bounced back to beat Portage
6-1, 6-2.
The OBrien twins, Kailey
Oregon was a late entry
into the Monroe doubles Labor Day Week
16, at the McFarland quad. and Addie, pulled out a 7-6 tournament on Wednes-
The host Spartans won the (4), 7-6 (0) win that included day, Aug. 22. It is the September 6 Great Dane Shopping News
quad with 23 points one two tiebreakers over McFar- teams last match before Display ad deadline: Wednesday, August 30 at 3 pm.
more than Oregon. Ripon was lands Alli Hartman and a week-long break. The
third with 13 and Portage fin- Annie Stuntebeck at No. 3
Panthers return to the
Classified ad deadline: Thursday, August 31 at Noon.
ished last with 12. doubles. They went on to beat
Julia Gerhards defeated Ripon 6-0, 6-2 in the second court at 4:15p.m. Tues-
Michelle Butcher of McFar- round. day, Aug. 29, to open the September 7 Oregon Observer, Stoughton Courier Hub
land in straight sets 6-1, 6-1 Gianna Schulz and Katie Badger South Conference and Verona Press
atop the singles lineup but fell Reisdorf beat Ripon 6-0, 60
6-4, 6-4 to Leah Hollander of only to drop a heartbreaker season at Monroe. They Display & Classified ad deadlines:
Portage. 3-6, 6-4, 10-6 to McFarland follow that up at home
Rachel Depuydt beat Gre- in the second round. against Fort Atkinson on Friday, September 1 at Noon.
ta McKinnon 6-3, 6-3 in the All four of our seniors Aug. 31.
first round at No. 3 singles but (Gerhards, Reisdorf and the In observance of the holiday,

dropped her second against OBrien) have been working


our offices will be closed


McFarlands Molly McCaul- hard in practice, co-head 10-5 at No. 2 singles.


ley 6-2, 6-2. coach Terry Geurkink said. After losing the first set, Monday, September 4, 2017.
Sophia Choles and Ashley Isabelle Krier finished Isabelle played the rest of the
Johnson beat Sophie Amend up the quad, going 2-0. She match at a much higher level
and Katelyn Julson of Portage defeated Ripon 6-2, 6-1 and and won the third set tiebreak-
6-2, 7-5 but fell 6-2, 6-4 at then held on to beat Berit er decisively to win her flight
No. 1 doubles to McFarland. Spilde of McFarland 2-6, 6-4, championship.
10 August 24, 2017 Oregon Observer

Social: Police, Fire/EMS both have more than 1,500 followers on Facebook pages
Continued from page 1 solely on online communi-
cation with the department
and community educational since the officers dont
programs, such as National monitor the social media all
Night Out and fundraisers the time. He answers some
for OPDs K-9 patrol unit. questions online but would
The ability to reach out to encourage people to call the
more paid on-call firefight- department or refer other
er volunteers like Price was officers to follow up.
one of the reasons fire chief Its another tool to do
Glenn Linzmeier revi- our job, Hatfield said.
talized the departments The ability (to) reach out
Facebook account when so many citizens in such a
he took over the fire/EMS short period of time can be
department a year ago. priceless.
Linzmeier believed that
after seeing the interaction Trolling and privacy
and how the department Although Facebook pro-
works with the community, vides a platform for people
people would want to come to have their voice heard,
on board to help the emer- Hatfields biggest concern is
gency services. the comments to some of the
I want them to be aware police departments posts.
that the department is giv- He monitors the page even
ing back to the community when he is off work so he
and doing the outreach to can address offensive com-
build the district, Linz- ments as quickly as possi-
meier said. Thats very ble.
rewarding and great for the The fire department shies
community. away from posting any inci-
dents because of privacy
Impressive exposure Photo by Helu Wang concerns.
Though the fire/EMS Detective Jeremy Hatfield monitors the Oregon Police Department Facebook account on a daily basis to avoid offensive com- We want to respect peo-
Facebook account was set ments. ples privacy so they would
up years ago, it had not staff members began regu- of crimes happening in the p o s t e d a n ew s r e l e a s e posted on a community be willing to be open to us
been very active. But since larly posting twice a week community. about a suspect attempting page. and work with us, Linzmei-
Linzmeier and two other over the past year or so, its I dont know any other to entice a boy into a car. Compared to the old- er said.
number of followers has way we could get this type More than 170,000 people school way of knocking Thats why he is reluctant
doubled to 1,600. of exposure and push infor- viewed the post, and 2,000 door to door and meeting to have more staff getting
Legals The police departments mation out to so many peo- people shared it. Some people one on one, social the access to post. Any posts
Facebook account is new- ple, Hatfield said. shared photos taken by their media has directed to a with the potential to release
The regular meeting of the Ore- er, launching in 2015, and The interactions between own surveillance cameras totally different era, Linz- personal information, like
gon School District Board of Education already has more than people and police officers and called to share more meier said. photos of teenagers without
scheduled for Monday, August 28, 2017
has been cancelled. 1,800 followers. It also has provide more informa- potential evidence. Over the past 30 years parents release, would be
The next regular meeting of the
Board of Education will be September a Twitter account but only tion and details for crime Both the fire/EMS dis- of his career, Linzmeier taken down immediately.
11, 2017. A complete agenda will be pub- posts once or twice a month investigations. Hatfield has trict and OPD address pub- recalled it took hours to So far the department has
lished in the September 7, 2017 issue of
the Oregon Observer. and has 77 followers. released incident reports to lic concerns and follow spread the emergency calls not encountered such prob-
Published: August 24, 2017
WNAXLP Detective Jeremy Hat- inform people to be aware current popular topics. For of tornado or flooding. lems, and Linzmeier hopes
field is in charge of run- of prominent crimes that example, prior to the Aug. Now we can just hit a they never do.
ning the OPD page and happened around them and 21 solar eclipse, Linzmei- button then everyone is one We should properly use
CIRCUIT COURT, monitors it on a daily basis. in return, people responded er reminded people not to the same page, Linzmeier (the social media) but not
DANE COUNTY, The social media avenue with messages about crimes directly look at the sun. And said. abuse (it), Linzmeier said.
PUBLICATION SUMMONS is an impressive way for they witnessed, clues or Hatfield returned a stolen Nevertheless, Hatfield
AND NOTICE police officers to hear peo- suspects. bicycle to the owner after doesnt want people to rely Contact Helu Wang at helu.
Case No. 17SC4198
ples concerns and be aware On Aug. 16, Hatfield matching the descriptions
Stoughton Lumber
3188 Deer Point Drive
Stoughton, WI 53589

Library: MOU committee still needs to work out details of new building
Defendant: Shukri Shabani
669 N. Woods Edge Drive
Oregon, WI 53575
Publication Summons and Notice of
AS DEFENDANT(S): Continued from page 1 it under state statutes, including con-spot but asked if there were a way to grateful for being included in deter-
You are being sued by the person(s)
above as Plaintiff(s). A copy of the claim
trol of the facility and its construction.
help kids safely cross the street. mining how the church property
has been sent to you at your address as months after it rejected the Sanctu- Dregne noted the village hasnt Village administrator Mike Gracz should be used in the future.
stated in the caption above.
The lawsuit will be heard in the fol- ary senior apartment proposal. authorized construction yet. In the said the village would do a traffic She added people in the neigh-
lowing Small Claims court: Dane County
The agreement being worked meantime, the MOU will establish study of the area and would have a borhood had formed a committee to
Telephone Number of Clerk of Court: out between the village and library the process for designing, financing project planned to make the inter- help with fundraising, would like to
Courtroom/Room Number: 1000 board, known as a memorandum of and constructing the new building. It section of Grove Street and North provide sweat equity in the project
215 Hamilton Street, Madison, WI
understanding, or MOU, will address will also address the anticipated cost Main Street more safe. and would like to participate in a cit-
on the following date and time: Sep- the construction and use of the new of building the library, and source Staton agreed, saying, We will izen building-advisory committee for
tember 14, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.
If you do not attend the hearing, the building. It could house some munic- and timing of funding to finance the be diligent in having a highly visible the library to give suggestions on its
court may enter a judgment against you
in favor of the person(s) suing you. A ipal operations while other facilities construction. crosswalk there. If we choose to put design.
copy of the claim has been sent to you
at your address as stated in the caption
such as a new senior center or Vil- An MOU should also determine a library on North Main Street, then We are stewards for this beautiful
above. A judgment may be enforced as lage Hall are being built. the amount of private fundraising we choose to make it safe. area and are willing to put in the time
provided by law. A judgment awarding
money may become a lien against any Village attorney Matt Dregne said before the village borrows for the He noted the village has an ordi- and effort for this worthwhile proj-
real estate you own now or in the future,
and may also be enforced by garnish-
at Mondays meeting the resolution project. nance that requires drivers to stop ect, Vogeler said. We know it will
ment or seizure of property. sets the conditions to move for- Groundbreaking is projected to be when pedestrians approach cross- be years in the making, and we are
You may have the option to Answer
without appearing in court on the court ward with the project. Those include in spring 2019, and officials expect walks and said the police might committed to a long-term investment
date by filing a written Answer with the
clerk of court before the court date. You
appointing Village President Steve construction to take about one year. have to begin enforcing it more of our time and energy.
must send a copy of your Answer to the Staton and Village Trustee Jeanne The size of the existing library is aggressively. Staton responded that the entire
Plaintiff(s) named above at their address.
You may contact the clerk of court at the Carpenter to the MOU committee, 10,360 square feet. During public comment, North village would be welcome and
telephone number above to determine
along with Brian Busler, president Main Street resident Rae Vogeler encouraged to get involved in the
if there are other methods to answer a
Small Claims complaint in that county. of the Library Board, and Library Safety concerns thanked village officials for their project.
Norm Gerber, Stoughton Lumber
August 16, 2017 Board member Carrie Schudda. During a discussion on its location, handling of the former Methodist
Published: August 24, 2017
WNAXLP Staton said Monday the Library Trustee Darlene Groenier said she Church property. She said she and Contact Bill Livick at bill.livick@
Board has a lot of power granted to thinks North Main Street is a good people in her neighborhood were

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Additional qualifications and requirements can be found
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Job description and application are available at the
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SCHOOL AGE BICYCLES: All used & Safety checked.

REG. WI AUCTIONEERS: Dean George, #486, (cell 608-751-
Fairbanks Morse Engine.
REG. WI AUCTIONEERS: Dean George, #486, (cell 608-751-
AND PRESCHOOL LEAD 5703), Kale George, #2811, 11211 N. Union Road, Evansville, WI
53536, (608) 882-6123.
5703), Kale George, #2811, (office 608-882-6123), 11211 North
Union Road, Evansville, WI 53536.
TEACHERS NEEDED TERMS: 5% Buyers Fee. Check or Cash. 4% courtesy charge for
purchases using credit card. All sales final. All announcements made
TERMS: 5% Buyers Fee. Check or Cash. 4% courtesy charge for
purchases using credit card. All sales final. All announcements made
Part-time positions (20-25 hours). day of sale take precedence over printed material. Not responsible day of sale take precedence over printed material. Not responsible
for accidents or losses. for accidents or losses.
Hours are typically 3:00-6:00pm. For complete listing and photos log onto For complete listing and photos log onto
Some morning shifts are available.

adno=535783-01 adno=535867-01

Please apply at

Equal Opportunity Employer
12 August 24, 2017 Oregon Observer

Rocks: Oregon woman recalls seeing post on Facebook about rock she hid in Madison
Continued from page 1

an activity. They painted

and hid 23 rocks around
Oregon on May 1, and
within a few weeks, they
began turning up online.
The kids were so excit-
ed, as was I, she told the
Observer in an email. Its
wonderful to see how much Lori Olivares of Oregon and
these kindness rocks have her daughter, Devan, found
caught on in our communi- this frog rock at Greenway
ty and all the kids and fami- Station on the west side of
lies that are getting outside, Madison.
walking around together
and discovering the joy that
can come from simply find-
ing a painted rock.
Girga started sharing
posts on her Facebook page
and continued to paint and
hide rocks in Oregon and
surrounding communities
whenever we would run
errands. She said her favorite
story is of a rock they hid on
the Lakeshore Path in Madi- Photos submitted
son near the Wisconsin Union Kids at Cheryls Daycare in Oregon had fun finding and hiding rocks around the village recently. From left are Austin Vaughn,
that read, You can do it. Evan Lund, Lillianna Kingsley, Carter Schultz, Cayden Hamilton, Ethan Lund and Jadin Vaughn.
Having hid a bunch of Some examples of rocks
rocks previously and never found around Oregon
seeing them posted, I was The proper way to Rock Out recently.
skeptical that it would be
found, she said. To my Rocks can be found at local hardware/landscape stores. Rinse the rocks and let them dry.
surprise, it was discovered
by a mom who had just Acrylic paints seem to work best for brushing. You can also spray paint rocks first for a solid color background.
arrived in Madison to do a Paint pens and fine-tip Sharpies work great for detail.
language program and was
missing her toddler. She Once youre done painting your rock, its recommended to seal it before hiding it to protect your art from the elements.
posted a picture in the Dane A spray clear sealant works well, but note that it can sometimes make Sharpies run. Mod Podge is water-based, so be
County ROCKS! group that
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Contact Scott De Laruelle can find the group page! April Girga of Oregon and
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