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Technical Brief

The tool head is connected to existing Teletest Focus Units

Teletest Focus Is Permanent via an external communication box that can be located up to
20metres from the tool head. The data collection is very
Plant Integrity Limited has developed a new permanently simple to execute and can be either be analysed on site by
installed tool-head called Teletest Perm-A-MountTM. a CSWIP trained operator or remotely.

This device consists of a Automated 3 mouse-buttons click data
transducer array attached collection. Provides the flexibility for on-site
directly to the pipe surface analysis or remote analysis by CSWIP Trained
providing all the benefits of operators
Teletest Focus Guided Wave
Inspection without the
Low Cost
problems with access.
Multimode Wave Form: Transducer arrays are
Perm-A-Mount is a low-cost,
optimised for pipe diameter, wall thickness &
long-life tool installation
contents, maximising detection capabilities.
intended for regular
monitoring of piping systems
Excellent Data Stability & Repeatability: Data
in environmentally hostile,
collected from Perm-a-mount tool heads is
safety critical or difficult to
highly repeatable allowing very small changes
access areas.
in pipe condition to be detected.

Wide Temperature Range: Perm-A-Mount can

operate across a wide range of temperatures
from -40C to +125C.
Typical Applications for this technique include:
Pipe Size Range: ASME Schedule 2 to 36
Road or River Crossings
Jetty lines
Unique Serial Numbered Tool Heads
Elevated lines
Insulated lines Improved detectability - Overlay of scans
Off shore risers allows improved analysis and earlier detection
Buried lines of defects
Sub sea lines (with further development)
Low Profile: The tool is only 15mm thick &
150mm long

Mechanically Robust Construction - Fatigue

testing showed no degradation of tool after 4.1
million cycles

Environmentally Robust - No degradation of

signal after salt spray testing

The installation process has been developed in conjunction

with TWI Ltds surfacing and corrosion departments and
tested to ensure that the tool will not be a future source of
corrosion in piping systems.

Plant Integrity Ltd

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