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The NZ Transport Agency is proposing improvements to Aucklands Southern

Motorway (SH1), to support growth, inter-regional travel and freight along this
busy corridor.
From Monday 14 August to Sunday 17 September, we are seeking community feedback on capacity
improvement options for SH1 between Papakura and Bombay.
This project is one of many planned in the south, as part of the Supporting Growth Programme;
developing transport networks to support Aucklands new housing and employment areas over the
next 30 years.
Your feedback will help us decide which options to develop further.

Come along to find out more and give Wednesday 23 August, 4pm to 8pm
feedback on the proposed improvements Drury Community Hall, 10 Tui Street, Drury
to SH1. Saturday 26 August, 10am to 2pm
The SH22 Safety Improvements Project team Pukekohe Town Hall,
will also be available with updated information Corner Massey Ave and Edinburgh Street,
following the recent consultation and to hear Pukekohe
your thoughts on the proposed solutions. Tuesday 29 August, 3pm to 7pm
Ramarama School,
126 Ararimu Road, Ramarama

To have your say online visit

Phone or email the team on 0800 SH1 P2B (0800 741 722) or
Drury to Paerata safety improvements

Potential solutions

Lane changes Drury to Great Great South Road
Remove unsafe west bound South Road intersection upgrade
(Pukekohe) passing lane Wide centreline with a Roundabout, or
Extend the east bound (city) raised (island) median, or Traffic lights
passing lane Wide centreline with a
Consider additional passing raised (island) median
lane for west bound and an additional lane
(Pukekohe) traffic further each way
towards Drury


Glenbrook Road Intersection upgrades


intersection upgrade Burberry Road

Roundabout Right turn bay
Jesmond Road
Limit right turns, or
Add right turn bay
Oira Road
Right turn bay, or
Blackbridge Roundabout
Road intersection Intersection
Glenbrook to upgrade upgrades
Paerata Keep current right Whangapouri and
Flexible median barrier turn bay, or Bycroft Roads
from Glenbrook to Paerata Roundabout Right turn bay into Bycroft
Paerata (or selected Consider limiting right
locati ons) turn out
Wide centreline, or
Flush median

Proposed project Flexible median and

State highway side barriers
Local roads Pukekohe
Entire length of corridor from
Railway line Drury to Paerata, or
Sections identified as high-risk
Drury to Paerata safety improvements NEWSLETTER 1 | SEPTEMBER 2017


Making the road from

Drury to Paerata safer
State Highway 22 between Something has to change How we will make the road
Drury and Paerata is classified We understand this road is an important safer
as a high-risk rural road for a link for commuters, local businesses and To make the road more forgiving if
freight, but its unsafe passing lanes and
reason. Nine people died and poor visibility at intersections make it
people make mistakes, we plan to:
36 were seriously injured in difficult for drivers.
install flexible road safety barriers to
reduce the risk of head-on crashes
the past 10 years*. Most of Up to 25,000 vehicles a day are using improve safety at key intersections by
these crashes were caused SH22 to connect to State Highway 1, installing a roundabout or traffic lights,
by drivers losing control and vehicle numbers are increasing. right turn bays or safer turning areas
We urgently need to make safety
and running off the road, or improvements before more people lose
install a flush median or a wide
centreline, giving drivers a safe place
crossing the centreline and their lives. to wait
hitting an oncoming vehicle. create a safer two-metre wide
shoulder for cyclists and pedestrians
*between 2006 and 2015
address unsafe passing lanes.

Wide centrelines
Widening the centreline is
a deceptively simple way
to steer drivers away from
each other.
Flexible road
Making rural roads safer safety barriers
This project is part of the Safe Roads These barriers catch drivers
and Roadsides Programme underway who leave their lane before
hitting something harder like
to make New Zealand rural roads
trees, poles, ditches or other
safer. The programme aims to prevent vehicles.
deaths and serious injuries through
relatively simple measures such as
rumble strips, shoulder widening,
safety barriers, better signs and
changes to speed limits.
Drury to Paerata safety improvements

What you told us the behaviour of other drivers We listened and this valuable
speeding information has helped us shape the
Earlier this year we sought proposed SH22 safety improvements.
getting in and out of your driveway
community feedback and you and/or work
Your feedback also highlighted
told us what your main safety some additional areas where safety
congestion improvements could be made.
concerns were for this stretch
unsafe intersections and passing lanes The map below outlines what we have
of road:
pedestrian and cyclist safety. come up with. Have we got it right?

Flexible median

and side barriers

Entire length of corridor

from Drury to Paerata, or Drury to Great
Sections identified South Road Great South
as high-risk Lane changes Wide centreline with a
Road intersection
Remove unsafe west bound raised (island) median, or upgrade
(Pukekohe) passing lane Roundabout, or
Wide centreline with a
Extend the east bound (city) raised (island) median Traffic lights
passing lane and an additional lane
Consider additional passing each way
lane for west bound
(Pukekohe) traffic further Drury
towards Drury

Intersection upgrades

Burberry Road

Glenbrook Road Right turn bay

intersection Jesmond Road
upgrade Limit right turns, or
Roundabout Add right turn bay
Oira Road
Blackbridge Right turn bay, or
Road intersection Intersection Roundabout
upgrade upgrades
to Paerata Keep current right Whangapouri and
turn bay, or Bycroft Roads
Flexible median barrier
from Glenbrook to Roundabout Right turn bay into
Paerata (or selected
Paerata Bycroft
locations) Consider limiting
Wide centreline, or right turn out
Flush median

Proposed project Local roads Tell us what you think

State highway Railway line Have we got it right? Please get
in touch to tell us what you think
Whats happening, Late 2017 or if you have any questions.
Confirm the preferred option and
and when? tell you what safety improvements Feedback
July - December 2017 will be made. have-your-say
Consultation with landowners and Late 2018 Kathy Chinn on 021 064 4777
the community. Present proposed Construction starts. All going to plan,
design and check we have got it right. the safety improvements will be
September 2017 finished in 2021.
Seek final approval so we can finalise
the design and start the work.
Drury to Paerata safety improvements

Feedback form
The State Highway 22 Drury to
Paerata safety improvements are
planned to start late 2018 and will
provide a safer road for all people
Earlier this year we sought community feedback and you told us what your driving this important link.
main safety concerns were for this stretch of road: the behaviour of other
drivers, speeding, getting in and out of your driveway and/or work, congestion,
unsafe intersections and passing lanes, and pedestrian and cyclist safety.

We listened and this valuable information has helped us shape the proposed SH22
safety improvements. Your feedback also highlighted some additional areas where safety
improvements could be made. Now wed like to double check we havent missed anything.

Proposed SH22 safety improvements

Drury to Great South Road - Wide centreline with a raised (eg island) median or wide centreline with a raised
median and an additional lane each way.

Intersection upgrades:
- Great South Road (roundabout or traffic lights)
- Burberry Road (right turn bay)
- Jesmond Road (limit right turns or include right turn bay)
- Oira Road (right turn bay or roundabout)
- Whangapouri and Bycroft Roads (right turn bay into Bycroft, consider limiting right turn out)
- Blackbridge Road (keep current right turn bay or roundabout)
- Glenbrook Road (roundabout).

Lane changes - Remove unsafe west bound (Pukekohe) passing lane, extend the east bound (city) passing lane near
the golf course. Consider additional passing lane for west bound (Pukekohe) traffic in a safer section, near Drury.

Glenbrook to Paerata - Continuous flexible median barrier (or selected locations), wide centreline or flush median.

Flexible median and side barriers - Entire length of the corridor from Drury to Paerata or sections identified as high risk.

Have we got it right? Please let us know what you think below:
Drury to Paerata safety improvements

Thanks for your feedback.

Please share your views by
11 September.

Complete by visiting:
Post to:
Safe Roads
PO Box 1318
Waikato Mail Centre
Hamilton 3240



If you have any questions,

please dont hesitate to contact:
Kathy Chinn
Phone number:
Community Engagement Manager
Email: Email:
Phone: 021 064 4777

Please visit for more information.

Please tick if you do not wish to receive further information

Ng korero muna - Important privacy information: All personal information that you provide via this feedback form will be held and protected by the
New Zealand Transport Agency in accordance with our privacy statement and with the Privacy Act 1993. Feedback is public information. Please indicate
if your comments are commercially sensitive or, for some other reason, you do not want them disclosed.