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Jugamos a reconocer palabras y dbujarlas en el pizarrn, empatamos as que ambos grupos tendrn premio!

Respondimos a la pregunta What color is the.? (De qu color es el/la?)

Repasamos los colores
Aprendimos a decir Its a blue car/ Brown dinosaur/ orange robot
Trabajamos en el libro Pgina 12
Aprendimos nuevas palabras! UMBRELLA Y STARFISH!
Para la prxima clase deben estudiar el abecedario hasta la letra -i y adems, realizar la pgina 7 del ABC booklet.

Aim/Lesson Topic: verb to be with It

RECYCLING ACTIVITY tch will divide the class in two groups, then
tch will show tothem WORDS as parrot, sts will draw each on the
board. The group which assestguesses the most more will be the
winner.(You may need to explain this in Spanish.)
Warm up:
(First 15)
apple boat cat
boy girl friend teacher book chair desk door.
dog elephant - flag
FUNCTION: talking about objects colours
April 12th / 17th / 19th
Pupils book p. 12
Structure: Its a blue car.
Vocabulary: Colours: red black yellow brown blue orange
green pink white grey.
Also teach : What colour is the (car)? Its . (blue).
big - small
ABC Booklet p. 7
Vocabulary: starfish teacher umbrella

Tch will prepare some flashcards from on the screen/

TV monitor related to some vocabulary. Tch will ask :

Classdevelopment WHAT IS IT?


IS IT SMALL O BIG? (write these adjectives on board since it

is new vocabulary)

After that Tch will work on page12 from sts book and abc page 7.
Vocabulary : starfish, teacher, umbrella

Add every class new words of the alphabet and review previous ones.
Spelling is included in the oral test)
Material/Resources: flash cards
Use of photocopies:
Sts book pages: page 12 Exercise N: 5 up to 7
Lets play : tchll collect objects from the classroom, pencils,
numbers(flashcards9, letters, then tch ll divide the class in three groups.
Ending up
2 sts from each group will see the objects about 2 second. After that tch
ll cover the objects, sts ll draw the objects that they saw with their
Homework: Activity book: abc booklet pag 8