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Historical Society Incorporated

September—October 2010
Newsletter No. 47

Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor NZ Historic Places Trust
1990-1991 Avondale Oral History The Society declined the membership renewal this year, and
Project: tapes to CD I have written the following to their head office:

Two completed sets of the CD version of the recordings Dear Sirs,
were handed over to Auckland City Libraries at
Avondale Library on Tuesday 3 August. Around 50 The Avondale-Waterview Historical Society voted on
turned up, including students from Avondale Intermedi- Saturday 7 August 2010 to decline your reminder of
ate. Our thanks for the Avondale Community Board for membership renewal. We noted, unfavourably, the price
their financial support for the project. increase in the membership subscription, but we have
also felt a great deal of disquiet over the moves this year
to eliminate local committees within the NZ Historic
Auckland Heritage Festival Places Trust structure. We feel that this will impact nega-
tively on local participation regarding heritage issues, and
Don’t forget: have a negative follow-on effect in terms of national
policy towards our heritage.
St Judes Church photographic exhibition this year, to be
held Saturday 18 September and Sunday 19 September. The costs of membership have, for some time, out-
Along with that, they are organising a special “pioneers weighed any benefits to our members, and yet still the
in the cemetery” event at the George Maxwell Memorial Trust asks us for more and more money, while limiting
Cemetery, Saturday evening on the 18th September. opportunities for feedback and comment from members
as to policies and procedures.
Avondale Community Library, a talk on St Ninian’s on
Wednesday 22 September. In the light of this, after a number of years as members
almost from our incorporation in 2002, we now advise
Pt Chevalier Community Library talk on Auckland that we resign.
Asylum history, Thursday 23 September.

A walk in Auckland’s Chinatown, Sunday 3 October, Our Society’s tax status
with David Wong.

More details available by calling Auckland City Council, AWHS remains as an incorporated society, rather than
379-2020, City Scene and the upcoming info booklet.
a registered charity or charitable trust. We chose not to
go down the road towards registration with the
AWHS Committee 2010-2011 Charities Commission some years ago, and the Inland
Revenue dept recently sent a “please explain” note to
Your committee for 2010-2011 are: us as to why and what we do.

President: Lisa Truttman The good news is that in response to our reply, we
Treasurer: Alison Turner have been informed that AWHS qualifies for an
Minute Secretary: Dorothy Maddock income tax deduction of $1000 per year as a non-profit
Committee Members: organisation, and we qualify as a donee organisation
Jack Dragicevich under section LD 3 of the Income Tax Act 2007. This
Catherine Farmer means that we don’t have to file a return if our income
Les Murphy after expenses is less than $1000 per year, and
individuals can claim a donation rebate for donations
Rosebank Horticultural Study of $5 or more.

This should be presented to the Society by John Adam We continue, therefore, as we have done, without a
later in August. need for a change in status.
Trading Table Charlotte Museum
Society member Dawn Moffatt presented the Society
with the total of the past year’s proceeds from the trad- The Charlotte Museum in Mt Albert is hosting a local
ing table and raffles of $270. Well done, Dawn, and history event on Sunday September 12, “Women who
thank you for all your hard work! love women and Local History.”

Arthur Currey Reserve The Charlotte Museum’s founder, Miriam Saphira,
will describe how this community-based museum was
established and what was involved in setting it up. She
Don Currey has received word from Auckland City will describe the search for a venue, compliance is-
Council officers that the re-naming of New Windsor sues, funding, and how its collections are catalogued
Reserve to Arthur Currey Reserve has been signed off and conserved. Miriam will give sound advice on the
by the Chairman of the Arts, Culture and Recreation practicalities of starting up a museum, making histori-
Committee. All that we need now is a sign change to cal societies aware of the challenges they face as well
happen, but this close to Super City when that will as describing what the museum has achieved.
happen is still unknown. The family have asked if an
unveiling could be arranged once it does — watch this Jenny Rankine, the museum's co-ordinator and a mem-
space. ber of the Mount Albert Historical Society, will de-
scribe the differing attitudes to women who loved
women in New Zealand since the early 1800s. For
George Maxwell Memorial Cemetery example, it is not commonly known that in the 1800s,
openly loving relationships between women who lived
John Russell of St Jude’s Parish has donated to the together were accepted and sometimes widely praised.
Society a set of two DVDs featuring burial registers,
photos of gravesites and a set of videos of the ceme- The event starts at 2pm. There will be plenty of time
tery to the Society. Thank you, John! for questions and discussion after both speakers, fol-
lowed by nibbles and drinks. Entry is by koha.

Rosebank Trees

The future of the pohutukawa, at the time of writing, is
still very much in doubt, due to an application from the
developers at 317-321 Rosebank Road for its removal. I
have indicated to the Tree Council that I’m willing to
appear at a hearing if needed.

St Ninian’s Update
While we’re waiting to hear the outcome of the
Council’s advertisement for lease holders, the Western
Leader have interviewed me regarding the building, its
history, and how we are concerned about its future. I did
say that Avondale needs the building as a much-needed
meeting space. All we can do now is wait and see.
Pt Chevalier Memories
The new book is out, cost $25 per copy, plus P&P,
payable to the Pt Chevalier Historical Society.

Contact me for details.

Clerihews, Comfits & Candied Spiel
Next meeting:
Another book by AWHS member John Bentley. Cost
$20, it is a collection of history-inspired limericks. I Saturday 2 October 2010, 2.30 pm
haven’t had a lot of opportunity for a good browse- Lions Hall, cnr. Blockhouse Bay Road
through, but what I have read I thought were clever and and Great North Road.
well put together.