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Student A: Hey where have you been? I looked for you everywhere!

have to discuss with you something very important!
Student B: I was at canteen! What happened? Why are you looking
Student A: You know Gaurav and his squad? They have been insisting
on me to skive school and accompany them to the Mall and have fun
with them! They have been doing it quite regularly!
Student B: How strange! What did you say to them?
Student A: I have just been putting them off! But every time they find
an opportunity, they dont miss talking about it.
Student B: Why dont you bunk school once and have a feel of it?
Student A: Never! I consider skiving no less than deceiving your
parents and teachers. They send us to school to learn something and
make our life great. This is immoral. What purpose it will serve, eh?
Student B: I agree with your view. But dont you think they will bully
you and taunt you for being so morally upright and studious?
Student A: Bully they cant me! They know I will complain to the class
teacher. Once he had tried to bully me to help him with the class test. I
had refused it. He had threatened me to face the consequences! I had
immediately complained to the class teacher; and class teacher had
taken him to task.
Student B: I just cant understand why some students skive?
Student A: I consider it a weakness of character---their inability to
control their temptations. Our education teaches us not to do anything
wrong. And bunking school for pleasure and fun is the biggest wrong
for a student.
Student B: Yes it is. I think we should talk to our class monitor.
Together we can have a word with Gaurav and his squad regarding the
bad effects of bunking.
Student A: That will be the best thing. We can tell him if he got caught
he will be in big trouble. According to the school rule any child caught
bunking will be suspended by two weeks suspension along with the
issuing of Red Card.
Student B: We can tell him how immoral it is a type of betraying
parents and teachers trust.
Student A: The academic loss is irreparable. Who will make up for the
study loss one faces during bunking?
Student B: If he does not listen to uswe will inform our class-teacher.
Student A: Thats a good idea. Lets go and talk to the monitor.