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Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris

Kelas / Program : XI / TKR, TSM, PHT
Hari/Tanggal : Selasa, 31 Mei 2016
Waktu : 90 menit

Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, d, or e

1. Nanda : What are you doing in your spare time?

Dian : Well, ______
Nanda : Can you teach me how to make Rainbow Cake?
Dian : Sure.
A. I Like playing Piano C. I like cooking E. I like singing
B. I love travelling D. I like reading novels
2. Mira : _____ is my hobby. I like to spend most of salary for new things.
Yani : Dont be so extravagant with your money. Save some for your future.
A. Keeping money C. Fishing E. Playing Piano
B. Shopping D. Painting
3. Receptionist : Good afternoon, May I help you?
Guest : I have an appointment with Mr. Maleek at 7 oclock I hope Im not late.
Receptionist : Not at all. Please sit down.
Guest : Thank you.
A. Ill be here soon. D. Have a nice day
B. Ill tell him you are here. E. Youre late
C. Is this your first visit?
4. Man : Do you like to sing?
Girl : ..
A. Yes, I likes to sing D. Yes, I liked to sing
B. Yes, I like to sing E. Yes I does
C. Yes, I am liking to sing
5. Andi : Is your father a farmer?
Joe :
A. No he doesnt D. He repairs a car
B. No, he is a sailor E. Yes, he is a police
C. Yes. He like working
6. Mother : This room is very dirty. You havent cleaned it up yet, ?
Lina : Im sorry, Mom. I got up late.
A. Do you C. Havent you E. Didnt you
B. have you D. did you
7. Teacher: .dont you practice your English?
Dian : I practice it almost every day.
A. How C. When E. How often
B. Why D. Where
8. I miss _____ as a teacher. I hope I can get that profession back someday.
A. to work C. work E. worked
B. working D. works
9. Secretary : Vision Company, Can I help you
Caller : Yes, Id like to see the director, please?
Secretary : One moment, please. Oh sorry he is not in his office right now?...................
Caller : No thanks, Ill call back later.
A. Is he having a meeting? D. Would you like to leave a message?
B. Do you want to call him? E. He is in his office right now
C. Would you like to see him?
10. The lady .. lives across the street is my aunt.
A. Whom C. Whose E. Which
B. Who D. Where
11. The boy .. shoes are on the floor is my little brother.
A. Whom C. Whose E. Which
B. Who D. Where
12. The moment .. the clown burst in to surprise the teacher was great!
A. Whom C. Whose E. Which
B. Who D. That
13. The student .. I teach is Budi.
A. Whom C. Whose E. Which
B. Who D. Where
14. She _____ her dog everyday
A. To feed C. Feeds E. Feeded
B. Feed D. Feeding
15. I ____ always ____ to the dentist
A. Do not, go C. Do not, went E. Did not, went
B. Does not, go D. Does not, went
Question number 16-20 are based on the following text.
Dear sarah

Sarah I am writing to you just to memorize about aour holiday in your city last year.
I(16).. so happy being there with you. We(17)..many tourism object like
parangkritis beach, Prambana temple, ad Malioboro. I really enjoyed the laces.
We(18).many foods and souvenirs there. We also.(19).the pictures scenery.
We(20)... So happy spending time together. I hope we can visit there again next
16. A. Is C. Are E. Did
B. Was D. Were
17. A. Visited C. Visits E. Are visiting
B. Visiting D. Visit
18. A. Buy C. Buying E. is bought
B. Bought D. Buys
19. A. Take C. Taken E. Taked
B. Takes D. Took
20. A. Were C. Are E. Is
B. Was D. Be
Question number 21-22 are based on the following text.
On June 7, the company will hold its first world-wide video-conference. All twenty facilities will be linked by a
satellite broadcasting system so that employees can see and speak with each other. Officials of the Zurich head
office will begin the conference by telling us about their goals for the next ten years. Next, each facility
manager will speak about current challenges. The last hour will be devoted to questions from the floor at all
location. Due to time differences, employees in Asia and South America will have to come to their broadcast
facilities outside of regular business hours. Additional pay will be provided for them for this inconvenience.
21. What will be the first agenda item at the conference?

A. Plans for a decade D. Questions from employees

B. Twenty-year goals E. World-wide video-conference
C. Present challenges

22. Why will some employees receive extra pay?

A. They must speak at the conference C. They must travel to other offices to
B. The conference will take place before or attend
after work D. Their department have met certain goals

23. I ____ to lock the door yesterday.

A. forget C. forgotten E. Forgetting

B. forgot D. forgets

24. Who did teach English lesson yesterday?

A. Mr. Rahmat will teach English lesson tomorrow.
B. Mr. Rahmat is teaching English lesson today.
C. Mr. Rahmat taught English lesson yesterday.
D. Mr. Rahmat has taught English lesson.
E. Mr. Rahmat doesnt teach English
25. What will you do later?

A. I went to library with my friends. D. I will go to library with my friends.

B. I go to library with my friends. E. I will went to library alone
C. I am go to library with my friends.

26. He is a dilligent student. Next time, he ____ a succesfull people.

A. is C. will E. Would
B. are D. will be

27. My friend ____ his painting next Monday.

A. showed C. will show E. is showed

B. showing D. has shown

28. Anna : Where will you go next Sunday, Gil?

Gilang : .

A. Perhaps, I will go to my uncles house D. I didnt go anywhere

B. I went to my uncles house E. I am gone to my uncles house
C. I go to my uncles house

Question 29- 30 based on the following table

No Building City Height Floors Year
1 Taipei 101 Taipei 509 m 101 2004
2 Shanghai World Financial Shanghai 492 m 101 2008
3 Petronas Tower 1 Kuala Lumpur 452 m 88 1998
4 Petronas Tower 2 Kuala Lumpur 452 m 88 1998
5 Sears Tower chicago 442 m 108 1974
29. The Petronas Tower 1 is..than the Taipei 101.

A. Old C. The oldest E. Most old

B. Older D. More older

30. Shanghai World Financial is .than Sears Tower

A. Highest C. High E. Most highest

B. Higher D. More higher

31. The Petronas Tower 1 is as..The Petronas Tower 2

A. Older C. Old as E. More older

B. Oldest D. The oldest

Question number 32-35 are based on the personal letter below.

Jl.Surikanti 10
Denpasar 21010
Nopember 15, 2010

Lucy Mutiara
Jl.Panglima polim 2
Jakarta 12983

Dear Lucy,
My parents and I are in Bali now. We are staying in Nusa Dua Beach hotel. Our room is big and cozy. It is newing
the beach.
This is my second visit to Bali and Bali still wonderful. There are many things to see and to do here. The beaches
and temples are awesome. The ceremonies are also interesting.
So far, we have shopped a lot. I bought some T-shirts and hundreds of wooden accessories. My mam bought a
beautiful statue and my father bought a large painting. The painting is not only beautiful but also very expensive.
I will return to Malang next week hope to see you again soon.
32. Where is Astuti ?
A. In Nusa Dua Island. D. In Bali. E. In Hotel
B. In Samarinda
C. In Jakarta.

33. What is the purpose of the text ?

A. To tell Lucy about the hotel. D. To tell Lucy about Astutis activity in
B. To inform Lucy about Astutis plan. Bali.

C. To share the joy of Astutis birthday. E. To entertain the reader

34. What did Astutis mother buy ?
A. Wooden accessories. D. T.shirt E. A jacket
B. A painting.
C. A statue.

35. So far, we have shopped a lot. The underlined word refers to

A. Astuti C. Lucy and her family E. Lucy
B. Astuti and Lucy D. Astuti and her family

For question number 36-40, identity the wrong parts of these sentences
36. She always does everything by himself. She never asks her fiend to help her.

37. To read is a good activity. It can improve our knowledge.


38. Andi : where are you last night?

Dono: I was at home. I didnt go anywhere.
39. I am always come to school on time. I am never late.
40. My little brother likes chocolate very much. She asked me to buy it for him last night.

Part A.
Fill in the blank with the appropriate question tag.
1) Ria comes late to school today, _________?
2) Lets go to the Museum, _________?
3) Your bag is not expensive, __________?
4) Lisa has lost her book, __________?
5) You couldnt join me, __________?
Part B
Arrange this sentences into a good text.
a. We went there by bus
b. Lembang was the first destination
c. There were two places we visited
d. Then we had some shopping at Cihampelas
e. Last week we went to Bandung for a picnic.

Part C
Read the letter and then complete the following reservation form based on the letter.


Front Office Manager,
22 Pejanggik Street, Mataram

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to book a single executive room for three nights from June the 5th 2010. Would you mind reserving
a comfort suite room and providing a private set of facilities for me, please?
I expect to arrive on Friday June the 5th around 2 p.m. and check in at your hotel immediately.
Please send me the bill of payment I have to pay as soon as possible. I would like to pay it in cash, then. Thank
you for serving.
Yours faithfully,
Grania Graner
22 Pejanggik Street, Mataram
Phone (+62 370) 523 453 Fax. (+62 370) 523453

First name : _________________________________________________________
Last name : _________________________________________________________
Sex : Male / Female
Passport number : _________________________________________________________
Nationality : _________________________________________________________
Address : _________________________________________________________
Phone : _________________________________________________________
Check in date : _________________________________________________________
Check out date : _________________________________________________________
Special request : _________________________________________________________
Room type : _________________________________________________________
Payment : _________________

Part D
Change the following sentences into negative and interrogative form.
a. I drew the new painting about rich people
b. Sintia looks so perfect with those rings
c. Agus eats many vegetables everyday
d. Dini went to Pabeasan Mountain last week.

Part E
Fill in the blanks with correct Possesive Adjective Pronoun!
a. I am student.______school is on Jl. Baros No 1
b. Mom loves cooking. _____cake is always delicious
c. Look at the Cat! ______eyes are green
d. Andy has a sister.______name is Susi
e. They are my parents______name are Mr. Adi and Ms Iim.