8KMiles VCE on Amazon AWS Cloud Computing

by Harish Ganesan Co founder and CTO 8KMiles

“All you need is an idea and the cloud will execute it for you.” (Structure 2010 event) - Dr Werner Vogels , CTO, Amazon on 8KMiles.com

8KMiles -The Name
• The equatorial / polar diameter of the Earth is 8000 (8K) Miles • 8KMiles is the platform that connects (and brings together) people across the globe to do business

What is 8KMiles ?
• Global talent ecosystem with collaboration tools and cloud computing infrastructure that provides outsourced services to businesses. Just in time. Pay for use. • 8KMiles models real world outsourcing without the overheads • End-End Model: Design, Develop, Test, Deploy & Maintain

Infrastructure on VCE
• Access to talent on-demand • Access to infrastructure on-demand: Cloud delivered using VCE • Secure, reliable and significant cost savings. No cap-ex • Hybrid model (use in-house and remote talent & infrastructure)

What is VCE ?
• Virtual Computing Environment • Pre configured and ready to use Servers , Desktops and Environments

• Built on top of Amazon AWS Cloud Computing
• Provisioned on demand • Amazon EC2 instances packed with Amazon Elastic IP , Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) and Infrastructure Management Scripts • Offered in Amazon EC2 Windows and Linux variants

• Boot from Amazon EBS option

Virtual Computing Environment - Architecture
8KMiles.com Ecosystem
Pre configured Software stacks are bundled as Amazon Machine images (AMIs) and stored in 8KMiles’ S3 buckets 8KMiles.com uses Amazon AWS APIs to provision and manage Amazon EC2 instances and other AWS products VCE instances are created using Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon Elastic IP and Infrastructure management scripts All communication between 8KMiles.com and VCE infrastructure happens through Amazon SQS


8KMiles VCE Infrastructure

8KMiles VCE Management Console

Amazon Security Group
EC2 instances are provisioned from the VCE management console

Elastic IP EC2 Linux / EC2 Windows EBS/Boot EC2

EC2 Instance Data Base (SQL, MySQL etc)


S3 for storing AMI and EBS snapshots for Backup


Users can manage and monitor their entire VCE infrastructure on AWS using the VCE management Console
EC2 Instance access through Putty

Distributed Developers can access their infrastructure for collaborative development

AWS used in 8KMiles VCE
• Amazon SQS for integration between 8KMiles.com ecosystem and VCE infrastructure • Pre configured software bundled as Amazon S3 backed or Boot from EBS Amazon machine images (AMI) • Amazon EC2 instances are offered as desktops, Servers and environments • Amazon EBS for storing persistent information • Amazon Elastic IP for public IP • Security through Amazon Security groups • Backup using Amazon EBS snapshots on Amazon S3 • Monitoring using Amazon CloudWatch

Uses of 8KMiles VCE
• Environments and Servers can be Started and Stopped easily in one click • Usage based pricing

• Licensed Microsoft software on monthly usage model
• Only integrated solution offering both People & Infrastructure

• Zero configuration / setup time / Unlimited capacity • Automatic Backup through EBS snapshots on Amazon S3 • Monitoring

Customer Cases of VCE
Case 1: • Financial solution for a Canadian financial services company was developed using a combination of In-house infrastructure and 8KMiles VCE Amazon Cloud Computing Infrastructure. • Remote developer desktops, SVN, Issue Trackers, Project Management, Time tracker, Integration and User testing environments and Servers were provisioned using 8KMiles VCE on Amazon AWS Cloud computing and was integrated to their existing infrastructure as one unified engineering environment. • Project software setup/configuration time was reduced by 80% using the 8KMiles VCE and 8KMiles Cloud Consulting Services • 35% of project cost was saved by engaging Remote workers and infrastructure of 8KMiles Eco System into their existing process

Customer Cases of VCE
Case 2: • An experimental twitter app based on the Infinite Monkey theorem for an internet startup • People and Infrastructure was provided by 8KMiles eco system • End-to-End: Design, Development, Testing and Deployment was done on 8KMiles VCE on Amazon EC2 • Hosting on Amazon AWS Cloud was done with the help of 8KMiles Cloud Consulting group • Owner of the Project and Developers tightly collaborated using the 8KMiles VCE on Amazon AWS Cloud Computing • Whole Project was executed on a low cost beyond your imagination

For more details on how 8KMiles Eco system and VCE on Amazon AWS Cloud computing can help your Business , contact Paddy Co Founder and Chief Evangelist paddy@8KMiles.com Harish Ganesan Co Founder and CTO Harish@8KMiles.com

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