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Set A Tintolia, Biratnagar

2nd Terminal Test, 2073
5) lim
x ( x +1 x )
Time: 1:30 hrs F.M. = 35
Level: B.B.A. / 1st Semester P.M. = 14
Subject: Business Mathematics
6) Answer the following briefly:
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. a. What do you mean by inverse matrix?
GROUP A b. State the multiplication rule for product of two matrices?
Answer the Question: 115 =15 c. Define limit of a function at a point.
1) Rs. a, b and c are the respective prices per unit of commodities a, b and d. What is the rank of a unit matrix of order 4?
c. X purchases 4 units of c and sells 3 units of a and 5 units of b. Y e. Discuss the discontinuity of a function.
purchases 3 units of a and sells 2 units b and 1 unit of c. Z purchases 1
unit of b and sells 4 units of a and 6 units of c. In this process X suffers a
loss of Rs.1000, Y earns no profit and Z earns a maximum of Rs.40000. Best of Luck !
Find the prices of these commodities by matrix method.


Answer any FOUR Questions. Question no. 6 is compulsory. 45 = 20

2) Find the derivative of y w.r.t. x : x y= ( x + y)

3 4 7

2 1
e x

4) If the marginal revenue (MR) = 5 4 x + 3 x , marginal cost (MC) = 3 + 2x


and fixed cost is zero, find the profit function and total profit when x = 3.