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From: Francis

To: Domingo Lorenzo

Sent: 5/30/2014 12:41 :56 PM
Subject: Fwd: Re:
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From: Carlos Garcia

Date: May 30, 2014, 3:45:53 PM GMT+Ol:00
To: Ambassador <florenzoun(c2l,>
Subject: Re:
Reply-To: Carlos Garcia

Ver anexo solicitado

Carlos Garcia

El Viernes, 30 de mayo, 2014 1 :25 AM., Ambassador <> escribi6:

To whom it may concern

Please be advise that Terra Trading S.A. located at C/Juan Sanchez Ramirez Gascue Santo Domingo
Dom Rep is Representing Sun Kian Ip Group from China for the Lating America Region and is in
consultation with me in the development of the Centro America Desk for the establishment of the South
South Permanent Expo and Meeting Center in Macao as it is stated in Document A/66/7 48 from the UN
general Assembly. In said Document Sun Kian Ip Group is appointed to be the representative for the
implementation for the Permanent Expo and Meeting center for the countries of the south

If there is any additional information that you need feel free to contact me


Truly Yours

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Mis'i6n P.ermanente:de El Salvador ante leis Nadones Qhi4~$
46 Patk AVen ue
New Ybrk; NY, :10016
(2.I2)@jl~s16t6 /. Fax:{2,12)

Please be .alvis~ that Terra Tr!:ldjng S.A. !ocatEl<=! C/J.1.;121n Sii1n~hez Rarnirei <5G1sc1,,1e
S,91r1to Dorningot DomJnican.R1qpL1blic repr~set1ting.Sur1 Kian lp Js. Chlha fot <Stoup from
the Latin Arnerka Region and ts in c:onsuttati.on wrth me in the development :0f the.
Central f\.1nerican Ciesk tor the estal?Lishrnent ofthe. Southcc Soutb. Penni;lrrent Expo t1n<i
:M;@ting Cen~r .in .M~c:a:0:. a$ itl$ $}?tt~ In rtocument A/66FJ4r;, fntm the UN Genera'!
Assernbty, ln said Document Sutt Klan Ip :Group is appointed to, be t he representative:
fofth~ Implement,:tti{l)o Jqr thE2 Perm~r1ent E~po <:111d Meetlr19 Cent1;1rforthe c:out1trles of
the south.

If there ls any aclqjtion~I information tbf1t yoi,,1 need feel free 'to contact me at

r taJ<~thls op-pqrtuqrty to' ~xpr,~s$ the a,,s~:ur~J1<;EJ ofm:y hl.fJ;hes;t consJf:i;eration::

iqt,te GMtfa :qanz~Ji::z

Pe:rmaoetitHepresentanv~ . of El sa:tvador

n' pJi"("i'EJJ~urrcno---.;
- - . 2 .. ~. -
s:-cov. IF~-=-=~-::11._~C_:ONFT[!~NC:fACl
i Riii.:. E~s"i:iER~iV'i A~it)lf.Qt""""'....... - 1]

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