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Bienvenidos a la Class Materials:

clase de espaol Each day students will be

expected to bring:
Pencil and/or pen

2! Dry erase marker

Loose leaf paper or spiral
Organized one-inch binder for
only Spanish materials

Academic Integrity:
Cheating and other forms of
academic dishonesty are not
All people involved will not
receive credit for the assignment.
The use of an online translator
or other translation applications
is cheating.

Projects: Students will receive a

rubric. It is the one assignment
that can be turned in late. 30%
will be deducted each day it is

Attendance Policies:
11 absences in 1 semester = loss
of credit
3 hallway passes per semester
4 tardies = detention

Students must be seated and

ready to work when the bell rings
or they will marked tardy.
Chelsea Richter
Main Building Room 243
Ninth Grade Center Room 319
Phone Main Building: 586-723-2643
Phone Ninth Grade Center: 586-723-3233

Absent Work:
You have 2 days to make up homework from an absence.
Assignments that were due day of absence are due upon arrival back to school.
Absent work belongs in the absent basket.
Student is responsible for visiting the absent basket and
1.) Finding papers with their name on it.
2.) Making up quizzes/tests from absence.
After 3 days a test/quiz cannot be made up.
3.) Asking a friend for help.
4.) Pick up corrected absent work form the return bin within a week.

Unexcused absence = 0% on all work


Bathroom Policy:
In order to use the restroom you must ask permission to leave the class.
You must take the hall pass.
If this privilege becomes abused, it will be limited.

Cell Phone/Electronics Policy:

Electronics are prohibited during instructional time & tests/quizzes unless
indicated by the instructor.
1st offense-verbal warning issued.(This announcement is your verbal warning for the semester.)
2nd offense-device taken.
3rd offense- device taken and referral.
Lost or stolen devices will not be replaced at the expense of CVHS.
The use of cameras or video recording devices is strictly prohibited. Any published
videos/pictures without written consent from unknowing individuals will result in an
immediate referral and the device kept for 24 hours. Other legal consequences may also be

A 93-100% B+ 87-89% B- 80-82% C 73-76% D+ 67-69% D- 60-62%
A- 90-92% B 83-86% C+ 77-79% C- 70-72% D 63-66% F 0-59%

Your grade will be broken up as follows:

Class Activities: 25%
Tests/Quizzes/Projects: 60%
Participation: 10%

Binder Checks: 5%

Participation Pesos
1 peso = 1 participation point
You must earn 10 pesos every two weeks.
Pesos will be collected every other Friday and will be announced ahead of time.

How do I earn Pesos?

Answering the question of the day
Answering questions when reviewing homework or in-class activities
Being on task and respectful
Winning games

WARNING Sharing pesos is considered cheating. Students sharing pesos will receive a
zero and will be written up.

How to Organize Your

Here are the 5 tabs:

ACTIVIDADES: All activities we do in class (excluding vocabulary and notes)

VOCABULARIO: Vocabulary lists & essential questions ONLY

APUNTES: Grammar notes that are labeled gramtica apuntes.

PROYECTOS: In class activities & homework assignments

PRUEBAS/EXMENES: Any quizzes or tests

Students will have a binder check once a quarter. Seorita will go through the
binder and check that the student has their binder organized with the materials
from the quarter. Important documents will be posted on the class website
( If students need extra copies they may print it off at home
or in the school media center. This will be worth 5% of their quarter grade.

Seoritas schedule
Remind 101
Main Building Room 243
text @9kdge8 to 81010
1st hour 7:15-8:14

2nd hour 8:20-9:19

3rd hour 9:25-10:24

Prep 4th hour 10:30-12:01

Ninth Grade Center Room 319

5th hour 12:07-1:06

6th hour 1:12-2:11

Dear Family Members,

My name is Chelsea Richter I am very excited to be working with your student in his/her Spanish class
this year! I wanted to personally write you to give insight about what I will be expecting this year and
some things your student may experience in my class.

First and foremost, I believe that following school policy and procedure is vital to help maintain a fair
and safe learning environment. Therefore, I invite you to refer your students handbook relating to the
referral process, tardiness and unexcused absences, food/drink, ID, dress code, and the electronics
policy. Cell phones and other devices should be kept in the students locker at all times during the
school day. Cell phones and other electronics that are out during class without permission for ANY
reason will be taken for the day and a referral will be written.

Also, I wanted to let you know that I will be speaking Spanish at times each day and will use it on
worksheets. Your student shouldnt feel stressed about understanding everything. Remind them to be
patient and observant. Its important for students to be surrounded by the language as much as
possible in order to effectively learn it. I understand that learning a foreign language can be challenging
so I want to assure you that I will speak slowly, repeat myself a lot, use gestures, have cues around the
room and allow for questions. I do announce important information such as quiz/test dates in English
and give grammar notes in English.

Furthermore, it is important for students to be engaged and using the Spanish they know as often as
possible. During communicative activities I require students to also speak in Spanish and require them
to learn basic phrases to leave the room. Each day I will keep track of how much each student
participates and is engaged in the class activity. At the end of each quarter your student will receive a
grade equivalent to a quiz grade that will reflect their participation in class.

You too have the opportunity to support your students academic progress this year by checking
Power School at least once every 2 weeks. If you are in need of a log-in please contact me or your
students counselor. In addition, I have a classroom website that I encourage you and your student to
visit periodically. Lastly, I suggest that you and your student sign up for remind101 to receive test/quiz
reminders via text or e-mail. See my website or the syllabus for directions to sign up. Your students
success is my priority, so they may make an appointment to see me before or after school is they would
like extra support. Failure is not an option.

Should you have questions about the coursework or your childs progress/behavior please feel free to
contact me via e-mail at . In conclusion, I would like to personally invite you to
our parent-teacher conference this school year on October 12th & 13th. Finally, I would appreciate if you
could fill out the attached form to better educate me about you and your family. Note that it is
confidential and voluntary. I look forward to hearing from you and cannot wait to begin working with
your student. Lets make it a great year!
Chelsea Richter
Student/Parent Survey

Name of Student: __________________________________________________

1. Is anyone fluent in a language other than English in your immediate family? YES

Which language?

2. Do you have internet access in your home? YES NO

3. Has your student ever taken Spanish? YES NO

4. Please list any life threatening things I should be aware of.


5. May your child to be photographed or videotaped for class projects? YES


6. May your childs picture/video be placed on the classroom website? YES


7. May your child watch educational videos pertaining to Spanish class? YES


8. Your name first & last: _____________________________________________

9. What do you preferred to be called? ___________________________________

10.Additional contact first & last name: __________________________________

11.What does he/she preferred to be called? _______________________________

12.E-mail address (required): _________________________________________

13.Do you plan on attending parent-teacher conferences/open house? YES

14.Is there any other information you think I should know?

I, _____________________(student name-printed), and my parent(s), have read and understood the

classroom rules, procedures, and expectations noted in my student handbook and class syllabus
in order to be successful this year in Spanish II.
SIGNATURE of PARENT:_______________________________________________DATE: _________________

SIGNATURE of STUDENT: _____________________________________________DATE: _________________