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Humanitarian Aid & Development Assistance

for the Gaza Strip
Monthly Report – July 2010
The Israeli Government, together with the IDF, coordinates the delivery of a
variety of Humanitarian Aid and Development Assistance to the civilian
population of the Gaza Strip. This report details measures taken during the
month of July 2010, as well as transfers of goods and services to the Strip.

Expanding the civilian policy towards the Gaza Strip

In June 2010, Israel's Security Cabinet established a new policy, designed to
better facilitate flows of essential humanitarian aid, together with
development assistance. This policy found ways to improve the lives of Gaza's
civilians, whilst continuing to address Israel's concerns for its own population's
safety and security.
The following measures have thus been implemented throughout July:
The capacity of the Kerem Shalom crossing was increased by 60% so that
150 truckloads could enter the Gaza Strip on a daily basis via the Kerem
Shalom Crossing.
Since August 1st, the capacity has further grown to 250 truckloads a day.
The list of controlled items to the Gaza Strip was published on July 5th,
and can be found at the website of the Prime Minister's Office

International Projects: The first group of projects was approved:

o Progress continued on 14 existing projects (9 of which are already at
the implementation stage).
o Approval was granted for 31 new projects, including 17 by USAid.
A Joint COGAT - PA team was established in order to promote projects
that are funded and supervised by the international community.
A joint team between COGAT, the MOD Crossing Authority and the PA
was established in order to enhance the capacity of the existing
operational crossings.

Foreign Relations Branch, Hakirya, Tel Aviv – Tel.: 03-6977622/3 – Fax: 03-6967976
Main Points
In July, there was an increase of 19% in the volume of truckloads entering
Gaza. Overall, 3,665 truckloads entered via the Kerem Shalom Crossing and
the Karni Conveyor.
4,140,046 liters of Heavy Duty Diesel, 3,230 tons of Cooking Gas, 76,438 liters
of Gasoline and 345,646 of Diesel Fuel were transferred into Gaza.
The 73 truckloads of equipment from the Libyan flotilla entered Gaza.
Similarly, the transfer of equipment and items from the Turkish flotilla
continued (88 truckloads).
During the month, 2,338 Palestinians entered Israel, West Bank and abroad,
including 161 Palestinian businessmen.
During the month 924 international staff members entered\exited the Gaza
A sum of 100 million NIS was delivered for the salaries of the PA’s employees
in Gaza, in addition to the exchange of 31.5 million NIS in worn bills (to be
replaced with new bills).
Gaza received some 62 diplomatic delegations from the International
Community, including the visit of Baroness Catherine Ashton, the European
Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Foreign Relations Branch, Hakirya, Tel Aviv – Tel.: 03-6977622/3 – Fax: 03-6967976
Ongoing Implementation of International Projects
The transfer of equipment for approved projects in the Gaza strip has continued:
o Renovation & Repairs to the Al-Quds Hospital (AFD France) - One truckload
of ceramics, pipes and other materials was delivered during the month.
o Housing Construction in Khan-Younis (UNRWA) - 3,950 tons of Aggregates
(98 truckloads) were delivered during the month, for the construction of 151
housing units.
o Greenhouse Infrastructure (USAid) – Progress on the 900 Greenhouses
project continued, with 18 greenhouses (6 truckloads) delivered in July.
o Agricultural Plots for Families (USAid) – 4 truckloads of agricultural inputs
were delivered during July.

Humanitarian Infrastructure
During July, Israel continued to supply the electricity and water needs for Gaza.
In accordance with the Palestinian Authority's request, supply of Diesel for
Gaza's Power Plant was increased by 19.6%, to a total of 4,140,046 liters for the
month of July.
3,230 tons of Cooking Gas was transferred for use by Gaza's population.
In response to transportation needs, 76,438 liters of Gasoline and 345,646 liters
of Diesel Fuel were transferred.
In consultation with the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA), 2 truckloads of
water-related equipment were delivered.
During the month 14 truckloads of equipment and spare parts were delivered
for use by the Palestinian Energy Authority.

Foreign Relations Branch, Hakirya, Tel Aviv – Tel.: 03-6977622/3 – Fax: 03-6967976
Movements and Permits for Travel
During the month, 2,338 Palestinians left the Gaza Strip via the Erez Crossing.
A total of 2,457 permits were issued for Palestinians to cross through Erez:
o Medical Care: 1,509 permits were issued for medical cases-764 patients
and 745 companions, to receive medical treatment in Israel, the West Bank
and abroad.
o Embassy Visa Interviews: 8 permits were issued for interview attendance.
o Continuing Medical Education: 3 permits were issued for attendance at
medical seminars.
o International Travel: 178 permits were issued for travel abroad.
Commerce: 161 businessmen (BMC holders) exited the Gaza Strip in July.

The International Community in Gaza

International Organization Staff: A total of 924 movements by international
personnel were recorded through Erez in July.
Foreign Delegations: A total of 62 diplomatic delegations entered the Gaza Strip
during the month, as well as 4 visits by international organizations to the
Palestinian side of the Kerem Shalom Crossing.
During the month 45 donation requests were approved to the Gaza Strip.
360 truckloads were delivered to the Gaza Strip by the International Community.
US$ 13.5 million for UNRWA workers' salaries was delivered to the Gaza Strip.
In coordination with the Jordanian Field Hospital, replacement of staff and the
delivery of new supplies were facilitated.

Foreign Relations Branch, Hakirya, Tel Aviv – Tel.: 03-6977622/3 – Fax: 03-6967976
Monetary Transfers
US$ 13.5 million for UNRWA’s salaries was delivered into the Gaza Strip.
NIS 100 million for Palestinian Authority salaries was delivered to the Gaza Strip.
NIS 31.5 million in worn-out currency was replaced by the Bank of Israel.

Importation of Goods
During the moth 3,665 truckloads entered the Gaza Strip, including:

Clothing & Electric Food House wares

Shoes Products 1,848 truckloads 98 truckloads
108 truckloads 17 truckloads

Aluminum, Inputs to
Glass and Agriculture
Wood Profiles 167 truckloads
105 truckloads

Merchandise Traffic to the Gaza Strip

Foreign Relations Branch, Hakirya, Tel Aviv – Tel.: 03-6977622/3 – Fax: 03-6967976
Commodities Transfers via the Crossings to the Gaza Strip
Period Kerem Shalom Karni Conveyor Total
4-10/07/2010 651 217 868
11-17/07/2010 715 213 928
18-24/07/2010 787 208 995
25-31/07/2010 673 201 874
Total truckloads 2,826 839 3,665
Weight (tons) 50,631 32,070 82,701

Fuel Transfers for the Month of July

1- 9- 16- 23-
Merchandise/Period Total
8/06/10 15/06/10 22/06/10 30/06/10
Heavy-Duty Diesel for the
1,446,852 1,450,356 827,251 984,193 4,140,046
power station (liters)
Transportation Diesel for
- 250,646 - 95,000 345,646
UNRWA (liters)
Gasoline for UNRWA -
- 76,438 - 76,438
Cooking Gas (tons) 1,136 948 761 733 3,230

Foreign Relations Branch, Hakirya, Tel Aviv – Tel.: 03-6977622/3 – Fax: 03-6967976
Stock Transfer by Category
Merchandise Truckloads
Milk Powder and Baby Formula 30
Rice 38
Wheat 295
Produce (Fruits and Vegetables) 241
Meat / Chicken / Fish Products 267
Dairy Products 138
Sugar 77
Legumes 16
Flour 119
Cooking Oil 62
Food Products
Salt 10
Spices 1
Corn 53
Barely 85
Soya Beans 5
Chick Pea 8
Mixed Grain 260
Sorghum 6
Bran 1
Mixed\Additional Food Products 396
Generators 11
House wares 98
Kitchenware 2
Clothing & Footwear 108
Essential Humanitarian Products 621
Glass, Wood Profiles and Aluminum Profiles 105
Hygiene Products 93
Animal Feed 3
Input to Agriculture 167
Aggregates for the Palestinian side of Kerem Shalom 119
Medicine and Medical Equipment 52
Mixed Products 74
Total Truckloads 3,665
Total Weight 82,701

Foreign Relations Branch, Hakirya, Tel Aviv – Tel.: 03-6977622/3 – Fax: 03-6967976