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MARCH 2017
1. Question No.1 is compulsory.
2. Answer any SIX questions.
3. All questions carry equal marks.
4. Neatness in handwriting and clarity in expression carries weightage
5. Illustration of an answer with clear sketches ? diagrams carries weightage
6. All unused pages of answer script must be cancelled out by two lines (X) across the page.
Q1. A. With reference to fatigue of engineering components explain the influence of stress level at cyclical
frequency on expected operating life.; B. Explain the influence of material defects on the safe operating life of
engineering component; C. State the factors which influence the possibility of fatigue cracking of a bed plate
transverse girder and explain how the risk of such cracking can be minimized

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Q2. Sketch suitable welded joints indicating the approximate plate thickness and dimensions of preparation for
the following purposes A. End plate connection to the shell of an unfired pressure vessel; B. Longitudinal seam
of an unfired pressure vessel; C. Prefabricated combustion chamber for an auxiliary boiler

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Q3. A.(i) Sketch a combustion gas system, suitable for inerting the cargo spaces of a vessel. (ii)Describe the
operation of this system.
B. State the percentage analysis by volume of the inert gas generated by the system in (A).

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Q4:An auxiliary engine exhibits a tendency to hunt to such an extent that the engine speed variation prohibits the
connection of the machine to the switchboard. (a) Discuss the possible causes of hunting. (b) Explain how the
problem of hunting can be rectified.

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Q5. A. Explain why it is essential to ensure adequate cooling of air compressor cylinders, inter coolers and after
coolers; B. State with reasons the possible consequences of prolonged operation of the compressor if these areas
are not adequately cooled.
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Q6.A. Sketch a ships indirect refrigeration system arranged for cooling containers stowed in stacks in the hold;
B. Describe the refrigeration system sketched in (A) ; C. State the advantages of the system described in (A)
compared with containers with their own refrigeration self-contained units.

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Q7: With reference to sleeved keyless propeller assemblies: (i) State, with reasons, the metals used in the
manufacture of the sleeve and tail end shaft;
(ii)State the type and thickness of material used to bond the sleeve to the propeller boss.
B. When removing the propeller from the tail end shaft, state why the following procedures are not recommended:
(i) Application of push off force by means of wedges or jacks and draw off force by strong back; (ii) Expansion of
propeller boss by concentrated local heating with gas torches.
C. State the correct procedure for the removal of the propeller from tail end shaft

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Q8. A. Sketch, and describe, a valve suitable for reducing air pressure and maintaining the reduced pressure
within close limits. B. Describe the processes through which air from the starting air receivers should be treated
before it is used in a pneumatic control system.

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Q9. Give reasons why each of the following features is considered desirable in air compressors.
A. Smooth air passages with minimum obstruction at valves; B. Minimum clearance volume
C. Multi-tubular heat exchangers; D. Generous size of suction filter.

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